Test it: you belong to the first class of yoga

Test it: you belong to the first class of yoga

Test it: you belong to the first class of yoga

The following constitutional tests bias yoga and Ayurvedic medicine are also cited in Japanese yogis ‘deep work on Mayumi ‘s yoga experience. Its main principles are based on: wind, fire, and water are important elements that give our living organisms energy.If these three are working properly in the body, we are healthy, otherwise we are susceptible to illness.

The balance of the three determines the type of our physique. The following descriptions are different for each type of physique. Please describe them according to your physical condition. Which one of the physique descriptions is the most consistent with your physical condition, that is,Your physical type.

  Physical fitness test wind-like physique 1, fast and agile movements.

  2. Emotional.

  3. When you are fascinated by something, you are very focused.

  4, thinner, not easy to gain weight.

  5, constipation, abdominal distension easily.

  6, cold hands and feet.

  7, like to eat sweet, sour, spicy food.

  8, poor sleep, difficulty falling asleep.

  9. Dry skin.

  10, memory is good, but forget it quickly.

  Fire-like constitution 1, high efficiency.

  2. Punctuality.

  3, more stubborn.

  4, love to sweat.

  5. There are always things that make you very upset.

  6, straight method and thin hair, little white head, juvenile baldness.

  7, regular bowel movements, softer stools.

  8, like ice cream and other cool food.

  9, do not like spicy, dessert.

  10. Challenging.

  Water-like constitution 1, slow movement, calm personality.

  2, easy to gain weight.

  3. It doesn’t matter if you eat one less meal a day.

  4, easy nasal congestion.

  5, daily sleep should reach more than 8 hours.

  6, comprehension is slightly worse, but memory is good.

  7. Relative to winter, like summer.

  8, fair skin, delicate and shiny.

  9, good physical strength, strong staying power.

  10, eat like chewing slowly.

  Physique Interpretation Wind-like physiques are as agile as wind, but their stability is poor.

  Mobility, vitality, instantaneous explosive power, and poor patience and endurance.

Perception is high, but energy is not easily concentrated.

Emotional change.

Sleep is shallow, the body is not strong enough, the body is thin, and the skin is prone to dryness.

  When practicing yoga, pay more attention to strengthening the stomach and protecting the skin. Because this type of body has a weak digestive system centered on the stomach and intestines, it is best not to eat cold drinks and raw vegetables that can make the body cold.Skin is more sensitive, pay more attention to skin care.

  Try to avoid expensive excessive exercise, do not eat cold food, do not drink cold water, and do not stay in air-conditioned rooms for a long time.

  Fire-like people consume energy like a fire and are irritable.

  Vigor, understanding and memory are good, but desire, jealous upset.

Good digestion and regular bowel movements.

With a medium build, strong body, soft and thin hair, some people in this type of body tend to have less white heads and young baldness.

  When practicing yoga, pay more attention to the movements of the health-care endocrine system, lymph glands, and sweat glands, because the above-mentioned glands of this type of body are prone to problems, have a high probability of body odor, and the wound is easily infected with purulent.

  Pay attention to eating regularly, eat less irritating food, sour, spicy food and fried food.

  Water-like people behave and behave like slowly flowing water.

  Fair skin, soft hair, gentle personality, not easy to get angry, but it is also terrible to get angry.

Slow movement and full body.

Good memory, sleepy and easy to gain weight.

  When practicing yoga, pay more attention to the movements of the mouth, nose, and throat, because the above parts of this type of constitution are weak, sputum in cough, and easy to swell.

  Do not eat more dairy products, sweets, cold foods and greasy foods.