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Mr. Li sighed,“When their two families deal with your mother,All over,Just that one,The master of the two is near the death and injuries.,The loss is quite heavy,So come over,They are very low,There are five hundred and thirteen,In addition to Shaolin,In fact, most martial arts have participated in that。”

He shook his head,“Although many martial arts and forces are not true,But in the same year,That kind of rolling,Who does not participate,That is everyone’s enemy,Will be tagged,Then group。”
Summer face became cold,Following and laughing。
Mr. Li looked at him.,“Fortunately, your parents arrange a lot of backers.,Always hide your identity,And you have developed abroad,if not,If you let those people know your identity……”
There is no left.,I can think of dancing in the summer.。
Especially the Ming Men,Faces become ugly。
“Now think,When your identity is exposed,The ancient weapon is more enemy to you.,This is also one of the reasons。”
Mr. Li,“As for those neutral martial arts and ancient people,Most of this year tend to your mother,Even send people to participate in that,Also just perfunctory attitude。”
Merely,He is clear,“Now your mother’s king returns,Inevitable to clear。I am fully imagined,Some martial arts and hidden families,I am afraid that I am afraid that I am afraid.。”
“Live!That is what they are looking for.!”
Summer cold channel,“If not my mother stop,I have to be with her and these mixed accounts.。”
“Your mother does not let you be right。”
Mr. Li,“She doesn’t want to be enemy for you,Or,She is impossible to clear all,if that’s the case,She wants to kill ancient martial arts.,Don’t say it is a hurricane……She let you come back,Perhaps it is also for you,She went to clear,Some people will inevitably see your head,Only you can stop her,At the time,Your mother will push you the highest place in the ancient military border。”
“Hum。”Summer laugh,“What do I want to do what is wrong?……”
Not finished,Suddenly stop,Summer frown。
He thought of Gan’s work,Have his……ideal!
at the same time。
Jihuoti,Welcome a special guest。
It is Xia Qixiu。
I am afraid that I can’t think of the summer.,Xia Jiuwei came to Beijing,Even active to see the treasure bottle。
Ji Bao Bottling Look,Introduction to the past。
There is neither a calm woman’s calm,There is also no extraordinary, graceful calibration。
on the contrary,Her face is full of angry,Tight again。
Words,Early harsh。
“I treat you as the most trusted loved ones.,You regard me as a fool,I cheated me a whole ten years,Ah,Since learned those messages,I am still thinking,You still have a face to see me。”
Ji Bao bottle stares at Xia Qixiu,Narrow,“how?I want to give me an explanation.?”
Xia Jiu is like a man with a man,Full of atmosphere。
She is in a light road,“Our five people have been traitors.,I can’t believe anyone。”

“There is no ashes in the box behind the nameplate?”

“Is not。”Dayan shook his head slowly,“There is only a trace of divinity,Daoists can step forward and feel。”
“What’s the difference between that and ashes?”
“Naturally there is a difference。”Dayan looked down,Increased volume,“Actually, neither the ashes nor the divinity tells much。The ashes represent the demise of the ontology,Putting it in a small box focuses more on a sense of ritual,On behalf of death,Completely annihilated in this universe。
“And divinity is only imprisoned and sealed in this box,You know the mighty ones in the gods better than I do,As long as there are certain conditions,Even a trace of divinity can restore the body、godhead、Golden body and even all cultivation base,Fellow Daoists are in a hurry,Lost memory?”
Li Tianchou slumped away,Turning to look at the wall again,Every nameplate is particularly dazzling,There are more than a thousand boxes and nameplates densely packed here?Almost all the guys in the God Realm who used to have a high level of cultivation are here,Sure enough,What a terrifying force this is caused?Is it the lonely nameless power in Dayan’s mouth??
Chapter nine hundred and thirty four Irresistible temptation
Could the God Realm be destroyed in an instant?Otherwise, how to explain that so many great supernatural powers have been stripped of their divinity and sealed here?But even an existence as strong as a black hole that swallows the energy of the heavens cannot destroy the God Realm in an instant,The power of Li Xiucheng’s divinity is fully displayed on the edge of the black hole,This shows the power of God Realm,So what is the earth-shattering event?,Caught everyone off guard?
Li Tianzhen can’t figure it out,It’s better to ask Dayan bluntly,“Taoist friends are the guardians of the mountain here,You should know how each square box and nameplate came from here.?”
“That is natural,The origin of this matter,I will naturally tell the daoists,But the old also has a ruthless please。”
“Fellow Daoists, but it’s OK。”
“See there?”Dayan reached out and pointed to the far right side of the wall,Li Tianchou looked around,Can’t help but froze,There are actually two boxes with no writing on the nameplates?
“What is this?”
“I do not know either。But then I checked the records of all the strong in the gods,The divinity of the two main gods is indeed missing,One is the third generation of God of War,You are fellow Taoist,Another one?,Is the goddess of Luoying Tiangong。”
Li Tianzhen was shocked again,He just glanced at the nameplate on the wall,Less than one or two have seen,But forgot to find Li Xiucheng,I never thought that the nameplate of Luoying Goddess was also empty,Involuntarily confused,I don’t know if it is happiness or worry。
“The lack of divinity of the two has its own reasons,I am a mountain guard,Not too ignorant,But please reach out and touch the two boxes with no words on the nameplate,And use spiritual sense,No other requirements。”
“What is the purpose of fellow Taoists?”Li Tianzhen frowned,The old man worked tirelessly all the way to lead him to this place,And deliberately revealed such a big secret,What is the purpose of this request?What kind of evil heart is hidden?
Li Tianzhen did not understand this sudden holy mountain temple,I don’t know what secrets and traps this square box and nameplate contain,But it can actually sense the powerful presence and familiar breath in every square box,It’s divine,Once the old man’s requirements are released,,Unpredictable consequences,Then it’s too late to regret。
“Can Taoists change their requirements?”

slowly,See here。

at this time,Wang Teng said again:“Duel me,I will leave immediately if you win。”
“I won,All this is mine。”
Wang Teng knows,Now words,I can only do this。
As for the result,Wang Teng doesn’t know。
But now look,Actually, I can only try it temporarily。
at this point,Actually in Wang Teng’s heart,I think it’s pretty good。
And looking here,Yang Gang is not convinced。
Even Yang Gang,Even more suffocated,Fight with Wang Teng。
“Humph,I am not convinced,I must let you know,Offend me,what exactly is it!”
When Yang Gang was talking directly here,The more I speak, the more excited I feel。
Even Yang Gang looks,This time,Don’t say anything for now。
Still think of a way first,Handle these things well,Is the most important。
And here,Yang Gang’s blow arrived suddenly,Feel,Like a tiger going down the mountain。
Now,Those from the Yang family saw here,I’m very excited。

This lucky is in the store,If you go out,The other party came to death and did not pay,Coupled with the store indeed genuine,They just want to come back to discuss fairness.。

“Humph,I spare you once,But someone will spare you once in the future??
Give me waiting here,Of course, you can choose to give this gentleman.,Even if you give you 800,000, it is also 800,000.,You think about it yourself.。”
Xia Xia Min listened this,I looked up and looked at Li with the wind.,Suddenly in front of Li Hui,It is also a hoe and beg for mercy.。
“I’m wrong,I beg you, let me let me.,I really know that it is wrong.,As long as you don’t let me give money,Don’t let me enter prison,Let me do what I do,forgive me。”
Xia Xia Min, this move, let Li Hui also a glimpse,At the http://www.cqidcsys.cnsame time, it also leads to a lot of watch people.。
Li Hui also suddenly understood what other abacus,This is a bitter meter,The other party knows that he will not let the other party do something bad.,After all, so many people look。
“All right,You get up.,You can’t solve this problem like this.,Of course, you can don’t need ten times.,After all, you may not bear it.,But I will give you an acceptable price.,That is double how?
You have to know that even if you are double, you are enough.,And I don’t have to pay attention to this double.,The deadline is two years?”
Xu Ru 芸 did not expect that Li Hui Feng actually would be so large.,After all, let’s see 800,00 0, I am afraid it will not be so low.。
And from Li Hui’s dress,She really can’t see that Li Hui Feng is with rich people.,But such a young man actually cut more than 600,000 yourself.。
“I promise,I promise,I must work well.,Alive money to you。”
“Don’t answer first,I haven’t finished it yet.。”
Looking at Xia Xia Min crazy noddion, Li Hui, is also a woman who doesn’t want to be a woman.,If it is not really provoked, he is not happy.,This thing may just be a refund.。
“Although I forgive you.,But you have to ask your manager forgive.,That is, you give you a manager for free for a few years.,After all, if you want to do something else, do something else.,Then I can’t afford this sinner.。”
This proposal of Li Hui Feng made Xu Ruzhen immediately got a look at him.,Can you have more than 600,000,And the young people considering each other are really not much everywhere.。
The most important thing is that this is a German,Can be such a less than a small。
“Xu Manager,Give me a chance.,I guarantee that I don’t dare to commit again.。”
Chapter 77th Shocked Xu Ruzhen
“Smalluminum,You follow me for three years,What’s more about how people are meat?,Since this handsome guy spared you,I don’t have any reason.,But then you don’t want to do this, I don’t bare you.,But you have to give people also。”
“Of course, if you are doing this,I will give you a time.,But you have to work in my old man.,Until your salary is also on the money, you can go,You choose it yourself.。”
Xu Ruzhen said this.,Xia Xiaomin naturally did not have any nonsense, nodding directly.。
After all, according to double,In fact, she is more than doubled.,After all, the eight thousand eight is Li Hui’s,This is calculated,She only needs serious efforts to do it for two years.,Even without dry two years。
“This handsome guy,Trouble with me, tell me your bank account,I will turn it over.。”
I heard Xu Ruzhen said.,Li Hui Feng is, some did not expect the other party, it would be so happy.。
From small in the countryside,In fact, I have never thought about it. I have to be ten times double.,Just just ask apology to give him the original money.。
But I saw that Xu Ruzhen was really real.,He is embarrassed。
“Xu Manager,I see you or return to me directly.,I didn’t think of double refunds.,And if you really have doubled me.,I am still not practical.,In fact, I just want to educate your clerk.,After all, what she said before, I can’t stand it.。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Xu Ruzhen is also a glimpse,In this year, she still encountered the other party to the other party.。
However, Li Hui’s simple quality is that she likes it very much.。
“Row,Since you have said this,I don’t care about you.,Give you 100,000,After all, I can’t make my signature.,You don’t want double, I have to give you a little apologize.,As for Xiaomin, since you don’t have to compensate,Then there is no such thing in my store.,There will be a second time for the first time.。”

Shen Xuan finished,Subsequently, I saw my mobile phone.。

Sun Ting has sent him a message.,Let Shen Xuan have passed。
I don’t know what it is.,But Shen Xuan,Still directly rushing。
“have no idea,Sun Ting looking for me,What is it??”
at this point,Shen Xuan’s heart is full of curiosity。
The 261th chapter is arrogant,Overbearing Tianlong Wushu
“in other words,Means of,This Tianlong Wushu,Recently, I started looking for you with Sun Jia.?”
Shen Xuan looks to Sun Ting,Slightly indiscriminate,Can’t ask。
And Shen Xuan,Sun Ting looked over,It’s more important to nod.。
“Be right,Our grandchildren hurt because of the past,So there may be no way to resist Tianlong Wushu。”
“And they give us the conditions,Is letting us Sun Jia,Join them!”
With Sun Ting finished,Shen Xuan, the whole person, is more refreshed.。
After all, now,If this is really this,Then this matter,It will become very difficult.。
I think of these in my heart.,Shen Xuan’s conscious look at the eyes。
“All right,In fact, this matter,Don’t say anything else,Sun family’s things,I definitely not stand by.。”
Moreover,If you look at yourself here,at this point,But it is not willing to see it.。
so now,Shen Xuan still wants to show his attitude。
Sun Ting is moving in the heart,obviously,Shen Xuan said so,In fact, it is more warm in her heart.。
In fact, think about it.,Sun Ting still found,Shen Xuan’s help for her and her family,Really too much。
so,Even let Sun Ting’s own heart,I don’t know what to say.。
Always feel,For Shen Xuan,More more than a profit。
I saw a while,Sun Ting’s heart is still secretly an estimated these things。
But now,Sun Ting still didn’t forget。
“Shen Xuan,Thank you very much.。”
“If it is not your words,May Day Sun Jia,It is impossible to go now。”
actually,I have already been in front.,Sun’s family has become shakes。
At that time,Shen Xuan took Sun Ting directly。
In this case,Talent,Let Sun Jia slowly rejuvenate。
Shenxuan did,Sun’s home,There is no one in the same time, you can do it as Shen Xuan.。
sometimes,It is precisely because Shen Xuan,Sun Ting can stick to it now。

“Hey-hey,I have just handled things.。”Lin Feng heard the words:“Thanks for your hard work。”

“Less nonsense,How much does you spend this time??”Liu Wei won the hard hat,Tired color on the face。
“Money is a foreign matter,I have paid this time is a gold.,Win in South America500Jintian,Won the Miao Dongxing500Kingshi,Our May 5th,The rest of the debt, I will sell seven turn god dragon Dan。”Lin Feng smiled and explained。
“Ok,This doesn’t matter。”Liu Wei heard the words:“Is the design satisfaction??”
“姨 design,I am still not satisfied.。”Lin Feng thumbs up:“Very style,correct,Where did you see Xuanyuanjian and a forever??”
“This information is not difficult,I got from the Miao。”Liu Wei heard the words。
“so it is。”Lin Feng heard a little bit,After all, Liu Wei’s identity is there.,Miao ethnic biscuit。
“You don’t look at the building,The good and bad of a building also affects the gas transportation of a forces.。”Liu Yan quiet explanation:“To design these things,A senior of the Miao also helped me。”
“Which senior is a Miao??I will go to the next day.,Thank you very much.。”Lin Feng is so happy。
“He is my father.。”Liu Wei is silent。
“姨,Thanks a lot,thank you。”Lin Feng said with sincerity,If you are not for your own,I am afraid that I will not ask my father.,He listens to Bei Xueyin mentioned this.,姨 doesn’t agree with your father。
“Silly,As long as you and Xue Yin are happy together.。”Liu Wei smiled and said:“What else needs me to help??”
“Hometown is coming back from Antarctic。”Lin Feng explained:“Need to build a palace,Let the GTHO maintain a low temperature or a cool state。”
“Palace?”Liu Wei heard the words:“How about this,How to build on the bottom of the Lake Lake?”
“Ok。”Lin Feng heard the words:“Hard work,correct,姨,You also quench your body.,Lifting fatigue。”
“I have been busy with these few days.,I am fine, I am relieved.。”Liu Wei smiled and said:“In fact, the biggest pressure of the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce is you.,The most important thing is also you,Do you care more。”
“I see,姨,Does Bechang at home??”Lin Feng asked with a smile:“When I am nothing, I am looking for him a few more glasses.。”
“Go to the province,Just a few days, the cold, Dad, also come here.,You have a few more drinks with them.。”Liu Wei。
“I see,姨。”Lin Feng nodded:“You also pay attention to your body.。”
“Um!”Liu Wei heard a little bit:“Go back。”
Lin Fengnan immediately turned around.,He has a light power to go through the whole building.,And Dali,Xu Wenqiang chats chatting,After the noon is completed at noon,Lin Feng took a drink with everyone.,After drinking the wine, it has been three o’clock in the afternoon.。
Everyone went to fight.,Soaring in the morning,Fight after the afternoon。
Their taken is extremely cruel exercise method,Stimulate your potential,It’s basically all in the evening.,Then quench the body to Diaoliang,Almost crazy。
Lin Feng looked at the back of everyone sighed。
“eternal life,Reincarnation。”Lin Feng mysterical:“Bros,I believe you,I will also work hard.。”Lin Feng walks into the lakeside villas in the lake.,He picked up a big box,It is exempt from the soul of the soul。
After Lin Feng took out three thousand years of blood ginseng,50lBronze big pot,Full spring water,After Lin Feng directly shocked a millennium,Then, there were dozens of medicinal materials in it.,Spring water in the bronze cauldron。
Then it will hang it,Burning under the water cylinder,This is a method of torrential blood in the minister.,Can make human body to recover blood。
The last Lin Feng found a water tank。
Marking mark on the water cylinder,Capacity,Strict,Error is extremely small。
“Soul!”Lin Feng opened the box,Sure enough, I saw a lot of wood inside.,These wood is dark,Spurious breath,This kind of breath makes people feel serene,But cold,In short, this kind of breath is very strange。
“Be awkward!”
The soul wood in Lin Feng is directly by Lin Feng.,The powder has fallen into the water cylinder,And Lin Feng gently,Directly cut the wrist artery,Suddenly blood flows and falls into the water cylinder,Blood is very fast, and the soul is blended together。
A strange thing happened,Lin Feng saw the blood in the water tank to make a strange red ray,Lin Feng saw this scene secretly surprised,This is the very like。
“very good,very good。”Lin Feng mysterical,Now, Lin Feng accelerates the blood flowing out inside the body.,The strange red ray is more strong。
More than ten minutes,close2lBlood flow into the water cylinder。
The same moment, the spring water inside the bronze coil is oscillated.,The color is already milky white,Like milk as mellow。
Lin Feng picked up a spoon digging a bowl,And then slowly drink,Suddenly,Like blood flows in the body,Just passed a moment,Lin Feng feels that the blood of the body seems to have a lot of recovery.。
“it is good,The secret recipe that will be left behind。”Lin Feng praised,This configured is called blood spring!
NS492chapter Corpse

Beautiful,I don’t want to have a tongue of my fees yesterday.……Wang Liu is also happy,Darkness to see the media that is not too big.,Told:

“Since it starts,That’s hot iron,Give him a fire,Go find a few media,Let them continue to dig the black materials of Guangyuan,Distribute the attention of the public。”
Pull the waters in Guangyuan,Attracted the fire of the public,Nobody staring at Hongxing again,Before you have to check out,It is estimated that it is calm down.,No longer mention this。
“clear。”Yang Kaiyi should。
Be talking about,Wang Zhixin hurriedly found,Emotional expression is very excited:“got it,I have been squatting for so long.,Xu Fei, this grandson finally leaked the horse.,The handle will be caught。”
Wang Liu’s eyes bright,Hurriedly:“Did you get it?,Where is the handle??”
“This is。”Wang Zhixin handed a photo。
Wang Flow has been rushing,Look down。 first slide,Xu Fei lifts the foot。
the second one,Xu Feilian kicks,One person kicking down on the ground,The ground is full of blood。
Third,Xu Fei left right,A pair of big hands openly in two young sisters,A big laugh,The picture is very unrestrained。
Three people,What will he play?……Wang traffic looks straight,Also faintly excited。
A person who is doing medical treatment,Can be a dragon live tiger,Also energetic flowers,What is the doctor??
Is it a kidney loss??
If this is to go out,I don’t believe that he is still not dead this time.。
Yang Kai is also coming over,Looking at the excitement while watching,I still have a face of envy and hate,Mouth:“What he is,This dog is really playing.。”
“How long does it take?。”Wang flows down the photo,Ambient:“Since the handle gets it,Then start to arrange the news.,Just let you find the media to continue to dig deeply,Just give these photos together to them,Let them take out things out,At that time, I still have to play.。”
“clear,I must arrange it properly。”Yang Kai smiled,Bite the teeth。
Chapter 94 How to forget her(Recommend)
Yujingwan Phase II opens,Just selling the floor in advance,So didn’t do any opening ceremony。
More than 8 o’clock in the morning,The king has come to the sales department with a company executive.,After all, we must grab the market with Guangyuan.,It is also a field hard battle,I have to stare at them.。
“Total Wang!”See him to enter,Xin Fu quickly greeted the sound and greeted。
A uniform wearing a body,Like a personal,Cold image before one change,More stocks,Plus the value of the present,Look, don’t have a taste。
Wang traffic can’t help but look more,Laugh,road:“Good morning,There are also a few days in the job.,how do you feel?”
“not bad,Good adapt。”Xin Rui smiles。
“What is it is not bad?,It’s like a fish.,Three days to work,Sold a seven sets of rooms,So selling again,A few sets of rooms in the first phase,Not enough for her one person。”Yang Kai’s prevailing。
“Yes?That’s really good,sharp。”The king smiles。
Selling a house is not selling vegetables,Under the eyes, it is not a housing price.,The house grabbed the description of the description,I just had negative news to explode.,Even if so, you can sell seven sets in three days.,On average, at least two sets,The performance is very outstanding.。
Xin Rui smiled slightly,Look at the expression,It’s a little embarrassing that is boasting.。
Wang Future:“How is her performance??”
Yang Kai Road:“Have not bad,Phase I is close to the liquidation,Next focus,It is the second phase selling.。”
Wang traffic nodded,The situation is much better than expected,Previously discredited,Although he timely check-out promise,But I didn’t dare to pay attention.,Always beware of check-out tide,Subsequent and anti-black,These days have exploded a lot of hardware,Transfer the public’s attention。

Waiting a wild wolf,People in live broadcasts are some can’t bear it.,After all, I haven’t seen it.,As a result, the scene was taken.,Too much。

“太 太,Come over!” Ye Nan Tian and Wang Ting and others will go through the past,I took Yang Shiqi and the injured.。
“Shen Xuan,thank,thank,thanks a lot for you help!”
Yang Shich came over,I gratified Shen Xuan’s hand,Faced is a smile。
Can come back to a life,Rely on Shen Xuan,He now thanks,It is also normal.。
Shen Xuan swayed,Say:“It’s all worked hard.。”
“do not worry,Things I promised must do it for you。”
Yang Shiqi said solemnly。
“Row,Then I will wait for the good news of the county.。”
Shenxuan nodded,Can give the county to give a commitment,It is also an unexpected harvest.。
Subsequent,Everyone will go with the mountain.。
“so,Is the Zoo of Xuan Ge really have to succeed??”
“Master, county said so,It should be no problem.!”
“Not always,This county is too unfashionable.。”
…… People in live broadcast look at Shen Xuan and Yang Shiqi’s dialogue,Discuss,But Yang Shi’s character,And what you have done,Still make many people doubtful to him。
Can this person really help??
A person who is accustomed to going,Who knows what reasons will be found??
Ten minutes later,Everyone has reached the foot of the mountain.,A horse Pingchuan,There is no danger again.,Everyone follows a breath。
“Shen Xuan,Let’s go back to the county.!”
Yang Shiqi rushed a sentence,Take Yang Shiqi and others.,Go straight to county,Look out,This county is, I don’t want to stay here.。
Said this is his nightmare,Not too。
“Running is really fast!”
“very funny,Is there a little interest in the county??”
“Sure enough, it’s timid,With Xuan Ge, there is no better than!”
“He counts a fart,What qualifications and Xuan brothers compare,Do not match Xuan brother shoes。”
People in the live broadcast are contempt,I have never seen such a person who has no interest.,Just seek Xuan Ge,Now one is safe,Skating is faster than the rabbit。
“Xuan Ge,We also go back.!”
Lin Wei and others have exhausted,Say:“Ran an afternoon,This will be really tired!”

Some Nasha people do combat exercises,There are also two dragons fighting each other,Zhu Minglang found a beach training ground,Summoned Cangluan Qinglong。

Cangluan’s blue dragon feathers have grown,The size of an adult eagle,But those four gorgeous slender tails,It makes it look a little bit extraordinary at a glance。
There are many Mulong students on the beach training ground,After they saw the young dragon Zhu Minglang called,My eyes stayed for a while,Seems to be attracted by this special blue dragon。
“This classmate,You dragon,What dragon is it,Seem to have never seen。”A plump female dragon shepherd asked,I can tell,She really likes the unique and beautiful appearance of Cangluan Qinglong。
“This is Cangluan Qingshenglong。”Zhu Minglang responded with a smile。
“Qing Shenglong,Junior brother,Do you know what is the concept of a saint in front of the dragon,All with the blood of the sacred dragon,When it’s complete, it will be at least the Dragon Lord level,Your dragon looks a bit special,But it’s a bit too much to call it a holy dragon。”A male student next to the plump woman suddenly interrupted。
This sharp-faced man,Obviously he is doing sparring for plump women。
When Zhu Minglang talked about Xiao Qingzhuo as a sacred dragon,The sharp-faced man curled his lips,A look like Zhu Minglang is bragging。
Others do not believe,Zhu Minglang can’t hold his head,Force this ignorant guy to believe。
“Brother,Which branch are you from?”Plump women are more interested in Zhu Minglang,Then asked。
“Lichuan??Never heard of Lichuan Branch。”Busty woman surprised。
“Isn’t Lichuan the same courtyard in Lichuan?,I heard about it,It seems that something has just merged into the Great Court Continent in Lichuan, there is also a student,Sharpen your head and want to be certified by our headquarter,It turns out that you are from that private courtyard,Ha ha ha,It looks like you dragon,Also Zalong、Fake dragon。”The sharp-faced man continued sarcastically。
Zhu Minglang is not very fond of listening,He glanced at the dragon held by the sharp-faced man,Is a eagle dragon,It’s only a dragon。
“I happen to want my dragon to demonstrate its ability,Why not let your eagle dragon be a sparring partner?”Zhu Minglang said。
“it’s so funny,You are a young dragon,I’m worried that my fierce eagle dragon will kill it with one claw,At that time, they said that the people in the High School of How to Train the Dragon were bullying,Doesn’t it ruin our high court’s reputation?”The sharp-faced man is full of disdain and sarcasm。
“No problem,If as a holy dragon,Even a vulture dragon that only knows to eat rat carrion can’t deal with it,I died。”Zhu Minglang said calmly。
“This is what you said,I didn’t force you!”The sharp-faced man is coming soon,I just refused,This will be like wishing to compare to the last one。
“of course。”Zhu Minglang nodded。
Xiao Qingzhuo standing on Zhu Minglang’s shoulders,Its only unchanging blue eyes are staring at the eagle dragon, which is several times larger than itself.。

They grew up from Xiaocheng Mi Zhu Ma,She looked at him and became handsome.,She also moves every day.。

From his childhood to teenagers,To his success,In this process, she has always been obsessed with him.。
When I saw him for the first time.,At that time, it should be eight years old.,Regular wear widetShirt,Wearing jeans below,A pair of white sneakers,It’s very comfortable to watch it.。
That is their parents meet the first time.,He and her for the first time,Their two are the same,Finally, I will go to school.。
Her achievements are good,primary school,high school,They all have been together,And still in a class。
Sometimes the fate is such a wonderful。
But the Le Zhenxi after the university,Slowly alienate with her relationship.。
After the university, he did not have a parent’s tube bundle.,More rebellious,Always go to the Internet cafe,ktv,I often play late at the bar during the evening. I will go home.。
妍 妍 姐 也 他 他 没有。
There are a lot of girls around him who follow him.,At that time, she had already like it.。
She at that time,young and naive,Give warnings and lessons for those who want to deliberately close his.,indeed,At that time, she was very waste.。
Xi Xi doesn’t like her,It is also gradually starting from her.。
But that is always arrogant, she didn’t think anything.?
I only feel that Le Zhenxi is her Wen Qi.,No one can take away。
When the New Year’s parents gathered together,Everyone will also take them two people.,She is very happy,But Xi Xi always stretched his face.,I don’t want to use this thing at all.。
She didn’t care too much at the time.,After all, the bottom has always thought that he is already her.。
later,After graduating from college,They still live in a city,But there is less time to meet.,He is still busy,And she is still busy looking for him.。
Once he and the Xixi quarreled,Fierce,Her birthday,Xi Xi forgot。
And she has already said to him a week in advance.,If he will accompany her a birthday,He agreed to himself at the time.,She thought he remembered,But he didn’t appear in her birthday.,Let her alone waiting for him to go to the middle of the night。
the next day,She found him at the bar.,Question, why don’t he take birthday?。
He looked at her with confused.,Even my love is ignorant。
At that time she is really angry.,Gave him a slap,He is a madman,I don’t want to see her in the future.。
Just because of this sentence,They have not seen each other for half a year.,Another month,When she hit him,His side is more blue。
Le Yu Xi, which is unclear, and wheat,In the hands of the food basket,And Blue Xin said with a laughing in the vegetable area。
That is that she first saw the arrogant Le Yu Xi smile.,He looks at Blue Xin’s eyes,Different girls。
She felt the sense of crisis,Later her thoughts were implemented,Blue Xin’s stomach gradually got bigger,She has confident,Blue Xin is worthy of Le Zhenxi。
She has been talking to the tone and blue-hearted tone。
once,She also said:“Blue Xin,How do you know how good is Le Xi’s home??You are worthy of Le Yu Xi。”
Lan Xin always laughs not to smile,maybe,Blue Xin has always had self-knowledge,It’s just that she has never seen the heart of Lan Xin.。
at last,Made a big thing to hurt Blue Xin,Also put Le Yu Xi pushed yourself。