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Teach you to practice 15 style Taiji Qigong diet

Teach you to practice 15 style Taiji Qigong diet

Taiji Qigong is a commonly used qigong method. It is a means of weight loss by using Taiji exercise method. It has a certain effect on simple obesity.

Now, the exercises are briefly introduced as follows: The first type is the natural part of the adjustment, the two feet and the shoulders are wide and the chest is pulled back, and the two hands naturally sag.

2 The two arms are slowly raised forward, the hands are slightly above the shoulders, the palms are down, and the air is inhaled.

3 The upper body is kept straight, the legs are bent down, and the hands are gently pressed down until it is flat with the navel, the palm is down, and exhaled.

The second type of open chest 1 will be lifted up to the chest with two hands in parallel. The knee joints are gradually straightened, the palms are turned, the palms are opposite, parallel to the parallel pull, to the end, to do the chest expansion, while inhaling.

2 Move the hands on both sides parallel to the middle, to the chest, change the two palms down, press the knees under the process, and exhale at the same time.

The 3rd type of waving rainbow 1 will be lifted up to the chest in parallel with both hands. At this time, the knee joint is gradually straightened, the hands continue to rise to the top of the head, the arms are straight up, and the palms are facing forward, while inhaling.

2 The center of gravity moves to the right foot, the right leg is slightly flexed, the left foot is straight, the tip of the foot is on the ground, the left hand is from the top to the vertical, straight and flat, the palm is up, and the right elbow joint is bent into a semicircle on the right side, the right palmContinue to inhale down.

2 The center of gravity moves to the left foot, the left leg is slightly flexed, the right foot is straight, the ground is pointed to the ground, the right hand is from the top of the head to the right, straight and flat, the palm is up, and the left elbow joint is bent into a semicircle on the left body side, the left palmFace down and exhale at the same time.

The 4th wheel arm splits the center of gravity into between the two legs, the legs become horse steps, the two hands descend, cross the front of the lower abdomen, and the palm of the right hand is stacked on the back of the left hand.

2 hands apart, lifted from the side of the body to the top of the head, palms hold the sky, while inhaling.

3 Both arms descend from the top at the same time, the palms of both hands are downward, gradually intersecting into the front of the lower abdomen, the elbow joint is slightly flexed, and exhaled at the same time.

The fifth type of step-by-step rewinding 泫 1 station is a good horse step, the left hand is extended upwards, the right hand is arced from the bottom to the back, the waist is turned to the right, the right hand is visually observed, and the air is inhaled.

Then raise the right arm to bend the elbow, palm forward, push forward through the ear side, and exhale.

Then, the left hand was collected to the chest, just past the right hand and the small fish.

2 The left hand is drawn from the bottom to the back and the arc is turned to the left. The left hand is turned and the air is inhaled.

Then lift the left arm to bend the elbow, palm forward, push forward through the ear side, and exhale.

Then, the right hand was collected to the chest, just past the left hand and the small fish.

So the left and right hands alternate.

Type 6 Lake Heart Rowing 1 When the left hand pushes the palm to rub against the right hand on the chest, the palms are facing upwards and the arc is drawn from the bottom to the front.

The arms are straight up and the palms are facing forward, while inhaling.

2 Bend, and the straight-up hands will then arc the back and down and exhale.

3 When both hands are at the bottom of the back, gradually straighten the waist, and the hands on both sides are raised to the outside with the palm facing forward and inhaling at the same time.

The 7th type turns the moon and the natural height of the two feet. The two hands are placed next to each other, the two arms are swung to the left and the upper side, the upper body is turned to the left, and the left rear is as far as the moon, while inhaling, and then returning to the natural position.Exhale at the same time.
2 The two arms swing to the right and the upper side, and the upper body rotates to the right. The right rear upper side is like the moon, and the air is inhaled.

Then return to the natural posture and exhale.

The 8th style pushes the palm and pushes the palm 1 station, the two hands are placed at the waist, the left elbow is pulled back, the upper body is turned to the left, the right hand is pushed forward, and exhaled, then return to the original position, while inhaling.
2 The upper body turns to the right, and the left hand pushes the palm forward, while exhaling and then returning to the original position while inhaling.

The 9th type of fishing sea view is connected, the left leg crosses half a step forward, bends out and exhales, and both hands cross in front of the left knee.

The upper body leans back, inhales, and the hands are lifted separately. After the head is over, the palms are opposite, and the head is looking at the sky.

The 10th flying pigeon spreads its wings 11 and stretches forward with both hands. The palms are opposite each other, and the right foot is taken half a step forward. Both hands are pulled to the sides and inhaled.

2 Then take a half step forward with your left foot, gather the two-way arm to your chest, palm up, and exhale.

The 11th type of outstretched fist punches 1 right hand first out of the boxing exhalation, retracting the original inhalation.

2 The left hand exhales and exhales.

Both hands are bilateral sheep.

The 12th type of geese fly 1 deep, try to be low.

Press with both hands and exhale like a geese flying in the week.

2 gradually stand up, both hands with the situation, while inhaling.The 13th type of the ring-flying flywheel 1 has two arms extending upwards, and is turned to the left, the back, the right, and the front direction, and the arm is turned with the waist, and the hands are lifted forward to the top of the head while inhaling.

The hand exhales from the top of the head to the right and repeats 3 times in succession.

2 Change the direction of the ring, the action is the same, do 3 times.

The 14th step kicks the ball 1 to raise the left leg, and the right hand makes a ball-shooting action in front of the right shoulder, while inhaling.

2 Lift the right leg, the left hand in front of the left shoulder to do the balling action, while exhaling.

The 15th type is flat on the palm of the palm. 1 The two fingers are opposite each other. The palm is up, and the inhalation is mentioned from the front of the chest.

2 Turn the palms of the two fingers, palms down, press from the front of the eyes to the front of the lower abdomen, while exhaling.

Note 1 Each of the above exercises 6 times, one breath and one call count 1 time.

2 Action should be even, slow, inhale with the nose, exhale with the mouth.

The nutritional value of peanuts

The nutritional value of peanuts

Peanut is recognized as a healthy food in the world, and it is considered as one of the “top ten longevity foods” among peanuts.

Chinese medicine believes that the effect of peanuts is to reconcile the spleen and stomach, nourish blood and stop bleeding, and lower blood pressure and lipids.

Among them, the role of “blood to stop bleeding” is mainly the credit of the red coat outside the peanut.

Let ‘s take a look at peanuts with some nutritional value.


Chinese medicine believes that peanuts are flat and sweet; they enter the spleen and the lungs.

It has the effects of awakening the spleen and stomach, moisturizing the lungs and phlegm, nourishing and regulating qi, clearing throat and coughing.

It is often used for the onset of chronic cough, asthma, expectoration and bloody diseases.

  Another advantage of regular consumption of peanuts and peanut products is that they can always protect the stomach.

Regarding peanuts’ “pleasant spleen and stomach”, traditional medicine also has many records and applications.

Nutritionists have also studied and explained the effectiveness of peanuts, stomach and stomach warming.

Peanut saturated unsaturated fatty acid, contains no cholesterol, is rich in supplementary fiber, and is a natural low sodium food.

Therefore, often eating peanuts and peanut products in winter can greatly replace the stomach and warm the stomach.

  Not only that, modern pharmacological studies have found that peanuts are rich and fatty, and their trace content is very high, as high as 45% -50%, of which unsaturated fatty acids account for about 80%; protein content is also very rich, as high as 25% -30%,It also contains riboflavin, calcium, phosphorus, selenium, lecithin, choline, vitamin E, vitamin K, and B vitamins.

These rich nutrients also make frequent eating peanuts have common effects on chapped lips and cheilitis in winter.

  Peanut Nutritional Value Peanut Fruit contains protein, trace amounts, sugars, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin E, vitamin K, and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, and iron. It contains 8 amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids required by the body.Contains lecithin, choline, carotene, crude fiber and other substances.

Auntie content is 44% -45%, protein content is 24-36%, and sugar content is about 20%.

Rich in vitamins B2, PP, A, D, E, calcium and iron.

And contains thiamine, riboflavin, nicotinic acid and other vitamins.

It can promote human brain cell development and enhance memory.

  Peanut efficacy Anti-aging: The catechins and lysine contained in peanut fruit have anti-aging effects on the human body.

  Coagulation and hemostasis: Peanut fruit coat contains oils, multiple vitamins, and substances that shorten the clotting time. It can resist the dissolution of fibrin, promote metabolism and produce platelets, and has a hemostatic effect on a variety of bleeding diseases.The primary disease has a certain therapeutic effect and is beneficial to human hematopoietic function.

  Nourishing blood and lactating milk: Feces oil and protein in peanut fruits can nourish qi and blood and nourish blood and lactating milk for women who have insufficient postpartum milk.

  Promote development: The content of calcium in peanut fruit is extremely high. Calcium is the main component of human bones, so eating more peanuts can promote human growth and development.

  Enhance memory: Lecithin and brain phospholipid in peanut fruit are important substances needed by the nervous system, which can delay the decline of brain function, inhibit platelet aggregation, and prevent cerebral thrombosis.

Experiments have confirmed that regular consumption of peanuts can improve blood circulation, enhance memory, and delay aging.

  How to eat peanuts is safe and beneficial?

  Peanuts should not be eaten raw: Peanuts contain traces of residues, which are absorbed and digested slowly by the human body. Eating in large quantities can cause indigestion.

In addition, peanuts grow in the soil and are often contaminated by parasite eggs, which can easily cause parasitic diseases.

At the same time, peanuts are often contaminated by rodents, which is easy to spread natural epidemic diseases, especially epidemic hemorrhagic fever.

Therefore, peanuts should not be eaten raw, it is best to eat them after cooking.

  Boiled peanuts are highly nutritious: Some people are accustomed to eating fried flower kernels or eating them after frying. In this way, the glycerin and acetol ingredients mixed in peanut red clothes are destroyed a lot, so the peanut kernels and red clothes are cooked together to eat the nutritional valuehigher.

In addition, peanuts are susceptible to aflatoxin infection. After boiling, the aflatoxin contaminated by peanuts can basically be dissolved in water, making it safer to eat.

Vinegar Peanut “Tianxian”: Peanut rice contains unsaturated fatty acids needed by the human body, but after all, it has a high lipid content, a large amount, and a greasy feel.

Many kinds of organic acids in vinegar are just tired and fragrant, so soak peanut rice with vinegar for more than a week, eat 10 capsules every night, even for a week as a course of treatment, can reduce blood pressure, soften blood vessels, reduce plasma accumulation.

Tell you how to send fruit to the patient

Tell you how to send fruit to the patient

Constipation, Hemorrhoids: Bananas, pears, peaches, citrus should be eaten to make bowel movements for profit; persimmons, hawthorn, apples, lotus seeds, etc. should not be eaten, because these fruits contain carbohydrates and acids, which have astringent bowel and antidiarrheal effects.Causes constipation.

  Ulcers, too much stomach acid: It is not advisable to eat sour pears, lemons, bayberry, green plums, plums and other high-acid fruits to prevent damage to the healing of the ulcer or aggravated by the sudden increase in gastric acid.

  Diarrhea: You should eat grapes, pomegranates, apples, bayberry and other fruits that have swords. You should not eat bananas, pears, watermelons, and other cold, intestinal laxative fruits, which can cause stool and diarrhea after eating and aggravate the disease.

  Obesity: Those who are losing weight need to choose fruit. It is best to eat less apples and grapes because the former is high in content and sometimes high in sugar.

There are many types of fruits on the market, and their nutritional combinations are also different. Therefore, you must know what to eat.

  Anemia: It is not advisable to eat fruits such as oranges, persimmons, because its protein-containing metabolites are easily combined with iron, which can block the body’s absorption of iron and can cause constipation.

  Hepatitis: It is advisable to eat vitamin C such as banana, pear, date, citrus, apple, watermelon, etc., a fruit that protects the liver and promotes liver cell regeneration.

  Food accumulation, high blood pressure: It is not advisable to eat fruits that are easy to produce sputum, help heat, and hinder digestion of the spleen and stomach.

  Diabetes: It is advisable to eat edible pectin, which can change the secretion of blood sugar, pineapple, bayberry, and cherry fruits that have a blood sugar lowering effect; it is not advisable to eat fruits with high sugar content such as dates, grapes, bananas, apples, pears, figs, litchis, lemonsIn order to avoid eating, it will cause blood sugar to rise, and increase the burden of flour, which is not conducive to treatment.

  Heart failure, severe edema: It is not advisable to eat too many fractal watermelon, pear, pineapple and other fruits. Due to the accumulation of a large amount of water, heart failure and edema worsen.

  Acute nephritis: If you have poor kidney function or edema and need to avoid salt, you should not eat bananas. Bananas contain more sodium salt, which can increase edema and increase the burden on the heart and kidneys.

  Hypertension, arteriosclerosis: It is advisable to eat vitamin D such as hawthorn, jujube, cholesterol, and fruits that have antihypertensive and alleviating atherosclerosis.

  Coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia: eat fruits such as citrus, grapefruit, hawthorn, peach, strawberry, etc., because these fruits are rich in vitamin C and niacin, which can lower blood lipids and cholesterol.

  Myocardial infarction, stroke: It is advisable to eat fruits that help digestion, such as watermelon, banana, citrus, and peach; it is not advisable to eat fruits such as persimmon, apple, lotus seed, which have astringent effects due to acid acid, which may easily cause constipation and worsen the disease.

  Respiratory tract infections: Especially patients with sore throat, cough, and phlegm, should eat pears, coriander, oranges, apricots, Luo Han Guo and other fruits that can reduce phlegm, moisten the lungs, and relieve cough.

  Hot and dry constitution: Pear, banana, watermelon and other cold fruits should be eaten; grapes, oranges, dates, cherries and other warm fruits should not be eaten.

  Fever: Pears, citrus and other fruits with the functions of refreshing and quenching thirst, antipyretic and dispersing poison should be eaten.

Because fever patients sweat more, pears, oranges, etc. contain a lot of water and potassium, which is more beneficial to fever patients.

Strengthen the spleen and stomach to remove bags under the eyes

Strengthen the spleen and stomach to remove bags under the eyes

In addition to surgical medication to remove bags under the eyes, acupuncture combined with traditional Chinese medicine and modern electronic science also has different degrees of efficacy on various bags under the eyes.

  Chinese medicine divides bags under the eyes into congenital and acquired.

Congenital is inherited. Acquired is due to long-term adverse stimulation of the eyelid skin, such as incorrect massage, tears, and eyeliner drawing, which eventually cause the eyelid skin to relax and shrink.

The treatment method is: connect the power, acupuncture is accompanied by acupuncture points such as the sun, fish waist and Ashi points.

The electric current causes the eyelid muscles to contract and beat significantly, accelerates the local partial decomposition, and tightens the loose eyelids.

  Acupuncture to remove bags under the eyes is a safe and stable prevention and treatment measure.

It is especially suitable for “pseudo-eye bags” of pure orbicularis type.

  Chinese medicine also believes that the formation of bags under the eyes is directly related to the spleen and stomach function of the human body, especially the spleen function, which directly affects muscle function and slight metabolism in the body.

From the actual anatomy of the meridian meridian points, the location of the bags under the eyes is exactly the change initiated by the foot meridian of the stomach meridian, thereby starting the stomach meridian, and usually massage the points of the stomach meridian such as Zusanli and FenglongImproving the function of the spleen and stomach is very practical for eliminating bags under the eyes.

11 common foods are natural cancer drugs

11 common foods are “natural cancer drugs”

Improper diet can cause cancer, but eating food can also prevent cancer.
Below we recommend fruits and vegetables that have been proven to have anti-cancer effects for the diet.
銆€銆€11 common foods are 鈥渘atural anti-cancer drugs鈥? Pears can produce fluid, moisturize, clear away heat and remove phlegm.
Ancient medical doctors used it for esophageal cancer, cardiac cancer and stomach cancer.
Such as “Minnan Materia Medica” cloud: “treatment of stomach in the sputum block food.
“Materia Medica seeks the original” has also introduced: “The academic decline is less, gradually become awkward; pear juice with human milk, cane juice, reed juice, children’s stool, bamboo bite.
There is also a side in “Shengji General Record”: “There is no cure for the stomach, and the drug is not good; 1 Sydney, pricking 15 pieces of cloves into the pears, 4 to 5 pieces of wet paper, cooked food.
“Because the carotene, vitamin B2, vitamin C and so on have a certain anti-cancer and anti-cancer effect, so pear is also suitable for patients with nasopharyngeal cancer, laryngeal cancer, lung cancer.
銆€銆€The researchers tested smokers for 750 grams of pears per day for four days and determined the 1-hydroxyindole content of the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the urine before and after pear consumption.
It was found that after eating pears for 6 hours, the 1-hydroxyindole in the blood of the human body would be discharged in large amounts through the urine; if the pears were not eaten, the 1-hydroxyindole was rarely discharged.
The heated pear juice contains a large amount of anticancer substance polyphenol, which is used to drink the pear juice into the carcinogen-injected mice, and the white rat urine can discharge a large amount of 1-hydroxy scorpion toxin, thereby effectively preventing cancer.
Especially eating a pear after eating fried foods and fast foods is a healthy lifestyle.
銆€銆€That is to say, after eating a pear or drinking a cup of hot pear juice, the carcinogens accumulated in the human body can be discharged in large quantities.
The results of the survey showed that the strong carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that accumulate in the body, such as smoking or eating barbecue meat, were significantly reduced after eating pears, especially the heated pear juice.
銆€銆€In fact, although the pear is very sweet, its calorie and fat content is very low. The middle-aged and the elderly eat more pears, which can help the body purify organs and soften blood vessels.
Eating pears also has a certain auxiliary effect on anorexia, indigestion, enteritis, chronic pharyngitis and other diseases.
However, experts reminded that although pears are good fruit, it is not advisable to eat more. Cough and cold, cough and abdomen, spleen and phlegm, and maternal women should be careful.
Pear also has a diuretic effect, and frequent night urination should eat less pears before going to bed.
Pears contain more fruit and more people with more stomach acid, and they should not eat more.
銆€銆€Kiwifruit is rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C. It is 4-12 times higher than oranges, 30 times that of apples and 60 times more than grapes.
Through recent studies, it has been confirmed that kiwifruit contains an active substance that blocks the formation of “nitrosamines” in human cancer, and thus has a good anticancer effect.
銆€銆€Animal experiments have also shown that it inhibits the mutagenesis of various tumors such as melanoma and skin cancer.
Recently, researchers have extracted substances from kiwifruit that can reduce the activity of human leukemia cells and induce apoptosis of leukemia cells, and once again show the unique anti-tumor activity of kiwifruit.
銆€銆€Hawthorn can promote blood circulation, stagnation and elimination, appetite and digestion, and is also rich in vitamin C.
Chinese medicine believes that cancer is a solid mass, often with signs of qi stagnation and blood stasis, because the hawthorn can promote blood circulation, good meat elimination, and can inhibit the growth of cancer cells, it is suitable for the treatment of a variety of cancer patients.
Especially for patients with digestive tract and women’s reproductive system malignant tumors, it is more appropriate to have loss of appetite.
銆€銆€Apricot is suitable for a variety of cancer patients.
According to research, apricot is the most abundant fruit of vitamin B17, and vitamin B17 is an extremely effective anti-cancer substance, which has a killing effect on cancer cells.
It has been reported that the United States treated with vitamin B17 for cancer. Of the 250 patients treated, 248 were rescued. Vitamin B17 has been used to save the lives of 4,000 patients with advanced cancer.
銆€銆€Bananas are cold and sweet, can clear heat and laxative, and are especially suitable for patients with colorectal cancer.
According to modern medical research, bananas are rich in trace element magnesium, and magnesium has a role in preventing cancer.
In 1986, the Institute of Oncology of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences found that the extract of banana was obvious to the three carcinogens – aflatoxin B 1,4-nitroquinoline-N-oxide, phenylpropanoid (a) oxime.The role of cancer suppression.
銆€銆€Oranges A variety of fruits of the genus Citrus, such as citrus, orange, grapefruit, orange, lemon, kumquat, etc., are rich in vitamin C.
Vitamin C is a kind of anti-cancer barrier that can prevent the formation of strong carcinogen nitrosamines, especially for patients with esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, lung cancer and laryngeal cancer.
銆€銆€Jujube can replenish the spleen and stomach, benefit qi and blood, and is also rich in vitamins B, C, P and carotene, especially the content of vitamin C and P, especially in the crown of the fruit.
Foreign scholars have analyzed that jujube contains a group of triterpenoids, which is an effective component of anticancer; some studies also believe that jujube is rich in cyclic adenosine monophosphate, which has anticancer effect.
Therefore, jujube is an anti-cancer fruit.
In the private sector, many patients with cancer after surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy, often eat jujube porridge, or with scutellaria jujube, daily use of jujube 10, raw scutellaria 30 grams, a total of boiled.This is to improve immune function, enhance physical fitness, prevent tumor recurrence, and transfer segmental replacement benefits.

銆€銆€Strawberry is suitable for nose and throat cancer, tonsil cancer, laryngeal cancer, diabetic patients and these cancer patients can be eaten during radiotherapy, can receive thirst, lungs and cough, digestive throat, relieve radiotherapy response, relieve, help rehabilitationThere are also flaws.

According to Business Weekly, pathologist Gary, of the Ohio Medical School in the United States.

Stoner and the plant geneticist John of the Agricultural Research Institute.

In his research, Mas found that the implanted citric acid contained in strawberries can protect human tissues from carcinogens and thus benefit cancer.

銆€銆€Fig can reduce swelling and detoxification, suitable for colorectal cancer, esophageal cancer, bladder cancer, stomach cancer, cancer, liver cancer, cancer, leukemia, lymphosarcoma and other cancer patients, is a broad-spectrum anti-cancer fruit.

According to modern pharmacophysical studies, figs do have good anticancer effects.

According to reports: the water extract of dried fruit has the effect of resisting Ehrlich’s sarcoma.

The milk obtained from the immature fruit can inhibit the transplanted sarcoma in rats, the spontaneous breast cancer in mice, and cause tumor necrosis; and can delay the development of transplanted adenocarcinoma, myeloid leukemia, lymphosarcoma, and transformation and degradation.

銆€銆€According to the 1967 Japanese Central Medical Journal, it was found that the effect of water chestnut on the degeneration and tissue proliferation of nanofibers was found in the screening test of anti-cancer in vivo with ascites liver cancer AH-13 and Ehrlich ascites carcinoma.Anticancer effect.

You can use the water chestnut with the previous rice porridge to eat, you can also use the water chestnut plus barley to cook porridge, suitable for esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, rectal cancer, pyloric cancer, cervical cancer, hospitalized patients often eat.

銆€銆€Lily has a good nutritional nourishing function, and also contains a special active ingredient – colchicine, which has better anti-tumor effect and is effective for a variety of cancers.

Suitable for liver, nose and throat cancer, skin cancer, malignant lymphoma and other patients.

At the same time, it is also suitable for these cancer patients after physical therapy, physical weakness, dry cough, sputum or hemoptysis, upset, dry mouth, low fever, palpitations, insomnia, can receive cough, stop bleeding, soothe the nerves, enhance physical fitness, inhibit tumor cellsThe growth of the radiotherapy response is relieved.

You can also complete lily porridge, or lily glutinous rice, or fried lily soup can be used.

銆€銆€Tips Although the anti-cancer effect of fruits is obvious, when eating, it is still necessary to choose and match according to individual characteristics.

People often cause dysfunction in the body because of too much raw strawberries.

In addition, patients with urinary calculi and poor renal function should not eat more strawberries because it contains calcium oxalate crystals. Overeating will aggravate the condition.

銆€銆€Moreover, the best time to eat fruit is 1 hour before meals.

Fruit is a raw food. Eating fruit before meals is equal to eating raw food and then entering the cooked food. The white blood cells in the body will not increase, which is beneficial to protect the human immune system.

Woman’s cold massage therapy


Woman’s cold massage therapy

Female sexual indifference means that the couple of childbearing age live together after marriage. The woman has no active sexual requirements for more than 3 months, or the sexual behavior of the spouse is unresponsive and indifferent.

According to the survey statistics, married women account for about 30% of the cold, more than double the number of men.

銆€銆€In order to relieve the pain of sexually indifferent female patients in a timely manner, a set of effective massage therapies are introduced as follows: 1.

Sexually sensitive parts Massage sensitive parts are body bands or acupuncture points that can stimulate sexual desire and sexual excitement.

It includes sexually sensitive bands and sensitive points.

Women’s sexual desire sensitive bands such as ears, ears, upper, thigh parts, armpits, chest, nipples and other parts are most sensitive, and their sensitive points are “perineum”, “huiyang”, “Jingmen” and other points.

When massaging sensitive bands, the man should be slow and gentle, so that it has a comfortable feeling; when massage sensitive points, you can touch the palm of your finger to soften the skin and achieve the effect of stimulating the woman’s sexual desire.

In short, the woman experiences a sense of happiness and comfort.

Massage once a day.


The gods massage the supine position, the legs are separated from the shoulder width, the palms of the hands are pressed on the gods’ acupoints, and the left and right sides are rotated 200 times, with a deep self-sensing heat, 2-3 times a day.


The waist massage is taken upright, the two feet are separated from the shoulder width, the thumb of both hands is pressed tightly on the same side of the Shenshu point, and the waist is quickly rotated slightly and bent to the left and right, while the palms of the hands move from top to bottom, about 2-3Minutes, with a deep self-induction and heat, 2-3 times a day.


Guide the gymnastics legs straight and sit well, let go naturally, put your hands behind the ground to support the body, open the toes outwards, and at the same time, bend the upper body when inhaling, that is, the trunk, the back of the head; then the toesThe building, while bending forward in exhalation, but the hands can not leave the ground.

This is so flexed and receded 3-4 times.

銆€銆€The above massage therapy can be carried out alternately, but it should not be rushed, but should be persevered. As long as it persists for 1-2 months, there is a possibility of cure.

The different health effects of 10 kinds of honey, the old beekeepers do not know you clearly!


The different health effects of 10 kinds of honey, the old beekeepers do not know you clearly!

Many elderly people in the longevity areas of the world have the habit of taking honey for many years.

The former Soviet Union’s Azerbaijan, the outer Caucasus and Romania, some mountainous areas of Bulgaria, the longevity of the south of the Tianshan Mountains in southwestern Xinjiang, the long-lived health and longevity, the 100-year-old birthday is not rare, and some elderly people in Changshou Village generally live to over 90 years old.

One of the common features of these areas is the development of the beekeeping industry. Since ancient times, there have been many bee colonies in each household, with beautiful natural environment and lush vegetation.

Honey is a high-grade nutraceutical that nature gives to humans. Different varieties of nectar have different therapeutic effects. Because it contains fructose and a large amount of glucose, it is easily absorbed and utilized by the body.

Honey contains a variety of vitamins and a variety of inorganic salts and trace elements, organic acids, proteins, pollen particles, aromatic substances, rich in nutrients.

The body contains important enzymes such as oxidase, invertase and amylase, which are important substances that cannot be replaced by human body metabolism.

Modern scientific methods for artificially stocking bee colonies can select the types of honey-sourced plants according to their needs. According to the seasonal flowering period, they can be spotted to collect bees, collect a single pollen to brew honey, and obtain high-quality single-species nectar for disease prevention.

The following nectars are introduced: 1 nectar is cool, has diastolic blood vessels, improves blood circulation, prevents hardening of blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, has a certain hypnotic effect before going to sleep, and often wears this product to improve people’s mood.Ning Xin An Shen.

2 buckwheat nectar is flat and cold, has a wide air intestines, clearing heat and detoxification, long-term service can enhance the elasticity of human blood vessel wall, and has the effect of preventing hypertension, which has certain positive significance for preventing the occurrence of cerebral hemorrhage.

3 sunflower honey is sweet and has the effect of dilating blood vessels and lowering blood pressure in a short period of time. It has certain effects on hyperlipidemia and hypercholesterolemia, and is often used to enhance the body’s immunity.

4 corn nectar is sweet and flat, has a moderate appetizer, blood pressure and water.

Regular use of this product has the effect of promoting bile secretion and lowering blood fat.

It can also increase the storage of glycogen, improve the metabolism of tissue cells, and improve kidney function.

5 pear nectar is sweet and cool, has thirst, relieves cough and phlegm, moisturizes the lungs and clears away heat, can nourish yin and moisten dryness, dissolves the intestines, lowers the fire and stimulates the body, should use the phlegm and phlegm, and the phlegm and heat of the respiratory tract is acute.Patient.

6 鏋囨澐 honey is sweet and cold, has the effect of nourishing yin and moistening the lungs, relieving cough and qi, can stop polydipsia, especially suitable for chronic bronchitis and other respiratory tract caused by cough, hemoptysis and hemoptysis.

7 Ziyunying honey is a kind of Ganping. It can eliminate nausea and nausea for a person with digestive system discomfort and poor appetite. It can restore the irritation caused by adhesion film complications, reduce the burning sensation of the stomach and promote the healing of ulcers.It also helps digestion and absorption of food.

8 rapeseed nectar is sweet and warm, has the effect of clearing away heat and moistening dryness, and dissipating blood. It is often very beneficial to the liver and gallbladder system. It is also quite suitable for patients with acne and phlegm. People with weak spleen and stomach may wish to eat it regularly.This product is cheap and easy to get.

9 carrot nectar is sweet and sweet, because of vitamin B family and vitamin A, it is very suitable for patients with beriberi, corneal dryness and nightlife.

10 eucalyptus honey is sweet and warm, often serving this product has the effect of reducing central nervous system excitability, is beneficial to maintain the normal function of brain cells, and long-term service can enhance physical fitness.

There are many kinds of nectar, and they all have their own sexual taste and different nutritional therapeutic value. This is a considerable and important nutritional resource, which needs further research and alternative development.

Such as peach nectar, apricot nectar, apple flower dense, coconut nectar, jackfruit, cherry nectar, jujube nectar, tulip honey, etc., have their unique nutritional diet characteristics, according to their therapeutic effects, symptomatic choice for their healthThe kind of honey, disease treatment, disease-free fitness.

Don’t underestimate the health value of nectar on the human body. Anyone who insists on eating honey all the year round has their own personal experience. As long as the time is long, they will benefit a lot. The hard work of the little bees is really a great achievement!

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What to eat calcium calcium 9 large super calcium food big release


What to eat calcium calcium 9 large super calcium food big release

What calcium to eat?

Calcium is definitely an incalculable part of the body, but how can you make up calcium? Do you know?

In fact, food is the safest and simple way to supplement calcium. Xiaobian gives you a strong recommendation for these 9 calcium supplements.

銆€銆€Calcium supplement 1, milk and milk is a good source of calcium, drink 250 grams (a bag) of milk, about 275 mg of calcium, and it is convenient and well absorbed.

銆€銆€Calcium supplementation 2, amaranth, and small rapeseed excessive green leafy vegetables are not inferior in calcium supplementation, in which the calcium content of amaranth and small rapeseed exceeds the same weight of milk.

In addition, vegetables are rich in mineral elements and vitamin K that are absorbed by calcium.

Vegetables are boiled in boiling water and cooked, and the absorption rate of calcium will be better.

銆€銆€Calcium supplementation 3, Coix seed kernels have the highest calcium content in various nuts, and the calcium content per 100 grams of fried hazelnuts is as high as 815 mg, which can meet the daily calcium requirement of adults.

But nuts are generally high in nature and can be used for a small amount a day.

銆€銆€Calcium supplementation 4, oats in various cereals, the highest calcium content of oats, up to 7.

5 times as much.

Although the calcium absorption rate in oats is not as good as that in milk, it is still beneficial for preventing calcium deficiency.

If the oatmeal and black sesame are combined together into a delicious congee, the calcium supplementation effect is better.

銆€銆€Calcium supplementation 5, cowpea per 100 grams of skin cowpea contains calcium up to 349 mg, which is a close double of soybeans. Kidney beans can be put into appetizers or snacks, which is a good calcium supplement.

銆€銆€Calcium supplementation, dried bean curd, concentrated and concentrated tofu, the calcium content is outstanding in soy products. For example, the calcium content of Xiaoxianggan can be as much as 7 times that of water tofu.

Using tofu to replace meat and stir-fry, the calcium content will be greatly improved.

銆€銆€After the calcium supplementation 7 and the sesame paste sesame are ground into sesame sauce, the digestibility is greatly improved.

Eat a large spoonful of sesame paste (about 25 grams), which contains up to 200 millimeters of calcium.

Tahini can be used as a cold dish filling, but also in noodles, pancakes and other noodles.

銆€銆€Calcium supplementation 8, black fungus black fungus contains more than 300 mg of calcium, which is higher than the calcium content of milk. It can increase the amount of calcium in the body. Therefore, black fungus also has the effect of preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Calcium and disease prevention are the calcium supplements for most people.

銆€銆€Calcium supplement 9, vinegar vinegar itself has no calcium, it is reasonable to say that it can not increase the body’s calcium content, but, according to research, the body’s need for calcium is a continuous process.

During the day, people can get calcium from food, but when someone falls asleep at night, they don’t eat any more. The body still needs a certain amount of calcium, and only gets it from the bones.

Therefore, the amount of bone calcium lost at night is the largest.

銆€銆€Experts suggest that a certain amount of calcium should be supplemented before going to bed. The easiest and most effective way is to drink a cup of vinegar drink, which can both calm the nerves and promote the absorption of calcium.

At the same time, due to excessive calcium in the body before bedtime, the overlapping calcium can be absorbed quickly.