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It says on the note:“It’s not naive that beats you,Is naive,A cup of red bean milk tea,Thank you。”

If others see“Thank you”These two words may be full of question marks,But Gu Qiao thought of the begging Lu Ban the first time he saw it。
Thank you?
I haven’t given you the ticket yet!
The concert will not be confirmed until the show is finished,Yesterday Gu Qiao said that Lu Ban’s agent would pick it up,When the time comes, after confirming the specific time。
I haven’t got the ticket yet,This guy started to thank,Naive and hot。
What to buy?
Milk tea?
……Red Bean Milk Tea?
Gu Qiao smiled stiffly,To her assistant:“You can drink milk tea。”
The assistant was shocked:“it’s not good……”
Gu Qiao’s gaze drifted towards the figure not far away preparing to enter the set,Said:“You may not know,I never drink red bean milk tea。”
at this time,
Kong Xi followed Lu Ban’s back,Drink the iced red bean milk tea in your hand。
“You also like to drink red bean milk tea?”
Lu Ban didn’t expect Kong Xi to buy milk tea,This girl bought herself a cup too。
“of course。”Kong Xi straightened his back。

“What university four years?How long is four years?”Granny Bai gave him a sideways look,“You give me a snack too,Talk to him if you are okay,Go ask him what he did in school……If this kid is really nice,We can’t let it go!And I have to hurry up!I can’t wait!”

“I will handle it!”Professor Bai patted his chest,Vowed way。
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First730chapter Report(One more)
Shen Huan didn’t know that the old Bai family had no thoughts,He should treat dinner with ordinary etiquette。
Rested all night,Shen Huan came to the west campus of Huaguo Agricultural University。
The College of Agriculture and Biotechnology he attended is here。
The boy came here on foot,Because the straight line distance between Youzuo Hutong and the school is3.4Kilometer,I can’t walk around4Kilometer,It takes half an hour to walk。
The students are back to school these days,And the days when freshmen came to the school one after another to report,When he walked all the way,Saw many students,Under the leadership of parents,Carrying big and small bags,Enter the campus excitedly。
The campus only has these few days each year,To allow so many non-students to enter。
Among a large group of people,Shen Huan still looks very conspicuous。
Not because he is so handsome,But because Shen Huan is fully armed again。
What do you think,Between a group of students and parents,A teenager wearing a mask and sunglasses appeared,Is it weird?
If it’s not because it’s under the summer sun,Shen Huan is still willing to wear a hat。
Fortunately, when Shen Huan came in,,Quickly escaped the security,Otherwise, I have to be interrogated。

“Humph,Mo Xiaosheng,If you have a wife, you still grab someone else’s girlfriend,Damn!”Hao sneered one day,Then lie down on a chair,Yoyo Road:“Let’s go slowly,See who survived,Wait until I rob you of your market share,You have to kneel and beg me。”

Today’s Heyang People’s Hospital is extremely busy,Because it’s sleet these days,The road is extremely slippery,Caused several traffic accidents,The wounded and patients are exceptionally large。
Qiao Yiyi had three consecutive operations a day,After finishing the last one, it’s already past eight o’clock in the evening。
After changing clothes,Say hello to colleagues in the same department,She picked up her bag and went out,Just after leaving the department, I saw Zhong Fan in a handsome suit。
“Doctor Joe,You finally got off work,Can make me wait。”Zhong Fan smiled politely after seeing Qiao Yiyi。
“Doctor Zhong?What are you waiting for me?”Qiao Yiyi is a little puzzled。
“I heard you like to listen to concerts,My friend happened to get me two concert tickets,So I specially invite you to come with me。”Zhong Fanyu said warmly,Feels very comfortable。
Qiao Yiyi got her hair down,Shook his head,Refuse directly:“Sorry,My love waits for me to come home to eat,I won’t go。”
Although she knew Zhong Fan might be kind,But she is naturally defensive towards men,I don’t like being alone with men other than Mo Xiaosheng,Not even in public。
This may be related to the psychological shadow Li Junyi gave her at the last rough auction。
She nodded apologetically,Step on high heels and walk outside。
Zhong Fan clenched his fists tightly,Looking at Qiao Yiyi’s back,An anger rose in my eyes,No woman has ever refused his invitation。
“Doctor Joe,wait,I have something to show you。”

Da She Wan sticks out his tongue and said,Looking at such a long tongue,Grey Wolf is a little envious,But it does not matter,Your tongue will be mine soon。

“Of course it invites you to participate in the subordinate organization of SHIELD,Umbrella’s Biochemical Ghost Project。”
Grey Wolf said,I didn’t care at all that Suizuki and Shigego gradually surrounded themselves and the three Hulks。
“Really funny,I don’t even know what the biochemical ghost project is,Why should i join you。”
Although Oshemaru is smiling and watching Big Gray Wolf,But Big Gray Wolf couldn’t be more familiar,This is the prelude to Osha Maru’s upcoming attack。
“The three Hulks behind me,You should be very interested,This is one of the products of the biochemical ghost project。”Big Gray Wolf explained。
“Kill you here,I can also study these three Hulks。”Da She Maru says。
“It looks like I arrived in time,Now the number of people is fair。”Yamato came afterwards,Then he said to Dashemaru,“There are two Hulks behind me,But the speed is not very fast,So we have to fight quickly。”
On the way,Yamato has seen those Konoha ninjas killed,But he has no time to be sad,Keep going。
“Hulk,Hands on。”
Yamato,Suigetsu and Shigego each deal with a Hulk,Da She Wan is fighting Big Big Wolf。
“Water escape·The Art of Water Iron Cannon!”
Suigetsu’s fingers are compared to a pistol,Constantly emitting bullet-like liquid from the tip of the index finger and hitting the Hulk’s body。
“Water moon,Don’t play with your squirt gun at this time。”
Shigego said honestly after fighting against one of the Hulks,Only after fighting the Hulk,Only then did Zhonggo understand why the Konoha ninja who was watching Oshemaru was wiped out.。
If the battle is not resolved in time,If the next two Hulks arrive in time,Then the situation is really bad。
“Shigego,How many times have I told you,Don’t learn from that fellow Xianglin,I am a water iron cannon,Not a squirt gun。”

“Especially Zhang Bai,I feel worthless for your life,Obviously you can live very hard and very comfortable,right now,I guess you don’t mix well。”

“Good time?I know this kind of thing myself,I like my life like this,No one has the right to interfere,Everything in me now includes you,Don’t keep talking,I suddenly got tired,I don’t want to hear you talking nonsense here,Nonsense,Do you think we will believe what you say?In fact, we knew from the beginning,There is no word you can believe。”
Zhang Bai’s Bai is unwilling to continue with the other party,He felt unnecessary,From the beginning to the present, the other party has been talking nonsense here,He doesn’t like this feeling,I don’t want this kind of thing to continue,He interrupted what the other party was going to say next,What to do next,I spoke directly to the other party,Last sentence。
He meant to tell the other person,He doesn’t want to continue playing,He doesn’t plan to continue playing。
Little girl and Song, whose surname is Song, also recovered at this time,I know what’s going on,Speak the truth,Before that, the two of them really believed in each other a little bit,At that time began to feel fear and panic,Still thinking about their respective life experiences and their lives,They have not recovered until now,Think about it,This is indeed the same reason。
The other party said so much,All nonsense,There is no real evidence,It seems to be true,Let the other party show any more evidence,I guess I can’t get it out.,Because of this, they suddenly realized that all this was a scam by the other party,The other party is playing with them。
After thinking about it, everyone smiled bitterly,This is indeed a problem,It doesn’t matter what you say now,There is no need to go on。
Under Zhang Bai’s leadership, the three of them are preparing to leave,All this seems so calm and natural,But for Sarah,The mustache, who was already a little proud, began to worry,Hurriedly called them,Don’t let them go。
“You don’t believe what I said,Why don’t you believe what I’m saying? Am I wrong??I really know about each of you,If you want to know, you have to listen to me,Just do what I said,Otherwise you never want to know everything about you。”
The mustache is still supporting it,Still using this way,I hope Song, whose surname is Song, can stop,Then follow his arrangement。
Useless,No one listens to him,The three of them turned away and left,This kind of effort made the moustache in front of me a little discouraged,Yes,He spent so much thought,I thought the other party had been deceived,At that time he also felt that these guys had indeed believed his words,It just so happens that Zhang Bai’s white sentence,These guys all ran away。
Mustache doesn’t know what he said wrong and let the other party see through his conspiracy.,He thinks what he has done is perfect,From the beginning to the end,He induced these guys step by step,They should believe his words,Shouldn’t suddenly wake up at this time。
This is not justified,Also made him unable to understand,Just like now,The more I think about it, the more I wonder,But there is no way to find more breakthroughs in this matter。
In the end he was a little speechless,Watching three people leave,So I lowered my head,Keep resting,Fertility,Waiting for the next chance。
Yes,It is obviously impossible to continue telling those lies at this time,I don’t know why these three people are different from the others,Especially Zhang Bai’s white,A smart person like him should show a very strong desire at this time.。

Yan Hongjun didn’t reply either,Ningbei Trifoliate is unclear why,Asked,Yan Hongjun briefly explained the situation that day,Ning Bei Zhi understands,How can I blame Yan Hongjun for deceiving Gan Yifan,Work required,Troop building matters,Can’t mess up because of personal factors。

but,anyway,Gan Yifan still has credit for Qin Ming’s donation of troops。
Ning Bei gnawed chicken neck and said:“I know about Qin Ming donating,He is a businessman,In the past, supporting the construction of the army gained a lot of benefits,Donate 30 million this time,Seeking an awakening medicine for his son,It’s a big deal……Hongjun,What is his son’s name?”
“Qin Hanwen。”
“Ok,Qin Hanwen……”Ning Bei Zhi Yin,Seems to be making some kind of decision,Say a moment:“Over 30 people,No system training,Giving him awakening medicine is a waste。Call Qin Ming back,Comfort him。”
Yan Hongjun glanced at Gan Yifan,Still not enough:“After a while。”
Ning Bei’s frown frowned,Does not avoid Gan Yifan,Asked:“how,The steel is not in place?”
“Ok,Shipped in three batches with a total price of 30 million,It was originally scheduled to be delivered before January 6th,The first batch of 10 million was delivered as scheduled,Already under construction,The second batch of 10 million overdue one week,Shipped four days ago,And the last batch of steel has not been in place yet。”
“The old guy is playing this set again,A few years ago because of his delays,Nangang Deepwater Wharf was not completed as scheduled,Tri-service exercise was postponed for a full week。I am the actual operator,The military area is accountable,I have no punishment for my low level,But it hurts the old leader to carry mine and get punished。I dare to play this set with me now,I really thought I couldn’t cure him。”
Yan Hongjun smiled bitterly。The Special Affairs Bureau is certainly powerful,It can also be right,For mutant events,Military police grabbed,Can target ordinary people,The Special Affairs Bureau is really difficult。
“Give him awakening medicine。”Ning Beizhi said suddenly。
“Ok?”Yan Hongjun was taken aback。
“Three generations。”
“Ok?”Yan Hongjun was taken aback again,“Oh。”
He got it,The appearance of the third-generation awakening medicine and the fourth-generation awakening medicine are almost identical,But the utility is very different,But:“Three generations of awakening drugs have drawbacks,Has been discontinued。”
“Can’t it be done after stopping production??”Ning Bei Zhi spit out a chicken bone,Wipe your hands with snow:“Just say what I said,Let Xichen make a batch of third-generation awakening medicine alone,Half the effect,As a tonic,Each pill is individually packaged,The packaging must be exquisite and high-grade,Specifically to deal with businessmen like Qin Ming,Tell her what I mean,The specific quantity is up to her,Include in confidential archive。”

short8Minutes,The score was pulled28:5。

this one,Shen Huan hasn’t made a three-pointer yet。
Wait until the opposite side changes three players,The first quarter also cannot stop these three people。
Shen Huan basically didn’t score a goal in the second quarter,But to break and pass in various ways,Fed comfortably by the two big stars,Goals!
In the second quarter,Byron Scott discussed with Kobe,When it became an opposing defense, five people,Only three came out when attacking。
This is to greatly increase the difficulty of offense。
At this time, Shen Huan’s three-pointer was in full force。
He voted12Three pointers,Got in7A!
Hit rate as high as58%!
In actual combat,When the trio faces five defenders,Shen Huan can still have such a high hit rate,Let Byron Scott’s eyes shine。
Mo egg!
This is a more enhanced version of Curry!
When it’s really on the field,There is a center to help pick and roll,Kobe came to catch the ball hard,How much function can Shen Huan’s three-pointer play??
As long as Kobe and Iverson can keep up,As long as he is not maliciously fouled、Physical injury,Then the Lakers can be developed!
Pointing to the playoffs……Do not,Going towards the finals!
Kobe’s real horse cowhide,Where did you find such a genius!?
at this moment,Byron Scott no longer has any doubts。

“Brother Hui,it’s me,Daxin!”

There was a slightly hoarse and low-pitched magnetic sound in the earphones,I haven’t heard this voice for a long time。
Chen Xin suddenly couldn’t get in touch shortly after going abroad,He didn’t like to make friends and the circle of friends was small,No one cares after losing the news。
I’m care about,Even went abroad to find him twice,But there is no clue!
Not long after returning from my second trip abroad,I was cheated of money by my brother,I have no time for him,Struggling in my troubled life。
“Hurry up when you have something,Leave me alone。Stop by the road ahead!”
Audi has got off the viaduct,Not far away is a subway station。
Chen Xin’s sudden call made my heart upsurge,I forgot my original intention,Subconsciously parked the car at the subway station entrance。
Li Xiaolu quickly walked down the escalator to the underground,I just woke up,Her figure has disappeared。
Forget it,Anyway something has happened,There is no difference between once and many times。
Even if Li Xiaolu is really fooling around with Lai Yumin,Can I still catch the rape??
I chose to escape and give up on such a good opportunity last night,Naturally, I will not do that now!
at the moment,I don’t have the courage and qualifications to expose all this!
“Brother Hui,is it you?”
Chen Xin’s voice rang again,The resentment and pain in my heart was immediately overwhelmed by joy。
“Daxin,You bastard,I thought something happened to you。”
I asked excitedly:“Where are you so cool,I went to Australia to find you twice,Didn’t find any special hair at all,No one knows you at that address!”
Chen Xin laughed,Then said:“That address is correct,I just misunderstood that you are a bad guy so I didn’t dare to tell you the truth。I have had some trouble there,That is a protective measure!”
“once,Are you okay now?”I asked immediately。

“You don’t have any guilt for me,From beginning to end,None of us missed anything,This is how fate arranged for us,It’s not that we can do whatever we want。”

Yanzi turned around and started to comfort Qin Liang。
“Do you really blame me?”
Silent for a while,Qin Liang asked cautiously again。
“No,I never blamed you。”
Swallow’s decisive answer,Then the two were silent again。Actually, that’s it,All the past about this,There is no need to say more。
Walked forward for a while,Qin Liang broke the silence first,He whispered the swallow。
Swallow answered。
“Promise me one thing。”
Qin Liang hesitated。
“what’s up?You speak。”
Yanzi turned his face to look at Qin Liang,Then asked with a faint smile。
“If one day,I mean if……You want to leave here,You must tell me frankly?”
Qin Liang said these few words reluctantly!He wanted to tell Yanzi;He doesn’t want to delay Yanzi’s life,He hopes Yanzi will also have a happy home,After all, he is married and married……“Don’t worry about this,I don’t want to leave here,Because this is already my home,Not only you in this house,And Sister Ruoxi,And Xiaoxue,Xiaoyun and the girls of the Rose Legion,You are my dearest family!But i can promise you,in case……I said
Also if,If there is such a day,I will tell you the truth。”
Yanzi said very readily。
“it is good,This is an agreement between the two of us!”
Qin Liang nodded and agreed。

“do not……Didn’t I suffocate these two days?……Just kidding everyone to liven up the atmosphere,As for accusing me in front of Xiaoxue?!”

Yang Zhi immediately persuaded。
Now everyone knows:To rule Yang Zhi,very simple,Just move Xiaoxue out,He was finished immediately……Seconds!
Qin Liang looked at Yang Zhi,It’s also good……In the future, I can use Xiaoxue to intimidate Yang Zhi to listen to his own words.!Although he likes Xiaoxue so much,I’m still very jealous,Very jealous……But it does not matter,Anyway, Xiaoxue won’t be really like him。
The big deal is to use his own imagination,It’s just Xiaoxue……He can’t take the real advantage。
Think of these,Qin Liang suppressed the jealousy in his heart!
“Forget it,Swallow,Let’s ignore them,go,Let’s go into the hotel and open the room,Tonight we two will be in the bridal chamber,Let the three of them look greedy,But helpless!Hey Hey……”
Qin Liang said triumphantly with a smirk。
“master!What are you talking about?!”
Yanzi is about to cry……Did Qin Liang take the wrong medicine today??Actually in front of others,So boldly teasing yourself publicly!
“I want to expel you from the teacher,So i can wanna do to you,Haha……”
Qin Liang, these friends who saw his life and death together suddenly,Excited too much,Talk nonsense regardless of,Anyway, as long as you are happy,Don’t worry about anything!
The swallow completely collapsed!