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“League,Wang Wei came up with the great trend,If Lu Jin……What should I do if I kill him??”

Be right。
They are not worried about Lu Jinshuo。
Truly worried,It is afraid that Lu Jin is not a serious heavy,Kill the summer。
after all,More than 30 military people in the summer are not only a core disciple.,And it also takes out the life and death……Not exaggerated,Today’s high-rise,Nine old ancestors,Still staying in these thirties people。
If Wang Wei(summer)Was injured or killed,In fact, there is no benefit to the hanging river exchange.。
They differ from outside people,Will not be stupid to think that Wang Hao is really lucky。
Important,The other party is still a name disciple of the old ancestor。 “League,Need to tell Lu Jin,When you are……”“Not necessarily。”
Gu Guangyuan interrupted,“Let them die,Nothing is worrying,do not forget,We have also had a teenage genius this year to become a core disciple.。”
Everyone stunned。
Naturally, I know that he is talking about Yunyang.。
But they know,The account is not so calculated.。
Several high-rise are opposite each other,Everything is deeply interested in seeing each other’s eyes。
New Director,This is the first fire.。
Although Li Tong has left,There are people with him in the town.,And the warrior still tend to tune。
After all, Li Dynasty left,Once a part of the private guarantee,As long as he stabilized there,I will find a way to pick up my people.。
This is a big round cake,Even I know that I hope I hope,Still people are moving and lucky。
For the new Director, the main point of view,This is a chance。
Not only shocked,Also clear the influence of Li Tao。
Lu Jin,Just a primer,Also a start。
It seems to make him with Wang Wei(summer)Kickly kill,Really far-reaching。
Because……Lu Jin still has an identity。
He is the pro-disciple of Li Tong Li Tong, the Lord of the United States。
He is not taken away,Not Li Tao ruthless,Instead, it becomes a representative of Li.。
If anyone wants to go out in the future,No matter the mutter,They will not,I don’t dare to sin Lu Jin。
Among them, it involves the embarrassment and confrontation of the two extensions.。
At this time,A young man rushed in。
“大 主 主,Lu Jin came。”

Mr. Li sighed,“When their two families deal with your mother,All over,Just that one,The master of the two is near the death and injuries.,The loss is quite heavy,So come over,They are very low,There are five hundred and thirteen,In addition to Shaolin,In fact, most martial arts have participated in that。”

He shook his head,“Although many martial arts and forces are not true,But in the same year,That kind of rolling,Who does not participate,That is everyone’s enemy,Will be tagged,Then group。”
Summer face became cold,Following and laughing。
Mr. Li looked at him.,“Fortunately, your parents arrange a lot of backers.,Always hide your identity,And you have developed abroad,if not,If you let those people know your identity……”
There is no left.,I can think of dancing in the summer.。
Especially the Ming Men,Faces become ugly。
“Now think,When your identity is exposed,The ancient weapon is more enemy to you.,This is also one of the reasons。”
Mr. Li,“As for those neutral martial arts and ancient people,Most of this year tend to your mother,Even send people to participate in that,Also just perfunctory attitude。”
Merely,He is clear,“Now your mother’s king returns,Inevitable to clear。I am fully imagined,Some martial arts and hidden families,I am afraid that I am afraid that I am afraid.。”
“Live!That is what they are looking for.!”
Summer cold channel,“If not my mother stop,I have to be with her and these mixed accounts.。”
“Your mother does not let you be right。”
Mr. Li,“She doesn’t want to be enemy for you,Or,She is impossible to clear all,if that’s the case,She wants to kill ancient martial arts.,Don’t say it is a hurricane……She let you come back,Perhaps it is also for you,She went to clear,Some people will inevitably see your head,Only you can stop her,At the time,Your mother will push you the highest place in the ancient military border。”
“Hum。”Summer laugh,“What do I want to do what is wrong?……”
Not finished,Suddenly stop,Summer frown。
He thought of Gan’s work,Have his……ideal!
at the same time。
Jihuoti,Welcome a special guest。
It is Xia Qixiu。
I am afraid that I can’t think of the summer.,Xia Jiuwei came to Beijing,Even active to see the treasure bottle。
Ji Bao Bottling Look,Introduction to the past。
There is neither a calm woman’s calm,There is also no extraordinary, graceful calibration。
on the contrary,Her face is full of angry,Tight again。
Words,Early harsh。
“I treat you as the most trusted loved ones.,You regard me as a fool,I cheated me a whole ten years,Ah,Since learned those messages,I am still thinking,You still have a face to see me。”
Ji Bao bottle stares at Xia Qixiu,Narrow,“how?I want to give me an explanation.?”
Xia Jiu is like a man with a man,Full of atmosphere。
She is in a light road,“Our five people have been traitors.,I can’t believe anyone。”

Lu Haozheng pick up the phone,Click on WeChat,Put Lin Yu Tian into the WeChat group of them。

European,Muzi,Su Sei Ming,I have a group of people in a group.。
All kinds of greetings。
European:Congratulations on the test。
Muzi:Welcome our Lin Xiaotian,Ming night please visit,I have something tonight tonight.。
Su Sei Ming:Congratulations to the one member of the work mad,Please be mentally prepared,Our land will suffer from blood。
pity,Lin Wei, there is no time to watch the phone at the moment.。
Lu Haocheng looked at the news sent by three friends,I can’t refute it.。
Gu An’an Road:Lin Biao,We have made your appointment before.,Let you help us design hairstyles,Our time is coming.。”
Lin Wei looked at her,“Wait, then。”
Qin Ning Road:“Anan,Is this a makeup artist who only have him??”
Gu An’an Road:“Mother,Although the makeup artist in the world,But he is the most outstanding。”
at this point,Gu Anan does not deny。
Lin Biao in this industry,invincible。
For this charity banquet,She has appointment a month in advance.。
Lin Biao:“Thank you for your prize,but,Can you wait for it??
I haven’t ended here.。”
Lu Sien’s anger and looked at Lin Yu:“Who is this woman??
Why do I want to wait??
Don’t know what we are??”
Lan Xin slightly looked at her,“Let me tell you who I am.,I am Blue Xin,Le Yu’s girlfriend。”
Lu Si is not to know her,And because the things and Mu Zizi have been in her.。
The lips of the land of the land are slightly tight.,It is because of this reason,She hates this woman.。
Lu Si:“Le Yu, I know,you,Hey, I don’t know.。”
Lu Si He Holding Arm,Colden standing,Look at the blue-heart。
What is the big brother?,I can’t see Gu Anan,I have seen a soft and weak woman.,Look, let people come。
Blue Xin:“do not know,Take a look,Regard,Don’t recognize the wrong person next time.。”
“you”“Grace,Don’t tell this kind of woman,Let’s go to the inside.。”
Qin Ning is a belly fire,What is the ghost place??
Is spend money to buy anger??
Blue Xin, but looking at the mirror to answer Qin Ningzhen,“My woman,You are also waiting for,Don’t think that you are a great thing.。”
Blue Xin will not polite to Qin Ning。
after all,Mom has been hurt too much,Both because she。

Duan Lan took it seriously and really listened,And the satin man next to him also showed his teacher’s tolerance,Waiting,Don’t interrupt。

“This season,There is a kind of frost and snow tree flower,The nectar in it will be more suitable for your dragon to grow,It’s just a bit difficult to collect,Because there are often a large group of winter bees around the frost tree flowers,You can consider spending some gold and silver to appoint others to do it。”Duan Lan said。
I wish Minglang a bitter smile。
What I lack most is gold and silver!
“teacher,I am poor,Are there other alternatives??”Zhu Minglangdao。
“I have a few,But even your teacher,I can’t give you for nothing。such,I will bring some Mulong students to Ronggu City to buy rain,You help me with some chores,That pot of frost and snow tree nectar is a reward。”Duan Landao。
Xingyunbuyu,Moisturize everything,This is the Azure Dragon Profound Technique!
Teacher Duan Lan is not average。
“it is good,it is good。”I wish Minglang nodded,This couldn’t be better!
Frost tree flower nectar is definitely more expensive than ordinary nectar,I wish Minglang worry about nowhere to make money。
“You come with me,If you need it urgently,I can get it to you first。”Duan Lan said to Zhu Minglang,Finished saying this,Duan Lan smiled slightly,Politely to the male teacher,“Kebei Mentor,I will think about what you say,I will take my students to get something。”
“Yep,Ok。”The polite way of Kebei instructor。
Zhu Minglang maintains the understanding that a student should have,Give away,Wait for Kebei instructor to turn around,Zhu Minglang looked at teacher Duan Lan with his head tilted……


First1280chapter Faint pain
The sky is getting dark。
Wang Youfa hangs his head,He stuttered:“Xia Jian!You’re a fucking bastard。The two most fascinating women in Xiping Village,But you fell asleep。you said I…”Wang Youfa said,Still crying。
Drunken people are like that,Cry or laugh,Either slapstick or sleep,Fanzheng is nothing more than these kinds of situations。Xia Jian、Drunk,But he is not like this。As the saying goes, wine depends on character,This sentence is not false。
Song Fang called Xia Jian over,I just wanted to talk about the old,Recall the good past。I didn’t expect Wang Youfa to be killed halfway,She couldn’t help being furious,Song Fang sternly scolded:“Wang Youfa!You get out,Drink some cat urine”
“Song Fang!You don’t mean enough,I like you to get you here,Unexpectedly, you won’t know anyone when you get to the boss’s bed”Wang Youfa said with a smile。
Song Fang was anxious,This guy turned it over。Xia Jian had a prejudice against her originally,Finally changed his view of himself,Unexpectedly, at this time, Wang Youfa said something like this。
Song Fang was furious,She rushed over,Two big mouths slapped on Wang Youfa’s face。Wang Youfa was beaten up by Song Fang a bit,Stammered after a long while:“What I’m saying is true,How are you hitting me?“
“If Wang Youfa, you will be broken!You want to make me stink,No one wants me anymore,You think I don’t know what you think“Song Fang roared loudly。
Xia Jian saw the wine drank like this,I don’t think it’s meaningless to sit down。He stood up and said:“Thank you Song Fang,I want to go back,What does he do?“
“ Then you go!When trouble knocking down the gate,Tell the old man at the door to come to my room“Song Fang said,According to Wang Youfa’s leg, he kicked twice。
Xia Jian walked out of Song Fang’s door,He looked at the starry night sky,Took a long breath。He can’t figure it out,What’s wrong with people now?Is it that only money is the most important thing in this world??
When returning home,Just over eight o’clock。Stone table side in the yard,Zhao Hong and Sun Yuejuan are chatting,Xia Zecheng is sitting and drinking tea。Xia Jianyi walked in,Sun Yuejuan asked with a smile:“Have you eaten yet?Or I will do it for you“
“Satiated“Xia Jian laughed and sat beside Zhao Hong。

“Ran Ran,You can’t do this.,Don’t mess with。”Blue Xin can’t bear to say。

Blue son, some speechless,I can’t help but want to turn over white eyes.,I feel that I don’t respect my mother.,Can only press the sound:“Mother,I just said that I am free.,I didn’t say that I have to do bad things.,How can I mess up??Hey,Mother,Why do you learn Dad eccentric??”
Blue Xin:“……”Which is eccentric??
“Ran Ran,Mom is not eccentric。”
Blue sorrow, I heard this.,I can’t help but laugh again.:“Mother is not eccentric,But in my mother’s heart, my brother is always the best of the most beautiful.,So I ignored my little son.,Even if I did something very gorgeous,I just changed in my mother’s eyes.,Instead of achieving excellence。”
Blue Xinyi,Do she actually feel like this??
She looked at my son,“Child,Mom is sure that there is nothing to understand.,Do you mean that I don’t think you are excellent??”
Blue sodes nodded:“Mother,you say,I am in the river,Is a very good little child star,it’s here,I have learned,啥,I have forgotten how to play.,Can only look at my movie a day every day。”
“Mom, your hand touches the conscience,Do you have it to prevail me??”
Blue Xin:“……”This mouth is getting more and more powerful.,She is swollen by her son.?
“husband,Son bully me。”Blue Xin is holding Lu Hao’s hand to ask poor。
Blue and blue:“……”He just wants to express his injustice,How can I become bullying??
Get up,I have never seen his mother so delicate。
Look at your father to talk,Blue and blue rushed:“Get up,I can’t see my mother.,You just put a fart just,The wind has blown。”
“But I still have to say a sentence.,I am now starting now.,No big brother tube,No parental tube,Only grandparents are used to,My day is very happy。”
“at last,I wish you a happy couple.,goodbye!”
NS2005chapter My father has a car accident.
Hang up the phone,Don’t leave anything at all。
Blue Xin:“……”Complete。
Lu Hao Cheng:“……”I really want to have this little child.。
Lu Haocheng looked at the beautiful people around,The face is infected with a layer of sadness,“Wife,Don’t put what he said is on the heart.,He is Xiaojun.,I am empty in my heart.,The mood is not good.。”
Blue Xin:“I knew。”
Lu Hao Cheng:“……”so,Just deliberately?
Wife son,How did he feel that he is bullied?!
It’s just that he has no evidence.。
“What did you eat??”Blue Xinyi,I can’t live in my heart, I am really true.,It’s also true,But she knows more about her son’s temper.。
The little child is like mirror。
“Just make a few small dishes,And the chicken soup you like,Let you make up your body,Wearing a dress can support it,Be more beautiful!”
Blue Xin looked at yourself,Her time is really getting fat up.。
Children are not around,She is not as busy as before.,It’s easy to get fat when I’m idle.。
Blue Xin silently looked at the chicken soup on the table,she,Never drink soup。
“Blue,You first drink bowl of chicken soup。”
Blue Xin:“……”
Blue Xin sit down,Silently put the chicken soup。
Lu Hao Cheng,Slight eyebrow,Know that her heart is careful。
Laugh:“Wife,you are not fat!”

“clear!”I know that I have been found in this case.,Long Tiri Jun can also cause attention to people’s attention。

“You immediately go to the special service headquarters,Let Bi Zhongliang and Wang Tianwu and others will strengthen search efforts!”
“Yes!I will go this.。”
After giving it,Look at the architecture of Jiugu Jun Fu:“You won’t be the legendary little nine.!”
NS574chapter It seems that http://www.crosh.cnI owe a lot of killing.
Although the bright building is abroad,Some of the domestic militors, he still knows,Another is that his level can also understand some freshly known things.。
He has heard that there is a small nine outside the eight major king Kong.,After this small nine special training, there is no file for the country to sacrifice the sacrifice.,The military also didn’t have such a person.,But someone has passed this little nine without death.,Instead, change the secret mission to perform the boss。
Minglou knows Zheng Yao first,Xu Baichuan,Xu Zhengyuan,Especially the old three Chu Mingguo, who is with the eight major kingmang is the truth,This little nine company has never seen it.,But he must have this person.,Especially the relationship with the old four and the old six is very good.。
I have seen the archive of the Minglou to find this long-lasting Chinese to have a lot of things.,But what he did did not harm the interests of the Chinese,Instead, there have been his shadows in many cases of Shanghai fall.。
The most doubtful thing is that the old six Zheng Yao first bomb,If no one secrets help,How can two people who are seriously injured? Leave Shanghai after hurting,I want to have this condition for a long time.,Because he has Huimin Pharmacy,Chen Jiaying is another doctor。
Minglou guesses that Longjiu Jun is also a small nine is also a honest,But with his ability, I have already thought that Long Tului is very likely to be my own.,If you don’t have something to explain。
From the afternoon,Qi Rui called, I heard that Xue Min has not awake,I have to give her first infusion to ensure her nutrient supply.,This is also possible to let her quickly recover。
In the morning of turning tomorrow,Xue Min finally woke up,The body is somewhat weak but can do to eat,The cold moon fed her a few small rice porridge。
Have some strength of Xue Min asked:“This is where?”
“This is the accommodation of killing God.,Is a small foreign building in the legal concession,very safe。”
“Is the mission completed??”
“finished,Tama Shanghai detachment is all killed,Deputy Team Chang Linxian two less than two trucks,Explosive power is very large,I heard that the devils in the whole backyard were killed.,The pharmaceutical factory is also covered by the fire.。”Cold moon said,
“Do you have any injured in addition to me??”
“no,Fortunately, the hydrothermal assassination group will take timely,We all have a safe evacuation,It is killing God to save you.,He saved your life。”
“He also medical skills?”
“Sense,Because he came to give you a liquid yesterday.,Also say you live,The bullet hits the heart at a point。”
“Is him a surgery for me??”Xue Min suddenly found that he did not ask his upper body.。
“Be right,Yesterday he also viewed your wound,I didn’t see any disrespect from his eyes.。”Cold moon said,
“Will he come today??”
“should be,Because you may still need infusion。”
“If this action, if there is no killing, we want to complete it.,Thanks to him.!”Xue Min expression is complicated,
“team leader,Not only is our mission, he lost him.,Your body can be flowing with his blood.,You have to thank him.。”
“He gives me blood.?”
“You have flowed a lot of blood,If you don’t have blood transfusion, you may not have it.。”
“It seems that I am indeed a lot of killing God.。”
“Eating something more。”
“Not eaten,I have no appetite.。”Xue Min looked down at his upper body.,Ask:“Don’t tell me that it is also whipped by him.!”
“Ha ha,把 紧 紧,It is Lingling to help you scrub,She and Ouyang Lank held you overnight.,Both people go to sleep.。”

It says on the note:“It’s not naive that beats you,Is naive,A cup of red bean milk tea,Thank you。”

If others see“Thank you”These two words may be full of question marks,But Gu Qiao thought of the begging Lu Ban the first time he saw it。
Thank you?
I haven’t given you the ticket yet!
The concert will not be confirmed until the show is finished,Yesterday Gu Qiao said that Lu Ban’s agent would pick it up,When the time comes, after confirming the specific time。
I haven’t got the ticket yet,This guy started to thank,Naive and hot。
What to buy?
Milk tea?
……Red Bean Milk Tea?
Gu Qiao smiled stiffly,To her assistant:“You can drink milk tea。”
The assistant was shocked:“it’s not good……”
Gu Qiao’s gaze drifted towards the figure not far away preparing to enter the set,Said:“You may not know,I never drink red bean milk tea。”
at this time,
Kong Xi followed Lu Ban’s back,Drink the iced red bean milk tea in your hand。
“You also like to drink red bean milk tea?”
Lu Ban didn’t expect Kong Xi to buy milk tea,This girl bought herself a cup too。
“of course。”Kong Xi straightened his back。

“What university four years?How long is four years?”Granny Bai gave him a sideways look,“You give me a snack too,Talk to him if you are okay,Go ask him what he did in school……If this kid is really nice,We can’t let it go!And I have to hurry up!I can’t wait!”

“I will handle it!”Professor Bai patted his chest,Vowed way。
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First730chapter Report(One more)
Shen Huan didn’t know that the old Bai family had no thoughts,He should treat dinner with ordinary etiquette。
Rested all night,Shen Huan came to the west campus of Huaguo Agricultural University。
The College of Agriculture and Biotechnology he attended is here。
The boy came here on foot,Because the straight line distance between Youzuo Hutong and the school is3.4Kilometer,I can’t walk around4Kilometer,It takes half an hour to walk。
The students are back to school these days,And the days when freshmen came to the school one after another to report,When he walked all the way,Saw many students,Under the leadership of parents,Carrying big and small bags,Enter the campus excitedly。
The campus only has these few days each year,To allow so many non-students to enter。
Among a large group of people,Shen Huan still looks very conspicuous。
Not because he is so handsome,But because Shen Huan is fully armed again。
What do you think,Between a group of students and parents,A teenager wearing a mask and sunglasses appeared,Is it weird?
If it’s not because it’s under the summer sun,Shen Huan is still willing to wear a hat。
Fortunately, when Shen Huan came in,,Quickly escaped the security,Otherwise, I have to be interrogated。

“Humph,Mo Xiaosheng,If you have a wife, you still grab someone else’s girlfriend,Damn!”Hao sneered one day,Then lie down on a chair,Yoyo Road:“Let’s go slowly,See who survived,Wait until I rob you of your market share,You have to kneel and beg me。”

Today’s Heyang People’s Hospital is extremely busy,Because it’s sleet these days,The road is extremely slippery,Caused several traffic accidents,The wounded and patients are exceptionally large。
Qiao Yiyi had three consecutive operations a day,After finishing the last one, it’s already past eight o’clock in the evening。
After changing clothes,Say hello to colleagues in the same department,She picked up her bag and went out,Just after leaving the department, I saw Zhong Fan in a handsome suit。
“Doctor Joe,You finally got off work,Can make me wait。”Zhong Fan smiled politely after seeing Qiao Yiyi。
“Doctor Zhong?What are you waiting for me?”Qiao Yiyi is a little puzzled。
“I heard you like to listen to concerts,My friend happened to get me two concert tickets,So I specially invite you to come with me。”Zhong Fanyu said warmly,Feels very comfortable。
Qiao Yiyi got her hair down,Shook his head,Refuse directly:“Sorry,My love waits for me to come home to eat,I won’t go。”
Although she knew Zhong Fan might be kind,But she is naturally defensive towards men,I don’t like being alone with men other than Mo Xiaosheng,Not even in public。
This may be related to the psychological shadow Li Junyi gave her at the last rough auction。
She nodded apologetically,Step on high heels and walk outside。
Zhong Fan clenched his fists tightly,Looking at Qiao Yiyi’s back,An anger rose in my eyes,No woman has ever refused his invitation。
“Doctor Joe,wait,I have something to show you。”