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“It’s an angel!”

Summer steps,Transient,The man is a flower in front of him.,Follow……There is a hand in front of you。
This hand is hierarchy his neck。
Next moment,He was thrown out,Like a dead dog, it is generally in a single front.。
Single double-eyed,Hurry,A pedal on the face of the man。
Men’s blood spurting,Half face is swollen。
“Treat enemies,When you are strike,When killing, kill,What are you hesitating?!”
Summer face suddenly cold,Shaping,When the field suddenly sounded 噼噼啪 响,And accompanied by a skeek。
More than a dozen hands,All are all bombarded。
Not yet landed,It has been violent and dead。
“If you follow me,This is what you often face.,Did you decide?!” Summer lifts the head,Darkly black scorpion flicker,Future singles could not be trembled。
Men who have been attacked by a feet,It’s even a frightened death.。
His screaming shouted。
I haven’t ignored him in the summer.,Double stars。
Single face is suddenly ugly。
After all, it is a semi-born child.,I can play people,He can also get to the hand。
Can be killing……
He does not go to hand。
“I want to think about it.。”
Summer came,The sound recovers gentle,“I hope you can be like an ordinary person.,Ping and peaceful life。”
This is the intention of summer.。
Although he is very optimistic,But I don’t want to pull a boy to the fire pit.……
Be right。
In his opinion,This road is a fire pit,I will not go in.。
Improving the face of the face,Summer turning,Slowly,Taken the man who shakes on the ground。
“What is your name??”
“Big brother,Rare,Forgive……Me,My name is Nice,Me,I me, I also have Chinese names.,My mother is Chinese people,I called Li Si……”
“You are Li Si.……”
Summer eyes mean long。
On the way to Baucheng,Single East has passed http://www.lir9.cnthe cause of things,Extremely detailed and told in the summer。
And this Lis,Is the source of this matter。

slowly,See here。

at this time,Wang Teng said again:“Duel me,I will leave immediately if you win。”
“I won,All this is mine。”
Wang Teng knows,Now words,I can only do this。
As for the result,Wang Teng doesn’t know。
But now look,Actually, I can only try it temporarily。
at this point,Actually in Wang Teng’s heart,I think it’s pretty good。
And looking here,Yang Gang is not convinced。
Even Yang Gang,Even more suffocated,Fight with Wang Teng。
“Humph,I am not convinced,I must let you know,Offend me,what exactly is it!”
When Yang Gang was talking directly here,The more I speak, the more excited I feel。
Even Yang Gang looks,This time,Don’t say anything for now。
Still think of a way first,Handle these things well,Is the most important。
And here,Yang Gang’s blow arrived suddenly,Feel,Like a tiger going down the mountain。
Now,Those from the Yang family saw here,I’m very excited。

Beautiful,I don’t want to have a tongue of my fees yesterday.……Wang Liu is also happy,Darkness to see the media that is not too big.,Told:

“Since it starts,That’s hot iron,Give him a fire,Go find a few media,Let them continue to dig the black materials of Guangyuan,Distribute the attention of the public。”
Pull the waters in Guangyuan,Attracted the fire of the public,Nobody staring at Hongxing again,Before you have to check out,It is estimated that it is calm down.,No longer mention this。
“clear。”Yang Kaiyi should。
Be talking about,Wang Zhixin hurriedly found,Emotional expression is very excited:“got it,I have been squatting for so long.,Xu Fei, this grandson finally leaked the horse.,The handle will be caught。”
Wang Liu’s eyes bright,Hurriedly:“Did you get it?,Where is the handle??”
“This is。”Wang Zhixin handed a photo。
Wang Flow has been rushing,Look down。 first slide,Xu Fei lifts the foot。
the second one,Xu Feilian kicks,One person kicking down on the ground,The ground is full of blood。
Third,Xu Fei left right,A pair of big hands openly in two young sisters,A big laugh,The picture is very unrestrained。
Three people,What will he play?……Wang traffic looks straight,Also faintly excited。
A person who is doing medical treatment,Can be a dragon live tiger,Also energetic flowers,What is the doctor??
Is it a kidney loss??
If this is to go out,I don’t believe that he is still not dead this time.。
Yang Kai is also coming over,Looking at the excitement while watching,I still have a face of envy and hate,Mouth:“What he is,This dog is really playing.。”
“How long does it take?。”Wang flows down the photo,Ambient:“Since the handle gets it,Then start to arrange the news.,Just let you find the media to continue to dig deeply,Just give these photos together to them,Let them take out things out,At that time, I still have to play.。”
“clear,I must arrange it properly。”Yang Kai smiled,Bite the teeth。
Chapter 94 How to forget her(Recommend)
Yujingwan Phase II opens,Just selling the floor in advance,So didn’t do any opening ceremony。
More than 8 o’clock in the morning,The king has come to the sales department with a company executive.,After all, we must grab the market with Guangyuan.,It is also a field hard battle,I have to stare at them.。
“Total Wang!”See him to enter,Xin Fu quickly greeted the sound and greeted。
A uniform wearing a body,Like a personal,Cold image before one change,More stocks,Plus the value of the present,Look, don’t have a taste。
Wang traffic can’t help but look more,Laugh,road:“Good morning,There are also a few days in the job.,how do you feel?”
“not bad,Good adapt。”Xin Rui smiles。
“What is it is not bad?,It’s like a fish.,Three days to work,Sold a seven sets of rooms,So selling again,A few sets of rooms in the first phase,Not enough for her one person。”Yang Kai’s prevailing。
“Yes?That’s really good,sharp。”The king smiles。
Selling a house is not selling vegetables,Under the eyes, it is not a housing price.,The house grabbed the description of the description,I just had negative news to explode.,Even if so, you can sell seven sets in three days.,On average, at least two sets,The performance is very outstanding.。
Xin Rui smiled slightly,Look at the expression,It’s a little embarrassing that is boasting.。
Wang Future:“How is her performance??”
Yang Kai Road:“Have not bad,Phase I is close to the liquidation,Next focus,It is the second phase selling.。”
Wang traffic nodded,The situation is much better than expected,Previously discredited,Although he timely check-out promise,But I didn’t dare to pay attention.,Always beware of check-out tide,Subsequent and anti-black,These days have exploded a lot of hardware,Transfer the public’s attention。

Follow……One of her holes,A fist is extremely magnified with a cold wind。

boom!Her body shape fly out,Hey, no sound,On the spot violent。
NS827chapter People in Qingcheng Mountain, I don’t kill again.
In Du’s brothers,Whether it is Su Ling mother,Still following the summer,There is only one end in today.。 That is dead。
Even Du Wen,Although he pays attention to summer,But only this。
But he didn’t expect,Just when two masters,Summer exposed 狰狞 獠 獠。
Speed fast,Let them don’t see how the summer is,Two masters were crushed。
Start with your hands,It is even more than everyone.,A button,Direct Zhang Yi。
Since the speed is too fast,Three people fell almost simultaneously on the ground。
The expression on their face is almost the same,Face is awkward and horrified,Pupil。
Murder,Cleanliness,No one is hesitant。
Du Wenhe Duwu,And three masters surrounded by middle-aged women,All stunned,Face is extremely transformed。
I can’t say a warning,Even if you don’t want to think,Because the summer is not stopped at all。
His figure is like a ghost that has disappeared again.。
“Keathock!” It is also connected to three crispies,The three masters around middle-aged women,Just feel that the front of your eyes,I feel that the throat is tight.,Immediately in front of you。
Their throat breaks sound almost the same time.。
All this happens in an instant,It’s almost a blink of an eye.。
Five masters are full of violent,There are only Du Wen and Du Wu brothers who have stood on the ground.。
Du Wen Du Wu brothers two faces have difficulties,More fear。
They stare at the summer,But it’s not a dare to move。
They can perceive the heavens,I am trying to lock if I am an invisible gas machine.,As long as one moves,It will be thunderous。
Su Ling is red,With a crying chamber, I have a middle-aged woman.。
Just at this time,Du Wen and Duwu are looking at each other,Since this life, although quickly。
The speed they rushed out quickly,Come back faster,Only listen to two sounds,At the same time, I fly later.,Heavy 上。
“you……Who are you!”
Du Wen to the mouth of mouth,Hold the pain,It’s frightening in my eyes.。
Summer did not answer,I didn’t even look at them.,Instead, she is looking to Su Ling mother.,“How to deal with these two people,Do you need my help。”
This sentence,Sueling is a middle-aged woman,Look。
“Thank you。”
The eyes of middle-aged women are full of different,Immediately hate,“Can you abolish them first?,I have to kill them personally.。”

But the kind of brothers who have experienced life and death。

“correct,And one more thing。”
Wantonglang,“Three days later,All new core disciples,All go to the Great Wushu Collection。”
Narrate,Everyone’s eyes are immediately bright。
Next,Everyone talks while eating。
“I will take this task.,I think it is also to gather together.,We are all associated with different main peaks,Although it is easy to meet,But there is no time to have time。”
“Yes,So everyone is not drunk today.。”
“Yeah,Don’t use Yuan Li to force the wine。”
Scene becomes more lively and hustle。
They gather here,But I don’t know,This picking star building brings together a light。
Twelve Alliance Dear Large Ginger,And twelve people,Also include the high level of the hanging river assembly。
also,There are many military people in the city,After getting a message,Also come to pick up。
There is no other meaning,Many people are holding a lively mentality,Or want to witness the future。
When the summer is all until the late night, this party is ended.,Still seeing pick-up stars to hold the guest。
“Wang Hao has become。”
The big ginger of the Daxion is returned to the mind.,The face is revealed with an extremely rare color of joy.。
“Twelve union,It is also completely stable。”
NS3291chapter Polar Wushu
Three days later,Summer leave,Rush to the Polaroid Commerce。
Prepare the transfer of the Chamber of Commerce,Direct to the Temple of the Temple。
Zhou Shan’s four practice,Don’t need him to worry。
Since it is a special four precious quota,The Twelve Alliance will naturally put all the do a proper。
to be honest,Just like them。
Will all special places this time,Send to the flow of flow。
Everyone has the opportunity to enter the god map,And the spirit of Ling Sea is personally guided。
For Zhou Shan and others,Absolutely an extremely rare opportunity and resource。
Zhou Shan has been a lot of Wugong,Breakthrough in the Wuwangkawa in one fell swoop。
After coming to the Empower Chamber of Commerce,Not encountered blocking,I personally greeted by a chamber of charge.。
This is the advantages and privileges of core disciples.。
Wear Tenglong logo in the neck,It’s enough to make the summer in most places.。
Wearing heavy temple,Come to the Chamber of Commerce to go deep into a hall,Summer is unexpected,Yunyang actually。
“Small cloud,Why didn’t you go?。”
Summer warning。
Yunyang cool cheek mouth is shaking,Summer eye,“My name is Yunyang。”
“Ha ha。”

Wei Men took a breath and said,Three full years。Once we were surrounded by police,This is Xia Fei leading the team,I give her a sum of money,Let her make way for me,But this woman just refused。The result was a rush,My leg got hurt,I also broke a few brothers“

“Oh!It turned out to be such a thing“Xia Jian deliberately said in surprise。
Wei Liu took a breath and said:“What we do is walking on the tip of a knife,This leg is useless!I also recognize。I didn’t expect this Xia Fei would not let me go,He has been chasing me for two years。Last year!Her legs are also broken,It’s even!“
“If it’s even,So why are you still arresting Xia Fei today?,In case she resists,Are you also very dangerous“Xia Jian said deliberately。
Wei Liu laughed and said:“Where do we eat,Far away,Is very safe。When I saw Xia Fei walking, there seemed to be nothing wrong,I’m not balanced。Even if you don’t kill her,Sleeping with her can be regarded as the bad breath in my heart“Wei Liu said viciously。
First1725chapter Break from the inside
? From the conversation with Wei Liu,Xia Jian knew the ins and outs of this incident。For people like Wei Liu,Xia Jian didn’t dare to speak much in front of him,In case he turns his face,Isn’t that what you have done before you give up。
At this time,One of Wei Liu’s horses came in carrying a big plastic bag。He whispered to Wei Liu:“Six brothers,This is four boxes of fried flour”
“Damn it,Let me eat this,This Chen Ergou is too fucking a thing。I, Wei Liu, did not give him less benefit,What a snob。”Wei Liu couldn’t help but curse。
Xia Jian took this opportunity to stand up,He took out a box from the plastic bag and put it on the coffee table,Then mention the remaining three boxes of rice noodles,Smiled slightly:“Six brothers rest early,Get up early tomorrow,It’s best to walk on the road outside。You can let go of your steps and exercise,You can also breathe some fresh air here”
“it is good!you should also rest earlier。But you have to relax,Should we continue treatment in the morning??”Wei Liu said,And laughed loudly。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“I am a doctor,Naturally know how to care for your body。Isn’t there a word?No land damaged,Only exhausted cows,I’m not a tired cow”
Xia Jian’s words made Wei Liu burst into tears,He smiled and said:“Classic!Long stream,Long stream”
“Tomorrow at half past eight,You make people good wormwood,Lying in bed and waiting for me”Xia Jian finished,One turn,Carrying a few boxes of rice noodles upstairs。
Wei Liu watched Xia Jian disappear from the back,Whispered in his mouth:“This person is too mysterious,What does he do?”Wei Liu’s words seem to be for himself,It seems to be for Ma Zai next to me,But Ma Tsai didn’t say a word。
Chen Jing and Xia Fei saw that Xia Jian came in with a plastic bag,The two of them looked surprised。Xia Jian gently closed the door,Then locked。Only then said with a smile:“Ordered a supper,Didn’t we all have dinner at night??”
“I’m not hungry,No appetite at all。This matter,Involved both of you”Xia Fei said worriedly。
Chen Jing snorted coldly:“at this time,Stop talking nonsense like this。I believe in Xia Jian,He has a way to take us out”

This kind of thing seems to be very magical and fantasy.。

In fact, it is like that。
This is equivalent to a very powerful abilities,There is a jade。
http://www.hackersha.cnCertainty,How to get,So far, no one can crack。
Summer fast back,Convert direction, Leave a debris on the ground。
That is only changing with the giant snake formed by the abilities.,Finally, I still bombard it on the ground.,As if the bomb is generally exploded,Ground blows a huge pothole。
A group of mushrooms rising。
East-Eastern Phase is flashing in the color……Just next moment,The expression on the face is solidified.。
Wolf cigarette,Summer is slowly coming out。
He gaze each other,“Do you want to kill me with a Xuanmen??”
Dong Xuan’s face is cloudy,The heart is extremely shocked,“Hum,Calculate you,I see how long you can see.。”
After drinking,Holding a long sword。
Summer is always moving,Look down on。
But he suddenly rises an extremely difficult momentum.,A pair of scorpions become empty。
A black and white two different colors are shrouded,I turned into a fog in an instant.。
Hool。 Almost simultaneously,This momentum spreads outwards。
Potential field!
East Xuan’s head on the way。
I don’t know if it is good.。
At this moment, he saw that the whole person in summer seems tall, no number.,Give him an extremely weird feeling。
It seems that it is not a person.,But an uncomfortable giant mountain,Bring him extremely powerful oppression。
What is this?……
His hearts。
Knife light flash。
Summer development potential field,Step forward。
The snake knife issued an extremely harsh sharp sound under his waving.。
That is because the speed is too fast.。
The blanket sounds like cutting the air。
A thorn knife is like a roaring silver dragon.。

Wan Chen murmured and nodded,Then suddenly I remembered something,Chong Tieqiang ordered:“From tonight,I double the number of people to protect!Do not,double!”

“Yes!”Tie Qiang quickly nodded and agreed,I feel that Wan Chen is a little fussy,After all, they are all professional special forces background,Extraordinary skill,There are already six people,Can completely protect his safety,Send twelve more,But it made him feel a bit insulted。
“dad,Let’s go to the company for a meeting。”Wan Xiaoyue, who has not dared to speak, reminded him。
Wan Chen nodded,Then I changed clothes and went to the company for a meeting。
By the way, Mo Xiaosheng took turns with Qiao Yiyi after Ye Bing left.,It’s dark after he gets up,He had a big bowl of beef noodles,Then set off towards Wanjia without hurries。
Li Zhen asked to be with him,But he refused,Because it is totally unnecessary,He alone is enough。
As long as there is no police intervention,Everything is easy。
Ten fifty in the evening,Wan Chen ended the last meeting,Then rushed home under the escort of Tie Qiang and others。
“how about it,There is no movement at Moxin Medical Center, right??”Wan Chen frowned and asked。
Just in case,When he left home in the morning, Tie Qiang sent someone to stare at Mo Xin Medical Center.,It’s a pity that Mo Xin Medical Center’s skills are not what his subordinates can stare at。
“Nothing happened,What can happen,Closed for a day。”Tie Qiang sneered,Said,“That stupid sister is dying,What can he do?”
“Deserve it!”
Wan Chen sneered,Although it didn’t hurt Mo Xiaosheng and his wife,,But almost killed Mo Xiaosheng’s sister,It’s a breath of bad breath。
“boss,I guess that old man deliberately said big words to scare you,Just want to cheat money,Actually that kid is not as good as you said,I heard from the police station,The security guard who died was stabbed to death with a knife!What kind of spine was kicked off,Nonsense!”
Tie Qiang coldly hummed,He just got the exact news this afternoon,The person who said Sanyuanhua died of a knife wound,Don’t know this“Exact news”It’s the Military Intelligence Department to allow the police to cover up Mo Xiaosheng’s ability,Deliberately spread out。

He followed Qiao Yiyi into the spacious ward inside,I saw Luo Yilin, who was lying on the hospital bed with a pale face.,Sunken eye socket,A bluish-purple around,Obviously Luo Yilin has also been tortured these few days。

Because Dou Xinyi tried a needle for her last night,So Luo Yilin is in good health at this time,Mo Xiaosheng walked gently to her,Reached out and tried on her wrist,See her pulse is relatively stable,I was relieved,Reached out and gently helped her pull the hair from her ear aside,Full of love。
He is grateful to Luo Yilin for being able to survive till now,I am also glad that I found the virus host in time,Do your best,Finally didn’t let her leave her!
“Let her rest for a while,We won’t disturb her!”
Mo Xiaosheng watched Luo Yilin intently,Then called Qiao Yiyi out,Said to Qiao Yiyi,“Have you had lunch yet,I take you to eat something!”
“No need to,Brother Ming bought it!”
Qiao Yiyi shook his head gently,“If we go,After a while, he won’t find anyone!”
Qiao Yiyi pulled Mo Xiaosheng and sat down on the bench beside him,Put your head lightly on Mo Xiaosheng’s shoulders,Holding Mo Xiaosheng’s hand tightly,Full of happiness。
The return of Mo Xiaosheng,Makes everything that was originally gray bright again,Life for her,Filled with hope again。
“Yiyi,Why was Mr. Mo here last night??”
Mo Xiaosheng remembered that the Dark Sting Brigade and the Lacerta Brigade dispatched to help him last night.,Still secretly shocked,I don’t understand how Father Mo knew about this。
“correct,Thanks to Mr. Mo for what happened last night,Wait until Yilin is ready,You have to come to thank you,If it wasn’t for Mr. Mo,,Yelin and I were taken away by the Epidemic Prevention Bureau last night!”
Qiao Yiyi hurriedly sat up straight,Tell Mo Xiaosheng what happened last night。
Mo Xiaosheng’s face changed slightly after hearing this,Frowned:“There is still this thing,So to say,I really have to thank Mr. Mo!”
Remembering the words that Mr. Mo cared about him on the phone yesterday,Mo Xiaosheng unexpectedly felt a trace of long-lost love,A kind of love that can only be felt from his mother’s care。

The interview is finally over,Wang Yufei、Lu Yuxin and Guo Xiaoyi declined the invitation to eat with the adults。

Tired day,Wang Yufei and Lu Yuxin think it’s easier to eat alone。
Guo Xiaoyi naturally chose to be a light bulb with her brother and sister-in-law。
After all, there is a generation gap in grades,Accompany the school leaders to dinner with the crew,Everyone is tired。
“What do you think of my performance today?”On the way home,Wang Yufei asked。
“of course,brother,You are so cool!”Guo Xiaoyi with the fastest mouth said immediately。
Wang Yufei looks at Lu Yuxin。
“Ok,pretty good!Especially in the last paragraph!Can indeed show the courage to smash the table when nothing is wrong。”
Lu Yuxin commented。
“Unfortunately, I don’t know if it can be broadcast。In fact, those are really what I want to say to the President Yang Chengze。He didn’t know if he would be emotional after seeing it。Just judge from the tone of the phone,Really a person with no emotions。”
Wang Yufei shrugged and said。
“This is not something we can decide。All right,Don’t worry about so much,Do our business well!The equipment you ordered me to arrive soon,I will be busy for a while。”Lu Yuxin said with a gentle smile。
“brother,sister in law,What are you going to do next?Any big plans?”
Guo Xiaoyi, who walked by the two of them, asked bitterly。
Although Wang Yufei and Lu Yuxin have not gone to the capital to report,But the little girl still feels that she is getting farther and farther away from them,Mainly thinking。