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Wan Chen murmured and nodded,Then suddenly I remembered something,Chong Tieqiang ordered:“From tonight,I double the number of people to protect!Do not,double!”

“Yes!”Tie Qiang quickly nodded and agreed,I feel that Wan Chen is a little fussy,After all, they are all professional special forces background,Extraordinary skill,There are already six people,Can completely protect his safety,Send twelve more,But it made him feel a bit insulted。
“dad,Let’s go to the company for a meeting。”Wan Xiaoyue, who has not dared to speak, reminded him。
Wan Chen nodded,Then I changed clothes and went to the company for a meeting。
By the way, Mo Xiaosheng took turns with Qiao Yiyi after Ye Bing left.,It’s dark after he gets up,He had a big bowl of beef noodles,Then set off towards Wanjia without hurries。
Li Zhen asked to be with him,But he refused,Because it is totally unnecessary,He alone is enough。
As long as there is no police intervention,Everything is easy。
Ten fifty in the evening,Wan Chen ended the last meeting,Then rushed home under the escort of Tie Qiang and others。
“how about it,There is no movement at Moxin Medical Center, right??”Wan Chen frowned and asked。
Just in case,When he left home in the morning, Tie Qiang sent someone to stare at Mo Xin Medical Center.,It’s a pity that Mo Xin Medical Center’s skills are not what his subordinates can stare at。
“Nothing happened,What can happen,Closed for a day。”Tie Qiang sneered,Said,“That stupid sister is dying,What can he do?”
“Deserve it!”
Wan Chen sneered,Although it didn’t hurt Mo Xiaosheng and his wife,,But almost killed Mo Xiaosheng’s sister,It’s a breath of bad breath。
“boss,I guess that old man deliberately said big words to scare you,Just want to cheat money,Actually that kid is not as good as you said,I heard from the police station,The security guard who died was stabbed to death with a knife!What kind of spine was kicked off,Nonsense!”
Tie Qiang coldly hummed,He just got the exact news this afternoon,The person who said Sanyuanhua died of a knife wound,Don’t know this“Exact news”It’s the Military Intelligence Department to allow the police to cover up Mo Xiaosheng’s ability,Deliberately spread out。

He followed Qiao Yiyi into the spacious ward inside,I saw Luo Yilin, who was lying on the hospital bed with a pale face.,Sunken eye socket,A bluish-purple around,Obviously Luo Yilin has also been tortured these few days。

Because Dou Xinyi tried a needle for her last night,So Luo Yilin is in good health at this time,Mo Xiaosheng walked gently to her,Reached out and tried on her wrist,See her pulse is relatively stable,I was relieved,Reached out and gently helped her pull the hair from her ear aside,Full of love。
He is grateful to Luo Yilin for being able to survive till now,I am also glad that I found the virus host in time,Do your best,Finally didn’t let her leave her!
“Let her rest for a while,We won’t disturb her!”
Mo Xiaosheng watched Luo Yilin intently,Then called Qiao Yiyi out,Said to Qiao Yiyi,“Have you had lunch yet,I take you to eat something!”
“No need to,Brother Ming bought it!”
Qiao Yiyi shook his head gently,“If we go,After a while, he won’t find anyone!”
Qiao Yiyi pulled Mo Xiaosheng and sat down on the bench beside him,Put your head lightly on Mo Xiaosheng’s shoulders,Holding Mo Xiaosheng’s hand tightly,Full of happiness。
The return of Mo Xiaosheng,Makes everything that was originally gray bright again,Life for her,Filled with hope again。
“Yiyi,Why was Mr. Mo here last night??”
Mo Xiaosheng remembered that the Dark Sting Brigade and the Lacerta Brigade dispatched to help him last night.,Still secretly shocked,I don’t understand how Father Mo knew about this。
“correct,Thanks to Mr. Mo for what happened last night,Wait until Yilin is ready,You have to come to thank you,If it wasn’t for Mr. Mo,,Yelin and I were taken away by the Epidemic Prevention Bureau last night!”
Qiao Yiyi hurriedly sat up straight,Tell Mo Xiaosheng what happened last night。
Mo Xiaosheng’s face changed slightly after hearing this,Frowned:“There is still this thing,So to say,I really have to thank Mr. Mo!”
Remembering the words that Mr. Mo cared about him on the phone yesterday,Mo Xiaosheng unexpectedly felt a trace of long-lost love,A kind of love that can only be felt from his mother’s care。

The interview is finally over,Wang Yufei、Lu Yuxin and Guo Xiaoyi declined the invitation to eat with the adults。

Tired day,Wang Yufei and Lu Yuxin think it’s easier to eat alone。
Guo Xiaoyi naturally chose to be a light bulb with her brother and sister-in-law。
After all, there is a generation gap in grades,Accompany the school leaders to dinner with the crew,Everyone is tired。
“What do you think of my performance today?”On the way home,Wang Yufei asked。
“of course,brother,You are so cool!”Guo Xiaoyi with the fastest mouth said immediately。
Wang Yufei looks at Lu Yuxin。
“Ok,pretty good!Especially in the last paragraph!Can indeed show the courage to smash the table when nothing is wrong。”
Lu Yuxin commented。
“Unfortunately, I don’t know if it can be broadcast。In fact, those are really what I want to say to the President Yang Chengze。He didn’t know if he would be emotional after seeing it。Just judge from the tone of the phone,Really a person with no emotions。”
Wang Yufei shrugged and said。
“This is not something we can decide。All right,Don’t worry about so much,Do our business well!The equipment you ordered me to arrive soon,I will be busy for a while。”Lu Yuxin said with a gentle smile。
“brother,sister in law,What are you going to do next?Any big plans?”
Guo Xiaoyi, who walked by the two of them, asked bitterly。
Although Wang Yufei and Lu Yuxin have not gone to the capital to report,But the little girl still feels that she is getting farther and farther away from them,Mainly thinking。

“I……I don’t work in any hospital,I opened a small medical clinic by myself。”Mo Xiaosheng answered truthfully。

“That bother you,Please go back to your seat,Just have this Doctor Bian here。”The captain stretched out his hand with a smile,It indicates that Mo Xiaosheng is no longer needed here。
First0214Chapter rescued on the plane
“captain,Just now this gentleman helped many people in the economy class,Everyone praised the doctor for his good hands,I think I should let him take a look。”
At this time, the first-class flight attendant hurriedly recommended Mo Xiaosheng to the captain,She hates Bian Yang from the bottom of her heart.,Egoist。
“no need,Mr. Bian is enough。”
Captain waved,I didn’t pay attention to Mo Xiaosheng。
Mo Xiaosheng smiled helplessly,Didn’t say anything more,Turned back to economy class。
Although it is the bounden duty of a doctor to treat diseases and save others,But since they don’t want to heal themselves,He doesn’t need to rush to help。
The first-class flight attendant glanced at Mo Xiaosheng’s back,Opened his mouth,But in the end it didn’t say anything。
Mo Xiaosheng looked at the time after returning to his seat,It’s too early to see the capital,So I decided to take a nap。
Who knows when he was just about to fall asleep,The first-class flight attendant suddenly rushed over,Patted his shoulder lightly,Eagerly:“Mr. Mo,Sir,Oh no,The old man in first class is in critical condition,Please help me to take a look。”
Mo Xiaosheng woke up suddenly,Hurriedly got up and followed her to the first class。
I saw the face of the old woman who was sick just now was slightly purple,Stiff body,There is no air intake。
The captain and Bian Yang on the side also turned pale in fright,No blood。

Big inside,The decoration is also stylish,More than enough to host large variety shows。

Of course these are all clouds for both。
Including those guests who are generally only seen on TV。
But now Wang Yufei has begun to try to contact these celebrities with a less detached mentality,When Lu Yuxin doesn’t like to greet strangers,He said the right words for a long time,How much can make people feel good。
of course,Wang Yufei and Lu Yuxin are also well-known。
Especially when the show was changed to live broadcast because of the two,In the case of adding the kicking session,Many people feel very curious about them。
Of course, curiosity is not always friendly,For example, someone specially came to Wang Yufei and Lu Yuxin,Tell them bluntly in Mandarin:“You are not humble。”
“Ok?”Wang Yufei looked at the guy in front of him inexplicably,Seems to be a member of the international team?
“I read the rules of kicking,I think no one can do this,Then the problem is coming,The director said this is the rule you proposed,And you will be kickers。It makes me think you are not humble。”
For this question,Lu Yuxin would ignore it as usual,I have looked away。
“Ok,Are you?”Wang Yufei can only be responsible for international exchanges。
“My name is paul·Maxwell,From Anglo Cambridge University。”
“Oh,Then paul,I may indeed be an unmodest person。”
Wang Yufei saw it in a book,The English are probably the most stubborn humans in the world,And arguing with stubborn people never ends well,It’s better to directly agree with all his views。
This is a required course in philosophy of life,The effect is also perfect,When this classmate Paul was still in a daze,Wang Yufei has taken Lu Yuxin to the host Jiang Jianming,Then naturally took out the paper and pen that was already prepared,Handed it over with humility:“Teacher Jiang,My sister is your fan,I learned that I can burn my brain and I have told me repeatedly to get your signature。”
One say one,Guo Xiaoyi is serious about chasing stars。
Since being distorted by Wang Yufei, the little girl’s idol view,Guo Xiaoyi really started to regard Jiang Jianming as an idol。
Not only collecting the original video of the host on the Internet,A poster of the host in Burning Brain was specially printed and posted in front of the bed.。
But obviously this rhetoric surprised Jiang Jianming:“Your sister is my fan?”

Five million years of soul bone will definitely improve his cultivation,After he becomes the soul sect,May be able to step directly into the middle and late stages of the soul sect stage。Sixth book

In the empty silver dragon fort,
Gu Yuena quietly looked into the distance,Feel this peaceful time。
Zhao Ming is resting on her long, round and straight legs,Feel the touch of Gu Yuena’s big beautiful legs。
“Na’er is so beautiful。”Smell the fragrance radiating from Gu Yuena,Zhao Ming smiled。Gu Yuena as a peerless beauty in Douluo Continent,Naturally they also have a pair of beautiful long legs。
Gu Yuena’s long legs are round and slender,No worse than any woman he has ever seen。
“Not pretty,You won’t like it either。”Gu Yuena smiled,For their looks,She has absolute confidence。
“how is this possible?Am I the kind of person who judges people by appearance?I don’t love your body,But your soul。”Zhao Ming smiled awkwardly。
Gu Yuena raised her beautiful eyes,Zhao Ming gave Zhao Ming an angry look。
“Naer,you are so pretty,Legs so long,If you wear a short skirt, it will look great。”Zhao Ming smiled,The back of the head continued to change position and continued to rest on Gu Yuena’s leg。
“Am I not pretty now??”Listen to what Zhao Ming said,A blush appeared on Gu Yuena’s face。
“of course not,in my heart,No matter what you look like,All pretty。”Zhao Ming stood up,Holding Gu Yuena’s little hand,Said softly。
Although he really wants to see Gu Yuena in a short skirt。
but,Now this cold and dignified Gu Yuena,He also likes。
Such a beautiful baby Naer,What to wear。
“Ok。”Listen to Zhao Ming’s sweet words,Gu Yuena feels a little warm。
“Naer,I’ve been to Star Dou for almost half a month, right。”Zhao Ming looked at the beautiful Gu Yuena,Sighed。He has been here for so long,I still have to go back。
Although she is with Gu Yuena every day,But he is not happy,Because thinking about his Zhuqing baby them,I’m afraid it’s sad now,He won’t be happy。
“Are you leaving?”Gu Yuena looked at Zhao Ming with beautiful eyes,Somewhat lost。

Yu Sheng stood aside,Watching the surveillance live broadcast at the door,“Two girls,The youngest is a boy。It is clear。”

Baby Ou is too attentive,Didn’t understand for a while,“Obvious what?”
“.”Yu Sheng and the assistant beside him looked at each other,Cough,“Obviously had three children,To want a boy。”
Baby Ou understands now,Silently glanced at the sound,“What age is this.”She had heard this patriarchal theory when she was a child,But Baby Ou has never cared about it,Because in her living environment,It’s really equal between men and women,Even good women are in proportion,More men。
Regarding the inequality of men and women,What Baby Ou can feel,Many times,In various social environments,Humanistic context,Women may face more problems than men,But this does not mean that men are easier to live than women。but,Baby Ou still thinks,most of the time,Good time,Easy not easy,It still depends on personal ability,Social status and character。These are not very relevant to whether they are male or female。
And absolute fairness and equality,Obviously impossible。Men and women are originally different。Physiologically different。
But,Ou Baobao from the TV series,Can also see a problem。
In the domestic environment,And the surrounding countries radiated by the Chinese civilization,Women’s overall status,Public opinion environment,It’s really much worse。She saw it several times in meetingsrcountryhcountry,Serving tea,Are all young and beautiful girls。She even heard someone say,These girls do this kind of work.
But this is a workplace problem。
Like this employee’s house,I gave birth to three children to have a son,Baby Ou thinks,Should be,They are pure family hobbies, right?。
after all,Their home also looks,There seems to be a huge amount of property that needs many children to inherit。
Yu Sheng thought for a while,Talking like a small talk,“My grandpa’s time,The production team has a bit of food,No food without work,Have to be hungry。And the man is strong,A lot of able work,There are naturally more centimeters than women’s。that time,Everyone wants to have a baby boy,Those who don’t have a boy have to starve to death。This is not a simple old idea,This is forced by reality。This reality,Add in the old thought of having a boy,Mixed together,Really,It created a deep-rooted desire to have a boy for generations。”
This is the first time Baby Ou heard people talk about such a long history,There are not too many descriptions of that era in film and television dramas,Most of them are tragedies,But when mom watched with her,But said,People of that era,Especially ambitious,A bite of rice,penny,Can make life full of sunshine。Mom told her to look at these past。But in reality,I haven’t had a chance to touch these past。

Although Du Jueming didn’t feel a trace of malice in her,But I still make up my mind to minimize contact,After all, this person has a weird feeling,just like.Familiar with him?

Wuliang Mountain,Du Jueming started his search for mountains again.
Even if I returned to Lin’an,There may not be any tasks to do,Even after receiving the task,It may not be completed normally,Even if the task is completed normally,There may not be any good rewards。
He didn’t want to verify whether Xu Xuxu’s words were true or not,Just purely interested in Duan Yu,Ok,That’s it。
Seeing that one day is almost past,Du Jueming still got nothing。
Wooden method,Had to return to Dali City first,Sleep for a night and then continue searching。
After arranging the characters to automatically practice Beiming Shen Gong,Du Jueming chose offline activities。
Standing on the balcony,Arm on the railing,Du Jueming looked at the scenery outside,Can’t help but sigh。
He doesn’t know why,Since I saw the mysterious girl Xu Xuxu today,There is always some weird feeling in my heart。
Amin.No one has called him that since he was young,But today the girl is called extraordinarily natural,It’s like calling it many times。
Du Jueming shook his head,Leave those unrealistic ideas behind,Pick up the phone,Dangling downstairs to eat。
Early next morning,Du Jueming woke up from the inn,Take a look at the proficiency of Beiming Shen Gong,The progress of the rise in one night is about the same as the proficiency of the few times that Yue Canglong has been sucked.,Sighed secretly:
“Ugh,Beiming Shen Gong is indeed strong,Even this proficiency is too much,It’s hard to practice。”
After casually eating some inn food,Du Jueming once again stepped into Wuliang Mountain,But never thought.
Not long after entering Wuliang Mountain,I haven’t walked to the place where I met Xu Xuxu before,I saw a figure walking slowly on the mountain road。

Natsumi opens an office,Gan Yifan followed in。

“Fill out this form。”
Gan Yifan said:“I want to learn from you。”
“You fill out the form first。”
“How much does it cost to learn boxing from you?”Gan Yifan has his persistence。
Xia Mei has never met such a student,Can’t help but feel a little troubled,Think about it:“Say so,I can’t teach you,But you are in poor health now,Without any foundation,I don’t have more time to teach you。My suggestion to you is to improve the overall quality first,Lay the foundation,During this time, you can learn basic boxing and kicks from Coach Wu,I will teach you when I think you can。”
If you change someone, you can hear it,This is Xia Mei’s dodge,But Gan Yifan can’t tell,He said yes,Then asked:“How much does it cost to learn boxing from coach Wu for a month?”
“Only study for a month?”
“One month is enough。”
Natsumi didn’t understand what the boy meant,But didn’t think much,Said:“One hundred of his private lessons,Every week,Each session is also an hour,You pay one thousand two in one month。”
The teenager pays quickly,Filled out two forms,He carried his big bag and said to Xia Mei:“Coach Xia,I go first,One month later you teach me。”
The teenager smiled after talking,Very confident look。
Xia Mei watched the boy go out,Can’t help but smile,It turns out that one month is like this,I feel that teenagers have a unique temperament,Will make people believe what he says。

“You are not stupid,I’m stupid,Ha ha。”

Qin Liang didn’t stand up to Liu Xiaoyun,Because in front of so many people,He wants to protect Liu Xiaoyun’s face,Can’t keep her from coming to stage,Not to let her expose her uneducated shortcomings to everyone!This is where Qin Liang is careful。
Naturally, Yang Shiyun and Mei Zi would not be against Liu Xiaoyun,Even Qin Liang can think of protecting Liu Xiaoyun’s face,Yang Shiyun and Meizi can naturally think of it better。
It doesn’t matter whether the fish will be called,Liu Xiaoyun’s face and self-esteem are the most important。
“Boss,You continue to play here,Some of us have to continue our guard mission,I won’t disturb you for now。”
Those few people began to say goodbye to Qin Liang and the others。
“Yep,You guys go busy,I’m sorry,I have delayed your mission。”
Qin Liang also said something polite to those people,then;“Wolves”gone。
“This is a big joke!Almost killed,Wait for me to go home and tell Xiaoxue,Guarantee she can die of laughter。”
Liu Xiaoyun said with a wry smile。
“Tell her,You will regret it after you finish talking,Because Xiaoxue will entangle you,I bet with you。”
Qin Liang said with a smile。
“Why she entangled me?Why she bothered me?”
Liu Xiaoyun asked strangely。
“She entangled you because;You clearly told her that she was out on the escort mission,In the end, you came to this beautiful place for a long time and didn’t ask her to come with you.。”