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“alright,Let me ask。”Shen Huan finally nodded。

“okay!”Cui Zhong Daxi,“do not worry,We will not treat Teacher Su Mo badly in terms of treatment!”
“Let’s talk less about money,Brother Mo is not a greedy person,Words of promise,It can’t be for money。”Shen Huan quickly stopped him。
But not everyone likes money like widows。
Especially Su Mo, a superstar with a little bit of morality,You take money to hit him,Purely insulting him。
But if you use money to hit me,That’s different。
Only one sentence:“Please use money to kill me!”
After all, the good master is a bottomless pit,Money for everything。
Plus my wives in the future,My children,Don’t give them some living expenses,Is I still a successful rebirth?!?
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First354chapter Injured woman
After Lei Daxuan wakes up,Recover quickly。
Only a few days,He can slowly walk on the corridor of the ward floor by himself,Walking slowly。
According to this Taishi,He will definitely be discharged at the end of this month。
But as I recover better and better,Lei Daxuan’s stubbornness is getting escalated。
First point first,He is determined to wait for himself to participate in the recording of the album,To collect the money for selling the album。
if not,The Returning Band can now also record,Got money anyway,He won’t want it。

Because he is good at making comedies,Best joke、The most hilarious joke,Only domestic people can understand。

As early as ten years ago,After several domestic best-selling movies went to foreign box offices,,Zhang Huawei stopped that idea,Concentrate on domestic operations。
and so,《Thai 囧》Want to pay back by relying solely on the domestic box office,That’s almost an impossible task。
But Yang Feng doesn’t care about this。
What he thought of was3Zheng Rongrong years ago。
Zheng Rongrong was not known at that time《love letter》,Dare to smash in the country in one breath3Billions of publicity expenses。
Love letter at that time
The story category is a literary film。
Director Zhu Mei,Second-line art director
Screenwriter Chu Liuxiang,Never heard of it。
Starring Han Donger、Chen Qian、Guo Hang and Shen Huan,Except for Han Donger’s reputation in the singing industry,,Chen Qian is just a third-rate actor。
Just such a lineup,Zheng Rongrong dare to smash3Billion。
Is it now replaced by Zhang Huawei, one of the six major directors in China?、Actor Ma Xing、China’s first gold medal writer and screenwriter Chu Liuxiang,Still a comedy that Chinese people love to hear,He Yang Feng Yang Daxia still dare not throw money?
Actually,Boss Yang is not prepared2Billion,There is a budget of 100 million yuan on the day of the release,7All in the sky will be used up。
Yang Feng is definitely not expecting《Thai 囧》This movie is very profitable。

Seek reward and support</p>

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Don’t worry about emotional drama,I write slowly。。。</p>
Besides, I don’t know how to write someone,I do not deny,Really not good at writing。</p>
That’s why I have to be slow,Try to write normally。</p>
First335chapter my answer
after that,Lu Han and Haiqing couldn’t help but get involved。</p>
Although I didn’t catch a few fish in the end,But happiness is the most important,Reba is the only one standing by the side,No water。</p>
And Su Luo did not deliberately approach,As Chen Xue puts it,If she really let go,I won’t bother her。</p>
Each well,Sui Fate is what he can do right now,In the sense that he understands,The best thing to do。</p>
Feelings just go with the flow,Here Su Luo saw that the color on the top of his head has gradually dimmed,Can’t help but speak:“Let’s go,We should go back,It’s late,Teacher Huang is still waiting for the fish to make the soup。”</p>
Zhongru nodded,Lu Han and Haiqing staggered out of the fish pond,Body is full of water,A little crazy。</p>
From five o’clock,It’s estimated that it’s more than six or even almost seven now,Haiqing and Lu Han take off their pants,Haiqing Open Road:“Whoops,Really is,It’s been a long time since I played this fun。”</p>
Lu Han Fu Road:“Yes,I just remember playing like this when I was。”</p>
Su Luo pouted,Make up:“Who will play when he grows up。”</p>
A group of people talking,Stroll towards the mushroom house,en route,Su Luo did not forget the green onions and leeks ordered by Teacher Huang。</p>
Back to the mushroom house,Huang Lei’s smiling way:“Worked hard,Caught a few fish。”</p>

Wu Xinyan showed this letter to Zhu Shengyu。

Zhu Shengyu is not a cultural person,But at least you can feel the breath of culture。
Just look at this angry letter paper,I know why Wu Xinyan bought it。
Sell songs to others,To whom is not to sell?
Sell it to an elegant person who can have something in common with himself in literature,Wouldn’t it be better?
Originally, Lu Xiaofeng was an erudite and talented person,Not only good at lyrics and music,Still a math genius,The most critical talent17year old!
Such a genius,It can be cleaned anywhere。
Now for a song,Lu Xiaofeng is so low profile,How could Wu Xinyan be unsatisfied,Sell him a face?
As for Zhu Shengyu’s song,Just write later。
Just relying on the letter Lu Xiaofeng wrote to Wu Xinyan,He can brag for a lifetime。
Look at,Lu Xiaofeng, the number one in the world,When I asked for a song, I wrote a letter that treated me like my brother,Isn’t Wu Xinyan cowhide??The cowhide is bursting!
I don’t know what happened,It was posted online the next day。
And the content of the letter written by Shen Huan,Also posted online。
“Mr. Wen Yushan has a good song,Get it,Longing for it。My friend is missing a song,Suwenjun Yada,Than to return me in vain。”

but,I already got up and went to bed early,Why is the hair still not long?。Baldness is getting worse now。

Sure enough, when I took the subway back,Three and five quarters less people,Few people sitting sparsely on it。
I went to the hospital early,I got the medicine just after eight o’clock,And then went to the Bank of China,After a series of things such as changing the number, I returned。
Rush in the morning,Haven’t eaten breakfast yet。Send the medicine to mother first,Go home to eat later。7Go out more,More than two hours,There are quite a lot of busy things。
It seems that the time in the morning will really be used afterwards。These mess of things recently,My head hurts。
Not sure what to do。Hey,Just came home,The computer turned on slowly,I really want to rest early now。
March has passed,April arrives as scheduled。Throughout March,All in a daze,Don’t know what to do every day,Don’t know how to do it。
There are more sisters in the shop,Teach me tirelessly。Last night let me write a summary at the end of March,Sent a copyWPSVersion of the past,Say no,wantPPTFormat,And start to change non-stop。
seriously,PPTIt’s really been a long time since I operated,I forgot how to do it。Then use the computer,But somehow,A forcing computer card,It didn’t show up in the end,I really,I felt like I wanted to crash the computer。
at night9Start to make more when you get home,until11More,Finally got a clue,Then the computer does not display,This morning10Half past half,It was really too late last night。
I went to work for so long and went to bed last night the latest,This morning7Do not want to wake up,But if you delay it, you won’t be able to hand it in,Endure sleepiness,Open computer productionPPT,then,Or not。
Finally from the phonewpsIn the middle,Worked for more than an hour,Finally satisfied a little bit,After sending it, I feel,I madePPTReally the same as a dog,Terrible。
I don’t want to open it now。I wanted to make a form,Then I found out that I would not,The phone is not easy to handle。
Really,Just sent one hastilyPPTpast。I have time to fix the computer in these two days,Study wellPPTHow to make it more exquisite,More refreshing,It’s more clear at a glance。
I was afraid to hand it in this morningPPTToo bad to be rejected,Cleaned up the room。I really haven’t cleaned up the room well these days,I feel that the room is really messy,Cleaned up today,See the room refreshing,In a good mood。
I feel beautiful when I go home at night。

It’s okay if there are some other talents,Like telling jokes or something。

but,After saying this,He heard Xiaoxi’s voice coming from the phone:“Of course he is more handsome than them,And not just a little more handsome,Not a handsome guy at all。”
Can’t help but froze there:“How handsome is that?”
“Brother Zhou, have you seen his photos and videos??”
“But can that beautify thing take it seriously??”
“He didn’t apply beauty,And real people are more handsome than those in the photos and videos。”
“real or fake?”Zhou Producer was shocked。
“You’ll know after a look……”
Xiaoxi said,Hesitated for a while,Whispered:
“When I first saw him……I……I……tear……Up……”
“Fucking,How old are you,Still commit this kind of nympho?”Producer Zhou was stunned there。
Xiaoxi blushed and said:“I don’t want to,But he is so handsome,I’m not mentally prepared at all……”
Producer Zhou was speechless for a while,Finally, I said:
“Ok,Ok,I understand,Treat him well,Treat him as the main guest,Maybe it can really bring click-through rate to our program。”
“Good brother Zhou。”Xiaoxi answered cheerfully。

“I won’t admit that Shen Huan’s power is stronger than me,Just like I don’t think Shen Huan can compare to me as a championship4The same。But I admit that Shen Huan is the strongest today!Someday,He can surpass Michael!”——Retired super center O’Neal。

“As me who invited Shen Huan to join the Lakers,Of course I am proud of my vision at this time!In fact,I am also satisfied with having such a teammate!He is better than me now,The only difference is that time has brought him more and more honors!”——Lakers superstar Kobe。
“I do not know what to say,But Shen Huan is my lifelong friend、Brothers and benefactors!Without him,There won’t be my first championship!Shen Huan is the best!!”——Iverson。
“Yes,Shen Huan said,I am his idol!But in terms of playing,He has become my idol!I look forward to confronting him in the future!I look forward to one day,Can fight with him!”——LeBron James。
These are just bragging about the media and celebrities。
If it is changed to ordinary people,The comment about Shen Huan is more。
At least there are tens of billions of discussion topics about Shen Huan。
After the celebration,HoldFMVPTrophy、Shen Huan returning home wearing a championship ring,Even in the car,There is no way to stop hundreds of media cars、The Lakers fans car was crazy about him and cheered。
This made Zhang Yaya stunned,I’m afraid it was a car accident。
So she has a reason,Hidden directly into Shen Huan’s arms,I’m so scared,Come and protect my delicate look。
Shen Huan is in a good mood,Give little water、Han Donger and Buyiyi are on the phone,And patted her on the back,Help her soothe her emotions。
Unknowingly,This girl actually fell asleep。
Shen Huan who put down the phone,Found this scene,Unconsciously smile。
Compared to Miley Cyrus’ fiery invitation just now,He feels like this and life,Is the best for you。

“Today I,Saw you come down from his carriage。”

Sang Qingrou just responded lazily,I don’t think there is anything wrong with this。
“He today,Why did you bring you back in person?”although,She believed Wang Chen’s feelings for her。but,Sang Xiaoxi also knows,To men,Can’t believe it。Not afraid of stealing,I’m afraid the thief is thinking。
Even if Wang Chen doesn’t have such thoughts,In case Sang Qingrou takes advantage of it,Trying desperately?
For a long time,She can’t guarantee,Will these two people have feelings?。She doesn’t want to share her beloved,Saw my mother live a life humble,She just thought,I must marry one in the future,A man who only marries himself in this life。
precisely,Ouyang Shuo gave her this promise。
Listen to her asking,Sang Qingrou opened her eyes a little impatiently。Thinking of Ouyang Shuo’s trouble with himself on the carriage,She was immediately upset。
“He wants to send me back,I don’t know why。Why don’t you ask him which way he made the mistake??Can you two find out,You two begged me to deliver the letter for you,I don’t owe you anything,Instead, you owe me。How can it be as if I am a prisoner!”
Questioned by Ouyang Shuo,She is already very depressed。
Can’t like him,It’s not good to be friends with the guards around him。Can this man be so possessive?,Can he manage who his guard makes friends with??Warning tone every time,She’s so tired of listening。
Even with the protagonist’s halo,Don’t bring such bullies。Even if she is a female partner,Can’t you have your own little emotions??
Sang Qingrou looked at Sang Xiaoxi with no anger:“You two are so capable,otherwise,You just solve it yourself,Stop looking for me。I’m not idle and doing nothing to do as a messenger for you。Really,Thankless。”
I heard Sang Qingrou’s complaint,Sang Xiaoxi suddenly didn’t know how to answer。
“I’m just asking。”

The exhibition of things is beyond everyone’s expectations,No one thought;This time Xiao Yuer and Li Hai are coincidental“meet by chance”,It turned into a special emotional show for two people in an instant!But Yanzi and others were forced to be the audience。

This is something that everyone can’t believe,Was born in front of everyone so real……
Because it’s just after dinner,There are many patients and family members walking downstairs in the hospital,But both are two,Three people together,But Xiao Yu’er is the only group with a large number of people,And it’s quite eye-catching!Because the five women in this group,All are beauties!
These eyes projected from all directions,I was ignored by Xiao Yuer and the others,Because every one of this group,I don’t pay attention to the people around me。
Xiao Yuer and Li Hai are intoxicated in their own emotional world,Yanzi and others are all paying attention“stare”With Xiao Yuer and Li Hai。
“correct,You wait for me,I’ll buy you glaze tea。”
while walking,Li Hai suddenly remembered this,So she said to Xiaoyu with excitement,Then turned around and left,One of the three foreign dragon soul fighters immediately stopped him……
“Let him go,The three of you just follow him。”
Yanzi said with a wry smile。
The commissary is in the hospital yard,Three foreign dragon soul warriors who were once professional killers followed,It’s impossible for Li Hai to run away。And swallow also knows;Even if you don’t send someone to follow,Li Hai will never take the opportunity to escape。
Li Hai and the four went to the canteen,Xiao Yuer stood there for a while,Then suddenly turned around and walked in front of Yanzi。
“Aunt Swallow,Am I causing trouble to you all again?……”
Xiao Yuer asked Yanzi a little embarrassedly。

Only after confirming the purchase,Will be quoted。

And by then,There is no room for replacement,Or buy it,Either downgrade the membership card,Until disqualification。
“Mr. Ye,This suit is our latest product,Personally performed by the famous costume designer Melanda,The current price is 880,000 sets。”
The shop manager stepped forward immediately,Respectfully。
Possess an epic VIP card,This Ye Tianzong,Impossible to lose money。
and,There is a privilege,Cardholder,Unlimited consumption,Even their shop,Are not eligible to swipe the card,Only for registration。
“Eight hundred and eighty thousand……”
Sun Qian was shocked。
Li Qingshu frowned,Thoughtful:“This lady suit suit,It is indeed a new product just released,My mom came to make an appointment before,this price,Still within my tolerance。just,How did he know that this suit is new,There is such an expensive?”
“A fool,The blind cat met the dead mouse,You really think he has vision?”
Sun Qian regained her sanity,Her purpose is clear,Just to engage in Ren Yurou。
As for spending money……
Her man has money。