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This is a very insidious plot,If the motion passes,Peng Weihua will become the largest shareholder,And with the power of Aihua chairman, control the entire Yuxing in one fell swoop,In fact, to put it bluntly, Xie Dabao and An Yongxiang jointly control the entire Yuxing。

Zhu Lei suddenly wakes up like a dream,Where can I sit still,Didn’t even think about it,Immediately rejected the motion as chairman,Excited,He also said something that made An Yongxiang shine,“If you want that person to collect conscience debt,Try again。”
I didn’t expect this sentence to become*,Just a week,Xie Dabao proposed to convene an interim board of directors,There are two proposals,One is that three board members voluntarily transferred 2% of their shares to Peng Weihua.;The second is to propose to hold a shareholders meeting in advance,Re-elect the chairman。
This is revenge intensified,Peng Weihua got it all at once6%Shares of,He had5%,He even blackmailed Qi Baozhu for giving up the car earlier2%Shares of,This transfer is complete,He will become the tangible largest shareholder,Of course it is eligible to hold a general meeting of shareholders,Elect a new chairman。
Zhu Lei never expected this result,Immediately opposed,Last vote,2Vote pair4Vote fiasco,You Shilong’s long absence from the meeting,So it makes no sense to be present or not。
The key vote is Fu Erde,The grandson vowed to support Zhu Lei the day before.,Do everything possible to restrain the behavior of the two recent shareholders and Peng Weihua’s ambitions,But the next day he turned his gun and became a traitor。
Zhu Lei, too surprised, naturally pointed at Fu De’s nose and cursed,But the other party seems determined,I ignored the furious old Zhu at all。
Xie Dabao pretended to persuade,But the words are extremely ugly,And full of self-satisfaction,“okay,Chairman,Think about it,If it’s not for the past few years,、Saddle,If it weren’t for Kaiyuan’s subsequent huge assets and Panshi’s massive funds,Yuxing can have today?Your chairman can enjoy the luxurious life like this?
“In today’s society,The capable,Your thinking is too old,I should quit and enjoy the blessing,Right?You have a lot of salary and shares,Why bother?”
“Let you fart!”Zhu Lei was furious,The jumper will pounce on Xie Dabao,But was stopped by An Yongxiang and Peng Weihua,The frustrated Xiao Song left the table angrily,She regretted not listening to Li Tianchou,Leave early this is right or wrong,Over two years,Experienced too many disappointing disputes and quarrels,She has become more and more tired of Yuxing now。
Watching Xiao Song leave,After calming down, Zhu Lei realized that he was helpless on the board of directors.,Peng Weihua and Fu De are already wearing a pair of crotch with Xie An,Then there is no need to think about the outcome of the next shareholder meeting。
Liangzi is Peng Weihua’s iron,Although Zhang Wen and Broad Bean are vacillating,But when it matters, we will still stand by Peng Weihua,Even the little brothers that Li Tianchou brought over are more than half out of their control,I’m afraid this Yuxing will really change。
Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty Three Reflection
Is Zhu Lei a simple character?Although first thought of the result to the most unbearable point,But will never stand still。
He broke into society alone when he was a boy,Later I went to Yuxing to practice with Uncle Geng,Show off,Until Uncle Geng retires,He came out again,Soon he established a big name in the northwestern Jinxi province。
Unfortunately, because the brothers turned,Stall,Zhu Lei’s hard-working family has little left,So that my wife and children are not implicated and harmed,His family moved to the country,Besides family,Only a little poor cash and three dead brothers left。
At the most downturn,But accidentally received a letter from Uncle Geng,Zhu Lei was very hesitant and contradictory,But in the end, I turned my heart backSZcity。He knows,Uncle Geng is not a last resort,Won’t write this letter,Then Yuxing must have encountered an unprecedented crisis。
Zhu Lei returnsSZCity time,It is Uncle Geng and Ahao、Biao Qi hit the most difficult time,At that time, everyone huddled in the outskirts of Fushan and was thrown into hiding by the other side.,Really unspeakable panic。

“There is no ashes in the box behind the nameplate?”

“Is not。”Dayan shook his head slowly,“There is only a trace of divinity,Daoists can step forward and feel。”
“What’s the difference between that and ashes?”
“Naturally there is a difference。”Dayan looked down,Increased volume,“Actually, neither the ashes nor the divinity tells much。The ashes represent the demise of the ontology,Putting it in a small box focuses more on a sense of ritual,On behalf of death,Completely annihilated in this universe。
“And divinity is only imprisoned and sealed in this box,You know the mighty ones in the gods better than I do,As long as there are certain conditions,Even a trace of divinity can restore the body、godhead、Golden body and even all cultivation base,Fellow Daoists are in a hurry,Lost memory?”
Li Tianchou slumped away,Turning to look at the wall again,Every nameplate is particularly dazzling,There are more than a thousand boxes and nameplates densely packed here?Almost all the guys in the God Realm who used to have a high level of cultivation are here,Sure enough,What a terrifying force this is caused?Is it the lonely nameless power in Dayan’s mouth??
Chapter nine hundred and thirty four Irresistible temptation
Could the God Realm be destroyed in an instant?Otherwise, how to explain that so many great supernatural powers have been stripped of their divinity and sealed here?But even an existence as strong as a black hole that swallows the energy of the heavens cannot destroy the God Realm in an instant,The power of Li Xiucheng’s divinity is fully displayed on the edge of the black hole,This shows the power of God Realm,So what is the earth-shattering event?,Caught everyone off guard?
Li Tianzhen can’t figure it out,It’s better to ask Dayan bluntly,“Taoist friends are the guardians of the mountain here,You should know how each square box and nameplate came from here.?”
“That is natural,The origin of this matter,I will naturally tell the daoists,But the old also has a ruthless please。”
“Fellow Daoists, but it’s OK。”
“See there?”Dayan reached out and pointed to the far right side of the wall,Li Tianchou looked around,Can’t help but froze,There are actually two boxes with no writing on the nameplates?
“What is this?”
“I do not know either。But then I checked the records of all the strong in the gods,The divinity of the two main gods is indeed missing,One is the third generation of God of War,You are fellow Taoist,Another one?,Is the goddess of Luoying Tiangong。”
Li Tianzhen was shocked again,He just glanced at the nameplate on the wall,Less than one or two have seen,But forgot to find Li Xiucheng,I never thought that the nameplate of Luoying Goddess was also empty,Involuntarily confused,I don’t know if it is happiness or worry。
“The lack of divinity of the two has its own reasons,I am a mountain guard,Not too ignorant,But please reach out and touch the two boxes with no words on the nameplate,And use spiritual sense,No other requirements。”
“What is the purpose of fellow Taoists?”Li Tianzhen frowned,The old man worked tirelessly all the way to lead him to this place,And deliberately revealed such a big secret,What is the purpose of this request?What kind of evil heart is hidden?
Li Tianzhen did not understand this sudden holy mountain temple,I don’t know what secrets and traps this square box and nameplate contain,But it can actually sense the powerful presence and familiar breath in every square box,It’s divine,Once the old man’s requirements are released,,Unpredictable consequences,Then it’s too late to regret。
“Can Taoists change their requirements?”

They grew up from Xiaocheng Mi Zhu Ma,She looked at him and became handsome.,She also moves every day.。

From his childhood to teenagers,To his success,In this process, she has always been obsessed with him.。
When I saw him for the first time.,At that time, it should be eight years old.,Regular wear widetShirt,Wearing jeans below,A pair of white sneakers,It’s very comfortable to watch it.。
That is their parents meet the first time.,He and her for the first time,Their two are the same,Finally, I will go to school.。
Her achievements are good,primary school,high school,They all have been together,And still in a class。
Sometimes the fate is such a wonderful。
But the Le Zhenxi after the university,Slowly alienate with her relationship.。
After the university, he did not have a parent’s tube bundle.,More rebellious,Always go to the Internet cafe,ktv,I often play late at the bar during the evening. I will go home.。
妍 妍 姐 也 他 他 没有。
There are a lot of girls around him who follow him.,At that time, she had already like it.。
She at that time,young and naive,Give warnings and lessons for those who want to deliberately close his.,indeed,At that time, she was very waste.。
Xi Xi doesn’t like her,It is also gradually starting from her.。
But that is always arrogant, she didn’t think anything.?
I only feel that Le Zhenxi is her Wen Qi.,No one can take away。
When the New Year’s parents gathered together,Everyone will also take them two people.,She is very happy,But Xi Xi always stretched his face.,I don’t want to use this thing at all.。
She didn’t care too much at the time.,After all, the bottom has always thought that he is already her.。
later,After graduating from college,They still live in a city,But there is less time to meet.,He is still busy,And she is still busy looking for him.。
Once he and the Xixi quarreled,Fierce,Her birthday,Xi Xi forgot。
And she has already said to him a week in advance.,If he will accompany her a birthday,He agreed to himself at the time.,She thought he remembered,But he didn’t appear in her birthday.,Let her alone waiting for him to go to the middle of the night。
the next day,She found him at the bar.,Question, why don’t he take birthday?。
He looked at her with confused.,Even my love is ignorant。
At that time she is really angry.,Gave him a slap,He is a madman,I don’t want to see her in the future.。
Just because of this sentence,They have not seen each other for half a year.,Another month,When she hit him,His side is more blue。
Le Yu Xi, which is unclear, and wheat,In the hands of the food basket,And Blue Xin said with a laughing in the vegetable area。
That is that she first saw the arrogant Le Yu Xi smile.,He looks at Blue Xin’s eyes,Different girls。
She felt the sense of crisis,Later her thoughts were implemented,Blue Xin’s stomach gradually got bigger,She has confident,Blue Xin is worthy of Le Zhenxi。
She has been talking to the tone and blue-hearted tone。
once,She also said:“Blue Xin,How do you know how good is Le Xi’s home??You are worthy of Le Yu Xi。”
Lan Xin always laughs not to smile,maybe,Blue Xin has always had self-knowledge,It’s just that she has never seen the heart of Lan Xin.。
at last,Made a big thing to hurt Blue Xin,Also put Le Yu Xi pushed yourself。

Soon quietly touched a teenager next to it。

He is physically strong,Wallet,It can only be seen from the face to see a few teenagers.。
“Where are we going??”
Summer asked。
Juvenile,I quickly saw a summer in summer with a strange gaze.,“Wang Wei,you’re drunk?
We are of course to go to the Extreme School of Justice.。”
boom!This sentence is like a deep water bomb.,Rubron burst in the summer ear。
Wang Wei?
Wang Wei!!Is this not the name of the ghost valley??
How do you have a ghost valley??
Eas also have the Academy of Pasta……He heard about these four words。
At the beginning of the world,Kill two people,They also said that the Academy of Jiwu。
This……What is going on??
Summer heart has set off a waves。
at this time,Sound from the front,The people who walk in front stopped the footsteps.。
Lake up。
In front,It is a huge iron gate with a high of 30 meters high.,Inlaid in half mountain waist。
Four people wearing black leather,Stand two sides。
They are wax knife,Behind crossing,A black iron gun in hand。
One of them checked the diamond order of the big man again before.,Start check identity。
Time is not long,After completion,One of them just opened a small door under the big iron gate.。
Mandabate people can enter。
More than 50 people,The space inside is very large。
Wall with a certain lighting facility,A bit similar to night beads,But it is not bright。
I walked about 300 meters or so.,Everyone was stopped by a high and thick big iron door.。
There are still four strong people who wear black A, like ghosts.。
It is also a strict verification.,A strong man turned and pushed iron gate。
NS3076chapter Analysis and estimation
When the big iron gate is pushed open,。
Extremely strong white light,Transmitted from inside。
Everyone including summer,All open your eyes, look at the gap。
However, at this time,Summer’s field of view is generally distorted。
Summer can’t help but burst out,Strive to open your eyes,Try to see everything that the iron gate is going。

Wang Teng’s heart,But the more I think about it, the more interesting I feel。

Just from now on,Such a thing,How to deal with it。
I won’t talk about other issues for now,But the more so,Actually from now on,These things,It’s a headache。
And looking at these,Wang Teng’s side,Jiang Ya is here。
“Wang Teng,Are you OK?”
Jiang Ya looks at Wang Teng,Very worried。
And Wang Teng,Waved his hand,Don’t forget to say here:“Nothing,Don’t worry,How could something happen to me?”
“and,Even if something happens to my opponent,I will definitely be fine!”
Now,With Wang Teng’s words finished。
Jiang Ya in front of you,Nodded,Suddenly feel relieved。
It’s here,As Jiang Ya just stared in front of her a little bit。
obviously,Such a thing,Actually speaking。
It gives people a very good feeling,Even make people feel,Such a thing,Actually, you can try it first.。
slowly,Looking at everything in front of me。
Now,Actually looking at Jiang Ya,these questions,How to arrange it。

As for those people around,It’s brushing to look at this side.。

After all, I will follow it.,How to deal with it,These things itself,In fact, it is still very clear。
At this moment,Shen Xuan is the front side,I don’t forget to continue with this side.。
“Although things have been,But these,In fact, think about it.,not enough。”
When Shen Xuan said with his eyes,The more like this,Treat these things。
In fact, those people around them are looking at the eyes.,For these things。
In fact, their hearts are deep,In addition to admire,I don’t know what to say.。
But now,The more like this。
When Shen Xuan is in front of his eyes,Shen Xuan’s face is filled with a touch of smile。
“Although things have been,But this thing,In fact, relative to us,Don’t you do it all?。”
“But there is nothing,Everyone else goes to toss it.。”
Anyway,It looks in Shen Xuan.,In fact, even if these people go down again,Last result,Are they still the same。
At this time,Such as cloud,Also think。
After all, it’s now.,So this matter,For others,These things,In fact, it should still be an increased effort to solve this thing.。
At this time, Shen Xuan,It is the front side of the eye.,I don’t forget to continue。
“So in any case,Such a thing,It is necessary to continue。”
Chapter 1,64 against Wu Dingfeng
Such a thing,In fact, Shen Xuan looks like,Shen Xuan’s heart is more and more clear。
And said it back,In fact, Shen Xuan itself,That’s what is going on。
slowly,See here。
At this time, Shen Xuan itself,Poor is very calm。
“In this case,So next,Let’s take your hand to Wu Dingfeng.。”
When Shen Xuan said,Shen Xuan’s side,Others see here,It is completely awkward。
Since it is now,So how do this thing is going to do?。
In fact, they look at them.,It is more clear。
The soldiers around those War Temple saw this,It’s a look of playing in front of you.。
“If you really say it now?,In fact, think about it is completely。”
“What to say,It is at any time.,But next,this matter,In fact, it should still be a key to it.。”
“Don’t get so much,Since it is now fully determined,So let’s everyone,It’s ready to do it.。”
Warrior around those Wards,Then I didn’t forget to talk about my eyes.。
obviously,These things,In fact, they look at them.,Then come, the more it is obvious.。
Such as cloud,In fact, it is a little jumper.。
“Leader,In this case,So let’s follow,Still should be increased。”
“But,When do we do it??”
When this is like a cloud,Other War Temple,Also looked at Shen Xuan。
As for Shen Xuan,Before watching。
At this moment,Shen Xuan is very calm。
“actually,If you look from here。”

What is the benefits of spirituality?。

Can be like an arm,Ability to be the most cost-effective way,Motion the biggest power。
Summer in Xuanao Tree Refer to Jiu Dao Rune,Another original rune with the original in the mind,Integrate。
This is illusion of the ultimate truth——Dark devil!Also the original source of fire。
Although there are hundreds of low-key secret treasures on the shelf,But in summer perception,Number of jade‘Aura’maximum。 Take in your hand,He explored his mind into it.,At the same time, careful wing。
After a few interest,The face revealed the color。
Although this jade is only the category of second-product secret treasures,But there are six two-piece array。
Not only the five separate array of Jinmu Water and Soil,Also included in a yin and yang。
More smart is,Five of the five teams, five elements are gradually,Also complement to the yin and yang array……There turned up to have another array。
Summer eyes suddenly become bright。
This concept……Simply open your eyes。
Sixth array,Mutual exclusion,Mutual complementation……Then promote another array。
It’s similation。
now,I have chosen one piece so soon as I saw this summer.,More than 10 people are slightly,Immediately speed up the action。
Summer turned over to see it several times,This is only to the old man.。
“Old,I chose.。”
Zhang’s face flashes a different。
He naturally noticed the summer move in the first time.。
“So fast?”
He picked up Jade and looked at it.,Put on the side,“Don’t you see something else??”
“No need。”
Summer laughing,“There is no one more than it is better here.。”
“Young people are still very confident。”
Zhang is rare to show a smile,Refer to the side,“Sit on the side。”
Summer arches,Turned and went to sit down。
After a quarter,Everyone chooses the best object to think。
Among them, there is a knife swordway,There is also a clock、tower、Jade and other secret treasures。
Next,Zhang Lao took the trick secret treasure,A one inquiries。
From the beginning of the start,To become more professional。
But this major,All within the range of two products。
Can so even,People come in have a calculation,All by Zhang Lao argue the dumb,Red ear。
One blush neck has left the room。
Finally, only one person left。
Then,In that young man stunned,Zhang Lao’s face became a gentle smile。
Transformation fast,Tongue。
“young people,I just saw you have no one hesitation.,Directly selected this jade,Then I pushed the true yuan,Injury。”
He is curious to look at the summer,“Before this,How did you judge?。”
Summer laughing,“feel。”

“alright,Let me ask。”Shen Huan finally nodded。

“okay!”Cui Zhong Daxi,“do not worry,We will not treat Teacher Su Mo badly in terms of treatment!”
“Let’s talk less about money,Brother Mo is not a greedy person,Words of promise,It can’t be for money。”Shen Huan quickly stopped him。
But not everyone likes money like widows。
Especially Su Mo, a superstar with a little bit of morality,You take money to hit him,Purely insulting him。
But if you use money to hit me,That’s different。
Only one sentence:“Please use money to kill me!”
After all, the good master is a bottomless pit,Money for everything。
Plus my wives in the future,My children,Don’t give them some living expenses,Is I still a successful rebirth?!?
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First354chapter Injured woman
After Lei Daxuan wakes up,Recover quickly。
Only a few days,He can slowly walk on the corridor of the ward floor by himself,Walking slowly。
According to this Taishi,He will definitely be discharged at the end of this month。
But as I recover better and better,Lei Daxuan’s stubbornness is getting escalated。
First point first,He is determined to wait for himself to participate in the recording of the album,To collect the money for selling the album。
if not,The Returning Band can now also record,Got money anyway,He won’t want it。

Because he is good at making comedies,Best joke、The most hilarious joke,Only domestic people can understand。

As early as ten years ago,After several domestic best-selling movies went to foreign box offices,,Zhang Huawei stopped that idea,Concentrate on domestic operations。
and so,《Thai 囧》Want to pay back by relying solely on the domestic box office,That’s almost an impossible task。
But Yang Feng doesn’t care about this。
What he thought of was3Zheng Rongrong years ago。
Zheng Rongrong was not known at that time《love letter》,Dare to smash in the country in one breath3Billions of publicity expenses。
Love letter at that time
The story category is a literary film。
Director Zhu Mei,Second-line art director
Screenwriter Chu Liuxiang,Never heard of it。
Starring Han Donger、Chen Qian、Guo Hang and Shen Huan,Except for Han Donger’s reputation in the singing industry,,Chen Qian is just a third-rate actor。
Just such a lineup,Zheng Rongrong dare to smash3Billion。
Is it now replaced by Zhang Huawei, one of the six major directors in China?、Actor Ma Xing、China’s first gold medal writer and screenwriter Chu Liuxiang,Still a comedy that Chinese people love to hear,He Yang Feng Yang Daxia still dare not throw money?
Actually,Boss Yang is not prepared2Billion,There is a budget of 100 million yuan on the day of the release,7All in the sky will be used up。
Yang Feng is definitely not expecting《Thai 囧》This movie is very profitable。

Seek reward and support</p>

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Don’t worry about emotional drama,I write slowly。。。</p>
Besides, I don’t know how to write someone,I do not deny,Really not good at writing。</p>
That’s why I have to be slow,Try to write normally。</p>
First335chapter my answer
after that,Lu Han and Haiqing couldn’t help but get involved。</p>
Although I didn’t catch a few fish in the end,But happiness is the most important,Reba is the only one standing by the side,No water。</p>
And Su Luo did not deliberately approach,As Chen Xue puts it,If she really let go,I won’t bother her。</p>
Each well,Sui Fate is what he can do right now,In the sense that he understands,The best thing to do。</p>
Feelings just go with the flow,Here Su Luo saw that the color on the top of his head has gradually dimmed,Can’t help but speak:“Let’s go,We should go back,It’s late,Teacher Huang is still waiting for the fish to make the soup。”</p>
Zhongru nodded,Lu Han and Haiqing staggered out of the fish pond,Body is full of water,A little crazy。</p>
From five o’clock,It’s estimated that it’s more than six or even almost seven now,Haiqing and Lu Han take off their pants,Haiqing Open Road:“Whoops,Really is,It’s been a long time since I played this fun。”</p>
Lu Han Fu Road:“Yes,I just remember playing like this when I was。”</p>
Su Luo pouted,Make up:“Who will play when he grows up。”</p>
A group of people talking,Stroll towards the mushroom house,en route,Su Luo did not forget the green onions and leeks ordered by Teacher Huang。</p>
Back to the mushroom house,Huang Lei’s smiling way:“Worked hard,Caught a few fish。”</p>