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Eating lotus seeds effectively prevents Alzheimer’s

Eating lotus seeds effectively prevents Alzheimer’s

The lotus seeds are listed as top grade in the “Shen Nong’s Compendium of Materia Medica”. The lotus seeds are also called lotus fruit, lotus fruit, lotus rice, lotus meat, etc.

The lotus seeds are superior to Xianglian. Xianglian has always been a treasure of the court, so it is also called “Gonglian”.

Li Shizhen in the “Compendium of Materia Medica” range: “The taste of lotus is sweet, the temperature is astringent, the fragrance of Qingfang, the taste of crops, but also the fruit of the spleen.

“Traditional Chinese medicine believes that lotus seeds have plain sweetness, astringency, heart, lung, and kidney meridians, which have the effects of spleen, lung, heart, heart, and kidney intestines.More chronic embolism.

The green-green germ in the middle of the lotus seeds is called lotus seed heart. It has a bitter taste, but it is a good medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it has the effects of clearing heat, solidifying essence, calming the nerves, strengthening the heart, and lowering blood pressure, and can cure the irritability caused by high fever, unconsciousness, and dreamy slippery essence.

The “house” where the lotus lived was called the lotus house, also known as the lotus canopy. It could cure postpartum placenta, congestion, abdominal pain, bleeding under the belt, and uterine bleeding.

There is also a type of “shilianzi”, also known as sweet lotus, which is named after the lotus seed grows up in the lotus house and falls into the mud.

It is often used clinically for the treatment of dry mouth and throat, irritability, chronic gonorrhea and pus.

  Lotus seeds are very rich in calcium, phosphorus, and potassium, with protein 81 per kilogram of lotus seeds.

3 grams, aunt 9.

8 grams, sugar 304 mg, calcium 436 mg, phosphorus 1.

397 mg, iron 31.

4 mg, also contains other multivitamins, trace elements, lotus leaf base, golden grass and other substances, in addition to the formation of bone and tooth fragments, but also promote blood clotting, activate certain enzymes, and maintain neurometabolic, Sedative nerves, maintain muscle elasticity and heartbeat rhythm.

Rich phosphorus is also the main component of nuclear proteins, helping the body to carry out protein, trace, and sugar metabolism, and maintain acid-base balance, and also plays an important role in sperm formation.

The lotus seed has the effect of soothing the heart and soothe the nerves.

  Middle-aged and elderly people, especially mental workers, often eat lotus seeds, which can strengthen the brain, enhance memory, improve work efficiency, and prevent the occurrence of senile dementia.

The lotus seed has a very bitter taste, but it has a significant heart-strengthening effect, which can dilate blood vessels and lower blood pressure.

Lianxin also has a very good effect to relieve heart fire, treat sore tongue and help sleep.

Lotus seeds are beneficial to the heart and kidney, strengthen the spleen and relieve diarrhea, and have the effect of solidifying and calming nerves.

However, even though lotus seeds have thousands of benefits, they are not suitable for everyone. For example, people who often have constipation are not suitable for eating lotus seeds.

6 tips to easily get rid of skin acne_1

6 tips to get rid of skin acne easily

Most of the causes of adult acne come from personal habits, including insufficient sleep, excessive fatigue, unbalanced eating habits, and incomplete cleansing of makeup residues, which also include physiological changes such as hormone imbalance and skin oilUnbalanced secretion and other factors.

Under the influence of these internal and external pressures on the skin, the circulatory system will be disturbed, resulting in a decrease in immunity and an opportunity for acne.


hzh {display: none; }  成人暗疮的成因绝大部分源自个人的生活习惯  以下是一些日间暗疮护理的窍门:  1 、宜选择含有抗菌成分的护肤品,如茶树油就是一种具天然杀菌Effective ingredients to prevent the spread of acne.

  2. Active sun protection is also one of the ways to improve acne, because UV rays are one of the reasons that make acne worse, but you should choose a mild sunscreen.

  3, keep the mood relaxed and happy, can prevent acne caused by stress.

  4. Your hands are covered with bacteria, so you should avoid touching your hands with acne and acne. Please clean your hands before taking care of your skin.

  5. Try to avoid wearing high-collar clothes, keep your cheeks fresh, and avoid using your hands to support your chin. The hair and hat on your cheeks should not cover your cheeks and forehead.

  6. Do not squeeze acne at will, so as not to cause skin problems such as inflammation, acne marks and bumps.

Freckle removal recipes that are easily overlooked in daily life

Freckle removal recipes that are easily overlooked in daily life

Guide: Women with long spots will be troubled by the loss of their crystal clear skin, but in daily life, there are a lot of freckle remedies that are easily overlooked.

Let’s take the material on the spot and completely eliminate the speck of the shell!


hzh {display: none; }  容易被忽视的祛斑方法一:红糖祛斑法  红糖排毒滋润的这种特殊作用,主要得益于它的天然成分。Studies have found that sugarcane is rich in a variety of essential amino acids in the human body, such as lysine, as well as malic acid, citric acid, etc., which are essential basic substances to synthesize human proteins and support metabolism.

Brown sugar can be eaten directly, or it can be made into a mask to apply to the face and massage the skin. It also has a good effect.

Here is a facial detoxifying scrub that can be made with brown sugar and honey, which can make the stains on your shoulders disappear instantly and restore your white and tender skin.

  Pour about a teaspoon of brown sugar into a mixing bowl and pour three times as much honey as brown sugar. If your skin is delicate, add more honey.

Stir well and let stand for five minutes.

The upper layer of honey mixed with brown sugar is a good detoxifying active scrub!

Apply on a wet bladder and massage. Rinse.

Brown sugar contains a variety of nutrients, nourishing cocoa from the skin has a unique effect, the mask is sufficient to make the skin smooth and beautiful, and can promote skin metabolism.

  The freckle method that is easy to be ignored: The skin expert of salt freckle method says that eating more salt will cause high blood pressure and will directly affect people’s appearance.

Table salt exists in human blood and body fluids in the form of sodium ions and chloride ions, and they play a very important role in maintaining human osmotic pressure, acid-base balance and water balance.

If you eat too much salt, sodium in your body will increase, which will cause facial cells to lose water, which will cause skin aging, wrinkles, spots and other problems.

For better skin, a more scientific method is to drink plenty of water to help detoxify the skin. In addition, the daily salt intake should not exceed 6 grams.

If animal feces and too much protein are implanted at the same time, it will also affect the liver’s normal metabolism and grow freckles.

  As long as we all develop a good habit in our daily life, plus reasonable care, the pigmentation will be far away from us, and we will have “zero-year-old” white, smooth, and supple skin.

  Easy to ignore freckle method three: bean sprout soup freckle method: add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, boil, add washed bean sprouts, and cook until the bean sprouts are cooked.

  Features: light, with the fragrance of buds, but not salt, drink light soup, eat bean sprouts, 3 times a day, even for several days.

  Efficacy: Soybean sprouts, mung bean sprouts are soy beans, and the young sprouts of mung beans are released after blisters.

It is a cholesterol-free, low-feces, high-protein vegetable.

It is rich in nutrients and contains protein, trace amounts, sugars, phospholipids, carotene and vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and so on.

Bean sprouts clear heat and detoxify, and relieve heat.

  This soup has the effect of moisturizing the skin and removing stasis.

It is suitable for the treatment of arthritis and corns.

It is a complementary food to remove facial scars.

  The freckle-removing method that is easy to be ignored: The tea skin-beauty freckle-removing method uses tea as a cosmetic, so that the beauty ingredients in the tea are directly absorbed by the skin.

Tea beauty products include tea facial cleanser, tea lotion, tea mask, tea whitening cream, tea sun lotion, tea shampoo, etc. They all take advantage of the beauty effect of tea and have the advantages of safety and less irritation.

The method of use is simple, economical and applicable, and long-term adherence can achieve good results.

  1. Wash your face with tea soup After washing your face at night, make a cup of tea, apply the tea soup to your face, and pat your face gently, or attach a cotton cloth dipped in the tea soup to your body and wash with water.

The brown at both ends can be eliminated naturally overnight, which can remove stains and whiten the skin.

  2. For tea mask, add 1 teaspoon of flour and 1 egg yolk, mix well and add 1 teaspoon of green tea powder.

Apply it evenly on the washed shells and wash your face after 20 minutes.

Even mix 1 teaspoon of sugar tea soup with 1 teaspoon of flour, make a mask and wash your face after 15-20 minutes.

Can eliminate acne and remove grease.

  3, tea beauty eyes brewed tea, squeezed dry, and put it in gauze bags.

Close your eyes and place the tea bag over your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes.Can relieve eye fatigue, improve dark circles, and treat eye diseases.

  Easy freckle removal method 5: Lemon flake freckle preparation method: Put lemon slices in a closed container, put in honey, add cold water to engulf the lemon slices, cover the container, and put it in the refrigerator.

Take out two tablets the next day to soak the water, and a lemon can drink about a Wednesday.

  Cosmetic effect: Lemon is a nutritious fruit supplemented with vitamin C, and most people use it as a beauty food.

  Lemon is durable and easy to preserve. It is rich in vitamin C, which can prevent gum swelling and bleeding, and even reduce the occurrence of dark spots and freckles.

The whitening function of lemon can not be underestimated. Drinking lemonade often has an amazing effect.

  Lemon peel is also rich in calcium, so in order to achieve the desired effect, it is best to squeeze the juice from the skin to be the most nutritious.

  Tip: Of course, there are pros and cons to everything, no matter how good the overuse is, there will be impurities. The same goes for the five flavors.

Sour lemons hurt the stomach and easily affected digestive function.

There is acid into the liver, it is not appropriate to eat in spring, summer and autumn are more effective.

Barometer of hair, child’s health

Barometer of hair, child’s health

Why doesn’t my baby have long hair?

Why is my baby’s hair so yellow all the time?

Why does my baby always lose hair?

Is it a genetic disease for such a small baby with long white hair?

  Hair condition and performance is not long hair: baby’s hair has been growing slowly, almost no hair.

  Thin hair: The baby’s hair is thin, and his hair is small and soft.

  Occipital alopecia: Where the bones of the baby’s back of the head protrude, the hair is lost in a horizontal circle, and the other parts are not obvious.

  Little white head: Newborn baby has a few white hairs on the forehead.

  Split ends: Your baby’s hair has split ends.

  Yellow hair: The baby’s temporary yellowing.

Hair is thin and soft.

  There are several possible reasons for this: 1 The baby’s fetal hair is in the replacement period: This is a normal physiological phenomenon, which is common in newborn babies, without other abnormalities; 2 Hair loss caused by calcium deficiency: Generally accompanied by a decrease in blood calcium;Zinc, anemia, and malnutrition can also cause your baby’s hair to grow slowly.

  Newborn babies are in the developmental stage, they grow very fast and their metabolism is very strong. Therefore, a lot of oil is secreted from the scalp.Objects can irritate the scalp, which in turn can cause itching, blistering, and even secondary infections, leading to easy replacement of hair.

  The baby develops to 5 in the womb?
At 6 months, the hair will be replaced slowly.

If the fetal hair is reduced too much, your baby’s hair will have complications at birth.

It is also possible that long-term hair loss causes hair to appear thinner than other babies.

The foreskin balanitis is not cured, is the blood sugar too high?


The foreskin balanitis is not cured, is the blood sugar too high?

Nowadays, there are more and more patients with diabetes in society, and they tend to be younger. Some patients have diabetes. Because the symptoms are not obvious, they don’t know that they have diabetes. They obviously pay attention to private health, but some men will have repeated attacks.Male foreskin balanitis, always recurring shortly after the treatment is improved, and so on, it brings great harm to the patient’s body and mind.

The patient’s foreskin balanitis has not healed for a long time, so be wary that the patient may have diabetes.

How can diabetes cause foreskin balanitis?

Due to the low body resistance of diabetic patients, the high glycemic state leads to a significant increase in local glycogen content, and the pH value is also acidic. If the patient is accompanied by phimosis or prepuce, the foreskin and glans are more prone to metabolic abnormalities and defenses.Dysfunction, replaced epithelial cells, glandular secretion and smegma bacteria form a warm, penetrating environment, once the pathogen enters, it can become an infectious disease.

The foreskin balanitis caused by diabetes is like this. (1) There is a wound on the surface of the glans and foreskin. It is eroded, has purulent secretion, and has a burning sensation in urination.

Subsequently, the foreskin is invaded by arthritis and reduces the effect of urination or dysuria.

In severe cases, there will be fatigue, low fever, swollen inguinal lymph nodes and tenderness.

(2) The secretion of sebaceous glands in middle-aged male foreskin is relatively strong, and the liquid will accumulate under the foreskin, forming smegma like bean curd residue, which is a good medium for bacteria. If it is not removed in time, it will cause bacterial infection.

(3) Because the foreskin is too long, the dirt in the foreskin will accumulate and the bacteria will develop after infection.

In the early stage of the onset, the glans and the inner skin of the foreskin are flushed with irritating sensation, which may cause pain and tenderness. Then there may be superficial ulcers in the foreskin, with yellow or cheese-like secretions, often accompanied by odor, local redness and swelling.With.
(4) Fungal infection of Candida balanitis, often manifested as glans mucosa erythema, local edema, smooth surface, mild desquamation on the edge, a small amount of papules and small abscesses to expand around to form glans erosion.

Repeated impact can cause the foreskin to dry, fibrosis and glans hardening changes.

How to treat diabetic foreskin balanitis?

It is recommended to routinely check blood sugar. Blood glucose testing should be used as a routine examination of foreskin balanitis. If there is any need to actively control diabetes, and routine urine tests, check for urine sugar positive and urinary tract infection.

Control blood sugar stability, free radicals will self-heal, it is recommended to reduce the control and then further treatment such as circumcision.

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Summer decoration all in all for the wood needs to be moisture-proof

Summer decoration “all in all” for the wood needs to be moisture-proof

As the weather progresses, the climate becomes hot and humid, and the wood contains large moisture. When the water is evaporated after the dry season, it will dry up. Therefore, the wood must be moisture-proof before the summer decoration.
It can be used to apply moisture-proof paint on the surface of wood products. If it needs anti-corrosion treatment, it should be painted with primer.
When buying wooden keels, be sure to choose a better dryness.
Since the wooden keel is generally used for frame ceilings and hidden inside the shape, if the wood keel has high water content and no ventilation, it will be deformed, moldy, and even rotted in the future.
銆€銆€Before laying the floor tiles and wall tiles, the bottom layer of the veneer should not be too dry. Generally, the water should be poured before the treatment, so that it can be absorbed for about half an hour, and then the cement mortar is used to ensure the firmness of the bond.
Since the material is drier than usual, for materials such as floor tiles and ceramic tiles that require water treatment, it is necessary to extend the water treatment time to be sufficiently close to saturation.
In this way, it is possible to avoid the phenomenon of emptying and falling off when cementing.
銆€銆€The summer is wet, and the latex paint will be slow to dry, moldy and smelly.
Therefore, we must first do the drying treatment of the base layer putty, the wall must be used more than three times of putty before the paint can be painted.
After each time you put on the putty, you should have sufficient drying time, do a good job of ventilation, and minimize indoor moisture.
If the putty is not dried out, repeat the putty or brush paint, it will lock too much moisture, and in the long run, the wall will appear “sweating” phenomenon, and even lead to large-scale cracking.
銆€銆€During the summer decoration, pay attention to the influence of high temperature on the details.
For example, when laying stone on the window sill, the construction team is required to apply more glue to the intersection of the stone and the window frame to avoid the sealing and the water leakage after the cold shrinking.
When using the plastic steel doors and windows when the developer delivers the house, pay special attention to the thermal expansion and contraction of the plastic steel.
銆€銆€At the same time, summer is a peak period of indoor air pollution. When the temperature rises and the humidity increases, it will lead to an increase in the release of harmful gases.
Indoor air pollution testing in the summer, its indicators will be about 20% higher than other seasons.
Therefore, after the summer decoration, the air conditioner should not be opened. The indoor air circulation should be kept, so that harmful substances can be distributed in time.
At the same time, choose the appropriate plants to absorb harmful substances, so that the joy of housewarming will come soon.

10 slimming porridge to go to the fire to enjoy a thin summer


10 slimming porridge to go to the fire to enjoy a thin summer

The following 10 weight loss porridge, both to the fire, and laxative, is the best weight loss in summer, the production method is relatively simple, and quickly learn.

銆€銆€1, fresh sunflower porridge fresh sunflower 100g, rice 50g.

Wash the sunflower dish, cut into thin spare; rice scouring, put in the pot, add water to the amount of porridge, when cooked, transfer to the sunflower, boil.

1 bowl a day, 3 consecutive times?
5 days.

It can heat the intestines, cool the blood and detoxify.

Applicable to the constipation caused by hypertension of heat, urinary dripping, spleen and blood in the stool, hemorrhoids and gallbladder.

銆€銆€2, Yu Liren porridge Yu Liren 10g, rice 100g.

Will Yu Liren choose the net, mash it, put it in the pot, add the right amount of water, soak 5?
After 10 minutes, decoction the juice and increase the rice to make the porridge.

1 bowl a day, 2 consecutive times?
3 days.

It can be used for laxative and diuretic.

Suitable for dry stools, difficult to urinate, edema fullness (cirrhosis ascites), limb edema, etc.

銆€銆€3, Ma Ziren porridge Ma Ziren 20g, rice 100g, sugar amount.

Choose the jasmine kernel, put it in the pot, add the right amount of water, soak 5?
After 10 minutes, fry the juice and increase the rice porridge. When it is cooked, adjust the sugar and boil.

1 bowl a day, 3 consecutive times?
5 days.

It can be laxative and nourish the tonic.

Applicable to evil heat and yin, or spleen spleen, constipation caused by dryness and dryness of the stomach, fullness of abdominal distension, nausea and vomiting.

銆€銆€4, banana porridge banana 2, rice 50g, sugar amount.

Peel the banana, choose the net, pick up the mud for use; take the rice to clean, put it in the pot, add the right amount of water to cook the porridge, and when it is cooked, transfer it to the banana, sugar, and boil.

1 bowl a day, 3 consecutive times?
5 days.

It can clear the heat and invigorate the intestines

Applicable to hemorrhoids hemorrhage, dry stool, lung deficiency, lung dryness and cough, as well as drunkenness, stomach cramps and so on.

銆€銆€5, honey (honey food) porridge rice 50g, honey amount.

The rice is cleaned, put into the pot, add the right amount of water to cook the porridge, add honey when cooked, boil.

1 bowl a day, 3 consecutive times?
5 days.

Can make up the urgency, lungs and cough, laxative.

Applicable to the spleen and stomach deficiency caused by fatigue, eating abdominal pain, lung deficiency and dry cough, or long-term cough, the constipation caused by physical deficiency and so on.

銆€銆€6, potato porridge potatoes 100g, rice 50g.

Peel the potatoes, wash them, cut them, add them to the pot with rice, add some water and porridge to take them.

1 bowl a day, 3 consecutive times?
5 days.

Can benefit Qi and strengthen the spleen, detoxification and laxative.
Applicable to abdominal pain caused by spleen and stomach deficiency, constipation, varicella, sputum and so on.

銆€銆€7, sesame oil (oil food) mixed with spinach with 250 grams of fresh spinach, salt, sesame oil seasoning.

The practice is to wash the spinach, boil the water in the pot, add the salt, then put the spinach into boiling water for about 3 minutes, add the sesame oil and mix well.

Regular food is effective.

銆€銆€8, sesame porridge with black sesame seeds, 100 grams before the rice.

The practice is to wash the black sesame seeds clean, dry and fry and grind, take 30 grams each time, and cook with the previous rice 100 grams.

Regular food is effective.
銆€銆€9, North apricot stewed Sydney practice is 10 grams of North apricot, Sydney 1, white sugar 30?
50 grams, put in the same bowl, add appropriate amount of water, steamed cooked (1 hour) Serve.
Drink soup and eat pears, and eat regularly.

銆€銆€10, fig honey porridge will wash 50 grams of rice, put into the pot, add some water, wait until the porridge is boiled and put 30 grams of figs Serve.

Transfer honey when you drink porridge.