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“and so,We have to win this game tomorrow!Must win!Do you have confidence?”

“speak louder!”
“it is good,Are all gone,Go back and have a good rest,tomorrow morning9Click to open a tactical meeting,Don’t be late!”
Coach Vogel’s voice is not small,Xu Xuan is infected,At least this team is very united。
Although a wave8Losing streak,But everyone didn’t blame each other,It’s still time to train well,The atmosphere is far less depressing than the Knicks。
This is very comfortable,The only thing that puzzles Xu Xuan is,Even now,Coach Vogel still has not announced the starting list for tomorrow,Xu Xuan is itchy。
“Hey,Kid,Do you want to have a meal together??Celebrate your joining the team!”
David·West swept over Xu Xuan’s shoulder with a hippy smile。
“of course,Thank you。”Xu Xuan would naturally not refuse this kindness,In addition to being the core of the Pacers, West,Or the leader of the locker room,His goodwill shows that most of the Pacers players do not reject Xu Xuan。
First132chapter Kobe·Bryant!
A brand new day is here!
morning,Xu Xuan was eating a nutritious meal specially sent to the hotel by the team,Carson looked for a house outside yesterday,I have almost found it so far,I guess it will move in these two days。
This is a game fromTNTAdditional national live broadcast!
Without exception,Domestic side,Sports channel also broadcast today’s game!
Many people want to know,Xu Xuan, currently ranked first on the rookie list, beats the champion Wiggins,What kind of data can be played by changing a team?
Many people said,Xu Xuan’s good data before has a lot to do with the Knicks team environment,After all, the old fish is so indulging Xu Xuan.

Captain Blue Dragonfly glanced at the future blogger and said。

“Anyway, it’s a competition for the Peace Star,So naturally there must be a corresponding playing field。”
Captain Red Dragonfly said,Wave both hands,The mighty Chakra burst out of his hand。
After flying sand and rocks,Cleared out a flat sand,Then control a boulder in the air,Use chakra to cut the boulder into several smooth stone bricks and spread on the sand。
A simple playing field is completed like this。
Da She Maru and Future Bo Ren,Shuffle the cards while walking onto the playing field,Looking at each other。
“Bloggers from the future,It looks like,Hydra also has amazing technology,Ok,After all, it’s an opponent treated seriously by SHIELD,This level of technology is a matter of course。”
Ignore the words before the game,The future blogger is washing his deck wholeheartedly。
In the end, two people put the deck into their duel at the same time。
Two people shouted at the same time。

Application treasure sent a statement before,Have136Ten thousand users paid to renew,total amount1836.78Ten thousand。According to the previous contract,Application treasure deducts 20% of the service fee,Wang Yufei got a point1469.42Ten thousand。

After tax is paid by the platform,and also1172.37Wan is already lying in his account。
Plus those who were planning to buy a house300Laiwan hasn’t used it yet,Now Wang Yufei has it1400Multi-million dollar wealth。
Or this money is not big money in the eyes of the rich,But for a high school student,Enough already。
Enough for him to live a luxurious life free of meat,The small goals of the first stage have been completed。
Don’t underestimate this goal,Many people40Have not yet achieved the freedom of eating meat,For example, author Jun。
of course,A certain little girl is about to cheer again。
“Xiaoyi,The income from your previous investment has arrived,Can pay dividends。”That night,When Lu Yuxin took Guo Xiaoyi to visit,Wang Yufei notified the two of the good news。
“what?how many?”
“The total income after tax last month was1172.37Ten thousand,Your investment accounts for 23.3%,Revenue rounding is261Ten thousand。”
“Wow!How many?261Ten thousand?Cool!”The little girl is still cheerful,But the performance was not as obvious when I learned that I had become a millionaire。
After all, she had been a millionaire for several hours more than a month ago。
“Go directly to your card?”
“do not!Don’t!”
Guo Xiaoyi shook her head like a rattle:“So,brother,And me,It’s no use asking for so much money now,Why is it cheaper, Teacher Han??Not as good as this,First you Alipay and transfer me tens of thousands of yuan,The rest of the money is with you,Use it directly if you want to do something。sister in law,Are you okay??”
People are like this,Growing up in every blow。

some things,He must have experienced it himself,To taste the taste of failure。

First1065chapter good to eat!Delicious!!
The eldest son who has been looking at the calligraphy and painting in the room,At this moment, I was shaking my head again and again。
Ke Shu asked,“Big brother,These calligraphy and painting are pretty good?”
“Of course it’s very good!”He smiled and said,“This word,We amateur calligraphers can’t write……I think it is at least provincial,Even higher-level calligraphy everyone wrote!Really great!”
“Wouldn’t it cost tens of thousands for a calligraphy and painting??”Second daughter-in-law asked in surprise。
“Several?”Big brother laughed,“You are not enough for others’ money!At least add a zero at the end。”
“scare,Then these……These ones……”Second daughter-in-law counted the number of digital paintings,“Isn’t it two or three million?”
“That is at least!”Brother replied affirmatively。
“This is really rich!Put such an expensive thing here,Not afraid of being stolen!”The second daughter-in-law stuck out her tongue and said。
“People are just monitoring and security systems,It cost several million。”Mr. Ke is drinking tea,By the way,“I saw the person who came to install the equipment that day,By the way,Know the price。”
“Ok,That’s really a child of a rich family!”The eldest daughter-in-law also nodded。
Everyone is sighing,Only the grandson did not say anything,I kept thinking about the dragon girl just now.Appearance。
I can’t wait to talk to her right away,That’s so happy!
“Strange,You said they are so rich,How to greet the guests?”The second son suddenly remembered a question,“What do they do in school on weekdays?”
“Oh,They make a table of guests a week,Just saturday。”Old man Ko,“how about it,Wayward?”

It’s better to be young,Say whatever you have in your heart。

If it wasn’t for Wang Yufei who had developed software that was against the sky,And designed a brain-computer chip that amazes the world,Ma Huaide may suspect that there is something wrong with the other party’s spirit。
but now……
“Could you please send me the idea and introduction of the language you speak and the new system??”
“no problem,Give me your mailbox,I’ll send it back to you。By the way, I also send you the macro language tutorial,You can try to program,Try to feel。”
“it is good!I’ll be talking after I finish reading。”
Hang up the phone neatly,Wang Yufei was going to pick up the information on the computer and package it to Ma Huaide。
In order to cooperate with Changxiang Technology’s Operating System Division,Wang Yufei has already prepared detailed information,No effort。
But here is operating on the computer,The phone rang again。
This time it’s an overseas call。
Also an acquaintance。

“Do not。”The future blogger turned his head and looked at Shikamaru,Poured a basin of cold water,“Maybe you don’t know the strength of Cixian,But coming back from the future, I can’t get familiar,Dealing with enemies at the level of Cixian,You can win without just relying on quantity,and so,I’ll go by myself。”

Shikamaru stared at the future blogger and said:“but,I can’t believe you at this time,Who can be sure,You are to help Hokage,Still help the enemy。”
“I can be sure!”Huahuo suddenly reached out and said,“and,If you doubt the blogger,Then let me follow along to monitor。”
“And I!I also want to save dad!”Bo Ren said immediately。
“Hey,Few of you!”Shikamaru Yuki,Separate your own shadow and bind the few people living in the field。
In the future, bloggers stand indifferently,Although as long as he wants,Can break through the shadow bondage control at any time,But he didn’t do it。
Chuanmu enters the big tube wood mode,Absorb Shikamaru’s ninjutsu。
“Thank you,Kawaki!”The blogger said while rushing into the space tunnel。
“I also want to rescue Hokage-sama。”
Kawamu followed,Then there is Zoranna,Fireworks,In the end, only future bloggers are left standing in place。
“hateful,These troublesome little ghosts.”
“Shikamaru,I believe in him。”Hinata walked to Shikamaru and said,The family members of those involved have said so,Shikamaru has nothing to do。
“Hey,Bloggers of the future,Must bring Naruto back。”Shikamaru told the future blogger after revoking the shadow restraint。

Several wives laughed,A deadly poor ghost。It seems that they are the only people in the world,Everyone else is a pest。

Cai Gongguan said again:“In fact, Miss Yang has more than just literary films,She also worked with Gu San,I heard that Gu San is going to make a romantic city drama this time。”
A few wives are coming:“Gu San,We have heard of。My husband took a picture in the UK before,Worth tens of millions,But listen to my husband,This price is already a sky-high price for a filmmaker。In that case, Gu San is still somewhat expected。”
Someone frowned:“I think Gu San has the worst taste,Logically,He is quite rich,How to shoot weird things,Can’t understand。I really don’t know what’s in his mind。”
“I heard that Gu San’s mind is not normal,So the shots are not right。”
“Just,Artists are crazy,There is no saying,Are geniuses and lunatics on the line??”
Zhen Rongrong is not familiar with Gu San,But a big director,In the eyes of a group of wives,It’s also very sad。perhaps,Geniuses never bother to be understood。
Wait for a few ladies to say the same,Cai Gongguan just said:“I heard that the actors Gu San was looking for were all well-known stars。I heard that both Shen Zhiyue and Liang Ge will perform。”
I heard the names of two handsome guys,Several wives are staring at their eyes,Like wolves ready to hunt。
“real or fake,Don’t lie to me。”
“If there are these two actors,No matter how bad i go。”
Zhen Rongrong paused when she heard Shen Zhiyue’s name,Is that man’s brother,Just according to that person’s temperament,How could he allow his brother to come to the fish ring?
Fish circle dragon snake mixed,It’s not a place for serious people。
But the women here are more direct than other women,Want a handsome guy,Just say it,Not twitchy。
Cai Gongguan said with a smile:“Actually, you have to watch director three,His character is uncertain,Maybe he changed his head again。”
There is a wife who likes young students:“Change it,As long as he is handsome,Good shape。”
“According to me,Men should not only be young and beautiful,It has to be good in that respect。”
Zhen Rongrong was choked,Are these ladies so open??Speak directly,Not afraid of ears on the wall?
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Seven Zhang Lan shot


Chapter two hundred and fifty-five Barely let you go
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Bai Qingsong said stubbornly。
“Your way of thinking is too……how to say,Is it necessary to guard everyone so carefully??They are all your colleagues……”
Shen Ruoxi hasn’t spoken yet,Qin Liang rushed to talk again。
“Song Ge,Can you change your way of thinking in the future?,You like this,Everyone will alienate you,Why bother。”
Shen Ruoxi also frowned and said,She is very aware of Bai Qingsong’s problem,It’s just that there is no problem with the nature of other people,So she kept pretending to be blind,Since I’m talking about this now,,She just wanted to tell him about it by the way。
“Ugh……Look at!I just said that I reflected on my problem,In a blink of an eye,Still guilty of the same problem!It seems that I can’t fix this problem for a while。”
Bai Qingsong said angrily,Then he reached out and patted his head hard……“Hey,What are you doing!Your thinking mode is not developed in one or two days,I’ve been thinking habitually for years,You want to correct it all at once,That is impossible,There must be a gradual process?Don’t worry,We give you time,When you have to give to yourself
Qin Liang encourages Bai Qingsong,Since knowing that he secretly sponsored four poor children to go to school,Qin Liang’s view of Bai Qingsong has been greatly changed,The hostility and disgust towards him,Has completely disappeared……
“I suddenly hate myself。”
Bai Qingsong said frustratedly。
“Why are you like a woman?So emotional?”
Qin Liang teased Bai Qingsong with a wry smile,But I didn’t notice that this sentence would make Shen Ruoxi reluctant to listen……So Shen Ruoxi looked at Qin Liang and didn’t speak,Murong Shan could only sigh secretly in her heart。
“Is my character disgusting?”
Bai Qingsong seems to have completely changed someone today,Always belittle yourself,His character seems not only very emotional,And also extreme,Either think that others are not good anywhere,Or feel that I am useless。

Qin Liang frowned and said。

Yang Shiyun asked suspiciously,Apparently it was the first time she heard the name。
“Yep,This tattoo,It’s the unique badge of Shanhehui。”
Qin Liang pointed to the inconspicuous tattoo on the corpse arm。
Yang Shiyun took a closer look at the tattoo,Go and look at the other five bodies,really,Six people have this tattoo on their arms。
Yang Shiyun didn’t know,It turns out that this unremarkable tattoo,Turned out to be a sign of a gang。
“This is a very old gang,There have been no traces of them for many, many years,Unexpectedly, people who saw them here today。”
Qin Liang sighed,A lot of things that were prominent back then,Without knowing it will slowly disappear in the long river of time。
“I have never heard of this gang……”
Yang Shiyun said tangledly。
She used to work hard,File the various groups that have appeared in Haishang City in the Public Security Bureau,All the information about the gang is firmly in my mind,but“Shanhehui”This name,She was sure she had never seen it。
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“OK,Then you take me out to play。”

Murong Shan stood up,Quickly packed the things to bring,Then followed Qin Liang out……
People come and go on the street,Qin Liang and Murong Shan strolled around at random,Yang Zhi and others scattered and followed them not far behind them。
“Never been to this city,I don’t know where to go。”
Qin Liang started to have nothing to say。
“It doesn’t matter,You can take me wherever you want,I have never been,We can walk around,Better than staying in a hotel。”
Murong Shan answered,I approached Qin Liang and walked together。
A few minutes later,She took the initiative to reach out,Took Qin Liang’s arm……
Qin Liang turned his face to look at Murong Shan,I saw her bright smiling face。
“What do you want to eat?”
Maybe it’s because Murongshan bird held herself like a human,Qin Liang’s mood improved again somehow,So I owe the child to please ask。
“I don’t know if there are any special snacks here?”
Murong Shan cleverly caters to Qin Liang,Say without a trace。