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Homemade papaya soup drink clearing heat and moisturizing detoxifying beauty

Homemade papaya soup drink clearing heat and moisturizing detoxifying beauty

These days the weather is very hot, it is most convenient to drink more soup to nourish it.

The papaya and apple claw soup introduced today, the soup tastes sweet and non-greasy, with fruity fragrance and refreshing and beneficial. May wish to drink more bowls!

  Practice: 1.

Wash and peel the papaya, cut open the seeds and cut into pieces; 2.

2. Apples are carefully rubbed and washed with salt, cut 4 petals each, and remove the heart; 3.

Wash the claws of the claws to remove the hard skins, wash the lean meat and cut into pieces, and rinse with the claws to remove the water; 4.

4. Wash the red dates to remove the kernels;

Pour 8 bowls of water into the pot and bring to a boil. Add all the ingredients to the boil and boil. Transfer to a simmering pot for an hour and a half and season with salt.

  Efficacy: clearing heat and moisturizing, detoxifying beauty.

  Gourmet Science Hall papaya is on our side. You can see papaya all year round. It can be eaten as a raw fruit, and it is also a first-class soup. It is nourishing and beneficial.

Papaya is known as the “Bai Yi Wang”, showing its rich nutritional value and therapeutic effect.

  The efficacy of food is important, but for the diners, the taste is still important. Papaya is eaten raw. It is also common to make beverages other than fruit. It is like papaya milk. It is also simple to stir up papaya and milk together. It is complicatedI ordered Taiwanese papaya milk. Take half of the papaya, 1 egg yolk, 1 tablespoon of honey, 200 ml of milk, and half of the lemon. Cut the papaya into pieces, put in the milk, and mix the egg yolks into the juice. Add the lemon.Juice and honey are fine, rich in texture.

As a digression, Taiwan ‘s hand-cranked beverages seem to favor raw egg yolk. It should be used to thicken the taste, but scientific knowledge tells us that raw egg yolk has many bacteria. It is better not to eat raw.

  Papaya cooked also has its beauty, because papaya contains special papaya enzymes, which have a strong softening effect on meat. Therefore, it is best to stew meat with papaya. The papaya ribs cup is a very good dish.
Papaya with meat soup is more common, such as papaya peanut claw soup, papaya fish soup, papaya pork foot soup, etc., very versatile, sweet and beneficial.

Papaya syrup is also very classic. Sydney snow-ear papaya syrup, red date lily papaya syrup, and rock sugar stewed papaya are all the best moisturizers when the weather is hot and dry.

  Here are two papaya frozen desserts that are very suitable for summer consumption: papaya, coconut milk, red beans, iced papaya half, red beans 80 grams, coconut milk, honey, crushed ice each amount.

Soak the red beans for 2-3 hours in advance, remove and add to the pot, cook with an appropriate amount of water (the amount of water is best to cook quickly), add honey and mix well for later use; peel and seed the papaya, cut into pellets; in the cupAdd red beans, papaya grains and crushed ice, then pour in coconut milk and stir.

  Half a papaya coconut milk jelly, 100 g coconut powder, 200 ml milk, 15 g gel powder, 15 g granulated sugar.

Use a spoon to dig out the middle seeds, add papaya, coconut powder, sugar and milk and stir well. Add the gelatin powder, heat on the stove and boil until the gelatin powder melts.

Let cool until not hot, pour into the papaya bowl, refrigerate the papaya in the refrigerator until the coconut milk freezes, and cut into small pieces when eating.

  The papaya used in the soup for the soup is preferably half-cooked. It won’t be too rotten and the taste will be sweeter.

Four medicated diet cold winter health tonifying kidney yang_1

Four medicated diets for cold winter health


Suoyang aphrodisiac congee material: Suoyang 10 grams, 100 grams of lamb, 100 grams of rice.

Method: Finely cut the lamb.

First fry the Suoyang, remove the residue, add mutton, and cook the rice with porridge.

Efficacy: This product has the effect of warming the kidney and nourishing the kidney, suitable for the weakness of waist and knee caused by insufficient kidney yang, chills, cold limbs, impotence, premature ejaculation and constipation in the elderly.


Cistanche mutton soup ingredients: 60 grams of mutton, 20 grams of mandrill meat, 20 grams of meat soup, 20 grams of longan meat.

Method: Cut the mutton into boiling water and cook for 5 minutes. After picking up and washing, put it into a clay pot, cook until the water rolls, add the mangosteen, Cistanche, longan and ginger slices, and cook on medium heat for three hours, Add fine salt and season.

Efficacy: This product has the effect of nourishing the kidney and warming the sun, strengthening the body.

Suitable for those with cold hands and feet, soft waists and knees, frequent urination, constipation, and impotence.


Fennel kidney material: 90 grams of pig kidney, 6 grams of cumin.

Method: Fry the cumin for a while in a hot pan, and break into fines after being crispy.

Remove the film from the pig waist, wash it, use a sharp knife to draw a mouth about three centimeters in length from the side, and then expand it into a triangle.

Set the pot on medium heat, pour in the marinade, adjust the taste, add the pork loin, and boil for 30 minutes after boiling, remove the lumbosacrum, and slice and serve.

Efficacy: This product has the effect of nourishing kidney yang, dispersing cold and dampness, and analgesic.

Suitable for those with kidney yang deficiency caused by chills, cold limbs, lumbago, coldness, or sexual dysfunction.


Ingredients of Yizhiren porridge: 50 grams of previous rice, 5 grams of Yizhiren.

Practice: Research the puzzle kernel into fine details.

After the previous rice is washed, add it to the casserole, add water, boil it with Wuhuo first, and then boil it into a gruel with gentle fire.

Transfer the Zhizhi Zhiren and a small amount of refined salt, cook for a while, and wait until the porridge is thick and cease to fire.

Efficacy: This product has the effect of warming the kidney and helping the yang, solidifying the essence and shrinking the urine.

Suitable for spleen and kidney yang deficiency, abdominal cold pain, diarrhea, frequent urination, enuresis.

Spring minimalist skincare allows the skin to breathe freely_1

Spring minimal skin care allows the skin to breathe freely

When I saw Daren’s spectacular skin care steps, I could not help but sigh and distinguished them, I was just a rough man!

Although their good skin is enviable, I don’t think that skin care requires so many steps. On the contrary, it simplifies it, but makes the skin easier to breathe. Is it really good to apply a lot of it?

Using too much cosmetics itself will reduce some of the skin’s self-resistance, because it can always overcome the ingredients of these cosmetics to promote their metabolism. Over time, like a spoiled child, it loses a minimum of independence.This is not a good thing for the skin.

So, I recommend a minimalist skincare routine. Of course, this is just my personal opinion.

  We may all hear that people around us lament that someone has never used skin care products, but their skin is as good as a baby.

It is undeniable that genetics have a great influence on the quality of skin, but we also need to re-examine whether we have poured too much passion on the skin?

Let’s take a look at why the recently popular muscle fasting method in Japan is so popular, because many people have pointed out the dangers of over-maintenance, and this relatively extreme method of care must not be taken.

  The law of fasting muscles: to double the effect of skin care. When necessary, save the bottle of skin care procedures every day, and go to the maintenance of fasting muscles. This is also why the skin can breathe freely one day. After this day, you will findThe skin is much better for subsequent skin care products, and problems with poor skin conditions will have a better effect.

  Rule 1: Don’t blindly increase the burden on the skin. If the skin is not in good condition, don’t rush to increase the amount of skin care products. In addition, do subtraction appropriately, such as washing your face with warm water, and using soap-free face wash products.Use a mask.

It is enough to pay attention to two procedures during skin care. One is to hydrate, use products containing hyaluronic acid, collagen and other moisturizing and hydrating products, and the other is to lock water. After applying, it can moisturize and reduce water loss.A protective film is formed on the skin surface.

  Rule two: Fasting the skin one day a week is delicious every day, even the stomach will be very tired, and gradually you will not feel its deliciousness.

The same goes for the skin.

It is recommended to find one day a week as a “skin rest day”, so that tired skin can get a complete rest due to “work” overload.

Every day, after getting up and washing your face, do not apply skin care products, do not apply makeup, if you feel dry spray a moisturizing spray.

If you spend this day as a day of fasting your muscles, you will find that the skin does not become rough, but sebum overflows naturally. Really realize the natural restorative power of the skin!

  Rule 3: According to the severity of the skin pull alarm, determine the time for muscle fasting. When the skin mentioned above is suitable for muscle fasting, you should quickly perform muscle fasting maintenance. Once the skin improves, you can stop.

If you do not recover, you can do it for another day.

If the skin returns to normal, normal routine maintenance can continue.

  Minimal, not to say that it is completely absent.

It just reduces the impact of skin care products on the skin appropriately. In this environment, not using skin care products is really dangerous for the skin. For the girls who support minimalism, they just prefer a more natural and casual way, no matter what.They should always protect their skin from time to time. They do not want to make their skin look like a spoiled child. They have no ability to take care of themselves at all.

  Description of minimalist “night” skin care and maintenance steps: 1. Cleansing water (remove light makeup or sunscreen) 2. Cleansing milk 3. Moisturizing beauty liquid (for whole face) 4. Anti-aging serum (U-zone use, T-zone notUse) 5, Moisturizing Lotion (by the way, neck around) 6, Eye Cream 7, Hand Cream

Botanical skin care to firm your skin and reduce age_1

Botanical skin care helps you firm and reduce age

Guide: In addition to giving people a fresh and healthy feeling, plant skin care also has extraordinary anti-aging effects, just like the chrysanthemum produced in Corsica, France, is a veritable star.

After purification, the high purity and concentration of Helichrysum refining oil has very high antioxidant power. Using skin care products containing Helichrysum refining oil can reduce free radicals in the skin and prevent unnecessary cell damage.

Even for the first time, you can see the skin regain its youthful glow.

  Optimizing the ratio For a bottle of plant skin care products to be effective, the key depends on whether the ratio of plant skin care ingredients is optimized.

In the Helichrysum series, in addition to the antioxidant star Helichrysum, the essential oil of fragrant peach wood that enhances the skin’s glossiness is added. This is a magic substance that can promote the production of skin fibroblasts. Any skin with poor elasticity and wrinkles appearsAre suitable for use.

When you touch your face after using it, you will find that the skin is delicate and smooth.

After using plant skin care products for about a month, the skin has absorbed sufficient nutrients, the skin is stretched and plumped, wrinkles and spots gradually fade away, and the feeling of tiredness disappears naturally.

  Appropriate and simple cleansing, pat dry moisture, apply the chrysanthemum plant skin care essence to the entire face, it has an instant tightening sensation, can increase the protein content around, and improve skin firmness.

Then rub the chrysanthemum plant skin care essence cream, you also do not need to massage, although it is rich, but it is easy to push dry, easily penetrate into the deep layer of Shichen, help cells resist irritation, and consolidate skin health.

It feels moisturizing and breathable after use, and the light fragrance is easy for everyone.

  Make skin care happy Plant skin care itself is delightful. As a Provencal, I am also eager to bring you the art of living here and the sensory enjoyment of skin care products based on plants.

When you walk into L’Occitane’s shop, you may know the power of nature from the moments that have touched your hands deeply, and you will find the peace and joy of the soul for you who live in the city for a long time.

What I want to share with you is that in addition to being natural and effective, botanical skin care ingredients also contain a value.

In this way, we acquired African shea butter to create a series of shea butter that was loved by the world. It also promoted the development of the local economy and improved the living standards of women and children.

And every buyer is also invisible to build a well-being for others.

Message from the editor: MMs can buy some botanical skin care essential oils with good results.

Learn this little trick, drink tea and not hurt your body!


Learn this little trick, drink tea and not hurt your body!

Seven things to open the door: Chai rice oil and salt sauce vinegar tea.

Chinese people’s favor for tea is evident.

However, even people who drink tea every day may not know how to drink.

Prevent insomnia, pour out the “head tea” and drink tea to sleep.

Here to teach you a trick – afraid of insomnia, dump the first cup, that is, do not drink “head tea.”


Because the culprit in drinking tea is the caffeine.

Among the teas, the speed at which the coffee base dissolves into the water is accelerated.

So giving up the first cup can effectively prevent insomnia.

If you drink green tea, it will be poured out after about a minute and a half, and start drinking from the second cup.

Will this lose the nutrition of tea?

will not.

The other ingredients dissolve slowly, and only 10% of the tea is dissolved in the head tea?

It is recommended that the following special groups should dump the “head tea”, do not drink the first cup – physiological period, pregnancy, lactating women and primary and secondary school students, are sensitive to caffeine; people with neurasthenia, drinking tea stomach is not comfortablePeople, high in uric acid, gout patients.

After drinking, you should abandon the cup of tea.

Caffeine has a strong effect on the heart. Drinking strong tea after drinking is equal to adding oil to the fire, which may lead to heart failure.

In addition, some toxic intermediates such as acetaldehyde are produced during the decomposition of alcohol.

When it has not been decomposed, it is washed into the kidneys by tea, so drinking tea after drinking for a long time may be easy to get kidney stones.

Have you taken the medicine and can you drink tea?

The medicines vary widely and it is difficult to generalize.

However, in most cases, you may drink tea immediately after taking the medicine.

Some medicines, some vitamins, have been studied, and tea has no significant effect on the efficacy. Tea polyphenols can also promote the absorption of vitamin C.

There are three types of medicines that are clearly not compatible with tea: 1. Enzyme preparations (such as multi-enzyme tablets, micro-enzyme tablets, etc.) Because these drugs are proteins, they can react with the fermented acid in tea to form insoluble precipitates, thereby reducing the drug.effect.

2, sedative, hypnotic drugs in the tea caffeine has an exciting effect, will reduce the efficacy of the drug.

3, metal drugs, such as calcium, iron supplements, they can also be combined with the precipitation of acid in tea into insoluble substances, affecting the efficacy.

In the case of unclear whether the tea interferes with the medication taken, it is recommended to avoid drinking tea and taking the medicine at the same time, the two should be separated by more than 1 hour.

Tea stains are left?

Tea cups and tea sets have been used for a long time, and they often see a layer of rust-colored tea scale attached to the wall. The good tea is called 鈥淭ea Mountain鈥?

In fact, tea scale is produced by the tea polyphenols in tea and the tea, and the metal substances in the tea set are oxidized in the air. Among them, substances harmful to the body such as cadmium, lead, arsenic, mercury and nitrite will adhere.On the surface of a smooth teacup.

Tea scales transform tea into the human body, which can be combined with protein and traces in food to form insoluble precipitates and hinder nutrient absorption.

Moreover, the tea scale is also easy to breed bacteria.

Therefore, the tea scale is still washed.

However, tea stains are sometimes stubborn. How to wash them is convenient?

There are actually many methods.

For example: rubbing with salt water on a sponge, it can be easily removed; or scrub with toothpaste or broken egg shell, then rinse with water; soak in heated rice vinegar or soda for 24 hours, then rinse again, can also be cleaned.

For tea stains that are difficult to clean, they can be immersed in dilute hydrochloric acid for 24 hours before washing.

Pay special attention to the cup when washing, because the saliva and tea remaining on the outside of the cup are exposed to the air, which is more likely to breed bacteria.
Remember 5 numbers, don’t let the tea hurt!
General tea soak 4?
The best in 6 minutes, the active ingredients in the tea are basically leached; the tea soup should be dried until about 50 掳C; no tea after 20 minutes before meals; no tea before going to bed, usually take medicine and tea to be separated1 hour; the number of brewing of black tea and green tea is 3?
5 times, the bubble is too long to be healthy;

Get along with people who are strong


Get along with people who are strong

Heart is the demon of everyone, just to see how each individual adjusts their jealousy, but some people have a strong jealousy, which will affect interpersonal relationships and affect each other, how should weDo people with strong poisons get along?


When you take your own path and let others talk about getting along with people who are worried, it is best not to take some measures to deal with people who are worried.

Because psychology itself is suspicious, love suspicion.

Therefore, it would be better to treat people who are worried about swearing as ordinary people. As the saying goes, it’s not strange, it’s blameless.

Accompanied by the painstaking effort to ponder, it is better to come to a “doing nothing” and achieve the effect of “doing nothing but doing nothing.”


The necessary strategy of adopting proper coordination and concession is wise, and it is difficult to get confused. Confucius once said: “Smart and holy, keep the foolishness; the merits are the world, keep it; let the courage to caress the world, keep the sentiment; rich in the four seas, keep the humility.”

This is always a simple strategy. The fact is that when a person is in flowers and applause, he needs to be humble and cautious. This is not only against being bullied, but also being able to fundamentally adjust himself.

銆€銆€To love and hate, so that the suppression of love and hate law is mainly to protect the protagonist by sincere love, thus eliminating and resolving fear.

The common people often say, “Hate is a centrifugal medicine, love is a glue.”

Therefore, when you are afraid of sorrow, if you can complain with morality and use love to influence the prostitute, the grievance will naturally be resolved.

銆€銆€Suppressing unprincipled struggles with principled tolerance is the key to radical two-way distortion and multi-directional dependence.

If you suspect that the prostitute will challenge you, you will not only not fight, but will shun the three homes, and you will be able to seek common ground while maintaining the principle of tolerance, or seek common ground, and be a good way to resolve the situation and avoid being embarrassed.


Convincing, encouraging countermeasures, some of which may be caused by misunderstandings, require persuasion and communication.

Otherwise, misunderstandings will become deeper and deeper, and will seriously interfere with and disrupt the normal interaction of interpersonal relationships.

When you are convinced, you should pay attention to your peace of mind. You must also be prepared to persuade many times.

銆€銆€The leader must take an encouraging attitude.

Because the prostitute is a psychological loss and imbalance when it is at a disadvantage, although the surface is as strong as a cow, but the heart is empty, and implies a kind of pessimism.

Therefore, it is necessary to adopt an attitude of encouragement to the deadly deceased. It is mainly to objectively analyze his strengths, strengthen his confidence, transform his misconceptions, and provide some substantive information to the possible detainees if he can.Help to turn competition into fair competition.

5 tips to improve running posture


5 tips to improve running posture

Whether the running posture is correct or not has always been a problem that dampens many running friends. The correct running posture should reduce the injury during running and improve the running speed, and can fully utilize the advantages of running equipment.

There are a lot of guidance articles about running postures, and the suggestions are all from a scientific point of view, but in fact the operability is not strong.

Some of these authors require runners to maintain their integrity and not lean forward or backward, but in reality most of the runners are actually running and not able to adjust their body integrity at any time. Many people are even unaware that their bodies are leaning forward.Therefore, many suggestions for studying running postures on the market are professional, but most of them are practical. After reading the articles, amateurs can talk about the running posture, but they can’t operate.

Therefore, from the practical point of view, we summarize the following tips for improving the running posture. 1) The position of the head in the dynamic position versus the running posture, which even determines the efficiency of the whole body movement.

We noticed that after the athletes of the triple jump event finally left the springboard, except for the lower limbs and the upper limbs, their heads were in a position of upward and upward force, including the ordinary people’s long jump.

So why is the head not going down or going in the other direction?

This is because the head position is the guide for all our movements, as well as for running.

The eyes naturally look at the front, do not look at the feet, it is best to pay attention to a point near the skyline, which helps to stimulate alignment and close to muscle contraction, control position in the correct posture, coordination of cervical muscles.

Be careful not to lift your chin so that your chin is facing forward. Many friends will sprint more and more prominently, because you want to accelerate forward. The chin is the most relaxed and effortless part of the body. When you move forward, when youThe chin is ahead of the head and will give you the illusion that I am running fast forward. In fact, the movement of a small head has a great impact on the overall direction of movement and energy consumption, which is equivalent to your physical fitness.Go to a place that should not be used.

2) The position of the top is also very important for relaxing the chest and abdomen to achieve an efficient running posture.

Lowering and relaxing is the ideal abdominal posture. Don’t shrug your shoulders because of muscle tension, and let your shoulders lift your muscles.

Many friends started to fatigue in the late stage of running, and they wanted to drive themselves by shrugging their shoulders, giving them the illusion of still working hard and not slowing down.

Once this happens, you can reduce fatigue and reduce muscle tension by lowering it.

The front position should be kept at a fixed level, don’t lift it up, and don’t sway through the pace.

3) Even running is mainly the movement of the lower limbs, and the arm still plays a very important role in the correct running posture.

The hand controls the tension of the spindle body, and the swing of the arm promotes the pace and advances the forward movement of the spindle body.

First, relax your hands and gently touch your palms. Imagine holding a slice of potato in each hand and not crushing it.

Moving the arm forward in a shortened manner does not mean that it is particularly large enough to exceed the swing of the body, but rather to move between the waist and the lower abdomen.

The arm flexes approximately 90 degrees.

When you feel your hands start to get nervous and gradually make a fist, or your forearms start to get nervous, take a nap and relax your entire arm to relieve stress.

4) The center of gravity is between the pelvis, so the pelvis is the most important part of the correct running posture.

When your main shaft is dry and back up and naturally contracting, your pelvis will naturally be in the right position, pointing straight to the head.

But if your torso is too much forward, the pelvis will tilt forward and put pressure on the waist and thorax.

You can imagine that the pelvis is like a bowl filled with water. Do not pour the water out of the bowl when doing anything.

5) Efficient long-distance running does not require raising the upper level, but requires a quick pace replacement.

Sprinters need to do their best to maximize their leg explosives from the very beginning, while long-distance runners don’t need this. Efficient long-distance running requires fast pace replacement, resulting in stride and brisk lifting.

These points can adjust the flow to push the body forward, reducing energy waste.

The contact between each step and the ground should be light and fast, quiet and high speed.

In addition to the above points, daily postures (standing, sitting) are another important factor affecting the running posture.

And the correct daily posture can help runners to reduce the risk of weight and anterior diaphragm pain, hamstring injury and other injuries.

Although static poses seem to be easier to adjust than running poses, it is very difficult to change the habits we have changed from small to large, not to mention the fact that most people are getting worse and older.

The correct standing position is actually when your body is close to the upper position, the back of the head, the shoulders, the buttocks, and the heel are seen in a straight line from the side.

Many friends always like to start from the height of the landing mode when adjusting the running posture properly, and these tips are often overlooked.

In fact, it is the accumulation of these “details” that determine the difference between running injuries and performance.

1 meter 6 girl thin into 70 pounds a month only twice “large”

One meter six tall, weighing only 70 pounds, this should be the proportion of envy of many girls?

However, the 16-year-old middle school student Xiao Ting has paid a huge price: only two “large” in one month became a common thing, but only two operations were performed.

The girl of 1 meter 6 has only 70 pounds left. It is a common thing for ten days and a half to pull up. “Upper size” is something we must do every day. Normal people usually have 1 or 2 bowel movements per day, or 1 or 2 days of bowel movements.
When the bowel movement was once 3 times a week, and the defecation was laborious, and the fecal induration was small, the amount of constipation appeared.

When I saw Xiaoting, the girl with a height of 160cm had only 70 pounds left.

“This is a middle school student. It is very thin and poor. It looks very bad and suffers from constipation. If you don’t rely on laxatives, it is common for ten days and a half.”

“The doctor said.

Xiaoting believes that since constipation, it is solved with laxatives.

So for a long time, Xiaoting relied on laxatives to help with bowel movements.

What she didn’t expect was that she would have a bowel movement to have a bowel movement, and then she couldn’t discharge it after she added a few. When she came to the hospital, she had not had a bowel movement for nearly a month.

In a hospital in the field, Xiaoting did a partial colectomy. Although the operation was done, the problem of constipation was not solved, and a long surgical scar was left on the stomach.

“The diet pills contain laxatives, and the laxatives stimulate the nerves and muscles of the colon. Although the bowel movements begin smoothly, the function of the colon nerves and muscles is destroyed in the long run.

After finding constipation and taking laxatives, the situation will be a vicious circle.

“The doctor said.
When I was 13 years old, I secretly took diet pills. Why did Xiaoting have constipation?

This is about to start when Xiaoting is 13 years old.

The 13-year-old Xiao Ting began to secretly eat diet pills in order to pursue a slim body. Everyone knows that there are laxatives in diet pills. Eating too much will destroy the function of interfering nerves and muscles and lead to constipation.

Children don’t know this. After the bowel movements are not normal, they secretly eat laxatives. The more they eat constipation, the more vicious they become.

Considering that Xiaoting has already had an open surgery, if another scar is left on her stomach, it is unimaginable for the girl of this season.

In order to minimize the wound, Gong Wenjing did a single-hole laparoscopic total colectomy for Xiaoting.

In layman’s terms, it is only 1 in a very hidden place next to the belly button.

A 5 cm wound through which the laparoscopic and scalpel are inserted and the colon is completely removed.

The next day after the operation, I can walk down the ground. On the third day, I began to have normal bowel movements. I just had no colon to store the feces. She had to defecate 3 to 5 times a day, but it would not affect her normal life.

“Many people don’t take constipation seriously. They think that it is a big mistake to buy a laxative.”

“Doctors remind the public not to blindly use laxatives and health supplements containing laxatives.” Most health products that are marked with detoxification contain laxatives, which are prone to dependence.

“Recommendation: A lot of people think that the weight loss method is very useful. Do you know the misunderstanding? It is the “human brain gold” that does not fight pesticides. It is a pity to lose weight and help digestion.

Acne must be caused by constipation?

Women should pay attention to these daily habits!