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Hard to hard。

This time is not fast.,Can let everyone see clearly。
They looked at the two fists and tied together.。
Only listening to a sudden sound,The floor tiles on the ground are cracking,The sputtering dust is like a hush wave.。
“Ah……”With a loud noise and a painful scream,I saw this youth’s thick arm,As if it becomes a decayed lotus root——Whole arm inch。
Soft 耷 pull down,Baisen’s bone is even pierced into the air in the air。
Everyone,I only feel that I am in my mind.。
A blank。
But the summer doesn’t pay attention to how this person is screaming.,Instant side,Sweeping the second person。
But this person is obviously over the leg.,After sweeping the leg,啪,Continuous three legs……And he always stands on the ground.。
Summer is clear,The situation is also a whip leg。
The legs of the two are constantly transforming the direction in the air.,Leave a debris,But there is always no collision,Only heavy legs is flashing。
This dazzling scene,Let everyone see the gods。
Just this scene is too short.,More than three seconds before and after,Summer is a foot bone in the opponent。
Cock,Directly let his ribs have been broken a few,Then there is a few risks。
Summer legs,Awkwavy like a broken,Have followed,The fourth person has flora in the air。
After the ground,His big mouth vomiting blood,Foundation can’t stand up,Two arms and legs,It has been ascended。
Summer standing on the ground,Want to sweep over middle age,I have a beautiful summer.,Follow-up,“Who else?!”
“Go together!”
Middle-aged man,That is, the third uncle,I have no previous peace and calm.。 His mouth can’t convinced,Eyelids are also jumping,Naturally cold drink,“Go together,I went wrong with him.!”
Roar,The dozens of dozens of people have all lightned in summer.。
Among these people,Summer,There is also a bodyguard that came together.,All have a good strength。
When they collectively rushed to a person,Explosive momentum and oppression,Let the customers who watched the lively all over color。
In a burst of excitement,They all stand up,Have to avoid,Erafei and fish pool。
But next second,All stay。
Perhaps these people are masters in the eyes of ordinary people.,But in front of summer,But even one photo is unable to stop。
In the eyes of everyone,This unknown young man who comes out,It’s just a humanoid weapon.。
He is like a fried thunder,Instantly slammed into the crowd,Guide to play North,Vertical。
Found,No one will stop him。
No one can hide him。
Elbow,Knee,Shoulder,Whip……He kicked his foot in the crowd,Hit,Anyone who is approaching,No hand-to-hand。
One time,Mourning,Screaming。
Cock Cock Bone Break Sound,Nothing stop in one second。
Time is not long,Nearly crafted,It also only lasts less than a minute。
In addition to the middle-aged and summer of staying on the ground,The remaining more than 30 people are lying on the ground.。
First2237Chapter Three punches
Bar three floors。

It’s not going to tell,Not a public road,More than revenge。

He only came to kill。
Don’t sweep the big summer home,Not enough to flatter。
A long time ago,He has learned about some blurred information from the letter left to your own letter.。
The labo in the world,Xia Jia not only stands on the side of the emperor,And also secretly sneak attack,Behck behind Xia Jiu Han。
So the last time,He came to Sansha City,Just to ask for a saying,A fair。
But some of them,He didn’t really step on the big summer home.。
In the end, it is only a waste of the summer.。
And summer also encounters,Have to retreat temporary。
If things are only like this,His grievances between the big summer home,It’s already a paragraph.。
Zu Mountain,I jump out of a summer invisible,And a old guy called Xia Ming,I have to set it to death.。
Summer has always remembered this account。
Just too much things,He didn’t pay attention to this matter。
And now get this letter,I learned about the secret of the year from Li’s father.,Summer is completely angry。
He thought that there is between Xia Jiujing and the big summer home,Just,So thinking……This example is very common in many luxury families.。
But he didn’t think of it.,Xia Jiu is the root cause of gliding around the world,It turned out to be that the big summer family has been secretly pushed.。
Even when it is very small,Give her poison。
How can he not http://www.0733shw.cnangry?!This special code is an extinction of human beast family!“Are you going to sweep the big summer??”
Just on the summer,When sitting on the seat,A woman’s voice next to it。
Summer eyebrows slightly。
Follow the eyes,“You monitor me?”
His seat beside the seat,Sitting a woman with sunglasses and masks。
Although it is masked,But listening to the sound in the summer, I recognized each other.。
It was a good sound that I have seen yesterday.。
Sign, laugh, laugh,Take a mask,Take a breath,“Every day, you will hide Tibet.,I am boring me.。”
Summer solve,Still staring at her。
“I didn’t monitor you.。”
Significant sound smiles,“Because I think it is the safest by your side.,Whether it is a rush or Go?,They are looking for me,Falling into them,I don’t have good end.。”
“You can return to the door。
“I want it too,but not now。”

Blue Xin didn’t think,She also has this kind of self-abuse and huge tendency。

“puff!”Blue Xin is very funny,Looking at her,Smile,“Miss Li,But it is a sentence.,I still need courage.。That is who gave you the courage to catch me here and not discovered.?”
Her way to calculate the time on the way,Lu Haocheng found her something,At least twenty minutes above,Isolated on her whereabouts,I have to spend more than 20 minutes at the very least date.。
So she must find way to drag Li Shuya。
Put in this way,Abnormal confident,“do not worry,Lu Haicheng will not know where you are,The monitoring system of the Jiangyue Hotel is destroyed by me.,Even the surrounding monitoring systems have been destroyed,Do you think he can find you again??”
Ok,Blue Xin is some disappointed,Li Shuya is also a bit。
The monitoring system of Jiangyue Hotel is installed by Lin Ye personally,There has been no hacker invading,The people of Li Shuya can destroy the system.,There are also a few people with capabilities in your hands.。
but,She believes in European,Can find a spider silk。
“Li Shuya,I advise you still don’t be too confident.。”She still laughs,Look at Li Shuya is inchabulent,They were all tied by her five flowers.,Can you smile so brilliant?。
“Good,Blue Xin,Wait a minute, I see how you are hard.,Do you know where is this??I will send you where you go.?”The smile and more evil on the corner of Liushu ya,Just like a poisonous snake,I can’t hate and bite it.。
Blue Xindao:“You look very confident,My husband,I have always believed in his ability.。”
“Humph!Lu Hao Cheng?After you die ,From the extent he loves you,That is, the corpse is meat.,Also used to deal with him??”
“Do you know why we will suddenly come back??”Li Shuya said here,The body is slightly reduced by a little bit,Her aroma,Taste is not strong,Just the right taste,This is a famous perfume,And it is limited edition。
Lu Hao Cheng also bought a bottle,The taste is more lighter than her,She didn’t know what she didn’t know.。
“Look,Lu Hao Cheng is very distressed by you,Didn’t tell the things between our two??”
“Do you know that you are now the work of the Division??That is our Lega,Reward,We have come back this time to grab our things.,Lu Hao Cheng, who is rare, everyone,I am not rare.,I want money,Money can pass,Right,This is what I want.。”
“As long as there is money,What kind of beauty is not available here??”Be unlikelykayThat idiot,For a Lu Haocheng folded his life。
Blue Xin flashed,Smile:“In addition to this matter,In fact, I want to know more.,Grabbed me,Next, will you want to do anyone?。”
“Of course, you have three children.,I heard that your three children are very can’t afford.,Is your pride,Unfortunately, I was sent away in advance.,So you have been giving me stupid,Lu Hao became your safety,How can I not tell you about our Leafang and Lu family??”Li Shuya said,High heels, one foot, play on the waist of Blue Xin,It’s also hard to step on it.。
Blue Xin’s pain,Dead bitter。
The more strong she is,The more you want to smash her proud dignity.。
Even more pain,Blue Hin maintains a brilliant smile,To hit the poor self-esteem of Luxiya。
Looking at the blue laugh,The more I am angry with Li Shuya,The greater the strength of the feet,Blue Xin feels bloody smell on his belly.。
“Blue Xin,Even if you put the three little livestock,I can also find them,Then send them to reunite with you,I think you will be grateful to me.。”
“you……I want to move my child a sweatery。”Blue Xinyi,Teeth。
“hehe……This is not what you can decide.。”
at this time,There is a bodyguard to panic.,“Miss,We should boater,There are a lot of vehicles driving over this side.。”
“what?how is this possible?”She glanced at the bodyguard,Do not believe that Lu Haocheng will find it so quickly.。
NS1609chapter:It is her own ruined himself.
“Miss,Not only there is still a lot of engagements,There is also a policeman.,There is also a helicopter in the air。”
Blue Xin listen this,After all, I laughed.。
“what?Policemen。”Li Shuya’s gaze,I saw a laughing blue.,I always feel that San Xin is a bit weird,There is another feeling that can’t say it.,“Lu Haocheng dares to call the police,Isn’t it afraid of Blue Xin??”
She is a little looked at Lu Hao’s degree of Blue Xin.。
“Miss,That’s too late,You hurry up.。”That bodyguard is anxious,Other party,Vehicle speed is extremely fast,In addition to Lu Hao,There will be no other person。
“Humph!”Li Shuya is not willing to look at Blue Xin,“I haven’t seen how to die.,How can I leave??”
“Miss,Let us take away,Waiting for people to settle up,Miss, come over and see how she is dead.。”The bodyguard looks very urgent,If it is caught by the police,But you have to take a fierce.。

After waiting until Shen Xuan and Cheng Lei left,Su Yuhong stared at the distance,self-mumbling:“abnormal,He does have this qualification。”

Speaking of such a thing that makes others can’t understand,Su Yuhong turned directly to。
It’s so light fluttering.,Lighter。 Watching sleeve,Toned a glass of wine。
Besides,It’s even more present.,More than a bit。
And Su Yuhong did not leave,But I came to my own office.。
Within the office,I have already waited here.。
When I saw Su Yuhong,These people have got up。
“Take care of the law。”
Take care of the law,I haven’t heard this title for a long time.。
Su Yuhong,Slightly。
actually,Since the end of the old man,Su Yuhong began hidden surname,Waiting for opportunities。
But now,Su Yuhong feels,I have been waiting.。
Especially when I saw Shen Xuan,This feeling,It’s more harmonious.。
“Take care of the law,Did you see your new head??”
people around me,Urgently asked urgency。
After all, I just,I heard that some people will control the crane dragon.,They are still very excited。
Especially the standard method,Unique way of energy,It’s just like the old man.。
such a man,Don’t want to know,Who is it?。
That is their old man,Only him,Such strength。
Is this person?,His successor?
“kindness,seen,Is a very good young man,There are shares on the body。”
Su Yuhong said,people around me,It is even more bright.。
That look,It seems very good。
And this time,Su Yuhong saw this,Then continue。
“but,Haven’t seen the White Pipeline yet,His identity,Not sure。”
White pipeline is the first housekeeper of the War,Take all things in the War Temple。
It is also the second person under the God of War.,Have a high prestige in the Warm Hall。
And he is also the most clear person of this incident.,If you really want to understand Shen Xuan’s identity,Still need to find white long and old。
And Su Yuhong put his hand:“this matter,Do you still have an urgent。”
“If he is really a new leader,So”
So, what?
Those people around them have,I don’t know what this means.。
These people have side,Look at Su Yuhong。
And Su Yuhong continued:“Our head of the temple,It is a people who are unwilling to be lonely.。”
“If he is really a person designated by the old man,So how long does it take?,He must have a world in Suhang City.。”

Tightly,Is a body shape。

He is red hand,Arms shake,Tight blood light,Freehand broke the body of a guardian,Liver and other organs have left a place。
Blood is even more splash,Cruel and bloody。
This person wears a black tang,Bring a copper mask on the face,It is a person who has seen in the summer.——That was a guy who was suspected of being a sold friend for sale.。
Summer doesn’t know that he still has another identity.。
Liuhe Mountain!Liuhe Mountain at this moment,Simply strong mess,Cool and cruel,The momentum of the body is like the mountains, the mountains are not shake。
He is cold,Turning around and swept a piercing maturity,Caused a sharp sharp day knife,I actually broke the end of the three guards of the body.。
Follow,He broke into the crowd,Seat a long sword of a blood,Flush,Blood light is constantly splashing。
Every time you accurately,Will go out of breath。
These powerful guardians are in front of him,There is no victorious enemy。
Take a little atmosphere,His figure is moving,Almost flying continuous steps,A sword is straight to the middle age。
Middle age is not someone else,It is the third figure of the guardian alliance,Law enforcement,Xing Jian。
Face this sword,Xing Jian’s pupil shrinks into needle mango,Side of the shape,Like the fairy crane played。
But still late。
Bump,The long sword passes his shoulder,It is also in the chest by Liuhe Mountain.,The whole person flies half the air。
Around the guardian surprises,Announced people rushed to try to block Liuhe Mountain,Another part is quickly rushed to protect Xing Jian。
Liuhe Mountain snort,No attack,Then the latter,“Stop。”
Fall into the voice,A man who is killing with other guardians,Suddenly jumped out of the circle,Quickly stand behind Liuhe Mountain。
And the guardian is also the case,It’s all desirable to smash the opposite.。
They didn’t think of dreams.,There is really some people who dare to attack the headquarters of the Guardian Alliance.。
This is simply a horror of the drama of the foggy valley than the previous time.。
Especially Xing Jian,Hand caressing wound,Grievances staring opposite,Teeth,A word a meal,“Liuhe Mountain!You,You are looking for death!”
Liuhe Mountain is laughing,Sound like a sword,嗡 回 回。
“Jun Lin is now in Hong Kong,Your second people go to the capital,There are also some masters that are not in your headquarters.。”
Liuhe Mountain is obliquely,“Who else can stop me??”
Toned,A cold scorpion passes through the copper mask,Staring at Xing Jian,“I am giving you a dog.,Give the jun,Are he not looking for me?,Even I found Hong Kong City,I want to force me out.,Now I am coming.,And killed your headquarters,Waiting for him,You ask his face pain, no pain?”
“You……”Xing Jian is sorry,But the face is still full of angry,“You only dare to hide in the dark sewer,Also want to replace the monarch,Dream!”
Liuhe Mountain is not angry,Smile,“Dreamless,Not your dog thinking about this dog,You just have to talk to him.……Summer this kid,I am guaranteed,If he killed the summer,I will also find some guardians to kill.,We have killed each,Just see who can stick to longer,I believe that the little child is very hard in the summer.。”

Sitternie,Looking at Monica,“Do you know this?,So I will come with an outsider.,You……Is it looking away from the Dark Parliament?”

Monica stationed there,Unlikely。
It’s just a bit of a look.。
Dry from Dark Parliament?
That is betrayal。
And not to say that there is an endless chasing……And even uncle。
Inverse……Do you really marry Harris??
“If you want to get out of the parliament,I can be the master,There will not be someone blocking you here.,You go as much as soon as possible。”
Sitttonneton,Teacher between tone,“If……You still use yourself as a saint,Then promise Harris’s proposal,Tell me now,What is your choice?。”
See Monica’s words,Sitternis slightly slowed down,Also,“Monica,Do you know what the scepter be caught in a sleep period?……I must know you clearly,Now I will give you five minutes.,Consider telling me the answer……”
Voice is just,Always silently want to be a statue,The look of Monica is finally opened.。
“Be no need to consider,I will give you an answer now.。”
Her eyes are first loving for a week,即 双 着 特 芬 芬,Whisper,“I won’t marry Harris,Not betrayed the Dark Parliament。”
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First1755Chapter Summer test
A snoring hall。
Ena,Sithene,Oliver and Harris are on the spot.。
They didn’t expect,Monica is actually such an answer。
Especially Harris,Face is not sweet,“Monica!Why!Why refuse me?……”
Monica shakes his head,Don’t want to talk to him more。
Why,She faintly felt something wrong。
What seems to be missing?,But after careful thinking,But it is difficult to think of it.。
“His His Hall,What do you mean?。”
Sitternie changes the call,God has also become indifferent,“This is your answer?”
“I will personally return to the headquarters.,Ask the throne and everyone asked this matter。”
Monica seems to re-recover the momentum should have,Look indifferent,Whisper,“If they are also determined,I will naturally follow。”
It’s now,She can only temporarily delay。
But it is obvious,Many people don’t want to see this scene。
“Go to the headquarters?”
Large old Oliver,Endish,Eyeliner,“Your uncle sent you to come,Just don’t want to face you,Do you think you will go back to the headquarters to see your uncle??Hum!Holy woman,Don’t delay,Now answer now。”
He is aggressive,Spurt,Turn around,Drink,“Allocate,Soon, the throne has notified me.,This thing is made by me,Today, the saints for the private,I don’t care about the future of our parliament.,You don’t answer?”
“Not promise。”
“Never promise。”
Most people have already died in the elders and five elders,It is definitely a sympathy。
As for a small number of people who just learned,In this occasion,Naturally, I can’t stand it out against。
A sound is cold,I am watching Icy and watching Monica。
Sitting next to the chair,Rao is interested in watching a group of people’s performances。

“and so,We have to win this game tomorrow!Must win!Do you have confidence?”

“speak louder!”
“it is good,Are all gone,Go back and have a good rest,tomorrow morning9Click to open a tactical meeting,Don’t be late!”
Coach Vogel’s voice is not small,Xu Xuan is infected,At least this team is very united。
Although a wave8Losing streak,But everyone didn’t blame each other,It’s still time to train well,The atmosphere is far less depressing than the Knicks。
This is very comfortable,The only thing that puzzles Xu Xuan is,Even now,Coach Vogel still has not announced the starting list for tomorrow,Xu Xuan is itchy。
“Hey,Kid,Do you want to have a meal together??Celebrate your joining the team!”
David·West swept over Xu Xuan’s shoulder with a hippy smile。
“of course,Thank you。”Xu Xuan would naturally not refuse this kindness,In addition to being the core of the Pacers, West,Or the leader of the locker room,His goodwill shows that most of the Pacers players do not reject Xu Xuan。
First132chapter Kobe·Bryant!
A brand new day is here!
morning,Xu Xuan was eating a nutritious meal specially sent to the hotel by the team,Carson looked for a house outside yesterday,I have almost found it so far,I guess it will move in these two days。
This is a game fromTNTAdditional national live broadcast!
Without exception,Domestic side,Sports channel also broadcast today’s game!
Many people want to know,Xu Xuan, currently ranked first on the rookie list, beats the champion Wiggins,What kind of data can be played by changing a team?
Many people said,Xu Xuan’s good data before has a lot to do with the Knicks team environment,After all, the old fish is so indulging Xu Xuan.

Captain Blue Dragonfly glanced at the future blogger and said。

“Anyway, it’s a competition for the Peace Star,So naturally there must be a corresponding playing field。”
Captain Red Dragonfly said,Wave both hands,The mighty Chakra burst out of his hand。
After flying sand and rocks,Cleared out a flat sand,Then control a boulder in the air,Use chakra to cut the boulder into several smooth stone bricks and spread on the sand。
A simple playing field is completed like this。
Da She Maru and Future Bo Ren,Shuffle the cards while walking onto the playing field,Looking at each other。
“Bloggers from the future,It looks like,Hydra also has amazing technology,Ok,After all, it’s an opponent treated seriously by SHIELD,This level of technology is a matter of course。”
Ignore the words before the game,The future blogger is washing his deck wholeheartedly。
In the end, two people put the deck into their duel at the same time。
Two people shouted at the same time。

Application treasure sent a statement before,Have136Ten thousand users paid to renew,total amount1836.78Ten thousand。According to the previous contract,Application treasure deducts 20% of the service fee,Wang Yufei got a point1469.42Ten thousand。

After tax is paid by the platform,and also1172.37Wan is already lying in his account。
Plus those who were planning to buy a house300Laiwan hasn’t used it yet,Now Wang Yufei has it1400Multi-million dollar wealth。
Or this money is not big money in the eyes of the rich,But for a high school student,Enough already。
Enough for him to live a luxurious life free of meat,The small goals of the first stage have been completed。
Don’t underestimate this goal,Many people40Have not yet achieved the freedom of eating meat,For example, author Jun。
of course,A certain little girl is about to cheer again。
“Xiaoyi,The income from your previous investment has arrived,Can pay dividends。”That night,When Lu Yuxin took Guo Xiaoyi to visit,Wang Yufei notified the two of the good news。
“what?how many?”
“The total income after tax last month was1172.37Ten thousand,Your investment accounts for 23.3%,Revenue rounding is261Ten thousand。”
“Wow!How many?261Ten thousand?Cool!”The little girl is still cheerful,But the performance was not as obvious when I learned that I had become a millionaire。
After all, she had been a millionaire for several hours more than a month ago。
“Go directly to your card?”
“do not!Don’t!”
Guo Xiaoyi shook her head like a rattle:“So,brother,And me,It’s no use asking for so much money now,Why is it cheaper, Teacher Han??Not as good as this,First you Alipay and transfer me tens of thousands of yuan,The rest of the money is with you,Use it directly if you want to do something。sister in law,Are you okay??”
People are like this,Growing up in every blow。

some things,He must have experienced it himself,To taste the taste of failure。

First1065chapter good to eat!Delicious!!
The eldest son who has been looking at the calligraphy and painting in the room,At this moment, I was shaking my head again and again。
Ke Shu asked,“Big brother,These calligraphy and painting are pretty good?”
“Of course it’s very good!”He smiled and said,“This word,We amateur calligraphers can’t write……I think it is at least provincial,Even higher-level calligraphy everyone wrote!Really great!”
“Wouldn’t it cost tens of thousands for a calligraphy and painting??”Second daughter-in-law asked in surprise。
“Several?”Big brother laughed,“You are not enough for others’ money!At least add a zero at the end。”
“scare,Then these……These ones……”Second daughter-in-law counted the number of digital paintings,“Isn’t it two or three million?”
“That is at least!”Brother replied affirmatively。
“This is really rich!Put such an expensive thing here,Not afraid of being stolen!”The second daughter-in-law stuck out her tongue and said。
“People are just monitoring and security systems,It cost several million。”Mr. Ke is drinking tea,By the way,“I saw the person who came to install the equipment that day,By the way,Know the price。”
“Ok,That’s really a child of a rich family!”The eldest daughter-in-law also nodded。
Everyone is sighing,Only the grandson did not say anything,I kept thinking about the dragon girl just now.Appearance。
I can’t wait to talk to her right away,That’s so happy!
“Strange,You said they are so rich,How to greet the guests?”The second son suddenly remembered a question,“What do they do in school on weekdays?”
“Oh,They make a table of guests a week,Just saturday。”Old man Ko,“how about it,Wayward?”