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The big guys took out the binoculars equipped with Jinggang Circuit,Staring at Shen Huan’s car。

Ruan Jiahao as the focus of the crowd,His face is very ugly at this time。
He never thought,Only half a lap,Shen Huan was already ahead for a while,Not only that Fu Wei didn’t suppress him,Even Chai Xu fell behind for a while!
Only three turns,Fu Wei is already behind。
But Chai Xu is in hot pursuit,Toyota who has been following Shen Huan86Behind。
Even in4Number and5When the number of large paper clips bends,Once JaguarF-TYPESurpassed Toyota86。
But Shen Huan’s advantage has not been lost。
in5、6、7In three consecutive bends,Old drivers like Chai Xu have to slow down,Rely on inertia and drift to go through corners。
But Shen Huan didn’t slow down at all,Still relying on a substantial advantage in the outer circle,Speed up and fly over these corners,Take the lead again!
“Huanye cowhide!”A young man playing with a car couldn’t help saying,“This5、6The turn number is very narrow and angled,Chai Xu closed the throttle like this、Give the front wheels extra adhesion,So as to get rid of the limitation of gravity,Is the most common practice!
It turned out that Master Huan did well,Use the throttle and tires directly on the outer ring,Turned out the corner beautifully!Such a technique,I have only seen it in Japanese and European and American racing drivers!”
Hear him,Ruan Jiahao’s face is even more gloomy。
But Qi Yiwen couldn’t help but laughed。
Although the third daughter of Long Yuqing looked terrified,But this speed of stimulation,It also made them feel a little excited。
Because in a blink of an eye8、9、10、11This is known as the most difficult corner of the Crystal Harbor circuit,So not many people participated in the comments,Countless people hold their breath,Waiting to see how Shen Huan lives。
Shen Huan didn’t let everyone down,Keep110He at speeds above kilometers,No slowdown at all,Rely on braking、Angle and drift inertia,Smoothly traversed these four most difficult corners。
And this time,Chai Xu just passed9Turn。
A rich daughter just jumped up。
more people,Applaud。

“Humph,Chrysanthemum residue,Wounded,Heartbroken!”

Knives formed by countless petals shuttle through the crowd,Numerous casualties in an instant
“Nine spirit rings,Title Douluo!”Contra looked at the person in front of him in shock,But a long bloodstain on his neck fell to the ground with wide-eyed eyes。
Bibi Dong looked at the guard who fell to the ground coldly,Leaped lightly and ran away,Several others followed。
Soon they came to the Heaven Dou Empire,Rushed in,Wherever he went, anyone blocked was mercilessly beheaded,Soon they came to Yuexuan。
Bibi Dong immediately walked in,Chief Ord immediately kneeled on the ground and said respectfully:“Under the Pope!”
“Say,Where is Tang Yuehua!”Bibi Dong’s murderous way。
“I am here!”A gentle voice came in front of her,Bibi Dong looked at her with serious and strong killing intent。
Bibi Dong came to Tang Yuehua’s side in a blink,Pinched her neck tightly with her right hand。
“What kind of ecstasy soup did you give Yan’er?,I was willing to leave Wuhun City for you,Willing to self-destroy,Remove the soul bone!”Bibi Dong said coldly。
“Ha ha,Bibi Dong,Yan’er has experienced you, you know better than me,Not because of,If it wasn’t for you, Lin Yan could become what he is?”
Lin Yan came to Yuexuan two days ago,At this time his blood has flowed,When I came to Yuexuan, it was the end of the battle。
“Lin Yan, what’s wrong with you,Why is the injury so bad!”Tang Yuehua trembled lightly,Tears flowed down involuntarily,Immediately lifted Lin Yan and walked into the house。
“Odder, go get a doctor,Go quickly!”Tang Yuehua shouted。

“landlord?You call him the landlord?”Li Ting exclaimed,Even admonish roommates,“Wenwen,Don’t be fooled by him!He is a little security,Come out part-time at night to help people collect rent!How could it be the landlord!”

Zhang Wenwen was a little stunned。
Look at Chu Yi,Look at Li Ting again,I don’t know what is going on。
Chu Yi was too lazy to explain,Just drop a sentence:“Give you a few more days,If I can’t pay the rent,,Just pack up and leave!”
Finished,Chu Yi turned around and left。
in fact,Under normal circumstances,Chu Yi told the tenants who lived in him,Are easier to talk。If anyone is really short on money temporarily,He will give a grace period。
but,For this Li Ting,Chu Yi really doesn’t have a good impression。
Can’t pay rent?Then leave!
“Li Ting,How did you offend the landlord?”Chu Yi just left,Zhang Wenwen couldn’t help but ask。
“Wenwen,Didn’t I say everything?He is a small security guard who helps people collect rent part-time!”Li Ting said disdainfully,“Why do you really treat him as the landlord??”
“Security guard?”Zhang Wenwen was stunned。Obviously,She really doesn’t know Chu Yi’s job,“I have lived here for three or four years!He is the landlord!You can’t go wrong!”
“what?”Li Ting was a little surprised,“did not expect,This little security guard,There really is a house!”
Li Ting thinks of herself again,Don’t even have a house,Not as good as a little security guard,Suddenly depressed。
What’s more depressing is……She pays rent to this little security guard every month!
“Humph!”Thought of here,Li Ting snorted heavily,“Just leave,Who can’t live here?I remember that,next door1001There are vacancies,Big deal i move next door……”
Li Ting hasn’t finished speaking yet,Zhang Wenwen interrupted:“House next door,Also his。”
“What?”Li Ting is startled,“Then I have a big deal to move to1005go with!”
“This whole layer,All his。”Zhang Wenwen said silently。
Without waiting for Li Ting to continue speaking,Zhang Wenwen said again:“To be precise……This whole building、This entire Haitang Garden District,All his!If you want to move,Can only move to other communities!”
“what?”Li Ting softened her legs,Almost fell to the ground,“I obviously saw him working as a security guard during the day!”

I won’t even think about having a baby with Fang Hao,She doesn’t think like that at all。

She doesn’t even care about her appearance。
When I first met Fang Hao,Even some contempt,I think this little fresh meat is just a good skin bag,In this materialistic society,I’m afraid the kidney has been used up long ago。
Until the accidental discovery that Fang Hao is very strong,This changed my mind。
Only a strong body,Coupled with this value,It’s perfect。
Have you had plastic surgery,I don’t need her to think about it。
She also knew that Fang Hao’s plastic surgery detonated so quickly,So many marketing accounts shot at the same time,There must be someone who wants black Fanghao。
I can even faintly guess who is in Black Fanghao。
but,What’s so scary for her??
This circle has long been unable to tolerate her,She doesn’t worry about people coming to hack her。
The barefoot are not afraid to wear shoes,She didn’t believe that after she expressed her position,Wang Xiaochun has the guts to blacken himself。
Wang Xiaochun dare to do that,She dared to hang up all the artists of Ten Color Entertainment。
She does have a lot of black materials,But all the black material that can be exploded,How many times have they been exposed。
Those black materials that can’t be exploded,For example, some wine bureaus……
If Wang Xiaochun has the guts to break the news,Just wait to destroy it together。
Her backstage can’t hold the kind of devastating energy。
In her mind,The threat Wang Xiaochun can bring to her,Far inferior to the threat Luo Xiaohu can bring to her。
Fang Hao was surprised by her forwarding。
Fang Hao thought Chi Jiao and Qu Wan’er would forward and support him,did not expect,Those two did not make such an action,Instead, Zhan Li provided forwarding support。


Qin Xiaomi has time to talk now,Get off in a hurry,Look around,Looking for the erhu youth,But pedestrians hurry,Where can I find someone at this time?!
“Old man,People are gone……”
Qin Xiaomi said bitterly to the phone,She knew she was going to be scolded by the old man。
“What’s missing?”
“The erhu youth is gone,Finished,Oh,wrong,Finished,Just left,No one can be found,Old man,Don’t worry!
Maybe that guy will come tomorrow,I will definitely get in touch with you tomorrow……”
“Ugh!You!From a big girl,Careless all day,You go early tomorrow,Find me,Such a song,If it is really original,The old man gave him permission to study in folk music……”
“grandfather,Are you trying to accept a disciple??”
“Who told you not to learn folk music,What do you learn about piano and violin,Now there is no successor to folk music,All went to learn piano and violin……”
“OK OK,No more,Again,Hung up!”
Qin Xiaomi heard that the old man wanted to talk about it again,Hung up the phone quickly。
Got in the car again,Qin Xiaomi wanted to start the car and leave,But after thinking,But turn on the phone again,Watch the video carefully again。
Not to mention,This song is absolutely amazing,Really nice,This guy is a talent!
unconsciously,She watched the youth in the video,Looking at that masculine and handsome face,Finally, my face turned red,So handsome!
Just a bit dark,Pretty ordinary,But somehow,But it gave her an indescribable sense of vicissitudes。
See too much butterscotch,At this moment Qin Xiaomi suddenly discovered,Youth in the video,There is an invisible charm,Attracted her deeply。
End the call with granddaughter,Qin Dacheng opens the video again,Listening over and over,His inner shock is becoming more and more irresistible。

A few months ago,“Meteor girl”The bursting popularity of debut,My good master rewarded Shen Huan with a TV series。

If it’s someone else,Shen Huan will think about it,But now it’s Buyi,Of course Shen Huan did not hesitate。
Mom once said,It’s good to be healthy,Bouyei is the typical one。
Came to this world,Shen Huan is not greedy,Xiaoshuishui、The three wives of Dong’er and Buyiyi,It’s not too much?
Anyhow, a widow is also a born again,There is also a system with such a leather,You can’t lose the face of the reborn person!
So Shen Huan replied:“Ok,Let me tell him……But in terms of price,You have to be prepared for Mavericks,His script is not cheap,Even if it’s a TV script。”
Buyiyi is happy,Thousands.Jiao.x.Shen Huan gave a charming look,“You said you weren’t Chu Liuxiang?People can’t even see him,You can talk to me directly about the price~~”
Shen Huan didn’t go to talk,But change the subject:“Yiyi,The script they want this time,What type it might be?”
“Oh?Teacher Chu, you can still customize it?”Buyiyi was pleasantly surprised。
Shen Huan doesn’t care about the temptations of this little clever ghost,“If it suits you,Then best,After all, you can’t make a cheap Mavericks film and television。”
“Ok,This too!”Bouyei。
She owes favor,It’s not bad now。
But this favor is not directly owed by Mavericks,Very complicated,There is no need to go into it。


“Why do you dare to buy this?”
“Why dare not buy?”
“Do you really think Xu Xuan can break this record?Hey,Trust me,He can’t break!”
Howard’s painstaking persuasion。
“Ok,Maybe you are right.”
Howard was overjoyed,Nodded like a chicken pecking rice:“Correct,Yes,Just trust me,Give you a chance,You can change it now,Before I change my mind.”
Curry raised his hand to him,Howard squinted and grinned.:“Stephen,Do you want to change?Ok,I will note it for you.”
“Uh,That was not what I meant,I mean.Bring me again20Record breaking!”
Xu Xuan did not play in the second quarter,Until the beginning of the third quarter4More than a minute,Xu Xuan played again!
“Hey,guys,Give you one last chance.Now there is only20Less than minutes,Do you still think that here20In minutes,Xu Xuan can get at least27Minute?”
Howard raised his tone,I was a little less confident at first,But as I said, I was convinced by my own logical analysis.,That strong self-confidence also emerged。
“Hey,Wake up,I am giving you one last chance in the name of good friends and buddies,Don’t come when you can’t miss it!”

“Yes……”Ding Yi said following him。

“I knew you were working overtime again,All right,I’m relieved if you are okay。Be safe when you return,You go busy,I went to sweep the snow。”Lu Yuan said easily。
“Thank you brother。”
Lu Yuan was taken aback,He just pondered Ding Yi’s sentence“Thank you”the meaning of,Thank you for cleaning the snow yourself,Thank you for not asking who she went with?Just think of it:“When did you learn to be polite with me?”
“Hee hee。Bye。”Ding hung up as soon as he said it。
Lu Yuan put the microphone back on the phone,He didn’t go to sweep the snow immediately,But looking at the puppy in a daze……
The puppy lays its head between its front paws,Opened his eyes and glanced at his master,Seeing that his master was staring at himself with a heart full of thoughts,It thinks the owner has something,Raise my head,Also looking at the master。
Lu Yuan saw the cute little dog,Laughed,Looking at puppy,Patted my thigh,The puppy stood up immediately,Walk to him,One hard,Rushed to him,Sticking out his tongue and licking his hands and face。Lu Yuan held this clean and white puppy in his arms,Caress its soft long hair,Murmured:“One by one,My good one……”
Lu Yuan’s feelings for Ding Yi may only be known to him,Out of family responsibilities and love for sister,He never reveals anything from beginning to end。It can be said,Ding Yi,Is the first girl Lu Yuan likes,When he followed his mother to his stepfather’s house,At first sight I fell in love with that clean and beautiful sister,He gave her all the love that an older brother could give,With age,This kind of love is getting stronger,But because of their family,He never showed it,despite this,His mind was still seen through by his mother,Of course his mother forbids him to love this sister who is not related by blood and she doesn’t like it anymore,Until Du Lei appeared。
Lu Yuan’s love for Du Lei,Is accumulated little by little,Although there is no heart throbbing in the pure sense of first love,But Du Lei still impressed him,More importantly, mother likes Du Lei。Facts also proved,Du Lei is a general、Will do things、A good wife who knows how to care for her family,and so,Lu Yuan gradually closed the gate of his feelings towards Ding Yi。After Ding Yi returned from Kangzhou,He once advised his mother to care more about Ding Yi,Mom said,It’s been so long,She never called me mom,I can be a stepmother。Lu Yuan said,You have to make her feel like a mother,My sister’s biological mother died early,She is supposed to be the best buy,You treat her well,She naturally called you mom。Mom doesn’t take him seriously,And talk about his feelings for Ding Yi back then,Accuse him of caring too much about this sister,Be careful to let Du Lei see it。This makes it impossible for Lu Yuan to work as a mother anymore。
Although I closed the gate of feelings for Ding Yi,But whenever I see Ding Yi unhappy,No matter what kind of feeling,Lu Yuan was still worried about Ding Yi,He loves this sister very much。Remember when Xiaohu was a kid,Ding Yi told him that the tadpole is looking for his mother,Talking,I shed tears,The son also burst into tears following her。and so,He believed from beginning to end,This is a child who lacks love。To some extent,He and his mother took away her father’s love,and so,He removes everything he can,Try to get Du Lei to communicate with her more,Call her to make up for the shortcomings。
later,The time I accidentally saw Jiang Fan in the provincial capital,Lu Yuan’s mood is indeed very complicated,He hoped that Jiang Fan could bring sunshine and love to Ding Yi,Worried about Jiang Fan taking away my sister,But no matter what,He has no right to hinder their relationship,Especially after I learned that Jiang Fan came to Langzhu to be the mayor,He believes even more,My sister belongs to Jiang Fan in this life,No one else。at this point,No doubt。because,He saw it in Jiang Fan’s eyes,I saw it from my sister’s persistence。
Lu Yuan always thinks that his love for his sister is deeply buried,Sister doesn’t know。But once Du Lei told him,Or after Ding Naixiang was discharged from the hospital in a car accident,Du Lei went to visit Ding Naixiang at home,Ding Yi asked if she was talking on the phone with her brother?Du Lei saw Lu Yuan’s concern for his sister,Far better than caring for her,I told Ding Yi very jealously:its me,Can’t attract your brother’s interest at all,I feel that your brother cares more about you than me。This word,When Ding Naixiang was hospitalized,Du Lei also tried Ding Yi,By a woman’s instinct,She must consolidate this,She asked Ding Yi,I think you and your brother Lu Yuan are a natural match,He is so good to you again,And you are not related,Why not kiss and kiss?Ding Yi told her:I know brother loves me,I love brother too,But ours is the love between brothers and sisters。If we fall in love,I only have a lover and no brother,If I fall in love with someone,such,I have brother’s love,And love of love,I can get more love,and so,Brother and I can’t be in love,Only you can fall in love with brother,if that’s the case,I got another piece of love from my sister-in-law for no reason。
The dialogue between Ding Yi and Du Lei has passed for many years,Du Lei told him not long ago。visible,Ding Yi loves herself too,Just my sister,More assertive than myself,She anticipated the impossibility of this kind of relationship more rationally than herself。and so,He loves his sister even more。
Lu Yuan holding a puppy,Sat blankly for a long time,Finally, I can only bless Ding Yi silently in my heart,I hope that man can really love her,Don’t make her cry again。I only have blessings now。
Thought of here,He sighed slightly,Put down the puppy,Got up angrily,Went out to continue sweeping the snow。It seems,From now on, my sister’s house can’t just come,She wants to have her own secret,The footprints of the man on the snow tell it all……
Besides, after Ding Yi hung up the phone,,So he slumped into the bed,She blinked,Guessing how my brother will think of her,Shaking his head while thinking,She doesn’t think about it,Pull up the quilt,Covered his head……

“What are you doing!I just asked casually,Why are you being so fierce to me?Really。”

Li Qiao’er immediately complained like aggrieved。
“No,I’m not attacking you,I just talked casually,Why are you serious, little girl??”
Shen Ruoxue immediately changed a smile,Started coaxing Li Qiao’er。
Li Qiao’er pouted and said。
“OK OK,My attitude is wrong,I’m wrong,I apologize to you,Come,Please forgive me if you kiss your little mouth。”
Shen Ruoxue finished a few words,Really got in front of Li Qiao’er,Reach out to kiss Li Qiao’er’s pouting mouth……
Li Qiaoer immediately backed away hastily,Shen Ruoxue’s intimacy,Li Qiao’er hasn’t adapted yet,Especially at this moment in front of so many sisters and sisters,Li Qiao’er still can’t do it。
“What are you hiding?Unwilling to let me kiss?”
Shen Ruoxue began to entangle Li Qiaoer half-truth。
“No……Go home and let you kiss。”
Li Qiao’er’s awkward answer,The face is still red。
“Why do you want to go home and let me kiss?Can’t you let me kiss here??I have to kiss here!What?You just say let me kiss?”
Shen Ruoxue’s“Princess disease”It started immediately!I asked Li Qiao’er a few words frankly,Then he put on a posture of swearing not to give up。
“Then kiss。”
Li Qiaoer can’t deal with Shen Ruoxue,I turned my face wisely,That means let Shen Ruoxue kiss her on the cheek。


Chapter One Thousand Thirty Four Attack of the master ghost
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Attack of the master ghost
Agui continued to persuade Qin Liang,If you don’t want to know where the jade is,,He wouldn’t talk so much nonsense with Qin Liang,Killed Qin Liang long ago!
“Ha ha,It doesn’t make sense for you to talk like this。Those stones are just for me,I gambled with your chief Liu to win back!Don’t you want to admit it if you lose??”
“Mr. Liu and I made the rules together,Lose is lose,Don’t talk to me!Want something?can,Come with the money!Don’t bet if you can’t afford it!Why are you embarrassing to come out??Still fucking Hai Shang Zhuang,Haha……Not afraid of being laughed out of!”
Qin Liang took Liu Lao without fear,With that young man,Scolded a bloody head together。Obviously he didn’t pay attention to the six people in front of him who were going to kill him.……
“So it seems,Your kid is going to toast and not eat fine wine!You can’t cry without seeing the coffin, right?See the pot burning over there!It’s all boiled oil!I’ll give you one last chance,Hand over the stones immediately,Then he broke two fingers!We’ll forget it,otherwise,You are ready to taste the taste of the frying pan!”
Agui pointed to the big pot not far away,Viciously threatened。
“Yo!Need to deep-fry!I don’t like this,Too much oil, too greasy,tastes bad,Eat too much and get fat!Hahahaha……”
Qin Liang laughed,Said without caring。
“Ghost Brother,Why are you talking so much nonsense to him?,Just throw him into the pot and fry it!Isn’t he stiff mouth?Blasted his mouth first,See if he is still hard!”
A bastard can’t bear it,Pointing at Qin Liang,Arrogantly。
“Correct,Don’t blow him up all at once!Come a little bit,Blasted his mouth,Then blow his two hands and two feet,See if he pays him back!”
Several other bastards also agreed。
“Kid,Did you hear!I advise you to hand it over!Otherwise, don’t blame me for reading you’re not polite!”