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Shen Xuan finished,Subsequently, I saw my mobile phone.。

Sun Ting has sent him a message.,Let Shen Xuan have passed。
I don’t know what it is.,But Shen Xuan,Still directly rushing。
“have no idea,Sun Ting looking for me,What is it??”
at this point,Shen Xuan’s heart is full of curiosity。
The 261th chapter is arrogant,Overbearing Tianlong Wushu
“in other words,Means of,This Tianlong Wushu,Recently, I started looking for you with Sun Jia.?”
Shen Xuan looks to Sun Ting,Slightly indiscriminate,Can’t ask。
And Shen Xuan,Sun Ting looked over,It’s more important to nod.。
“Be right,Our grandchildren hurt because of the past,So there may be no way to resist Tianlong Wushu。”
“And they give us the conditions,Is letting us Sun Jia,Join them!”
With Sun Ting finished,Shen Xuan, the whole person, is more refreshed.。
After all, now,If this is really this,Then this matter,It will become very difficult.。
I think of these in my heart.,Shen Xuan’s conscious look at the eyes。
“All right,In fact, this matter,Don’t say anything else,Sun family’s things,I definitely not stand by.。”
Moreover,If you look at yourself here,at this point,But it is not willing to see it.。
so now,Shen Xuan still wants to show his attitude。
Sun Ting is moving in the heart,obviously,Shen Xuan said so,In fact, it is more warm in her heart.。
In fact, think about it.,Sun Ting still found,Shen Xuan’s help for her and her family,Really too much。
so,Even let Sun Ting’s own heart,I don’t know what to say.。
Always feel,For Shen Xuan,More more than a profit。
I saw a while,Sun Ting’s heart is still secretly an estimated these things。
But now,Sun Ting still didn’t forget。
“Shen Xuan,Thank you very much.。”
“If it is not your words,May Day Sun Jia,It is impossible to go now。”
actually,I have already been in front.,Sun’s family has become shakes。
At that time,Shen Xuan took Sun Ting directly。
In this case,Talent,Let Sun Jia slowly rejuvenate。
Shenxuan did,Sun’s home,There is no one in the same time, you can do it as Shen Xuan.。
sometimes,It is precisely because Shen Xuan,Sun Ting can stick to it now。

“Hey-hey,I have just handled things.。”Lin Feng heard the words:“Thanks for your hard work。”

“Less nonsense,How much does you spend this time??”Liu Wei won the hard hat,Tired color on the face。
“Money is a foreign matter,I have paid this time is a gold.,Win in South America500Jintian,Won the Miao Dongxing500Kingshi,Our May 5th,The rest of the debt, I will sell seven turn god dragon Dan。”Lin Feng smiled and explained。
“Ok,This doesn’t matter。”Liu Wei heard the words:“Is the design satisfaction??”
“姨 design,I am still not satisfied.。”Lin Feng thumbs up:“Very style,correct,Where did you see Xuanyuanjian and a forever??”
“This information is not difficult,I got from the Miao。”Liu Wei heard the words。
“so it is。”Lin Feng heard a little bit,After all, Liu Wei’s identity is there.,Miao ethnic biscuit。
“You don’t look at the building,The good and bad of a building also affects the gas transportation of a forces.。”Liu Yan quiet explanation:“To design these things,A senior of the Miao also helped me。”
“Which senior is a Miao??I will go to the next day.,Thank you very much.。”Lin Feng is so happy。
“He is my father.。”Liu Wei is silent。
“姨,Thanks a lot,thank you。”Lin Feng said with sincerity,If you are not for your own,I am afraid that I will not ask my father.,He listens to Bei Xueyin mentioned this.,姨 doesn’t agree with your father。
“Silly,As long as you and Xue Yin are happy together.。”Liu Wei smiled and said:“What else needs me to help??”
“Hometown is coming back from Antarctic。”Lin Feng explained:“Need to build a palace,Let the GTHO maintain a low temperature or a cool state。”
“Palace?”Liu Wei heard the words:“How about this,How to build on the bottom of the Lake Lake?”
“Ok。”Lin Feng heard the words:“Hard work,correct,姨,You also quench your body.,Lifting fatigue。”
“I have been busy with these few days.,I am fine, I am relieved.。”Liu Wei smiled and said:“In fact, the biggest pressure of the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce is you.,The most important thing is also you,Do you care more。”
“I see,姨,Does Bechang at home??”Lin Feng asked with a smile:“When I am nothing, I am looking for him a few more glasses.。”
“Go to the province,Just a few days, the cold, Dad, also come here.,You have a few more drinks with them.。”Liu Wei。
“I see,姨。”Lin Feng nodded:“You also pay attention to your body.。”
“Um!”Liu Wei heard a little bit:“Go back。”
Lin Fengnan immediately turned around.,He has a light power to go through the whole building.,And Dali,Xu Wenqiang chats chatting,After the noon is completed at noon,Lin Feng took a drink with everyone.,After drinking the wine, it has been three o’clock in the afternoon.。
Everyone went to fight.,Soaring in the morning,Fight after the afternoon。
Their taken is extremely cruel exercise method,Stimulate your potential,It’s basically all in the evening.,Then quench the body to Diaoliang,Almost crazy。
Lin Feng looked at the back of everyone sighed。
“eternal life,Reincarnation。”Lin Feng mysterical:“Bros,I believe you,I will also work hard.。”Lin Feng walks into the lakeside villas in the lake.,He picked up a big box,It is exempt from the soul of the soul。
After Lin Feng took out three thousand years of blood ginseng,50lBronze big pot,Full spring water,After Lin Feng directly shocked a millennium,Then, there were dozens of medicinal materials in it.,Spring water in the bronze cauldron。
Then it will hang it,Burning under the water cylinder,This is a method of torrential blood in the minister.,Can make human body to recover blood。
The last Lin Feng found a water tank。
Marking mark on the water cylinder,Capacity,Strict,Error is extremely small。
“Soul!”Lin Feng opened the box,Sure enough, I saw a lot of wood inside.,These wood is dark,Spurious breath,This kind of breath makes people feel serene,But cold,In short, this kind of breath is very strange。
“Be awkward!”
The soul wood in Lin Feng is directly by Lin Feng.,The powder has fallen into the water cylinder,And Lin Feng gently,Directly cut the wrist artery,Suddenly blood flows and falls into the water cylinder,Blood is very fast, and the soul is blended together。
A strange thing happened,Lin Feng saw the blood in the water tank to make a strange red ray,Lin Feng saw this scene secretly surprised,This is the very like。
“very good,very good。”Lin Feng mysterical,Now, Lin Feng accelerates the blood flowing out inside the body.,The strange red ray is more strong。
More than ten minutes,close2lBlood flow into the water cylinder。
The same moment, the spring water inside the bronze coil is oscillated.,The color is already milky white,Like milk as mellow。
Lin Feng picked up a spoon digging a bowl,And then slowly drink,Suddenly,Like blood flows in the body,Just passed a moment,Lin Feng feels that the blood of the body seems to have a lot of recovery.。
“it is good,The secret recipe that will be left behind。”Lin Feng praised,This configured is called blood spring!
NS492chapter Corpse

“I really do not know。”

He slowly stands up,Cold channel,“But you can go to Changan Li Jia.,Perhaps Li Jia knows some inside。”
After,No longer,Turn and get out,Back shades are filled with depression and sorrow。
In the afternoon,Xia Ma does not stop and get out of Changan Airport.,Straight up。
After seeing Li’s father,Summer is not nonsense,Once again, the letter is handed over.。
The look of the old man and the summer do not have a discount,After reading it,The old face is full of complexity。
He is silent to fold the letter paper,Plug envelope。
Immediately see the summer,Sigh,“Where did you get this letter??”
“It is my mother who is handed over to me.。”
Summer sketch,“Grandfather,Do you know what is going on??”
In fact,This letter is very common,There is no secret and insider,I didn’t talk about any hatred.。
It is a letter that the mother left to the son.。
Even my mother can’t be determined,The future son will not see this letter。
But in the letter in the letter,Xia Xia saw some secret——That is the mother is very time.,It is poisoned by people.。
“About your time,Experience what kind of hardship,I am not sure,but……About your mother poisoning……I know some。”
Mr. Li stacked wrinkled old face,Full of complex,Immediately spit a sentence。
“In fact,The source of the surrounding year,Summer home!”
NS2753chapter Intision
“In fact, this essence,And the battle between the family,There is not much difference,Unlike,Your mother is too excellent and dazzling.。”
Hall in the hall,The voice of Li’s father,I am full in my eyes.。
“My excellent,Not only is her potential,And her mind。You can imagine,It was still a ten-year-old girl.,Leave Xiajia to the outside,What is the belief in challenging the young masters of all parties??”
The look of Li’s father has become awkward.,Like a distant memories。
“Your mother and summer cloud,Not Xiajiao,But the bypass is selected into the big summer home.,And your mother is self-proclaiming the demon,This makes the summer family.,There are also some people who have a dark psychology.。Listening to some funny is,So big summer home,Awutling a ten-year-old girl,But don’t forget,This ten-year-old girl,Already to the human master。”
Master is spit out of a sigh,Horn hooked a self-launcher,“If it is very common pang, it is selected to enter the big summer family.,I feel that I can cultivate,Creating a large number of resources will be tilted,But for my mother,Daxia family felt threatened,Sick her growth,There is no teaching of her big summer core inheritance.,So as soon as,With basic swordsmanship and boxing,Your mother is also like a dazzling sun.,Cloth all rays。”
“Why do she leave the summer??Because her mind is very mature then,Can feel that Xia Jia people have faintly prevent and hostile。”
to here,The ridicule of Li’s father is even more,Increasingly。
“one thing,Those who know is very small,In your mother, ten years old,Three-year period to go outside,Summer family……嘿嘿,Xiajia people have been in the dark to your mother,I want to kill her in the cradle.,I have encountered it once.,Although they are covered,And easy to accompany,Even the tricks have changed,But I can affirm,That is that Xiajia people are undoubtedly。”
The summer fists clenched and released。
And the old man sighs,“summer,I believe you can understand,Giants are deeply like sea,More than the first hidden family of Huaxia,More cold and cold blood in the battle,No family can speak。”
Toned,Look straight,“Some things are like this,Not you telling family,Others may not be willing to tell you family,Not if you want to quit, you can quit.,Because you are here,It is a threat。”
Summer silence。
Although he is also considered a giants,But did not grow in the giants,Can not understand these。
Contrary,He has experienced too much darkness and betrayal。

http://www.haiwaijiu.cnWomen’s face,Just smile is more,But this smile has to make more fakes。

“Wang sister is really a noble person,I am a Miao, who is Luo Yunchamber.。”
Say,She refers to a man who is provocating summer.,“He is my follower。”
“Luo Yun Chamber of Commerce……”Wang Yixin became taste。
Luo Yun Chamber of Commerce is in Shencheng to 200。
She didn’t expect,Some people will provoke themselves first.。
Important,Wang Yuxin does not think that the other party has this courage。
She laughed,“Can you tell me,Who will give you a trick behind??”
A woman who is named Miao,“Where is Wang’s sister?,Is this average banquet not?,Everyone thinks that Wang’s sister is inadequate this year.,I don’t dare to test,I have to come to the road stone.,If you can compare my sister,I am afraid that I will never lose it.。”
At this time,The man raised the sound,“Boy,I dare to accept my challenge.,I don’t dare to say,I put you a horse.。”
Very high voice,The momentum is also very foot。
Originally, I am paying attention to people on Zhao Xiaole.,All have been attracted。
Such a scene,Let men be more proud,Point pointing at summer,“You as a follower of Wang Yuxin,Why is there soon?,Contact,Say。”
Summer standing,Go out,“Go to the central government。”
He is obedient.,This guy is in the show,How to make more fake,Really nausea。
The man did not expect that the summer actually agreed.,After the reaction,Silently laugh,“I don’t go back and go back.,Early saying morning,Waste my saliva……”He also stepped forward。
only……After receiving a few steps,Suddenly,I took him.。
“Zhang Da,What are you going?。”
This person is pressed in his ear.,“Don’t you know who he is??
He is the head of black sister’s mysterious business,On the opening day, kill the mad dog on the spot.,Did you find it?!Let you smash the soft persimmon,How do you pick a stars?!”
Men’s figure,So hanging from,The forehead naked eye shows a fine sweat。
“Big brother,you,What you said is really?”
“of course it’s true, I just got message,Let you wait a little one, etc.,Why don’t you listen?。”
“I……”Zhang Da’s face changed again,“Not I have to provoke,Is Miao Her……”“The woman is an idiot,Estimate is also someone else’s knife……”Zhang Dhai uses hand, one-piece head fine peak,Accelerate speech speed,Then drink,“and many more!”
Walking in the summer stopping footsteps,Turn around,Like a smile,“what happened again。”
“I……”Zhang Da’s red neck is thick,Teeth,Low sound spit out three words,“I surrender!”
He wants to low-key。
Unfortunately, the throat just,Has attracted enough people。
I heard him at this moment.,Originally ready to see the lively people?,All almost sides of the old blood spray。
Your uncle。
Pants are off,Let us see this?
Pretending to talk to Wang Yuxin smile,A sister, a deep model,It’s even aiming.。

“Niu De Wang said,He is not willing to meet me and Master,Let Mushan old demon take Master away.。”

“It turned out to be like this……”
Pig Eight Rings Dark Nod:“Anonymous passion in the district,Master, you are a little bit.,same as before,I cover you with the Shamishi brother.,You can rest assured.!”
“Hey,This sentence is that I am coming to you.……”
Type half,The To Zunbao suddenly remembered that the pig’s head was not a family.,Transform:“The situation is different.,Montenegro walks the dog,The body has skyrocketed,I am not winning a single fight.,Plus your two will only lose more miserable,I will bring the Niu Deyan、蛟 魔、Iron fan princess, etc.,Everyone can’t run one。”
“What should I do??”
“Go to his house first.。”
Extremely:“The ugly ghost is a little wife,At the moment, in the wedding room.,We went to his yard to find,I am grouped with Master.。”
Three people are careful,Supreme Bao is thinking of moonlight box,Forgot to wait for his little sweet on the other side of the cattle。
He forgot to be tight,Niu Deyan,On the way rushing away。
Zixia Fairy。
Today is a great day of Niu Xiangxiang and Sun Wukong.,Zixia is restless,Snoving into the city。Dress up as a female goblin,Things of the rich, the painting is the same as the ghost,Therefore, no one pays attention to her.。
Not worried about the cow,Instead, I don’t worry about respect to respect.,Man is not a good thing,I expect them to protect the jade,Unless the sun is going to the west。
unfortunately,Niu Deyang,What is rich in grassroots,I am far away from the back of Zixia,I know that this sister is a delicate person.,Where does it take to go?。
I miss the fake groom happy in the wedding room,Real new groom, sad reminder, searching at home sister,Old cattle in the heart……
Complicated feelings,Non-Bull people can not understand,In short, very turning。
Feet,Teeth bite,Niu Deyan,Regardless of the iron fan, the princess is still in the Niufu,Take the nominal name,All the way with Zi Xia,Ready to pick a corner of no one,Live catching to the cellar, strict punishment。
“Dead monkey,Both two more!”
Outside,Zixia heard the whisper,Establish an eye,Found is the princess of the iron fan,The brain floated a series of question marks。
Don’t sleep at night,In this uncle,Think?
Zixia is so conceived,Crouch in the grass,Waiting for the rabbit,The monkeys such as static, that is, the sacred treasure。
not far away,The Niu De Wang is standing in the same place,I heard the moment of whispering,A flattle thunder,Shocking brain a blank,I only have to collapse.。
“Do not,Do not,not like this!”
Niu De Wang tightly tightened steel fork,Beiba Road:“My lady is froible,My sage is not near women,My old cow……My old cow……”
His mouth leuco,I didn’t continue to say,Iron fan princess may be ice and jade,But the monkeys’ windfarters are not at a minority。
The truth is in front of you,Niu Deyu is still reluctant to believe,Decided to give a princess once a chance。He swallowed the mouth,Shake a look into a look of respect,Face is designed into the gazeboat。
“No conscience stinky monkey,You can count,How about it,Not found to be smelling cattle?”
“Talking here is not safe,The stinky cow is taken away by me.,Go to my room。”
Chapter 667 Is a good teacher
Pavilion,Iron fan princess‘Honored’Hand,Fully happy to lead,I don’t know at all, this monkey is not a monkey.,Even is not a monkey。
She thought the love,Fact is your own husband。
Zi Xia brows squatted in the grass,seen it myself,The Zunbao traded by the princess of the iron fan,Not only no resistance,Even little excitement。
Pooh,Slag male!

Why is the immortality that has always been,And human beings do not inherit.?

Help can feel natural energy,Is there any relationship with him and small animal communication??
There is a characteristic of small animals and three holy places.,They are considerate to humans。
Can this be said,Alias is more prone to human beings to natural energy。
Thinking of this is a smile on the face of the spring.。
This seems to seem to have any relationship with him.,But it is actually。
In the original, there are so that you have to maintain the calmness when absorbing natural energy.。
But in the end, you can feel natural energy.?
Then it is necessary to calm to spiritual fluctuations to feel the degree of animal thinking.,Even more calm。
This is also the meaning of the Xianli cultivation after the Naruto.。
Means of,Human spiritual fluctuations are too high,Fundamentally different from natural energy,So I don’t know,Can’t transfer。
And the spiritual fluctuations of animals are naturally low.,So after a certain cultivation can feel natural energy。
Spring is slightly spit out,Then the breathing begins to become weak.,He began a consciously reduced his spiritual fluctuation.。
Although he doesn’t know if he has this talent,But always try。
His spiritual power is much stronger than the average person,There are also many control power.,Not reasonable。
And with him,The activities of his brain become more difficult,Thinking things are getting less and less。
The only thing that knows is to reduce spiritual fluctuations.,slowly,I don’t know how long it takes.。
A voice awakened Spring,His body suddenly shock。
“Excuse me,Bad you”White voice sounded。
Spring breathing slowly recover,At the same time, I also opened my eyes.。
“fine,How long have I stayed here?”Spring is turned to look at the white food.。
She is now full of apologies。
“Three days,I am worried that your body can’t hold it.,So give you some eating”Apologize。
“what,So long,In fact, I don’t eat things.,But wake up and wake up,Have a little bit”Spring smiles。
He did not show white disturbance,He knows that his status at the time may be somewhat,Let the white worried。
After all, normal people are impossible to breathe weak sitting there.,Don’t eat for three days。
Spring, pick up the food, just eat,Since I experienced the days that I can’t eat.。
He is also cultivating and going to eat.,This will let him experience it or a person’s feeling.。
So let’s mistakenly think that the Quanyi is the same.,But he is really different.。
At least now。
Soon, I will finish it.。
“White,You help me inform them,These days will never bother me.,I feel that I have to succeed.”Spring said。
Nodding,Spring is obviously the key time。
After leaving,Spring is still somewhat not to worry,What kind of second persons suddenly ran out??
So he divided a wooden score.,I am relieved to continue cultivation.。

The big guys took out the binoculars equipped with Jinggang Circuit,Staring at Shen Huan’s car。

Ruan Jiahao as the focus of the crowd,His face is very ugly at this time。
He never thought,Only half a lap,Shen Huan was already ahead for a while,Not only that Fu Wei didn’t suppress him,Even Chai Xu fell behind for a while!
Only three turns,Fu Wei is already behind。
But Chai Xu is in hot pursuit,Toyota who has been following Shen Huan86Behind。
Even in4Number and5When the number of large paper clips bends,Once JaguarF-TYPESurpassed Toyota86。
But Shen Huan’s advantage has not been lost。
in5、6、7In three consecutive bends,Old drivers like Chai Xu have to slow down,Rely on inertia and drift to go through corners。
But Shen Huan didn’t slow down at all,Still relying on a substantial advantage in the outer circle,Speed up and fly over these corners,Take the lead again!
“Huanye cowhide!”A young man playing with a car couldn’t help saying,“This5、6The turn number is very narrow and angled,Chai Xu closed the throttle like this、Give the front wheels extra adhesion,So as to get rid of the limitation of gravity,Is the most common practice!
It turned out that Master Huan did well,Use the throttle and tires directly on the outer ring,Turned out the corner beautifully!Such a technique,I have only seen it in Japanese and European and American racing drivers!”
Hear him,Ruan Jiahao’s face is even more gloomy。
But Qi Yiwen couldn’t help but laughed。
Although the third daughter of Long Yuqing looked terrified,But this speed of stimulation,It also made them feel a little excited。
Because in a blink of an eye8、9、10、11This is known as the most difficult corner of the Crystal Harbor circuit,So not many people participated in the comments,Countless people hold their breath,Waiting to see how Shen Huan lives。
Shen Huan didn’t let everyone down,Keep110He at speeds above kilometers,No slowdown at all,Rely on braking、Angle and drift inertia,Smoothly traversed these four most difficult corners。
And this time,Chai Xu just passed9Turn。
A rich daughter just jumped up。
more people,Applaud。

“Humph,Chrysanthemum residue,Wounded,Heartbroken!”

Knives formed by countless petals shuttle through the crowd,Numerous casualties in an instant
“Nine spirit rings,Title Douluo!”Contra looked at the person in front of him in shock,But a long bloodstain on his neck fell to the ground with wide-eyed eyes。
Bibi Dong looked at the guard who fell to the ground coldly,Leaped lightly and ran away,Several others followed。
Soon they came to the Heaven Dou Empire,Rushed in,Wherever he went, anyone blocked was mercilessly beheaded,Soon they came to Yuexuan。
Bibi Dong immediately walked in,Chief Ord immediately kneeled on the ground and said respectfully:“Under the Pope!”
“Say,Where is Tang Yuehua!”Bibi Dong’s murderous way。
“I am here!”A gentle voice came in front of her,Bibi Dong looked at her with serious and strong killing intent。
Bibi Dong came to Tang Yuehua’s side in a blink,Pinched her neck tightly with her right hand。
“What kind of ecstasy soup did you give Yan’er?,I was willing to leave Wuhun City for you,Willing to self-destroy,Remove the soul bone!”Bibi Dong said coldly。
“Ha ha,Bibi Dong,Yan’er has experienced you, you know better than me,Not because of,If it wasn’t for you, Lin Yan could become what he is?”
Lin Yan came to Yuexuan two days ago,At this time his blood has flowed,When I came to Yuexuan, it was the end of the battle。
“Lin Yan, what’s wrong with you,Why is the injury so bad!”Tang Yuehua trembled lightly,Tears flowed down involuntarily,Immediately lifted Lin Yan and walked into the house。
“Odder, go get a doctor,Go quickly!”Tang Yuehua shouted。

“landlord?You call him the landlord?”Li Ting exclaimed,Even admonish roommates,“Wenwen,Don’t be fooled by him!He is a little security,Come out part-time at night to help people collect rent!How could it be the landlord!”

Zhang Wenwen was a little stunned。
Look at Chu Yi,Look at Li Ting again,I don’t know what is going on。
Chu Yi was too lazy to explain,Just drop a sentence:“Give you a few more days,If I can’t pay the rent,,Just pack up and leave!”
Finished,Chu Yi turned around and left。
in fact,Under normal circumstances,Chu Yi told the tenants who lived in him,Are easier to talk。If anyone is really short on money temporarily,He will give a grace period。
but,For this Li Ting,Chu Yi really doesn’t have a good impression。
Can’t pay rent?Then leave!
“Li Ting,How did you offend the landlord?”Chu Yi just left,Zhang Wenwen couldn’t help but ask。
“Wenwen,Didn’t I say everything?He is a small security guard who helps people collect rent part-time!”Li Ting said disdainfully,“Why do you really treat him as the landlord??”
“Security guard?”Zhang Wenwen was stunned。Obviously,She really doesn’t know Chu Yi’s job,“I have lived here for three or four years!He is the landlord!You can’t go wrong!”
“what?”Li Ting was a little surprised,“did not expect,This little security guard,There really is a house!”
Li Ting thinks of herself again,Don’t even have a house,Not as good as a little security guard,Suddenly depressed。
What’s more depressing is……She pays rent to this little security guard every month!
“Humph!”Thought of here,Li Ting snorted heavily,“Just leave,Who can’t live here?I remember that,next door1001There are vacancies,Big deal i move next door……”
Li Ting hasn’t finished speaking yet,Zhang Wenwen interrupted:“House next door,Also his。”
“What?”Li Ting is startled,“Then I have a big deal to move to1005go with!”
“This whole layer,All his。”Zhang Wenwen said silently。
Without waiting for Li Ting to continue speaking,Zhang Wenwen said again:“To be precise……This whole building、This entire Haitang Garden District,All his!If you want to move,Can only move to other communities!”
“what?”Li Ting softened her legs,Almost fell to the ground,“I obviously saw him working as a security guard during the day!”

I won’t even think about having a baby with Fang Hao,She doesn’t think like that at all。

She doesn’t even care about her appearance。
When I first met Fang Hao,Even some contempt,I think this little fresh meat is just a good skin bag,In this materialistic society,I’m afraid the kidney has been used up long ago。
Until the accidental discovery that Fang Hao is very strong,This changed my mind。
Only a strong body,Coupled with this value,It’s perfect。
Have you had plastic surgery,I don’t need her to think about it。
She also knew that Fang Hao’s plastic surgery detonated so quickly,So many marketing accounts shot at the same time,There must be someone who wants black Fanghao。
I can even faintly guess who is in Black Fanghao。
but,What’s so scary for her??
This circle has long been unable to tolerate her,She doesn’t worry about people coming to hack her。
The barefoot are not afraid to wear shoes,She didn’t believe that after she expressed her position,Wang Xiaochun has the guts to blacken himself。
Wang Xiaochun dare to do that,She dared to hang up all the artists of Ten Color Entertainment。
She does have a lot of black materials,But all the black material that can be exploded,How many times have they been exposed。
Those black materials that can’t be exploded,For example, some wine bureaus……
If Wang Xiaochun has the guts to break the news,Just wait to destroy it together。
Her backstage can’t hold the kind of devastating energy。
In her mind,The threat Wang Xiaochun can bring to her,Far inferior to the threat Luo Xiaohu can bring to her。
Fang Hao was surprised by her forwarding。
Fang Hao thought Chi Jiao and Qu Wan’er would forward and support him,did not expect,Those two did not make such an action,Instead, Zhan Li provided forwarding support。