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“That’s it,I think this is pretty good。”

“Okay,Get used to it,The car is old,Actually there will be problems,I have also thought about it,I didn’t expect the problem this time to be so big,It seems,This car has to be scrapped,I have to get a new one at that time,I’ll change him when I save enough money。”
The young man shook his head helplessly when he said this,Looked at the time again,Then I spoke to Huang Lei,He had to repair the car and didn’t say more,Huang Lei nodded and didn’t think so much。
For Huang Lei,He will encounter many things like this in his life。
Chapter Two Hundred and Seventy Eight Sense of loss
Some things get used to it, but you don’t have any other ideas,On the contrary, it feels normal,Like now,He won’t have more,Ideas like this,Just a question,Just chat。
Huang Lei will accompany him until when this young man repairs the car,This process is okay,At least Huang Lei enjoyed this tranquility,No one will bother him。
Huang Lei finds that he needs this piece of tranquility too much,This feeling is definitely not something ordinary people can feel,It is estimated that this period is also followed by Song, whose surname is Song, and Bai, who is Zhang Bai.,What they have lived this day is bad,Especially during this period a lot of things have happened。
Including Long Liang will not give up。
Huang Lei thinks that many things will happen during this period,At this time, he left is to give himself a space, right,People will get tired when things happen,I’ll have many ideas when I’m tired。
Huang Lei’s coming out this time can actually be considered to be busy,Just to avoid unnecessary things on purpose,So I feel better,It sounds like a little evasion of responsibility,Huang Lei doesn’t think。
He still has to pay,It is precisely that he is the one who paid the most for these things,Even he feels sorry for himself at this time,After all, it’s not easy this way,Especially for him,So far he actually has many ideas in his mind,While escaping, I always think of something else in my heart,It can’t be said to be that kind of feeling very complicated。
Anyway, Huang Lei thinks it’s good to stay away for a while,You can make yourself self-cultivation and sex,Let this exhaustion in my heart be wiped out,Is a great benefit for him,As for the rest, it’s a follow-up,As for how things will be like this?Will something happen,Do you need him to go to the rescue?,Huang Lei won’t care about that much for the time being。
Anyway, this is the case。
The car is finally fixed。

“You mean,I want to die with him?”

At this time Peng Huan and Xia Xu,Brought in with a few bodyguards behind him。
See the person in front of the golden eagle,Peng Huan couldn’t help but his eyes widened。
“how……How could it be you。”
Xia Xu looked puzzled,This person and Peng Huan still know each other?
Manager Zhao is also dumbfounded,This relationship,Looks a little confused,I can’t manage that much anyway,The purpose of coming this time is to kill Lin Zhiqiang。
“Golden Eagle Big Brother,Everyone is here,Without delay,Do it!”
Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Two Blood Crow reappears!
I saw the big muscles of the one-eyed golden eagle violent,It really seems like a pair of carved claws,Full of explosive power!
“Kid,I will kill Lin Zhiqiang first,Solve you again!”
Golden Eagle turned,Scream,Claw-like right hand,Direct attack on Lin Zhiqiang!
This paw,Fierce,Strong,Everyone believes,One claw down,Enough to make Lin Zhiqiang bloody,Soul to the West!
A layer of blood sprayed directly,Everyone’s eyes widened,This bloody scene,Manager Zhao has seen it many times,He knows the methods of the golden eagle very well。
But Xia Xu is different,Face this scene,He almost vomited。
Peng Huan is on the previous one,Eyes widened,An unbelievable look。

This incidates that,I still have to start early。

“Fucking,Host,Please be a man。Let the beast go。He’s just a kid。”The system said bitterly。
“Ding,Task release,Raiders Ruiju。”
“mission rewards:A puppet strength promotion card。”
Saying no,I’m still quite honest。Zhao Ming smiled,Check up the task reward。
“Puppet Strength Promotion Card:After using it for any puppet,Can improve the strength of the puppet。The increased strength varies according to the enhancement of the puppet。The weaker the puppet,The bigger the improvement。The stronger the puppet,The smaller the improvement。”
Good stuff。It just so happens that Yan Lingji’s strength can’t keep up,If you use this strength improvement card,Her strength will inevitably be greatly improved。
But if you use this strength enhancement card for Medusa,Would it be better。In case after giving Medusa,She has evolved into a colorful sky swallowing python,Will legs grow back then??
The queen grows legs,Definitely more beautiful。
Look at Cailin’s upper body,Cailin’s height is definitely over 1.7 meters,Estimated at 1.75 meters,Around 1.76。This height,There must be a pair of big long legs。
Although Xiao Wu’s legs are very long,But after all, the height has not reached that level。
If the queen grows legs,That pair of long legs must be pretty。
Hehe,Leg play year。
“System,Or wepyTrade。How about two cards of this type?”Zhao Ming smiled。
“No way。Matter of principle,Absolutely not。”
“If you release another mission to guide Zi Ji?”Zhao Ming’s eyes turn,Think。

“Police station?

Young master,What happened?”
“My wife was caught by the police!”
Police Station Waiting Room。
The last one to call her husband,I heard my husband and my mother and sister were arrested。
Very generous guarantee,Less than half an hour,I can get you out through relationships。
Very disdainful:“mom!!do not be afraid!I just called Liu Yu,He heard we were caught,Have found a relationship to let us out。”
Liu Yu is really capable。”
“That’s,The man Lu Feifei fancyed,Can you not be able?
Not like some people,Found a useless husband。”
The implication is simple,That is Lu Yingying’s husband is a useless。
“sister,Even if he is useless,That has nothing to do with you。
Can you stop all day long,Never let go of Lin Yu?”
“Ha ha!! Of course it doesn’t matter,After all, my husband is not useless。”
Lu Feifei said proudly。

Wall17Minute、Pierce17Minute,Wizards in the away game98ratio83,15The point difference beat the Knicks。

Ke Fan and Wang Meng summarized Xu Xuan’s data from the four regular season games while summing up after the game.。
Scored almost in double figures per game?
But Fan opened his eyes wide,Because I’ve never seen Xu Xuan’s game before occupying too much of the ball.,How come the points per game are almost double?
“A lot of assists,Average6Assists.”Wang Meng slapped his tongue。
To know this year’s top pick,Andrew was traded to the Wolves·Wiggins this4Only one game9.7Minute,Exactly like Xu Xuan,And he doesn’t have as many assists as Xu Xuan.
Ke Fan and Wang Meng looked at each other,Swallowed,This Xu Xuan seems to have done an incredible thing unconsciously.
With the end of the first week,NABOfficially announced the latest rookie ranking。
Wiggins is not the top pick,Jabari·Parker。
Parker was infinitely favored by many people before the draft,Think if it is in other time periods,Definitely the best candidate for the top pick!
He did not disappoint the Bucks,4Game down,Points per game10.5Minute!
He is also the only player in this rookie class to average double figures per game.!
Wiggins second place,Wiggins didn’t play well in the first three games,I won the fourth game17Minute。NBAOfficials believe that Wiggins will get better soon because of unacceptable water and soil.,So although Xu Xuan’s statistics are better than his,butNBAThe official still put Wiggins in front of Xu Xuan.Damn thing。

Ning Fengzhi took a breath,“Turns out this is pleasure??”

Chen Xin angrily said“You tell me you create the coercion that destroys the world,Have a good time?Slap you to death!”
Gu Rong whispered“Your happiness is a threat to destroy others!!Can play!”
Xu Sheng’s eyes condensed,Cold voice“So in these three days,I plan to dispatch all the spirit masters in Wuhun Palace,Destroy or let other small sects return to the Martial Spirit Hall!”
The voice falls,Heavy breathing sounds from the entire Papal Palace“call……”
His Royal Highness the Son,He was so confident that he would solve all the sects in three days……
This ambition is simply too big……
Only Bibi Dong on the Pope’s chair held the purple gold scepter slightly,A pair of delicate amber-like pupils skips the color of appreciation……
Xu Sheng’s thoughts,Coincide with her!
Chapter One Hundred Sixty Three Haotianzong
Xu Sheng paused again,Lightly“and so,The primary goal is from the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School to the Clear Sky School,I wonder if the teachers and elders have any opinions?”
Although these elders offering worship are of no use,But Xu Sheng is forced to ask questions。
One of the elders hurriedly stated“I have no opinion,His Royal Highness can reduce the loss of the soul master by doing this,Can also promote the generosity of Wuhun Hall!”
The other consecrate nodded in agreement,“I agree with His Royal Highness the Son,This can prevent other sects from being wary of us,You can also catch the Haotianzong by surprise,They will definitely think that our next goal is the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School!”
The other elder smiled and agreed“I have no objection,His Royal Highness’s strategy is very good,No matter from which aspect,Are extremely outstanding!”
These words made Bibi Dong’s eyes bright,Look at the elder“Oh?Then please tell me the elder,What is so good about this strategy?”

Thought of here,He gave Hu Lai a thumbs up“Awesome!”

When letting everyone celebrate the goal delay,Hu Lai is not idle either,After all, the celebration is over,Can’t go back yet,What are you doing with the rest of the time?Looking at each other,Big eyes and small eyes?
Hu Lai took this opportunity to tell his teammates about the next arrangements.。
There is not much game time left,Count the stoppage time,No more than ten minutes。
But actually this time is the most dangerous for Dongchuan Middle School。
Because everyone is likely to be overly excited about the reversal,Or too relaxed。
Finally lost the ball in the opponent’s fierce attack。
Lost the ball at the end of the game,That’s really helpless,Even Hu Lai can’t guarantee that he can score again。
If he was brought into a penalty kick by Sugon High School,I’m afraid the morale of the team will collapse,There is no way to beat Dawn High School in the penalty shoot-out。Because the penalty kick is the most test of the player’s mentality,Bad mentality,Five penalties can get you two, even if it’s super level……
So Hu Lai took advantage of the celebration,Gave the team a detailed explanation of what they should do next。
How to defend,How to delay,How to reduce risk,How foul,How to disrupt the opponent’s offensive rhythm……
Anyway, the players in Dongchuan Middle School are a little dumbfounded,Unexpectedly, their deputy captain was playing dirty,So slippery。
After the game restarts,They did follow the methods Hu Lai said,Full defense。

“You know a fart!Go away,satyr!”

Yang Shiyun answered Qin Liang with a black line。
Qin Liang really got it right,Still missed,Only Yang Shiyun knows this answer,But it doesn’t matter if it is said or not,She would never admit it,There is no doubt about this。
“Call me a pervert again!You wait,Someday I must be a pervert to let you know how good I am!”
Qin Liang threatened Yang Shiyun with two sentences。
Yang Shiyun immediately stopped speaking decisively!Some people know they will eat,Don’t bite the bullet and be a hero,By the time“Tortured”It’s not me,So why bother?Yang Shiyun thinks about this very well now。
“how?Scared?Knowing that I’m afraid, don’t have to do with me anymore。”
Seeing Yang Shiyun was scared by herself,Qin Liang immediately started to feel sore again,The only method he can use to threaten Yang Shiyun,That’s it。
Yang Shiyun bit his head and expressed his disdain,I can’t say that there is none at all.?Isn’t Qin Liang even more proud of his tail up to the sky?。
Chapter three thousand two hundred and nine When will you take me to your house for dinner?
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Chapter three thousand two hundred and nine When will you take me to your house for dinner?

Shu Qing snatched the slingshot from her son,She tried,Can’t open the amount of material,Can’t pull,The projectile can’t be shot out,She feels a little relieved,Said seriously with a slingshot:“Quantity,This is the toy my sister bought you,Is a toy,Not a weapon for wounding,Since sister bought it for you,Mom can give you,But you can’t use this to beat people,If you are obedient,Mother let you play,If you don’t obey,I will confiscate!”

There is no fear of measuring,He jumped to reach the slingshot in his mother’s hand,But he can’t reach,So anxious that he yelled at grandma。
Mother Shu said:“You give it to him,Chang Yi is right,He can’t pull it off。”
Shu Qing knows that her son is not that strong,But then she didn’t want him to play,She gradually felt,By her ability,She is already struggling to care about this son,She must take everything about her son seriously,I must fight my son,but,Parents are here,She can’t teach her son too harshly,Let alone beat him,Mom and dad will be angry then。
Although she had heard people say,Can’t control children in front of the elderly,She also knows that old people love people of the next generation,But as the amount grows,This kid is very good at looking for umbrellas,And know how to avoid risks for yourself,He is not afraid of mother,Although as a mother she often teaches her son,But very strange,Measuring is not afraid of her。in contrast,I’m afraid of Dad,Even though Dad never beat him,But as long as Dad pulls his face,Stare at him sternly for a while,Can measure the amount,Then blushed,Shed tears。No matter how much,No matter how much,As long as dad comes back,He promises to be obedient,Even deliberately slap dad’s ass。So Shu Qing often quoted Peng Changyi:Gods and ghosts are afraid of the wicked。
Shu Qing often thinks,Dabao and Erbao are also used by the elderly,They are not so screwed,Appears to be more obedient and sensible,And I never heard Xiaoding complain that the old man interfered with her child,Shu Qing decided on this issue,Take time to find Ding Yi to discuss。
at night,Peng Changyi is still halfway home,I received a call from Jiang Fan。
“Changyi,Where are you?”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“I am on my way,Take Nana home today,just came back,almost home。”
“Oh?Back to Kangzhou?Did you drink with old friends at noon??”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“This is the prescribed action every time you go back。”
“Are you okay?I can fight continuously at night if something happens。”

“why?What’s wrong with you?”

Shen Ruoxue asked Liu Xiaoyun thoughtlessly。
“what why?I’m nothing wrong?”
Liu Xiaoyun was also dumbfounded,Inexplicable answer。
“This is not your style!Shouldn’t you have a fight with me?”
Shen Ruoxue“foolish and naive”Direct question……
“That was before,We were friends before,Is a girlfriend,Of course I’m going to have a fight with you,But now I am Shen Ruoyun,Is your second sister,Of course the second sister will let the third sister,This is normal, OK??Sister must let her。”
Liu Xiaoyun answered with a serious smile。
“Like this……Then I’m embarrassed,It’s as if I’m making trouble with my sister,Then I won’t bother with you,I’ll be your sister honestly。”
Shen Ruoxue said embarrassingly。
“as long as you are happy,Anything,Anyway, I will let you。”
Liu Xiaoyun replied like a little sister。
“You are like this suddenly,I am a little uncomfortable……”
Shen Ruoxue said awkwardly。
“It’s okay,You’ll get used to it slowly,Get used to it,Get used to it and you won’t feel strange anymore,Hehe。”
Liu Xiaoyun said something simple“Tongue twister”。