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Wang Hai is a bit helpless,But not more annoying。

FPXKeep a full victory,The coach of the other party will not be simple。
Actually,Liu Qingong is just in the training competition,andrankOccasionally, I used a few Kirio assistance.。
Obviously,BundleIGBe the biggest opponentFPX,There is no missing this news。
Imaginary,Wang Hai also accepted the current situation。
Gueled these minds,In fact, there is no hurt.,BPWhat should I do or how to do?。
Just Wang HaiFPXPay attention to the extent,Also a grade。
I am afraid,FPXWill be this yearIGexistLPLThe biggest opponent。
Do not……It may come to the World World.。
then,BPkeep going,IGFifthban,Get your dream directly intobanPool。
FPXLast oneban,Then I sent the knife.banPool。
See this,Most audiences have also realized that it is inconsistent。
but,Some people who really know,I have to admireFPXCoach’s strength,And himIGThis team’s research is thorough。
IGThis team,This is depends on threeCTo win the game。
The losing loss of the game,It is equal to it all pressed threeCAbove the shoulders。
so,threeCCan you get the ideal hero to win the line?,It has become an incomparable thing.。
FPXThe coach is clear after it is clear.,FacingIGSwing lineup。
Regardless ofIGWhat did you think in my heart?,Directly is decisive restrictionIGMedium hero pool,Not giveIGToo comfortable opportunity to swing on the middle。
then,IGFourth hand selection,Directly lock Sindra。
At this time,There is no need to hit the trick.,Everything is already almost water,IGThe shot selection is natural and very decisive。
FPXFourth hand selection,BeBPAfter the upper wind,Directly locked in Saiens directly。
Maintaining the status quo,Teshen this hero,It is really such an attribute.。
FPXLast choice,Directly locked the emperor。
andIGLast choice,Also in the fieldBPLast hand。
Kai Yin,quiltIGDirectlyng。
this time,IGThere is no choice to let the sword magic come to the wild。
certainly,Not to sayIGThis hand is swinging.。 after all……FPXLast oneban,nobanA knife??
WasbleFPXone ofbanBits are not?
Hereed,BPend,The lineup on both sides is also determined.。
Blue squareFPXline-up:Monozerne、Wilden emperor、Single Li Sangso、ADCCasa、Auxiliary cattle。
Red squareIGline-up:Single sword、Wild Kay、China Singdra、ADCez,Assisted Gario。
Different from the sword outside the two sides,After the two teams have entered the stage of the game,Scene is very peaceful。
It is all of the regulations.、Quilt,Don’t say it is fighting,Even the harassment of several waves is the most intense scene.。
but……No someone therefore,I feel that the two teams on the field really love peace.,I don’t want to step on the opponent’s head.。
on the contrary,All the spectators are very clear.,The two teams are very expensive to be stepped on by themselves.。
This time this time,However, it is only a dark stream.,Floating the surface。
The two teams are precisely because they pay too much attention to this game.,Only did not make a common habitual operation。
They want to seize the opportunity,Make the other person。But also at the same time,I don’t want to catch any opportunities by the other party.。

Some Nasha people do combat exercises,There are also two dragons fighting each other,Zhu Minglang found a beach training ground,Summoned Cangluan Qinglong。

Cangluan’s blue dragon feathers have grown,The size of an adult eagle,But those four gorgeous slender tails,It makes it look a little bit extraordinary at a glance。
There are many Mulong students on the beach training ground,After they saw the young dragon Zhu Minglang called,My eyes stayed for a while,Seems to be attracted by this special blue dragon。
“This classmate,You dragon,What dragon is it,Seem to have never seen。”A plump female dragon shepherd asked,I can tell,She really likes the unique and beautiful appearance of Cangluan Qinglong。
“This is Cangluan Qingshenglong。”Zhu Minglang responded with a smile。
“Qing Shenglong,Junior brother,Do you know what is the concept of a saint in front of the dragon,All with the blood of the sacred dragon,When it’s complete, it will be at least the Dragon Lord level,Your dragon looks a bit special,But it’s a bit too much to call it a holy dragon。”A male student next to the plump woman suddenly interrupted。
This sharp-faced man,Obviously he is doing sparring for plump women。
When Zhu Minglang talked about Xiao Qingzhuo as a sacred dragon,The sharp-faced man curled his lips,A look like Zhu Minglang is bragging。
Others do not believe,Zhu Minglang can’t hold his head,Force this ignorant guy to believe。
“Brother,Which branch are you from?”Plump women are more interested in Zhu Minglang,Then asked。
“Lichuan??Never heard of Lichuan Branch。”Busty woman surprised。
“Isn’t Lichuan the same courtyard in Lichuan?,I heard about it,It seems that something has just merged into the Great Court Continent in Lichuan, there is also a student,Sharpen your head and want to be certified by our headquarter,It turns out that you are from that private courtyard,Ha ha ha,It looks like you dragon,Also Zalong、Fake dragon。”The sharp-faced man continued sarcastically。
Zhu Minglang is not very fond of listening,He glanced at the dragon held by the sharp-faced man,Is a eagle dragon,It’s only a dragon。
“I happen to want my dragon to demonstrate its ability,Why not let your eagle dragon be a sparring partner?”Zhu Minglang said。
“it’s so funny,You are a young dragon,I’m worried that my fierce eagle dragon will kill it with one claw,At that time, they said that the people in the High School of How to Train the Dragon were bullying,Doesn’t it ruin our high court’s reputation?”The sharp-faced man is full of disdain and sarcasm。
“No problem,If as a holy dragon,Even a vulture dragon that only knows to eat rat carrion can’t deal with it,I died。”Zhu Minglang said calmly。
“This is what you said,I didn’t force you!”The sharp-faced man is coming soon,I just refused,This will be like wishing to compare to the last one。
“of course。”Zhu Minglang nodded。
Xiao Qingzhuo standing on Zhu Minglang’s shoulders,Its only unchanging blue eyes are staring at the eagle dragon, which is several times larger than itself.。

“Then there is no problem.,After processing,I will tell my teacher at the right time.”Spring will take the title again when the arrow。

Right time?When is the ghost?,Sien。
“Then trouble the spring.,Asma。。。。”The land is some hesitation。
“I probably gave the problem of his father’s question.,After venting, he also stabilized.,Seeing that it is no bad place.,Anyway, I also know”Spring said。
“Then ask the spring to endure,Empty is handed over.”Landed。
“You’re welcome,This is what I should do”Spring。
Everything is perfect,Spring also got what he wanted,This hard work has no white feet。
In a secret room in Fire Temple,Springs and lights are sitting on the upper body。
“Is it ready?,Problem,Remind me at any time,I am very interrupted.”Spring said。
Springs pull out a reel,The above is full of printed prints。
Then his fingers touched the empty belly,Light blue Chakra,The seal composition of a rune appeared.。
“Good and poor seal.,I don’t know how to seal the Jiuji Chakra.”Spring thought。
Spring is directly in the air abdomen,Chakra explores the seal,Dark space in the eyes of the eye。
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The hand of the spring is pulled from the empty belly.,A red Chakra was pulled out,Then press the reel,Red Chakra begins slowly enter the reel。
In fact, it will turn a circle in the reel.,These Chakra is actually absorbed by Spring.。
Empty body is somewhat shake,But he still endured。
Red Chakra after entering the eye,Quick conversion,But this is a bit more。
The speed of reincarnation is a little can’t keep up.,Spring has to slow down speed。
With the entry of Chakra,Reincarnation is getting brighter,Spring can feel that its origin is quickly completed.。
Chakra in the eyes is getting more and more,The absorption speed is also getting fast。
But didn’t have long before Chakra came back。
Empty nine tail Chakra was taken out,Springs to the reel,Bother“seal up”
Then quickly put the reel to the volume.,Drama is still finished。
“null,Nothing.”Quan Wei asked。
Empty,Just seems tired。
After that, the spring will take the empty clothes.,Come to the land。
Springs are nodd from the land,The land is also loose。
After a period of rest, after a while,Quan Wei took the temple with empty,Ready back to leave。
“null,What do you want to do with Asa?”Spring asked。
“I just want to know him.,See how he is a person”Empty state calmly。
“If you want to spend him, it is still,His strength is better than me”Spring, kidding。
The empty body shook a shock,Can block him,It is conceivable to know how strong the strength of Quanquan.,The Asma is still strong than him.。
Empty obvious overestimation,Spring is just a chance to close the empty body,Snooked Jiu Takirai。
Even if this, I have made my wolf.。
“Let it go,Do not think too much,Life is always a little unexpected,cheer up”Springs show smile。

“Ah.”Mrs. Two is crazy.。

Li Shuzhen listened to the second lady’s voice,Cold and cold, a smile。
Lu Hao Cheng success。
Li Xingyu This childish idea will only be disappeared.。
Li Shuyi stands for a moment in the original place.。
She finally relieved.,This thing she doesn’t dare to recall.,Dare to sleep overnight,Now blue is safe,She is also at ease。
Blue Xin woke up again,Already the next day at noon。
When she opened her eyes,See yourself in the ward,She has learned。
She is slightly migraine,in the sun,Lu Haocheng stands on the window,Whole people bathe in the sun。
She feels that the back is not hurt.,Just feel something sticker on the back。
Lu Haocheng saw she woke up,A saying“that’s it。
”I hang up the phone.。
“Blue,woke up。”
He stared at her,Her face is still very pale。
Blue Xin blinked against him,I am still very comfortable now.。
sorry,sorry,He repeated it over and over again.。
He didn’t protect her。
Blue Xin slightly shakes his head,Looking at him blame, she is very distressed.。
“Ah Cheng,this is not your fault,Why do you want to say something??”
Lu Haozheng is sitting on the stool on the side,Holding her hand tight,I low-end her hand back.。
The dark eyes are gently staring at her:“If I can receive your phone a little more,You won’t have an accident.,I went to the bathroom.,The phone is not listened to the table.。”
This mistake has already appeared twice.。
Blue Xin shook his head:“do not say sorry!I don’t like you to say something to me.!I don’t like you frown.。
Don’t you blame you,Li Xingyu recovered me,I can’t hide too.,Compared to his retaliation,What is this pain??
Still we win。”
She really wants to open,And Li’s group is a long-lasting battle。
I can’t hold it.,How to accompany him everything。
Li Xingyu passed last night,Don’t want to come out in these years.。
Two ladies escaped,But dragging a Li Xingyu,They are not lost。
Two ladies are thinking about her,Then I have to consider it.,After all, her pair of children will go in.,She will not take themselves in。
NS1727chapter:I listen to you.
“You。”How can Lu Hao Cheng don’t know what she is thinking??
“Still hurt??”He is very gentle,Then the dead Li Xingyu,Every time I think of him,I want to kill him thousands of times.!
Blue Xin looked at him distressed,Sighted,In fact, she is very painful.,But I don’t want him to worry.,Her sweet smile:“Kiss me,I will not hurt.。”
Lu Haozheng,Junsheng gradually overflows a tender smile,Slowly,Kiss her lips。
The taste of disinfecting water is still filled in the ward,Her taste is the most sweet。
Have a good time for a while,Lu Haocheng slowly released her。
Blue Xinyings:“husband,I don’t hurt.,You don’t want to blame it again.。”

“Decoration is about four to five months,Opening words,I have also received National Day.。”Wang flow estimation。

“Not in a hurry,Good food is not afraid of late,The key is to do rice,Peace of mind。”Le Changyou smiled。
Wang Liushi Road:“What you said is,I must follow the teaching。”
Le Changyou shook his head smile,Asked:“After opening,How much job position can this project,Predict??”
Wang Yu wants to think about it:“Nanhua has opened a family,Statarded data is more than 2,300,The provincial capital is a lot in the area of South China.,The job position that can be provided should only be much larger.,if everything goes well,Breaking three thousand definitely no problem。”
Lechang friends look at him,Worder:“Three thousand jobs,It may be the livelihood of three thousand families.,Your responsibility is not light.,Work hard。”
Wang Flow:“do not worry,I will work hard。”
Visit the mall,Hotels next to you、Pedestrian street turns,Understand the basic situation,Lechangyou has not always,Walker。
The purpose of him is to show attitude,Wang traffic can be thought of,He is naturally clearer,What changes will he caused this?,And this is exactly what he wants.。
Direct arrangement,Basic equivalent to the position of the position to help the king,Fang Baishun is definitely sinned,Fang Baishun doesn’t need too much scruple,But the relationship network behind him will be cautious.。
For this way, you will have a big piece.,Not worth。
so,Helping can only hide,Now,He is only concerned about the development of provinces,Come and inspect key projects,As for what impact on the back,Will there be someone secretly guess、Self-proposition,Then I don’t have to do it.。
The purpose of the eye has been reached,Naturally, it is necessary。
Wang Flow is equally satisfied,Just like just now,Le Changyou can come enough,Others don’t need to help too much。
The truth Yang Kai also understand,Just sent to Le Changyou,Loudly:“Le Minister,Basically equivalent to the help of the help,Now I will invite the provincial and daily report.,Look at them, I don’t agree.。”
Way:“Don’t worry,People are coming,But you have to wait for others to know,Waiting for tomorrow,I will not be invited to invite.。”
NS231chapter Wind direction reversal
the next day。
Le Changyou inspected the news of Hongxing Square to board the newspaper。
Like the king of Wang,Originally, the provincial media world that is blocked by Fang Baush,The wind is quietly changing。
Provincial station。
Top office。
Huang Mingkun looked at the newspaper on his hand,Face gradually downs,Le Changyou inspected Hongxing Square,Also talking with the king……
Did you know before??
What is there??
Why is Le Changyou now going to inspect?
What signal wants to release?
Huang Mingkun flashed a lot of questions in the mind。
Think,Secretary pushed in reporting:“President,Hongxing Company sent an invitation letter,Still want to ask people to participate in the completion ceremony,It continues to push it.,still is……”
here we go again,Lechang You just inspected the Hongxing Square,The news just boarded the newspaper,Hongxing immediately sent an invitation letter,Ming put it is calculated.。
Lechang Friends to visit Hongxing Square is also specially arranged.?
He is really a matter with the king.?
Huang Mingkun’s eyebrows,Sink,road:“Do not,Give Hongxing,The completion ceremony must send people to participate。”
Secretary,It is a little unexpected to the state of Huang Mingkun.,But watching him full of dignified faces,I didn’t dare to ask,Noddion:

About ten minutes later,Lingju’s roasted tea smells of tea,The tea fragrance is fresh and cold,Everyone in the yard smelling the fragrance of tea,Sweep away the exhaustion。

For the tea fragrance,Whether it’s Lingjing or Liechun,Are all familiar。
After all these seven days,Rely on this tea for life,but,What makes Lingjing and Liechun curious is,This tea fragrance was not made by seniors,Lingju。
I saw Lingju sitting on the tufted fur,When holding that palace fan,Both of them suddenly realized,It must be an opportunity from senior。
And the Lingju who is carefully baking tea,Naturally found out,I also understand that all this is because of the palace fan in my hand,Lingju sighed,Senior gave these gods to himself,It’s really illusory,unbelievable。
At this time, Jingpu looked at the tea on the small stove and scented it, then he said:
“okay,No need to bake,Now take out a part of the tea and let it dry,Let’s soak and drink the rest。”
Lingju nodded his forehead immediately,Get ready to do it when you get up,Looking at such a diligent Lingju,Jingpu suddenly looked at Lingjudao curiously:
“Do you like tea ceremony?If you like it,I can teach you,Teach you well。”
The tea ceremony is in this world of immortality,There is still room for survival,Jingpu in this week,Understand this world of immortality,Anything can be practiced,Like entering the Tao with tea,Realize the secret from the tea ceremony。
of course,All this must be on the premise of having spiritual roots,Jingpu has no roots,Even if the tea ceremony is reaching its peak,It’s useless。
but,If Lingju wants to learn,Jingpu is willing to teach,Sincerely teach。
Of course,As for the tea ceremony in Jingpu,Is it interoperable with the tea ceremony in this world of cultivation?,Jingpu doesn’t know。

“That’s it,I think this is pretty good。”

“Okay,Get used to it,The car is old,Actually there will be problems,I have also thought about it,I didn’t expect the problem this time to be so big,It seems,This car has to be scrapped,I have to get a new one at that time,I’ll change him when I save enough money。”
The young man shook his head helplessly when he said this,Looked at the time again,Then I spoke to Huang Lei,He had to repair the car and didn’t say more,Huang Lei nodded and didn’t think so much。
For Huang Lei,He will encounter many things like this in his life。
Chapter Two Hundred and Seventy Eight Sense of loss
Some things get used to it, but you don’t have any other ideas,On the contrary, it feels normal,Like now,He won’t have more,Ideas like this,Just a question,Just chat。
Huang Lei will accompany him until when this young man repairs the car,This process is okay,At least Huang Lei enjoyed this tranquility,No one will bother him。
Huang Lei finds that he needs this piece of tranquility too much,This feeling is definitely not something ordinary people can feel,It is estimated that this period is also followed by Song, whose surname is Song, and Bai, who is Zhang Bai.,What they have lived this day is bad,Especially during this period a lot of things have happened。
Including Long Liang will not give up。
Huang Lei thinks that many things will happen during this period,At this time, he left is to give himself a space, right,People will get tired when things happen,I’ll have many ideas when I’m tired。
Huang Lei’s coming out this time can actually be considered to be busy,Just to avoid unnecessary things on purpose,So I feel better,It sounds like a little evasion of responsibility,Huang Lei doesn’t think。
He still has to pay,It is precisely that he is the one who paid the most for these things,Even he feels sorry for himself at this time,After all, it’s not easy this way,Especially for him,So far he actually has many ideas in his mind,While escaping, I always think of something else in my heart,It can’t be said to be that kind of feeling very complicated。
Anyway, Huang Lei thinks it’s good to stay away for a while,You can make yourself self-cultivation and sex,Let this exhaustion in my heart be wiped out,Is a great benefit for him,As for the rest, it’s a follow-up,As for how things will be like this?Will something happen,Do you need him to go to the rescue?,Huang Lei won’t care about that much for the time being。
Anyway, this is the case。
The car is finally fixed。

“You mean,I want to die with him?”

At this time Peng Huan and Xia Xu,Brought in with a few bodyguards behind him。
See the person in front of the golden eagle,Peng Huan couldn’t help but his eyes widened。
“how……How could it be you。”
Xia Xu looked puzzled,This person and Peng Huan still know each other?
Manager Zhao is also dumbfounded,This relationship,Looks a little confused,I can’t manage that much anyway,The purpose of coming this time is to kill Lin Zhiqiang。
“Golden Eagle Big Brother,Everyone is here,Without delay,Do it!”
Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Two Blood Crow reappears!
I saw the big muscles of the one-eyed golden eagle violent,It really seems like a pair of carved claws,Full of explosive power!
“Kid,I will kill Lin Zhiqiang first,Solve you again!”
Golden Eagle turned,Scream,Claw-like right hand,Direct attack on Lin Zhiqiang!
This paw,Fierce,Strong,Everyone believes,One claw down,Enough to make Lin Zhiqiang bloody,Soul to the West!
A layer of blood sprayed directly,Everyone’s eyes widened,This bloody scene,Manager Zhao has seen it many times,He knows the methods of the golden eagle very well。
But Xia Xu is different,Face this scene,He almost vomited。
Peng Huan is on the previous one,Eyes widened,An unbelievable look。

This incidates that,I still have to start early。

“Fucking,Host,Please be a man。Let the beast go。He’s just a kid。”The system said bitterly。
“Ding,Task release,Raiders Ruiju。”
“mission rewards:A puppet strength promotion card。”
Saying no,I’m still quite honest。Zhao Ming smiled,Check up the task reward。
“Puppet Strength Promotion Card:After using it for any puppet,Can improve the strength of the puppet。The increased strength varies according to the enhancement of the puppet。The weaker the puppet,The bigger the improvement。The stronger the puppet,The smaller the improvement。”
Good stuff。It just so happens that Yan Lingji’s strength can’t keep up,If you use this strength improvement card,Her strength will inevitably be greatly improved。
But if you use this strength enhancement card for Medusa,Would it be better。In case after giving Medusa,She has evolved into a colorful sky swallowing python,Will legs grow back then??
The queen grows legs,Definitely more beautiful。
Look at Cailin’s upper body,Cailin’s height is definitely over 1.7 meters,Estimated at 1.75 meters,Around 1.76。This height,There must be a pair of big long legs。
Although Xiao Wu’s legs are very long,But after all, the height has not reached that level。
If the queen grows legs,That pair of long legs must be pretty。
Hehe,Leg play year。
“System,Or wepyTrade。How about two cards of this type?”Zhao Ming smiled。
“No way。Matter of principle,Absolutely not。”
“If you release another mission to guide Zi Ji?”Zhao Ming’s eyes turn,Think。

“Police station?

Young master,What happened?”
“My wife was caught by the police!”
Police Station Waiting Room。
The last one to call her husband,I heard my husband and my mother and sister were arrested。
Very generous guarantee,Less than half an hour,I can get you out through relationships。
Very disdainful:“mom!!do not be afraid!I just called Liu Yu,He heard we were caught,Have found a relationship to let us out。”
Liu Yu is really capable。”
“That’s,The man Lu Feifei fancyed,Can you not be able?
Not like some people,Found a useless husband。”
The implication is simple,That is Lu Yingying’s husband is a useless。
“sister,Even if he is useless,That has nothing to do with you。
Can you stop all day long,Never let go of Lin Yu?”
“Ha ha!! Of course it doesn’t matter,After all, my husband is not useless。”
Lu Feifei said proudly。