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Sleep regimen makes you have good skin

Sleep regimen makes you have good skin

Introduction: Traditional Chinese medicine teaches you how to sleep and keep you healthy. Sleep is a spontaneous and reversible resting state in which higher complications occur. It is manifested by a decrease in the body’s response to external stimuli and a temporary interruption of consciousness.

About a third of a person’s life is spent in sleep.

When people are sleeping, they can rest, rest and recover.

It helps people to work and study everyday.

Scientifically improving the quality of sleep is the guarantee for people to work and study normally.

  Throughout the ages, people have always attached great importance to sleep and health.

Ancient Chinese medical doctors called “sleeping a top priority”, and modern medical doctors called sleeping “a natural healing agent.”

Shakespeare’s analogy of sleep to “tonics on the feast of life” is quite appropriate.

  The advancement of modern medicine has further confirmed the science of the traditional sleep regimen in the motherland.

Studies have shown that the sleep process is not a state of rest of the nervous system and motor system, but also a process in which other human systems actively work.

In human metabolism, the decomposition during the day is greater than the synthesis, which is mainly dissipative, and the synthesis at night is greater than the decomposition, which is mainly concentrated energy.

The synthesis at night is to reserve energy for the human body for use during the day.

At the same time, the residual wastes of day and night metabolism (such as ammonia, carbonic acid, muscle liver, urea, etc.) must be processed so that the cerebral cortex cells can produce compensatory replenishment, so that the limbs and muscles can relax and eliminate fatigue,The autoimmune system and self-healing system are undergoing a lot of active adjustments and repairs.

Only then, after getting enough sleep, we will feel refreshed and increase our strength.

Some pains will heal without medicine.

  Long-term adherence to sleep and health can produce magical results.

During the Five Dynasties, Chen Bo’s ancestors had long and long periods of sleep and health.

According to legend, he lived through four dynasties, and died in Hongwu years of the Ming dynasty.

Of course, sleep health can not be extended, but it can also help you at many different times in your life, make your academic performance excellent, make you happy at work, and make your relationships harmonious and harmonious.

  Excessive knowledge about sleep regimen.

First of all, develop a good habit of sleeping regularly and getting up regularly. The living environment should be quiet, the temperature should be appropriate, the air should be fresh, and the indoor light should not be too strong. It is best to turn off the lights to sleep.

The bedding should be comfortable, the bedding should be soft, light and comfortable.

Emotions should be stable, anxiety and anxiety should not be avoided, and tranquility and calmness should be achieved.

Pay attention to diet before bedtime. It is not appropriate to eat too late and full for dinner, otherwise it will not be easy to fall asleep after going to bed, or even deep after falling asleep.

  It is not advisable to drink strong tea or coffee before bedtime, so as not to cause excessive brain excitement and affect sleep.

Avoid running and playing games before going to sleep, so as not to excite the sympathetic nerves and increase the metabolic rate of the viscera and make it difficult to fall asleep.

Soak your feet with hot water before going to bed and massage the “Yongquan” acupoints on the soles of your feet.

It is best to take the upper right position during sleep, which can fully relax the skeletal muscles of the whole body and get a good rest on all organs during a tiring day, to avoid the right lung and mediastinum from compressing the heart.

Avoid opening your mouth to sleep, your lungs are susceptible to cold air and dust, which is harmful to your health.

Sleeping on a cold day with a veiled head not only sleeps unsteadily, but also affects the gas exchange. The next day will inevitably lead to dizziness. This is not a good habit.

Be corrected.

  Tips: Sleeping with your head to the east is good for your health.

Because the axis of the earth is north-south and rotates from east to west, heading east when sleeping is exactly the same as the direction of rotation of the earth: the body can relax, making people feel comfortable and getting full sleep.

Six diet therapies help men tonic

Six diet therapies help men tonic

Lotus seed Cishui Huaishan porridge 10g lotus seeds, 10g Cishui, 50g fresh Huaishan, 100g of rice, boiled with water and turned into porridge, 2 bowls a day.

  Dr. Chen believes that this porridge is suitable for people with deficiency of both spleen and kidney, as well as those with nocturnal emission, backache and appetite.

Dr. Chen often uses it for breakfast (for the whole family), or as a snack after a nap, eating one bowl at a time.

Do it two or three times a week, sometimes to take care of grandchildren and family, cook more and put lean pork in porridge.

  One soft-shelled turtle with red cordyceps and jujube soup (about 500 grams), 10 grams of cordyceps (replaceable with cordyceps militaris), 6 red dates, with the right amount of seasoning, simmer for 2 hours under water, and season the meat and soup.

  Dr. Chen believes that this soup has the effect of nourishing kidney and replenishing essence. It is suitable for premature ejaculation, nocturnal deafness, irritability and dry mouth. He will cook it once a month, sometimes twice, and eat it with his wife.

Better if stewed once a week.

He also believes that this soup has good cosmetic effects, such as making the skin delicate.

  Lamb, ginger, shrimp and rice cake, sliced mutton, add green onions, cook with ginger and shrimp, take after the meat is cooked.

  Dr. Chen believes that the addition of shrimp to the mutton, ginger is not only delicious, but also has a good warm-up and aphrodisiac effect. This dish is especially suitable for impotence people with kidney yang deficiency.

It is the range of diet that Dr. Chen often eats in winter and early spring.

  Shrimp fried leek 50 grams dried shrimp, soak in water, put oil in the pan, 250 grams of chopped chives are cooked first, add salt for seasoning, suitable for impotence of kidney yang deficiency.

  Dr. Chen often eats this dish, he said that this dish is delicious and fragrant, loved by young and old, and has a good aphrodisiac effect.

Dr. Chen must eat once or twice a week, often with it.

  60g fresh shrimp cooked with rice wine, rinsed in clear water, boiled a half cup of rice wine, put the fresh shrimp in the rice wine and cooked it, eat shrimp and drink.

  Dr. Chen praised this dish very much, saying that it was a fast “Viagra dish”, and some men would immediately take effect after eating it, and their passions would rise and they would move.

Dr. Chen mostly eats it on cold days or when he needs supplementary energy. He usually dares not eat it rashly.

  500 grams of fried oyster cakes with egg and garlic seedlings, 80 grams of soy flour, 1 egg, 15 grams of green garlic seedlings, 100 grams of cooked lard, refined salt, soy sauce, and pepper.

Bean flour is mixed with water to form a slurry. Add salt, minced garlic, pour onto oysters and mix well; heat lard on a pan, spread the oyster slurry on the bottom of the pan, and spread 1 egg evenly.On the oyster meat, wait until the lower layer of oyster sauce is crispy and turn it over. Add an appropriate amount of lard. After frying on both sides, add soy sauce, pepper, etc. and serve.

  Dr. Chen thinks that this tide dish has a good effect of nourishing the kidneys and kidneys. Families with conditions can often eat oysters.

Fun Yoga: Lose Weight While Cool

Fun Yoga: Lose Weight While Cool

Have you heard of “Yoga practiced with dogs”, “Yoga without clothes”, “Yoga practiced with a smile”?

These are the practice methods that are popular in many metropolises. These let the years know that yoga is not a rigid practice method.

  The first yoga course was available as early as the 2nd century BC, and the yoga practice was established 2000 years ago.

In life, many objects have changed over time, such as food, fashion, architecture, medicine, Buddhism, martial arts . Yoga also has different systems, different schools, innovations over time.Come up with a variety of novel practice methods.

  There are many new developments in modern yoga. Whether these innovations are an improvement is hard to comment.

In the innovative yoga system, there are those that develop purely to fitness and some that develop to healing. There are also different ways of combining physical, energy and spiritual transformation.

After all, the word yoga is translated from Sanskrit “yuj”, meaning “combined” or “unified”. The traditional understanding of this meaning is “the union of heaven and man, or the physical, mental, and spiritual power through extraordinary powerBe one.

  In any case, what we hope is that these new methods of yoga practice will stimulate your interest and broaden your horizons.

  Yoga + Dog = Dog Yoga New York is known for creating fashion and fashion.

Of course, yoga and dogs in New York are also more avant-garde and more fashionable.

New Yorkers put together two things they like: their dog and the yoga they practice, thus creating “dog yoga”, which we also call “rufu yoga.”

  People and their dogs practice traditional and improved postures on mats, and have the opportunity to combine the two together, and develop specific massage techniques to calm the dog and help it enter circulation and comprehensionprocess.

  This yoga class was designed very successfully and quickly became popular in major cities in the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and other countries.

In 2003, the highly respected New York yogi Jennifer Brilliant edited and published the book Dog Yoga-Dog Practicing Yoga.

The book published nearly 100 pages of photos to show everyone how to practice.

According to reports, this spring, at a pet exhibition in Japan attended by more than 20,000 people, “Dog Yoga” also appeared in the exhibition in a novel way.

  With the development of pets and yoga in China, perhaps in the near future, some people will see “dog yoga” also appearing in yoga studios, gyms or pet clubs.

Who knows?

  Yoga + Water = Water Yoga Yoga practiced in water.

Use the buoyancy of water to restore the joints. This is the role of water yoga.

Its basic principle is that the warm water environment supports the joints of the body. The buoyant environment of water reduces the weight of the body, which helps the joints and bones. The water current also gently massages the body.

This unique exercise method is very effective for restoring body shape, and it is a form of exercise that people have been looking for for physical rehabilitation.

  It is said that water yoga can also help practitioners muscle, reduce joint pain, and improve body balance.

As explained by the water yoga teacher Barbara Kennedy: “You can fall down vertically, don’t worry, the water will hold you up.

“Water yoga is also a sport that helps pregnant women and the elderly.

Props include “noodle” props made of foam and other floating supports.

  Yoga + Disco = Disco Yoga Disco Yoga, founded by CrunchFitness, aims to allow practitioners to follow the tunes of yoga without getting bored.

Dana Flynn, creator of the Yoga Class “Creation Instruction” at the Crunch Gymnasium in New York City, said: “Yoga should be dynamic, not static-it must be a dynamic, lively movement.

Flynn insists, “Yoga should be a sport that innovates continuously.”

  Yoga-Clothes = Nude Yoga On Sunday morning, for many Americans, it is time to go to church, and for some people in San Francisco, this is the time for their nude yoga class.

Classes take place at a nude yoga experience center in San Francisco, where there are 90-minute nude yoga classes every Sunday morning.

The center’s manager Rob Kandell said: “Nude yoga is not a sexual medical examination, but a physical examination that releases the mind.

“The practitioner first sat down, took off all his clothes, exposed his feet, and conducted pure, clean meditation.

Then the men and women separated to different areas, and finally returned to the main classroom naked.

  On a yoga website, it reads: “Nude yoga can allow people to experience a movement without restraint and obstruction; it can also provide a relaxing breath, improve physical balance and mobility, and make people disconnect from the worldThe feeling of being open, liberating, necessary, and welcome.

Of course, the benefits of nude yoga are not limited to these, there are more.

“Nude yoga is an unforgettable experience, and its key word is” liberation “.

This is a kind of exercise that can be enjoyed without physical restraints.When you touch your bare body, you will have an indescribable feeling in the air under the sun.

  Yoga + Haha = Laugh Yoga Yoga plus “haha”, or “haha” (“hasya” in Sanskrit means laughter) is laugh yoga.

Laughter Yoga, also known as Hashiah Yoga, was created in 1995 by Dr. Madan Kataria in Mumbai.

After that, Laughter Yoga was as quickly loved by people all over the world as Spark.

According to reports, there are currently more than 2,500 laugh yoga clubs in the world.

  Dr. MadanKataria believes that laughter is good for health, so.

He and 4 friends met each morning in the agreed park and told jokes to others every day, with the purpose of making everyone laugh.

One morning, they started laughing after telling the joke, and later people laughed even though they didn’t hear the joke.

Dr. MadanKataria was anesthetized, laughter is contagious, and laughter yoga (or Hashi Yoga) was born.

  Laughter Yoga is a breathing technique that combines traditional yoga with gentle and continuous laughter training, including yoga breathing methods.

Its benefits are that it relieves stress and depression, strengthens the immune system, increases creativity, and even relieves fatigue.

  When practicing laughter yoga, you need to consciously and suddenly laugh really.

This can relieve stress and be good for your health.

  PamelaPatterson was one of the creators of Van Culver’s first laughter yoga club.

Pam has been a yoga instructor for 25 years in military conditioning and therapy.

She first knew that laughter yoga was in 2004, when she and Dr. Kataria managed several laughter yoga venues.

  According to Pam, “A training session usually lasts 1 hour.

Starting from the typical meditation, the explanation, the warm-up laughter ‘Woohoo, Hahaha, hahaha, hahahaha, hahahaha’, then half an hour of laughter yoga practice, laughter meditation and basic yoga practice.

According to Pam, “The biggest benefit of laughter yoga is the amazing ability to laugh whenever you want to laugh, even if you encounter bad things one day, you can laugh easily.

Moreover, laughter can really improve one’s creativity and imagination quickly.

“Yoga pays attention to the coordination of breathing.

By adjusting your breathing and concentrating on one point, you can achieve calmness, balance your body, and focus your thoughts.

The main point of practicing yoga is concentration and meditation.

Brushing your baby’s teeth should avoid five misunderstandings

Brushing your baby’s teeth should avoid five misunderstandings

[Guide]Young children’s dental caries is currently the most common disease in oral diseases, and the incidence is increasing year by year.

In addition to telling your baby about hygiene, love cleaning, brushing teeth sooner or later, rinsing mouth after meals, eating less sweets and other oral health knowledge, you must also pay attention not to let yourself and your baby get into the misunderstanding of dental caries prevention.

  Misunderstanding one, baby brushing teeth does not need adults to help Xiaobian analysis: Because brushing teeth is a fine action, and the baby’s ability is limited.

Therefore, parents should help their children clean their teeth throughout the preschool period.

If the parents are busy with work in the morning and the time is short, they must make time to brush their teeth at night.

  Misunderstanding 2: Analysis of eating xylitol instead of brushing teeth: Some parents, in order to save trouble, usually eat their meals and turn their children into chewing xylitol like adults. I think this can protect the teeth.

In fact, although xylitol can achieve a certain health effect on teeth, eating xylitol cannot replace brushing teeth.

  Misunderstanding 3: Fluoride toothpaste can better clean your baby’s mouth. Analysis: Babies under 3 years of age should not use fluoride toothpaste. Because the gargle function of the child is not perfect, it is easy to swallow toothpaste. In the long run, it will cause fluoride.Excessive intake affects the normal development of teeth and even bones.

  Misunderstanding 4, Xiaobian using tap water to brush teeth analysis: It is best for children to use warm water when brushing their teeth, because this can reduce the hot and cold stimulation, protect the teeth, reduce the incidence of dental diseases, especially for those suffering from toothache, dental caries, periodontalInflammation, oral ulcers, glossitis, and pharyngitis can better control certain protective effects.

  Misunderstanding five, the more times you brush your teeth, the better the editor’s analysis: while brushing the teeth, it also removes the natural protective barrier of the teeth, that is, the enamel layer.

In particular, the enamel layer on children’s deciduous teeth has only a thin layer and is more sensitive.

As long as the child is old enough to use a toothbrush, it should be sufficient for him to brush his teeth twice in the morning and evening.

Smokers pay attention!

The best time to smoke is not to smoke in the morning.

Smokers pay attention!

The best time to smoke is not to smoke in the morning.

Guide: Smokers pay attention!

It is best not to smoke in the morning when smoking is correct. It is best not to pick the morning schedule.

The day is in the morning, smokers should also remember this sentence, smoking in the morning is the most harmful to the body.

It is easy to increase the risk of cancer.

銆€銆€Smoking is best not to pick a cigarette in the morning in the morning, is it a good day?

This sentence is a big mistake!

According to US researchers, smoking in the morning, especially within an hour after getting up, will inhale more nicotine and other tobacco toxins, making them more addictive, producing stronger nicotine infections, and increasing the risk of cancer.

銆€銆€The researchers analyzed 4,775 hypertensive patients and 2,835 smokers who did not have cancer. They found that the smoking rate after 1 hour of getting up, the probability of smoking lung cancer was 31% higher within 31 minutes to 1 hour after getting up.The risk of smoking lung cancer within half an hour after getting up is 79% higher.

銆€銆€Tips: Even if smokers can’t quit smoking, it is best not to smoke immediately after getting up in the morning, at least 1 hour later, to reduce the damage of nicotine to the human body.

Winter health education to do Chinese medicine exercises


Winter health education to do Chinese medicine exercises

“Winter is here, everyone is more prone to cold, suffering from a cold, today I will teach you a set of Chinese medicine cold health exercises, to prevent colds and relieve symptoms.

Guo Dafu explained to the members of the TCM Health Club.

銆€銆€On November 10, 2010, the TCM Health Club of the West Chang’an Street Community Health Service Center conducted the seventh activity in the central health classroom.

This time, Dr. Guo Jiahong from the center explained and taught the members of the family about cold prevention exercises, shoulder exercises, diabetes prevention exercises, menopause prevention exercises and other health exercises.

First of all, Dr. Guo Jiahong vividly and detailedly explained the name and direction of the meridian, and used a large number of pictures to accurately demonstrate to the members that after everyone had a preliminary understanding of the meridians, Guo Dafu explained various preventive exercises for everyone.

The first is the cold prevention exercise consisting of 鈥渨iping fragrant incense, pinching the nose beam, pinching the throat, hurricane pool, taking the shoulder well, pointing the big vertebrae, pushing the lungs, and taking the back鈥? Guo Dafu explained that it can be used to rub the Yingxiang point.Relieve nasal congestion, point Dazhui points and hurricane pool points can evacuate the cold, push the lungs can make the muscle surface enhance the resistance to external evils.

In the process of Guo Dafu’s explanation, Bian Xu, a staff member of the Central Chinese Medicine Club, also demonstrated the massage techniques and steps in detail for everyone.

Later, Dr. Guo Jiahong demonstrated to the members the prevention and recovery of shoulder scapulohumeritis consisting of slap-shoulders, cascading, cloud hands, chest expansion, wall climbing, head-holding, combing, and back-hand movements.Precautions, actions, and frequency of movements in different periods of the body and different symptoms of the disease.

Finally, Dr. Guo explained the diabetes prevention exercises and menopausal preventive exercises for members.

Everyone is very interested in the health exercises of diabetes, enthusiastically follow Guo Dafu’s eyes, push the guiding area, knead, lick the waist, pass the spleen and kidney, fist buckle Sanli, wipe the spring, step by step to learn health exercisesAction method.

銆€銆€After the event, the center’s general nurses freely measure blood pressure for members and teach everyone how to measure blood pressure correctly.

Members have expressed that the event is rich in content, and the exercise is simple and practical. Guo Dafu’s explanation and Bian Xu’s demonstration are clear and clear, which is convenient for their study.

The TCM Health Club has been established for more than half a year. The medical staff of the West Chang’an Street Community Health Service Center pointed out that the members have studied various TCM health care, from Chinese medicine to prevent diseases, health diet, self-massage, self-healing exercises to Ba Duan Jin, hopeThrough our efforts, we can find a healthy health care system and a healthier lifestyle that suits you.

5 big weight loss methods slim out S curve


5 big weight loss methods slim out S curve

If you don’t want to exercise and you don’t want to go on a diet, your body can only be filled with fat forever?


Below, Xiaobian will teach you 5 lazy people to lose weight, help you to lose weight quickly, the more lazy you can be thinner!

The lazy MM are still not moving fast!

銆€銆€1, the biggest feature of eating and eating lazy people is: too lazy to trouble.

In the face of food, how do you have to worry about your thin willpower?

Simply eat it, as fat is not fat, can not reduce, then forget it.

Here, I recommend several kinds of foods that are not fat and thin, but they can be thinner when eating. Who can bear it?

銆€銆€Main ace: fresh fruits and vegetables strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, oranges, grapefruit, watermelon, pineapple, pears, green cauliflower, celery, carrots, unsweetened vegetable juices and juices, canned fruit cans.

銆€銆€The second echelon: cereal bread, plain bagels, unsweetened cereals, popcorn without flour, cornflakes (baked, not fried), pretzels (low salt), macaroni, original cookies.

銆€銆€The third camp: low-fat or skimmed milk for milk and dairy products, low-fat or skimmed yogurt, low-fat or skimmed cheese.

銆€銆€The best line of defense: meat and nut chicken, turkey, sliced meat, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pistachios, hawaiian nuts.

銆€銆€2, drink, drink, drink and lose weight?

of course can!

The following slimming Xiaobian teaches you how to drink water to lose weight.

銆€銆€Early in the morning: After drinking a cup of warm water and getting up in the stomach, drink a large cup of warm water before eating breakfast, which will promote the gastrointestinal motility and help the large intestine to clean up. The belly is of course no longer proud.

This trick to drink water to lose weight has many stars to follow, the slimming success index is extremely high!

銆€銆€Lunch: Reduce the amount of food before meals. Try to drink a glass of water before each meal. You can fill the sizzling five-small temples and reduce the amount of food. Second, you can replenish the body’s water and accelerate metabolism.

I am afraid that if you find that you are drinking water to lose weight, you can drink water while eating, and you can slow down the eating speed and make your satisfaction recover.

銆€銆€Afternoon tea: smell the flowers and stop the snacks until the afternoon tea time, the appetite suddenly, take out the snacks, potato chips, cookies, soda, etc. are all fat food.

The static electricity of an afternoon tea is higher than a lunch!

Sisters who ask for self-control are not enough to spray a floral spray around them, which can suppress appetite.

銆€銆€Dinner: Drinking water to lose weight and losing 10 pounds a month. Drinking diet is not healthy. The correct diet slimming method requires protein and vegetables to reduce the intake of carbohydrates and sugar, and slowly chew.

Both beer and spirits have the potential to increase cortisone in the body – a hormone that will unfortunately transfer to the abdomen.

In addition, drinking can help you eat more food.

銆€銆€3, wash this bathing weight loss method is absolutely easy to use, neither taking up time and reducing flesh, kill two birds with one stone.

Just, you must not say that you are too lazy to wash even taking a bath.

Then, then. you have to soak in the bathtub.

銆€銆€Bath A: High temperature sweating method: first shower with warm water to warm the body.

Increase the water temperature again, starting from the end of the hands and feet, gradually flushing toward the heart, using the water temperature and the stimulation of the water column to let the body sweat.

Dry your body after sweating and rest for a while.

Rich 2-3 times.

銆€銆€Features: The friction effect produced by the small water column of the shower head accelerates the blood circulation, activates the feces and muscle tissue, stimulates the body to consume sweat and consumes energy, and the boots achieve the effect of losing weight.

銆€銆€Slimming Xiaobian Tip: Cardiovascular disease is not applicable.

銆€銆€Slimming shower B: hot and cold alternate method: shower with warm water to warm the body.

Increase the water temperature again, starting from the end of the hands and feet, gradually flushing toward the heart, using the water temperature and the stimulation of the water column to let the body sweat.
After the break, lower the water temperature, spray with cold water (be careful to adapt yourself, take care of the cold), or just rinse the area that needs to be tightened.

Repeat 2-3 times.銆€銆€Features: Increase skin elasticity and firmness, achieve physical exercise and improve slimming effect.

銆€銆€Slimming Xiaobian Tip: Physical weakness, cardiovascular disease is not appropriate, so as not to be able to withstand the impact of cold and heat.

銆€銆€4, wear and wear, wear high heels can lose weight?

Can you still hip?

how is this possible?

This is not the crowd, many model stars are using this trick to slim down.

銆€銆€Action 1: The action of stepping on the pedal is actually very simple. No matter if you wait for the bus or sit in front, or even stand and chat, you can practice without any notice, no matter what time or place.Doing this exercise often will not only make your buttocks turn awkward, but also help the uterus contract.

銆€銆€Action 2: It is easier to walk across the big step, as long as you walk across the big step (the speed can be slowed down, not as intense as the race).

When you stride across the stride, you will feel the muscles on your buttocks, and relieve the burden on your legs.

銆€銆€At the same time, learn to make good use of the strength of the thigh and leg, and perform the walking movement together with the muscle group, so that all the strength of the body will not be concentrated on the calf, forming excessive pressure, and the radish legs are squeezed out over time.

銆€銆€5, sleep and sleep reduction This is an epoch-making way to lose weight, solve the ultimate problem of damaging all lazy people, that is: no longer lazy reasons, because there is no lazy obstacles.

We can finally go idle, sleep well, lose weight and beauty, why not?

銆€銆€Hanging feet: Before going to bed every night, you can face the wall next to the bed and put your entire foot completely against the wall, 90 degrees vertical, at least 20 minutes.

銆€銆€This action can improve poor blood circulation in the legs and avoid varicose veins.