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How many times he almost couldn’t help overturning,Fortunately, there is always a voice in my mind,Admonishing him,The weight loss career has not stopped。</p>

Except for Peng Peng who wants to lose weight,Everyone else is eating well,Half lying on the back,Feeling the chubby belly,Enjoying the cool breeze,It’s Rutz Cozy。</p>
Wang Ruodan said with emotion:“Hey,in fact,Sometimes you live a bit rougher,Also pretty good,Too fine,You don’t have to do whatever you want,Won’t be happy。”</p>
Everyone nodded,Teacher Ho,Huang Lei, they all have such sentiments,This is an insight that belongs to middle-aged Rao。</p>
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Book Friends:</p>
Welcome to join the group,Talk about blowing water。</p>
Old driver inside,Moe new owner,Mensao people deserve everything</p>
In another book,The name of the animal that appears,Not fictitious,But there are such creatures。</p>
After lunch,As usual,Came here to take a nap,But the magic is,Everyone is not too sleepy today。</p>
Huang Lei got up and said:“Sitting here is quite boring,Try to choose what you want to eat in the afternoon,Anyone who is sleepy can go back to the house to rest,Don’t stop this。”</p>
Aside,Huang Lei has come to the house,Brought out some dishes。</p>
celery,Chinese cabbage,And green onions and garlic,And garlic sprouts,put it together,Let everyone choose dishes,The province is too idle,nothing to do。</p>
What’s more rare is,Director Wang Zhengyu also came to the courtyard,Move your body and bones,Always sit there,Backache,My butt is numb。</p>
and,Wang Zhengyu, as the chief director of such a show,Occasionally appear in the camera,Uncertainty can also have unexpected program effects。</p>

This is an absolute rhythm!

At least this year and next year,Surely there will be no more inventory destruction phenomenon,And it must increase sales!
but,Happy,They received a strong protest call from Ensek。
Ensike told them righteously,Before the contract is signed,They used the image of Shen Huan to advertise,Is a tort。
Considering the upcoming cooperation between the two parties,Mr. Shen Huan will not sue,But Burberry must make financial compensation for this,Otherwise it’s not used up。
Without the consent of others,Use other people’s portrait rights privately,This is a taboo abroad,Will be severely punished。
Before Burberry used Shen Huan’s photo,Already thought of this。
But they also thought of,I will sign with Shen Huan soon,Then this thing,It will certainly not affect the cooperation between the two parties,At best, you can pay for good things,Just lose some money。
Sure enough, as they expected,Shen Huan’s reaction was not very intense。
While apologizing,Burberry hit it quickly100Ten thousand dollars is in Shen Huan’s account,So Ensek has nothing to say。
In fact, they are still preparing for the highest300Ten thousand-500Ten thousand dollars in compensation。
If Shen Huan is not satisfied,They just do it。
There is no doubt that,Burberry knew that such an adventure was worth it,Just willing to do this。
But such things can be a,Can two,But can’t repeat。
Burberry is also a world-class luxury brand,One such speculation is enough,If you do it again, it will look too tasteless。
So the next morning after playing the Toronto Raptors,Burberry is already on the global network and social media accounts,Announced his signing with Shen Huan。
10year5000Ten thousand dollar contract,Is the highest contract ever given by Burberry。
Previous endorsement stars,Usually the age will not exceed2year,Then there is a renewal,There are also non-renewal。
So Burberry is still taking risks this time。
If Shen Huan’s popularity is not as good as before in ten years,Became a passerby,Not only did it not help Burberry’s product sales,,It will also have a big impact on Burberry’s brand image。

“That’s why I feel a pity。”Wang Xuan sighed softly,Lost in my heart。

“Yoha,Isn’t this Mr. Wang and Mr. Mo??”
At this moment, a cold laugh suddenly sounded behind Mo Xiaosheng and Wang Xuan.,The two looked back,I saw a year nearly sixty,A man in a bright pink patterned suit appeared behind them with a few bodyguards。
“Qi Tengjun?”
Wang Xuan frowned when he saw the old man。
This Qi Tengjun is the boss of Junfu Jewelry, who competed with him last time.,Since being taught by Mo Xiaosheng last time,He just ran away dingy。
Mo Xiaosheng looked at him up and down,See his bright suit and bright leather boots,Couldn’t help but smile,This old man is still so coquettish。
“as far as I know,You don’t seem to be eligible?”Qi Tengjun smiled leisurely。
“Who told you that we are not eligible!”Wang Xuan sneered,Speak hard。
“okay,Don’t pretend,The supervisor in charge of registration was bought by me a long time ago!”Qi Tengjun spread his hands and shrugged,Then he laughed madly。
First0300Zhang Ghost and Axe
“Fuck you?”
Wang Xuan was furious,It turned out that this bastard made the difference,Raise your hand and hit him,Mo Xiaosheng quickly grabbed him,Whispered:“calm!”
Fight on this occasion,Wang Xuan must be invited out。
“Come,Don’t stop him,Let hit him,Hit here!”
Jun Qi Teng tilted his head very arrogantly,Pointing to his face,Motioned for Wang Xuan to hit himself in the face。
“If you don’t disappear in front of me in a minute,I promise you won’t find North!”Mo Xiaosheng said coldly。
When Qi Tengjun heard Mo Xiaosheng’s words, his body trembled.,He knows Mo Xiaosheng’s skill,The last time Mo Xiaosheng pinched his neck and almost choked him to death,He still has lingering fears until now,The complexion changed involuntarily,I immediately called my own person to go,Muttered while walking:“Look at,Lao Tzu is the leader tonight,You don’t even qualify for the competition,Hahahaha……”

Before,Han Liang has already been beaten by those masters,Although not fatal,But enough to hurt him。

So Han Liang is extremely weak now。
A bright red palm print immediately appeared on Han Liang’s face。
Mu Xuefeng stood up,Shook his head,Walk to Han Liang’s side,Speak:“Han Liang,If i want,You will be penniless now,And will be beaten severely,Will be disabled even in the rest of his life,But I want to give you a chance。”
Han Liang glared,Staring at Mu Xuefeng and said:“I don’t need it!”
Mu Xuefeng smiled bitterly:“You Han Liang is still a man,A bit spine,I admire you。”
“I don’t need you to appreciate,Put away your hypocritical set!”
Chapter One Hundred Seventy One Request for union again
Han Liang said these words almost gritted his teeth。
Follow yourself to go north and south,Brothers who played this world together,Life after life,Fell in front of me,This hatred makes him absolutely unable to kneel down!
Mu Xuefeng didn’t respond,After all, he is in control of the situation now,He’s not in a hurry。
He walked over and patted Han Liang on the shoulder,Said:“Han Liang,You are just my first breakthrough,As long as you follow me,Konoha City will be in the bag,Indispensable for your benefits。”
Mu Xuefeng needs Han Liang to be his eyeliner,and,Han Liang also has a certain position in Konoha City,Have him by my side,Even those people in Konoha will return to themselves,I feel sorry to go。
“I only give you one day to consider,Reply to me tomorrow,If there is no answer i want,See you in the next life。”
Finished,Mu Xuefeng took Mu Wendong away,Before leaving,Mu Wendong also kicked Han Liang viciously。

He answered without humility:Please go back!

I put down the gun!There is only one bullet left in the gun!Close insurance!
He came to me!“You little bastard, even I dare to be captured,Fuck you!”
I called:“I dare not!”
He said:“The things around you have spent a lot of effort on me before I came in!”
I smiled embarrassedly,He said:We quickly took it apart,Captain knew he had to go crazy again!What if some recruits are running here to calculate?
I quickly dismantled the traps around one kilometer!Waste a lot of effort!He was too busy to sweat!Sitting on the floor panting!I’m back,He said:You kid too……Too overcast!I almost got reimbursed!
He said that the tent was also torn down!I took down the tent,Put away some things inside!Not much!
I took out all the stones in my backpack,He is on the side:Stone again!you……The energy is too strong, right?!
Then I left this place where I lived here for a few months with him!I looked at the tree that I punched and kicked,Hug it gently:friend,Goodbye!
I left the first place I stayed in the special brigade!Zhao Fei used a paratrooper assault vehicle to send me to the brigade headquarters,I saw He Fei、Become talented、Wang Cheng、Weiguo、Xiao Chen、paratrooper、Li Shuai is here!Then a few brothers hug each other!Let’s meet again!
Zhao Fei、Wang He、Wang Hui and other heavyweights are all around!Zhao Feida:Take a break!
The eight of us immediately stood in a row,Zhao Feida:Congratulations on ending the months of inspection!
We froze:what?Or assessment?It also……Too exaggerated!
He continued:in fact,Your unit has already distributed it!Just have to observe,After all you are new here!

One of the six guards trot back,Holding a glass of light blue drink exuding chill,Hand it to Xu Shengdao respectfully“His Royal Highness the Son,This is the more famous drink in Hanhai City,You try”

Xu Sheng heard this,Glancing sideways at the guard,Immediately took the light blue drink……
I checked it mentally,After seeing nothing unusual,He just leaned close to his lips and took a sip……
Cold light blue liquid glides over the tip of the tongue,Perfectly wrap the taste buds,A cool and clear sensation flows through the throat……
Then Xu Sheng’s pupils flashed with surprise,The drink in Hanhai City really has its own uniqueness……
If time is not tight,I want to play here,but,Time is running out,Must hurry up。
then,Xu Sheng looked at the guard beside him with eyes full of doubt,“I want to charter a boat out to sea,Do you know the boats there are more reliable?”
Six people hear words,Look at each other,All nodded,One of them echoed“His Royal Highness the Son,We happen to know one”
The guard next to him nodded,Explained“That place should be one of the best quality ship merchants in Hanhai City,That is, the number of people and the price of the ship are more than the number”
Xu Sheng once again took some golden soul coins from the storage soul guide and threw them over,Lightly“Let’s go,take me to”
Xu Sheng still has more than 90,000 gold soul coins,So these are not important to him……
The six guards who reached out and caught a handful of gold soul coins,The face is full of excitement……
Just lead the way for His Highness the Son,Each of them has harvested at least 15 Soul Gold Coins!This kind of pie in the sky may be so beautiful once in a lifetime!
If Xu Sheng was not there,,I’m afraid I can laugh all day!
Grateful“Thank you, His Royal Highness!”
“His Royal Highness the Son gave us so many rewards,Are a little embarrassed!”

Wan Wei shook his heart,Hurriedly said:“joke,What does this matter have to do with me?I’m just a passerby,The reason why I stand up,I just can’t understand you bullying others!”

“is it?They steal munitions,It became our bully?”
Lu Jing sneered,Chong Cenjun said:“Show him your credentials!”
“Yes!”Cen Jun nodded,Immediately took out his ID and gave it to Wanwei,See Cen Jun’s certificate“Quartermaster”A few characters,Wanwei’s complexion suddenly changed,Speechless for a while。
“how about it,Now we are qualified to interrogate them?”Lu Jing glanced at Wan Wei,Then Shen Lian flushed the red nose and the others asked coldly:“Say,Where did you stole your ointment?If you tell the truth,I can also show favor based on the seriousness of the plot,But if you dare to tell a lie,You just wait to sit through the prison!”
The red nose immediately raised his head and pointed at Wan Weiyun and said:“Sir,It’s him!He gave us the ointment,Let’s come over and slander Moxin Medical Center!”
“Correct,It’s him,It’s us he instructed,The cut in this leg was cut by him before coming,And gave me some unknown medicine,My legs are like this!Let me lie down and pretend to be dizzy!”
The man on his lap also immediately pointed his finger at Wanwei。
“We are also instructed by him!”
Several other men with banners also turned around and identified Wanwei。
The onlookers were suddenly in an uproar,They never expected,The final mastermind turned out to be Wanwei。
Wanwei looks pale,Panicked,Jumping his feet to the red nose and the others shouted angrily:“You are slander!slander!”
“It seems you have to come with us!”Lu Jing sneered。
“come,Squat down!”Cen Jun immediately pointed his gun at Wanwei,Motioned him to squat on the ground like the red nose and the others。
“Who are you from the Quartermaster Department,Dare you move me?”
Wanwei can’t be fooled,Simply tear the skin,Looking at Lu Jing coldly:“Do you know what my father is with Chief Lu??My father can remove you two from the quarters with a single phone call!”
“Just,Don’t want to take any of you today!”
After the man with thick eyebrows saw the SWAT vehicle slowly coming by in the distance,Suddenly came the confidence。
He didn’t take Wanwei’s money,So naturally I have to do things well for others,not to mention,My family has a background,So he has no fear。

Chen Jing smiled,Said:“Everyone knows,How can the money I earn can afford a phone,Even if you can afford it,Can’t afford it。”

“You just said I bought it for you。”Peng Changyi worried about her and said。
“Really?”She looked up at him in surprise。
“Really。”Peng Changyi also looked at her and said。
“Ha ha,You’re kidding,I dare not say。”Chen Jing’s eyes disappeared for a moment。
Chen Jing smiled,Put his head on him again,not talking。
“I understand,I’m not good enough for you。”Peng Changyi said deliberately。
“Ha ha,Not at all?”Chen Jing patted him and said。
“what is that?”Peng Changyi continued to ask。
“You obviously know what you mean and ask,hate——”
Don’t ask Peng Changyi,He can understand her meaning,Just said:“You are my person now,Nothing dare to dare,No one dared to say anything。”Talking,Just raised her head,Stand up,Kissed her……
Lower part,Screamed again,He turned over,Pressed her under the body,undoubtedly,He asked her again……
this time,They all overslept,Until the phone rang,Peng Changyi wakes up,one look,It’s bright,The hands are about to point to eight o’clock,He is excited,Lift up your upper body quickly,Took the phone。
He thought Secretary Zhai was looking for him,Hurry up:“Hey,Hello,Peng Changyi。”

“Yes,Xiaoyun is also from our city bureau。”

Yang Shiyun answered this question for Liu Xiaoyun。
“Oh,How come I have never seen her before?And I didn’t know she was your cousin the last time。”
Song Junming said embarrassingly。
“She is secret。”
Yang Shiyun hesitated for a moment,Still answered this question。According to the regulations;The identities of the special police are kept secret,Sometimes I don’t even tell my colleagues。
“Oh oh oh,No wonder!understood,I don’t know that her existence is normal,Secret Service jobs are usually the most dangerous jobs,Xiaoyun,You have to take care to protect your safety,Be careful at all times。”
Song Junming said sincerely。Just like Song Junjie,His sincerity can be clearly felt from the tone of his speech,Definitely not pretending。
“Yep,I know。”
Liu Xiaoyun nodded。“strange,You should be the busiest time now,Haven’t I already given you the list of people who have purchased weapons??Didn’t you guys go get it?If you get the notebook,Shouldn’t you be busy catching people now??How come there is still time
Look at me?”
Song Junming deserves to be a policeman,I thought of this question as soon as I turned my mind。

Qin Liang, the big-tailed wolf pretended to be unable to pretend anymore,The wolf’s tail is up to the sky!Of course he has to pretend this time,You have to do it,To coax Shen Ruoxue thoroughly,I have to pretend anyway。

“Pooh,I don’t want to learn shameless kung fu!”
Shen Ruoxue said contemptuously。
Qin Liang immediately smiled happily,Yanzi and Liu Xiaoyun also laughed,When Shen Ruoxue is happy,That really is“Angel descends”a feeling of,She speaks very nicely,Plus beauty,Curvaceous,Plus she smiles when she talks when she is happy,So looking at her peerless beauty,Listening to her clear and sweet voice,Always give people a spring breeze,Feel comfortable all over。
Of course it can give everyone this feeling,There are at least more than ten in the Shen family,But Shen Ruoxue is undoubtedly one of the best,Because she is the liveliest and most mischievous one。
“and,My face is already thick enough,So no need to learn。”
Shen Ruoxue said this deliberately purely to cater to everyone’s happiness,So this proves her cleverness from another aspect。
“Oh,OK then,Then you continue to practice facial magic by yourself。”
Qin Liang wanted to tease Shen Ruoxue,But then think about it,Gave up this idea again,I just dealt with it casually。
“Face magic?Thanks you can come up with such a name。”
Yanzi said with a wry smile。
“I have never seen martial arts less before seeing my brother-in-law。”
Liu Xiaoyun asked jokingly。
“I have a hasty,You know this as well?indeed,When I was in the barracks,Every day when I have nothing to do, I run out to rent various martial arts to watch。”
Chapter three thousand four hundred and thirty three Not a joke
Qin Liang admits frankly。
“Ugh,Culture is good,I didn’t read any books when I was young,Because i don’t know the words,Haha。”