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Top of the host,The father of Qin family heard the gift from Lincheng.,Laughing directly,Laughing at the owner of the forest:“Your Lin family is really not true.,Can you understand people’s hearts,Do you know what people like?,Although fat,But this thoughtful old man, I still write down.。”

Lin Jia’s master Lin Zeming is directly laughed.。
“This kid is like this,Other books,If you let him eat and drink,That 100% no one can pass him,Fortunately, there is a child who is in our family.,Otherwise, Lincheng, this kid,I have to smash him a layer of leather to give him a smell.。”
“Haha Harlem,Laugh。”
Speech,Qin Xue has already taken the wind to the front.。
“grandfather,I wish you a blessing,Shoubi Nanshan。”
“Um,Good,good,good,Your gimmick actually knows dressed,It seems that I really have to look at this kid.?
Not introduced to Grandpa?”
Qin Xue heard this,Rarely exposed a posture of a small girl。
“grandfather,You know that I will joke.,I will dress up before I don’t work.,This is my little boyfriend,Lee。”
Li Hui also hurriedly laughed:“I wish my grandfather,Shoubi Nanshan,Hong Fu Qi Tian。”
“Haha is talking about this,Not bad。”
Just finished this, just finished this,Lin Tian, on the side, but can’t help but。
“Qin Grandpa,Where is he??
I think it is a tongue.,Know you today is a birthday banquet,He actually has a gift without a gift.,And also empty-handed。”
“Oh,Right,I remember that your kid likes my little granddaughter.?
You stand now, but will be happy by my little granddaughter.。”
The old man is completely a parajector’s attitude,Don’t biased anyone,This scene is that Li Hui has a breath.。
“Qin Grandpa,I just can’t see the little people like this.。”
Lin Tian said that when this is said,Looking at Lin Jia’s home, he is frequently nodded in the eyes of Qin family.。
They are disappointed when they look at Li with the wind.,Especially if Lin Jia’s master’s eyes are extremely calm,But my heart is, I can’t wait to die directly.,After all, Li Hui, who appeared in Qin Xue, is already playing their Lin’s face.。
Lin Tian and Qin Xue have a lot of people know,And both are more optimistic,In combination,Also belonging to the situation of win-win。
“Um,I don’t want to see you??”
Lin Tian did not think that the father will ask such a question.,He thought that his father was supporting him.,I immediately laughed:“Such a small person,Of course, I am going out,He does not participate in your birthday banquet。”
Chapter 248 clever
Lin Tian said this time,The despise color of the god looks like Li Hui’s brow not a wrinkle.。
“hehe,Xiao Tian said like this.,You are my boyfriend of my baby granddaughter,You have nothing to say?
If you have nothing to say, I can rush.。”
I heard the words of my father.,Lin Tian is even more exciting。
But Li Hui is directly laughing.。
“Hey-hey,Qin Grandpa,I naturally have something to say.,He said that my little man is really a little person.?

“Today, this hoe is a bit dry.,And porridge is not good!Big Brother, don’t you feel 噎噎??”

Tirah suddenly stopped and looked at Su Yuqing asked from the heart.。
“A little bit!May be awake!All right,You can eat it.,Let’s take a hurry.!”
The tiger’s mouth is covered with a big mouthful response
“father,Grandfather!How have you come out so early?,What is this?!”
The brothers and grandfather who have got up early and cut the bamboo. They played a face.,
“bamboo,Niu Niu wants to。I will think about it.,Don’t delay.。You two this is going to school.!go quickly!Listen to Mr.!”
“knew!You are also going back.!”
Su Yuqing and the Grandpa them pulled the tiger and rushed together.,It is possible to reach the school before.。
There are two people in the whole classroom.,They just sat in front of them.,Mr. Hu, holding a count,Put it in the book,
“Today is very good.!Everyone is here.!commendable!Be insisted every day!Do you understand?”
Tiger’s voice is in which,Establish extra loud
“father!You come back.!I am going to call Niu Niu now.!”
Niu Niu was too excited last night.,Think about how to improve your own,In the middle of the night, I also opened my eyes.,God of mind。It’s hard to fall asleep in the morning.,This will sleep.,I don’t get up at all.。
“Call it up.!Otherwise, I will have to blame you.!”
Grande thought about,This, the girl is very important,If it is really delayed,Not happy。And yesterday, I have already promised my brother.,I will send it to him today.。
“Niu Niu~Niu Niu~”
Niu Niu is holding big Yuan Baoji in the dream.,Be called,Big ingot“Tear——”I won’t see it.,I am anxious in an instant.
“Ingots!My ingot!”
Niu Niu opened his eyes at once,I was shocked by Zhou.,Zhou has steady,
“Niu Niu,Woke up。Grandpa gives you something ready.,Just waiting for you to see it.!”
“real!I am clothes.?”
Niu Niu retired, just dreaming,Let’s smash it, do you have a pity?。Hearing this,I am excited in an instant。Take the quilt,Hitting,Grouped。
“alright, alright,Don’t move,Mother gave you!”
Word picks up clothes from the stool from the side,Helpless,Pull the girl to give her clothes。
What can I do??This is a heart of a family.,Be playing,也,And you are still reluctant。
“All right,go quickly!”
Zhou Hao took the girl to the side of it.,Looking at her jumping, I ran out.,Candidate started。
“Thank you!”
Niu Niu suddenly stopped at the door,Hold the door frame to your own mother,Two eyes smiles。
“okay,Knew。go quickly,You are still waiting for you?!”
“father!where are you!I am coming to you.!”
Niu Niu pulled his throat.,Leave Zhou Cener’s resentment,The heart is still sweet。
“Niu Niu got up!Be in this!Let’s take a look,Such a big wooden box is not enough.!”
Su Qiang took a bunch of oversized wooden boards in that,Niu Niu secretly, fortunately, he got it.,Otherwise, this box can be made to perform a big change.。

Waiting a wild wolf,People in live broadcasts are some can’t bear it.,After all, I haven’t seen it.,As a result, the scene was taken.,Too much。

“太 太,Come over!” Ye Nan Tian and Wang Ting and others will go through the past,I took Yang Shiqi and the injured.。
“Shen Xuan,thank,thank,thanks a lot for you help!”
Yang Shich came over,I gratified Shen Xuan’s hand,Faced is a smile。
Can come back to a life,Rely on Shen Xuan,He now thanks,It is also normal.。
Shen Xuan swayed,Say:“It’s all worked hard.。”
“do not worry,Things I promised must do it for you。”
Yang Shiqi said solemnly。
“Row,Then I will wait for the good news of the county.。”
Shenxuan nodded,Can give the county to give a commitment,It is also an unexpected harvest.。
Subsequent,Everyone will go with the mountain.。
“so,Is the Zoo of Xuan Ge really have to succeed??”
“Master, county said so,It should be no problem.!”
“Not always,This county is too unfashionable.。”
…… People in live broadcast look at Shen Xuan and Yang Shiqi’s dialogue,Discuss,But Yang Shi’s character,And what you have done,Still make many people doubtful to him。
Can this person really help??
A person who is accustomed to going,Who knows what reasons will be found??
Ten minutes later,Everyone has reached the foot of the mountain.,A horse Pingchuan,There is no danger again.,Everyone follows a breath。
“Shen Xuan,Let’s go back to the county.!”
Yang Shiqi rushed a sentence,Take Yang Shiqi and others.,Go straight to county,Look out,This county is, I don’t want to stay here.。
Said this is his nightmare,Not too。
“Running is really fast!”
“very funny,Is there a little interest in the county??”
“Sure enough, it’s timid,With Xuan Ge, there is no better than!”
“He counts a fart,What qualifications and Xuan brothers compare,Do not match Xuan brother shoes。”
People in the live broadcast are contempt,I have never seen such a person who has no interest.,Just seek Xuan Ge,Now one is safe,Skating is faster than the rabbit。
“Xuan Ge,We also go back.!”
Lin Wei and others have exhausted,Say:“Ran an afternoon,This will be really tired!”

He has a painful pain that torn the soul,Continue to sword、Kill。

The more this time,The more clearly understand and examine itself。
Never fell like the ground,Still hurt。
In fact,This is what he matters。
At the beginning in Renhai,The reason why it is painful,Biggest factor,Still he is not the person。
So there is only more difficult to recognize and test more than others.。
Like left small fish and others,Since the urination is infused,Born in this world,When integrated into the true spirit,Although it hurts,Never be like summer。
And now Jin Dynasty Wuwangjing is also the same。
I have been recognized in the world for the first time.,Will stay in a line of life。
Real test,In fact, it is the level of Jinzhong Haijing.,That is a big danger。
So,The red light column in the sky continued to have a fragrant incense.。
Summer heart,Hawran, I opened a new door.,A new world appeared。
Various energy between the world is extra clear,Gentle,Violent,peaceful,dangerous……Everything is so close。
not only that,When he sacrificed his mind,One hundred meters percent,Naturally, a heaven and earth pressure is formed.。
This is the atmosphere and prestige of the Wudang。
This kind of percentage,Music martial artists say to the hand,Even difficult to compete。
Do not fight!This sentence is no longer adjective,But the real existence。
Summer can’t stay happy,Sword,Feel your own,“This is Wu Wangjing.……Do not,Just just the soul reached the Wu King,Actually this is powerful。”
He is already a long time ago.,I understand a truth,Also hints yourself。
Never you can use the outside world,Treat this martial art。
External Earth’s martial arts,Although there is also a level of division,But very vague,And pay attention to strength and skills。
But this world is different。
When this power reaches a certain realm,‘fighting’Ideil,Disrupture changes。
The Wu Wang is still good,But I reached Wu Wang……Summer finally understand,Why is Wu Wang who is different for Xianfan?。 This is like two people fighting,A person has exquisible movements and skills,Fast lightning speed。
And another person,A sword sweeps out to sweep away a mountain!This is the difference between Wu Wang and Wu Wang.。
The idea of fighting both parties,Different levels。
A combat technique that needs to rely on itself to win,Another power can borrow the power of the world。
Various ideas flashed in the summer mind。
“Only the soul broke through Wu Wang,Still not strong enough……”He feels the strength of crazy growth in the body,咻,It seems to disappear from the air,Next second,The other side of the 骷髅 大军。
He did not plan to go back,Ready to continue to stay here,Abrasive。
……time flies,It’s nine months.。

Summer opening,She accelerates the speed,“From now on,You can’t leave here……”

Li Yanwen does not want to be tangled with a small security guard,Even if the other person can play。
And regardless of things,The other party is injured so many people,It is no longer an expensive problem to solve the problem.。
Especially seeing Li Jie’s miserable call,She vowes to make the other party pay the price。
Even if the president and the chairman come,She also has a health,Take action。
Li Jie has a relationship in the bureau,Wait for this guy into the prison,After he hurts,Some is the other party。
However,Her words have not been said to be cold-cooled by the summer.。
at this time,Summer is still a human animal harmless look,But the sarcasm in the eyes is obvious.。
“What qualifications do you have in front of me?。Who is your special code?,A big old age,Don’t go back to hold grandson,唧唧 歪 歪?”
Voice is just,A silent hall。
Dead and normal。
Even if the security guards are there seem to be。
old woman!
Who do you think you are!
This is the meaning of summer.。
Li Yanwen’s face,Gluten jumping of forehead,I have been out of anger。
Her eyes,Summer,“I am the administration……”
Not finished,I was interrupted again.。
“What is the responsibility of the Administration?,Punishment and supervision staff are?”
I saw a smile in the summer.,Contemn,“I and Su Xiaoxue came here to pack garbage,However, the security of the security is not a saying.,Do I still hit it wrong??Don’t I be hit??You are good,Neither investigation and don’t ask,Directly to launch a big hat directly……”
Looking at the opponent by Qinghong,And red whitening face,There is no meaning in the summer.。
“Su Xiaoxue such a girl,Because of your bullies,Even so,You think that you do something drip.,Can’t pick a problem,Just when someone is a fool?I thought that no one knows that you are doing.?There are still today’s things,I don’t believe that there is no such old woman in secret.……”
In no sound in a popssion,Summer language is extremely bad。
“Now you have a special code, there is a face in front of Laozi.,I will go to your mom.,Today, I will tell you a truth.,Have the right to work, no greatness,There are always people you can’t afford.!”
His voice spread throughout the hall,His eyes,Also left before,Everyone is not bother to pay back。
“Call the police!”
Li Yanwen cold and spit two words,All the anger broke out,Fully looked to Wang Jie,Call the voice with the old woman’s unique voice。
“Didn’t you hear me?,Call the police!Now!immediately!immediately!”
Surrounded by the staff,I know that Li Yanwen is angry.。
And Wang Jie also touched the phone when it was busy。
only,Just when she dialped the number,Suddenly came to a cold voice。
“Who wants to call?”
Go to the sound,I saw that the hall door walked into a group of people.。
The first thing is two beautiful women wearing professional skirts.,Around the body, follow the high levels of companies。
It is Liu Qingqing and Qinling。
Da da da。
The foot walks sound at the same time。
Baihua Group power is the most beautiful two women,There is no expression fluctuating on your face.,Only high heels are sent out。
Gas field。
At this moment,Liu Qingqing and Qinling have not yet lost in front of summer.。

“Yes!I didn’t tell you last time.?I apply to schools here.,So the principal wrote the recommendation letter,Plus my academic performance and internships are good,Therefore, the consulate is very happy and hired.!”

“Great!”Fu Yingxue said that he listens to no one,This is whispered:“Is there any situation??”
“Yamei!Please help me contact me,I need someone to come and help me work.!”
Fu Yingxue listed his face:“Don’t I help you??”
“no!Small snow!you misunderstood,What I need is the internal staff of the enemy intelligence department to help me.!”
Fu Yingxue listened to the eyebrow:“Scare me,I thought you were dissatisfied with me.!”
“how is this possible!Your people look good,Ability,I am happy, I haven’t come.!How can it be dissatisfied?!”
“Ha ha,How to listen to you like you are looking for a wife!”
“You are my partner!Our relationship is sometimes so tacit like a couple.!”
Fu Ying snow faced a flush,Cute frustrated frustody:“I don’t want to be with your nose, a patient, like a couple?!”
“I still don’t have to save you.!You still have fun!”
“Ha ha,there is none left,Qi Rui!I am really happy with you.!I will definitely cooperate with you in the future.!”
“Small snow!Can you contact your organization as soon as possible??”
“sure!I have waited for more than a year.!correct!Do you have someone else??”
“Yes!I would like to ask the Chen Jiaying comrades who have lurked in the South Rail Co., Ltd. to help me.!”
“Because the special level will open,I will focus on Several intelligence departments of the Soviet Union.!Japanese people are very vigilant against Soviet agents,And it is also a key investigation object!Comrade Chen Jiaying is familiar with the Soviet Unit,She can avoid some unnecessary misunderstandings and troubles!Because I am a special class!Can’t be a bit!Snow, do you understand what I said??”
“Qi Rui,Your idea is very understanding,I said before I said,If you need to organize the meaning of allowing us to get greater more and more meaningful victories and rewards with the capable losses!”
“I am relieved to organize this sentence.!So please contact your organization as soon as possible.,I need to get reply as soon as possible.!”
“it is good!I will contact the organization right away.!I will tell you in the first time.!”
“Yamei!These days I may often go to the Chinese people’s identity and public rentals.!If there is a message, hang a powder tape on the wind chimes at the door.,Emergency situation hanging red colors!”Qi Rui said that he took out five small yellow croquets to send Fu Yingxue.:“Don’t pass too hard,Go buy some good-looking clothes,Because you may appear as the identity of my unmarried wife!This is also explained why I often come here.!”
Fu Yingxue took five gold bars and surprised:“Hello, you have money.!”
“These are the specialist delivery!So you can use it with confidence!Give yourself a few beautiful kimono!I will not give me a face when I arrive.!”
“Then I am welcome.!”Fu Yingxue has a little bit of a lot of this year.,She is a good girl,Never ask an organization application funding,It’s all to buy a restaurant.,She will accept it well.,Because he is your own partner!Life and death and total comrades!
Rui Rui left Fu Yingxue, pondering how to contact the public rental Yihe and Ocean Battle,I want to think about it, it is a businessman.,I still have some money.,Not can’t open a business,This way, I don’t have to travel out to the cooking store as a waiter.。
Chapter 32 Three-party supported pharmacies
Rui Rui, Fu Yingxue is the glittering in the day.,The legal rental is looking for Ouyang To, but the secret is,Under sure no one is tracked, we will find her in accordance with the contact address given by Liu Ge.。
I know that I have entered the special class.,Ouyang Duo can succeed in the enemy camp for him,But I am also worried about the road:“Nine brother,We can help you outside,But most of you are a monk,Be careful!”
“Ouyang big beauty!Do you know what the concert is??”
“what!?What is it??”
“Every sentence you told me!I will definitely be careful.!”
“Hahaha……You come again.!”Ouyang Duo was smirk again,
“Ouyang big beauty!What business is your father??”Qirui and straightforward,
“Business is very big,What do you ask this??”
“Do you have any channels to introduce I know that Yi and WORK??”Cooperate, no way to know this person,But if you introduce a lot of things, you will be more fast through acquaintances.。
“British in the public rental?”
“Ouyang,British special affairs department has an oriental plan,What is the specific content I need an investigation?,This content is likely to be related to the interests of our country.!And this Kayiwei is a senior official of the special department,Plan content he must know!”
“These intelligence you are getting from special qualifications?”
“good!Japanese intelligence work is very comprehensive,They are statistically,In this city, there are at least 15 intelligence agencies outside of my country.,Understanding these intelligence agencies have a lot of help to us.!So I intend to investigate from the UK。”Rare whispered,
“You want to contact the identity of a businessman and Kayi Wei?”Ou Yangtou has now understood the meaning of Rui Rui,

And in front of Blue Xin。

She lifted the past,A painful,But I saw Blue Xin,I also looked at her.,No emotions,Just like watching an irrelevant person。
Seeing Blue Xin’s eyes like this,Gu An An suddenly found,I don’t think too much.。
Qin Ning is tight and humiliation,I looked at Lu Wei to take away.,Inspeakable。
She looked at Liang Wei around Lu Hao Cheng.,Anger:“Liang Wei,Your traitor,What qualifications do you have to stay in Lu Yong Group?,start from tomorrow,You don’t have to come to the Lu Yun Group.。”
Liang Wei did not answer:“lady,You don’t have the right to expel me。”
Qin Ning said half,“Yes?
Then you will wait for me.。”
Qin Ning looked at Blue Xin,Directly ignored Lu Haoheng and Lu Si。
She looked at Blue Xin,“Blue Director,Your three children are very beautiful,I am very like.。”
Blue Xin’s heart is tight,Some nervous hands holding a double punch,Be as you like,Lu Hao Cheng, but she first step.:“Qin Ningzhen,I want to move my child,First, you can quite your own identity.,I have a short hair in my child.,Lu Haokai,Constis,Hand and feet choose。”
“Lu Hao Cheng,you”Lu Haokai glanced over Lu Haozheng,Queer,Can’t speak。
Lu Si is watching,Unparalleled,This is the wind turbulence,Flower without a hundred days。
Qin Ning knows,Make more:“Lu Hao Cheng,We are walking。”
She looked at Lu Haokai and Gu Ai’an,“Kaikai,Anan,let’s go。”
Lu Haokai looked at her,“Mother,But Dad him”He should not call Liang Wei’s。
More than 20 years,Liang Wei is still loyal。
As long as Liang Wei does not tell Lu Haoheng and Lu Si,This sister is not so easy to know what Dad is doing.。
Qin Ning’s Shen Sheng:“Let it go。”
Waiting for a check tomorrow morning,Lu Haocheng turned Lu Jian to which hospital did,Just know which hospital is,She has the opportunity to start。
Anyway, what happened tonight,There are only three people who have seen them in the eyes.,No one knows how Lu Wei is doing something。
Blue Xin looked at them left,She is worried about her face:“Lu Hao Cheng,She will not start with Xiaojun’s brothers and sisters.?”
She is most afraid of this is this。
Adult,Phase,This is something often。
Lu Haocheng saw her anxious,Light comfort of her,“Blue,Don’t worry,Xiao Jun brothers and sisters and flying around,I have already arranged people to protect them.。”
Lu Si also said:“Blue,You have to believe A Cheng,Laun, they will not have something。”
“Um!Sister,I don’t believe him.,There is no other way.。”
Blue Xin helpless,She now only hopes that the chairman wakes up.,Solved things in front of you。
They can have peaceful days.。
She doesn’t want to blend this family dispute.,Why is it in it?。
Land:“Ancheng,Look at you now.,Qin Ning dares to do this,Be sure to have a corporate,Let’s figure out how many shares in her hands.。”

How many times he almost couldn’t help overturning,Fortunately, there is always a voice in my mind,Admonishing him,The weight loss career has not stopped。</p>

Except for Peng Peng who wants to lose weight,Everyone else is eating well,Half lying on the back,Feeling the chubby belly,Enjoying the cool breeze,It’s Rutz Cozy。</p>
Wang Ruodan said with emotion:“Hey,in fact,Sometimes you live a bit rougher,Also pretty good,Too fine,You don’t have to do whatever you want,Won’t be happy。”</p>
Everyone nodded,Teacher Ho,Huang Lei, they all have such sentiments,This is an insight that belongs to middle-aged Rao。</p>
ps:Seeking collection Seeking recommendation</p>
Seek reward and support</p>
Ask for monthly pass for subscription</p>
Book Friends:</p>
Welcome to join the group,Talk about blowing water。</p>
Old driver inside,Moe new owner,Mensao people deserve everything</p>
In another book,The name of the animal that appears,Not fictitious,But there are such creatures。</p>
After lunch,As usual,Came here to take a nap,But the magic is,Everyone is not too sleepy today。</p>
Huang Lei got up and said:“Sitting here is quite boring,Try to choose what you want to eat in the afternoon,Anyone who is sleepy can go back to the house to rest,Don’t stop this。”</p>
Aside,Huang Lei has come to the house,Brought out some dishes。</p>
celery,Chinese cabbage,And green onions and garlic,And garlic sprouts,put it together,Let everyone choose dishes,The province is too idle,nothing to do。</p>
What’s more rare is,Director Wang Zhengyu also came to the courtyard,Move your body and bones,Always sit there,Backache,My butt is numb。</p>
and,Wang Zhengyu, as the chief director of such a show,Occasionally appear in the camera,Uncertainty can also have unexpected program effects。</p>

This is an absolute rhythm!

At least this year and next year,Surely there will be no more inventory destruction phenomenon,And it must increase sales!
but,Happy,They received a strong protest call from Ensek。
Ensike told them righteously,Before the contract is signed,They used the image of Shen Huan to advertise,Is a tort。
Considering the upcoming cooperation between the two parties,Mr. Shen Huan will not sue,But Burberry must make financial compensation for this,Otherwise it’s not used up。
Without the consent of others,Use other people’s portrait rights privately,This is a taboo abroad,Will be severely punished。
Before Burberry used Shen Huan’s photo,Already thought of this。
But they also thought of,I will sign with Shen Huan soon,Then this thing,It will certainly not affect the cooperation between the two parties,At best, you can pay for good things,Just lose some money。
Sure enough, as they expected,Shen Huan’s reaction was not very intense。
While apologizing,Burberry hit it quickly100Ten thousand dollars is in Shen Huan’s account,So Ensek has nothing to say。
In fact, they are still preparing for the highest300Ten thousand-500Ten thousand dollars in compensation。
If Shen Huan is not satisfied,They just do it。
There is no doubt that,Burberry knew that such an adventure was worth it,Just willing to do this。
But such things can be a,Can two,But can’t repeat。
Burberry is also a world-class luxury brand,One such speculation is enough,If you do it again, it will look too tasteless。
So the next morning after playing the Toronto Raptors,Burberry is already on the global network and social media accounts,Announced his signing with Shen Huan。
10year5000Ten thousand dollar contract,Is the highest contract ever given by Burberry。
Previous endorsement stars,Usually the age will not exceed2year,Then there is a renewal,There are also non-renewal。
So Burberry is still taking risks this time。
If Shen Huan’s popularity is not as good as before in ten years,Became a passerby,Not only did it not help Burberry’s product sales,,It will also have a big impact on Burberry’s brand image。

“That’s why I feel a pity。”Wang Xuan sighed softly,Lost in my heart。

“Yoha,Isn’t this Mr. Wang and Mr. Mo??”
At this moment, a cold laugh suddenly sounded behind Mo Xiaosheng and Wang Xuan.,The two looked back,I saw a year nearly sixty,A man in a bright pink patterned suit appeared behind them with a few bodyguards。
“Qi Tengjun?”
Wang Xuan frowned when he saw the old man。
This Qi Tengjun is the boss of Junfu Jewelry, who competed with him last time.,Since being taught by Mo Xiaosheng last time,He just ran away dingy。
Mo Xiaosheng looked at him up and down,See his bright suit and bright leather boots,Couldn’t help but smile,This old man is still so coquettish。
“as far as I know,You don’t seem to be eligible?”Qi Tengjun smiled leisurely。
“Who told you that we are not eligible!”Wang Xuan sneered,Speak hard。
“okay,Don’t pretend,The supervisor in charge of registration was bought by me a long time ago!”Qi Tengjun spread his hands and shrugged,Then he laughed madly。
First0300Zhang Ghost and Axe
“Fuck you?”
Wang Xuan was furious,It turned out that this bastard made the difference,Raise your hand and hit him,Mo Xiaosheng quickly grabbed him,Whispered:“calm!”
Fight on this occasion,Wang Xuan must be invited out。
“Come,Don’t stop him,Let hit him,Hit here!”
Jun Qi Teng tilted his head very arrogantly,Pointing to his face,Motioned for Wang Xuan to hit himself in the face。
“If you don’t disappear in front of me in a minute,I promise you won’t find North!”Mo Xiaosheng said coldly。
When Qi Tengjun heard Mo Xiaosheng’s words, his body trembled.,He knows Mo Xiaosheng’s skill,The last time Mo Xiaosheng pinched his neck and almost choked him to death,He still has lingering fears until now,The complexion changed involuntarily,I immediately called my own person to go,Muttered while walking:“Look at,Lao Tzu is the leader tonight,You don’t even qualify for the competition,Hahahaha……”