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Look for a while,He is a faint:“Lin Ye has already taken people.。”

Lu Haocheng Road:“Let Lin Ye do not have to come out,Let Qian Yi Society,People go up,Give me,Throw it to the sea,Today’s weather,Sea should be very comfortable。”
Jiefin:“”The weather is really comfortable,I am afraid that I will not come back in the sea.。
Ou Jingfa news told Lin Ye。
Lin Ye received the message,Judge,I don’t need him.,What did he come here?,Be hay。
Looking at the scene of chaos,He even there is no place to stand.。
Car,Ou Jingli slowly said the reason,“Li Xingyu took the flying wolf to the emperor casino,Said farmer,He lost a lot of money,With a person, a family。”
“His new girlfriend also went together,Said that we are harassed by our staff。”
“His another friend said that there is something on the boat.,A few pieces,He is now in the emperor。”
Lu Haozheng,Before the cold light:“He is going to make things a lot,Pushing the people behind,Jumping a beam clown。”
Ou Jing is silently looked at him.:“Then what do you come with me??”
Lu Haocheng looked at his evil smile:“Of course, I want to see Li Xingyu’s lower court.。”
European:“”Sure enough, it is a man who can’t be guilty.,I don’t know who is done in hell.。
If he doesn’t make a mistake,Li Xingyu paired with blue,How can Lu Haocheng let go of Li Xingyu??
Warm male in the blue eyes,In fact, it is a green tea in the eyes of a man.。
Hao Peng went back,No return,Go directly to Li Tingyuan。
just,Li Tingyuan also wants him。
Li Tingyuan is gone to look at Hao Peng,Laugh, a face:“Hao,Thanks to you remind you,I only knew that the emots were originally Lu Haozheng.。”
“Play a hand。”
Hao Peng glanced at the old fox in front of him.,Some is this title,Deal with the general people,He is indeed an old fox,But dealing with Lu Haozheng,He obviously can’t afford such title。
Point resort in Li Xingyu,I want to force Lu Haozheng,That is a whimsical。
Li Tingbyne and his father know something,He is also known last night.。
This also explains the pass,kayWhy do I know Li Shuya?。
And he came here,Depend onkayRefer to Li Tingyuan。
Not because of nothing,His father’s meaning is to let him look high.kay。
A woman has such a person and relationship,Man,I will feel that this woman is very can’t afford.,Look at reasoning。
Lijia isAThe country’s richest is to raise her identity.。
And he,No woman around you,Even my girlfriend has not paid,His father wants to hold her grandson,kayWill pay attention to him。
butkayThis woman,From the beginning, he can’t afford it.,Promise your father’s request,Just want to see what your father wants to do?
Now,All things have been clear。
Father also wants to compete for a piece of Jiang Mountain in Jiangyou.。

This lucky is in the store,If you go out,The other party came to death and did not pay,Coupled with the store indeed genuine,They just want to come back to discuss fairness.。

“Humph,I spare you once,But someone will spare you once in the future??
Give me waiting here,Of course, you can choose to give this gentleman.,Even if you give you 800,000, it is also 800,000.,You think about it yourself.。”
Xia Xia Min listened this,I looked up and looked at Li with the wind.,Suddenly in front of Li Hui,It is also a hoe and beg for mercy.。
“I’m wrong,I beg you, let me let me.,I really know that it is wrong.,As long as you don’t let me give money,Don’t let me enter prison,Let me do what I do,forgive me。”
Xia Xia Min, this move, let Li Hui also a glimpse,At the http://www.cqidcsys.cnsame time, it also leads to a lot of watch people.。
Li Hui also suddenly understood what other abacus,This is a bitter meter,The other party knows that he will not let the other party do something bad.,After all, so many people look。
“All right,You get up.,You can’t solve this problem like this.,Of course, you can don’t need ten times.,After all, you may not bear it.,But I will give you an acceptable price.,That is double how?
You have to know that even if you are double, you are enough.,And I don’t have to pay attention to this double.,The deadline is two years?”
Xu Ru 芸 did not expect that Li Hui Feng actually would be so large.,After all, let’s see 800,00 0, I am afraid it will not be so low.。
And from Li Hui’s dress,She really can’t see that Li Hui Feng is with rich people.,But such a young man actually cut more than 600,000 yourself.。
“I promise,I promise,I must work well.,Alive money to you。”
“Don’t answer first,I haven’t finished it yet.。”
Looking at Xia Xia Min crazy noddion, Li Hui, is also a woman who doesn’t want to be a woman.,If it is not really provoked, he is not happy.,This thing may just be a refund.。
“Although I forgive you.,But you have to ask your manager forgive.,That is, you give you a manager for free for a few years.,After all, if you want to do something else, do something else.,Then I can’t afford this sinner.。”
This proposal of Li Hui Feng made Xu Ruzhen immediately got a look at him.,Can you have more than 600,000,And the young people considering each other are really not much everywhere.。
The most important thing is that this is a German,Can be such a less than a small。
“Xu Manager,Give me a chance.,I guarantee that I don’t dare to commit again.。”
Chapter 77th Shocked Xu Ruzhen
“Smalluminum,You follow me for three years,What’s more about how people are meat?,Since this handsome guy spared you,I don’t have any reason.,But then you don’t want to do this, I don’t bare you.,But you have to give people also。”
“Of course, if you are doing this,I will give you a time.,But you have to work in my old man.,Until your salary is also on the money, you can go,You choose it yourself.。”
Xu Ruzhen said this.,Xia Xiaomin naturally did not have any nonsense, nodding directly.。
After all, according to double,In fact, she is more than doubled.,After all, the eight thousand eight is Li Hui’s,This is calculated,She only needs serious efforts to do it for two years.,Even without dry two years。
“This handsome guy,Trouble with me, tell me your bank account,I will turn it over.。”
I heard Xu Ruzhen said.,Li Hui Feng is, some did not expect the other party, it would be so happy.。
From small in the countryside,In fact, I have never thought about it. I have to be ten times double.,Just just ask apology to give him the original money.。
But I saw that Xu Ruzhen was really real.,He is embarrassed。
“Xu Manager,I see you or return to me directly.,I didn’t think of double refunds.,And if you really have doubled me.,I am still not practical.,In fact, I just want to educate your clerk.,After all, what she said before, I can’t stand it.。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Xu Ruzhen is also a glimpse,In this year, she still encountered the other party to the other party.。
However, Li Hui’s simple quality is that she likes it very much.。
“Row,Since you have said this,I don’t care about you.,Give you 100,000,After all, I can’t make my signature.,You don’t want double, I have to give you a little apologize.,As for Xiaomin, since you don’t have to compensate,Then there is no such thing in my store.,There will be a second time for the first time.。”

Yes,TLThe five people have gathered in the front battlefield.,andIGSummer Little Lims,At this time, it is still on the line。

I started from this small dragon on both sides.、Strain。
Friction continues to rise,And some opportunities,Also slowly revealed in these frictions。
But people are accidentally,The first person on the field on the field。
noTL,But Liu Qingsong。
Field14Minute15second,TLAssisted Buron in order to make a field of view,Strain is too big。
Liu Qingcong saw a wave of great opportunities,Calling in the teamtheshyofTPLater,The cattle is moving directly.。
Palace clearman,Also keep up with the footsteps of the cattle。
Cattle headWSkill,His body is slightly bent,Master’s top,Shining cold and cold light。
His body is behind this,Directly rushing to the direction of Buron。
The wind of the canyon constantly whizes in the ear of the cattle,His body is also in this process,Close to the location of Buron。
then,The body of the Bull arrived in Buron’s body.,His skull also bent directly after this。
Bonus,The aesthetic movement of the cattle head made him feel a little bit。
He is almost consciously wanting to raise shields in his hand.,But under the control state,He is not a way to press it.。
The heart silently grows up,Buron has put your fingers,Plated on the flash button。
Buron is very clear,If you are driven by the cattle,I didn’t open the shield again.,SoIGSubsequent output of others,Absolutely drink a pot of yourself。
but……Just when he is ready to constantly press the flash.,He suddenly saw,The bull’s body lit up a golden man。
Then,The body of the cattle is accompanied by this golden manner.,Instantly jump400Distance from the code。
Arrived……TLPeople in the pile! Then,The body arrived in the cattleTLOne moment among people,hisQSkills are almost at the same time。
Suddenly bent over the top of the gigm,Dareful skill sound,Ground is shocked。
Along with these together,There isTLThe rear row of rear rows of flying:Hyville、Sierras、Emperor!
Instant,rookieFollow the output and control directly,A hairEQI have already smashed here.TLBack row,Continue to control。
Blind reaction is naturally not bad,A hairWSkills instantly close to the beside,Output and control continue to shoot。
Ruz,Shouting in Liu QingcongTPwhen,Ruz has already handed overTP。
Of course,Ruz’sTPNot so fast。But at this time,It is already close to the landing.。
Miyan Qing Wen and Liu Qingsong’s tacit value naturally don’t say more,Both people get along very all,Take the tacit cooperation for so long。
Basically, who has already raised a ass,I can know what he is put on.。
In this case,How can I don’t know what I want to do if I don’t know what I want to do??
so,Cattle headWQFleeceTLThree moments,Casha is directly handed overRSkill,FlyTLRear row。
Landing moment,Casha is directly selected by the center of the output.TLofADCHyville。
No other reason,Because Liu Qingsong said so,He is also true that he is hung by his own ignites.。
Casha directly lifts the arm,The raging void energy is constantly frenzy after this,In the end, I am on the body of Hiwei.。
then,Casa’s body is half,Void energy,Numerous void energy marsh is directly injected,Half of them smashed on the body of Xicilli。
Casha continues to be flatAOutput,InIGUnder the follow-up output of others,Xiville’s blood volume also flying quickly。
then,Casha raised his arm once again,His body is tight in an instant。
This sprayed void energy,It seems more powerful than ever.。

“Still rolling out early。Don’t lose your face here.。”

Sound scorn,Extremely ridicule。 Here is a large part of the Lu Hai Feng’s horse is looking forward.,Among them, there are many things to do under Lu Haifeng.。
Now see him soft knife,Nature should keep the team。
They all saw the painting,Even artwork is not,It is a decoration.。
No one thinks that the summer is true。
certainly,Among them, Luo Wen and others did not follow,on the contrary,Their face is getting more and more ugly。
“Xiao Yu,you……”
Su Xiaoyue quickly took his arm,Face anger looks Xiao Yu,We will sweep away from the students。
She can’t understand,Why is these people to be against the summer?,Why is this kind of scorn。
have no idea。
I also want to pass。
But it doesn’t mean that Su Xiaoyue has no temper.。
Her temperament is quiet,But never soft and weak,Not lack of courage。
One year in Baihua Group,Facing heavy pressures and threats,She became strong and the fruit。
“Small,I did not mean,In fact, your colleague is quite good.,It is too good to face.。”
See Su Xiaoxiao,Xiao Yu rushed and laughed。
but,Her pair of scorpions have been shouted with a jealousy。
In addition to the face,She also thinks that she is bitter than Su Xiao.,Even the body is better than the opponent.。
But the sea peaks are all like this monk.。
on the contrary,Although she is doing things under Lu Haifeng,But she is in the eyes of each other,It is the same servant to call.。
How can she not?。
Good sister?
That is a dog!
If not for the future,She is too lazy to take care of each other。
And at this time,Since the summer, I suddenly look at one of the waiters.,“Can this picture take down??”
“Can,completely fine。”
Unwaquated waiter’s response,The public relations girl who came to the summer and others have been first opening。
A scene that takes place before the gate,This public relations girl also look at the eyes。

Made in the knife,Middle-aged face is full of endless fear and despair。

He screamed,Hysterical,A pair of red eyes have been convex up。
The snow-luminous knife is from bottom to bring a stunning radians.,Cold a cold shield,Brush the throat of middle-aged people。
Blood water sprayed from the crack。
Middle-aged uses hands to cover your throat,Dare to confuse your eyes。
His figure,Rock,But it is refused to fall。
Don’t believe that you are like a knife.。
He has the power of the peak,Not complete,His strength,Already standing in the peak of this world,Want to wind, rain, rain,Those ordinary people are in his eyes.,You can control their lives and fate at will。
How……How can I die??
He remembered what he had said before and Thunder,Despise this youth with a contemptive attitude……What kind of iron is。
He covered his throat,But can’t blocked blood in the outstanding flow of large stocks.,Open mouth,Muski sound。
Summer eyes with 戾,“It’s so cheap, you are.!”
Middle-aged people finally be unwilling to fall on the ground。
At this time,Thunder has come upstairs,Looking at the middle-aged people falling on the ground,Ask,“Who is he?……”
嗡嗡。 Not finished,Suddenly came to the mobile phone 嗡。
Not summer mobile phone,Not thunder,Mobile phone bells are derived from middle-aged people。
Summer picking your eyebrows,Going to the past,In the opponent’s body,Take out your phone,Look at the number above,Immediately。
“Is it safe??”
There is a low voice opposite.。
“He died。”
The opposite endo is caught in silence。


Instant,Fang Baishun just barely revealing a smile face,Wen said that it is over and overcast.,Check bad loans,Prevent financial risks……
Liu Zuming does not mention,He has forgot this.,How often is it?,This is, it is just that he is promoted.。
I didn’t expect it to move the stone now.,到 自己 的?
Fang Baishun, more about his face,Strong to hold back thoughts,Ambient:
“The file is said to check the non-performing loans.,I don’t say it is completely not loan.,It’s okay to put it normally.?
I am not white,I can give mortgage,That house,According to the market value, it is worth 20 million.,I am worth you。
In addition, I still have dozens of cars.,It’s all millions of bought.,I haven’t been over.,Add up to billions,Also to you,You can always?”
Liu Zuming Road:“Said to say this,But you don’t forget.,Hundreds of balance rates now have exceeded80,Have a warning line,Even if you have a mortgage,Every money for Bumhun now is also a bad loan.。”
Fang Baishun listened to the heart,Be unsatisfactory,Struggle:“Which is so serious,The liability rate of this real estate is high.,Everyone is like this,Not only my family。
Liu Xiji, you will help me again.,I am writing this person.,There is a need to use my place in the future.,Despite the opening,I am absolutely no two words.。”
Liu Zuming is not moving,Smile:“General,You don’t have difficult me.,I don’t want to find you, the loans before.,The pressure is already very big.,Now this style,Put it to you again,I am really powerless.。
okay,I still have something to do.,Let’s take this way.,Waiting for another day to talk。”
“Liu Xi Chang、Liu Xi Chang?”Fang Baishun hangs two sentences,I want to struggle again.,Unfortunately, it has been coming in the phone.。
Fang Baishun is a bit angry,Bullous:“Fucking white wolf,How much benefits from Laozi here these years??Now I am looking for you to help this.,Also, do he dare to hang my call.?”
He Xinsheng sits in front of the cold,Atmosphere, you can’t breathe.。
The driver is also careful,I am afraid to touch the milder of Fang Shun,I don’t dare to ask.,Can only be careful,At the same time, I saw the new victory.。
He Xinyin lips,Silent spit out three words:back office。
Both fire,I can only return to the company to handle it.。
Driver’s heart god,Tone,Steadily started the car。
Fang Baishun sent out,Reopeically, I will play a call.,In addition to Liu Zuming,There are still many banks with him.,As long as there is a family that will borrow money,He can pass this off。
However, reality is committed to。
Telephone one is playing,Previously, I said with him.,Now it’s a collection of faces.,All of them with document requirements,Euprage,A circle of calls,Actually there is no one to help him.。
The last party fell directly to the phone,Past gas sitting in the back row,The face is gloomy。
Before dredging Chen Guangsheng issued a document,He is originally to deal with the king,For this reason, he is a group of old groups.,I still don’t have to give Chen Guangsheng again.、Another weeding,Sold up a force。
The result is now good,Not, but did not deal with the king,Inversely put himself to pit。
Is this self-sufficient??
Fang Bai Shun is a feeling of feeling,The heart is called a gas.。
Static blood pressure for half a month,Now I can’t help but go up.,Blink,Fang Baishun, I feel a burst of dizziness in my mind.,Then in front of it,Obliquely on the seat,Gone。
Take the rearview mirror,Be careful to observe He Xinsheng,I saw a hop,Hurry and return to the body:
“General?What did you have a total??Don’t scare me?,General、General?”
I didn’t respond to a few times.,He Xinsheng also continued to shout,I have told the driver:

Xia Jian sees it,So he sat on the chair by the table,He smiled and asked:“Why did you drink so little just now?”

“I’m not familiar with either of them,Moreover,My situation now,In case everyone says something while talking,What my mother heard,Didn’t I lie to her,It will make her sad”Xiao Xiao said,I couldn’t help but breathe out。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“I didn’t think well,Come!Let’s have a drink”Xia Jian said,Raised the wine glass and touched Xiao Xiao,He took a nice sip。This wine has a soft mouth,But after drinking it, it rose up with a steaming。Xia Jian couldn’t help but grabbed the wine bottle and looked at it。
“stop looking,This is our local wine,Low annual output,Not enough to buy。My grandpa asked someone to get this。Its stamina is huge,As long as it is to keep out the cold,But you have to be careful,Don’t just drink a glass of wine and climb down,I still have to talk to you”Xiao Xiao said,Happy smile。
Her smile,very beautiful。this moment,Xia Jian is convinced,She is the real Xiao Xiao,Not Mei Tong。Because when Mei Tong faced him,She laughed so pretty。
First0971chapter Beauty without trace
Beautiful Wine,Life geometry?
Xia Jian and Xiao Xiao slowly tasted this strong wine,It’s like savoring their different lives。Gradually,Xiao Xiao’s beautiful face,With a faint blush,She whispered:“Xia Jian!I am drunk”
Xia Jian stretched out his arm,Xiao Xiao lay down。Holding such a beautiful woman in his arms,How can you not be tempted。Xia Jian pressed his thick lips with strong alcohol。
“No way,I want to talk to you”Xiao Xiao panting heavily,With her small white arms like lotus root,Gently pushed Xia Jian’s face away。Xia Jian tried to control himself,But the white wine I drank just now,But wantonly burned in him,He felt that he was about to explode。
Xiao Xiao sits up slowly,She whispered:“We have no destiny,Everyone accepts it。This is how my fate, Xiao Xiao should be,Can only take care of one end。I hope you manage the venture group well,I will feel at ease for the rest of my life”
“Actually everyone can sit down and talk,There should be no grievances that cannot be resolved”Xia Jian comforts Xiao Xiaodao,He suddenly felt,My tongue is starting to not work well。
Xiao Xiao sneered,Stood up,When she turned around,The plump and slightly curled butt just rubbed Xia Jian’s body。Just like that,Xia Jian is like a fuse set ablaze,Broke out in an instant。
When Xiao Xiao notices,Xia Jian has pounced,Pressed her down on the bed。A wild tear,Xiao Xiao’s pajamas were stripped from her jade-like body by Xia Jian。Woman shaking hands and feet,Don’t let Xia Jian succeed for a while。This useless resistance,It also inspired the primitive wildness in Xia Jian。
With Xiao Xiao’s last depressive scream,Two people finally become one。The wooden bed kept screaming,There was a mixture of men and women panting in the room。
When everything is calm,Xia Jian felt extremely tired,It feels like draining the energy in the body。He tried his best to hug Xiao Xiao’s smooth jade body,Suddenly he remembered a word Fang Fang said to him,His hands followed Xiao Xiao’s belly and touched them。
He suddenly lost his voice:“You are not Xiao Xiao?Meitong?”
“Hahahaha!I really convinced my sister,I thought she was really like I said,She and you are as clean as water,I didn’t expect you to be so clear about any part of her body”Mei Tong pushed away Xia Jian who was hugging him,Turned over and sat up。
Xia Jian was surprised,He never expected,She really is Mei Tong。Then why did she do this?Where did Xiao Xiao go??Xia Jian thought of this,Get up quickly。But he was weak,No strength,what happened to him?

“As of now,The total amount of playback of various video clips about the host playing basketball,Has broken through100Billion times,The host lets more people know about you,This is a great fame。”

“Given that the host has extended its influence to the world,The generous system decided to give generous rewards to encourage。”
“The system rewards the host,I hope the host can make persistent efforts,Create greater glory!”
The moment when two security guards opened the gate of the training ground for Shen Huan,Shen Huan heard the voice of the good master。
Heard the reward,Shen Huan felt energetic。
Oh ha ha ha!
Hitting cattle!?
With such a powerful force,The widow really doesn’t have to be afraid of any non-distant weapons anymore,Including thermal weapons。
In the past, I can at least control10Meter range,The current senior class gives Shen Huan the feeling,At least it extends to20Meters away。
As long as it is not a sudden attack,Shen Huan really has the ability to control everything!
Enter the training ground with a happy mood,Kobe and they are seriously doing various training such as shooting。
A basketball player,If you are thirty-seven or eighteen,Still maintain a good competitive state,Then no doubt,He must be a very self-disciplined person。
To say that Kobe often had a little scandal when he was young,But arrived30After the age of,He really only has two lines: family and stadium。

When Olajuwon realized that playing like this,Can’t win the game,Start training teammates,Houston has gradually become the quasi-dynasty team with the second consecutive championship。

Olajuwon now has no such grandeur as he did when he was young,All he wants is the O’Brien Cup!
There are too many legendary centers in the history of NBA,Even Olajuwon who won two consecutive championships,Are worried that their historical status will not be in the top five。
It’s not impossible,Russell,Chamberlain,Jabbar firmly in the top three!The historical status of the three people can be said to be equal,And the remaining super centers,There are a large number of honors that are not inferior to Olajuwon。
Olajuwon’s goal is to become the No. 1 center in history,He also has to be at least tied with the previous centers。
Then he must win one or two more championships!
Last year was the best opportunity,If you can win three consecutive championships,Then Olajuwon’s achievements are not inferior to anyone。The achievement of creating a dynasty alone promoted Jordan to become the first shooting guard in history.,This achievement even if there is no way to make Olajuwon the first center in history,At least it will let him get rid of things like Moses Malone,Bill Walton,Parish,Reid these people。
But the team is aging too fast,The already weak championship team had few that could play last year。Olajuwon even fell to the Sonics without even reaching the finals。
And this year,The team’s lineup is the strongest in Olajuwon’s career!
Three superstars!Plus Jim Jackson,Mario Avery,ACTop role players like Green!
If this lineup meets last year’s Supersonic,Olajuwon is confident to sweep them!
And now,It’s time to meet the Lakers the team prepared for in the middle of the season。
Drexler+Jim Jackson+Mario Avery blocks Kobe!

“Yilin,forget it。”Luo Shangzhong has a lot of affection for Gao Zishan,So reluctant to start,He has never touched her finger in these years,Typical Wife Control。

“I’m leaving。”Luo Yilin turned around and left after talking。
“it is good,it is good,Yilin,Don’t go,Don’t go。”Luo Shangzhong quickly stopped her。
“Little bitch,Dare you tear my mouth,I’ll tear your mouth first!”
Gao Shan saw Luo Yilin dare to speak to herself like this,Suddenly furious,Rolled up his sleeves and rushed towards Luo Yilin,But Luo Shangzhong held him back。
Luo Shangzhong dragged her back fiercely,Then slapped her face with a slap,Angry voice:“Can you stop me!”
That’s why he didn’t dare to talk to Gao Shan before he came,His wife is so hot-tempered,And the past few years have become more severe。
“You hit me?Dare you hit me?!”Gao Shan’s complexion,Grabbed Luo Shangzhong’s face,Within a few seconds, Luo Shangzhong’s face was covered with red blood。
“Big brother,You were beaten by your own woman like this,Is it a man?。”
At this moment, the second child Luo Shangjin gloated,He has long seen his sister-in-law not pleasing to his eyes,Check this account all day long,Check that account,For fear that others will take advantage of the company。
“Stinky lady,I have to kill you today!”
So excited by the cock,Luo Shangzhong suddenly became angry,He smashed Gao Shan’s face with his fist,One of the punches hit Gao Shan’s left eye socket,I saw her eye sockets swelled up like a balloon,Green。
“what!I fight with you!”
Gao Shan burst into tears,He threw himself on Luo Shangzhong regardless,Scratch and scratch,Grab Luo Shangzhong’s arm,Opening your mouth is a fierce bite,Luo Shangzhong immediately saw blood on his arm。