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“As of now,The total amount of playback of various video clips about the host playing basketball,Has broken through100Billion times,The host lets more people know about you,This is a great fame。”

“Given that the host has extended its influence to the world,The generous system decided to give generous rewards to encourage。”
“The system rewards the host,I hope the host can make persistent efforts,Create greater glory!”
The moment when two security guards opened the gate of the training ground for Shen Huan,Shen Huan heard the voice of the good master。
Heard the reward,Shen Huan felt energetic。
Oh ha ha ha!
Hitting cattle!?
With such a powerful force,The widow really doesn’t have to be afraid of any non-distant weapons anymore,Including thermal weapons。
In the past, I can at least control10Meter range,The current senior class gives Shen Huan the feeling,At least it extends to20Meters away。
As long as it is not a sudden attack,Shen Huan really has the ability to control everything!
Enter the training ground with a happy mood,Kobe and they are seriously doing various training such as shooting。
A basketball player,If you are thirty-seven or eighteen,Still maintain a good competitive state,Then no doubt,He must be a very self-disciplined person。
To say that Kobe often had a little scandal when he was young,But arrived30After the age of,He really only has two lines: family and stadium。

When Olajuwon realized that playing like this,Can’t win the game,Start training teammates,Houston has gradually become the quasi-dynasty team with the second consecutive championship。

Olajuwon now has no such grandeur as he did when he was young,All he wants is the O’Brien Cup!
There are too many legendary centers in the history of NBA,Even Olajuwon who won two consecutive championships,Are worried that their historical status will not be in the top five。
It’s not impossible,Russell,Chamberlain,Jabbar firmly in the top three!The historical status of the three people can be said to be equal,And the remaining super centers,There are a large number of honors that are not inferior to Olajuwon。
Olajuwon’s goal is to become the No. 1 center in history,He also has to be at least tied with the previous centers。
Then he must win one or two more championships!
Last year was the best opportunity,If you can win three consecutive championships,Then Olajuwon’s achievements are not inferior to anyone。The achievement of creating a dynasty alone promoted Jordan to become the first shooting guard in history.,This achievement even if there is no way to make Olajuwon the first center in history,At least it will let him get rid of things like Moses Malone,Bill Walton,Parish,Reid these people。
But the team is aging too fast,The already weak championship team had few that could play last year。Olajuwon even fell to the Sonics without even reaching the finals。
And this year,The team’s lineup is the strongest in Olajuwon’s career!
Three superstars!Plus Jim Jackson,Mario Avery,ACTop role players like Green!
If this lineup meets last year’s Supersonic,Olajuwon is confident to sweep them!
And now,It’s time to meet the Lakers the team prepared for in the middle of the season。
Drexler+Jim Jackson+Mario Avery blocks Kobe!

“Yilin,forget it。”Luo Shangzhong has a lot of affection for Gao Zishan,So reluctant to start,He has never touched her finger in these years,Typical Wife Control。

“I’m leaving。”Luo Yilin turned around and left after talking。
“it is good,it is good,Yilin,Don’t go,Don’t go。”Luo Shangzhong quickly stopped her。
“Little bitch,Dare you tear my mouth,I’ll tear your mouth first!”
Gao Shan saw Luo Yilin dare to speak to herself like this,Suddenly furious,Rolled up his sleeves and rushed towards Luo Yilin,But Luo Shangzhong held him back。
Luo Shangzhong dragged her back fiercely,Then slapped her face with a slap,Angry voice:“Can you stop me!”
That’s why he didn’t dare to talk to Gao Shan before he came,His wife is so hot-tempered,And the past few years have become more severe。
“You hit me?Dare you hit me?!”Gao Shan’s complexion,Grabbed Luo Shangzhong’s face,Within a few seconds, Luo Shangzhong’s face was covered with red blood。
“Big brother,You were beaten by your own woman like this,Is it a man?。”
At this moment, the second child Luo Shangjin gloated,He has long seen his sister-in-law not pleasing to his eyes,Check this account all day long,Check that account,For fear that others will take advantage of the company。
“Stinky lady,I have to kill you today!”
So excited by the cock,Luo Shangzhong suddenly became angry,He smashed Gao Shan’s face with his fist,One of the punches hit Gao Shan’s left eye socket,I saw her eye sockets swelled up like a balloon,Green。
“what!I fight with you!”
Gao Shan burst into tears,He threw himself on Luo Shangzhong regardless,Scratch and scratch,Grab Luo Shangzhong’s arm,Opening your mouth is a fierce bite,Luo Shangzhong immediately saw blood on his arm。

“Hey,Nancheng Wansheng Tianhao Restaurant,Come pick up Young Master Xia。”

I wanted to use this dude,To win over this Qin Shi,Since he is so trash,Then it won’t work for me。
Peng Huan’s city house is extremely deep,This plan failed,I have another plan。
at this time Night bar
Nowadays,The bar is not even open,Just to welcome someone’s arrival。
A small body,But an extraordinary person,Holding a gloomy face,Sitting on the sofa。
Sitting on the left,Ding Zhi,Sitting on the right is Hou San。
“About Chen Fei,We don’t know。”
Hou San said respectfully,The bureau set for Li Qingqiu,Hou San is also present,Only later,He talked with Ding Zhi。
Also, together with Ding Zhi, is one of the Big Three in the Dark World of Nancheng,Muay Thai Aziz is a master who Hou San has spent millions to invite from abroad。
To deal with Li Qingqiu,The two have become the same camp。
He recognized,Li Qingqiu does have something,otherwise,What happened that day won’t let the three of them fall。
“You have been in the dark world for so long,Don’t you know if Chen Fei is here?”
The thin man sitting in the center asked。
Hou San’s voice was shaking,This person is Lin Zhicheng transferred from Ye Cheng,Kong Xing。
When Lin Zhicheng mixed in other areas,Yecheng also has great strength。
It is said that,Lin Zhicheng’s strength is much stronger than that of Chen Fei,So his men,Even the giants in the dark world of Nancheng dare not provoke。
“We only know that he came to Nancheng for Chen Biao。”
Hou San said:“His brother was abandoned in Nancheng,He will come,Also posted a message in South City,Find that person within three days,I heard that I asked for 100 million!”

Ling Luochang’s icy blue eyes condensed,Lightly“Ok!But don’t call me that”

The battle just now can only be regarded as a warm-up,After all, you can familiarize yourself with the strength of the opponent’s spirit power!
Otherwise it is easy to cause death and injury!This is what Shrek inner courtyard disciples will pay attention to when they learn!
Dai Yaoheng heard that,Nodded“Ok,Fallen clothes,Let’s go first and think about the strategy!”
Ling Luochang gave him a cold look,“it is good!I just said don’t call me down”
Dai Yaoheng nodded again“I know,Fallen clothes,move”
Finished,He walked in the direction of Ning Tian and others……
Without any choice,Ling Luoshang also followed with a cold face……
Tang Ya saw the two turn and leave,Doubtful“Miss Tao,They are?”
Ma Xiaotao’s face is solemn“Just warming up,The real showdown only begins now!”
Huo Yuhao nodded thoughtfully……
No wonder most students have not used the spirit abilities above the fourth spirit ring,Turns out it’s just warming up!
after that,Members of Tang Sect and Shrek Academy discussed separately……
A real matchup really kicks off,And the most satisfying is naturally the students watching around……
After this grand duel,No one knows the victory over there,Fail over there……
But what can be known is,Whole battle,Tang Sect took the initiative!
Qianyu’s eyes looked at Ning Tian and others behind him,Open road“You go back and practice for yourself,Today’s duel ends here”
Dai Yaoheng said respectfully“Yes!Elder Qianyu!”

It was okay when the co-author just refused?

Lu Ban is a little confused,The reason why he added Gu Qiao,One is to narrow the distance between each other,The second is to thank Gu Qiao for helping repost his Weibo。
can,What is she looking for me?
Ban Lu thought for a while,Relationship between two people,It seems that Gu Qiao hasn’t asked him for help yet。
“I just want to thank you for reposting Weibo。”
Lu Ban is blowing his hair with a hairdryer in one hand,With the other hand, continue to reply to Gu Qiao:“I just saw the message you sent me,what’s up?”
Gu Qiao’s phone rang,She saw the news from Ban Lu。
Think for a while,Reply to Lu Fei:“I want to ask you for a personal matter。”
Private affairs?
Lu Ban is a little confused,If you talk about work,I’m still talking about the past。
You a big star,If you have any personal matters, you need to ask me for help?
Luban:“You talk about it first,I don’t know if I can help。”
Hair blown dry,He went to the window and lit a cigarette,Cool breeze,It seems that the hot summer is about to pass。
The phone vibrated。
Ban Lu picked it up and took a look。

“it is good,I know,Everything from now on,I will tell you,All the people i know,Will also tell you,Do not worry。”Su Jingchen came over,Hold Shen Mange tightly in his arms。

Shen Mange also responded to Su Jingchen’s hug,slowly,The temperature in the room has risen,Especially between two people……
Originally it was quite hot,Don’t wear much,The temperature of each other’s body is tightly fused together,Su Jingchen who has been sober for Shen Mange for so many years,Now soft fragrance in my arms,How can you not react??
It’s not morning yet,Su Jingchen has already woke up,last night,Two people do everything,Have explained,Make it clear,later,on…………
Didn’t stop until early morning,And Shen Mange was also fainted by Su Jingchen。
Su Jingchen looked at Shen Mange’s sleeping face in a good mood,Two of them,We were in love together for two years three years ago,It’s the fifth year now,Finally achieved a positive result。
“Song,really,You are different from other girls,Lied for five years,You are my woman finally。”Su Jingchen tenderly pressed a kiss on Shen Mange’s forehead,Get off the bed slowly。
Standing by the window,Lit a cigarette,Looking at the Shen’s house next door,That house,I have been for two years,I often accompany Grandma Shen to do morning exercises,Has been vacant for a long time now,Should he talk to Grandma Shen,See if they want to move back?
“Well~”Shen Mange moved his body,It hurts her face is wrinkled,did not expect,It hurts the first time,And Su Jingchen’s physical strength,Unexpectedly so good,Toss her for so long,In the end she didn’t know how it ended。
“Song,You wake up。”Su Jingchen pinched out the cigarette in his hand,Hurried to the bedside,Sit up gently with Shen Mange。
“Song,Does it hurt?。”Su Jingchen asked。

Shu Qing said:“Did the three chapters of the contract you made for him make him lose confidence in you?。”

“Yes,He explained to me tonight,Said I was to protect the officer,Always afraid of getting him,Try to get rid of his relationship,Also said I’m too official。I told him about this problem,I said that eight generations of my ancestors came out of me as an official,I can’t wear this official hat crooked,I can’t wear it,Have a long stream,When Yuqiong introduced him to me,This is my position,I have never concealed the ugly face of an official fan。that time,He still understands me,Also said,Only your official,I can benefit for a long time。I told him the same,I said i’m down,It’s not good for you,You may be the first to be summoned,Because you and I are the closest businessmen。”
Shu Qing said:“Yes,This is the question that many scholars are discussing,What kind of distance should be kept between officials and businessmen?”
“What distance?Is the distance between two hedgehogs!Far away cold,Panicked,This is still to be discussed,I already knew,The state raises you, so-called scholars, a pure waste of royal food!”
Shu Qing smiled,Said:“Your metaphor is very vivid,One sentence put us so-called scholars into the cold palace。Actually let me say,You shouldn’t have a heart for him,You are a very principled person,And clean up,Not the officials they like businessmen,They like to have ideas about them、Greedy officials。In three sources,He has no choice,You are the biggest official there,No matter in his aspirations and thoughts,Will follow you,But things are different in Langzhu,except you,There are many people who are older than you,Leave you,He can still do things,at this time,The real distance between you is revealed,Maybe in the end you will find,You are not the same。”
Peng Changyi felt that Shu Qing made a lot of sense,He admired her insight,Just say:“You make sense,We are not all the same,Why am I worried about this,Really。”
“now it’s right。”See Peng Changyi saying this,Shu Qing is very happy:“I remember you are mentally prepared for this。”
Peng Changyi took a breath:“Yes,seriously,He is not much smarter than me,I know what shit he is going to do as soon as he pushes his ass,Since I saw him and Yin Jiashi in the hotel,,I am prepared with this spirit,Mentally prepared,It can also be said that it has been there since the day I dated him。Ugly,I am dating him,All mental preparations。That day I carefully recalled every detail of my relationship with him,These details can stand the test,In the future, one day I will get a disciplinary inspection,I can’t find anything wrong with me,Our relationship is really good,But it is clean。This is probably the most brilliant thing I have done。”
“and so,You don’t let him kidnap you,He is going to seek someone who can kidnap,Didn’t you say that he also visited Secretary Jiang?”
“Humph,He has visited everyone,But I don’t know about others,Secretary Jiang won’t get on his boat,Jiang Fan’s knowledge,Far from what I can compare,Wu Guanqi is even more incomparable。”
“What about others?”Shu Qing asked。
Peng Changyi looked at Shu Qing:“Who are you referring to?”
“such as,Your other main leaders?”
“Needless to say Yin Jiashi,Bao, I don’t know,I haven’t heard of him being in contact with Wu Guanqi alone,But this time it’s hard to say,Anything is possible,Wu Guanqi relied on this set to develop,I know his ability,In the early years, with Secretary Zhai、With Yuqiong,Relationship,After Secretary Zhai’s accident,The Commission for Discipline Inspection went to talk to him,Called him away for days,Think about it,In Jinan,He is not a big entrepreneur,But can get along with the secretary of the municipal party committee,Can’t help but say he has the ability,and so,I didn’t even dare to say that Lao Bao had contact with him。”
Shu Qing advised:“You just think,He can contact anyone,Should be in contact with anyone,You won’t be angry。”
“pissed off?I’m not so arrogant?”Peng Changyi turned and cursed。
“Why are you scolding?”

Ding Yigang wants to answer,Mother said:“She wants to eat another bowl of noodles made by me。”

Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“mom,Don’t listen to her,She can’t eat,Enough for lunch,Just waiting to grow meat。”
Ding Yi looked at him resistingly,Said deliberately:“Do not,I want to eat,I didn’t eat one at noon,mom,I will do it myself。”
Talking,She went into the kitchen by herself,Jiang Fan is going to pull her,Slapped by my mother,Said:“She likes to eat,Why don’t you let her eat,There are not a few noodles in a bowl,She can’t get fat。”
Ding Yi came to the kitchen,She didn’t want to eat,I just want to hide in the kitchen and calm down,I just wrestled with Jiang Fan for a while,She has no strength at all in her limbs,She stretched out her hands,My hands are still trembling slightly,She took a few deep breaths。
Mother Jiang is here,Said:“child,Mom will get it for you。”
Ding Yi turned his head,said laughingly:“mom,Maybe Jiang Fan is right,I don’t want to eat it now,I can’t eat it even if I make it,Something in other unit,Can’t delay his time,Let’s go back first,Next time I come, I’ll eat mom’s noodles。”
Talking,She walked out of the kitchen,I took a cup of cold white open,Gudong Gudong,Drink a glass of water in a few mouthfuls,Put down the teacup,Fixedly looking at Jiang Fan。
Jiang Fan looked at him too。
Ding Yi’s eyes are not weak。
Jiang Fan smiled,Whispered in her ear:“You are like a cock,wrong,Is mother……”
He didn’t finish,Ding Yi slapped him firmly。
Mom just came out and saw it。
Jiang Fan said:“mom,She hit me。”
“Deserve it!”Mom said in relief。

“Three,There is also a radio station,She has long hosted a children’s show,It’s said that this show is more than ten years old,Has been hosted by her,The one with immature voice is a girl,Guess how old she is?Ha ha,Almost forty。”

“Have been dubbed,Seems to have never been in the mirror。”
“Ha ha,I don’t know,I’m not familiar with things in the game。Why do you care so much,Do you want to be transferred to our station??”
“What do you say i can do?”
“Just said,30 or 40 years old,I don’t know how big it is,Came to study within a few days of work。”
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“Sister Yajuan,That can’t be compared together。”
“You are not the same?”
“Her beautiful classical,Your beautiful fashion。She is beauty,You are charming。”
“very much。”
Yajuan says:“How do you plan to go back to the bureau?Will you be on the news?”
“you’re right,There is absolutely no problem with being the host of a special program,Because you are more friendly,Are you a news announcer?,Like you said,Not enough aura。but,The host is more suitable for you,This can show your knowledge and your inner charm,And the news announcer has no room for himself。”Yajuan analyzes。
“Haha。”Yajuan smiled,Said:“If you are just a text editor,It is estimated that your unit will not spend such a large capital to send you to Guangyuan to study,When you look at your major, you will know that you were built as a pillar in your bureau。”
Yajuan also laughed,she says:“Ha ha,What i said is justified。I have come to study in Guangyuan twice,The first time I specialized in news broadcasting,This time, this class is almighty,Have everything,And the longest time。This is in our Jinan,Few county-level stations are willing to do this。”
Yajuan took her,Said:“okay,You are the hardest and most serious student among us,Even Teacher Lin praises you so much?”
Yajuan also sat on her bed,Said:“I think you can understand these businesses,After returning to the TV station, there are full-time staff to do this。Television is a work that requires collective cooperation,It takes multiple people to complete,No one can do all of his skills。I don’t know how Teacher Lin positioned you,Anyway, I think your focus is still on the two majors of hosting and directing。”
“you’re so dumb,Since there are full-time cameras and telecoms,They should know what effect this picture and film should achieve,You are too tired to be a director like that。Director,Is a comprehensive and coordinated job,Refers to the work that makes others do the work。”
“Ha ha,You are low-key,But haven’t you heard the teachers repeatedly emphasize?What TV lacks today is professional compound talents,Your organization will never let you go back as a text editor。”Yajuan clicked on her forehead。
Yajuan touched her head and said:“Teacher Lin said you are a very cooperative person,This has the basic qualities of a TV person,I wish I could cooperate with you。”
“I mean this time。”Yajuan’s words corrected her association。