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Lan Qi came out of Han Yu,Look at two people,It is a confusing,There are a lot of girls walking on the road.,These two people are specifically looking for their own troubles,This kind of thing is worth thinking about it.。

Blue Qiqi won his own straw hat,Dew exquisite facial features,Laughing, watching two people。
“Brother,Really beautiful!This figure,This face,It is still colorful,Those mediocolitasis than the red light area are more beautiful.。”Skinny man laughs, looks at Blue Qiqi。
Look blue and sick。
“Yes,Such a beautiful girl,I am also the first time.。”High school men’s color looked at Blue Qiqi。
Han Yu Xuan is dark and dark,Retrafal Blue Qiqi once again,“Go away!”
High men smile http://www.szdjbbqnwjvqfe.cncoldly :“Boy,The roll is you,We pick up a girl,What is you??”
Han Yuxuan’s cold eyes suddenly fall on his face,Cold as a knife,Men have a moment of fear,The neck is hard to have a low head.。
“Give you a chance,Don’t roll, dig your eyes!”Han Yu Xuanyi,Saying extremely cold。
He holds the hands of Blue Qiqi,Blue Qiqi looked at his side,Amortize,But more handsome,He first felt a very peace of mind。
“嘿嘿……Boy,You can really。”Another man is arrogant,Torge in nearby,Also have never encountered this people who don’t know。
“Brother,揍。”He said that he kicked the Han Yuxuan.。
Han Yuxuan smiled coldly,Accurate and error-freely put the feet of the man,Very fast,Enough enough。
“Be awkward!”Scary voice from the man’s calf。
Follow,Man“Ah”A miserable call,Let the people passing down to watch。
His girl will also draw him today.,If it is bothered by these two people,He will be very angry。
Will be very angry!
“Ah……”Another man is shocked,I didn’t expect Han Yuxuan’s movements so fast.,So much!
Course,Next moment,The male pocket kneeling on the ground fell a photo。
Blue Qiqi walked over and looked up,The person in the photo is her,Her face changed。
Han Yuxuan also saw it,Face is even more gloomy。
One foot force stepped on a man injured。
Sound line cold:“Say,Who sent you??”
They actually dare……
Han Yuxuan does not dare to imagine,If he didn’t come,What is Kiki??
The two saw photos.,It’s also stunned.。
“Say,Who let you come??”Han Yuxuan took out the mobile phone,To call alarm。High man,Han Yuxuan immediately,Seek,“Sir,Do not,Don’t alarm,We came out from the police station.,No money to activate,This is a woman gives us photos.,She gives us money,Let us insult this
Lady,Just take a few photos to give her.,As for the other party, who we have not seen,We are also the customer introduced by the middle.,Think about no one in the country,Take a living。”
Han Yuxuan listened to a woman,The first person thinks is Mu Wei。
“Who is the introducer??”Han Yuxuan asked。
“Old five,Jiang City specializes in this kind of customer mediation。”High man is very frank。
Han Yuxuan is cold as ice,“Give me the phone number of the person。”
Tall man immediately reported on the phone number。
Han Yuxuan wrote,Immediately send a message to the white ink,Let white ink to check。
“Roll!If you let me see you,I will let you take the fierce.,I have already recorded what you said.。
Two men listen,Face!
What dare to make more mouth,The high child is unwilling to leave the short-sized man.。

He is very hot,Very wrong,So I bubbled into the hotel.。

“Snapped!”Lin father heard the face of the face,A slap in the table top。
“Their home,Deceive……Too much!”The old lady heard the words。
No matter how,Stars must be the people of Linjia。
Can you change my surname?,What is this?。
I don’t have to put the people here in the eyes.。
“It’s too much.,At least with this negotiation。”Xiao Yizhen frowned,He also feels too much this matter.。
This is no way, no matter which man and family can’t tolerate.。
“Their family really thought it flew to the sky.,Unable。”Lin Feng is the road,He is very cold。
“Maple,This is handed over.。”Lin Fu helpless sighs a sigh of relief:“Xiaoqing,Both dad, no matter,Let you be wronged。”
Lin Jiaxin is bleak,In fact, he all knows that Lin Bao is angry there.,But he can’t help。
“dad,fine,This matter is given to me.。”Lin Feng brugally:“Since he wants to change the surname of the small star,I want them all the family.。”
“Big brother,clever,This trick is high。”Xiao Yun smiled。
“Maple!”Lin Father is worried:“This will not affect your big brother’s marriage.?”
“Humph,Their family, I have never seen it.,That is a few small citizens.,You more,More powerful,They are getting up.。”Lin Haolong cold road:“dad,You will let Xiaofu let go to do it.,Give them some colors。”
“dad,It’s a knocking.,Don’t you really want to have a grandchildren??Enjoy the fun of Tianlun?”Lin Ao also smiled:“I support Maple to do this.。”
“dad,I have no opinion,To be honest, if you don’t look at the shackles,I really want to leave this home.。”Lin Laozhi:“The wedding room I am married is the first payment of your second and I pay.,Ming is also my still,She is competing for the money to honor her parents.,This is almost no subsidy。”
Lin Father,Lin Feng and others heard the words cleared fists。
Old lady eye moist,She is distressed her grandson。
“For small stars,I all endured,But their family is getting more and more.。”Lin Lao’s resentment:“I can’t stand it.,在这样下去,我恐怕控制不住自己去杀人。”
“Second uncle召见,我能说没时间吗?”林枫Ha ha大笑道。
“有空就it is good,晚上早点来岭南市吧。”黄风雨笑道:“还有一件事情,我和你说下,你是不是有个小侄子叫做林星?”
“Yes?怎么了?Second uncle?”林枫佯装不知道的道,他没有想到黄风雨这么关注他家的事情。
“臭小子,我不知道你是真不知道还是假不知道,有人想把他的名字改成陈星,我调查了下,想改他姓名的是一位叫做陈监护的市区警局副局长,所以我关注了下此人,发现此人身上有很多贪污受贿的行为,I have already stopped it.,Prepare this person。”Huang Fengyu is serious:“Organize and people can not tolerate this insects。”
“是啊,Resolutely can’t tolerate,Second uncle,Thank you。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Second uncle,Your reasoning is true thunder。”
That Chen Monitor is the big brother of Lin Fengda.。
That is, the deputy director of the so-called urban policeman。
“Ha ha,Still polite,I will deal with this thing.,I don’t just investigate this person.,I have to investigate his family.,Some people have reported that his parents are also suspected of corruption and bribery.,I won’t let the interests of the people’s interests.。”Huang Fengyu voice frankly。
“好,二叔,Lin Feng is really thank you this time.。”Lin Feng is so happy:“Who will ask you to go to Zha Jinhua?。”
“wipe,Laozi and who is tied to Jinhua, not playing with you.,You gamble,Visual thinking and gambling。”Huang Fengyu smiled,He doesn’t want to find abuse。
“哈哈,All right,二叔,Night Lingnan City。”Lin Feng haha laughed。

If you really don’t know how to fight,Don’t mind, a deep lesson of each other in summer.。

“Summer,Let’s go shopping.?”
The second night is quite good today.,Behind the guests,She is holding a summer arm,Also look at Chu Feng,“Chu,How do we go shopping together??”
“I don’t give you a light bulb.。”
Chu Feng lost a hygienic eye,Then I deeply looked at the summer.,“Going to the world.,I have to go back.。”
She is very free,No different faces。
Looking at her back,The second night opened a mouth,看,Hoe,“If you can’t,You also harmonic Chu Feng.,I don’t mind。”
Summer oblique,Faint,“Chu Feng is my benefactor。
Do you think that I will do so?。”
“But I think Chu Feng will not mind.。”
The second night’s character is always popular,Slowly make a near summer,Lower sound channel,“If you can conquer Chu Feng,I don’t mind waiting for you with her.。”
Summer rumor hit a chill。
Next second。
The second night laughed up,Contemn,“Huh,Man。”
First1985Chapter Mad street
Speaking of the most prosperous neighborhood in Hong Kong,There is no doubt that it is Tongliwan。
Not only is the concentration of the main business and entertainment venues in Hong Kong City,It is even more shopping hours forever.。
In fact。
After night,Tonglo Bay is still busy than during the day。
Whole block,Pedestrian Sichuan,Vague,Lively。
“Right,There is a god doctor in front,Medical skills,Do you want to see,As long as you can see the symptoms。”
Take the body of the body,The second night is close to the summer arm,Sweet smile。
I have already taken off the evening dress in the second night.,At this time, a casual dress。
So that is the case,Have a tall body,Graceful figure,And exquisite face,Still attracting a lot of male compatriots。 “God doctor?”

Is this not resistant??Such a heart,Even,Also practice the Buddha Martial Arts?

But you don’t wait for them to talk.,Chu Deeng has already crushed mud.……
“what!”Dog hybrids do not help but make a unfortunate sound,He is still very interesting to see this person.。
Just before, he said,Want to figure with Chu Deirers,At this time, it is only exclaimed.。
“what?Really?”Chu Deiren,Sprinkle the mud piers in your hand,Outdooted。
See this mud,It is really mystery,Everyone speechless……
Still Wang Yizhen, a sentence of Chu Deirers:“That sorghum has arrived at the level of martial arts,His martial arts,It should also be unexpected to martial arts,Can be achieved,Those people get the mud,All rare,Also instead can’t get true biography,And Chu Da Ge is not attracted to Wu Xue……”
However, Li Mozhen can’t help but say:“Do not,I think it is just a simple sexual……Cough,Be、Sexuality!”
Xie smokers on the side are:“Ah,After all, I don’t have my hard work.,So can you not rare??”I thought about it, Li Mozhen also expressed hostile to himself.,Xie smoke and malicious supplementation:“Hahaha,The thief is still, but I don’t understand the man.,Otherwise, this should be understood.。”
Today’s intention is clear,Direct Li Mo’s face……
Chapter 115 Success
Luohan Fu Devil,There is only a legend in the rivers and lakes.、No who is really seen。
Because of the starter of the year,Buddhist Zen Master,No involved in the rivers and lakes,Subsequent and no one can practice,So the true and falseness is challenged。
As from Zen Buddha,A set of martial arts,High demand for cardiac,Extremely intelligent、The people of the born Huigen can comprehend,At the same time, it must be clear、Come,Can be entitled。
At the beginning,It is directly into the Buddha,A few years of work,However, after cultivation,There must be a deep internal force root base,And must also,There is no too much persistence,Not before you walk into the magic……
Smart people often think more,Tachips、I have to mind pure,There is already no one,At the same time, it must be innermost,Can’t attract martial arts,This has some contradictory preamp,It is even more difficult to grasp。
In the original“Dog hybrid”,It is the perfect adaptation.,“Inflammation”After the external force is yin yang and after,Internal force,Coincidentally crushed mud,Found the puppet inside,Imitate the above action,Practified this Luo Han Fu Devil!
For this effect,Only some of the large-scale narrative descriptions,What is the use of specific,It is not reflected in the record of dog hybrids.。
This also makes the distortion of the dog hybrid,Exactly“Inflammation”Brought、still is“Luohan Fu Devil”Brought,Controversy in the reader。
Just,Now Chu Deirers are impatient,Dumped mud、Tongye’s secrets of puppet secrets,Let the people present are very speechless!
by“Luohan Fu Devil”Characteristics,That sorghum wrapped the puppet,It can be said that it is,One is outside“Shaolin Jiuyang”Can be used to play foundations,Two……I only have people who are not very concerned about martial arts.,Only the opportunity to insider secrets。
However, in Wang Yizhen、Li Mozhen and others see,This sly smells hit the drift——Chu Deirers are not awkward?
When he saw martial arts secret,It’s okay.?
It is because it is easy to get、Plus the sex of the seeds, just crushing well.?
certainly,This is just their understanding,In fact, Chu Deirers have long known.,Deliberately crushed……
“Brother,This is just a scorpion,Do not……It should be said that the origin of the sorghum,Just make this martial art,Only our soul is clear、People who are not in the martial art,Come to see,I have already recorded this outside.,After that, I will re-send you again.,Let’s see what it is like.!”Chu Deirers and good to dog hybrid call……Do not,Suggestion!
“OK、OK,Inside small people,Be silled,And the old Bo Bo did not have seen these,After waiting for me to fune over the old Burber,You can put this puppet in front of the tomb,I hope that the old Bo Bo can also see。”Dog hybrid is really bad。
After that, the Chu Deiren helped the dog hybrid.,I am buried by the big sad old man.,Other seventeen persons are all crushed……
Xie smoke,But my heart is secretly nodded.——In his opinion,Chu Deirers,But at least know that the big sadness will be safeguarded。

I didn’t have so much ideas,I feel that this is the amount of KFC to help my child.,The others followed the lively.。

“They are expected to give us a short question,You really have to grasp?”Cooperative。
“Do not worry,I originally had an amateur three levels.,Guaranteed to take you to lie down。”Shang Xing people smile very cool and confident。
Original words,Good。
May be the kind of elementary school, a few years,Then I can’t touch it after upgrading the middle school.。
This is like the Qiusheng Zheng, which is also bought at home, and he almost became a hospital.。
The science is still a thumbs up toward each other.,Visit the merits of mutual trust in men
“very good,When you see your girlfriend’s moment!When I learned your chess moment,I know your thigh,I am already。”
“very good,There is this consciousness——and many more!What is your sentence before saying??How to listen to the dangerous look?”
“How,You are wrong.。”
“Is that so?”Shang Xixing scratched his head。
Side of the waiter heard the dialogue of this table,Then quietly arrogant to the manager:“The same is known as a chess,And another male and a woman wearing a school uniform,If you haven’t remembered something, the Go is very powerful.。”
Manager disdain:“It’s a national high school student’s Go League.,Powerful students are going to accompany,There are also students who come to eat here.,Top more amateur one or two paragraphs,And I can also see it.,Who is playing chess?,Who is only a high mouth?。”
As a manager of a similar activity as an all-year,He thinks that people still have a set of people.,Some people watch a person’s words and deeds,I can learn that this person’s chess is deeply,If you really discover the existence of a powerful master,He will be very polite,I don’t want to participate in this game.,The other party is also in the face of masters and,Most will promise。
This person who claims to be amateur three,It is not reliable.,There are also a few of ordinary guests,Also standardized papers,Suitable for the kind of pension under Go room。
The only manager feels unstable,The male student who is the first to stand up and ask questions.,He lifted his question,It seems to be in the attitude of it.。
“In case,Give them the topic。”Manager whispered to the subordinate。
“Yes,clear,That set of topics。”Subordinate。
Not long,The topic is present。
Foura4Different topics on paper on paper,A total of sixteen questions,Use pencils to marke out the order in the question spectrum,Of course, it is also to label the best possible should be the enemy.,Eraser modification。
Limited time,10minute。
“what the hell,Topic is very simple,This is another board,Quad,It’s too children.?”Shang Xixing saw the first eye of the topic,I feel super simple。
The title requirement is black to kill white。
Black chess,Half of four white chess,Surrounding is a black and white couple from zero zero。
But white chess shape,Qingyi color is all board four、Qu four。
This kind of common stupid is in Go.,Listening to this name, I know is not a good chess shape.,Quite ugly,Some professional players can directly investigate and don’t have this shape.。
And every item on these four sheets,Basically, you have to eat this shape.,It’s easy to look.。
“Excuse me,5Wan Yuan will accept this。”He took a pen,I have been looking for a question.。
Manager secretly laugh:“madness。”
Like the email response this stupid,The pencil of Shang Xixing suddenly suddenly became the original place。
One step seems to be wrong,Sorctive picking up the eraser and change。
But I haven’t passed a few,I feel that something is wrong.。
His face is slightly solidified,It seems that it is an uncommon phenomenon such as the octopus head.。

But no one told myself,They are twin sisters!

No wonder the owner of Li’s house would say“Gigi Lai is Gigi Lai,Nan Ling Sha is Nan Ling Sha”,They look exactly the same,Lai Yunzi’s famous festival damaged,I’m bound to involve my sister who looks the same……
What kind of evil did you do?。
“Thanks to you,I’m going to wear Yan Sha,If it weren’t for the fact that there are not many people who knew that we were twin sister,I have long been notorious!”A bit of anger was evident in the woman’s words。
She was just playing her own words。
She wasn’t sure she was the culprit at first!
Just say Li Yunzi is a little different today。
Zhu Minglang looks at this woman who is exactly like the Valkyrie Li Yunzi,Mixed。
Happy,Gigi Lai is still that unique Gigi Lai,She didn’t want to kill herself。
Worry is,What should I do with this sister-in-law?,I said I missed my mouth!
“Cough,The Lingsha girl,Some things are not what you think,Why don’t you go to your sister and ask more,She can testify for me,I wish Ming Lang what kind of quality。”Zhu Minglang said。
“Do you think our sisters have a deep and harmonious relationship??Maybe she thought her tragedy was caused by me。”The woman snorted coldly。
“This one……”Zhu Minglang scratched his head,What do you say。
The woman walked slowly around Zhu Minglang,Looked at him arrogantly。
Zhu Minglang feels that he will lose if he speaks too much,Don’t speak anymore。
Li Yunzi should remind herself。
“Like a person,Why was it so unbearable,What humble、dirty、Beggar with abscesses?”The woman asked。

Blue Xin looked at her,Mrs. Wang,She seems to know who is.。

Money rich in Jiangyu, she roughly learned,There are many cooperation between the husband and Lu Group of Mrs. Wang.。
Wang Billion,She knows who is,Wang family flexed in the four major people。
Her husband is an outbreak household,For people to go straight,Do business is also rules,It’s just a small three in the outside.,But I also gave a lady’s face.,It’s giving a lady.,Think about her is also a poor person。
Before his husband, it is a sick cat.,Out of a paper tiger,Also to meet your own vanity。
Her knees,If you don’t agree,Some people can’t say。
Everything in all sites,Later way。
“Mrs. Wang,You also said,Everyone is a woman,Why is a woman in a difficult woman??
That woman who gave you kneeling,I will have a lifetime of shadow and humiliation.。”
Mrs. Wang nodded,A face,“Sister, you are right,I just blame I am too proud.,Your salesperson said,I will have a superior sense.,you know too,The human heart is like this。”
Blue Xinyu, a small businessman:“Dog warning,Just hit your tribune,Really becoming less,What qualifications do you have to trample?。
Now you are also forced to kneel on the ground.,Hardbin taste?”
The salesperson is obsessed with,“lady,I’m wrong,Let me let me.。”
Blue and blue laugh:“I won’t let you go.。”
She supports the Mrs. Wang.,Laugh:“Mrs. Wang,Today’s things are so,Cosmetics here,Mrs. Wang is like it, pick a set.,This is given to the lady,Ladies like,Despite the pick,All hit 20% off。”
“Hey,Sister,You are really a lot,Thank you for your sister,do not worry,I will have a surrounding sister to consume.,My circle is big,Your people are good,Take this,I want to let it alsonfFly。”
Mrs. Wang is really a great thank you.,If the people of other people,It will not be ignored。
“That’s thank you.!”
Blue Xin’s pretty small face is bright,She knows the capacity of these ladies,She supports the Mrs. Wang.,I personally pick a set of cosmetics to the Mrs. Wang.,Mrs. Wang knew that there was no matter what she had.,I said that I said that I have said more thanks.,Leave another lady。
Abandoned salesperson instantly。
Lu Haocheng looked at her,As long as she is happy,From her toss,He Lu Hao’s wife,He is also a favorite of durian.。
Blue Xin, I looked at the salesperson on the ground.,Pleasant:“Controversy,Take me with the video a few days ago.。”
The Journey has passed the video to the mobile phone.。
He smiled and handed over。
Lan Xin carefully looked at the day of the day,Almost the situation I have encountered today。
It’s just that the woman is unlucky than her.。
Not only kneeling,Also, this salesperson two slaps。
Blue Xinqi wants to kill。
“Controversy,Find this lady with the fastest speed,I will find her to apologize.。”
Wei Jin Cheng understands Blue Xin’s meaning,Nodded。
Looking at the manager asked:“Chen Manager,Check this lady where there is any consumption record。”
“Yes,Assistant,10Give you a message after minute。”
Chen Manager immediately returned to the office。
NS1440chapter:Let’s leave if you say anything.

“amount,What should i call?”Xiao Zhan’s innocent face。

“Just call me Kobe,We have different。”Kobe smiled,He doesn’t want to harvest Xiao Zhan into a little brother,It won’t be easy to kill in the future.,What if Xiao Zhan find himself to play brother basketball,Then trouble。
“Boss,That’s rude。”Odomna。
“It’s okay。Trish,long time no see。”Kobe greeted Maidi on the side。
“Hi,Kobe,Your team is going to lose。”McGrady is still sleepy and fluffy。
“Not always。”
“Boss,Where did this kid come from?Too rude,We’ll make an appointment laterSOLO!You come to give us a testimony!”
Kobe is happy,how?The adidas training camp showdown will be staged in advance?
Swallow in twosTACO。
Really fragrant!GIGIGIGI!~
“Will be here later,21Minute,I’m the referee。”
Two geniuses with superstar potential,Who is stronger now?
Kobe also has some expectations。

He knows something about Xuan Ziwen,Deep research on the Soul Guidance Device,Coming to Shrek Academy is really unreasonable。

Xuan Ziwen looked towards Huo Yuhao,With emotion“correct,you are……Huo Yuhao, right??Old Xuan told me about you yesterday,Otherwise I thought you really fell in the Star Dou Great Forest!”
He was also very surprised how Huo Yuhao escaped from Brigitte’s hands……
Huo Yuhao looked a little dazed and scratched his hair,“Hehe,Just good luck,The beast didn’t kill me,After waking up, I found that I was outside the Star Dou Great Forest!”
Xuanzi stroked his beard,“With Teacher Xuan,At least you don’t have to worry too much about the soul guide”
Xuan Ziwen nodded“Since Elder Xuan said that,Then these soul guides will be my meeting gifts for everyone”
Stop talking,Xuan Ziwen took out level 5 and level 6 soul guides one after another from his storage soul guide,There are even level seven!
Took out fourteen soul guides,Attacked,Soul Guidance Device for various purposes such as defense!
It’s almost all the spirit guides on his body except for level 8 and below……
Xu Sanshi rubbed his hands and eyes, and said nothing“Teacher Xuan is so generous!Now I have more confidence in winning the championship!”
Let everyone look directly at Xu Sanshi……
Bebe next to him coughed“Three Stone,Pay attention to the image!”

After reading it twice,Tears have blurred Ning Yiqiu’s eyes。

Hard life,Human beauty,These two emotions are crossed together through a small noodle restaurant,Looks so warm,Looks so beautiful in the world。
Excited Ning Yiqiu,Took another phone directly on the coffee table,Sent a circle of friends。
“Recommend everyone to take a look《Qiantang Evening News》of《A bowl of Yangchun noodles》,Teacher Chu Liuxiang writes really well,I’m crying~~~”
The following is《Qiantang Evening News》the link to。
Wechat on this phone,Ning Yiqiu’s classmates inside、friend、Actors known at work, etc.。
Everyone often shares some fun things,Or some family length,On weekdays, Ning Yiqiu mostly just look and like,Don’t speak much。
and so,After Ning Yiqiu’s circle of friends is released,Someone quickly left a comment below。
“what’s the situation?The queen cried?”
“Oh,This is a subscription fee!Look at the face of the queen,I just subscribe!”
“Is it really so good-looking?Unsightly,You will have a treat tomorrow!”
“Hmmm……Already watched,Feel hard to say,I have to watch it again。”
“Woo~~Bad Qiu sister,Why do you recommend someone to read this article?People are crying……”
“Forward,Forward!Not for our exclusive use,Let everyone see this tear-jerking article!”
“Correct,I want to show our company group~~”
Just half an hour,Thousands of comments appeared in Ning Yiqiu’s circle of friends。
That’s not all,In many people“Can’t let me cry alone”Under the idea,I reposted it directly。
“An article that made Ning Yiqiu cry,Come and see everyone!”
“Ning Yiqiu tearfully recommended,《A bowl of Yangchun noodles》,5It’s worth it!”