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ver, and another man covered the Indian with a revolver.

At that movement the Indians started for the big gate, and as there was quite a number of warriors inside the fort I called my men out with their guns, for the Indians seemed determined on bloodshed. They rushed outside, and the white men followed them to where a young chief sat on his horse, just outside of the gate. There must have been a signal given to the camp above, 杭州洗浴桑拿小姐收费 for the warriors came running with their rifles in hand, until seventy-five to one hundred warriors were on the ground, while there were only about forty white men. Everybody wanted to say something, and in the confusion that followed some ten or twelve men leveled 杭州龙凤夜生活 their guns to shoot, being in such close quarters that they struck each other as they brought their weapons into position.

At that moment I sprang under the guns and


held some of them up, and forbade the men to shoot. This act seemed to please the young chief, and he commanded his men to desist. I ordered my 杭州油压按摩会所体验 men back and into their bastions, and to bar the gate. This done, I took a position in the watchtower, where I talked with their chief through a porthole, and told him that we were in a position to do them harm, but did not wish to do so, yet they must withdraw in 杭州419同城 peace and not molest our property, for we should defend it and ourselves to the best of our ability. I said that if they would withdraw peacefully we would not interfere with them, but to that they would not agree. After considerable parleying, however, they did withdraw to their camp among the cottonwood timber and willows on the creek, and built large fires, around which they danced and sang war songs the greater part of the night, while we made every possible preparation for defense.

As captain of the fort, I wrote a despatch to the governor and superintendent of Indian 杭州桑拿洗浴会所 affairs, stating the facts. Then we covered with blankets a slab bridge that had to be crossed near the gates, to deaden the sound of the horse’s feet as he went out, and a clever young man by the name of Benjamin Roberts speeded away with the note to Salt Lake 杭州桑拿水磨会所全套 City.

On the 11th all was quiet. A few Indian lodges remained near our fort, and the women and children were around them as usual, so Isaac Bullock and I went down to learn what the situation was. We found some of them friendly, while others were very sulky. The main part of the Indian camp had gone down the creek, and we thought it safe to turn our stock out under a mounted guard, with one man in the watchtower to keep a lookout. About 2 p.m. the man at the watchtower sounded an alarm, saying he saw a great dust in the north; and a few minutes later he shouted that a large 杭州4197龙凤论坛 body of horsemen was in sight, coming rapidly from the north, while our horse guards were coming with our band of horses, hastening with all speed to the fort. Immediately every man was called to take a position for prompt action. I occupied a commanding place, 杭州足疗项目 giving instructions to the men not to shoot without my order, and then not unless they felt sure of making every shot tell. They were told to see th

2019 Asian Cup China 2-1 Kyrgyzstan game video look back CCTV5 look back address_1

2019 Asian Cup China 2-1 Kyrgyzstan game video look back CCTV5 look back address
Tonight in the first round of the Asian Cup group stage game (look back at the whole game), the Chinese team under the unfavorable situation of the first goal conceded in the first half, eventually scored 2 to 1 in the second half to win.Relative to the previous invincibility, this reversal tonight can be said to sweep away the haze before.(National Football 2-1 Kyrgyzstan) (Group C’s latest standings) Yu Dabao, who came off the bench, knocked on the opponent’s goalkeeper score to look back. Throughout 2018, the National Football Team played 11 games in total, with 3 wins, 4 draws and 4 losses., The team scored 9 goals and lost 15 goals.In the competition with the national team, the national football performance was also very bad. In the final three official warm-up games, the national football team tied 1-1 with Palestine, 1-2 lost to Iraq, 1-1 with Jordan, suffered three consecutiveInvincible.(Asian Cup match schedule) (2019 Asian Cup match result prediction) (National Football team’s latest 25-man big list) (National Football team prepares for the Asian Cup to stay in a five-star hotel) (Asian Cup referee list) (Asian Cup coaches of various countries) (AsiaIn the first round of the Cup, India 4-1 (Thailand) and the national title contest, the national football team won only 1 victory in the last 7 games. The only victory was to defeat Nanjing 2-0 in Syria, and the remaining 6 national teamsIn a representative contest, the national football team has 4 draws and 2 losses.After the opening game of the national football team, the public will thank the fans before the current game. The national football team has a poor record. Many of the main players are injured. Lippi has also been exposed to the news that he will leave China after the Asian Cup.Before the start of the game tonight, the national football team faced a dark cloud, and even the third-rate or even inferior teams in Asia could not win.Faced with Kyrgyzstan today, this team of our men lost, and the opponent got three excellent chances in the first half. If the opponent grasps all, there will be no suspense in the game.  Entering the second half, Hao Junmin played, the national football offense improved slightly, and then the opponent goalkeeper sent a shocking mistake, the opponent was lucky to equalize the score.Then in the 78th minute of the first game, Yu Dabao once again scored a goal using the opponent’s goalkeeper, and the national football team won 2-1.  The national football team won the victory. Although it was said that the process of the game could not satisfy the fans, the victory was of great significance. With this victory, the national football team has basically locked a group qualifying seat.The next group stage will be against the Philippines. If the national football team continues to win, then the national football team will basically lock the group second, which will be very beneficial to the national football team’s subsequent knockout schedule.(List of Japan National Teams) (List of South Korean National Teams) (List of Iranian National Teams) Original title: The haze fades away!Did the national football team reversal in the first half and won the opening team?

Renhe defeated Dalian, hitting a record low of 14 points in 30 rounds

Renhe defeated Dalian, hitting a record low of 14 points in 30 rounds
The 2019 Chinese Super League ended this afternoon, and the Beijingers who relegated two rounds ahead of schedule lost 0-2 to the Dalian side.This season they only scored 14 points, setting a record for the lowest record in the Super League.Those who had already determined to be relegated before the game and hope to win a victory in Dalian to avoid this embarrassing record.However, one side lost to Tianjin Tianhai 1 to 5 at home in the last round. The abnormal performance of the “assistant” opponent relegation attracted Dalian fans to condemn.Manu celebrated scoring a goal, but unfortunately was found invalid.Figure / Vision China looks at Renhe, the battle is still injured and paused, only Manu played with a foreign aid, and Chen Jie changed to play the central defender.Renhe once broke the goal twice in the match, but was blown away by the referee twice.”If we have another foreign aid on the field today, I believe the result will be different.”” Coach Wang Bo was very sorry when summing up the game after the game.After 30 rounds, Renhe recorded 3 wins, 5 draws and 22 losses. He only scored 14 points throughout the season, which also set a record for the lowest score in the history of the Chinese Super League.In the 2013 season, the Wuhan Zall team also ranked in the penultimate relegation, but also scored 16 points that season.”Many young players today have shown very good potential. This is our biggest gain.”Head coach Wang Bo believes that the team will return to the Super League in the future.Feature: Sheng Dan Net End Ugly Inventory 2019 Chinese Super Drama Editor Zhang Yunfeng Proofreading Li Xiangling

[Green vegetable juice and noodles]_ production method _ practice Daquan

[Green vegetable juice and noodles]_ production method _ practice Daquan

Everyone must have seen green dumplings in life. This is because the dumpling skin is made from green vegetable juice and flour, so the dumpling skin will be green.

The method of making such dumpling skins is actually relatively simple, and the traditional dumpling skins are more nutritious.

Pork, celery and carrot steamed dumplings are made with green vegetable juice and noodles for dumpling skins, and stuffed with celery, carrots, and apricots, delicious ingredients: pork sandwich, celery, carrots, green onions, mushrooms, salt, sugar, oyster sauce, cooking winePeanut oil.

Steps: Step 1. Green leaves are mixed into juice in the cooking machine. Step 2. Vegetable juice and flour are mixed into a slightly soft dough. Spread for 1 hour. Step 3. Pork chopped into pieces, celery, carrots, and abalone.Mushrooms and shallots are chopped, put together, add salt, sugar, cooking wine, oyster sauce, oil and mix well to make a filling. Step 4. Separate the green dough into small preparations, roll into dumpling skins, and wrap the dumplings (these steps are not photographed,(Everyone imagines itself) Step 5: Put the finished dumplings in a steamer with a drawer cloth. After boiling the steam, steam for about 7 minutes. Step 6 The steamed dumplings are good-looking and delicious. Step 7Dish vinegar dipped in a lot of vegetable noodles that are sold outside stores now may not be made from vegetable juice.

Many people say that colored noodles are made with vegetable juice, and then they promote green, healthy, delicious, etc. I also made vegetable juice and noodles at home. The color is extremely slight, and it ca n’t reach the beautiful color on the coloring page.colour.

The green vegetable juice beats the noodles, the noodles are black and cyan, the tomato noodles come out from the juice, and the red is not red, but the sauce is not so good, it is hard to see, and there is no appetite at all.

In order not to eat the colored noodles that have been added outside, then we have to pay some attention when we make them ourselves: first of all, if we use all vegetable juice and noodles, the color will not meet the standard of colored noodles, then weInstead of just using vegetable juice, you can chop the vegetables, cut them into powder, and then make noodles with the noodles, so that the color of the vegetable noodles will be better.

Vegetables commonly used to make colored noodles include carrots, spinach, purple cabbage, celery, and tomatoes. These commonly used vegetables include red, yellow, purple, and green colors, and they can also be used together. For dinersIt can cause appetite, especially for babies who do not like to eat. Using the vegetables mentioned just now, they can make colorful noodles with different colors:

[How to stew chicken legs is delicious_How to make chicken legs tender]

[How to stew chicken legs is delicious_How to make chicken legs tender]

The stewed chicken legs are not tight, nourishing yin and kidneys, and there are abundant vitamins that can ensure that our chicken legs we need every day are a very effective health food. However, we haven’t paid close attention to its benefits. Many people just know how to confideTherefore, we can’t really appreciate its really useful nutrition parts, so we need to know about chicken legs to make our diet healthier.

So, how do you stew chicken legs so delicious?

First, chicken leg stew soup ingredients: chicken legs, shallots, ginger, cooking wine, red dates, wolfberry, salt.

Practices: 1. Chop the chicken legs into pieces.

Then boil in cold water and skim off the foam.

2. Wash the chicken legs, put them in a pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and add ginger and spring onions.

3. After the soup is boiled, add cooking wine, and then add red dates, lotus seeds and codonopsis soup.

4. After the high heat is boiled, turn to low heat and simmer for 1-2 hours, usually 1 and a half hours is best.

5. Finally, add salt to season and you can endure the warm chicken leg stew.

Second, the nutritional value of chicken leg stew Chicken leg stew is very nourishing and can strengthen the human body’s immunity.

The main nutritional component in chicken legs is protein, which also contains vitamins and minerals.

The protein content is 25 per 100 grams of chicken.

1 gram, and high-quality protein, because it is animal protein, it is easier to be absorbed by the human body.

The nutritional value of chicken is relatively high. As the saying goes, “every nine chickens, good health in the coming year.” People who like to eat chicken leg stew may eat a bit more in winter, which is very nourishing, and can effectively resist the cold and enhanceHuman immunity.
Obviously, vitamin B12 chicken is rich in vitamin B12. B12 can maintain the nervous system health and eliminate irritability.

Rich in protein The protein content in each 100 grams of chicken is 25.

1 gram, and the weight of each chicken thigh is about 100 grams.

One chicken leg will add 25.

1 gram of protein is also very cost-effective.

In addition, chicken drumsticks also contain a small amount of calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, and niacin. It is good for people who need supplements to eat more chicken drumsticks or chicken, especiallyIn the postpartum or menstrual period, you need to eat chicken legs to nourish the body.

However, after eating chicken legs, remember to exercise more to digest, so as not to nourish too much.

[How to wash tripe_How to wash tripe]

[How to wash tripe_How to wash tripe]

The nutritional value of the internal organs of many animals is also very high, and people will eat these internal organs through appropriate processing.

The tripe is the stomach of the cow. People usually buy processed tripe from the deli and come back to eat it.

Some people do n’t know how to wash the tripe after buying fresh tripe_How do I wash the tripe?

Here are some ways to clean the tripe, let’s understand together.

First, the method of cleaning the tripe Step 1: Buy back the tripe and soak it in cold water for about 20 minutes to remove impurities floating on the tripe.

2. Turn the tripe over and use scissors to remove the fat from it.

3, then take an appropriate amount of alkaline noodles, rubbing the front and back repeatedly.

The alkaline surface must be spread evenly!

Rub for about three minutes and rinse with water.

4. Coat the tripe with coarse salt and flour again, and rub it repeatedly. The flour can be squeezed to remove the denatures on the tripe. The coarse salt particles prevent this effect.

After about two or three minutes, rinse with water.

Step 2 of Method Two: Separate the tripe, because the tripe is relatively large and divided into several parts, and each turn from the opening.

2. Rinse off impurities and part of gastric juice with water.

3, then add cornmeal into the clean pot and put it in the tripe, rub it vigorously, rub the gastric juice and other impurities clean, rinse.

4. Add salt or edible alkali and vinegar to scrub and remove the gastric juice, and the alkali and salt can be cooked and crispy, and then rinsed off!

Method Three Step 1.

First use salt (preferably granular) to knead the belly in and out repeatedly to remove most of the mucus and dirt from the belly.


Then add 2–3 vinegar and continue kneading to remove most of the odor.


Wash it with water and remove it, then knead it with salt, vinegar (the amount can be reduced), wash it twice with water, or add a little soda to neutralize the sour taste.

Second, the nutritional value of tripe The tripe has a high protein content, which is 14.

15%, the adult content is low, is 1.

6%, also contains many minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, selenium, iron, zinc, etc. Vitamin E and vitamin A and niacin are also rich in content.

Conclusion: There are many ways to clean the tripe. Xiaobian has summarized three methods here. You can choose the cleaning method according to the materials you have at hand.

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division in Infant and Toddler Diet

“Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division” in Infant and Toddler Diet

Infants are at a stage of rapid growth and development, which is a critical period for the development of the central nervous system and various tissues and organs. Scientific feeding and a balanced diet are essential.
Such foods as “additional” in the diet should be fully guaranteed.
Proteins are the basic elements of babies’ growth and development, and they must meet their needs.
Milk or formula milk, dairy products, fish and other seafood, beans and soy products, lean meat, eggs and liver, etc. The above-mentioned foods are high-quality protein and should be guaranteed daily.
Minerals and trace elements are also indispensable during the baby’s rapid growth and development, such as calcium, iron, zinc, etc. Their supplementation is conducive to baby’s bone and tooth development, prevents the occurrence of physiological anemia, helps improve appetite and enhances physical fitnessAnd other effects.
When supplementing these substances, you should insist on “expensive in the right amount”, not blindly or better.
“Subtraction” in the diet Some infants and young children should not eat too much, such as various desserts, cold drinks, juices, colas, puffed foods, fried foods, french fries, potato chips, jelly, honey, yogurt (one year oldIt is not recommended to drink in large quantities, even to replace fresh milk or formula milk), and high-fat, high-calorie, high-sugar fast food should also be eaten less.
In addition, some sausages and pickled foods (bacon, bacon, salted fish, pickles, etc.) are best eaten or not eaten. These high-salt foods produce a large amount of nitrite and yellow rice during the production process.Long-term consumption of mycin, etc., has a carcinogenic effect, which is very detrimental to the healthy growth of the baby.
“Multiplication” in the diet At present, the phenomenon of too little vegetable food intake in infants and young children’s diets. It should be particularly emphasized that various green leafy vegetables, red vegetables, and yellow vegetables contain a large number of vitamins, trace elements, and minerals., Such as vitamin C, B family,?
-Carrot, iron, calcium and crude fiber.
A certain amount of coarse grains and miscellaneous beans should be arranged in the staple food to achieve the matching of coarse grains and fine grains. The vitamin B1 in the coarse grains is higher than the refined rice noodles and contains dietary fiber, which is beneficial to regulate the baby’s gastrointestinal function and prevent constipation.
Various miscellaneous beans, millet, corn dregs, oatmeal, buckwheat, and potatoes can be made into small foods to encourage children to eat.
“Division” in the diet The following foods are not suitable for babies in principle.
Such as preserved eggs and popcorn with high lead content, may contain hormones such as royal jelly, peak gum, pollen products, silkworm pupae, and ginseng supplements.
Hormone-containing foods can cause the baby’s epiphysis to close early, which shortens the growth period of the epiphysis, affects the child’s height, and even causes premature puberty in the baby. It also causes some psychological problems and may increase blood pressure.Higher adverse reactions.

How to use Coix Seeds to strengthen spleen, relieve diarrhea and reduce edema

How to use Coix Seeds to strengthen spleen, relieve diarrhea and reduce edema

Ren is referred to as barley or barley, which can be used for both medicine and food.

Kindness is light, and the medicine is relatively peaceful. It can be used for draining and draining water, purifying and detoxifying, relieving muscles and stagnation, and strengthening the spleen and stomach. It is commonly used for edema, athlete’s foot, pain, restraint, lung dysentery, intestinal dysentery, spleen deficiencyDiarrhea and so on.

Because of its beneficial effect on dampness and swelling, it is often used to treat hyperthyroidism, facial melasma, etc.

Because of its high nutritional and health value, it has the reputation of “the world’s king of grasses”.

  Pharmacological studies Coix seed is rich in protein, additives, trace amounts, halogens, phosphonium esters, fluorenol, etc.

Pharmacological studies have shown that scopolamine can enhance the body’s immune function, inhibit the growth of microorganisms, and scopolamine can relieve heat and relieve pain.

Ren is particularly suitable for patients with digestive tract tumors with spleen deficiency and dampness and lung cancer with damp phlegm and heat.

  Ren Fei can inhibit skeletal muscle contraction, reduce muscle contraction, reduce fatigue; can inhibit striated muscle contraction; have sedative, analgesic and antipyretic effects; diuretic effect, can treat edema, beriberi, kidney and bladder stones; can expand blood vessels and reduce blood sugar, Hypertension and hyperglycemia patients can take it for a long time.

  The barley oil in the kernel can promote cellular immunity and humoral immunity. Trace amounts, amino acids, vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, etc. have a beneficial effect on patients with chronic illness and recovery.

  Nutrition medicated Yangyanxiaoban porridge, coix kernel and boiled porridge, eat 1 small bowl each morning and evening.

This porridge can improve the roughness and dryness of the skin, make the skin smooth and exquisite, and reduce the blood sugar and lipid.

60 grams of barley porridge every day, 2?
After 3 weeks, plasma, LDL, and blood glucose will all decrease.

  Rice acne porridge, rice, 30 grams of fresh Houttuynia (dandelion) (or 15 grams of dried), 800 ml of water.

Wash the first two flavors, add them to the pot together, add water and boil over high heat, then cook over low heat for 20 minutes, filter the soup, and stir 3 times a day.

This porridge can clear heat and detoxify, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and once 3 months, it can recover acne pustules and dissipate.

  Erren Swelling Rice Coix Seed 150g, Yu Liren 20g.

Yu Liren Jiantang, use it to cook rice with barley.

Eat 1 time a day.

This meal is used for edema and wheezing.

  100 grams of quail indica rice and winter melon, 750 grams of winter melon, 4 quails, some tanned skin, and salt.

Winter melon peeled, washed and cut into pieces, washed with barley; quail hair and viscera, washed; aged skin soaked.

Put the rind, quail and quail in the pot for 30 minutes, then put the winter melon and barley, cook for 1 hour, season with salt.

Eat this meal regularly to lose weight, and suitable for nephritis and diabetes patients.

  150 grams of barley white fungus kernels, 25 grams of lotus seeds, 50 grams of dried white fungus, moderate amount of honey.

Indica rice is soaked in warm water; lotus seeds and white fungus are added to cool water and drenched.

Add water to the pot, add the barley, cook the lotus seeds until they are cooked, and put the white fungus for 20 minutes. Season the honey with honey.

This lotus root nourishes yin, nourishes the lungs, nourishes the stomach, and is suitable for facial fractures and warts, acne, freckles, and dry skin.

  Health experience Fang Yanren rule mole mole wart ground noodles, take 10 grams per day, or take 30 grams of Jianfu, can be replaced after a maximum of 30 days.

Or use 1000 grams of barley kernels, grind to the end, each take 30?
60 grams, eat the same rice with porridge, the effect of wart treatment is also good.

  30 grams of aconite rancid fruit powder, 6 grams of cooked aconite, 15 grams of vinegar sauce, decoction.

This prescription has the effect of abscess abscess and swelling. It is mostly caused by appendicitis abscess or acute exacerbation of chronic appendicitis. The abdomen is soft and tenderness is not obvious, and there are symptoms of yang deficiency such as pale and weak pulses.application.

Bridge Variation Yoga Helps You Thin Your Thighs

Bridge Variation Yoga Helps You Thin Your Thighs

The bridge variation in yoga is a good skinny leg exercise that can help thin thighs.

The following is to teach you this yoga stovepipe exercise-bridge style, insist on practicing every day, to help you thin thighs!

  Bridge variants in yoga strengthen the thighs and slender waist.

Before proceeding, you must do the preparations: align and bend, the heel is on the outside of the ischium, the two feet are parallel; align with the second heel toe, the hand extends backwards above the body to relax, pull the back of the necklong.

Then cooperate with the inhalation, the exhalation begins to move.

  1. Extend the distance from the top of the head to the bottom of the pelvis when inhaling, and push forward while exhaling, raising the thighs a little, keeping the feet parallel and the abdomen tightening

  2. Raise your hips during inhalation, continuously extend the distance from the top of your head to the bottom of your pelvis, and stay for 5?
10 breaths; hold your hands forward for protection while exhaling, but do not put your weight on your hands.

  3. Inhale and lift one foot, bend the legs 90 degrees, and keep the thighs vertical to the floor.

  4. Exhale and straighten your calf at the same time, extend your leg upwards and stay for 5?
10 breaths.

Inhale again and return to the bent leg posture. As in step 3, lower your legs while keeping your pelvis from shaking while exhaling.

The procedure for changing sides is the same as above.

TCM massage is not the more painful the better

TCM massage is not the more painful the better

[Introduction]Massage is based on the traditional Chinese medicine’s internal organs and meridian theory, combined with Western medicine’s anatomy and pathological diagnosis, and the treatment method acts on specific parts of the human body surface to adjust the body’s physiology and pathological conditions to achieve physical therapy.By nature, it is a physical treatment.

  Recently, people’s work and life pressures have been increasing, and various relaxation programs have also developed. Massage is a very good relaxation activity. Some massages also have therapeutic effects, but some masseuses have light hands and some masseuses.Techniques are heavy.

Experts remind: massage is not as painful as possible, improper massage can easily lead to other diseases.

  The normal feeling of massage is a certain soreness. If tingling or pain is unbearable, or even screaming out, it is abnormal. It is very likely that it has caused soft tissue contusion and subcutaneous bleeding.

The author has repeatedly found that some people undergo long-term heavy massage, which results in muscle stiffness, slow response, and even local muscle necrosis.

Therefore, we should not accept the massage blindly, and distinguish whether the masseur’s technique is “even, strong, soft, deep” and “light without floating, heavy without stagnation, soft with rigid, rigid with soft”.It’s the technique of an excellent masseuse.

  In addition, not all people are suitable for massage, non-distance massage is likely to cause serious consequences.

For example, cervical massage should not be done lightly, otherwise it will cause paralysis and other serious consequences.

Finally, if you are in the acute pain period, do not perform local massage.

Because in the acute stage, usually the inflammation has occurred in the affected area, at this time the massage will worsen the inflammation.

In addition, do not massage during pregnancy, hunger and menstruation.