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“amount,What should i call?”Xiao Zhan’s innocent face。

“Just call me Kobe,We have different。”Kobe smiled,He doesn’t want to harvest Xiao Zhan into a little brother,It won’t be easy to kill in the future.,What if Xiao Zhan find himself to play brother basketball,Then trouble。
“Boss,That’s rude。”Odomna。
“It’s okay。Trish,long time no see。”Kobe greeted Maidi on the side。
“Hi,Kobe,Your team is going to lose。”McGrady is still sleepy and fluffy。
“Not always。”
“Boss,Where did this kid come from?Too rude,We’ll make an appointment laterSOLO!You come to give us a testimony!”
Kobe is happy,how?The adidas training camp showdown will be staged in advance?
Swallow in twosTACO。
Really fragrant!GIGIGIGI!~
“Will be here later,21Minute,I’m the referee。”
Two geniuses with superstar potential,Who is stronger now?
Kobe also has some expectations。

He knows something about Xuan Ziwen,Deep research on the Soul Guidance Device,Coming to Shrek Academy is really unreasonable。

Xuan Ziwen looked towards Huo Yuhao,With emotion“correct,you are……Huo Yuhao, right??Old Xuan told me about you yesterday,Otherwise I thought you really fell in the Star Dou Great Forest!”
He was also very surprised how Huo Yuhao escaped from Brigitte’s hands……
Huo Yuhao looked a little dazed and scratched his hair,“Hehe,Just good luck,The beast didn’t kill me,After waking up, I found that I was outside the Star Dou Great Forest!”
Xuanzi stroked his beard,“With Teacher Xuan,At least you don’t have to worry too much about the soul guide”
Xuan Ziwen nodded“Since Elder Xuan said that,Then these soul guides will be my meeting gifts for everyone”
Stop talking,Xuan Ziwen took out level 5 and level 6 soul guides one after another from his storage soul guide,There are even level seven!
Took out fourteen soul guides,Attacked,Soul Guidance Device for various purposes such as defense!
It’s almost all the spirit guides on his body except for level 8 and below……
Xu Sanshi rubbed his hands and eyes, and said nothing“Teacher Xuan is so generous!Now I have more confidence in winning the championship!”
Let everyone look directly at Xu Sanshi……
Bebe next to him coughed“Three Stone,Pay attention to the image!”

After reading it twice,Tears have blurred Ning Yiqiu’s eyes。

Hard life,Human beauty,These two emotions are crossed together through a small noodle restaurant,Looks so warm,Looks so beautiful in the world。
Excited Ning Yiqiu,Took another phone directly on the coffee table,Sent a circle of friends。
“Recommend everyone to take a look《Qiantang Evening News》of《A bowl of Yangchun noodles》,Teacher Chu Liuxiang writes really well,I’m crying~~~”
The following is《Qiantang Evening News》the link to。
Wechat on this phone,Ning Yiqiu’s classmates inside、friend、Actors known at work, etc.。
Everyone often shares some fun things,Or some family length,On weekdays, Ning Yiqiu mostly just look and like,Don’t speak much。
and so,After Ning Yiqiu’s circle of friends is released,Someone quickly left a comment below。
“what’s the situation?The queen cried?”
“Oh,This is a subscription fee!Look at the face of the queen,I just subscribe!”
“Is it really so good-looking?Unsightly,You will have a treat tomorrow!”
“Hmmm……Already watched,Feel hard to say,I have to watch it again。”
“Woo~~Bad Qiu sister,Why do you recommend someone to read this article?People are crying……”
“Forward,Forward!Not for our exclusive use,Let everyone see this tear-jerking article!”
“Correct,I want to show our company group~~”
Just half an hour,Thousands of comments appeared in Ning Yiqiu’s circle of friends。
That’s not all,In many people“Can’t let me cry alone”Under the idea,I reposted it directly。
“An article that made Ning Yiqiu cry,Come and see everyone!”
“Ning Yiqiu tearfully recommended,《A bowl of Yangchun noodles》,5It’s worth it!”

“Let’s take a look at the starting lineups of both sides,The Lakers lineup is still the same,It seems a loss,Did not let Harris adjust the lineup。”

“Cavaliers’ starting lineupPGTrier-BrandonSGBobby-PhilsSFChris-MillsPFTeilon-HillCmark-West。”
“Young Army Knight,Trying to replicate last season’s performance this season,Reach the playoffs。Current them28Win22negative,Ranked seventh in the east。”
“Trier-Brandon is a key factor in their success,this1.80Mi’s point guard,Have excellent breakthrough ability。Can win per game19.5Minute6.3Assist。”
“Behind the knight is26Win23Negative Washington bullet,22Win24Negative Orlando Magic。These three teams are strong contenders for the Eastern Conference playoffs。The Cavaliers have the upper hand。”
“Speaking of magic,It is a pity。A youth army team with promising double superstars,In just one season, it was reduced to the point of competing for the playoffs.。They just fired coach Brian Hill。”
“This is a big deal,It was Bryan Hill who led the Sharks and Penny to kill Jordan,Reach the finals。But the management actually put the hat of the current team’s defeat on him,Sweeping out this famous hero。”
“The last bull slaughter magic was too cruel,Jordan seems to be angry。Since the comeback,I rarely see Michael playing like this,He just swallowed pennies alive。”
“I suspect he is inside,Treat pennies like Kobe。”
“Haha,It is very possible。”
“Penny’s leadership performance this season is really poor,Team has no winning percentage,I have no data。He was not only left behind by Grant Hill,Was also chased by Kobe。”
“Hope new coach Rich-Can Adubatu bring some changes to this Magic team?!”
“In addition, Reggie Miller of the Indiana Pacers has recently returned from injury.,Maybe they will also be led by Larry Brown,Join the fight for the playoffs。”
“this era,It’s really hard to make the playoffs~Every team has more or less stars,Even the superstars are vying for a spot in the playoffs。”
“And our Lakers,In such an era,Top,Ranked first in the league。Doesn’t this mean that we are strong??”
Chapter Two Hundred and Seventy Eight RAPDefensive strategy(Two more)
“ONE TWO THREE!WIN!”Lakers players put their hands together,The game is about to start!
Lakers players are fighting spirit,Big Ben stepped into midfieldLAofLOGOPlace,Ready to jump ball。
Kobe pulled his elbow pads,Shooting training before today’s game,He felt that the hand feeling finally returned to normal。And the system seems to have wiped out my fatigue,The soreness of the long season has disappeared,The current state should be normal。

Either of these two tactics is the league’s top tactical play,But now the Pacers are overwhelmingly trying to merge these two.Ha ha!

Laugh first!
Even after the first quarter,,both sides24ratio26,Pacers are only two points behind,But in the eyes of the Hawks fans on the sidelines and the media reporters,Pacers lose2Points,ThisTMAlready lost20More points!
“Want to be fat in one bite?How easy is it!”
“Die to me!”
Hawks fans thought maliciously。
In this game they are ready to be high from the beginning of the game——Trendy!
High from the start of the game——Tide to the end of the game,From the first high——Tide to the fourth!
Always high——The tide is always cool!!
This is the slogan of the Eagles fans before the start of this series。
The wishes of the Hawks fans are simple,Also very real。
They look down on the walkers,Like looking down on the weeds on the side of the road。
“what!What am i talking about?”
“Xu Xuan didn’t end in the second quarter?I really don’t know how to write dead words!”
Xu Xuan and pickled peppers are the absolute core of the walkers,And from the current situation,Xu Xuan’s status is even better than pickles。

Over,Over,I’m not going to die this time?

“Lu Yingying! But the master said,Madam Lin Shao doesn’t know his identity yet。
and so,Just let them go,Don’t make a big lineup,Otherwise, Mrs. Lin Shao is so frightened,You can’t afford it。”
Tell the truth last time,After seeing my wife was scared。
Before Lin Yu came,I also specifically confessed Zhao Long to Zhao Long。
“Yes Yes Yes!!! I’ll let go,And these three,The reason why I was caught,It’s completely the newcomer’s mistake。
I wanted to let go,Later because of busy business,It will be delayed until now。”
“Has been investigated clearly,You are not the thieves who frequent the mall。
Come out and sign a name and you can leave。”
I didn’t expect my husband to be so good,I said it might take half a day。
This is just over ten minutes,Just solved。”
Hear the staff,Sister Lu Feifei proudly said。
“I didn’t expect my eldest son-in-law to be so good?
Feifei!You really found a good husband! It’s not like someone who can’t help you at all,I just know that I’m embarrassed by coming here。


The first thousand eight hundred and thirty six Be proud of me
? .org,The fastest update of the latest chapter of the special forces king of the beautiful president!
Yang Shiyun also whispered to Liu Xiaoyun。
“Yes,Old sister,Listen to you。”
Liu Xiaoyun immediately obediently agreed,Then I immediately called the special forces around me,Everyone started to spread out,I looked around seriously。The environment here is quiet,Green trees,Although there are few people,But it’s a good place to enjoy the scenery,This place was originally bought by a group company,Ready to be used to build and develop into a set of entertainment,shopping,Comprehensive business district with hotels and others,But now everything has not officially started
Start work,So this place has temporarily become a free space that is rarely visited by people.。
Step on the thick grass,Listen to it coming from under your feet“rustle”the sound of,The girls all feel that their hearts have gradually become quieter……Of course this delicate thought,Qin Liang,Yang Zhi and the others would never have……
while walking,The distance between each other gradually gets farther and farther,Plus everyone is lowering their heads and touching things underground,So slowly,The special forces team members became a single person!
“Everyone pay attention to safety!Try two,Three people together!”
Not far away,Suddenly there was a loud reminder from Yang Shiyun!Liu Xiaoyun immediately smiled secretly,Everyone here can be a master of ten.,Even if there is only one person,There won’t be any danger here,It seems that the old lady is too worried。
In fact, searching here is not meaningful,In order not to leave any traces or clues,Even the used police cars were pushed into the river,How can you find other valuable clues here?!So just like Yang Shiyun said by herself;Just try your best。
The final result is self-evident,After everyone traveled a long way,Began to walk back one after another with nothing,The only one who didn’t come back,It’s Liu Xiaoyun,Even Shen Ruoxue, who has always loved to play, is back,So everyone is curious now。
“I’ll go find her。”
Qin Liang volunteered。
“Let’s go together,Koyuki,Here you are in charge。”

Fang Yourong heard the greeting,Hurriedly strolled over with the lunch box and sat in a row with Principal Zhang。It’s fun to chat with Principal Zhang。

Opposite Principal Zhang, there is an empty seat next to Sheng San,After that, Sheng just rushed to sit down with a plate.。
Not wanting to provoke them at all, Sheng San looked at the four or five chicken drumsticks piled on the old man’s dinner plate.,What matsutake has always been、When did the so-called high-end caviar like the old man who is interested in eating chicken legs??
Principal Zhang who greeted Fang Yourong has finished eating,Said with a smile: “Xiao Fang,Do you want to earn some pocket money??”
what?Didn’t react for a while,The Sheng family brothers opposite Principal Zhang immediately looked a little dazed。
Why does this sound so strange?It feels like holding a lollipop to lure a child on the roadside,Everyone else was shaken,This world is a little bit that。
Seeing Fang Yourong’s dazed face,Principal Zhang is strange,Confirmation:“I heard Zheng Tingxuan say,You decide to suspend work,Ready to go to school,Is not it?”
“Yes。”Fang Yourong nodded:“Except for Xu Yi,I have delivered all other work。”Since Lawyer Zheng and Principal Zhang are in the same family,Then,Principal Zhang knows nothing is surprising,But what does Principal Zhang mean by pocket money??
I was stimulated by President Zhang’s words. Everyone who paid attention to the situation here came to ask a few words.,Oh,Xiaofang is going to school for further study,This is a good thing。
Look at the passion that everyone cares about,Fang Yourong’s heart is warm,but,He is even more concerned about the pocket money that Principal Zhang said,Since Principal Zhang proposed it,There must be a saying。After school,Still earn some pocket money,Also very tempting,To money,He has never had any resistance,
Confirmed that Fang Yourong did resign and go to school,Principal Zhang smiled:“There are relatively more holidays for school now,If time permits,Let’s go to my school two or three times a month to give students social lessons.。”
“I?”Fang Yourong looked at Principal Zhang in surprise,Incredible confirmation:“I teach students?”What is the definition of this social class?
“Shouldn’t be said to be in class,Is to exchange social experience with the students。Summarize your job search experience and your views on employment,To provide young people who have not yet entered society with some workplace experience。”
No joking,Principal Zhang explained seriously:“Young people who went to my school for skills training learned technology,Enter the employment of the company recommended by us,Relatively speaking,Both income and job stability are guaranteed。In reality,It is not the original intention that most students come to learn a skill,Go out of the training base and go to a suitable unit to do the skills learned,This way down,Within a few years,A considerable number of people will leave the factory,Re-enter society,Strive for entrepreneurship and development in a skill-free industry such as sales。”
Lawyer Zheng at the table behind him said:“This is a reality that is becoming more serious。For blue collar,The expected value given by our company is not high,Follow-up survey over the years,The proportion of male youth who give up the skills they learn and enter the society to do marketing or other industries without skills tends to increase,Transfer,Their expectations and complex social conditions continue to clash,It’s also right for this age,But the current social situation can only be used‘Quick success’To describe,Expecting too much is a disaster。As an idea to be responsible to them,Zhang Zhen taught some social courses while teaching skills,Let them understand society as soon as possible,Enter society,It is also a way to reduce their survival cost in the future,I think,That’s what Zhang Zhen meant to invite you to lecture。”
Fang Yourong who should refuse without hesitation“I invite you”Shocked,Principal Zhang invited him,Is this a pie falling from the sky?When he was in school,The test scores are basically around 80 points,Ask him to teach students,Just kidding。

Qin Liang was suddenly embarrassed by Yang Shiyun!

“So embarrassing,cut。”
Yang Shiyun became more and more contemptuous。
“look,You always say I’m not serious,I’m telling you a serious business,You’re starting to be serious。”
Qin Liang said helplessly。
“Pooh,You are not serious!You are not serious!”
Yang Shiyun accidentally started acting like a baby again……This is fine,With Shen Ruoxue“Coquettish queen”after that,Even Liu Xiaoyun and Yang Shiyun, the two former desperate third mothers,Have become habitually acting。
“Dare you say something to me,I immediately hug you and kiss,Don’t believe you try it!”
Qin Liang quickly looked around,After confirming that there is no third person around him and Yang Shiyun,,He threatened Yang Shiyun with a vicious little voice。
Yang Shiyun immediately avoided Qin Liang’s side by two steps,Then watched Qin Liang alertly,But she really didn’t dare to be in love with Qin Liang anymore,Because Qin Liang is“Not afraid of the sky”Master of,He not only dared to say,And really dare to do!Can Yang Shiyun not be afraid?!
“Small,You have to try again?”
Qin Liang saw Yang Shiyun counseled,Even more brave question。
“Too lazy to care about you,Humph。”

“No,But Gao Qiang is very cooperative this time,Attitude is also more positive,He did a lot of things for the village after all,If there is no big problem this time,Let him continue without corruption and bribery。”

Zhu Guoqing said:“That car is obviously the problem。”
“I thought about it,If only this problem is solved,Let him buy it personally。”
Zhu Guoqing was lost in thought,Said for a while:“Let’s clarify the problems reported by the masses first.。”
Peng Changyi nodded。
Zhu Guoqing said:“You strike while the iron is hot tomorrow,Take someone down,Discuss at different levels first,By the way, people’s opinions on Gao Qiang,See if there is a better candidate,Then touch the meaning of Chen Youtun。If he really doesn’t want to do it,Just change it together。”
“I’ll touch it first。”
Zhu Guoqing said:“Did you miss dinner?”
Peng Changyi nodded and said:“Not hungry,Is thirsty。”
“How about we find a place to have a couple of drinks?”
“next time,Tell you,a bit tired,I don’t want to eat dinner anymore,I just want to level myself up early,You should go home and drink with your sister-in-law。”Peng Changyi said。
Zhu Guoqing’s wife is more alcoholic,Two glasses for every meal,Zhu Guoqing is drinking outside,I didn’t drink any alcohol when I got home,Sometimes it’s rare to eat a ton of food at home,I also watched the lady pouring her own drink。He also wondered,Why did this wine arrive at home?,Can’t attract him any interest?
Today is Peng Changyi on duty,After Zhu Guoqing is gone,Peng Changyi came to the bath next to the boiler room behind,After taking a shower,I feel a little flustered,He came to the reception room,Master Hu is still up,Watching tv。
Master Hu saw him here,I turned down my voice,Said:“Didn’t you eat dinner??”
“how do you know?”As the relationship deepens,Peng Changyi changed you to you long ago。
Master Hu said with a smile:“After you come back,Neither went to the room,Never eat out,Nest in Secretary Zhu’s room,Come out now,If you eat, you will be weird。”
Peng Changyi laughed,Said:“Hu Li,Hu Li,No wonder your name is Hu Li,It turned out to be really an old fox。”
Originally, Hu Li just opened the drawer,Take out a pack of spiced peanuts,I heard Peng Changyi say that,Just re-wrap。