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Sauerkraut and Mushroom Sturgeon

Sauerkraut and Mushroom Sturgeon

Sauerkraut has nutrients such as lactic acid bacteria and precipitated fiber, which can promote digestion and absorption.

Its unique sour scent, which is co-melted with fish maw, can be called the sour flavor and fish maw’s umami, plus the flavor of shiitake mushrooms, making the replacement taste attractive.

  Ingredients: 300 grams of fish stew, 100 grams of sauerkraut, 50 grams of shiitake mushrooms (after hydration), 15 grams of garlic (undressed and crushed), 15 grams of spring onion, salt, sugar, soy sauce, rice wine, pepper, sesame oil, pepperOil, vegetable oil each amount.

  Method: Wash and slice the fish gizzards, absorb the moisture with a cloth, mix with salt, pepper, raw soy sauce, vegetable oil and mix for later use; wash and cut the sauerkraut and soak it in water;Oil, stir-fry the garlic and spring onions, carefully stir fry for a few moments, add a few meters of wine, add an appropriate amount of water and shiitake mushrooms, sauerkraut, season and simmer over medium heat until the ingredients are thoroughly cooked, and finally pour in pepper oil and sesame oil.

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division in Infant and Toddler Diet

“Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division” in Infant and Toddler Diet

Infants are at a stage of rapid growth and development, which is a critical period for the development of the central nervous system and various tissues and organs. Scientific feeding and a balanced diet are essential.
Such foods as “additional” in the diet should be fully guaranteed.
Proteins are the basic elements of babies’ growth and development, and they must meet their needs.
Milk or formula milk, dairy products, fish and other seafood, beans and soy products, lean meat, eggs and liver, etc. The above-mentioned foods are high-quality protein and should be guaranteed daily.
Minerals and trace elements are also indispensable during the baby’s rapid growth and development, such as calcium, iron, zinc, etc. Their supplementation is conducive to baby’s bone and tooth development, prevents the occurrence of physiological anemia, helps improve appetite and enhances physical fitnessAnd other effects.
When supplementing these substances, you should insist on “expensive in the right amount”, not blindly or better.
“Subtraction” in the diet Some infants and young children should not eat too much, such as various desserts, cold drinks, juices, colas, puffed foods, fried foods, french fries, potato chips, jelly, honey, yogurt (one year oldIt is not recommended to drink in large quantities, even to replace fresh milk or formula milk), and high-fat, high-calorie, high-sugar fast food should also be eaten less.
In addition, some sausages and pickled foods (bacon, bacon, salted fish, pickles, etc.) are best eaten or not eaten. These high-salt foods produce a large amount of nitrite and yellow rice during the production process.Long-term consumption of mycin, etc., has a carcinogenic effect, which is very detrimental to the healthy growth of the baby.
“Multiplication” in the diet At present, the phenomenon of too little vegetable food intake in infants and young children’s diets. It should be particularly emphasized that various green leafy vegetables, red vegetables, and yellow vegetables contain a large number of vitamins, trace elements, and minerals., Such as vitamin C, B family,?
-Carrot, iron, calcium and crude fiber.
A certain amount of coarse grains and miscellaneous beans should be arranged in the staple food to achieve the matching of coarse grains and fine grains. The vitamin B1 in the coarse grains is higher than the refined rice noodles and contains dietary fiber, which is beneficial to regulate the baby’s gastrointestinal function and prevent constipation.
Various miscellaneous beans, millet, corn dregs, oatmeal, buckwheat, and potatoes can be made into small foods to encourage children to eat.
“Division” in the diet The following foods are not suitable for babies in principle.
Such as preserved eggs and popcorn with high lead content, may contain hormones such as royal jelly, peak gum, pollen products, silkworm pupae, and ginseng supplements.
Hormone-containing foods can cause the baby’s epiphysis to close early, which shortens the growth period of the epiphysis, affects the child’s height, and even causes premature puberty in the baby. It also causes some psychological problems and may increase blood pressure.Higher adverse reactions.

Medicated moisturizing beauty woman

Medicated moisturizing beauty woman

After a few autumn rains, the golden harvest season for everything is coming.

Autumn is the most beautiful season in Beijing, and it is also the key season for women’s health-women have no dryness in autumn and will be more beautiful in the coming year.

When you find that your skin is dry and dull, do not simply think that this is the reason for the lack of skin maintenance. In fact, the key to restore beautiful skin is to maintain the lungs and dryness in the autumn.

  Medicinal diet moisturizing, the best effect TCM believes that the effect of “Qiuzao” is related to the lungs, so you should eat more foods that have the function of moisturizing the lungs and regenerating fluids.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the five flavors are the biochemical source of the acquired essence of the human body. The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine states that “five flavors enter the stomach, each one pleases, sour enters the liver first, and Xin enters the lung first.””Gan first enters the spleen” principle, eat some sweets to nourish the spleen.

Increasing sour food can nourish liver qi, and sour taste also has the effect of refreshing and moisturizing.

  These two flavors are most suitable for us in autumn. Think about it. In autumn, do you not want to eat spicy salty fried barbecue at all, or even voluntarily want to eat desserts, sweet soups,What about adding vinegar to a meal?

This is what the body needs instinctively during the season.

  For thousands of years, traditional Chinese medicine has used pears as a good cure for “autumn dryness”, mainly because of its sweet taste and cool nature, which can penetrate Shengjin, moisturize, clear heat, and reduce phlegm.

First of all, Shengjin Runzao can eat Yali or Sydney. Dabai pear is the best for phlegm and cough.

Consistently eating 2 pears a day can effectively reduce the symptoms of “Qiuzao”.

In addition, according to the different symptoms of “Qiuzao”, you can also use pears and other foods to cause different “anti-drying” medicated diets, which can often achieve twice the result with half the effort.

  In addition to preventing autumn dryness, pears can also reduce blood pressure, protect liver, and other functions.

However, pears are cold foods, chronic gastritis, enteritis, and chronic dysfunction are best eaten less.

  Run dry medicated white pear honey to prepare a large white pear, 50 grams of honey.

Peel the white pear, place the honey in the heart of the pear, then steam it in a bowl and serve.

  Applicable people: dry cough and sputum.

  The Sydney drink of moisturizing medicinal preparation prepares Sydney and the right amount of honey.

Peel and chop the Sydney, add in the sauce, or add the honey and boil it.

  Applicable people: This medicated diet is suitable for people who have dry mouth, thirst, dry throat and other symptoms caused by Qiuzao.

  Prepare dried corn and sweet potato porridge for medicated diet 50 g of cornmeal, 500 g of sweet potato, 20 pieces of golden jujube. Wash the sweet potato, peel and cut into small pieces and put it into the pot together. Cook until the sweet potato is mature.A little cold water to make a paste, pour into the pot, and cook over low heat.

Boil on low heat for ten minutes.

We must remind everyone to keep stirring in the middle so as not to get confused.

  Applicable people: This porridge is very suitable for people who have constipation because of Qiuzao.

This is because sweet potatoes contain more vitamins, which are beneficial to vitality, broaden the stomach and relieve constipation, and corn contains metabolized plant cellulose, which also has an effect of intestinal laxative.

  Ingredients for Runzao Medicated Loofah Meat Soup: 50 grams of lean pork, 25 grams of loofah, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, and various parts of clear soup.

Wash the pork and cut into thin slices with a knife; peel the loofah, wash, and cut into slices.

Wash the wok, add the broth to the boil, put the meat into the pot first, skim the foam when the soup is slightly boiled, add the loofah, salt, MSG and cook for a while.Sesame oil, tender pieces of meat, soup clear and delicious soup can be cooked.

  Applicable people: Fresh loofah, sweet and sweet, is a favorite vegetable in autumn.

Loofah is rich in nutrition and is very good for health.

Luffa is a cold food. “Compendium of Materia Medica” says it “clears heat and intestines”, and “Book of Classics” also says “Luffa is cold.”

Therefore, the fire person, the stool is dry, should eat loofah, has the effect of clearing heat and laxative.

Drinking loofah soup often can not only supplement the nutrition, but also go to Qiuzao.

The loofah is green, green, and fragrant, smooth and sweet, suitable for all people.

  Run dry medicated Lily stewed asparagus to prepare 100 grams of lily, 50 grams of fresh asparagus.

Lily is swollen into petals, the inner membrane is torn off, soaked in brine and washed with water for later use, washed with asparagus and cut into sections for use; washed in a wok, add an appropriate amount of water and lily to cook until it is seven, and cut into sectionsAsparagus can be replaced after cooking.

Just once a day.

  Applicable people: This medicated diet is more suitable for those who have nosebleeds due to autumn dryness, dry mouth and even irritability.  In the fall, there are many fresh fruits and vegetables that are listed in the autumn, and many of the nutrients required by the human body have the effects of nourishing the yin and nourishing the lungs, moistening the lungs, and treating lung-related diseases.The best food for health in autumn.

  1. Grapes: Grapes are rich in nutrition, sweet and sour, and have the effects of nourishing liver and kidney, replenishing qi and blood, promoting fluid, and urinate.

Raw food can nourish yin and eliminate annoyance, make juice, add cooked honey and thicken the ointment, boil water to take it, and treat irritability and thirst.

Consume regularly with supplements to neurasthenia and excessive fatigue.

After the grapes are dried, the content of iron and sugar is relatively increased, which is a tonic for children, women and frail anemia.

  2, jujube: jujube can nourish the stomach and spleen, nourish qi and vitality, have cardiopulmonary, lung health, nourish the spleen and soil, nourish the five internal organs, treat intestines, and cure deficiency.

Traditional Chinese medicine is commonly used to treat the symptoms of children’s autumn dysentery, women’s dirtyness, coughing due to lung deficiency, and insomnia. It is a widely used tonic.

  3, pomegranate: pomegranate is warm and sweet and sour, it has a vital fluid, and it can relieve irritability.

Fanjin fluid is insufficient, dry mouth and throat, and thirsty, can be used as food therapy.

Pomegranate pound juice or decoction drink can clear heat and detoxify, moisturize the lungs and cough, kill insects, and stop diarrhea.

  4. Persimmon: Persimmon has the effect of nourishing the lungs and relieving cough, clearing away heat and promoting fluids, and resolving phlegm.

Fresh persimmons have a good effect on cough, phlegm, and hypothermia.

Red and soft ripe persimmons can treat fever and thirst, dry mouth and rotten lips, heart irritability, and heat dysentery.

  5. Lily: Lily is rich in water, sweet and refreshing. It is a nutritious and nutritious top grade. It can relieve lungs and relieve cough, refreshing and soothe the nerves. It may have better curative effects on tuberculosis, bronchitis, bronchiectasis and various types of Qiuzao.

Cooked food or decoction can treat chronic lung cough, cough, phlegm, and dry cough.

  6. Tremella: Tremella can moisturize the lungs, reduce phlegm, nourish yin and promote fluids, dissolve or stew food, treat yin deficiency and lung dryness, dry cough without phlegm or thick sputum, dry throat and thirst, etc., with lilies for edible effectsIt’s better.
  It should be noted that the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables must be appropriate, overeating or overeating will also affect physical health.

Fresh fruit has a high sugar content, and the elderly and patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should especially eat it with caution.

Angelica Angelica

Angelica Angelica

Angelica is known as the “King of Medicine”, and its pharmacological effects are very extensive, manifested in various systems such as breathing, circulation, blood, immunity, and nerves.

It is the root of Angelica sinensis, Angelica sinensis has liver, heart, spleen meridian, medicinal sweetness, astringency, and warmth. It has the functions of nourishing blood, promoting blood circulation, regulating menstrual pain, moisturizing intestines and laxative.

Commonly used for the treatment of symptoms such as blood deficiency and chlorosis, dizziness, palpitations, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, menstrual cramps, cold and abdominal pain, intestinal dryness, constipation, rheumatism, pain, drop injury, and scabies.

  Angelica contains many types of chemical components such as volatile oil, organic acids, polysaccharides, flavonoids and so on.

Its pharmacological effects are extensive, involving multiple systems of the body.

Angelica’s “blood-improving” effect mainly acts on the hematopoietic system. It stimulates cells and molecules related to hematopoietic to exert its effect on the hematopoietic system, thereby achieving the effect of “blood-improving”.

Angelica’s “blood-blowing” effect mainly acts on the circulatory system, and it can achieve the “blood-blowing” effect by inhibiting platelet aggregation and other effects.

In addition, angelica also has effects on the nervous system and immune system, and has anti-tumor, anti-radiation, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, anti-oxidant, anti-aging effects.

The results of these pharmacological studies have broken the foundation for the clinical application of Angelica sinensis and the development of new products.

  Angelica has a wide range of medicines, and it plays a better role in prevention, treatment, and health care.

Since angelica sinensis has so many functions, how to use angelica sinensis correctly? Should you pay attention to these issues when eating?

  Angelica taboo taboos: 1.

Pay attention to dosage: When taking Chinese medicinal materials, pay attention to its dosage. If you take a large amount of internal use of Angelica sinensis, you will experience fatigue, drowsiness, fever, dizziness and nausea, and even more serious may cause respiratory arrest after a sudden drop in blood pressure.

Therefore, you should consult a doctor before taking it, and pay attention to the dosage.


Angelica sinensis has the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing blood. It is more suitable for women with yellow complexion and dizziness. However, female patients with yin deficiency and internal heat, diarrhea, and menstrual flow should pay attention to using angelica less.


People with impaired spleen and stomach function are not suitable to take angelica.


Pregnant women are not suitable for taking angelica.


Adolescents in development are not suitable to take Angelica, may affect its endocrine, and eventually appear obvious precocity.


Fengxiechuwang and Qiqi, should take Angelica less.


Those who are full of damp resistance and have loose stools should be cautiously taken. Patients with phobia, seaweed, mulberry, ginger, and hot and bleeding should not take it. It is not suitable for phlegm, heat, and fire cough.


Hormonal treatments cannot be used with Angelica, common oral contraceptives, estrogen and progesterone.


A small number of people will increase the sensitivity to sunlight after using angelica. Once exposed to light, it will cause skin inflammation. Patients with allergies should avoid using angelica.

Must know: Three important points for scientific siesta

Must know: Three important points for scientific siesta

As summer approaches, people generally feel that work and learning efficiency are reduced. This will definitely increase mental stress for those who are struggling in a competitive society.

At the same time, this kind of pressure will cause adrenal gland secretion abnormality, and cause a series of diseases such as vasoconstriction and elevated blood pressure.

  Summer is also called “bitter summer”.

Even strong people can hardly avoid sleeping well, eating uncomfortably, lacking energy, and irritability in the heat of the day.

It can be seen that summer is a season that is easy to “grieve”.

At this time, if you insist on a 1-hour nap every day at noon, it will help people to clear their heads and restore their spirits, which will be beneficial to their health.

  Summer siesta can improve people’s “fine energy” in a short period of time. Adhering to siesta is not only in accordance with the rhythm, but also in line with the laws of health.

Pay attention to several aspects of siesta: Note that the correct posture for sleeping is to relax the pants belt to lie to the right and slightly bend your knees.

In this way, the heart is not squeezed, and the knees are slightly flexed to relax the muscles, which facilitates the peristalsis of the stomach and helps digestion.

Don’t sit and sleep on your stomach.

  It is not advisable to take an hour for a long summer nap, as this can effectively eliminate fatigue and prevent you from getting too heavy to wake up.

  It is not advisable to take a nap after meals because the stomach is full of undigested food after lunch, and then immediately lie down causing a feeling of fullness.

The correct way is to do some light activities after lunch, such as walking, rubbing your abdomen, etc., and then taking a nap, which will help the digestion and absorption of food.

The old man is indifferent

The old man is indifferent

Older people should pay attention to health care.

The so-called health secrets, in fact, there is no “secret” at all: as long as you are happy with each day, you can maintain your health.

The essence is: to enjoy the natural life, you must let it go.

This is a bit of a pure-minded, uncontested taste.

  Innocent desire, Buddhism, and Taoism have this connection and are different.

Taoism believes that “I am in the absence of my life” – my life is not determined by God, but I personally master, as long as the heart and soul of the bait, guidance, fetal interest, alchemy, glutinous rice, etc. cultivation, can extend lifeUntil “the immortality is not old”, “feathering the fairy”.

Buddhism believes that “my life is in my good and evil” – my fate is not determined by God, but by my own good and evil decisions, as long as the heart is pure and willing to do good deeds, you can get “good news.”

The so-called “good and good news, evil and bad news; not not reported, when not arrived; when one arrives, everything is reported; the previous life has not reported this life report, this life has not reported the birth report” is also.

Buddhism does not greet longevity, but does not expect to become a fairy; it does not envy death, and even the death of the monk is called “the silence” (complete silence), “return to the truth”, “shun the world” and so on.

The highest realm that all Buddhist monks want to achieve is “Nirvana” – the ideal spiritual realm that is obtained after the “life and death cycle” is extinguished, and the Buddha body of “everything, music, me, net” is the eternal life of the four virtues.

This kind of Buddha body, died behind, so “nirvana” can refer to death.

In short, the Buddha is not afraid of death, but is afraid of “accounting after death.”

Therefore, the historian Mr. Fan Wenqi is interested in: “The Taoist greed, the monk is afraid of death.

“Clear heart, not unintentional, is to clear greed (love), idiot (stupid obsessed), swearing (distorting hate and harm others), slow (arrogance and conceit), because these “fools are ignorant”The mentality is the root cause of bad behavior leading to bad news.

Buddhism talks about “three realms”, “self-cleansing heart”, “heart king”, “heart”, “heart method”, etc., and there is a well-known “Heart Sutra”, that is, “Pharaoh PoloMulti-Heart Sutra – Nirvana becomes the Buddha’s supreme wisdom.

It can be seen that the so-called “clear heart” is to clear the ignorant evil heart and establish the wisdom and good heart.

The so-called “clear heart” of Taoism is generally the same.

  Widows are not unintentional. They are meant to minimize the desire for wine, color, wealth, and qi, because letting the material desires flow will inevitably lead to moral sorrow, and the world will be corrupted until the world is ruined.

Mencius said: “Going to and from the country is dangerous!

“The competition between the top and bottom of each other generally pursues self-interest, and the country can be in danger.”

History has repeatedly proved this point, and it is urgent to say more.

However, human beings and even all living things cannot be “no desire”, and Buddhism is no exception. Is it not a desire to pursue Nirvana as a eternal life of Buddha and pursue it as a eternal life?

I say that it is always desire, and it is the greatest desire in the world!

Desire is the requirement to get something or to achieve a certain purpose, and it is the directivity of mental activity.

This kind of directivity is the driving force of all life movements. Without this motive force, life will stop moving.

In essence, no desire is lifeless.

  Therefore, even the “sacred” Confucius never taught people to destroy “human desires”, but only told people to “desire and not greed”.

Even if it is Buddhism, it is generally just saying “widows.”

The so-called “no desire” of “no desire is just” is also treated as such.

  Widowed, can be reassured, everything can be tolerated, let go, physiological benefits.

vice versa.

Therefore, whoever wants to be broad-minded will have to be clear-minded.

  Jade can only be ignorant.

  So, how can we do it?

The answer is: Jide.

  Jide, or “goodness”, “doing good deeds” is to cultivate “good roots” by doing more “good deeds”, to increase “goodness” and to sublimate “goodness.”

  Why does Jide (Jishan) make people want to be ignorant because all kinds of good deeds and good deeds are to restrain selfish desires, help others to be happy, and benefit the people, and the evil nature of human beings is to indulge selfish desires, harm others and harm society,Those who can’t complement each other, have the same life, and can only be incompatible with each other.

The process of constantly doing good deeds is the process of continuous accumulation of morality, that is, the process of constantly restraining selfish desires.With less and less selfish desires, nature will be ignorant.

Widows can be lenient, and heart can be healthy and longevity, while Jade is fundamental and must be recognized first.

As early as 2,500 years ago, Laozi focused on saying: “There is no shortage of stagnation in Germany. It is a deep-rooted, long-lasting way.”

Of course, “there is no gram”, including the most difficult self-control in the world.

  Anyone who pays for money and contributes to help the poor, develops public welfare, and takes the courage to do justice, except for the violent Anliang until the self-righteousness, the murder of the benevolent, is the person who does good deeds.

As Confucius said, “Do not do what you want, don’t do it to others.” It is a minimum good deed. “If you want to stand up and stand up, you want to reach people,” is a noble virtue. You can teach people to do good, and more.It’s “good for you”.

Another example is the Buddha’s Sakyamuni: It is a great good to teach people to do good deeds. It is a great evil to teach people to do evil. “Good and evil are reported, and each has its cause and effect.”

If you don’t believe it, there is history.

I will outline one or two.

  ”Book of Changes” said: “The house of goodness will have Yuqing; if the home is not good, there will be a lingering.”

“Many people who have done good deeds and good deeds will have the remaining happiness Jiqing left to the children and grandchildren to replace; there are many people who have accumulated evil and evil, and there will be remaining disasters for the children to suffer from sin.

  ”Three Character Classics” said: “Dou Yanshan, there are righteous parties.

Teach the five sons, and they are famous.

“It is said that in the late Tang Dynasty and the Five Dynasties, Yuyang County, Chenzhou (now Jinshi County, Tianjin), when Dou Yu was young, he was evil. He called the late father to severely warn him to quickly repent and move to the good, otherwise there would be a great disaster and a short-lived death.

He scared a cold sweat, and since then he has changed the former non-profit, and has accumulated good fortune. He has paid for the funeral of the poor, married his wife, married women and saved hundreds of victims. The magi who recommended him to be an official is even more numerous.

He also established 40 colleges, collected thousands of books, and recruited poor children to study in free, and cultivated many people into useful talents.

His life is very frugal, there is no decoration such as gold jade and any luxury goods.

He later gave birth to five sons. Through his words and deeds, he was all tested in the scholarship, and he was officially and honestly known as the world.

He lived to 82 years old and was dying.

Because the famous Yanshan is in the area of Zhangzhou, some people respected it as Dou Yanshan.

How to use Coix Seeds to strengthen spleen, relieve diarrhea and reduce edema

How to use Coix Seeds to strengthen spleen, relieve diarrhea and reduce edema

Ren is referred to as barley or barley, which can be used for both medicine and food.

Kindness is light, and the medicine is relatively peaceful. It can be used for draining and draining water, purifying and detoxifying, relieving muscles and stagnation, and strengthening the spleen and stomach. It is commonly used for edema, athlete’s foot, pain, restraint, lung dysentery, intestinal dysentery, spleen deficiencyDiarrhea and so on.

Because of its beneficial effect on dampness and swelling, it is often used to treat hyperthyroidism, facial melasma, etc.

Because of its high nutritional and health value, it has the reputation of “the world’s king of grasses”.

  Pharmacological studies Coix seed is rich in protein, additives, trace amounts, halogens, phosphonium esters, fluorenol, etc.

Pharmacological studies have shown that scopolamine can enhance the body’s immune function, inhibit the growth of microorganisms, and scopolamine can relieve heat and relieve pain.

Ren is particularly suitable for patients with digestive tract tumors with spleen deficiency and dampness and lung cancer with damp phlegm and heat.

  Ren Fei can inhibit skeletal muscle contraction, reduce muscle contraction, reduce fatigue; can inhibit striated muscle contraction; have sedative, analgesic and antipyretic effects; diuretic effect, can treat edema, beriberi, kidney and bladder stones; can expand blood vessels and reduce blood sugar, Hypertension and hyperglycemia patients can take it for a long time.

  The barley oil in the kernel can promote cellular immunity and humoral immunity. Trace amounts, amino acids, vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, etc. have a beneficial effect on patients with chronic illness and recovery.

  Nutrition medicated Yangyanxiaoban porridge, coix kernel and boiled porridge, eat 1 small bowl each morning and evening.

This porridge can improve the roughness and dryness of the skin, make the skin smooth and exquisite, and reduce the blood sugar and lipid.

60 grams of barley porridge every day, 2?
After 3 weeks, plasma, LDL, and blood glucose will all decrease.

  Rice acne porridge, rice, 30 grams of fresh Houttuynia (dandelion) (or 15 grams of dried), 800 ml of water.

Wash the first two flavors, add them to the pot together, add water and boil over high heat, then cook over low heat for 20 minutes, filter the soup, and stir 3 times a day.

This porridge can clear heat and detoxify, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and once 3 months, it can recover acne pustules and dissipate.

  Erren Swelling Rice Coix Seed 150g, Yu Liren 20g.

Yu Liren Jiantang, use it to cook rice with barley.

Eat 1 time a day.

This meal is used for edema and wheezing.

  100 grams of quail indica rice and winter melon, 750 grams of winter melon, 4 quails, some tanned skin, and salt.

Winter melon peeled, washed and cut into pieces, washed with barley; quail hair and viscera, washed; aged skin soaked.

Put the rind, quail and quail in the pot for 30 minutes, then put the winter melon and barley, cook for 1 hour, season with salt.

Eat this meal regularly to lose weight, and suitable for nephritis and diabetes patients.

  150 grams of barley white fungus kernels, 25 grams of lotus seeds, 50 grams of dried white fungus, moderate amount of honey.

Indica rice is soaked in warm water; lotus seeds and white fungus are added to cool water and drenched.

Add water to the pot, add the barley, cook the lotus seeds until they are cooked, and put the white fungus for 20 minutes. Season the honey with honey.

This lotus root nourishes yin, nourishes the lungs, nourishes the stomach, and is suitable for facial fractures and warts, acne, freckles, and dry skin.

  Health experience Fang Yanren rule mole mole wart ground noodles, take 10 grams per day, or take 30 grams of Jianfu, can be replaced after a maximum of 30 days.

Or use 1000 grams of barley kernels, grind to the end, each take 30?
60 grams, eat the same rice with porridge, the effect of wart treatment is also good.

  30 grams of aconite rancid fruit powder, 6 grams of cooked aconite, 15 grams of vinegar sauce, decoction.

This prescription has the effect of abscess abscess and swelling. It is mostly caused by appendicitis abscess or acute exacerbation of chronic appendicitis. The abdomen is soft and tenderness is not obvious, and there are symptoms of yang deficiency such as pale and weak pulses.application.

The five most popular sports for men

The five most popular sports for men

Core Tips: There are many kinds of men’s fitness programs. The following 5 are the trendy fitness men’s items that netizens must try to exercise and fitness. When you next enter the gym, you must also try!

  A boy riding a spinning bike must be full of sweat and strength. A tight-fitting shirt can not only set off your perfect upper body muscles and lines, but also step on the acceleration when riding the bike, which will help you exert your speed and passion.To the maximum.

And choose a short or short pants with appropriate length, you can shorten the friction and hindrance caused by the fabric when the knee joint moves.

At the same time, it is best to wear hard-soled sports shoes when riding a bicycle, which can help the foot to be fixed and not to hurt the foot during high-speed sports.

  Popular points: When spinning, don’t forget to wear a pair of fingerless gloves, which can firmly hold the handlebar and protect the palm.

  Fighting Fighting is the perfect embodiment of boys’ strength and beauty.

Tights are the best choice when fighting, and the materials are sweat-absorbent and breathable.

Loose pants are good, but don’t be too wide.

Because too wide pants may not help you to do some things like vacating.

  Popular points: You can choose colored sports tights, the military camouflage vest can definitely put on jump combat.

  Barbell Exercise Barbell Exercise is a fast way to lose weight, while also shaping beautiful body lines.

When practicing barbell exercises, the most important thing is to wear a pair of fitted shorts.

Because standard exercises are the best way to get the best results, and if you wear trousers, your legs will be covered and you won’t be able to see if they bend to the standard position.

Shorts are best above the knee joint, which can help you to achieve the most standard for each movement, and the range of movement is not easily limited by pants.

  Popular points: All kinds of baseball shorts are suitable.

  It’s good to wear loose clothes when running, general T-shirts are fine. Of course, it is better to choose clothes with functions such as perspiration fast.

There aren’t many requirements for pants, as long as a pair of cotton sports pants, they can easily get on the treadmill.

And running shoes, at this time play a very important role.

A good pair of shoes may bring you the comfort of walking in the courtyard.

Therefore, you may choose some high-tech, powerful running shoes. Such running shoes have good tension, soft, easy to bend, comfortable to wear, but also can well cushion their effects, protecting your feet from sports injuries.

  Popular points: a pair of absolutely decent running shoes.

  Pilates and Yoga. While practicing Pilates and Yoga, although they pay more attention to strength than girls, balance and tranquility are still the most important part of exercise.

Therefore, it is best not to wear sharp ornaments such as earrings and earrings, which are easy to hurt yourself in sports and are not in harmony with this sport.

For clothing, it is best to choose gently drooping fabrics for some large-scale movements.

Too heavy clothing may make your movements less flexible.

  Popular points: Black.

It’s never wrong to choose black clothing for this sport.

Lust turns out to be a sign of inferiority

Lust turns out to be a sign of inferiority

Regarding sexual habits, at least to some extent, as for the problem of how to make intersex, there is a very obvious situation. Among men, there are actually many people who like to pursue women older than themselves, andThis trend seems to be getting worse.

Although such men have grown up, under the love and protection of their mothers, they have not been able to grow up spiritually, so they have the ambivalence of their mother-in-law complex in their hearts.

Such a man lacks opinion and independence in everything he does. If no one guides him or takes the lead in demonstration, he will be afraid of progress. Of course, he also lacks independent opinions and energy in sexual life.

  Originally, the interaction between men and women was generally male-oriented, but this tendency has become more and more thin recently. Therefore, the above-mentioned men will inevitably have a horrible attitude towards women, under the domination of terror.However, they don’t know how to maintain a moderate relationship with women. At the same time, their attitudes and interests towards women have not been positive.

  Such young people not only perform so well in heterosexual relations, but also lack a sense of independence in work. Even if they give any homework, he lacks his own title and is always looking forward to the above evaluation.

When he was among a group of colleagues or subordinates, he hated the place of being a mentor. It used to be said that this kind of person always likes to meet people older than himself, so he feels secure and secure.

  The other is sexual inferiority. This kind of person is slightly different from the above-mentioned ambivalent man.

Moreover, people with a sense of inferiority in sex also have two completely different extreme manifestations.

The first manifestation is to constantly invite women, in a semi-joking way, brag about his own sexuality to the other side, and at the same time intentionally show how he likes female sexuality, at first glance, like a veteran in the field of wind and moon, in fact, this kind ofPeople really have a sense of inferiority, and deliberately pretend to have the opposite attitude. In other words, this is due to the reactionary psychology.

Honestly, in a group of men who behave at random, there are no more homosexuals?

It can be seen that this man is like a paper tiger who is strong and dry.

  Another manifestation is the extreme cleanliness of women.

Kant, the great German philosopher, has been very serious about the relationship of women throughout his life. So-called, if his friend mentioned to Kant about marriage or men and women, Kant heard it, and he was furious.

Kant has tabooed the word about marriage at home, so from these facts, some people may have a strong sense of inferiority in terms of sex.

He sticks to the doctrine of not getting married and being feminine all his life. His belief in this area is almost more attentive and devout than the belief in philosophy.

No wonder anyone thinks he may have a sexual inferiority complex.

The cheapest and easiest way to reduce stress

The cheapest and easiest way to reduce stress

You’d better set a time for relaxation or meditation every day.

General relaxation takes 20?
30 minutes.

If you combine relaxation with other techniques and let you immediately relax in a depressed environment.

  ■ Relax: The first step is to close your eyes and start from the head.

  Pay attention to each muscle tissue and relax as per preliminary.

  How to choose: Tighten various muscle tissues first, then relax.

Then enter the next serial port.

  When you reach your toes, you are completely relaxed.

  ■ Countdown to relaxation First, all muscles are gradually relaxed.

  From ten to one, imagine the number in front of you.

  Also imagine that you are in a descending elevator or on the cloud.

  When descending to the bottom, imagine yourself in a lovely, relaxing place.

  ■ Meditate and relax the body.

  When exhaling, repeat a word or repetition quietly (eg “ah” or “peace”).

  Don’t be distracted and concentrate on reading your own words.

  Last 10?
15 minutes.

  ■ Imagine that if you do n’t have something to meditate on, you can easily relax by imagining.

Imagine a quiet and peaceful place in your mind, let yourself roam freely, enjoy the scenery, hear the sound, smell the taste.

Give yourself a positive review: “I feel calm” or “I feel calm”.

Try to turn fantasy into initiative: “Whenever there is pressure, I can react calmly and feel calm.

“■ Hypnosis Self-hypnosis is not a trick, it is a deep state of relaxation.

With a deep level of relaxation, you can find a way to deal with stress and other personal problems for yourself.

You can also return to this deep state of relaxation at any time, for example, you can use the trigger word “relax”.

  ■ Other relaxation methods In order to improve choices, here are some simple ways to control stress: pet a pet.

This will calm people and lower blood pressure.

Take a hot bath.

Shower, bathtub or sauna will alleviate the nervousness of the person and promote the secretion of chemically active ingredients in the brain.

  listen to music.

A gentle concert relieves stress and lowers blood pressure.

Pick some calming music and brake for the best results.

  laughing out loud.

A humorous book or a humorous video can reduce stress.