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[How to make sour soup fish without sour soup]_No base material_Delicious practice

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[Efficacy and role of Ophiopogon japonicus]_Ophiopogon japonicus_bad points_necessarily

The world’s strength  咫 湴 揂 溂 楐 渔 書 湸 渤 渤 僕 僕 渤 僕 僕 渤 僕 僕 僕 僕 渤 僕 渤 僕 惕 渤 僕 僕瓑闂锛屽悓鏃惰繕鍙互鐢ㄤ簬娌荤枟鎱㈡€ц儍鐐庝互鍙婅偁鐕ヤ究绉樼瓑鎯呭喌锛屾墍浠ヤ簡瑙h繖浜涘姛鏁堜綔鐢ㄤ箣鍚庯紝灏卞彲浠ユ纭殑鍒╃敤銆?1 Doesn’t it matter if you’re talking about power or power?湹 ﹀ 啲 45 Arrogant?鍔犳按鐓庢垚30~40姣崌,鍒嗘鏈嶇敤,杩炴湇3~18涓湀銆傚缂撹В蹇冪粸鐥涖€佽兏闂峰潎鏈変竴瀹氫綔鐢ㄣ€?2 What’s wrong?娑﹁偤姝㈠挸 鐢ㄤ簬鑲鸿儍闃磋櫄涔嬫触灏戝彛娓淬€佸共鍜冲挴琛€;蹇冮槾涓嶈冻涔嬪績鎮告槗鎯婂強鐑梾How can you get better and better?3 Doesn’t it mean that ginseng picks and flies?湹 ﹀ 咲 單 姫 咖?Arrogant?鍏氬弬銆佺帀绔广€侀粍绮惧悇10鍏嬨€傛按鐓庢湇,姣忔棩1鍓傘€傚鑳冮槾涓嶈冻鑰呮湁鑹晥銆?Isn’t it difficult to sleep in trouble?湹 ﹀ 劆 犆 Wan Han Han 懇 10 鍏?揜 斿 懗 瀛?鍏?What’s the chain?姣忔棩2鍓傘€傚姹楀嚭铏氳劚,蹇冩厡蹇冩偢,琛€鍘嬭繃浣?姹楀鍙f复,浣撳€︿箯鍔涙湁鑹晥(缂栬€呮敞:姝ゆ柟涓洪噾浠e悕鍖绘潕鏉叉墍鍒?鏂瑰悕鍙€滅敓鑴夋暎鈥?倸 厗 鎴 擮 敓 啴 夊 倛 涆 涆 披) 銆?Doesn’t it matter?楹﹀啲銆佺敓鍦般€佺巹鍙傚悇15鍏嬨€傛按鐓庢湇,姣忔棩1鍓傘€傛湁娑﹁偁閫氫究鐨勪綔鐢?What is the best way to look at the stubble?銆 俸 吇 鐒 叒 啓 娲 娲 娲 娲 娲 娲?幑 偤 娓 呭 娢 〤 簬 紬 訞 訸 樸 揸, 鰏 氱 撬 鍜 掊 椊, 咲 ヤ Excitation of the f complex, the power of the storage of the debate and the arrogance of the complex, the complex of the complex, Jiajie?銆 佹 不 鐤 楃 灸 灏 Chang 摾 鑺 ︽ 牴 30 鍏?湹 ﹀15 鍏?鐭ユ瘝12鍏嬨€傚厛鐢ㄥ皬鐏厧鐓?0 闒 嗛 挓, 婊 ゅ 壦 度 庢 偫, drill  福 鍐 嶅 姞 姘?00 姣  崌, 伶 х 开 頦  璑 咑 咖 咼 璏 琏 鐏  厧 頦?0鍒嗛挓,鍘绘福鍙栨眮,灏嗕袱娆$厧鍑虹殑鑽眮娣峰悎,姣忔棩1鍓傘€傜敤浜庣硸灏跨梾鎮h€呭彛娓村捊骞层€佸楗€佸績鐑︿笉瀹?鎴栬浣庣儹,鑸岀孩,鑴夌粏鏁般€?

[How to wash tripe_How to wash tripe]

[How to wash tripe_How to wash tripe]

The nutritional value of the internal organs of many animals is also very high, and people will eat these internal organs through appropriate processing.

The tripe is the stomach of the cow. People usually buy processed tripe from the deli and come back to eat it.

Some people do n’t know how to wash the tripe after buying fresh tripe_How do I wash the tripe?

Here are some ways to clean the tripe, let’s understand together.

First, the method of cleaning the tripe Step 1: Buy back the tripe and soak it in cold water for about 20 minutes to remove impurities floating on the tripe.

2. Turn the tripe over and use scissors to remove the fat from it.

3, then take an appropriate amount of alkaline noodles, rubbing the front and back repeatedly.

The alkaline surface must be spread evenly!

Rub for about three minutes and rinse with water.

4. Coat the tripe with coarse salt and flour again, and rub it repeatedly. The flour can be squeezed to remove the denatures on the tripe. The coarse salt particles prevent this effect.

After about two or three minutes, rinse with water.

Step 2 of Method Two: Separate the tripe, because the tripe is relatively large and divided into several parts, and each turn from the opening.

2. Rinse off impurities and part of gastric juice with water.

3, then add cornmeal into the clean pot and put it in the tripe, rub it vigorously, rub the gastric juice and other impurities clean, rinse.

4. Add salt or edible alkali and vinegar to scrub and remove the gastric juice, and the alkali and salt can be cooked and crispy, and then rinsed off!

Method Three Step 1.

First use salt (preferably granular) to knead the belly in and out repeatedly to remove most of the mucus and dirt from the belly.


Then add 2–3 vinegar and continue kneading to remove most of the odor.


Wash it with water and remove it, then knead it with salt, vinegar (the amount can be reduced), wash it twice with water, or add a little soda to neutralize the sour taste.

Second, the nutritional value of tripe The tripe has a high protein content, which is 14.

15%, the adult content is low, is 1.

6%, also contains many minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, selenium, iron, zinc, etc. Vitamin E and vitamin A and niacin are also rich in content.

Conclusion: There are many ways to clean the tripe. Xiaobian has summarized three methods here. You can choose the cleaning method according to the materials you have at hand.

[How to do baby molar stick?

】 _Baby_How to do

[How to do baby molar stick?
】 _Baby_How to do

As the baby grows up, it will become more and more perfect of its various functional tissues. For example, the teeth are the part of the baby that has gradually grown since 8 months. At this time, the baby’s mouth will often chew something to reduce the itchiness caused by tooth growth.

Therefore, it is very suitable to prepare some molar rods for babies. Let’s take a look at how to do it.

Practice one: 1.

Mix together the powdered sugar and eggs and stir slightly.

Don’t pass.


Pour in low-gluten flour; knead into dough.

The kneaded dough is relatively dry.

Because the water absorption of flour is high, it may be necessary to adjust the amount of flour as appropriate to ensure that the kneaded dough can be agglomerated, but not too soft.

After kneading the dough, let it rest for half an hour.


Place the slack dough on a chopping board to a thickness of about 0.

8CM coaxial dough.

When scooping, you can sprinkle some flour on the chopping board to prevent sticking (in fact, it is not sprinkled and not very sticky).

Cut the noodles into long strips with a knife.


Take a long strip of the two hands and separate it, twist it a few times and place it directly on the baking sheet. Brush a layer of whole egg liquid on the prepared strip, and you can bake it in the oven.


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees in advance, add the baking sheet to the middle layer, about 25-30 minutes.

Bake until golden brown.

Practice two: 1.

The ingredients are very simple. Mix egg yolk, flour, milk powder, and warm water until smooth. Do not add more water. In order to ensure that the molar cookies are hard enough.


After kneading the dough, roll it into thin slices with a rolling pin and cover it with a fresh-keeping bag for 45 minutes.


After waking up, cut long strips, and use your fingers to slightly round your finger biscuits to make them look better.

Preheat the oven 180 degrees 10 minutes in advance.


Avoid overheating and lower the oven temperature to 150 ° C for 25 minutes.

Tip: To prevent crackers from cracking, I applied water to the baking sheet, covered it with grease-proof paper, and placed the cookies to be baked.


After baking, you must wait for the temperature to dissipate before filling the sealed box. The hard cookies are the effect of molar biscuits. It is not for babies to eat biscuits, mainly for molar teeth.


This is the basic version. You can also replace warm water with fruit juice, or add some bananas or pumpkins, or purple sweet potatoes and other baby-loving flavors.

[Barbecue cured meat]_how to_practice

銆 愮 儳 鐑 よ 厡 個 夋 枡 銆 慱 Hoo 宝 箞 锅 氘 锅 氭 硶
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[How to make Sichuan fried noodles]_How to make_How to make

[How to make Sichuan fried noodles]_How to make_How to make

I believe that Sichuanese friends are very happy about spicy food, because they like spicy food in Sichuan. In addition to Sichuan food, as long as they are spicy, they are very delicious.It is the taste of Sichuan ‘s soy sauce noodles and the old Beijing soy sauce noodles we eat, and other places. Not only is it added soup, but also common seasonings and unique secret recipes.Detailed and delicious, you can take a look at these practices.

The practice of Sichuan fried noodles is 100 grams of fresh cut noodles in two or two bowls, 20 grams of vegetables (lettuce tip or pea tip), soy sauce noodle seasoning (can be increased or decreased according to personal taste): 1 tablespoon of soy sauce (15ml), sweet1 teaspoon of red soy sauce (5ml), 1 teaspoon of sesame sauce (5ml), 2 teaspoons of sesame oil (10ml), half a tablespoon of vinegar (10ml), 1 tablespoon of red oil chili (15ml), pepper noodles, half teaspoon of chicken essence (3g), spring onion20 grams, 10 grams of garlic, 1 teaspoon of lard (5ml), 1 tablespoon of minced pork sprouts, practice 1, mix the sesame sauce with sesame oil for use, wash the vegetables for use; 2, include the prepared sesame sauce insideAll the seasonings are put into the bowl for use according to personal taste; 3, add enough water to the pot to boil, shake the noodles into the boiling water pot, cook over medium heat (you can have no white heart), then add greens to blanchCook; 4, drain the noodles and drain, add to the seasoning bowl, and simmer with the sprouts minced meat to serve.

Old Beijing fried noodles: yellow sauce, sweet noodle sauce, onion, shallot, garlic, minced meat, carrot, green pepper, cucumber, shallot.

2, oily fried meat, until cooked.

3. Turn on low heat and stir-fry with yellow sauce.

4, all cooked, add sweet noodle sauce over low heat, keep frying, avoid shabu-shabu.

5. Finally, add the onions, shallots, and minced garlic.

6. Stir well over low heat for 2 minutes and turn off the heat.

7, prepared in advance cucumber shreds, carrots shreds, green onions shreds, green pepper shreds, bean sprouts, etc., according to personal taste free to add.

8. In addition, boiled noodles in clear water pot, manual noodles are recommended.

9, the noodles out of the pot, you can use cold water, see the personal preference to sprinkle the vegetables, add sauce and mix well.

Tip 1, yellow sauce and sweet noodle sauce are made in a 2: 1 ratio.

2, the oil should be more, be careful not to shabu with sweet noodle sauce.

3. Prepare various materials and cut them in advance.

4. Add the sauce and mix well as soon as the noodles come out of the pot.

[Can’t drink cola during lactation]_Recommended diet

[Can’t drink cola during lactation]_Recommended diet

Cola is one of the beverages that many young people like very much. In addition, young people, children and middle-aged and elderly people also like to drink.

Especially in the summer time, drinks such as cola are “best companions” for hot pot, skewers and other food.

So is it possible for mothers in the lactation period to drink cola?

Basically, as a carbonated beverage, carbon dioxide is contained in it. The most important thing is that such ingredients will directly harm the human body, stimulate our metabolic tract, and cause harm to people. Such drinks are very easy to causeThe problems of gastric acid accumulation and bloating may lead to problems such as decreased appetite in long-term persistent people.

For breastfeeding mothers, the most important part of breastfeeding is to maintain a balanced nutritional diet. Such carbonated beverages will accompany the loss of appetite of breastfeeding mothers. The most important thing is to bring new mothersThe nutrition can not keep up. In this way, the nutrition of the milk cannot keep up, which makes the baby’s physical health insecure.

In addition, according to the current relevant data, if there are too many carbonated drinks, high blood pressure, high blood pressure, insulin tract, and digestive system diseases are also prone to occur.

In addition, the carbonic acid content in cola will inevitably lead to the loss of calcium in the milk of expectant mothers. As a result, the nutrition required by the baby will not be supplemented, and it will affect the baby’s osteophyte growth and development.

New lactating mothers cannot drink cola, coffee and many exciting drinks. Alternating such drinks is not good for the baby and the mother.

[How to make chocolate angel cake]_Home made chocolate angel cake_How to make chocolate angel cake_How to make chocolate angel cake

[How to make chocolate angel cake]_Home made chocolate angel cake_How to make chocolate angel cake_How to make chocolate angel cake

If you are married, you can definitely enjoy the alternative of “wife’s food”.

But what do you do when your wife is not at home?

Maybe many men choose fast food.

Instant noodles and more.

But what if you do it yourself?

Is this picture beautiful?

I believe your wife is particularly willing to see it.

So, let ‘s introduce the chocolate angel cake.


Dark chocolate uses a grater to wipe out very fine little chocolate shavings for spare 2.

Add egg juice to lemon juice (can be replaced by white vinegar), salt, and add granulated sugar in three portions to pass until the wet foaming state can be pulled out of the curved corners.

Sift the low-gluten flour with corn starch and pour into the beaten egg whites 4.

Use a rubber spatula to quickly flip up from the bottom to mix the flour and the beaten egg whites thoroughly.

Pay attention to the method of turning and mixing, adopt the way of turning from the bottom to the top, and do not stir in a circle.

Pour the initially prepared chocolate shavings into the cake batter.

Quickly stir the chocolate crumbs evenly into the cake batter7.

Pour the batter into the cake mold (I use an 8-inch round chimney mold, you can use an 8-inch angel cake mold, or a 7-inch round cake mold), shake the cake mold a few times on the table surface,8. Shake out the large bubbles in the batter.

Put it in a preheated oven at 185 ° C, bake for about 35 minutes, until the surface is golden, and press it up to feel elastic (you can adjust the baking time according to the actual situation). The health of the family is the biggest wish of the housewives.With the healthy and delicious chocolate angel cake introduced today by Xiaobian, do you want to learn it?

Hurry up and do something for your family.