Month: May 2021

“That’s right,Who said no,But now,It’s not that I can’t toss it out?”

“Forget it,We need to struggle with what these do?”
At this moment,When those people around,I didn’t forget to say here。
And these people,The more I speak, the more excited I feel。
And Huang Qian,In the end, there was no way to resist,Finally defeated directly。
“I lost!”
When Huang Qian said this,,That feeling,Suddenly seems to have lost everything。
As for Ye Xuan,I don’t think anything。
“right now,Since you already know that you lost,Then next,Actually, there is nothing to say!”
When Ye Xuan slowly raised his head to look at all this,The more so,Ye Xuan at this time,Is very indifferent。
And Ye Xuan is watching these,at this time,In front of Ye Xuan,Huang Qian gritted his teeth:“Although I lost,But the Huang family,Won’t be defeated!”
Huang Qian said,Ye Xuan is not smiling。
For what Huang Qian said,Of course Ye Xuan didn’t take these too seriously。
But now,Actually such a thing is placed here,What will it represent。
Actually just this,Naturally obvious。
And looking at it all,The more so,Ye Xuan at this time,He didn’t care about it at all。
“well,But from the current situation,Start now,I think,It should be totally necessary to do something!”

“I’m at your door。”

Ding Yi hesitated,Said:“director,too late,Or tomorrow……”
“Xiaoding,I am looking for you,Ready to open the door for me。”Wang Jun’s tone is not negotiable,Hung up after speaking。
Ding Yi hurried back to the bedroom,Organize your clothes,I combed my hair again,After feeling that there is nothing indecent from top to bottom,Just walked out of the bedroom,Come to the door,Opened the security door。
really,Wang Jun had been waiting outside,Maybe he was worried that knocking on the door in the middle of the night would not affect it,Been waiting outside。
Wang Jun is carrying a black packaging bag,I don’t know what’s bulging inside。
Ding Yi closes the door,Said:“director,What happened?”
Wang Jun carrying the bag,Sat on the sofa,He took off his jacket,Put it on the armrest of the sofa,Serious face,Without the usual free and unrestrained,He lowered his head,Try to keep calm,Said:“Xiaoding,Pour me a glass of water。”
Ding Yi discovered Wang Jun’s strangeness,Gave him a cup of warm water。Wang Jun drank a whole glass of water at once,Put down the water glass,Not talking for a long time。
Ding Yi sat opposite him,Get him a cigarette from under the coffee table。
Wang Jun lights up a cigarette,Took a few puffs,Then leaned on the sofa,Eyes closed,Still not talking。
Ding Yi doesn’t know what to do。He looked at Wang Jun,The atmosphere dare not come out。
Wang Jun took a few puffs of a whole cigarette,He squeezed out the cigarette butt,Go to the water glass again,Only found out that it was empty。

Song Zhihou came in behind him,Peng Changyi pointed to the sofa and said:“sit。”

Song Zhihou dare not sit,This is a treatment he has never had since he became a secretary to Peng Changyi。
Peng Changyi sit down,Seeing Song Zhihou still not sitting,Just said with a smile:“Sit down,Speaking conversation。”
Song Zhihou is sitting on the edge of the sofa。
Peng Changyi said:“I told Secretary Meng about your situation this afternoon,I said you have stayed there for several years,Time to go and exercise,I mean let you go to Beicheng,There is no deputy secretary,Lao Meng agreed,I didn’t ask for your opinion beforehand,I’ll give you the shot。”
Song Zhihou owed his body excitedly,Said:“Thank you,Thank you for your cultivation,I never dared to think about it。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“It’s impossible not to dare to think,You may not want,But as I can’t help thinking about you。Walk on this road,Must be careful,It shouldn’t be cheap,You can’t touch one cent,When I started working as deputy secretary in Beicheng,Minister Wang Jiadong told me,We must hold the official bowl of rice firmly,Every day I open my eyes and I get paid,This money,Enough for you to survive,and so,Official,Have a long stream。These few years,A lot of things happened in Kangzhou,A lot of people went in,Most of it is the result of lax requirements on oneself in this regard。and so,At the time of parting,I send you six words:Self-discipline、Selfless、Diligent。Although these six words are very high-sounding,But very practical,Think about it,Just figured out the truth。”
Song Zhihou’s eyes are moist,He kept nodding,Speechless。
Taking advantage of everyone’s time to get off work,Peng Changyi went down the small staircase next to it,Song Zhihou sent him to the stairs,Peng Changyi waved his hand decisively,Said:“You don’t send me,Otherwise everyone will see that I am leaving。”
Song Zhihou stopped,Keep watching him turn down the stairs,Until I can’t hear his footsteps,He just went back startled。
Doorway,Old Gu was waiting in the duty room long ago,Seeing Peng Changyi coming out,Just ran out and drove。
Peng Changyi left the Kangzhou Municipal Party Building without saying goodbye to anyone,He didn’t return to his residence,But let Gu sent him to the minister’s house。The reason why he refused the invitation of Lu Hui and others,I just want to make time to sit with Minister,Every time I encounter changes in my work,He likes to chat with Minister alone,At first, he wanted to listen to the minister’s analysis and teachings,As one grows and matures,This demand is not the only purpose,He came here,And get a kind of spiritual and spiritual comfort,He has developed a habit,Used to the minister’s company at this time,This habit will continue his entire years in politics。
Peng Changyi came in with two bottles of wine in his hand,Wang Jiadong heard the door closing,Just stand at the door and look out。Wenwen’s mother came out of the east room,Let Peng Changyi into the house,After making Peng Changyi water, I went to cook dinner。
Peng Changyi entered the house,Also looked out,Then whispered:“You two in this courtyard?”
Wang Jiadong turned around,Pulled his face down,Said:“What do you kid want to say?”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Be alone with your daughter-in-law,You are not awkward?”
Wang Jiadong says:“It’s not awkward to be alone with your daughter?”
Peng Changyi,I think Wang Jiadong makes sense,Madoka doesn’t go home often,Grandson also goes to school,He and his daughter-in-law are just outside the house,Wang Jiadong must feel awkward,So Wenwen brought her mother,But it’s awkward to be alone with Wenwen’s mother,He suddenly felt that Minister was lonely,Also very poor。
Wang Jiadong saw Peng Changyi bow his head and did not speak,Reach out for him to sit down,Sat down myself,Asked:“Meng Kelai took office?”

“Yang Zhi,alert!”

Qin Liang waited,Seeing that nothing else happened before,Then he inserted the gun back into his waist,Lower your head and squeeze to Yang Shiyun’s side,Turned her body over……
Yang Shiyun’s face was pale at this moment,Four short arrows stuck in his chest,If it wasn’t for her body armor,These four arrows have already killed her right now!Even so,There is blood oozing out of her clothes,Obviously,Although the body armor saved her life,But she is still injured!
“I’m silly!How are you?Don’t move!”
Qin Liang hugged her in his arms,Nervous question。
“I’m okay……It’s a little itchy in the injured area……”
Yang Shiyun answered in a low voice。
Qin Liang’s head suddenly got bigger!Itchy wound,Toxic on arrow!
How to do!
Yang Shiyun needs to be rescued immediately!Otherwise, the fruit is terrible!
But in this narrow tunnel,Even turning around is very difficult,Let alone transported her out!
Rao is Qin Liang who is usually very calm,I am also a little panicked at the moment,After a few seconds of calm,Qin Liang speaks:“Yang Zhi,Look at her。”
Qin Liang confessed,Crawl over Yang Shiyun,Then pull out the gun,Moved to the corner in front of the tunnel,Waited a few seconds,Suddenly leaned out and threw himself on the ground,Point the gun forward。
There is nothing ahead,Not far away, the sun is faintly shining,Obviously,The front is the authentic exit。
Maybe it’s because it’s the exit,The tunnel here is very open,There is enough space for two or three people。

Talking room,Murong Qianxue’s ice curtain began to burst in the air,Ice cones scattered over the lake,Gather into a snowball,Started smashing towards the shore。

“Is the Murong family’s great ice control technique?,You are really angry at me!”Xia Chenglong doesn’t know if the other side can hear it,Talking to himself。
As one of the four ancient families in Dahua,In his understanding,The big ice control technique used by women is extremely high-end martial art,I didn’t expect to be learned by a woman。
From this perspective,Her cultivation talent is definitely Qijia,Not even losing to Qianqian’s innate spiritual roots,If the other party really understands WTO entry,He is sure that this woman’s cultivation level will rise。
Xia Chenglong randomly throws out the purple energy ball in his hand,This energy ball the size of a leather ball is compared to a snowball dropped from above,It’s not worth mentioning。
Tao is this little ball worth mentioning,Smash the big ball instantly。
The sky of ice and snow obscures the surrounding sight,Zhao Shaojiu couldn’t see the battle scene clearly,A faint light flashed in Mo Qilin’s eyes,Some regrets are that he can’t see the specific situation clearly。
Actually for a master,I can guess what to do next,So even if Mo Qilin can’t see clearly,His eyes are still staring into the white mist。
A series of collision sounds,The crisp sound of iron collision,There is also a dull sound when the two bodies collide,no matter what,What these voices express is,In that white mist, a hand-to-hand battle of understanding is taking place。
The previous white mist is just to conceal the whereabouts of the moment,Women’s combat experience is increasing rapidly,She was not the one who only performed the strongest tricks,Woman frowning thinking。
Her every attack is consistent,In the effective time, the enemy will not be given a second chance to shoot,As if through the continuous impact of inertia,More ferocious every time。
Xia Chenglong’s toes lightly snow fast,Skip up quickly,at the same time,Take the Rust Sword backhand,Turn into lightning and shuttle through the air。
The same woman standing on Xuekuai stood quietly,She is observing the man who disappeared suddenly,The slight touch between the eyebrows can tell the other party’s concentration。
Is this the power that Dragon King should have?,Really strong,Obviously she has been leading the battle from the very beginning,But as time goes by,The protagonist of this battle is slowly changing,Dominance is no longer in hand。
Inner cry,Murong Qianxue stretched out her arms,The strong energy burst out from the body instantly,Then the surrounding snow blocks spread all around。

“I can’t even see the moon,How bad is the look in his eyes??”

Shen Ruoxue is still playing poorly,This girl’s spirit is so good!I’ve been all kinds of chirping since I got out of home,Then I cried for a long time in the middle,I’m still excited now。
“I’m dying in your hands anyway,Isn’t it bad if you have bad eyes?,Not important anymore,Even if I’m blind, it won’t affect my death。”
Qin Liang’s casual answer。
“Can you stop talking nonsense?We are all dragon soul fighters,Is going to the battlefield,Are you always dead and dead in your mouth??”
Yanzi frowned and began to comment。
“Isn’t it?You are so superstitious?”
Qin Liang’s surprised question。
“Regardless of superstition or not,We have to win a favor?A warrior who may die in battle at any time,It’s always dead in your mouth, isn’t it bad??”
Swallow said tangledly。
“Ok,Since you said so,I won’t say this word from now on。”
Qin Liang compromised,After all, Yanzi rarely protested against him,Because of too little mention,Therefore, Qin Liang attaches great importance to every protest。
“Even if we are not superstitious,But it’s better to avoid saying those unlucky words。”
Yanzi calmed down and said。
“Yes Yes Yes,Lord Legion,I know。”
Qin Liang’s hippie smiley answer。
“Don’t play idiots with me,I’m serious。”

“Ringo,I heard that if the Chinese Super League team does not allow foreign aid,,It’s about the same as our Chinese team,Is it true??”Han Xiangfei asked。

“It depends on what team it is。The top four teams in the Chinese Premier League and the downstream teams in the Super League,Without foreign aid,There is a fight。But with the top four teams in the Super League,Even if the other party can’t get foreign aid,We are not easy to fight。”Qin Lin explained。“The game we played against the South China Sea some time ago,Isn’t it said that it is a top-level confrontation in China?But if our opponent in that game is replaced by the top four,Then we will lose。Playing against the giants of the Super League,The confrontation will be more intense,The pace will be faster。We may keep up with them in a short time,But if you play like this for the whole game,We may be dragged down first。”
Speaking of which,Qin Lin suddenly realized that he might be a bit serious,He is afraid of hitting the confidence of his teammates,So he added:“of course,I mean under normal circumstances。If we go all out,If the opponent is not so caring about us,It’s hard to say victory or defeat。After all, the training level of our team is not low。There is a situation in our favor,That is, almost everyone defaults to us as a Chinese team,Is destined to not win the Super League team,Some people think we will take this opportunity to give up the FA Cup,Concentrate on playing league。I believe Haihe Shuanggang,If you think so,We have a chance to beat them。After all, Haihe Shuanggang is not strong in the Super League,They are now tenth,The level is no higher than us。”
Captain Li Tielin also stood up and said:“In short,The match against Haihe Shuanggang will definitely be tougher than all the matches we have played before,But it doesn’t mean we will lose。Everyone trains hard,Go all out in the game,There is still hope to overturn the Super League team。”
Hu Lixin, who was eating, heard his wife suddenly sigh。
He raised his head,Looking at the wife across the table suspiciously:“what happened?”
“Read a lot of articles today,Including the team reporter Chen Jianyu of Shining Star all vowed that Shining Star will definitely give up the FA Cup this time.……”
Hu Lixin rolled his eyes,The wife who dares to love her is worried about this:“Isn’t that good?FA Cup was eliminated,Concentrate on playing league,You can watch the Chinese Super League next season。”
“What you said makes sense,But I just hope our son can win……”
“How can it be so easy to win?Their opponents are Chinese Super League teams,What do you think the Super League team is?”Hu Lixin waved his hand。
“How did the amateur team win consecutive games before then?,Also defeated the top name?”Xie Lan retorted。

Packing equipment,After following Sun Yonggang out of Li Ziqiang’s office,The photographer took a breath。

Sun Yonggang feels the same,During the interview, he always felt that the atmosphere in the office was a bit depressing。Coach Li Ziqiang kept his face straight from beginning to end,Unsmiling,Even if this reporter wants to talk about some light topics,Can’t make me laugh。
“But maybe it’s this harshness,Can Dongchuan Middle School become the champion team of Andong Province in only three months?。”Sun Yonggang said。“In fact, many of their professional football coaches have this temperament,Hard to deal with,Speak badly,Hit and scold the players when they disagree……”
“Is it so exaggerated??”The photographer who hasn’t been in the industry for a long time is speechless。
Sun Yonggang nodded:“Ok,This is especially true for older coaches。When I first started,Follow a reporter teacher to interview an old coach at that time。This coach is quite famous in our country,Developed many outstanding professional players。Later, after retiring from the front line, I set up a football school by myself,Do youth football training,Very good grades,That’s why we went to interview him。We interviewed him at the training ground,He is paying attention to the training on the field while accepting our interview。Guess what?”
“what happened?”
“A little player made a mistake in training,He said nothing,Go up and kick the little player to the ground,Then there was a scolding,How bad is the scolding……I can’t tell you。The child dared not say a word of scolding,Dare not even stand up,Can only continue lying on the ground。After being scolded,Was kicked again by the old coach,Just get up and continue running to train。And the reporter teacher and I stood by and watched,I was stunned,But the reporter teacher seems to be used to it,The expression even seemed to be watching a play……”
Seeing the young photographer showing an expression of disbelief,Sun Yonggang smiled:“of course,This situation is much better now,After all, society is progressing。You see, even the school does not allow students to punish students physically——When we were in school,Isn’t it common for poor students to be beaten and scolded by the teacher?。”
The photographer nodded thoughtfully。Although he has not received professional football training,But also from the students,No stranger to school life。
“There is a reason for the simple and rude practices of those coaches,Many of the children who used to learn to play football have low cultural qualities,Uneven——Think about it. Did a lot of people who didn’t learn well before playing football?‘Poor Students’The way to go?The coach and the players are close brothers,Why don’t you just kick it over?……If the coach wants to be friends with his players,In the end, it is very likely that it is not considered by the players。This thing is very contradictory,Rough bad,But it doesn’t seem to be rude……Actually, it’s not just our country,Look abroad,Most of the older coaches have bad tempers……”Sun Yonggang continued to tell the photographer。
“Of course,Now engage in football into campus,Vigorously develop campus football。There is still a shortage of coaching talents specifically for campus football,That’s why coaches from various previous professional teams have become campus football coaches,They also naturally brought the work style and habits of the professional team to the campus。Actually campus football is different from professional football,There are a lot of differences in details,Need to grind suitable applications,We need our coaches to change their work concepts and styles……There is also a process of running-in。When campus football just started,Football coaches often punish students physically,It’s only got better in the last one or two years……Forget it,I won’t talk about this,Topic is too big。Let’s go?”
The photographer picked up the camera and pointed at the empty stadium:“Wait a moment,Teacher Sun,I will take a few more empty shots here as material。”
“Row。”Sun Yonggang is standing by,Wait quietly for the photographer to finish。
“Eh,Teacher Sun。When I was shooting Coach Li just now, I found……”Photographer working on the side,Chatting with him。
“What found?”
“You asked him as the elite coach of Transit Football Academy,Working at Transit Football School for so many years,Why did you suddenly resign and leave?,When I came to teach in this ordinary high school……I noticed that his eyes were absent for about two seconds——I was just giving him a close-up of his eyes,So see clearly。”
Sun Yonggang remembered,When he asked this question,Li Ziqiang seems to be suddenly caught in some emotion,Didn’t answer myself right away,It took about a few seconds to say an answer that didn’t surprise him。
He said that because the country now strongly supports the development of campus football,He believes that the future of Chinese football lies in ordinary middle schools with a larger foundation,And not in a professional football school,So he resolutely quit his job with a bright future at Transit Football Academy,Back to his alma mater,I want to make a small contribution to China’s campus football career。
This is a very official,Very correct answer,The answer is impeccable,The attitude of the answerer is also impeccable。
But Sun Yonggang always feels that the real reason is probably not as high-sounding as the unsmiling coach put it.。

Xiao Xu saw that the mayor was willing to eat,very happy,Said:“Eat small bites,Don’t choke,After all, it’s whole grains,Difficult to digest。”

Jiang Fan gnawed two or three in a row,I dropped my arm weakly,Chewing slowly,Chewing,He suddenly said:“Xiao Xu,Tell me the truth,If I leave Kangzhou,You want to continue working in the agency,Still want to change positions?”
Xiao Xu is happily watching the mayor gnaw corn,Listen to him,The smile on his face froze,Said:“city……mayor,What do you mean?Don’t you want me?”
“Ha ha,See what you said,Is this possible?”Jiang Fan pretended to smile easily,Another bite of corn kernels,Chewing slowly。
“that、Then why do you say that?”Xiao Xu was so wronged。
“I wanted to say this a long time ago,Just afraid of you thinking,Never said。You have been with me for years,I can’t be too selfish,Always keep you by my side,Secretary Fan’s driver went to the traffic police team,I also want you to go to the police station,Other units have relatively strong business,Go to the police to develop well,You are also a soldier,More suitable,But I don’t want to let you go to the traffic police team,Too lucky there,On the road inspection、Appearance,Two days to lead,Guard the way、On duty,No day and night,Too hard,I want you to go to the detention center,what do you think?”
Jiang Fan finished,Another bite of corn,Chewing slowly,this time,He didn’t look at Xiao Xu,But to give him time to think and think。
Xiao Xu said for a long time:“mayor,I never thought about this problem,If you have to go out,I’ll go wherever you let me go,I don’t worry about this problem,just……at the moment,I really don’t want to leave you……”Xiao Xu said,Don’t look away。
Jiang Fan said:“I know the feelings between our brothers,Of course I can’t bear to let you out,But there are some things I have to think about for you,The official,If you wait until the day I leave,May not be so pitiful,How about this,Since you believe me,Then I’ll be the master for you,The detention center lacks a deputy director,Go and help Chen Le,Good there,More comfortable,Also not attractive。”
“Ok……”Xiao Xu lowered his head。
Jiang Fan said:“If you are okay,I’ll report to the municipal party committee in two days,Where do you put the relationship first,Can not go to work,Stay in the agency,When do you want to go to work,Go again,You think so?”
Xiao Xu choked his breath,also“Ok”With a,Turn your face away……
Jiang Fan said:“Call Secretary Cao later,Let him make time to come to the hospital。”
“Ok。”Xiao Xu turned around,His eyes are a little moist,Looking at the mayor,Feeling calm as the mayor has never been,Worry in my heart。
Jiang Fan is a little tired,A corn is not finished,He put it on the bedside table,Xiao Xu put his leftover corn into the food bag,Pour Jiang Fan a cup of warm water,Let him gargle,Then took a paper cup,Let him spit out his mouthwash into a paper cup,Lie down again with Jiang Fan。
Xiao Xu said:“Don’t you want to have two mouthfuls of porridge?It is said that it was also boiled by New Xiaomi,Also very fragrant。”
Jiang Fan shook his head,Said:“Later。”Finished,Closed his eyes tiredly。
Xiao Xu covered Jiang Fan with the sheets,I picked up the paper cup with mouthwash and went out。

Ding Yi smiled,Said:“Is his mother。”

“Oh?his mom?Haha。”Fan Wenliang couldn’t help laughing,Said:“His mother is your stepmother?”
Fan Wenliang said with a smile:“Then why are you calling your aunt??”
Ding Yi blushed,Said:“Except this title is different,The rest of us are the same in all aspects。”
Fan Wenliang turned his head and glanced at Ding Yi,He knows Ding Yi“same”What is meant。He understands what Ding Yi said,When I was in Kangzhou,I heard Wang Jiadong talked about her family situation,Knowing she lost her mother in her teens,Dad remarried,Maybe girls are sensitive,It may also be that the stepmother hasn’t reached the standard like her mother,That’s why Ding Yi still called this stepmother for so many years“aunt”Instead of calling mom。
Fan Wenliang always thinks that Ding Yi is a very considerate and easy to get along with.,He said with emotion:“It seems that you, Aunt Qiao, failed!”
Ding Yi said embarrassedly:“Is not,I called it that at the beginning,I’ve been calling this,It’s hard to change after getting used to it,But this does not affect us as a family。”
Fan Wenliang laughed,He thinks this girl is very cute,Otherwise Jiang Fan won’t fall in love with her so desperately,He asked:“Does Jiang Fan call that too??”
Ding Yi said:“He doesn’t call that,Because when I first introduced him to him, I asked him to call his mother,He called mother。”
“Haha。”Fan Wenliang was amused by Ding Yi’s words,Said:“Not bad,Your name is Aunt Qiao,His name is mom,Ha ha,Your family is very interesting,Sounds very harmonious。”
“Yes,My brother and I are very close,Bi and Aunt Qiao。”Ding Yi said。
Fan Wenliang said:“Yes,Your brother is a nice young man,very brave,As a cadre of the Commission for Discipline Inspection,Sometimes it’s dangerous to go out to handle cases,In the process of bringing back the person involved,Anything can happen,They are different from the police,The police have many methods they don’t have,This requires extra caution,In danger,Even at the expense of myself,Also protect the safety of those involved,No accidents are allowed,Sometimes you have to be bold and careful,Don’t be afraid of sacrifice。Last time he could spare his life to protect the personal safety of the people involved,It’s really precious,to this end,The provincial party committee gave him first-class merit,And entrusted。I like young people like this,Thoughtful,Brainy,Responsible,Able to stand up at critical moments。”
“Oh,It turns out that the work of the Commission for Discipline Inspection is so dangerous?But brother never said,He just told us it was an accident。”Ding Yi said。
The reason why Ding Yi said this, brother,I also hope that Fan Wenliang can have some impression of his brother。Just like what Fan Wenliang said,Brother is indeed a nice young man。Although he has a father-in-law who was the secretary of the provincial government,And when my brother changed jobs, he really had the opportunity to take advantage of his father-in-law to quit,Lu Yuan arranged such a“Good”Opportunity。When many old cadres retired,More or less there will be such unspoken rules,of course,Lu Yuan is indeed excellent。
Fan Wenliang no longer talks about Lu Yuan,But to introduce to Ding Yi the purpose of this trip,He said:“What we are going to attend this time is a niche salon gathering,It was led by a retired veteran cadre from the central government,A few years of history,He likes teeny lowercase,Write yourself in teeny lower letters,So every party is mostly fans in this field,I can’t write teeny lower letters,But like to participate in their activities,This old leader always likes to call me every time he has such an event,I went several times,Every time you bring it with you in small print,I said you are a young girl,They don’t believe,Because this art salon is different from other salons,Almost all staff are veterans,They got together for a common interest,But their identity brings them a lot of inconvenience,So every time the number of participants is strictly reviewed,Prevent people from using this activity to engage in activities other than art,This time they offered to let me bring you,I want to meet this strange woman。now,Someone who can write teeny lower letters,Especially there are very few people who are as young as you and reach a certain level,So they really want to meet you,such,After I asked Jiang Fan for instructions,Just brought you to this event。”