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The other party can come to help out,This is a good thing。

but,Invite to drink as soon as you come,Not to mention that I can’t beat alcohol,not to mention,She doesn’t like to be with strangers。
just,Have not had time to make a decision,Zhang Chunqin is like seeing a baby,Nodding one after another,Said with joy:“that,Then Master Lao Sun took us in。”
“Good aunt。”
I heard Zhang Chunqin’s words,Sun Yongye nodded slightly,A mysterious smile appeared on his face。
Turned his head,Look at Mrs. Xu。
Mrs. Xu,Although in front of everyone,Better。
But here in Sun Yongye,Don’t say inferior,But absolutely nothing。
I was going to give this family a lesson,Did not expect,Hit out Sun Yongye halfway,She is angry and helpless。
This grandson,But one of the five chaebols,Great power in Lincheng,No need to head-to-head。
She didn’t say much,Just hum。
And the other humbling crowds,Also converged at this moment,at least,No more criticizing Ren Yurou and others。
See this scene,Tian Zhongxin and Ren Yingying both looked at each other and smiled,Secret conspiracy,Only they know。
And now,Is the first step towards success。
“Just now you……”
“No more grandpa,We can go in by ourselves。”
Sun Yongye hasn’t had time to speak。
Ye Tianzong suddenly interrupted。
When walking forward,Keep your phone。

“Uh-huh?”Ye Tong shrugged,Don’t understand why he said that。

Peng Changyi said:“Am I so useless??Did I only get wrinkles in the past few years,Can’t even get a wife??I’m not that time?”
Ye Tong smiled sadly,Self-deprecating:“Yes,What i should think of,How can you stay single?it is good,Hello to your wife,I was a little sorry for her just now。”
“Why sorry her?”This time it’s Peng Changyi’s turn to be puzzled。
Ye Tong looked around,Walk to him,Quietly lying in his ear,Said:“Just now……Forget it,No more,You go。”
Peng Changyi knew what she wanted to say was her affectionate behavior just now,But he didn’t break,But to say:“it is good,Goodbye,I’m waiting for you in Langzhu。”
Peng Changyi strode out of the cafe。
Ye Tong stood in place,Keep watching him disappear at the door,I kept watching him walking by the window,Until I can’t see him at all,She just sat down,Serve coffee,Take a sip,I felt the coffee in the cup was completely cold,The cool coffee is obviously not so fragrant,Just like her and Peng Changyi’s hot relationship……
at night,Huang Yukun, the newly promoted executive vice governor of the provincial government, presided over the appreciation reception,Relevant departments of the National Development Commission and relevant party and government leaders in Beijing were invited to the reception,Also present at the reception were the leaders of the cities that entered Beijing to attract investment this time,And some prospective business leaders。
Vice Governor Huang takes Jiang Fan、Guan Hao and other city leaders,Toast to everyone frequently。
“Governor Huang,Hello——”
A soft voice came,Peng Changyi has a look,Ye Tong。
Ye Tong is really capable,When Peng Changyi came out of the cafe,Did not dare to delay,After reporting to Jiang Fan, they hurried to the banquet hall,Ye Tong was still drinking coffee when he left,For a while,Ye Tong unexpectedly changed,Attended the meeting in a lake blue evening dress,The hair has also been carefully repaired,She at this moment,Brilliant and beautiful,Among the few women,Looks very dazzling and outstanding。
Don’t say,Peng Changyi has never seen Ye Tong in a formal dress,What he sees most is her wearing casual clothes or jeans,The first time I saw her so charming,Elegant and enchanting。
Vice Governor Huang takes a look,Said in surprise:“Xiaotong,I’m still looking for you,Where did you hide?”

Shen Ruoxue began to introduce her boudoir,Just said a few words,Shen Ruoxi and Murong Shan walked in with Murong Kaukey,Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun immediately brought these three beauties to the video,I introduced it to everyone like a treasure。

“Wow!Your two sisters are so beautiful too!And our little princess,Why are you Shen family so beautiful?,It still makes us unable to live?”
The overwhelming words of praise immediately began to swipe the screen……The more sharp-eyed netizens then recognized Murong Shan……In this group,It’s almost as lively as dumplings in a pot。
no way,These five best beauties at the goddess level sit together,That is the power of an atomic bomb!Nothing can stop the fans from falling into a crazy situation……
Not far from the hospital where Yang Shiyun was hospitalized,There is a cinema,now,A movie just ended,A large number of viewers are coming out of the cinema,For a time, the front of the cinema is very lively。
suddenly,A scream came out from the crowd,I saw a man suddenly grabbed another man by the collar,Waved his fist and started beating him……
The beaten man held a woman in his arms,She made the exclamation!The crowd onlookers haven’t figured out what happened,A more dramatic scene appeared!
The beaten man stretched out his hand and pushed away the woman in his arms,Start counterattack,The two men fought together,The woman yelled loudly:Don’t hit it,Desperately trying to stop the fight between two men。
“I fucking let you seduce my wife!I can’t kill you today!”
The man who did it first started cursing,At the same time, he attacked his opponent more violently,I don’t know if it’s because of a guilty conscience,The man who was beaten not only never returned,And it’s obvious that it can’t stand the opponent’s attack。
The onlookers immediately gathered around the three of them,But no one went up to stop them。
Ten minutes later,The two men decided the winner,The beaten man couldn’t resist the opponent’s crazy attack,I started to fall into the trap,Can’t fight back,quickly,He was beaten with blood on his face!
“Call the police……”
Someone was talking quietly,So someone called110。
The beating continues,The beating man seems to have completely lost his mind,Not only did he act fiercely,And every time I used up all my strength,The beaten man soon couldn’t hold on and went to the ground。
But the beating man didn’t stop,But ride on the opponent’s body,Grab his hair with two hands,More than ten times in a row,Smashed the opponent’s head violently on the ground。

A hint of panic flashed in Yang Shiyun’s eyes,But then disappeared,Replaced by blush。

“Still and me?It will take a few minutes to rectify you on the spot,Let you be my woman now。”Qin Liang said proudly!Because he knows;Although his own threat is not authentic,But it’s definitely a hit,It will be an overwhelming victory immediately!Because he only needs a little time now,Do a very simple thing,He can complete it immediately,Own Yang Shiyun thoroughly。
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One thousand three hundred and twenty-five chapters Unexpected Jedi counterattack
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“Come on if you have the ability!Do you think I will be afraid of you!I am afraid of you!”
Yang Shiyun looked at Qin Liang,Say without fear!
I rely on!
This is Qin Liang’s silly moment……
I have a hasty……What’s the situation?Is this girl crazy?I don’t know if I only need one,Two seconds,She will really lose her body to me!
“how?Scared?Aren’t you great?Don’t you bully me with force every time??come!Keep bullying me!See if i am afraid of you!”
Yang Shiyun“Arrogant”’S continued,There is really no fear in the eyes。

Bai Qingsong and others came over to say hello to Qin Liang,Qin Liang also greeted everyone with a smile。

Feifei Sun who also ate in the cafeteria,Liu Rushi and others,Also saw Qin Liang,All surprised and happy,But because it’s in the company cafeteria,In full view,No one is embarrassed to walk over and talk to him。
Qin Liang also saw Sun Feifei and Liu Rushi,But there are Chen Hao and Bai Qingsong by your side,It’s also not easy for him to greet them,I had to endure dressing without seeing them。
Eaten,Qin Liang and Chen Hao talked for a while, Tianer,Until Chen Hao got busy,Then I wandered back to my office,Then I called the design department,Called Liu Rushi to her office。
“Poem,I’m back to see you。How are you?Is work okay??”
When Liu Rushi enters the office,Just closed the door,Qin Liang couldn’t wait to ask。
“Yep,I’m very good,Work is going well,How about you?I heard from Assistant Chen,You have been busy with important things,Now finished?”
Liu Rushi controls her inner joy,Maintain the usual elegance and calmness,Say hello to Qin Liang with a light smile。
“not yet,I just have some free time temporarily,So come see everyone,look at you。”
Among the many sisters who have good relationships with Qin Liang,Liu Rushi is the only girl Qin Liang doesn’t dare to be presumptuous,Mainly because of the bravery of this girl,Left a deep impression on Qin Liang。
“You have to protect yourself,Don’t let……Everyone worried。”
Liu Rushi knew Qin Liang’s secret identity,She guessed that Qin Liang was busy with important things,It must be a secret military mission,So although she is worried,But didn’t ask Qin Liang what he was doing。
“How about you,Are you worried about me?”
Qin Liang tentatively asked,He was not sure about Liu Rushi’s mood,I dare not talk nonsense to her。
Liu Rushi hesitated,A little embarrassed,But he replied generously and quietly。
“what,That’s good。”
Qin Liang was happy immediately,But I don’t know what to say next……
“Will you be busy for a long time?”
Okay,Liu Rushi asked Qin Liang first,Avoid embarrassment。

ten minutes later,Liu Rushi came out from behind the tree,Qin Liang is tall and burly,So his coat is on Liu Rushi,It’s an exaggeration……

When Qin Liang saw Liu Rushi’s appearance,I couldn’t help but laugh。
“Can you not laugh at me……It was shameful enough,Your endless jokes on me……”
Liu Rushi walked in front of Qin Liang,Grievances on one side,I stretched out my wet clothes and put them on the horse’s back。
“Poem,You are my person after wearing my clothes,do you know?”
Qin Liang teased Liu Rushi,Help her spread out the clothes on horseback。
“But my pants are still wet……”
Liu Rushi didn’t answer Qin Liang’s words,I changed the subject。
“amount……Didn’t you let me take off my pants and give them to you??Then there is no difference between me and naked……”
Qin Liang said tangledly。
“No no……I just said it myself,I can wear your coat,I can’t wear pants,I don’t wear a pocket……puff……”
Liu Rushi finished,I couldn’t help laughing first。
“Haha,Then you must be the most beautiful face pocket in the world!”
Qin Liang imagined Liu Rushi after wearing a face pocket,Also laughed happily。
Ugh,I knew I wouldn’t have any surprises,Good now,Surprise not found,Find panic……”
Liu Rushi whispered in frustration。
“Do not,Surprise I have found。”
Qin Liang suddenly said。
“what?You found it?What’s the surprise?”

For this meal,Really love,Fragrant,Good taste,In addition, there is such a beautiful and delicious little goddess as Fluttershy,Qin Liang is so satisfied!I didn’t come out wrong this time……

Eaten,The two satiated people leaned comfortably on the chairs,Admire the lush green surroundings,I’m satisfied with the feeling。
“Let’s order another pot of tea,Enough here and walking,Anyway, you can charge by time,There is no problem as long as we want to stay。”
Xiaodie suggested。
“It can be like this?Charge by time?”
Qin Liang really doesn’t know;It turns out that teahouses can also charge by time。Although he often goes to the teahouse to have tea and talk about things。
“You don’t need to worry about these,Just sit down。”
Fluttershy finished,I just pressed the bell under the table,The waiter was called,Re-ordered a pot of good tea……
“Should we go wandering in the woods next??I really want to appreciate the unique scenery here。”
Qin Liang said with interest,But I have to say;He really didn’t have the idea of hitting Xiaodie,Just kidding,He hasn’t been so popular yet to take advantage of girls anytime and anywhere。
of course,If conditions permit,If the atmosphere is right,He is also happy to enjoy the various sweet processes in the wild……After all, it will bring a different experience and feeling。
Xiaodie looked at Qin Liang hesitantly,She was thinking;This guy really wants to do that with me in the woods, right??Not all said;Are you full of lust??Now he is full of food and drink,I’m his girlfriend again,It is very possible for him to have any ideas!
“Why are you looking at me with such strange eyes?”
Qin Liang was knowingly asking。

Good at martial arts:Immeasurable sword

Du Jueming smiled,Ridicule:
“Which old onion are you,Dare to cut my leeks?”
Zuo Zi Mu Boran was furious,“Humph,The old man is the master of Wuliangshan Jianhu Palace,Zuo Zimu,You little thief,How dare to steal my Immeasurable Sword Sect treasure,I think you are tired of living!!”
“Hahaha!”Du Jueming couldn’t help laughing,“You dare to say,Where did I get your Immeasurable Sword Sect?!”
Zuo Zimu responded indifferently:“Everything in Wuliang Mountain is naturally owned by my Wuliang Sword Sect,If you offer the sword obediently now,Maybe I can spare your life!”
Du Jueming is happy,“Shameless old thief,Coveting other people’s stuff is still here yelling,I have never seen such a shameless person!”
Zuo Zimu’s face twitched,Stop bothering with Du Caseming,Squeeze a sword in the left hand,Swing right hand diagonally,Rush to attack。
Du Jueming smiled,Draw out the Qixing Longyuan directly behind,Straight to the left。
Zuo Zimu was shocked,Unexpectedly, Du Jueming’s sword is fast and accurate,If I stabbed Du Jueming on his own will,I think I will be sent first by this sword,Hit the head。
Immediately twisted,Right hand one,The box opened Du Jueming’s straight sword。
Although Zuo Zimu blocked Du Jueming’s sword,But the strength from the sword couldn’t help making him frightened,I didn’t expect this boy in front of me,The skill is so handsome,It’s nothing fancy to make swordsmanship,Just plain waving,But it contains such a great inner strength!
Du Jueming saw Zuo Zi Mu Qingge opened his sword,There is a slight doubt in my heart,The attack just now was not a simple ordinary attack,It’s the strangest move among the Tianyu’s strange swords——Static braking。
I didn’t expect that Zuo Zimu is still some real stuff,Du Jueming didn’t want to drag,I have to sleep after a quick fight!
Immediately turn the wrist,Performed the stunt of Tianyu’s strange sword【Magic sword】!

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Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Two Mysterious girl
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From the clothes on the body and standing position,Qin Liang immediately judged that this girl was also a hostage,So without thinking,Qin Liang immediately raised the gun in his hand。Let the girl see through the window,I hope she can understand that she is a policeman。
The girl looked attentively,Then nodded,Then slowly moved towards the window。
Walk to the window,The girl stopped,Then reach*before,Start action。
“Sign Language!She actually knows sign language!”
Qin Liang was overjoyed,Immediately communicate with the girl using sign language,really,The little girl told him in sign language,The people in the house are all hostages,There is a robber with a gun at the door of the room。
Because of the angle of the window,Qin Liang and Yang Shiyun can’t see the robber,of course,The robber couldn’t see them either。
Qin Liang is thinking about what to do next,The girl in the window started to gesture again。
“I can cooperate with you,Attract the robbers at the door,Then you kill him。”
Saw the girl’s sign language,Qin Liang felt a little alert。
“Let’s discuss how to act,Wait。”After Qin Liang answered the girl with sign language,Turning to ask Yang Shiyun;“What do you think?”
“What else to think?With the cooperation of this little girl,We can easily kill this gangster in the room,Then enter the bank,Secretly defeated,Clean up these robbers one by one。”
I think I can show my skills right away,Yang Shiyun’s excitement turned red。
“I didn’t ask you this。”
Qin Liang calmly looked at Yang Shiyun and said。
“Then what are you asking?”

Hear a woman’s voice,Even Xia Chenglong was amazed,Really a female fairy,No wonder the men in Bencheng are playing around。

Just that charming just now**the sound of,I’m afraid it’s not something ordinary people can bear。
Xia Chenglong is not a fool,Naturally understand what a woman means,Since I can get angry,Why not。
“it is good,Mr. Mu invited,Xia Chenglong will die to accompany,Unambiguous。”Xia Chenglong clasped his fists together,There is a tendency for a strong man to go away and never return。
As for the men in the audience,Heartbroken long ago,Who didn’t know that Mr. Mu at the Fighting Fist Conference was a rare beauty in Bencheng,Who doesn’t want to be one of Zheng Qianjin,Who doesn’t want to be stunned by it。
Someone wanted to resist,Why not choose him,He is a millionaire,But when I think of the strength of that man on the field,I can only sit back obediently。
Blatant tolerance,Make Shao Houde’s face more gloomy:“Mr. Mu,Don’t forget the rules of the fight……”
“of course,Don’t worry about Patriarch Shao,If it’s a treat for tea, it’s a bad reputation,You can go public。”
“you……What a clever girl,Good good,I can’t do anything here, I just wait outside,I see when this little miscellaneous hair can hide。”
Shao Houde, who was furious, finished,One sleeve,Turned and walked outside,It would be a shame to stay here again。
In the reception room,Xia Chenglong sat helplessly,I saw that the waitress was still kinder,But the other party still seems scared。
“how,Do you like others?,Let her follow you if you like?”Mengdie comes in from outside,Glittered and said。
amount……Women’s thinking is really special,Obviously he didn’t do anything just now。
“Thank you Mr. Mu for your help just now。”
“do not,You are the noble dragon king,It’s an honor for a little girl to serve you,If you say this again, you look down on the little girl,Dream Butterfly……”