Month: May 2021

Under normal circumstances,To deal with this sonic martial art,Just need deep spiritual power to wrap the heart,This kind of power is the more you mobilize your spiritual power,The stronger the impact,Even unbearable。

No way,Xia Chenglong can only give up resistance,Even though I am suffering, I can bear it。
“Isn’t there a spirit beast that’s rare in a century?,If we wake them up,What to do if you just swallow it?”Dream butterfly began to imagine。
“Not to mention,It’s really possible,So you have to be prepared。”Xia Chenglong endured the pain in his heart and said。
She suddenly felt like she was on a thief ship,no way,I can’t look back now。
“what……There is something on the wall。”
Just recovered,The woman yelled again,Body quickly jumps to the left。
Xia Chenglong’s instinctive reaction,Keep the woman behind,Rust sword in hand instantly,The flashlight pointed towards the direction Mengdie said。
False alarm!
He just said,How could there be something alive in the situation where the two of them are close together, he has not discovered。
What Mengdie sees is nothing but a pattern carved on the wall,The above stuff is a bit scary,It feels like alive。
this is……
Even if Xia Chenglong is knowledgeable,I didn’t understand what was painted on it,a pair of eyes,nose,angle,And a long beard,and many more,It seems to be……
Due to the change of aura between heaven and earth,Expand all living things,Especially those creatures that exist but are extremely rare and get a lot of reproduction。

“I’m sorry then,If you don’t cooperate,I can only force you away!”

The scene is a bit stalemate,There is still room for maneuver that Xia Chenglong did not speak,Not perverted。
Woman panicked,She doesn’t know how to make a choice!
“You follow him,rest assured,No problem!”Xia Chenglong said calmly,As if this is a small thing。
“Do not worry,I’m always by your side!”
The man in white took Han Rui away,There is only one man left in the whole villa。
Most of the black shadows outside were taken care of by the guards of the Han family,The remaining people can only linger and avoid,No parry ability。
A black off-road quickly leaves,The people inside are naturally men in white,Han Rui and Han Xue!
Two hands ready,From the woman and him,Can achieve the maximum benefit effect,Xia Chenglong took a sip of the tea in the teacup,Random thought。
He thinks this way because of the person behind him,That’s the highlight of the night!
The reason why Xia Chenglong let the woman leave is the other party,If they shot,Will hurt the innocent,Instead, let them go first。
“Big family is big family,One shot is for the strong who enters the Holy Realm!”
Water properties,Into the pinnacle of the fourth product,Good at using rapier,If you didn’t guess wrong, it was this person’s apprentice who was fighting against the white man before。
Man frowned,Not what Xia Chenglong said,But because of the family。
Dealing with a boy with a transformed body,Even let him be a saint,I don’t know whose honor or humiliation。
“Kid,Hurry up,I don’t have so much time spent with you!”The man said with disdain!
The battle must be the battle,But not in a hurry,After all, the bait he threw is still on the way。

more than this,Go directly to Jiang Fan to report to Peng Changyi,This person is not someone else,It is Yin Jiashi。

Ding Yi is not healthy,Jiang Fan has been restless in the past two days。The day after the riot,He returned to the institution,Bao Zhigang went to the province,He called Secretary-General Xiao Aiguo,Ask what happened in the past two days,Xiao Aiguo and Jiang Fan haven’t finished the narration,Yin Jiashi came in。
After Yin Jiashi came in,Just sit on the sofa,Say nothing。
Xiao Aiguo takes a look,Just tell Jiang Fan:“Secretary Yin, you talk first,I will come again。”
After Xiao Aiguo is gone,Jiang Fan looked at Yin Jiashi and asked:“what happened,Look so bad,Who offended you?”
Yin Jiashi is unambiguous,Speak directly:“Peng Changyi。”
Jiang Fan was taken aback,Said:“Changyi?Why did he mess with you?”
Yin Jiashi said:“This tone,I held back for a day and night,I won’t see you today, Secretary Jiang,I will go to Beijing to find you……”
then,He told how to call Chu Xiaoqiang,Why didn’t Chu Xiaoqiang call out the police?。
After Jiang Fan listened,Said:“This one,What does it have to do with Changyi?”
Yin Jiashi said:“Of course it matters,After things calm down,I exchanged opinions on this matter with Chu Ju over the phone at night,He said,He felt that it was inappropriate to deploy police to intervene,I called Mayor Peng for advice,Because Mayor Peng understands the situation,That’s why the police were not deployed。Obviously,It was Peng Changyi who broke my back,He didn’t let the police be deployed,What I want to tell the secretary is,I am also a deputy secretary anyhow,Third in the Municipal Party Committee,It doesn’t work,Not even a police chief can mobilize!I feel aggrieved,Not to mention,Not for me personally,Is the need of the situation,And there are foreigners at the scene,Think about it,If this is something I can’t handle even a dignified deputy secretary,Who will listen to my dispatch in the future!”
Jiang Fan nodded,Did not go deeper,Just asked:“What’s the reason for Changyi’s refusal to deploy the police??”
Yin Jiashi looked at Jiang Fan,Asked:“He didn’t report to you?”
The expression on Jiang Fan’s face immediately became serious,He said:“Old Yin,Xiaoding is not healthy,I took her to my sister’s hospital early yesterday morning,to be honest,Let alone Peng Changyi,I just learned that this happened,Old Xiao is reporting to me,Not finished yet,You are here。Changyi, they know about my going to Beijing,No one has called me from yesterday to now,Believe it or not。”

Wu Youfu’s heart was slightly let go,He looked at the old chief with great interest,Just said:“You are so right,Worth learning,To emulate,To worship。”

“Ha ha,Not that serious。”Yuncai Yun looked at Peng Changyi again and said:“It seems you have studied me?”
Peng Changyi said:“Not research,Is worship,Because of worship,I just read more articles and memoirs about your deeds,Remember what you said。”
“We don’t engage in personality worship now,Haha。”
Although Qie Yun said so,But worshipped by posterity,Still makes him very happy。
For Peng Changyi,This is the only way to bring him closer to the old revolution。
Close relationship,Isn’t Peng Changyi expecting any benefits from Yuncai?,Don’t need him to protect himself,As long as he doesn’t listen and believe、Be fair,Even if Peng Changyi has achieved his personal goals。
at this time,Originally, Sanyuan was Yuncai Xingshi who asked the crime,I am very happy to hear what Peng Changyi said,A look of joy was evident on his face,He said:“Haha,So can you give me a specific example of why I said this?”
Wu Youfu looked at Peng Changyi with some anxiety,Everyone at the table looked at him,Peng Changyi said calmly:“I remember that the first time you said this was when land reform was carried out after the founding of the People’s Republic of China,It was very difficult,Even sacrifice,Some comrades are afraid of difficulties,You just said this。And after the Tangshan earthquake,You also said this when you were responsible for raising disaster relief supplies and funds,of course,You have also said on many occasions。”
Obviously,Two examples cited by Peng Changyi,These are two events that Yun Yun is proud of,It was these two events,Achieved Qie Yuncai again。
Wu Youfu listened to what Peng Changyi said,He is weird,When did Peng Changyi study Yuncai?,These situations,He doesn’t even know。
Of course Wu Youfu didn’t know,Peng Changyi uses the Internet platform of the Haihou Base,Checked out a lot of materials and speech features of Yuncai Yun,Usually pay attention to collecting information about him,knew,It’s not just something in the history of the Three Sources。
Yun Cai laughed after listening,Point to Peng Changyi and say:“You kid,Convinced me,Awesome,Awesome!”
Wu Youfu quickly said:“Old chief,Come,It’s time to accept my toast this time?”
Qie Yuncai said:“Good,You two together。”He pointed to Peng Changyi and said。
Peng Changyi said:“I will respect you alone。”
The old man said:“Don’t be alone,Let’s eat quickly,after eating,Please report your ideas to me,Also let me know about your new working ideas。But Xiaowu,I still have to criticize you,More than ten years,The three source changes are really not big,The streets are still so tattered,Except that your yamen is well repaired,county seat,There is no decent building,Are you too content to be a justice??”
Wu Youfu nodded and said:“Old chief,What you criticize,You don’t know,The county finance does not spend much money on planning。”
“You,Thinking behind,Engage in construction,You don’t have to pay for it,Can you commercialize it?I think this Peng Changyi is very smart,You completely let go of your hands and let him do it。”
Peng Changyi couldn’t help but groan secretly after hearing his words,Heart said,Big leaders just don’t pay attention to what they say,Less worry,Didn’t you deliberately plant firewood in Wu Youfu’s eyes??He quickly said:“Old leader,You flatter me,I can not,Short temper,Simple working method,Do nothing without the guidance of Secretary Wu,He is the monitor,If i tell him something,He doesn’t answer me for more than five seconds,I have no pulse in my heart。”