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“You know a fart!Go away,satyr!”

Yang Shiyun answered Qin Liang with a black line。
Qin Liang really got it right,Still missed,Only Yang Shiyun knows this answer,But it doesn’t matter if it is said or not,She would never admit it,There is no doubt about this。
“Call me a pervert again!You wait,Someday I must be a pervert to let you know how good I am!”
Qin Liang threatened Yang Shiyun with two sentences。
Yang Shiyun immediately stopped speaking decisively!Some people know they will eat,Don’t bite the bullet and be a hero,By the time“Tortured”It’s not me,So why bother?Yang Shiyun thinks about this very well now。
“how?Scared?Knowing that I’m afraid, don’t have to do with me anymore。”
Seeing Yang Shiyun was scared by herself,Qin Liang immediately started to feel sore again,The only method he can use to threaten Yang Shiyun,That’s it。
Yang Shiyun bit his head and expressed his disdain,I can’t say that there is none at all.?Isn’t Qin Liang even more proud of his tail up to the sky?。
Chapter three thousand two hundred and nine When will you take me to your house for dinner?
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Chapter three thousand two hundred and nine When will you take me to your house for dinner?

Fang Yourong heard the greeting,Hurriedly strolled over with the lunch box and sat in a row with Principal Zhang。It’s fun to chat with Principal Zhang。

Opposite Principal Zhang, there is an empty seat next to Sheng San,After that, Sheng just rushed to sit down with a plate.。
Not wanting to provoke them at all, Sheng San looked at the four or five chicken drumsticks piled on the old man’s dinner plate.,What matsutake has always been、When did the so-called high-end caviar like the old man who is interested in eating chicken legs??
Principal Zhang who greeted Fang Yourong has finished eating,Said with a smile: “Xiao Fang,Do you want to earn some pocket money??”
what?Didn’t react for a while,The Sheng family brothers opposite Principal Zhang immediately looked a little dazed。
Why does this sound so strange?It feels like holding a lollipop to lure a child on the roadside,Everyone else was shaken,This world is a little bit that。
Seeing Fang Yourong’s dazed face,Principal Zhang is strange,Confirmation:“I heard Zheng Tingxuan say,You decide to suspend work,Ready to go to school,Is not it?”
“Yes。”Fang Yourong nodded:“Except for Xu Yi,I have delivered all other work。”Since Lawyer Zheng and Principal Zhang are in the same family,Then,Principal Zhang knows nothing is surprising,But what does Principal Zhang mean by pocket money??
I was stimulated by President Zhang’s words. Everyone who paid attention to the situation here came to ask a few words.,Oh,Xiaofang is going to school for further study,This is a good thing。
Look at the passion that everyone cares about,Fang Yourong’s heart is warm,but,He is even more concerned about the pocket money that Principal Zhang said,Since Principal Zhang proposed it,There must be a saying。After school,Still earn some pocket money,Also very tempting,To money,He has never had any resistance,
Confirmed that Fang Yourong did resign and go to school,Principal Zhang smiled:“There are relatively more holidays for school now,If time permits,Let’s go to my school two or three times a month to give students social lessons.。”
“I?”Fang Yourong looked at Principal Zhang in surprise,Incredible confirmation:“I teach students?”What is the definition of this social class?
“Shouldn’t be said to be in class,Is to exchange social experience with the students。Summarize your job search experience and your views on employment,To provide young people who have not yet entered society with some workplace experience。”
No joking,Principal Zhang explained seriously:“Young people who went to my school for skills training learned technology,Enter the employment of the company recommended by us,Relatively speaking,Both income and job stability are guaranteed。In reality,It is not the original intention that most students come to learn a skill,Go out of the training base and go to a suitable unit to do the skills learned,This way down,Within a few years,A considerable number of people will leave the factory,Re-enter society,Strive for entrepreneurship and development in a skill-free industry such as sales。”
Lawyer Zheng at the table behind him said:“This is a reality that is becoming more serious。For blue collar,The expected value given by our company is not high,Follow-up survey over the years,The proportion of male youth who give up the skills they learn and enter the society to do marketing or other industries without skills tends to increase,Transfer,Their expectations and complex social conditions continue to clash,It’s also right for this age,But the current social situation can only be used‘Quick success’To describe,Expecting too much is a disaster。As an idea to be responsible to them,Zhang Zhen taught some social courses while teaching skills,Let them understand society as soon as possible,Enter society,It is also a way to reduce their survival cost in the future,I think,That’s what Zhang Zhen meant to invite you to lecture。”
Fang Yourong who should refuse without hesitation“I invite you”Shocked,Principal Zhang invited him,Is this a pie falling from the sky?When he was in school,The test scores are basically around 80 points,Ask him to teach students,Just kidding。

Chen Jing smiled,Said:“Everyone knows,How can the money I earn can afford a phone,Even if you can afford it,Can’t afford it。”

“You just said I bought it for you。”Peng Changyi worried about her and said。
“Really?”She looked up at him in surprise。
“Really。”Peng Changyi also looked at her and said。
“Ha ha,You’re kidding,I dare not say。”Chen Jing’s eyes disappeared for a moment。
Chen Jing smiled,Put his head on him again,not talking。
“I understand,I’m not good enough for you。”Peng Changyi said deliberately。
“Ha ha,Not at all?”Chen Jing patted him and said。
“what is that?”Peng Changyi continued to ask。
“You obviously know what you mean and ask,hate——”
Don’t ask Peng Changyi,He can understand her meaning,Just said:“You are my person now,Nothing dare to dare,No one dared to say anything。”Talking,Just raised her head,Stand up,Kissed her……
Lower part,Screamed again,He turned over,Pressed her under the body,undoubtedly,He asked her again……
this time,They all overslept,Until the phone rang,Peng Changyi wakes up,one look,It’s bright,The hands are about to point to eight o’clock,He is excited,Lift up your upper body quickly,Took the phone。
He thought Secretary Zhai was looking for him,Hurry up:“Hey,Hello,Peng Changyi。”

Ding Yigang wants to answer,Mother said:“She wants to eat another bowl of noodles made by me。”

Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“mom,Don’t listen to her,She can’t eat,Enough for lunch,Just waiting to grow meat。”
Ding Yi looked at him resistingly,Said deliberately:“Do not,I want to eat,I didn’t eat one at noon,mom,I will do it myself。”
Talking,She went into the kitchen by herself,Jiang Fan is going to pull her,Slapped by my mother,Said:“She likes to eat,Why don’t you let her eat,There are not a few noodles in a bowl,She can’t get fat。”
Ding Yi came to the kitchen,She didn’t want to eat,I just want to hide in the kitchen and calm down,I just wrestled with Jiang Fan for a while,She has no strength at all in her limbs,She stretched out her hands,My hands are still trembling slightly,She took a few deep breaths。
Mother Jiang is here,Said:“child,Mom will get it for you。”
Ding Yi turned his head,said laughingly:“mom,Maybe Jiang Fan is right,I don’t want to eat it now,I can’t eat it even if I make it,Something in other unit,Can’t delay his time,Let’s go back first,Next time I come, I’ll eat mom’s noodles。”
Talking,She walked out of the kitchen,I took a cup of cold white open,Gudong Gudong,Drink a glass of water in a few mouthfuls,Put down the teacup,Fixedly looking at Jiang Fan。
Jiang Fan looked at him too。
Ding Yi’s eyes are not weak。
Jiang Fan smiled,Whispered in her ear:“You are like a cock,wrong,Is mother……”
He didn’t finish,Ding Yi slapped him firmly。
Mom just came out and saw it。
Jiang Fan said:“mom,She hit me。”
“Deserve it!”Mom said in relief。

Although Du Jueming didn’t feel a trace of malice in her,But I still make up my mind to minimize contact,After all, this person has a weird feeling,just like.Familiar with him?

Wuliang Mountain,Du Jueming started his search for mountains again.
Even if I returned to Lin’an,There may not be any tasks to do,Even after receiving the task,It may not be completed normally,Even if the task is completed normally,There may not be any good rewards。
He didn’t want to verify whether Xu Xuxu’s words were true or not,Just purely interested in Duan Yu,Ok,That’s it。
Seeing that one day is almost past,Du Jueming still got nothing。
Wooden method,Had to return to Dali City first,Sleep for a night and then continue searching。
After arranging the characters to automatically practice Beiming Shen Gong,Du Jueming chose offline activities。
Standing on the balcony,Arm on the railing,Du Jueming looked at the scenery outside,Can’t help but sigh。
He doesn’t know why,Since I saw the mysterious girl Xu Xuxu today,There is always some weird feeling in my heart。
Amin.No one has called him that since he was young,But today the girl is called extraordinarily natural,It’s like calling it many times。
Du Jueming shook his head,Leave those unrealistic ideas behind,Pick up the phone,Dangling downstairs to eat。
Early next morning,Du Jueming woke up from the inn,Take a look at the proficiency of Beiming Shen Gong,The progress of the rise in one night is about the same as the proficiency of the few times that Yue Canglong has been sucked.,Sighed secretly:
“Ugh,Beiming Shen Gong is indeed strong,Even this proficiency is too much,It’s hard to practice。”
After casually eating some inn food,Du Jueming once again stepped into Wuliang Mountain,But never thought.
Not long after entering Wuliang Mountain,I haven’t walked to the place where I met Xu Xuxu before,I saw a figure walking slowly on the mountain road。

“Brother Hui,it’s me,Daxin!”

There was a slightly hoarse and low-pitched magnetic sound in the earphones,I haven’t heard this voice for a long time。
Chen Xin suddenly couldn’t get in touch shortly after going abroad,He didn’t like to make friends and the circle of friends was small,No one cares after losing the news。
I’m care about,Even went abroad to find him twice,But there is no clue!
Not long after returning from my second trip abroad,I was cheated of money by my brother,I have no time for him,Struggling in my troubled life。
“Hurry up when you have something,Leave me alone。Stop by the road ahead!”
Audi has got off the viaduct,Not far away is a subway station。
Chen Xin’s sudden call made my heart upsurge,I forgot my original intention,Subconsciously parked the car at the subway station entrance。
Li Xiaolu quickly walked down the escalator to the underground,I just woke up,Her figure has disappeared。
Forget it,Anyway something has happened,There is no difference between once and many times。
Even if Li Xiaolu is really fooling around with Lai Yumin,Can I still catch the rape??
I chose to escape and give up on such a good opportunity last night,Naturally, I will not do that now!
at the moment,I don’t have the courage and qualifications to expose all this!
“Brother Hui,is it you?”
Chen Xin’s voice rang again,The resentment and pain in my heart was immediately overwhelmed by joy。
“Daxin,You bastard,I thought something happened to you。”
I asked excitedly:“Where are you so cool,I went to Australia to find you twice,Didn’t find any special hair at all,No one knows you at that address!”
Chen Xin laughed,Then said:“That address is correct,I just misunderstood that you are a bad guy so I didn’t dare to tell you the truth。I have had some trouble there,That is a protective measure!”
“once,Are you okay now?”I asked immediately。


Chapter two hundred and fifty-five Barely let you go
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Bai Qingsong said stubbornly。
“Your way of thinking is too……how to say,Is it necessary to guard everyone so carefully??They are all your colleagues……”
Shen Ruoxi hasn’t spoken yet,Qin Liang rushed to talk again。
“Song Ge,Can you change your way of thinking in the future?,You like this,Everyone will alienate you,Why bother。”
Shen Ruoxi also frowned and said,She is very aware of Bai Qingsong’s problem,It’s just that there is no problem with the nature of other people,So she kept pretending to be blind,Since I’m talking about this now,,She just wanted to tell him about it by the way。
“Ugh……Look at!I just said that I reflected on my problem,In a blink of an eye,Still guilty of the same problem!It seems that I can’t fix this problem for a while。”
Bai Qingsong said angrily,Then he reached out and patted his head hard……“Hey,What are you doing!Your thinking mode is not developed in one or two days,I’ve been thinking habitually for years,You want to correct it all at once,That is impossible,There must be a gradual process?Don’t worry,We give you time,When you have to give to yourself
Qin Liang encourages Bai Qingsong,Since knowing that he secretly sponsored four poor children to go to school,Qin Liang’s view of Bai Qingsong has been greatly changed,The hostility and disgust towards him,Has completely disappeared……
“I suddenly hate myself。”
Bai Qingsong said frustratedly。
“Why are you like a woman?So emotional?”
Qin Liang teased Bai Qingsong with a wry smile,But I didn’t notice that this sentence would make Shen Ruoxi reluctant to listen……So Shen Ruoxi looked at Qin Liang and didn’t speak,Murong Shan could only sigh secretly in her heart。
“Is my character disgusting?”
Bai Qingsong seems to have completely changed someone today,Always belittle yourself,His character seems not only very emotional,And also extreme,Either think that others are not good anywhere,Or feel that I am useless。

The exhibition of things is beyond everyone’s expectations,No one thought;This time Xiao Yuer and Li Hai are coincidental“meet by chance”,It turned into a special emotional show for two people in an instant!But Yanzi and others were forced to be the audience。

This is something that everyone can’t believe,Was born in front of everyone so real……
Because it’s just after dinner,There are many patients and family members walking downstairs in the hospital,But both are two,Three people together,But Xiao Yu’er is the only group with a large number of people,And it’s quite eye-catching!Because the five women in this group,All are beauties!
These eyes projected from all directions,I was ignored by Xiao Yuer and the others,Because every one of this group,I don’t pay attention to the people around me。
Xiao Yuer and Li Hai are intoxicated in their own emotional world,Yanzi and others are all paying attention“stare”With Xiao Yuer and Li Hai。
“correct,You wait for me,I’ll buy you glaze tea。”
while walking,Li Hai suddenly remembered this,So she said to Xiaoyu with excitement,Then turned around and left,One of the three foreign dragon soul fighters immediately stopped him……
“Let him go,The three of you just follow him。”
Yanzi said with a wry smile。
The commissary is in the hospital yard,Three foreign dragon soul warriors who were once professional killers followed,It’s impossible for Li Hai to run away。And swallow also knows;Even if you don’t send someone to follow,Li Hai will never take the opportunity to escape。
Li Hai and the four went to the canteen,Xiao Yuer stood there for a while,Then suddenly turned around and walked in front of Yanzi。
“Aunt Swallow,Am I causing trouble to you all again?……”
Xiao Yuer asked Yanzi a little embarrassedly。

“What are you doing!I just asked casually,Why are you being so fierce to me?Really。”

Li Qiao’er immediately complained like aggrieved。
“No,I’m not attacking you,I just talked casually,Why are you serious, little girl??”
Shen Ruoxue immediately changed a smile,Started coaxing Li Qiao’er。
Li Qiao’er pouted and said。
“OK OK,My attitude is wrong,I’m wrong,I apologize to you,Come,Please forgive me if you kiss your little mouth。”
Shen Ruoxue finished a few words,Really got in front of Li Qiao’er,Reach out to kiss Li Qiao’er’s pouting mouth……
Li Qiaoer immediately backed away hastily,Shen Ruoxue’s intimacy,Li Qiao’er hasn’t adapted yet,Especially at this moment in front of so many sisters and sisters,Li Qiao’er still can’t do it。
“What are you hiding?Unwilling to let me kiss?”
Shen Ruoxue began to entangle Li Qiaoer half-truth。
“No……Go home and let you kiss。”
Li Qiao’er’s awkward answer,The face is still red。
“Why do you want to go home and let me kiss?Can’t you let me kiss here??I have to kiss here!What?You just say let me kiss?”
Shen Ruoxue’s“Princess disease”It started immediately!I asked Li Qiao’er a few words frankly,Then he put on a posture of swearing not to give up。
“Then kiss。”
Li Qiaoer can’t deal with Shen Ruoxue,I turned my face wisely,That means let Shen Ruoxue kiss her on the cheek。

“Three,There is also a radio station,She has long hosted a children’s show,It’s said that this show is more than ten years old,Has been hosted by her,The one with immature voice is a girl,Guess how old she is?Ha ha,Almost forty。”

“Have been dubbed,Seems to have never been in the mirror。”
“Ha ha,I don’t know,I’m not familiar with things in the game。Why do you care so much,Do you want to be transferred to our station??”
“What do you say i can do?”
“Just said,30 or 40 years old,I don’t know how big it is,Came to study within a few days of work。”
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“Sister Yajuan,That can’t be compared together。”
“You are not the same?”
“Her beautiful classical,Your beautiful fashion。She is beauty,You are charming。”
“very much。”
Yajuan says:“How do you plan to go back to the bureau?Will you be on the news?”
“you’re right,There is absolutely no problem with being the host of a special program,Because you are more friendly,Are you a news announcer?,Like you said,Not enough aura。but,The host is more suitable for you,This can show your knowledge and your inner charm,And the news announcer has no room for himself。”Yajuan analyzes。
“Haha。”Yajuan smiled,Said:“If you are just a text editor,It is estimated that your unit will not spend such a large capital to send you to Guangyuan to study,When you look at your major, you will know that you were built as a pillar in your bureau。”
Yajuan also laughed,she says:“Ha ha,What i said is justified。I have come to study in Guangyuan twice,The first time I specialized in news broadcasting,This time, this class is almighty,Have everything,And the longest time。This is in our Jinan,Few county-level stations are willing to do this。”
Yajuan took her,Said:“okay,You are the hardest and most serious student among us,Even Teacher Lin praises you so much?”
Yajuan also sat on her bed,Said:“I think you can understand these businesses,After returning to the TV station, there are full-time staff to do this。Television is a work that requires collective cooperation,It takes multiple people to complete,No one can do all of his skills。I don’t know how Teacher Lin positioned you,Anyway, I think your focus is still on the two majors of hosting and directing。”
“you’re so dumb,Since there are full-time cameras and telecoms,They should know what effect this picture and film should achieve,You are too tired to be a director like that。Director,Is a comprehensive and coordinated job,Refers to the work that makes others do the work。”
“Ha ha,You are low-key,But haven’t you heard the teachers repeatedly emphasize?What TV lacks today is professional compound talents,Your organization will never let you go back as a text editor。”Yajuan clicked on her forehead。
Yajuan touched her head and said:“Teacher Lin said you are a very cooperative person,This has the basic qualities of a TV person,I wish I could cooperate with you。”
“I mean this time。”Yajuan’s words corrected her association。