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Thought of here,He gave Hu Lai a thumbs up“Awesome!”

When letting everyone celebrate the goal delay,Hu Lai is not idle either,After all, the celebration is over,Can’t go back yet,What are you doing with the rest of the time?Looking at each other,Big eyes and small eyes?
Hu Lai took this opportunity to tell his teammates about the next arrangements.。
There is not much game time left,Count the stoppage time,No more than ten minutes。
But actually this time is the most dangerous for Dongchuan Middle School。
Because everyone is likely to be overly excited about the reversal,Or too relaxed。
Finally lost the ball in the opponent’s fierce attack。
Lost the ball at the end of the game,That’s really helpless,Even Hu Lai can’t guarantee that he can score again。
If he was brought into a penalty kick by Sugon High School,I’m afraid the morale of the team will collapse,There is no way to beat Dawn High School in the penalty shoot-out。Because the penalty kick is the most test of the player’s mentality,Bad mentality,Five penalties can get you two, even if it’s super level……
So Hu Lai took advantage of the celebration,Gave the team a detailed explanation of what they should do next。
How to defend,How to delay,How to reduce risk,How foul,How to disrupt the opponent’s offensive rhythm……
Anyway, the players in Dongchuan Middle School are a little dumbfounded,Unexpectedly, their deputy captain was playing dirty,So slippery。
After the game restarts,They did follow the methods Hu Lai said,Full defense。

Yu Sheng stood aside,Watching the surveillance live broadcast at the door,“Two girls,The youngest is a boy。It is clear。”

Baby Ou is too attentive,Didn’t understand for a while,“Obvious what?”
“.”Yu Sheng and the assistant beside him looked at each other,Cough,“Obviously had three children,To want a boy。”
Baby Ou understands now,Silently glanced at the sound,“What age is this.”She had heard this patriarchal theory when she was a child,But Baby Ou has never cared about it,Because in her living environment,It’s really equal between men and women,Even good women are in proportion,More men。
Regarding the inequality of men and women,What Baby Ou can feel,Many times,In various social environments,Humanistic context,Women may face more problems than men,But this does not mean that men are easier to live than women。but,Baby Ou still thinks,most of the time,Good time,Easy not easy,It still depends on personal ability,Social status and character。These are not very relevant to whether they are male or female。
And absolute fairness and equality,Obviously impossible。Men and women are originally different。Physiologically different。
But,Ou Baobao from the TV series,Can also see a problem。
In the domestic environment,And the surrounding countries radiated by the Chinese civilization,Women’s overall status,Public opinion environment,It’s really much worse。She saw it several times in meetingsrcountryhcountry,Serving tea,Are all young and beautiful girls。She even heard someone say,These girls do this kind of work.
But this is a workplace problem。
Like this employee’s house,I gave birth to three children to have a son,Baby Ou thinks,Should be,They are pure family hobbies, right?。
after all,Their home also looks,There seems to be a huge amount of property that needs many children to inherit。
Yu Sheng thought for a while,Talking like a small talk,“My grandpa’s time,The production team has a bit of food,No food without work,Have to be hungry。And the man is strong,A lot of able work,There are naturally more centimeters than women’s。that time,Everyone wants to have a baby boy,Those who don’t have a boy have to starve to death。This is not a simple old idea,This is forced by reality。This reality,Add in the old thought of having a boy,Mixed together,Really,It created a deep-rooted desire to have a boy for generations。”
This is the first time Baby Ou heard people talk about such a long history,There are not too many descriptions of that era in film and television dramas,Most of them are tragedies,But when mom watched with her,But said,People of that era,Especially ambitious,A bite of rice,penny,Can make life full of sunshine。Mom told her to look at these past。But in reality,I haven’t had a chance to touch these past。

“Today I,Saw you come down from his carriage。”

Sang Qingrou just responded lazily,I don’t think there is anything wrong with this。
“He today,Why did you bring you back in person?”although,She believed Wang Chen’s feelings for her。but,Sang Xiaoxi also knows,To men,Can’t believe it。Not afraid of stealing,I’m afraid the thief is thinking。
Even if Wang Chen doesn’t have such thoughts,In case Sang Qingrou takes advantage of it,Trying desperately?
For a long time,She can’t guarantee,Will these two people have feelings?。She doesn’t want to share her beloved,Saw my mother live a life humble,She just thought,I must marry one in the future,A man who only marries himself in this life。
precisely,Ouyang Shuo gave her this promise。
Listen to her asking,Sang Qingrou opened her eyes a little impatiently。Thinking of Ouyang Shuo’s trouble with himself on the carriage,She was immediately upset。
“He wants to send me back,I don’t know why。Why don’t you ask him which way he made the mistake??Can you two find out,You two begged me to deliver the letter for you,I don’t owe you anything,Instead, you owe me。How can it be as if I am a prisoner!”
Questioned by Ouyang Shuo,She is already very depressed。
Can’t like him,It’s not good to be friends with the guards around him。Can this man be so possessive?,Can he manage who his guard makes friends with??Warning tone every time,She’s so tired of listening。
Even with the protagonist’s halo,Don’t bring such bullies。Even if she is a female partner,Can’t you have your own little emotions??
Sang Qingrou looked at Sang Xiaoxi with no anger:“You two are so capable,otherwise,You just solve it yourself,Stop looking for me。I’m not idle and doing nothing to do as a messenger for you。Really,Thankless。”
I heard Sang Qingrou’s complaint,Sang Xiaoxi suddenly didn’t know how to answer。
“I’m just asking。”

“Yes……”Ding Yi said following him。

“I knew you were working overtime again,All right,I’m relieved if you are okay。Be safe when you return,You go busy,I went to sweep the snow。”Lu Yuan said easily。
“Thank you brother。”
Lu Yuan was taken aback,He just pondered Ding Yi’s sentence“Thank you”the meaning of,Thank you for cleaning the snow yourself,Thank you for not asking who she went with?Just think of it:“When did you learn to be polite with me?”
“Hee hee。Bye。”Ding hung up as soon as he said it。
Lu Yuan put the microphone back on the phone,He didn’t go to sweep the snow immediately,But looking at the puppy in a daze……
The puppy lays its head between its front paws,Opened his eyes and glanced at his master,Seeing that his master was staring at himself with a heart full of thoughts,It thinks the owner has something,Raise my head,Also looking at the master。
Lu Yuan saw the cute little dog,Laughed,Looking at puppy,Patted my thigh,The puppy stood up immediately,Walk to him,One hard,Rushed to him,Sticking out his tongue and licking his hands and face。Lu Yuan held this clean and white puppy in his arms,Caress its soft long hair,Murmured:“One by one,My good one……”
Lu Yuan’s feelings for Ding Yi may only be known to him,Out of family responsibilities and love for sister,He never reveals anything from beginning to end。It can be said,Ding Yi,Is the first girl Lu Yuan likes,When he followed his mother to his stepfather’s house,At first sight I fell in love with that clean and beautiful sister,He gave her all the love that an older brother could give,With age,This kind of love is getting stronger,But because of their family,He never showed it,despite this,His mind was still seen through by his mother,Of course his mother forbids him to love this sister who is not related by blood and she doesn’t like it anymore,Until Du Lei appeared。
Lu Yuan’s love for Du Lei,Is accumulated little by little,Although there is no heart throbbing in the pure sense of first love,But Du Lei still impressed him,More importantly, mother likes Du Lei。Facts also proved,Du Lei is a general、Will do things、A good wife who knows how to care for her family,and so,Lu Yuan gradually closed the gate of his feelings towards Ding Yi。After Ding Yi returned from Kangzhou,He once advised his mother to care more about Ding Yi,Mom said,It’s been so long,She never called me mom,I can be a stepmother。Lu Yuan said,You have to make her feel like a mother,My sister’s biological mother died early,She is supposed to be the best buy,You treat her well,She naturally called you mom。Mom doesn’t take him seriously,And talk about his feelings for Ding Yi back then,Accuse him of caring too much about this sister,Be careful to let Du Lei see it。This makes it impossible for Lu Yuan to work as a mother anymore。
Although I closed the gate of feelings for Ding Yi,But whenever I see Ding Yi unhappy,No matter what kind of feeling,Lu Yuan was still worried about Ding Yi,He loves this sister very much。Remember when Xiaohu was a kid,Ding Yi told him that the tadpole is looking for his mother,Talking,I shed tears,The son also burst into tears following her。and so,He believed from beginning to end,This is a child who lacks love。To some extent,He and his mother took away her father’s love,and so,He removes everything he can,Try to get Du Lei to communicate with her more,Call her to make up for the shortcomings。
later,The time I accidentally saw Jiang Fan in the provincial capital,Lu Yuan’s mood is indeed very complicated,He hoped that Jiang Fan could bring sunshine and love to Ding Yi,Worried about Jiang Fan taking away my sister,But no matter what,He has no right to hinder their relationship,Especially after I learned that Jiang Fan came to Langzhu to be the mayor,He believes even more,My sister belongs to Jiang Fan in this life,No one else。at this point,No doubt。because,He saw it in Jiang Fan’s eyes,I saw it from my sister’s persistence。
Lu Yuan always thinks that his love for his sister is deeply buried,Sister doesn’t know。But once Du Lei told him,Or after Ding Naixiang was discharged from the hospital in a car accident,Du Lei went to visit Ding Naixiang at home,Ding Yi asked if she was talking on the phone with her brother?Du Lei saw Lu Yuan’s concern for his sister,Far better than caring for her,I told Ding Yi very jealously:its me,Can’t attract your brother’s interest at all,I feel that your brother cares more about you than me。This word,When Ding Naixiang was hospitalized,Du Lei also tried Ding Yi,By a woman’s instinct,She must consolidate this,She asked Ding Yi,I think you and your brother Lu Yuan are a natural match,He is so good to you again,And you are not related,Why not kiss and kiss?Ding Yi told her:I know brother loves me,I love brother too,But ours is the love between brothers and sisters。If we fall in love,I only have a lover and no brother,If I fall in love with someone,such,I have brother’s love,And love of love,I can get more love,and so,Brother and I can’t be in love,Only you can fall in love with brother,if that’s the case,I got another piece of love from my sister-in-law for no reason。
The dialogue between Ding Yi and Du Lei has passed for many years,Du Lei told him not long ago。visible,Ding Yi loves herself too,Just my sister,More assertive than myself,She anticipated the impossibility of this kind of relationship more rationally than herself。and so,He loves his sister even more。
Lu Yuan holding a puppy,Sat blankly for a long time,Finally, I can only bless Ding Yi silently in my heart,I hope that man can really love her,Don’t make her cry again。I only have blessings now。
Thought of here,He sighed slightly,Put down the puppy,Got up angrily,Went out to continue sweeping the snow。It seems,From now on, my sister’s house can’t just come,She wants to have her own secret,The footprints of the man on the snow tell it all……
Besides, after Ding Yi hung up the phone,,So he slumped into the bed,She blinked,Guessing how my brother will think of her,Shaking his head while thinking,She doesn’t think about it,Pull up the quilt,Covered his head……

Shu Qing said:“Did the three chapters of the contract you made for him make him lose confidence in you?。”

“Yes,He explained to me tonight,Said I was to protect the officer,Always afraid of getting him,Try to get rid of his relationship,Also said I’m too official。I told him about this problem,I said that eight generations of my ancestors came out of me as an official,I can’t wear this official hat crooked,I can’t wear it,Have a long stream,When Yuqiong introduced him to me,This is my position,I have never concealed the ugly face of an official fan。that time,He still understands me,Also said,Only your official,I can benefit for a long time。I told him the same,I said i’m down,It’s not good for you,You may be the first to be summoned,Because you and I are the closest businessmen。”
Shu Qing said:“Yes,This is the question that many scholars are discussing,What kind of distance should be kept between officials and businessmen?”
“What distance?Is the distance between two hedgehogs!Far away cold,Panicked,This is still to be discussed,I already knew,The state raises you, so-called scholars, a pure waste of royal food!”
Shu Qing smiled,Said:“Your metaphor is very vivid,One sentence put us so-called scholars into the cold palace。Actually let me say,You shouldn’t have a heart for him,You are a very principled person,And clean up,Not the officials they like businessmen,They like to have ideas about them、Greedy officials。In three sources,He has no choice,You are the biggest official there,No matter in his aspirations and thoughts,Will follow you,But things are different in Langzhu,except you,There are many people who are older than you,Leave you,He can still do things,at this time,The real distance between you is revealed,Maybe in the end you will find,You are not the same。”
Peng Changyi felt that Shu Qing made a lot of sense,He admired her insight,Just say:“You make sense,We are not all the same,Why am I worried about this,Really。”
“now it’s right。”See Peng Changyi saying this,Shu Qing is very happy:“I remember you are mentally prepared for this。”
Peng Changyi took a breath:“Yes,seriously,He is not much smarter than me,I know what shit he is going to do as soon as he pushes his ass,Since I saw him and Yin Jiashi in the hotel,,I am prepared with this spirit,Mentally prepared,It can also be said that it has been there since the day I dated him。Ugly,I am dating him,All mental preparations。That day I carefully recalled every detail of my relationship with him,These details can stand the test,In the future, one day I will get a disciplinary inspection,I can’t find anything wrong with me,Our relationship is really good,But it is clean。This is probably the most brilliant thing I have done。”
“and so,You don’t let him kidnap you,He is going to seek someone who can kidnap,Didn’t you say that he also visited Secretary Jiang?”
“Humph,He has visited everyone,But I don’t know about others,Secretary Jiang won’t get on his boat,Jiang Fan’s knowledge,Far from what I can compare,Wu Guanqi is even more incomparable。”
“What about others?”Shu Qing asked。
Peng Changyi looked at Shu Qing:“Who are you referring to?”
“such as,Your other main leaders?”
“Needless to say Yin Jiashi,Bao, I don’t know,I haven’t heard of him being in contact with Wu Guanqi alone,But this time it’s hard to say,Anything is possible,Wu Guanqi relied on this set to develop,I know his ability,In the early years, with Secretary Zhai、With Yuqiong,Relationship,After Secretary Zhai’s accident,The Commission for Discipline Inspection went to talk to him,Called him away for days,Think about it,In Jinan,He is not a big entrepreneur,But can get along with the secretary of the municipal party committee,Can’t help but say he has the ability,and so,I didn’t even dare to say that Lao Bao had contact with him。”
Shu Qing advised:“You just think,He can contact anyone,Should be in contact with anyone,You won’t be angry。”
“pissed off?I’m not so arrogant?”Peng Changyi turned and cursed。
“Why are you scolding?”


The first thousand eight hundred and thirty six Be proud of me
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Yang Shiyun also whispered to Liu Xiaoyun。
“Yes,Old sister,Listen to you。”
Liu Xiaoyun immediately obediently agreed,Then I immediately called the special forces around me,Everyone started to spread out,I looked around seriously。The environment here is quiet,Green trees,Although there are few people,But it’s a good place to enjoy the scenery,This place was originally bought by a group company,Ready to be used to build and develop into a set of entertainment,shopping,Comprehensive business district with hotels and others,But now everything has not officially started
Start work,So this place has temporarily become a free space that is rarely visited by people.。
Step on the thick grass,Listen to it coming from under your feet“rustle”the sound of,The girls all feel that their hearts have gradually become quieter……Of course this delicate thought,Qin Liang,Yang Zhi and the others would never have……
while walking,The distance between each other gradually gets farther and farther,Plus everyone is lowering their heads and touching things underground,So slowly,The special forces team members became a single person!
“Everyone pay attention to safety!Try two,Three people together!”
Not far away,Suddenly there was a loud reminder from Yang Shiyun!Liu Xiaoyun immediately smiled secretly,Everyone here can be a master of ten.,Even if there is only one person,There won’t be any danger here,It seems that the old lady is too worried。
In fact, searching here is not meaningful,In order not to leave any traces or clues,Even the used police cars were pushed into the river,How can you find other valuable clues here?!So just like Yang Shiyun said by herself;Just try your best。
The final result is self-evident,After everyone traveled a long way,Began to walk back one after another with nothing,The only one who didn’t come back,It’s Liu Xiaoyun,Even Shen Ruoxue, who has always loved to play, is back,So everyone is curious now。
“I’ll go find her。”
Qin Liang volunteered。
“Let’s go together,Koyuki,Here you are in charge。”