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It’s better to be young,Say whatever you have in your heart。

If it wasn’t for Wang Yufei who had developed software that was against the sky,And designed a brain-computer chip that amazes the world,Ma Huaide may suspect that there is something wrong with the other party’s spirit。
but now……
“Could you please send me the idea and introduction of the language you speak and the new system??”
“no problem,Give me your mailbox,I’ll send it back to you。By the way, I also send you the macro language tutorial,You can try to program,Try to feel。”
“it is good!I’ll be talking after I finish reading。”
Hang up the phone neatly,Wang Yufei was going to pick up the information on the computer and package it to Ma Huaide。
In order to cooperate with Changxiang Technology’s Operating System Division,Wang Yufei has already prepared detailed information,No effort。
But here is operating on the computer,The phone rang again。
This time it’s an overseas call。
Also an acquaintance。

“I……I don’t work in any hospital,I opened a small medical clinic by myself。”Mo Xiaosheng answered truthfully。

“That bother you,Please go back to your seat,Just have this Doctor Bian here。”The captain stretched out his hand with a smile,It indicates that Mo Xiaosheng is no longer needed here。
First0214Chapter rescued on the plane
“captain,Just now this gentleman helped many people in the economy class,Everyone praised the doctor for his good hands,I think I should let him take a look。”
At this time, the first-class flight attendant hurriedly recommended Mo Xiaosheng to the captain,She hates Bian Yang from the bottom of her heart.,Egoist。
“no need,Mr. Bian is enough。”
Captain waved,I didn’t pay attention to Mo Xiaosheng。
Mo Xiaosheng smiled helplessly,Didn’t say anything more,Turned back to economy class。
Although it is the bounden duty of a doctor to treat diseases and save others,But since they don’t want to heal themselves,He doesn’t need to rush to help。
The first-class flight attendant glanced at Mo Xiaosheng’s back,Opened his mouth,But in the end it didn’t say anything。
Mo Xiaosheng looked at the time after returning to his seat,It’s too early to see the capital,So I decided to take a nap。
Who knows when he was just about to fall asleep,The first-class flight attendant suddenly rushed over,Patted his shoulder lightly,Eagerly:“Mr. Mo,Sir,Oh no,The old man in first class is in critical condition,Please help me to take a look。”
Mo Xiaosheng woke up suddenly,Hurriedly got up and followed her to the first class。
I saw the face of the old woman who was sick just now was slightly purple,Stiff body,There is no air intake。
The captain and Bian Yang on the side also turned pale in fright,No blood。

He answered without humility:Please go back!

I put down the gun!There is only one bullet left in the gun!Close insurance!
He came to me!“You little bastard, even I dare to be captured,Fuck you!”
I called:“I dare not!”
He said:“The things around you have spent a lot of effort on me before I came in!”
I smiled embarrassedly,He said:We quickly took it apart,Captain knew he had to go crazy again!What if some recruits are running here to calculate?
I quickly dismantled the traps around one kilometer!Waste a lot of effort!He was too busy to sweat!Sitting on the floor panting!I’m back,He said:You kid too……Too overcast!I almost got reimbursed!
He said that the tent was also torn down!I took down the tent,Put away some things inside!Not much!
I took out all the stones in my backpack,He is on the side:Stone again!you……The energy is too strong, right?!
Then I left this place where I lived here for a few months with him!I looked at the tree that I punched and kicked,Hug it gently:friend,Goodbye!
I left the first place I stayed in the special brigade!Zhao Fei used a paratrooper assault vehicle to send me to the brigade headquarters,I saw He Fei、Become talented、Wang Cheng、Weiguo、Xiao Chen、paratrooper、Li Shuai is here!Then a few brothers hug each other!Let’s meet again!
Zhao Fei、Wang He、Wang Hui and other heavyweights are all around!Zhao Feida:Take a break!
The eight of us immediately stood in a row,Zhao Feida:Congratulations on ending the months of inspection!
We froze:what?Or assessment?It also……Too exaggerated!
He continued:in fact,Your unit has already distributed it!Just have to observe,After all you are new here!

Big inside,The decoration is also stylish,More than enough to host large variety shows。

Of course these are all clouds for both。
Including those guests who are generally only seen on TV。
But now Wang Yufei has begun to try to contact these celebrities with a less detached mentality,When Lu Yuxin doesn’t like to greet strangers,He said the right words for a long time,How much can make people feel good。
of course,Wang Yufei and Lu Yuxin are also well-known。
Especially when the show was changed to live broadcast because of the two,In the case of adding the kicking session,Many people feel very curious about them。
Of course, curiosity is not always friendly,For example, someone specially came to Wang Yufei and Lu Yuxin,Tell them bluntly in Mandarin:“You are not humble。”
“Ok?”Wang Yufei looked at the guy in front of him inexplicably,Seems to be a member of the international team?
“I read the rules of kicking,I think no one can do this,Then the problem is coming,The director said this is the rule you proposed,And you will be kickers。It makes me think you are not humble。”
For this question,Lu Yuxin would ignore it as usual,I have looked away。
“Ok,Are you?”Wang Yufei can only be responsible for international exchanges。
“My name is paul·Maxwell,From Anglo Cambridge University。”
“Oh,Then paul,I may indeed be an unmodest person。”
Wang Yufei saw it in a book,The English are probably the most stubborn humans in the world,And arguing with stubborn people never ends well,It’s better to directly agree with all his views。
This is a required course in philosophy of life,The effect is also perfect,When this classmate Paul was still in a daze,Wang Yufei has taken Lu Yuxin to the host Jiang Jianming,Then naturally took out the paper and pen that was already prepared,Handed it over with humility:“Teacher Jiang,My sister is your fan,I learned that I can burn my brain and I have told me repeatedly to get your signature。”
One say one,Guo Xiaoyi is serious about chasing stars。
Since being distorted by Wang Yufei, the little girl’s idol view,Guo Xiaoyi really started to regard Jiang Jianming as an idol。
Not only collecting the original video of the host on the Internet,A poster of the host in Burning Brain was specially printed and posted in front of the bed.。
But obviously this rhetoric surprised Jiang Jianming:“Your sister is my fan?”

A few months ago,“Meteor girl”The bursting popularity of debut,My good master rewarded Shen Huan with a TV series。

If it’s someone else,Shen Huan will think about it,But now it’s Buyi,Of course Shen Huan did not hesitate。
Mom once said,It’s good to be healthy,Bouyei is the typical one。
Came to this world,Shen Huan is not greedy,Xiaoshuishui、The three wives of Dong’er and Buyiyi,It’s not too much?
Anyhow, a widow is also a born again,There is also a system with such a leather,You can’t lose the face of the reborn person!
So Shen Huan replied:“Ok,Let me tell him……But in terms of price,You have to be prepared for Mavericks,His script is not cheap,Even if it’s a TV script。”
Buyiyi is happy,Thousands.Jiao.x.Shen Huan gave a charming look,“You said you weren’t Chu Liuxiang?People can’t even see him,You can talk to me directly about the price~~”
Shen Huan didn’t go to talk,But change the subject:“Yiyi,The script they want this time,What type it might be?”
“Oh?Teacher Chu, you can still customize it?”Buyiyi was pleasantly surprised。
Shen Huan doesn’t care about the temptations of this little clever ghost,“If it suits you,Then best,After all, you can’t make a cheap Mavericks film and television。”
“Ok,This too!”Bouyei。
She owes favor,It’s not bad now。
But this favor is not directly owed by Mavericks,Very complicated,There is no need to go into it。

It was okay when the co-author just refused?

Lu Ban is a little confused,The reason why he added Gu Qiao,One is to narrow the distance between each other,The second is to thank Gu Qiao for helping repost his Weibo。
can,What is she looking for me?
Ban Lu thought for a while,Relationship between two people,It seems that Gu Qiao hasn’t asked him for help yet。
“I just want to thank you for reposting Weibo。”
Lu Ban is blowing his hair with a hairdryer in one hand,With the other hand, continue to reply to Gu Qiao:“I just saw the message you sent me,what’s up?”
Gu Qiao’s phone rang,She saw the news from Ban Lu。
Think for a while,Reply to Lu Fei:“I want to ask you for a personal matter。”
Private affairs?
Lu Ban is a little confused,If you talk about work,I’m still talking about the past。
You a big star,If you have any personal matters, you need to ask me for help?
Luban:“You talk about it first,I don’t know if I can help。”
Hair blown dry,He went to the window and lit a cigarette,Cool breeze,It seems that the hot summer is about to pass。
The phone vibrated。
Ban Lu picked it up and took a look。

It’s okay if there are some other talents,Like telling jokes or something。

but,After saying this,He heard Xiaoxi’s voice coming from the phone:“Of course he is more handsome than them,And not just a little more handsome,Not a handsome guy at all。”
Can’t help but froze there:“How handsome is that?”
“Brother Zhou, have you seen his photos and videos??”
“But can that beautify thing take it seriously??”
“He didn’t apply beauty,And real people are more handsome than those in the photos and videos。”
“real or fake?”Zhou Producer was shocked。
“You’ll know after a look……”
Xiaoxi said,Hesitated for a while,Whispered:
“When I first saw him……I……I……tear……Up……”
“Fucking,How old are you,Still commit this kind of nympho?”Producer Zhou was stunned there。
Xiaoxi blushed and said:“I don’t want to,But he is so handsome,I’m not mentally prepared at all……”
Producer Zhou was speechless for a while,Finally, I said:
“Ok,Ok,I understand,Treat him well,Treat him as the main guest,Maybe it can really bring click-through rate to our program。”
“Good brother Zhou。”Xiaoxi answered cheerfully。

Wall17Minute、Pierce17Minute,Wizards in the away game98ratio83,15The point difference beat the Knicks。

Ke Fan and Wang Meng summarized Xu Xuan’s data from the four regular season games while summing up after the game.。
Scored almost in double figures per game?
But Fan opened his eyes wide,Because I’ve never seen Xu Xuan’s game before occupying too much of the ball.,How come the points per game are almost double?
“A lot of assists,Average6Assists.”Wang Meng slapped his tongue。
To know this year’s top pick,Andrew was traded to the Wolves·Wiggins this4Only one game9.7Minute,Exactly like Xu Xuan,And he doesn’t have as many assists as Xu Xuan.
Ke Fan and Wang Meng looked at each other,Swallowed,This Xu Xuan seems to have done an incredible thing unconsciously.
With the end of the first week,NABOfficially announced the latest rookie ranking。
Wiggins is not the top pick,Jabari·Parker。
Parker was infinitely favored by many people before the draft,Think if it is in other time periods,Definitely the best candidate for the top pick!
He did not disappoint the Bucks,4Game down,Points per game10.5Minute!
He is also the only player in this rookie class to average double figures per game.!
Wiggins second place,Wiggins didn’t play well in the first three games,I won the fourth game17Minute。NBAOfficials believe that Wiggins will get better soon because of unacceptable water and soil.,So although Xu Xuan’s statistics are better than his,butNBAThe official still put Wiggins in front of Xu Xuan.Damn thing。

Either of these two tactics is the league’s top tactical play,But now the Pacers are overwhelmingly trying to merge these two.Ha ha!

Laugh first!
Even after the first quarter,,both sides24ratio26,Pacers are only two points behind,But in the eyes of the Hawks fans on the sidelines and the media reporters,Pacers lose2Points,ThisTMAlready lost20More points!
“Want to be fat in one bite?How easy is it!”
“Die to me!”
Hawks fans thought maliciously。
In this game they are ready to be high from the beginning of the game——Trendy!
High from the start of the game——Tide to the end of the game,From the first high——Tide to the fourth!
Always high——The tide is always cool!!
This is the slogan of the Eagles fans before the start of this series。
The wishes of the Hawks fans are simple,Also very real。
They look down on the walkers,Like looking down on the weeds on the side of the road。
“what!What am i talking about?”
“Xu Xuan didn’t end in the second quarter?I really don’t know how to write dead words!”
Xu Xuan and pickled peppers are the absolute core of the walkers,And from the current situation,Xu Xuan’s status is even better than pickles。

“Do not。”The future blogger turned his head and looked at Shikamaru,Poured a basin of cold water,“Maybe you don’t know the strength of Cixian,But coming back from the future, I can’t get familiar,Dealing with enemies at the level of Cixian,You can win without just relying on quantity,and so,I’ll go by myself。”

Shikamaru stared at the future blogger and said:“but,I can’t believe you at this time,Who can be sure,You are to help Hokage,Still help the enemy。”
“I can be sure!”Huahuo suddenly reached out and said,“and,If you doubt the blogger,Then let me follow along to monitor。”
“And I!I also want to save dad!”Bo Ren said immediately。
“Hey,Few of you!”Shikamaru Yuki,Separate your own shadow and bind the few people living in the field。
In the future, bloggers stand indifferently,Although as long as he wants,Can break through the shadow bondage control at any time,But he didn’t do it。
Chuanmu enters the big tube wood mode,Absorb Shikamaru’s ninjutsu。
“Thank you,Kawaki!”The blogger said while rushing into the space tunnel。
“I also want to rescue Hokage-sama。”
Kawamu followed,Then there is Zoranna,Fireworks,In the end, only future bloggers are left standing in place。
“hateful,These troublesome little ghosts.”
“Shikamaru,I believe in him。”Hinata walked to Shikamaru and said,The family members of those involved have said so,Shikamaru has nothing to do。
“Hey,Bloggers of the future,Must bring Naruto back。”Shikamaru told the future blogger after revoking the shadow restraint。