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“That’s it,I think this is pretty good。”

“Okay,Get used to it,The car is old,Actually there will be problems,I have also thought about it,I didn’t expect the problem this time to be so big,It seems,This car has to be scrapped,I have to get a new one at that time,I’ll change him when I save enough money。”
The young man shook his head helplessly when he said this,Looked at the time again,Then I spoke to Huang Lei,He had to repair the car and didn’t say more,Huang Lei nodded and didn’t think so much。
For Huang Lei,He will encounter many things like this in his life。
Chapter Two Hundred and Seventy Eight Sense of loss
Some things get used to it, but you don’t have any other ideas,On the contrary, it feels normal,Like now,He won’t have more,Ideas like this,Just a question,Just chat。
Huang Lei will accompany him until when this young man repairs the car,This process is okay,At least Huang Lei enjoyed this tranquility,No one will bother him。
Huang Lei finds that he needs this piece of tranquility too much,This feeling is definitely not something ordinary people can feel,It is estimated that this period is also followed by Song, whose surname is Song, and Bai, who is Zhang Bai.,What they have lived this day is bad,Especially during this period a lot of things have happened。
Including Long Liang will not give up。
Huang Lei thinks that many things will happen during this period,At this time, he left is to give himself a space, right,People will get tired when things happen,I’ll have many ideas when I’m tired。
Huang Lei’s coming out this time can actually be considered to be busy,Just to avoid unnecessary things on purpose,So I feel better,It sounds like a little evasion of responsibility,Huang Lei doesn’t think。
He still has to pay,It is precisely that he is the one who paid the most for these things,Even he feels sorry for himself at this time,After all, it’s not easy this way,Especially for him,So far he actually has many ideas in his mind,While escaping, I always think of something else in my heart,It can’t be said to be that kind of feeling very complicated。
Anyway, Huang Lei thinks it’s good to stay away for a while,You can make yourself self-cultivation and sex,Let this exhaustion in my heart be wiped out,Is a great benefit for him,As for the rest, it’s a follow-up,As for how things will be like this?Will something happen,Do you need him to go to the rescue?,Huang Lei won’t care about that much for the time being。
Anyway, this is the case。
The car is finally fixed。

Captain Blue Dragonfly glanced at the future blogger and said。

“Anyway, it’s a competition for the Peace Star,So naturally there must be a corresponding playing field。”
Captain Red Dragonfly said,Wave both hands,The mighty Chakra burst out of his hand。
After flying sand and rocks,Cleared out a flat sand,Then control a boulder in the air,Use chakra to cut the boulder into several smooth stone bricks and spread on the sand。
A simple playing field is completed like this。
Da She Maru and Future Bo Ren,Shuffle the cards while walking onto the playing field,Looking at each other。
“Bloggers from the future,It looks like,Hydra also has amazing technology,Ok,After all, it’s an opponent treated seriously by SHIELD,This level of technology is a matter of course。”
Ignore the words before the game,The future blogger is washing his deck wholeheartedly。
In the end, two people put the deck into their duel at the same time。
Two people shouted at the same time。

“amount,What should i call?”Xiao Zhan’s innocent face。

“Just call me Kobe,We have different。”Kobe smiled,He doesn’t want to harvest Xiao Zhan into a little brother,It won’t be easy to kill in the future.,What if Xiao Zhan find himself to play brother basketball,Then trouble。
“Boss,That’s rude。”Odomna。
“It’s okay。Trish,long time no see。”Kobe greeted Maidi on the side。
“Hi,Kobe,Your team is going to lose。”McGrady is still sleepy and fluffy。
“Not always。”
“Boss,Where did this kid come from?Too rude,We’ll make an appointment laterSOLO!You come to give us a testimony!”
Kobe is happy,how?The adidas training camp showdown will be staged in advance?
Swallow in twosTACO。
Really fragrant!GIGIGIGI!~
“Will be here later,21Minute,I’m the referee。”
Two geniuses with superstar potential,Who is stronger now?
Kobe also has some expectations。

When Olajuwon realized that playing like this,Can’t win the game,Start training teammates,Houston has gradually become the quasi-dynasty team with the second consecutive championship。

Olajuwon now has no such grandeur as he did when he was young,All he wants is the O’Brien Cup!
There are too many legendary centers in the history of NBA,Even Olajuwon who won two consecutive championships,Are worried that their historical status will not be in the top five。
It’s not impossible,Russell,Chamberlain,Jabbar firmly in the top three!The historical status of the three people can be said to be equal,And the remaining super centers,There are a large number of honors that are not inferior to Olajuwon。
Olajuwon’s goal is to become the No. 1 center in history,He also has to be at least tied with the previous centers。
Then he must win one or two more championships!
Last year was the best opportunity,If you can win three consecutive championships,Then Olajuwon’s achievements are not inferior to anyone。The achievement of creating a dynasty alone promoted Jordan to become the first shooting guard in history.,This achievement even if there is no way to make Olajuwon the first center in history,At least it will let him get rid of things like Moses Malone,Bill Walton,Parish,Reid these people。
But the team is aging too fast,The already weak championship team had few that could play last year。Olajuwon even fell to the Sonics without even reaching the finals。
And this year,The team’s lineup is the strongest in Olajuwon’s career!
Three superstars!Plus Jim Jackson,Mario Avery,ACTop role players like Green!
If this lineup meets last year’s Supersonic,Olajuwon is confident to sweep them!
And now,It’s time to meet the Lakers the team prepared for in the middle of the season。
Drexler+Jim Jackson+Mario Avery blocks Kobe!

“Humph,Chrysanthemum residue,Wounded,Heartbroken!”

Knives formed by countless petals shuttle through the crowd,Numerous casualties in an instant
“Nine spirit rings,Title Douluo!”Contra looked at the person in front of him in shock,But a long bloodstain on his neck fell to the ground with wide-eyed eyes。
Bibi Dong looked at the guard who fell to the ground coldly,Leaped lightly and ran away,Several others followed。
Soon they came to the Heaven Dou Empire,Rushed in,Wherever he went, anyone blocked was mercilessly beheaded,Soon they came to Yuexuan。
Bibi Dong immediately walked in,Chief Ord immediately kneeled on the ground and said respectfully:“Under the Pope!”
“Say,Where is Tang Yuehua!”Bibi Dong’s murderous way。
“I am here!”A gentle voice came in front of her,Bibi Dong looked at her with serious and strong killing intent。
Bibi Dong came to Tang Yuehua’s side in a blink,Pinched her neck tightly with her right hand。
“What kind of ecstasy soup did you give Yan’er?,I was willing to leave Wuhun City for you,Willing to self-destroy,Remove the soul bone!”Bibi Dong said coldly。
“Ha ha,Bibi Dong,Yan’er has experienced you, you know better than me,Not because of,If it wasn’t for you, Lin Yan could become what he is?”
Lin Yan came to Yuexuan two days ago,At this time his blood has flowed,When I came to Yuexuan, it was the end of the battle。
“Lin Yan, what’s wrong with you,Why is the injury so bad!”Tang Yuehua trembled lightly,Tears flowed down involuntarily,Immediately lifted Lin Yan and walked into the house。
“Odder, go get a doctor,Go quickly!”Tang Yuehua shouted。

Wan Chen murmured and nodded,Then suddenly I remembered something,Chong Tieqiang ordered:“From tonight,I double the number of people to protect!Do not,double!”

“Yes!”Tie Qiang quickly nodded and agreed,I feel that Wan Chen is a little fussy,After all, they are all professional special forces background,Extraordinary skill,There are already six people,Can completely protect his safety,Send twelve more,But it made him feel a bit insulted。
“dad,Let’s go to the company for a meeting。”Wan Xiaoyue, who has not dared to speak, reminded him。
Wan Chen nodded,Then I changed clothes and went to the company for a meeting。
By the way, Mo Xiaosheng took turns with Qiao Yiyi after Ye Bing left.,It’s dark after he gets up,He had a big bowl of beef noodles,Then set off towards Wanjia without hurries。
Li Zhen asked to be with him,But he refused,Because it is totally unnecessary,He alone is enough。
As long as there is no police intervention,Everything is easy。
Ten fifty in the evening,Wan Chen ended the last meeting,Then rushed home under the escort of Tie Qiang and others。
“how about it,There is no movement at Moxin Medical Center, right??”Wan Chen frowned and asked。
Just in case,When he left home in the morning, Tie Qiang sent someone to stare at Mo Xin Medical Center.,It’s a pity that Mo Xin Medical Center’s skills are not what his subordinates can stare at。
“Nothing happened,What can happen,Closed for a day。”Tie Qiang sneered,Said,“That stupid sister is dying,What can he do?”
“Deserve it!”
Wan Chen sneered,Although it didn’t hurt Mo Xiaosheng and his wife,,But almost killed Mo Xiaosheng’s sister,It’s a breath of bad breath。
“boss,I guess that old man deliberately said big words to scare you,Just want to cheat money,Actually that kid is not as good as you said,I heard from the police station,The security guard who died was stabbed to death with a knife!What kind of spine was kicked off,Nonsense!”
Tie Qiang coldly hummed,He just got the exact news this afternoon,The person who said Sanyuanhua died of a knife wound,Don’t know this“Exact news”It’s the Military Intelligence Department to allow the police to cover up Mo Xiaosheng’s ability,Deliberately spread out。

He followed Qiao Yiyi into the spacious ward inside,I saw Luo Yilin, who was lying on the hospital bed with a pale face.,Sunken eye socket,A bluish-purple around,Obviously Luo Yilin has also been tortured these few days。

Because Dou Xinyi tried a needle for her last night,So Luo Yilin is in good health at this time,Mo Xiaosheng walked gently to her,Reached out and tried on her wrist,See her pulse is relatively stable,I was relieved,Reached out and gently helped her pull the hair from her ear aside,Full of love。
He is grateful to Luo Yilin for being able to survive till now,I am also glad that I found the virus host in time,Do your best,Finally didn’t let her leave her!
“Let her rest for a while,We won’t disturb her!”
Mo Xiaosheng watched Luo Yilin intently,Then called Qiao Yiyi out,Said to Qiao Yiyi,“Have you had lunch yet,I take you to eat something!”
“No need to,Brother Ming bought it!”
Qiao Yiyi shook his head gently,“If we go,After a while, he won’t find anyone!”
Qiao Yiyi pulled Mo Xiaosheng and sat down on the bench beside him,Put your head lightly on Mo Xiaosheng’s shoulders,Holding Mo Xiaosheng’s hand tightly,Full of happiness。
The return of Mo Xiaosheng,Makes everything that was originally gray bright again,Life for her,Filled with hope again。
“Yiyi,Why was Mr. Mo here last night??”
Mo Xiaosheng remembered that the Dark Sting Brigade and the Lacerta Brigade dispatched to help him last night.,Still secretly shocked,I don’t understand how Father Mo knew about this。
“correct,Thanks to Mr. Mo for what happened last night,Wait until Yilin is ready,You have to come to thank you,If it wasn’t for Mr. Mo,,Yelin and I were taken away by the Epidemic Prevention Bureau last night!”
Qiao Yiyi hurriedly sat up straight,Tell Mo Xiaosheng what happened last night。
Mo Xiaosheng’s face changed slightly after hearing this,Frowned:“There is still this thing,So to say,I really have to thank Mr. Mo!”
Remembering the words that Mr. Mo cared about him on the phone yesterday,Mo Xiaosheng unexpectedly felt a trace of long-lost love,A kind of love that can only be felt from his mother’s care。

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Don’t worry about emotional drama,I write slowly。。。</p>
Besides, I don’t know how to write someone,I do not deny,Really not good at writing。</p>
That’s why I have to be slow,Try to write normally。</p>
First335chapter my answer
after that,Lu Han and Haiqing couldn’t help but get involved。</p>
Although I didn’t catch a few fish in the end,But happiness is the most important,Reba is the only one standing by the side,No water。</p>
And Su Luo did not deliberately approach,As Chen Xue puts it,If she really let go,I won’t bother her。</p>
Each well,Sui Fate is what he can do right now,In the sense that he understands,The best thing to do。</p>
Feelings just go with the flow,Here Su Luo saw that the color on the top of his head has gradually dimmed,Can’t help but speak:“Let’s go,We should go back,It’s late,Teacher Huang is still waiting for the fish to make the soup。”</p>
Zhongru nodded,Lu Han and Haiqing staggered out of the fish pond,Body is full of water,A little crazy。</p>
From five o’clock,It’s estimated that it’s more than six or even almost seven now,Haiqing and Lu Han take off their pants,Haiqing Open Road:“Whoops,Really is,It’s been a long time since I played this fun。”</p>
Lu Han Fu Road:“Yes,I just remember playing like this when I was。”</p>
Su Luo pouted,Make up:“Who will play when he grows up。”</p>
A group of people talking,Stroll towards the mushroom house,en route,Su Luo did not forget the green onions and leeks ordered by Teacher Huang。</p>
Back to the mushroom house,Huang Lei’s smiling way:“Worked hard,Caught a few fish。”</p>

“Yilin,forget it。”Luo Shangzhong has a lot of affection for Gao Zishan,So reluctant to start,He has never touched her finger in these years,Typical Wife Control。

“I’m leaving。”Luo Yilin turned around and left after talking。
“it is good,it is good,Yilin,Don’t go,Don’t go。”Luo Shangzhong quickly stopped her。
“Little bitch,Dare you tear my mouth,I’ll tear your mouth first!”
Gao Shan saw Luo Yilin dare to speak to herself like this,Suddenly furious,Rolled up his sleeves and rushed towards Luo Yilin,But Luo Shangzhong held him back。
Luo Shangzhong dragged her back fiercely,Then slapped her face with a slap,Angry voice:“Can you stop me!”
That’s why he didn’t dare to talk to Gao Shan before he came,His wife is so hot-tempered,And the past few years have become more severe。
“You hit me?Dare you hit me?!”Gao Shan’s complexion,Grabbed Luo Shangzhong’s face,Within a few seconds, Luo Shangzhong’s face was covered with red blood。
“Big brother,You were beaten by your own woman like this,Is it a man?。”
At this moment, the second child Luo Shangjin gloated,He has long seen his sister-in-law not pleasing to his eyes,Check this account all day long,Check that account,For fear that others will take advantage of the company。
“Stinky lady,I have to kill you today!”
So excited by the cock,Luo Shangzhong suddenly became angry,He smashed Gao Shan’s face with his fist,One of the punches hit Gao Shan’s left eye socket,I saw her eye sockets swelled up like a balloon,Green。
“what!I fight with you!”
Gao Shan burst into tears,He threw himself on Luo Shangzhong regardless,Scratch and scratch,Grab Luo Shangzhong’s arm,Opening your mouth is a fierce bite,Luo Shangzhong immediately saw blood on his arm。

He knows something about Xuan Ziwen,Deep research on the Soul Guidance Device,Coming to Shrek Academy is really unreasonable。

Xuan Ziwen looked towards Huo Yuhao,With emotion“correct,you are……Huo Yuhao, right??Old Xuan told me about you yesterday,Otherwise I thought you really fell in the Star Dou Great Forest!”
He was also very surprised how Huo Yuhao escaped from Brigitte’s hands……
Huo Yuhao looked a little dazed and scratched his hair,“Hehe,Just good luck,The beast didn’t kill me,After waking up, I found that I was outside the Star Dou Great Forest!”
Xuanzi stroked his beard,“With Teacher Xuan,At least you don’t have to worry too much about the soul guide”
Xuan Ziwen nodded“Since Elder Xuan said that,Then these soul guides will be my meeting gifts for everyone”
Stop talking,Xuan Ziwen took out level 5 and level 6 soul guides one after another from his storage soul guide,There are even level seven!
Took out fourteen soul guides,Attacked,Soul Guidance Device for various purposes such as defense!
It’s almost all the spirit guides on his body except for level 8 and below……
Xu Sanshi rubbed his hands and eyes, and said nothing“Teacher Xuan is so generous!Now I have more confidence in winning the championship!”
Let everyone look directly at Xu Sanshi……
Bebe next to him coughed“Three Stone,Pay attention to the image!”