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Why is the immortality that has always been,And human beings do not inherit.?

Help can feel natural energy,Is there any relationship with him and small animal communication??
There is a characteristic of small animals and three holy places.,They are considerate to humans。
Can this be said,Alias is more prone to human beings to natural energy。
Thinking of this is a smile on the face of the spring.。
This seems to seem to have any relationship with him.,But it is actually。
In the original, there are so that you have to maintain the calmness when absorbing natural energy.。
But in the end, you can feel natural energy.?
Then it is necessary to calm to spiritual fluctuations to feel the degree of animal thinking.,Even more calm。
This is also the meaning of the Xianli cultivation after the Naruto.。
Means of,Human spiritual fluctuations are too high,Fundamentally different from natural energy,So I don’t know,Can’t transfer。
And the spiritual fluctuations of animals are naturally low.,So after a certain cultivation can feel natural energy。
Spring is slightly spit out,Then the breathing begins to become weak.,He began a consciously reduced his spiritual fluctuation.。
Although he doesn’t know if he has this talent,But always try。
His spiritual power is much stronger than the average person,There are also many control power.,Not reasonable。
And with him,The activities of his brain become more difficult,Thinking things are getting less and less。
The only thing that knows is to reduce spiritual fluctuations.,slowly,I don’t know how long it takes.。
A voice awakened Spring,His body suddenly shock。
“Excuse me,Bad you”White voice sounded。
Spring breathing slowly recover,At the same time, I also opened my eyes.。
“fine,How long have I stayed here?”Spring is turned to look at the white food.。
She is now full of apologies。
“Three days,I am worried that your body can’t hold it.,So give you some eating”Apologize。
“what,So long,In fact, I don’t eat things.,But wake up and wake up,Have a little bit”Spring smiles。
He did not show white disturbance,He knows that his status at the time may be somewhat,Let the white worried。
After all, normal people are impossible to breathe weak sitting there.,Don’t eat for three days。
Spring, pick up the food, just eat,Since I experienced the days that I can’t eat.。
He is also cultivating and going to eat.,This will let him experience it or a person’s feeling.。
So let’s mistakenly think that the Quanyi is the same.,But he is really different.。
At least now。
Soon, I will finish it.。
“White,You help me inform them,These days will never bother me.,I feel that I have to succeed.”Spring said。
Nodding,Spring is obviously the key time。
After leaving,Spring is still somewhat not to worry,What kind of second persons suddenly ran out??
So he divided a wooden score.,I am relieved to continue cultivation.。

Sitternie,Looking at Monica,“Do you know this?,So I will come with an outsider.,You……Is it looking away from the Dark Parliament?”

Monica stationed there,Unlikely。
It’s just a bit of a look.。
Dry from Dark Parliament?
That is betrayal。
And not to say that there is an endless chasing……And even uncle。
Inverse……Do you really marry Harris??
“If you want to get out of the parliament,I can be the master,There will not be someone blocking you here.,You go as much as soon as possible。”
Sitttonneton,Teacher between tone,“If……You still use yourself as a saint,Then promise Harris’s proposal,Tell me now,What is your choice?。”
See Monica’s words,Sitternis slightly slowed down,Also,“Monica,Do you know what the scepter be caught in a sleep period?……I must know you clearly,Now I will give you five minutes.,Consider telling me the answer……”
Voice is just,Always silently want to be a statue,The look of Monica is finally opened.。
“Be no need to consider,I will give you an answer now.。”
Her eyes are first loving for a week,即 双 着 特 芬 芬,Whisper,“I won’t marry Harris,Not betrayed the Dark Parliament。”
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First1755Chapter Summer test
A snoring hall。
Ena,Sithene,Oliver and Harris are on the spot.。
They didn’t expect,Monica is actually such an answer。
Especially Harris,Face is not sweet,“Monica!Why!Why refuse me?……”
Monica shakes his head,Don’t want to talk to him more。
Why,She faintly felt something wrong。
What seems to be missing?,But after careful thinking,But it is difficult to think of it.。
“His His Hall,What do you mean?。”
Sitternie changes the call,God has also become indifferent,“This is your answer?”
“I will personally return to the headquarters.,Ask the throne and everyone asked this matter。”
Monica seems to re-recover the momentum should have,Look indifferent,Whisper,“If they are also determined,I will naturally follow。”
It’s now,She can only temporarily delay。
But it is obvious,Many people don’t want to see this scene。
“Go to the headquarters?”
Large old Oliver,Endish,Eyeliner,“Your uncle sent you to come,Just don’t want to face you,Do you think you will go back to the headquarters to see your uncle??Hum!Holy woman,Don’t delay,Now answer now。”
He is aggressive,Spurt,Turn around,Drink,“Allocate,Soon, the throne has notified me.,This thing is made by me,Today, the saints for the private,I don’t care about the future of our parliament.,You don’t answer?”
“Not promise。”
“Never promise。”
Most people have already died in the elders and five elders,It is definitely a sympathy。
As for a small number of people who just learned,In this occasion,Naturally, I can’t stand it out against。
A sound is cold,I am watching Icy and watching Monica。
Sitting next to the chair,Rao is interested in watching a group of people’s performances。

Xia Jian sees it,So he sat on the chair by the table,He smiled and asked:“Why did you drink so little just now?”

“I’m not familiar with either of them,Moreover,My situation now,In case everyone says something while talking,What my mother heard,Didn’t I lie to her,It will make her sad”Xiao Xiao said,I couldn’t help but breathe out。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“I didn’t think well,Come!Let’s have a drink”Xia Jian said,Raised the wine glass and touched Xiao Xiao,He took a nice sip。This wine has a soft mouth,But after drinking it, it rose up with a steaming。Xia Jian couldn’t help but grabbed the wine bottle and looked at it。
“stop looking,This is our local wine,Low annual output,Not enough to buy。My grandpa asked someone to get this。Its stamina is huge,As long as it is to keep out the cold,But you have to be careful,Don’t just drink a glass of wine and climb down,I still have to talk to you”Xiao Xiao said,Happy smile。
Her smile,very beautiful。this moment,Xia Jian is convinced,She is the real Xiao Xiao,Not Mei Tong。Because when Mei Tong faced him,She laughed so pretty。
First0971chapter Beauty without trace
Beautiful Wine,Life geometry?
Xia Jian and Xiao Xiao slowly tasted this strong wine,It’s like savoring their different lives。Gradually,Xiao Xiao’s beautiful face,With a faint blush,She whispered:“Xia Jian!I am drunk”
Xia Jian stretched out his arm,Xiao Xiao lay down。Holding such a beautiful woman in his arms,How can you not be tempted。Xia Jian pressed his thick lips with strong alcohol。
“No way,I want to talk to you”Xiao Xiao panting heavily,With her small white arms like lotus root,Gently pushed Xia Jian’s face away。Xia Jian tried to control himself,But the white wine I drank just now,But wantonly burned in him,He felt that he was about to explode。
Xiao Xiao sits up slowly,She whispered:“We have no destiny,Everyone accepts it。This is how my fate, Xiao Xiao should be,Can only take care of one end。I hope you manage the venture group well,I will feel at ease for the rest of my life”
“Actually everyone can sit down and talk,There should be no grievances that cannot be resolved”Xia Jian comforts Xiao Xiaodao,He suddenly felt,My tongue is starting to not work well。
Xiao Xiao sneered,Stood up,When she turned around,The plump and slightly curled butt just rubbed Xia Jian’s body。Just like that,Xia Jian is like a fuse set ablaze,Broke out in an instant。
When Xiao Xiao notices,Xia Jian has pounced,Pressed her down on the bed。A wild tear,Xiao Xiao’s pajamas were stripped from her jade-like body by Xia Jian。Woman shaking hands and feet,Don’t let Xia Jian succeed for a while。This useless resistance,It also inspired the primitive wildness in Xia Jian。
With Xiao Xiao’s last depressive scream,Two people finally become one。The wooden bed kept screaming,There was a mixture of men and women panting in the room。
When everything is calm,Xia Jian felt extremely tired,It feels like draining the energy in the body。He tried his best to hug Xiao Xiao’s smooth jade body,Suddenly he remembered a word Fang Fang said to him,His hands followed Xiao Xiao’s belly and touched them。
He suddenly lost his voice:“You are not Xiao Xiao?Meitong?”
“Hahahaha!I really convinced my sister,I thought she was really like I said,She and you are as clean as water,I didn’t expect you to be so clear about any part of her body”Mei Tong pushed away Xia Jian who was hugging him,Turned over and sat up。
Xia Jian was surprised,He never expected,She really is Mei Tong。Then why did she do this?Where did Xiao Xiao go??Xia Jian thought of this,Get up quickly。But he was weak,No strength,what happened to him?

What is the benefits of spirituality?。

Can be like an arm,Ability to be the most cost-effective way,Motion the biggest power。
Summer in Xuanao Tree Refer to Jiu Dao Rune,Another original rune with the original in the mind,Integrate。
This is illusion of the ultimate truth——Dark devil!Also the original source of fire。
Although there are hundreds of low-key secret treasures on the shelf,But in summer perception,Number of jade‘Aura’maximum。 Take in your hand,He explored his mind into it.,At the same time, careful wing。
After a few interest,The face revealed the color。
Although this jade is only the category of second-product secret treasures,But there are six two-piece array。
Not only the five separate array of Jinmu Water and Soil,Also included in a yin and yang。
More smart is,Five of the five teams, five elements are gradually,Also complement to the yin and yang array……There turned up to have another array。
Summer eyes suddenly become bright。
This concept……Simply open your eyes。
Sixth array,Mutual exclusion,Mutual complementation……Then promote another array。
It’s similation。
now,I have chosen one piece so soon as I saw this summer.,More than 10 people are slightly,Immediately speed up the action。
Summer turned over to see it several times,This is only to the old man.。
“Old,I chose.。”
Zhang’s face flashes a different。
He naturally noticed the summer move in the first time.。
“So fast?”
He picked up Jade and looked at it.,Put on the side,“Don’t you see something else??”
“No need。”
Summer laughing,“There is no one more than it is better here.。”
“Young people are still very confident。”
Zhang is rare to show a smile,Refer to the side,“Sit on the side。”
Summer arches,Turned and went to sit down。
After a quarter,Everyone chooses the best object to think。
Among them, there is a knife swordway,There is also a clock、tower、Jade and other secret treasures。
Next,Zhang Lao took the trick secret treasure,A one inquiries。
From the beginning of the start,To become more professional。
But this major,All within the range of two products。
Can so even,People come in have a calculation,All by Zhang Lao argue the dumb,Red ear。
One blush neck has left the room。
Finally, only one person left。
Then,In that young man stunned,Zhang Lao’s face became a gentle smile。
Transformation fast,Tongue。
“young people,I just saw you have no one hesitation.,Directly selected this jade,Then I pushed the true yuan,Injury。”
He is curious to look at the summer,“Before this,How did you judge?。”
Summer laughing,“feel。”

The big guys took out the binoculars equipped with Jinggang Circuit,Staring at Shen Huan’s car。

Ruan Jiahao as the focus of the crowd,His face is very ugly at this time。
He never thought,Only half a lap,Shen Huan was already ahead for a while,Not only that Fu Wei didn’t suppress him,Even Chai Xu fell behind for a while!
Only three turns,Fu Wei is already behind。
But Chai Xu is in hot pursuit,Toyota who has been following Shen Huan86Behind。
Even in4Number and5When the number of large paper clips bends,Once JaguarF-TYPESurpassed Toyota86。
But Shen Huan’s advantage has not been lost。
in5、6、7In three consecutive bends,Old drivers like Chai Xu have to slow down,Rely on inertia and drift to go through corners。
But Shen Huan didn’t slow down at all,Still relying on a substantial advantage in the outer circle,Speed up and fly over these corners,Take the lead again!
“Huanye cowhide!”A young man playing with a car couldn’t help saying,“This5、6The turn number is very narrow and angled,Chai Xu closed the throttle like this、Give the front wheels extra adhesion,So as to get rid of the limitation of gravity,Is the most common practice!
It turned out that Master Huan did well,Use the throttle and tires directly on the outer ring,Turned out the corner beautifully!Such a technique,I have only seen it in Japanese and European and American racing drivers!”
Hear him,Ruan Jiahao’s face is even more gloomy。
But Qi Yiwen couldn’t help but laughed。
Although the third daughter of Long Yuqing looked terrified,But this speed of stimulation,It also made them feel a little excited。
Because in a blink of an eye8、9、10、11This is known as the most difficult corner of the Crystal Harbor circuit,So not many people participated in the comments,Countless people hold their breath,Waiting to see how Shen Huan lives。
Shen Huan didn’t let everyone down,Keep110He at speeds above kilometers,No slowdown at all,Rely on braking、Angle and drift inertia,Smoothly traversed these four most difficult corners。
And this time,Chai Xu just passed9Turn。
A rich daughter just jumped up。
more people,Applaud。

It says on the note:“It’s not naive that beats you,Is naive,A cup of red bean milk tea,Thank you。”

If others see“Thank you”These two words may be full of question marks,But Gu Qiao thought of the begging Lu Ban the first time he saw it。
Thank you?
I haven’t given you the ticket yet!
The concert will not be confirmed until the show is finished,Yesterday Gu Qiao said that Lu Ban’s agent would pick it up,When the time comes, after confirming the specific time。
I haven’t got the ticket yet,This guy started to thank,Naive and hot。
What to buy?
Milk tea?
……Red Bean Milk Tea?
Gu Qiao smiled stiffly,To her assistant:“You can drink milk tea。”
The assistant was shocked:“it’s not good……”
Gu Qiao’s gaze drifted towards the figure not far away preparing to enter the set,Said:“You may not know,I never drink red bean milk tea。”
at this time,
Kong Xi followed Lu Ban’s back,Drink the iced red bean milk tea in your hand。
“You also like to drink red bean milk tea?”
Lu Ban didn’t expect Kong Xi to buy milk tea,This girl bought herself a cup too。
“of course。”Kong Xi straightened his back。

“and so,We have to win this game tomorrow!Must win!Do you have confidence?”

“speak louder!”
“it is good,Are all gone,Go back and have a good rest,tomorrow morning9Click to open a tactical meeting,Don’t be late!”
Coach Vogel’s voice is not small,Xu Xuan is infected,At least this team is very united。
Although a wave8Losing streak,But everyone didn’t blame each other,It’s still time to train well,The atmosphere is far less depressing than the Knicks。
This is very comfortable,The only thing that puzzles Xu Xuan is,Even now,Coach Vogel still has not announced the starting list for tomorrow,Xu Xuan is itchy。
“Hey,Kid,Do you want to have a meal together??Celebrate your joining the team!”
David·West swept over Xu Xuan’s shoulder with a hippy smile。
“of course,Thank you。”Xu Xuan would naturally not refuse this kindness,In addition to being the core of the Pacers, West,Or the leader of the locker room,His goodwill shows that most of the Pacers players do not reject Xu Xuan。
First132chapter Kobe·Bryant!
A brand new day is here!
morning,Xu Xuan was eating a nutritious meal specially sent to the hotel by the team,Carson looked for a house outside yesterday,I have almost found it so far,I guess it will move in these two days。
This is a game fromTNTAdditional national live broadcast!
Without exception,Domestic side,Sports channel also broadcast today’s game!
Many people want to know,Xu Xuan, currently ranked first on the rookie list, beats the champion Wiggins,What kind of data can be played by changing a team?
Many people said,Xu Xuan’s good data before has a lot to do with the Knicks team environment,After all, the old fish is so indulging Xu Xuan.

“As of now,The total amount of playback of various video clips about the host playing basketball,Has broken through100Billion times,The host lets more people know about you,This is a great fame。”

“Given that the host has extended its influence to the world,The generous system decided to give generous rewards to encourage。”
“The system rewards the host,I hope the host can make persistent efforts,Create greater glory!”
The moment when two security guards opened the gate of the training ground for Shen Huan,Shen Huan heard the voice of the good master。
Heard the reward,Shen Huan felt energetic。
Oh ha ha ha!
Hitting cattle!?
With such a powerful force,The widow really doesn’t have to be afraid of any non-distant weapons anymore,Including thermal weapons。
In the past, I can at least control10Meter range,The current senior class gives Shen Huan the feeling,At least it extends to20Meters away。
As long as it is not a sudden attack,Shen Huan really has the ability to control everything!
Enter the training ground with a happy mood,Kobe and they are seriously doing various training such as shooting。
A basketball player,If you are thirty-seven or eighteen,Still maintain a good competitive state,Then no doubt,He must be a very self-disciplined person。
To say that Kobe often had a little scandal when he was young,But arrived30After the age of,He really only has two lines: family and stadium。

“alright,Let me ask。”Shen Huan finally nodded。

“okay!”Cui Zhong Daxi,“do not worry,We will not treat Teacher Su Mo badly in terms of treatment!”
“Let’s talk less about money,Brother Mo is not a greedy person,Words of promise,It can’t be for money。”Shen Huan quickly stopped him。
But not everyone likes money like widows。
Especially Su Mo, a superstar with a little bit of morality,You take money to hit him,Purely insulting him。
But if you use money to hit me,That’s different。
Only one sentence:“Please use money to kill me!”
After all, the good master is a bottomless pit,Money for everything。
Plus my wives in the future,My children,Don’t give them some living expenses,Is I still a successful rebirth?!?
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First354chapter Injured woman
After Lei Daxuan wakes up,Recover quickly。
Only a few days,He can slowly walk on the corridor of the ward floor by himself,Walking slowly。
According to this Taishi,He will definitely be discharged at the end of this month。
But as I recover better and better,Lei Daxuan’s stubbornness is getting escalated。
First point first,He is determined to wait for himself to participate in the recording of the album,To collect the money for selling the album。
if not,The Returning Band can now also record,Got money anyway,He won’t want it。

How many times he almost couldn’t help overturning,Fortunately, there is always a voice in my mind,Admonishing him,The weight loss career has not stopped。</p>

Except for Peng Peng who wants to lose weight,Everyone else is eating well,Half lying on the back,Feeling the chubby belly,Enjoying the cool breeze,It’s Rutz Cozy。</p>
Wang Ruodan said with emotion:“Hey,in fact,Sometimes you live a bit rougher,Also pretty good,Too fine,You don’t have to do whatever you want,Won’t be happy。”</p>
Everyone nodded,Teacher Ho,Huang Lei, they all have such sentiments,This is an insight that belongs to middle-aged Rao。</p>
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Book Friends:</p>
Welcome to join the group,Talk about blowing water。</p>
Old driver inside,Moe new owner,Mensao people deserve everything</p>
In another book,The name of the animal that appears,Not fictitious,But there are such creatures。</p>
After lunch,As usual,Came here to take a nap,But the magic is,Everyone is not too sleepy today。</p>
Huang Lei got up and said:“Sitting here is quite boring,Try to choose what you want to eat in the afternoon,Anyone who is sleepy can go back to the house to rest,Don’t stop this。”</p>
Aside,Huang Lei has come to the house,Brought out some dishes。</p>
celery,Chinese cabbage,And green onions and garlic,And garlic sprouts,put it together,Let everyone choose dishes,The province is too idle,nothing to do。</p>
What’s more rare is,Director Wang Zhengyu also came to the courtyard,Move your body and bones,Always sit there,Backache,My butt is numb。</p>
and,Wang Zhengyu, as the chief director of such a show,Occasionally appear in the camera,Uncertainty can also have unexpected program effects。</p>