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Blue Xin didn’t think,She also has this kind of self-abuse and huge tendency。

“puff!”Blue Xin is very funny,Looking at her,Smile,“Miss Li,But it is a sentence.,I still need courage.。That is who gave you the courage to catch me here and not discovered.?”
Her way to calculate the time on the way,Lu Haocheng found her something,At least twenty minutes above,Isolated on her whereabouts,I have to spend more than 20 minutes at the very least date.。
So she must find way to drag Li Shuya。
Put in this way,Abnormal confident,“do not worry,Lu Haicheng will not know where you are,The monitoring system of the Jiangyue Hotel is destroyed by me.,Even the surrounding monitoring systems have been destroyed,Do you think he can find you again??”
Ok,Blue Xin is some disappointed,Li Shuya is also a bit。
The monitoring system of Jiangyue Hotel is installed by Lin Ye personally,There has been no hacker invading,The people of Li Shuya can destroy the system.,There are also a few people with capabilities in your hands.。
but,She believes in European,Can find a spider silk。
“Li Shuya,I advise you still don’t be too confident.。”She still laughs,Look at Li Shuya is inchabulent,They were all tied by her five flowers.,Can you smile so brilliant?。
“Good,Blue Xin,Wait a minute, I see how you are hard.,Do you know where is this??I will send you where you go.?”The smile and more evil on the corner of Liushu ya,Just like a poisonous snake,I can’t hate and bite it.。
Blue Xindao:“You look very confident,My husband,I have always believed in his ability.。”
“Humph!Lu Hao Cheng?After you die ,From the extent he loves you,That is, the corpse is meat.,Also used to deal with him??”
“Do you know why we will suddenly come back??”Li Shuya said here,The body is slightly reduced by a little bit,Her aroma,Taste is not strong,Just the right taste,This is a famous perfume,And it is limited edition。
Lu Hao Cheng also bought a bottle,The taste is more lighter than her,She didn’t know what she didn’t know.。
“Look,Lu Hao Cheng is very distressed by you,Didn’t tell the things between our two??”
“Do you know that you are now the work of the Division??That is our Lega,Reward,We have come back this time to grab our things.,Lu Hao Cheng, who is rare, everyone,I am not rare.,I want money,Money can pass,Right,This is what I want.。”
“As long as there is money,What kind of beauty is not available here??”Be unlikelykayThat idiot,For a Lu Haocheng folded his life。
Blue Xin flashed,Smile:“In addition to this matter,In fact, I want to know more.,Grabbed me,Next, will you want to do anyone?。”
“Of course, you have three children.,I heard that your three children are very can’t afford.,Is your pride,Unfortunately, I was sent away in advance.,So you have been giving me stupid,Lu Hao became your safety,How can I not tell you about our Leafang and Lu family??”Li Shuya said,High heels, one foot, play on the waist of Blue Xin,It’s also hard to step on it.。
Blue Xin’s pain,Dead bitter。
The more strong she is,The more you want to smash her proud dignity.。
Even more pain,Blue Hin maintains a brilliant smile,To hit the poor self-esteem of Luxiya。
Looking at the blue laugh,The more I am angry with Li Shuya,The greater the strength of the feet,Blue Xin feels bloody smell on his belly.。
“Blue Xin,Even if you put the three little livestock,I can also find them,Then send them to reunite with you,I think you will be grateful to me.。”
“you……I want to move my child a sweatery。”Blue Xinyi,Teeth。
“hehe……This is not what you can decide.。”
at this time,There is a bodyguard to panic.,“Miss,We should boater,There are a lot of vehicles driving over this side.。”
“what?how is this possible?”She glanced at the bodyguard,Do not believe that Lu Haocheng will find it so quickly.。
NS1609chapter:It is her own ruined himself.
“Miss,Not only there is still a lot of engagements,There is also a policeman.,There is also a helicopter in the air。”
Blue Xin listen this,After all, I laughed.。
“what?Policemen。”Li Shuya’s gaze,I saw a laughing blue.,I always feel that San Xin is a bit weird,There is another feeling that can’t say it.,“Lu Haocheng dares to call the police,Isn’t it afraid of Blue Xin??”
She is a little looked at Lu Hao’s degree of Blue Xin.。
“Miss,That’s too late,You hurry up.。”That bodyguard is anxious,Other party,Vehicle speed is extremely fast,In addition to Lu Hao,There will be no other person。
“Humph!”Li Shuya is not willing to look at Blue Xin,“I haven’t seen how to die.,How can I leave??”
“Miss,Let us take away,Waiting for people to settle up,Miss, come over and see how she is dead.。”The bodyguard looks very urgent,If it is caught by the police,But you have to take a fierce.。

Follow……One of her holes,A fist is extremely magnified with a cold wind。

boom!Her body shape fly out,Hey, no sound,On the spot violent。
NS827chapter People in Qingcheng Mountain, I don’t kill again.
In Du’s brothers,Whether it is Su Ling mother,Still following the summer,There is only one end in today.。 That is dead。
Even Du Wen,Although he pays attention to summer,But only this。
But he didn’t expect,Just when two masters,Summer exposed 狰狞 獠 獠。
Speed fast,Let them don’t see how the summer is,Two masters were crushed。
Start with your hands,It is even more than everyone.,A button,Direct Zhang Yi。
Since the speed is too fast,Three people fell almost simultaneously on the ground。
The expression on their face is almost the same,Face is awkward and horrified,Pupil。
Murder,Cleanliness,No one is hesitant。
Du Wenhe Duwu,And three masters surrounded by middle-aged women,All stunned,Face is extremely transformed。
I can’t say a warning,Even if you don’t want to think,Because the summer is not stopped at all。
His figure is like a ghost that has disappeared again.。
“Keathock!” It is also connected to three crispies,The three masters around middle-aged women,Just feel that the front of your eyes,I feel that the throat is tight.,Immediately in front of you。
Their throat breaks sound almost the same time.。
All this happens in an instant,It’s almost a blink of an eye.。
Five masters are full of violent,There are only Du Wen and Du Wu brothers who have stood on the ground.。
Du Wen Du Wu brothers two faces have difficulties,More fear。
They stare at the summer,But it’s not a dare to move。
They can perceive the heavens,I am trying to lock if I am an invisible gas machine.,As long as one moves,It will be thunderous。
Su Ling is red,With a crying chamber, I have a middle-aged woman.。
Just at this time,Du Wen and Duwu are looking at each other,Since this life, although quickly。
The speed they rushed out quickly,Come back faster,Only listen to two sounds,At the same time, I fly later.,Heavy 上。
“you……Who are you!”
Du Wen to the mouth of mouth,Hold the pain,It’s frightening in my eyes.。
Summer did not answer,I didn’t even look at them.,Instead, she is looking to Su Ling mother.,“How to deal with these two people,Do you need my help。”
This sentence,Sueling is a middle-aged woman,Look。
“Thank you。”
The eyes of middle-aged women are full of different,Immediately hate,“Can you abolish them first?,I have to kill them personally.。”

Soon quietly touched a teenager next to it。

He is physically strong,Wallet,It can only be seen from the face to see a few teenagers.。
“Where are we going??”
Summer asked。
Juvenile,I quickly saw a summer in summer with a strange gaze.,“Wang Wei,you’re drunk?
We are of course to go to the Extreme School of Justice.。”
boom!This sentence is like a deep water bomb.,Rubron burst in the summer ear。
Wang Wei?
Wang Wei!!Is this not the name of the ghost valley??
How do you have a ghost valley??
Eas also have the Academy of Pasta……He heard about these four words。
At the beginning of the world,Kill two people,They also said that the Academy of Jiwu。
This……What is going on??
Summer heart has set off a waves。
at this time,Sound from the front,The people who walk in front stopped the footsteps.。
Lake up。
In front,It is a huge iron gate with a high of 30 meters high.,Inlaid in half mountain waist。
Four people wearing black leather,Stand two sides。
They are wax knife,Behind crossing,A black iron gun in hand。
One of them checked the diamond order of the big man again before.,Start check identity。
Time is not long,After completion,One of them just opened a small door under the big iron gate.。
Mandabate people can enter。
More than 50 people,The space inside is very large。
Wall with a certain lighting facility,A bit similar to night beads,But it is not bright。
I walked about 300 meters or so.,Everyone was stopped by a high and thick big iron door.。
There are still four strong people who wear black A, like ghosts.。
It is also a strict verification.,A strong man turned and pushed iron gate。
NS3076chapter Analysis and estimation
When the big iron gate is pushed open,。
Extremely strong white light,Transmitted from inside。
Everyone including summer,All open your eyes, look at the gap。
However, at this time,Summer’s field of view is generally distorted。
Summer can’t help but burst out,Strive to open your eyes,Try to see everything that the iron gate is going。

Duan Lan took it seriously and really listened,And the satin man next to him also showed his teacher’s tolerance,Waiting,Don’t interrupt。

“This season,There is a kind of frost and snow tree flower,The nectar in it will be more suitable for your dragon to grow,It’s just a bit difficult to collect,Because there are often a large group of winter bees around the frost tree flowers,You can consider spending some gold and silver to appoint others to do it。”Duan Lan said。
I wish Minglang a bitter smile。
What I lack most is gold and silver!
“teacher,I am poor,Are there other alternatives??”Zhu Minglangdao。
“I have a few,But even your teacher,I can’t give you for nothing。such,I will bring some Mulong students to Ronggu City to buy rain,You help me with some chores,That pot of frost and snow tree nectar is a reward。”Duan Landao。
Xingyunbuyu,Moisturize everything,This is the Azure Dragon Profound Technique!
Teacher Duan Lan is not average。
“it is good,it is good。”I wish Minglang nodded,This couldn’t be better!
Frost tree flower nectar is definitely more expensive than ordinary nectar,I wish Minglang worry about nowhere to make money。
“You come with me,If you need it urgently,I can get it to you first。”Duan Lan said to Zhu Minglang,Finished saying this,Duan Lan smiled slightly,Politely to the male teacher,“Kebei Mentor,I will think about what you say,I will take my students to get something。”
“Yep,Ok。”The polite way of Kebei instructor。
Zhu Minglang maintains the understanding that a student should have,Give away,Wait for Kebei instructor to turn around,Zhu Minglang looked at teacher Duan Lan with his head tilted……

“I really do not know。”

He slowly stands up,Cold channel,“But you can go to Changan Li Jia.,Perhaps Li Jia knows some inside。”
After,No longer,Turn and get out,Back shades are filled with depression and sorrow。
In the afternoon,Xia Ma does not stop and get out of Changan Airport.,Straight up。
After seeing Li’s father,Summer is not nonsense,Once again, the letter is handed over.。
The look of the old man and the summer do not have a discount,After reading it,The old face is full of complexity。
He is silent to fold the letter paper,Plug envelope。
Immediately see the summer,Sigh,“Where did you get this letter??”
“It is my mother who is handed over to me.。”
Summer sketch,“Grandfather,Do you know what is going on??”
In fact,This letter is very common,There is no secret and insider,I didn’t talk about any hatred.。
It is a letter that the mother left to the son.。
Even my mother can’t be determined,The future son will not see this letter。
But in the letter in the letter,Xia Xia saw some secret——That is the mother is very time.,It is poisoned by people.。
“About your time,Experience what kind of hardship,I am not sure,but……About your mother poisoning……I know some。”
Mr. Li stacked wrinkled old face,Full of complex,Immediately spit a sentence。
“In fact,The source of the surrounding year,Summer home!”
NS2753chapter Intision
“In fact, this essence,And the battle between the family,There is not much difference,Unlike,Your mother is too excellent and dazzling.。”
Hall in the hall,The voice of Li’s father,I am full in my eyes.。
“My excellent,Not only is her potential,And her mind。You can imagine,It was still a ten-year-old girl.,Leave Xiajia to the outside,What is the belief in challenging the young masters of all parties??”
The look of Li’s father has become awkward.,Like a distant memories。
“Your mother and summer cloud,Not Xiajiao,But the bypass is selected into the big summer home.,And your mother is self-proclaiming the demon,This makes the summer family.,There are also some people who have a dark psychology.。Listening to some funny is,So big summer home,Awutling a ten-year-old girl,But don’t forget,This ten-year-old girl,Already to the human master。”
Master is spit out of a sigh,Horn hooked a self-launcher,“If it is very common pang, it is selected to enter the big summer family.,I feel that I can cultivate,Creating a large number of resources will be tilted,But for my mother,Daxia family felt threatened,Sick her growth,There is no teaching of her big summer core inheritance.,So as soon as,With basic swordsmanship and boxing,Your mother is also like a dazzling sun.,Cloth all rays。”
“Why do she leave the summer??Because her mind is very mature then,Can feel that Xia Jia people have faintly prevent and hostile。”
to here,The ridicule of Li’s father is even more,Increasingly。
“one thing,Those who know is very small,In your mother, ten years old,Three-year period to go outside,Summer family……嘿嘿,Xiajia people have been in the dark to your mother,I want to kill her in the cradle.,I have encountered it once.,Although they are covered,And easy to accompany,Even the tricks have changed,But I can affirm,That is that Xiajia people are undoubtedly。”
The summer fists clenched and released。
And the old man sighs,“summer,I believe you can understand,Giants are deeply like sea,More than the first hidden family of Huaxia,More cold and cold blood in the battle,No family can speak。”
Toned,Look straight,“Some things are like this,Not you telling family,Others may not be willing to tell you family,Not if you want to quit, you can quit.,Because you are here,It is a threat。”
Summer silence。
Although he is also considered a giants,But did not grow in the giants,Can not understand these。
Contrary,He has experienced too much darkness and betrayal。

“Still rolling out early。Don’t lose your face here.。”

Sound scorn,Extremely ridicule。 Here is a large part of the Lu Hai Feng’s horse is looking forward.,Among them, there are many things to do under Lu Haifeng.。
Now see him soft knife,Nature should keep the team。
They all saw the painting,Even artwork is not,It is a decoration.。
No one thinks that the summer is true。
certainly,Among them, Luo Wen and others did not follow,on the contrary,Their face is getting more and more ugly。
“Xiao Yu,you……”
Su Xiaoyue quickly took his arm,Face anger looks Xiao Yu,We will sweep away from the students。
She can’t understand,Why is these people to be against the summer?,Why is this kind of scorn。
have no idea。
I also want to pass。
But it doesn’t mean that Su Xiaoyue has no temper.。
Her temperament is quiet,But never soft and weak,Not lack of courage。
One year in Baihua Group,Facing heavy pressures and threats,She became strong and the fruit。
“Small,I did not mean,In fact, your colleague is quite good.,It is too good to face.。”
See Su Xiaoxiao,Xiao Yu rushed and laughed。
but,Her pair of scorpions have been shouted with a jealousy。
In addition to the face,She also thinks that she is bitter than Su Xiao.,Even the body is better than the opponent.。
But the sea peaks are all like this monk.。
on the contrary,Although she is doing things under Lu Haifeng,But she is in the eyes of each other,It is the same servant to call.。
How can she not?。
Good sister?
That is a dog!
If not for the future,She is too lazy to take care of each other。
And at this time,Since the summer, I suddenly look at one of the waiters.,“Can this picture take down??”
“Can,completely fine。”
Unwaquated waiter’s response,The public relations girl who came to the summer and others have been first opening。
A scene that takes place before the gate,This public relations girl also look at the eyes。

“Then there is no problem.,After processing,I will tell my teacher at the right time.”Spring will take the title again when the arrow。

Right time?When is the ghost?,Sien。
“Then trouble the spring.,Asma。。。。”The land is some hesitation。
“I probably gave the problem of his father’s question.,After venting, he also stabilized.,Seeing that it is no bad place.,Anyway, I also know”Spring said。
“Then ask the spring to endure,Empty is handed over.”Landed。
“You’re welcome,This is what I should do”Spring。
Everything is perfect,Spring also got what he wanted,This hard work has no white feet。
In a secret room in Fire Temple,Springs and lights are sitting on the upper body。
“Is it ready?,Problem,Remind me at any time,I am very interrupted.”Spring said。
Springs pull out a reel,The above is full of printed prints。
Then his fingers touched the empty belly,Light blue Chakra,The seal composition of a rune appeared.。
“Good and poor seal.,I don’t know how to seal the Jiuji Chakra.”Spring thought。
Spring is directly in the air abdomen,Chakra explores the seal,Dark space in the eyes of the eye。
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The hand of the spring is pulled from the empty belly.,A red Chakra was pulled out,Then press the reel,Red Chakra begins slowly enter the reel。
In fact, it will turn a circle in the reel.,These Chakra is actually absorbed by Spring.。
Empty body is somewhat shake,But he still endured。
Red Chakra after entering the eye,Quick conversion,But this is a bit more。
The speed of reincarnation is a little can’t keep up.,Spring has to slow down speed。
With the entry of Chakra,Reincarnation is getting brighter,Spring can feel that its origin is quickly completed.。
Chakra in the eyes is getting more and more,The absorption speed is also getting fast。
But didn’t have long before Chakra came back。
Empty nine tail Chakra was taken out,Springs to the reel,Bother“seal up”
Then quickly put the reel to the volume.,Drama is still finished。
“null,Nothing.”Quan Wei asked。
Empty,Just seems tired。
After that, the spring will take the empty clothes.,Come to the land。
Springs are nodd from the land,The land is also loose。
After a period of rest, after a while,Quan Wei took the temple with empty,Ready back to leave。
“null,What do you want to do with Asa?”Spring asked。
“I just want to know him.,See how he is a person”Empty state calmly。
“If you want to spend him, it is still,His strength is better than me”Spring, kidding。
The empty body shook a shock,Can block him,It is conceivable to know how strong the strength of Quanquan.,The Asma is still strong than him.。
Empty obvious overestimation,Spring is just a chance to close the empty body,Snooked Jiu Takirai。
Even if this, I have made my wolf.。
“Let it go,Do not think too much,Life is always a little unexpected,cheer up”Springs show smile。

Summer opening,She accelerates the speed,“From now on,You can’t leave here……”

Li Yanwen does not want to be tangled with a small security guard,Even if the other person can play。
And regardless of things,The other party is injured so many people,It is no longer an expensive problem to solve the problem.。
Especially seeing Li Jie’s miserable call,She vowes to make the other party pay the price。
Even if the president and the chairman come,She also has a health,Take action。
Li Jie has a relationship in the bureau,Wait for this guy into the prison,After he hurts,Some is the other party。
However,Her words have not been said to be cold-cooled by the summer.。
at this time,Summer is still a human animal harmless look,But the sarcasm in the eyes is obvious.。
“What qualifications do you have in front of me?。Who is your special code?,A big old age,Don’t go back to hold grandson,唧唧 歪 歪?”
Voice is just,A silent hall。
Dead and normal。
Even if the security guards are there seem to be。
old woman!
Who do you think you are!
This is the meaning of summer.。
Li Yanwen’s face,Gluten jumping of forehead,I have been out of anger。
Her eyes,Summer,“I am the administration……”
Not finished,I was interrupted again.。
“What is the responsibility of the Administration?,Punishment and supervision staff are?”
I saw a smile in the summer.,Contemn,“I and Su Xiaoxue came here to pack garbage,However, the security of the security is not a saying.,Do I still hit it wrong??Don’t I be hit??You are good,Neither investigation and don’t ask,Directly to launch a big hat directly……”
Looking at the opponent by Qinghong,And red whitening face,There is no meaning in the summer.。
“Su Xiaoxue such a girl,Because of your bullies,Even so,You think that you do something drip.,Can’t pick a problem,Just when someone is a fool?I thought that no one knows that you are doing.?There are still today’s things,I don’t believe that there is no such old woman in secret.……”
In no sound in a popssion,Summer language is extremely bad。
“Now you have a special code, there is a face in front of Laozi.,I will go to your mom.,Today, I will tell you a truth.,Have the right to work, no greatness,There are always people you can’t afford.!”
His voice spread throughout the hall,His eyes,Also left before,Everyone is not bother to pay back。
“Call the police!”
Li Yanwen cold and spit two words,All the anger broke out,Fully looked to Wang Jie,Call the voice with the old woman’s unique voice。
“Didn’t you hear me?,Call the police!Now!immediately!immediately!”
Surrounded by the staff,I know that Li Yanwen is angry.。
And Wang Jie also touched the phone when it was busy。
only,Just when she dialped the number,Suddenly came to a cold voice。
“Who wants to call?”
Go to the sound,I saw that the hall door walked into a group of people.。
The first thing is two beautiful women wearing professional skirts.,Around the body, follow the high levels of companies。
It is Liu Qingqing and Qinling。
Da da da。
The foot walks sound at the same time。
Baihua Group power is the most beautiful two women,There is no expression fluctuating on your face.,Only high heels are sent out。
Gas field。
At this moment,Liu Qingqing and Qinling have not yet lost in front of summer.。

http://www.haiwaijiu.cnWomen’s face,Just smile is more,But this smile has to make more fakes。

“Wang sister is really a noble person,I am a Miao, who is Luo Yunchamber.。”
Say,She refers to a man who is provocating summer.,“He is my follower。”
“Luo Yun Chamber of Commerce……”Wang Yixin became taste。
Luo Yun Chamber of Commerce is in Shencheng to 200。
She didn’t expect,Some people will provoke themselves first.。
Important,Wang Yuxin does not think that the other party has this courage。
She laughed,“Can you tell me,Who will give you a trick behind??”
A woman who is named Miao,“Where is Wang’s sister?,Is this average banquet not?,Everyone thinks that Wang’s sister is inadequate this year.,I don’t dare to test,I have to come to the road stone.,If you can compare my sister,I am afraid that I will never lose it.。”
At this time,The man raised the sound,“Boy,I dare to accept my challenge.,I don’t dare to say,I put you a horse.。”
Very high voice,The momentum is also very foot。
Originally, I am paying attention to people on Zhao Xiaole.,All have been attracted。
Such a scene,Let men be more proud,Point pointing at summer,“You as a follower of Wang Yuxin,Why is there soon?,Contact,Say。”
Summer standing,Go out,“Go to the central government。”
He is obedient.,This guy is in the show,How to make more fake,Really nausea。
The man did not expect that the summer actually agreed.,After the reaction,Silently laugh,“I don’t go back and go back.,Early saying morning,Waste my saliva……”He also stepped forward。
only……After receiving a few steps,Suddenly,I took him.。
“Zhang Da,What are you going?。”
This person is pressed in his ear.,“Don’t you know who he is??
He is the head of black sister’s mysterious business,On the opening day, kill the mad dog on the spot.,Did you find it?!Let you smash the soft persimmon,How do you pick a stars?!”
Men’s figure,So hanging from,The forehead naked eye shows a fine sweat。
“Big brother,you,What you said is really?”
“of course it’s true, I just got message,Let you wait a little one, etc.,Why don’t you listen?。”
“I……”Zhang Da’s face changed again,“Not I have to provoke,Is Miao Her……”“The woman is an idiot,Estimate is also someone else’s knife……”Zhang Dhai uses hand, one-piece head fine peak,Accelerate speech speed,Then drink,“and many more!”
Walking in the summer stopping footsteps,Turn around,Like a smile,“what happened again。”
“I……”Zhang Da’s red neck is thick,Teeth,Low sound spit out three words,“I surrender!”
He wants to low-key。
Unfortunately, the throat just,Has attracted enough people。
I heard him at this moment.,Originally ready to see the lively people?,All almost sides of the old blood spray。
Your uncle。
Pants are off,Let us see this?
Pretending to talk to Wang Yuxin smile,A sister, a deep model,It’s even aiming.。


First1280chapter Faint pain
The sky is getting dark。
Wang Youfa hangs his head,He stuttered:“Xia Jian!You’re a fucking bastard。The two most fascinating women in Xiping Village,But you fell asleep。you said I…”Wang Youfa said,Still crying。
Drunken people are like that,Cry or laugh,Either slapstick or sleep,Fanzheng is nothing more than these kinds of situations。Xia Jian、Drunk,But he is not like this。As the saying goes, wine depends on character,This sentence is not false。
Song Fang called Xia Jian over,I just wanted to talk about the old,Recall the good past。I didn’t expect Wang Youfa to be killed halfway,She couldn’t help being furious,Song Fang sternly scolded:“Wang Youfa!You get out,Drink some cat urine”
“Song Fang!You don’t mean enough,I like you to get you here,Unexpectedly, you won’t know anyone when you get to the boss’s bed”Wang Youfa said with a smile。
Song Fang was anxious,This guy turned it over。Xia Jian had a prejudice against her originally,Finally changed his view of himself,Unexpectedly, at this time, Wang Youfa said something like this。
Song Fang was furious,She rushed over,Two big mouths slapped on Wang Youfa’s face。Wang Youfa was beaten up by Song Fang a bit,Stammered after a long while:“What I’m saying is true,How are you hitting me?“
“If Wang Youfa, you will be broken!You want to make me stink,No one wants me anymore,You think I don’t know what you think“Song Fang roared loudly。
Xia Jian saw the wine drank like this,I don’t think it’s meaningless to sit down。He stood up and said:“Thank you Song Fang,I want to go back,What does he do?“
“ Then you go!When trouble knocking down the gate,Tell the old man at the door to come to my room“Song Fang said,According to Wang Youfa’s leg, he kicked twice。
Xia Jian walked out of Song Fang’s door,He looked at the starry night sky,Took a long breath。He can’t figure it out,What’s wrong with people now?Is it that only money is the most important thing in this world??
When returning home,Just over eight o’clock。Stone table side in the yard,Zhao Hong and Sun Yuejuan are chatting,Xia Zecheng is sitting and drinking tea。Xia Jianyi walked in,Sun Yuejuan asked with a smile:“Have you eaten yet?Or I will do it for you“
“Satiated“Xia Jian laughed and sat beside Zhao Hong。