Some things women should n’t understand after divorce

Some things women should n’t understand after divorce

Some things women should n’t understand after divorce

Good fortune. When I married a man who loved me, he was moved by my parents and me when he pursued me.

He said to my parents: “Uncle, aunt, please believe me, I will build a happy home for Lotus!

Will not let her suffer the slightest grievance and hardship!

“I am the only child and I have done almost no housework since I was young.

He can’t either, but for me he started to learn, starting with the simplest.

He always takes care of things that I can’t think of but can’t do it for me. He always helps me do what I neglected to do as I want.

In short, the days after marriage are really the same as what he promised, I have no grievances and hardships.

Drunk in the happiness he created for me, I told him more than once: “You will spoil me.

He said, “I don’t spoil you. What can I do?”

“I often say in front of friends that I am the happiest woman, and they make them all jealous.

Really, in addition to his parents in this world, he also spoiled me so much, what else am I not satisfied with?

  Originally thought that life would go on like this, but when his daughter was under 3 years old, he was promoted to the manager of the business department, responsible for the business of the entire southwestern region.

I was really happy for him after the appointment, but he asked me, “Do you want me to sit in this position?

“I said I hope very much.

He asked again: “Then I will be easy in the future. Can you take care of yourself and your family?

“I was totally excited at the time and told him without thinking,” You can rest assured! ”

I will be a good wife and mother.

“For no reason, I made myself like a sorrowful woman. At the beginning, I still maintained a strong state, but I was spoiled by him. He felt that he had lost his backbone when he lost his family.

Finally, I was overwhelmed by this difficulty. I assigned my daughter to cry in the middle of the night and called him. I said I was going crazy. Come back soon.

A few hours later, he appeared in front of me, looking tired.

  In order to take care of me without delaying work, he began to run between the two cities, and returned on Friday evening to take care of our mother and daughter’s life next week, and drove back at night on the weekend.

We started to change unknowingly. I learned how to blame and complain. I lost temper with him and his daughter and made myself like a blame woman.

And he was getting thinner.

Actually, I know he is tired and stressed.

Mom also reminded me to change myself appropriately, don’t go too far.

  My birthday became the fuse between us.

It was Sunday and he got up early and was busy.

I invited many friends behind him, the purpose is to show off my happiness.

Because they always say that men who succeed in their careers are bound to deteriorate.

We have a bunch of people who have fun happily, and he provides us with thoughtful service.

In the afternoon, his cell phone rang and something important happened over the company, and he needed to get back immediately.

I heard him explaining there, but it didn’t work out, and my mood got really bad.

He apologized to my friends first, then took my hand and said, “Sorry!


“I felt the snickers of my friends, and I pushed him hard,” Go!

No one stays with you.

“Then locked the door and wept.

His cell phone rang desperately. After more than an hour, a friend told me that he was gone.  I regret that I gave up the man I loved tonight. I had been waiting for his call that night, but I didn’t come back at dawn.

I called him and said, “I want a divorce!”

“Just say, unplugged the phone line and turned off the phone.

I thought he would return to me immediately, but he didn’t.

While waiting, I tried to put the phone line several times, but I was spoiled by him, and I couldn’t lower my head.

He returned on Friday night, and I wanted to rush forward and lean against him, but my pride prevented me from doing so.

I was mad to toss him a draft divorce agreement.

He kept looking at me, a painful face.

He asked me, “Do you think so?

“I hummed it coldly.

He said, “Well, I think your decision.

“My heart was cold, and I almost shed tears.

  He thinks change will change!

My friend’s words echoed in my ears again: “A man who succeeds in his career will definitely go bad!

“Gritting my teeth, I said ruthlessly,” Go to the office on Monday.

Who doesn’t go to whoever kind!

“That’s how we got divorced.

He didn’t want anything, he just took the child away.

Back to the empty home, like dreaming, I wanted to see a few, so I turned on the phone that had been turned off, and suddenly a lot of information came in, all from him a few days ago.

“Dear, are you still angry?

It’s too late and I won’t call you.

Something happened at the company and I had to work overtime.

good night!

“Hehe, I’m on my way back, I know you’re angry, sorry!

“Hehe, forgive me for being too negligent at work, don’t be angry, I beg you!”

Could you answer the phone, please?

“Hehe, I love you.

Please remember my promise: ‘I will build a happy home for you!

Will not let you suffer the slightest grievance and hardship!

‘” If you think divorce is the best way for you, then I ‘m willing to bear all this pain!

“. My tears blurred my vision, and I could no longer see it.

I feel like I’m dreaming a very ridiculous dream.

I’m actually divorced, and I’m the man I love deeply, and the man I depend on.