TCM health care focuses on methods

TCM health care focuses on methods

TCM health care focuses on methods

Everyone longs for health, but sickness often meets us unexpectedly.

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at the end of 1995 and became more and more severe in September of the following year.

At that time, the doctor said that he had ketosis, hyperthyroidism, and diabetic bowel disease.

Later, there was an infection of the big toe of the foot.

This difficult diabetes adds a bitterness to my life.

  The ancients said that treating the disease by three points and raising seven points.

Three years ago, I began to pay attention to scientific health and self-regulation.

And with a good attitude, actively cooperate with doctors for treatment.

After the doctor’s treatment and my own efforts, the condition was finally brought under control.

According to my many years of practice and experience, it is summarized as three therapies. The methods are: (1) Diet therapy. In addition to insisting on taking medication on time, diabetic patients must pay attention to diet control.

Diet control is very important. Only by long-term and reasonable adherence to diet therapy can you effectively control blood sugar.

I adhere to the principle that there are less masters and more deputies.

The staple food is controlled within 250 grams per day, 500 grams of vegetables, 250 grams of milk, 100 grams of lean meat, and appropriate amount of soy products.

For diabetics, you can have no meat for a day, no beans for a day, and fruits with low sugar content, such as pears, peaches, and apples.

Fruits are eaten between meals, and the amount is within 200 grams (no fruits in severe cases).

When you have polyuria and thirst, you need to add enough water in time.

Under the guarantee of the nutrition required by the body, the diet should be moderately controlled to achieve a moderate diet, flexible meals, balanced nutrition, and not partiality.

  (2) Exercise therapy The life lies in exercise, and fitness cannot do without exercise.

A diabetic patient, often morning and evening exercise, is conducive to enhancing insulin island regulatory function, changing blood lipid status, improving organ function, reducing complications, lowering blood sugar, and enhancing physical fitness.

From a medical perspective, exercise is an adjunct to treatment.

Therefore, I exercise for 1 hour after breakfast for half an hour every day. The exercise method is selected according to my hobbies, such as walking, dancing, aerobics, and Tai Chi.

After supper, I do medical exercises while watching TV.

After a long period of exercise, the symptoms of diabetes mellitus were significantly reduced, and the symptoms of ketonuria and hyperthyroidism disappeared.

The fasting blood glucose value is 16.

2 mmol / elevate to 7.

2 mmol / L or less.

  (3) Psychotherapy A person suffering from diabetes who needs to take medication for life and has experienced the pain of seeing a doctor for medical treatment is very distressed mentally.

But whenever I saw the sun spurting out, a strong and beautiful idea sprang up.

With this strong conviction and optimistic attitude, she stubbornly fights against the disease.

It is especially important in my opinion to treat diseases with such a positive and optimistic attitude.

I have loved studying since I was young. After retiring and living at home, I fell in love with the book-based lifestyle. I also participated in senior college writing classes, computer training classes, and sometimes wrote articles such as small clutter.A beautiful article adds a dash of spirit to the soul.

Seeing the articles appear in the newspapers, I overflowed with joy from the bottom of my heart.

This not only enriches my life, diversifies it, but also promotes good health.

It is the book that has brought me into an unusually fresh and open environment. It is really fun to read and write, and I don’t know that the disease is in the body.