6 tips to easily get rid of skin acne_1

6 tips to easily get rid of skin acne_1

6 tips to get rid of skin acne easily

Most of the causes of adult acne come from personal habits, including insufficient sleep, excessive fatigue, unbalanced eating habits, and incomplete cleansing of makeup residues, which also include physiological changes such as hormone imbalance and skin oilUnbalanced secretion and other factors.

Under the influence of these internal and external pressures on the skin, the circulatory system will be disturbed, resulting in a decrease in immunity and an opportunity for acne.


hzh {display: none; }  成人暗疮的成因绝大部分源自个人的生活习惯  以下是一些日间暗疮护理的窍门:  1 、宜选择含有抗菌成分的护肤品,如茶树油就是一种具天然杀菌Effective ingredients to prevent the spread of acne.

  2. Active sun protection is also one of the ways to improve acne, because UV rays are one of the reasons that make acne worse, but you should choose a mild sunscreen.

  3, keep the mood relaxed and happy, can prevent acne caused by stress.

  4. Your hands are covered with bacteria, so you should avoid touching your hands with acne and acne. Please clean your hands before taking care of your skin.

  5. Try to avoid wearing high-collar clothes, keep your cheeks fresh, and avoid using your hands to support your chin. The hair and hat on your cheeks should not cover your cheeks and forehead.

  6. Do not squeeze acne at will, so as not to cause skin problems such as inflammation, acne marks and bumps.