Barometer of hair, child’s health

Barometer of hair, child’s health

Barometer of hair, child’s health

Why doesn’t my baby have long hair?

Why is my baby’s hair so yellow all the time?

Why does my baby always lose hair?

Is it a genetic disease for such a small baby with long white hair?

  Hair condition and performance is not long hair: baby’s hair has been growing slowly, almost no hair.

  Thin hair: The baby’s hair is thin, and his hair is small and soft.

  Occipital alopecia: Where the bones of the baby’s back of the head protrude, the hair is lost in a horizontal circle, and the other parts are not obvious.

  Little white head: Newborn baby has a few white hairs on the forehead.

  Split ends: Your baby’s hair has split ends.

  Yellow hair: The baby’s temporary yellowing.

Hair is thin and soft.

  There are several possible reasons for this: 1 The baby’s fetal hair is in the replacement period: This is a normal physiological phenomenon, which is common in newborn babies, without other abnormalities; 2 Hair loss caused by calcium deficiency: Generally accompanied by a decrease in blood calcium;Zinc, anemia, and malnutrition can also cause your baby’s hair to grow slowly.

  Newborn babies are in the developmental stage, they grow very fast and their metabolism is very strong. Therefore, a lot of oil is secreted from the scalp.Objects can irritate the scalp, which in turn can cause itching, blistering, and even secondary infections, leading to easy replacement of hair.

  The baby develops to 5 in the womb?
At 6 months, the hair will be replaced slowly.

If the fetal hair is reduced too much, your baby’s hair will have complications at birth.

It is also possible that long-term hair loss causes hair to appear thinner than other babies.