Tell you how to send fruit to the patient

Tell you how to send fruit to the patient

Tell you how to send fruit to the patient

Constipation, Hemorrhoids: Bananas, pears, peaches, citrus should be eaten to make bowel movements for profit; persimmons, hawthorn, apples, lotus seeds, etc. should not be eaten, because these fruits contain carbohydrates and acids, which have astringent bowel and antidiarrheal effects.Causes constipation.

  Ulcers, too much stomach acid: It is not advisable to eat sour pears, lemons, bayberry, green plums, plums and other high-acid fruits to prevent damage to the healing of the ulcer or aggravated by the sudden increase in gastric acid.

  Diarrhea: You should eat grapes, pomegranates, apples, bayberry and other fruits that have swords. You should not eat bananas, pears, watermelons, and other cold, intestinal laxative fruits, which can cause stool and diarrhea after eating and aggravate the disease.

  Obesity: Those who are losing weight need to choose fruit. It is best to eat less apples and grapes because the former is high in content and sometimes high in sugar.

There are many types of fruits on the market, and their nutritional combinations are also different. Therefore, you must know what to eat.

  Anemia: It is not advisable to eat fruits such as oranges, persimmons, because its protein-containing metabolites are easily combined with iron, which can block the body’s absorption of iron and can cause constipation.

  Hepatitis: It is advisable to eat vitamin C such as banana, pear, date, citrus, apple, watermelon, etc., a fruit that protects the liver and promotes liver cell regeneration.

  Food accumulation, high blood pressure: It is not advisable to eat fruits that are easy to produce sputum, help heat, and hinder digestion of the spleen and stomach.

  Diabetes: It is advisable to eat edible pectin, which can change the secretion of blood sugar, pineapple, bayberry, and cherry fruits that have a blood sugar lowering effect; it is not advisable to eat fruits with high sugar content such as dates, grapes, bananas, apples, pears, figs, litchis, lemonsIn order to avoid eating, it will cause blood sugar to rise, and increase the burden of flour, which is not conducive to treatment.

  Heart failure, severe edema: It is not advisable to eat too many fractal watermelon, pear, pineapple and other fruits. Due to the accumulation of a large amount of water, heart failure and edema worsen.

  Acute nephritis: If you have poor kidney function or edema and need to avoid salt, you should not eat bananas. Bananas contain more sodium salt, which can increase edema and increase the burden on the heart and kidneys.

  Hypertension, arteriosclerosis: It is advisable to eat vitamin D such as hawthorn, jujube, cholesterol, and fruits that have antihypertensive and alleviating atherosclerosis.

  Coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia: eat fruits such as citrus, grapefruit, hawthorn, peach, strawberry, etc., because these fruits are rich in vitamin C and niacin, which can lower blood lipids and cholesterol.

  Myocardial infarction, stroke: It is advisable to eat fruits that help digestion, such as watermelon, banana, citrus, and peach; it is not advisable to eat fruits such as persimmon, apple, lotus seed, which have astringent effects due to acid acid, which may easily cause constipation and worsen the disease.

  Respiratory tract infections: Especially patients with sore throat, cough, and phlegm, should eat pears, coriander, oranges, apricots, Luo Han Guo and other fruits that can reduce phlegm, moisten the lungs, and relieve cough.

  Hot and dry constitution: Pear, banana, watermelon and other cold fruits should be eaten; grapes, oranges, dates, cherries and other warm fruits should not be eaten.

  Fever: Pears, citrus and other fruits with the functions of refreshing and quenching thirst, antipyretic and dispersing poison should be eaten.

Because fever patients sweat more, pears, oranges, etc. contain a lot of water and potassium, which is more beneficial to fever patients.

Fun Yoga: Lose Weight While Cool

Fun Yoga: Lose Weight While Cool

Have you heard of “Yoga practiced with dogs”, “Yoga without clothes”, “Yoga practiced with a smile”?

These are the practice methods that are popular in many metropolises. These let the years know that yoga is not a rigid practice method.

  The first yoga course was available as early as the 2nd century BC, and the yoga practice was established 2000 years ago.

In life, many objects have changed over time, such as food, fashion, architecture, medicine, Buddhism, martial arts . Yoga also has different systems, different schools, innovations over time.Come up with a variety of novel practice methods.

  There are many new developments in modern yoga. Whether these innovations are an improvement is hard to comment.

In the innovative yoga system, there are those that develop purely to fitness and some that develop to healing. There are also different ways of combining physical, energy and spiritual transformation.

After all, the word yoga is translated from Sanskrit “yuj”, meaning “combined” or “unified”. The traditional understanding of this meaning is “the union of heaven and man, or the physical, mental, and spiritual power through extraordinary powerBe one.

  In any case, what we hope is that these new methods of yoga practice will stimulate your interest and broaden your horizons.

  Yoga + Dog = Dog Yoga New York is known for creating fashion and fashion.

Of course, yoga and dogs in New York are also more avant-garde and more fashionable.

New Yorkers put together two things they like: their dog and the yoga they practice, thus creating “dog yoga”, which we also call “rufu yoga.”

  People and their dogs practice traditional and improved postures on mats, and have the opportunity to combine the two together, and develop specific massage techniques to calm the dog and help it enter circulation and comprehensionprocess.

  This yoga class was designed very successfully and quickly became popular in major cities in the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and other countries.

In 2003, the highly respected New York yogi Jennifer Brilliant edited and published the book Dog Yoga-Dog Practicing Yoga.

The book published nearly 100 pages of photos to show everyone how to practice.

According to reports, this spring, at a pet exhibition in Japan attended by more than 20,000 people, “Dog Yoga” also appeared in the exhibition in a novel way.

  With the development of pets and yoga in China, perhaps in the near future, some people will see “dog yoga” also appearing in yoga studios, gyms or pet clubs.

Who knows?

  Yoga + Water = Water Yoga Yoga practiced in water.

Use the buoyancy of water to restore the joints. This is the role of water yoga.

Its basic principle is that the warm water environment supports the joints of the body. The buoyant environment of water reduces the weight of the body, which helps the joints and bones. The water current also gently massages the body.

This unique exercise method is very effective for restoring body shape, and it is a form of exercise that people have been looking for for physical rehabilitation.

  It is said that water yoga can also help practitioners muscle, reduce joint pain, and improve body balance.

As explained by the water yoga teacher Barbara Kennedy: “You can fall down vertically, don’t worry, the water will hold you up.

“Water yoga is also a sport that helps pregnant women and the elderly.

Props include “noodle” props made of foam and other floating supports.

  Yoga + Disco = Disco Yoga Disco Yoga, founded by CrunchFitness, aims to allow practitioners to follow the tunes of yoga without getting bored.

Dana Flynn, creator of the Yoga Class “Creation Instruction” at the Crunch Gymnasium in New York City, said: “Yoga should be dynamic, not static-it must be a dynamic, lively movement.

Flynn insists, “Yoga should be a sport that innovates continuously.”

  Yoga-Clothes = Nude Yoga On Sunday morning, for many Americans, it is time to go to church, and for some people in San Francisco, this is the time for their nude yoga class.

Classes take place at a nude yoga experience center in San Francisco, where there are 90-minute nude yoga classes every Sunday morning.

The center’s manager Rob Kandell said: “Nude yoga is not a sexual medical examination, but a physical examination that releases the mind.

“The practitioner first sat down, took off all his clothes, exposed his feet, and conducted pure, clean meditation.

Then the men and women separated to different areas, and finally returned to the main classroom naked.

  On a yoga website, it reads: “Nude yoga can allow people to experience a movement without restraint and obstruction; it can also provide a relaxing breath, improve physical balance and mobility, and make people disconnect from the worldThe feeling of being open, liberating, necessary, and welcome.

Of course, the benefits of nude yoga are not limited to these, there are more.

“Nude yoga is an unforgettable experience, and its key word is” liberation “.

This is a kind of exercise that can be enjoyed without physical restraints.When you touch your bare body, you will have an indescribable feeling in the air under the sun.

  Yoga + Haha = Laugh Yoga Yoga plus “haha”, or “haha” (“hasya” in Sanskrit means laughter) is laugh yoga.

Laughter Yoga, also known as Hashiah Yoga, was created in 1995 by Dr. Madan Kataria in Mumbai.

After that, Laughter Yoga was as quickly loved by people all over the world as Spark.

According to reports, there are currently more than 2,500 laugh yoga clubs in the world.

  Dr. MadanKataria believes that laughter is good for health, so.

He and 4 friends met each morning in the agreed park and told jokes to others every day, with the purpose of making everyone laugh.

One morning, they started laughing after telling the joke, and later people laughed even though they didn’t hear the joke.

Dr. MadanKataria was anesthetized, laughter is contagious, and laughter yoga (or Hashi Yoga) was born.

  Laughter Yoga is a breathing technique that combines traditional yoga with gentle and continuous laughter training, including yoga breathing methods.

Its benefits are that it relieves stress and depression, strengthens the immune system, increases creativity, and even relieves fatigue.

  When practicing laughter yoga, you need to consciously and suddenly laugh really.

This can relieve stress and be good for your health.

  PamelaPatterson was one of the creators of Van Culver’s first laughter yoga club.

Pam has been a yoga instructor for 25 years in military conditioning and therapy.

She first knew that laughter yoga was in 2004, when she and Dr. Kataria managed several laughter yoga venues.

  According to Pam, “A training session usually lasts 1 hour.

Starting from the typical meditation, the explanation, the warm-up laughter ‘Woohoo, Hahaha, hahaha, hahahaha, hahahaha’, then half an hour of laughter yoga practice, laughter meditation and basic yoga practice.

According to Pam, “The biggest benefit of laughter yoga is the amazing ability to laugh whenever you want to laugh, even if you encounter bad things one day, you can laugh easily.

Moreover, laughter can really improve one’s creativity and imagination quickly.

“Yoga pays attention to the coordination of breathing.

By adjusting your breathing and concentrating on one point, you can achieve calmness, balance your body, and focus your thoughts.

The main point of practicing yoga is concentration and meditation.

Sweet, bitter and salty in your mouth may be sick

Sweet, bitter and salty in your mouth may be sick

Both sweet and bitter and salty in the mouth may be some small symptoms of internal organs in the disease often reflected between the tongue. Knowing and adjusting in advance can prevent the disease.

  Oral bitterness is usually caused by abnormal bile metabolism, and it is common in complications such as acute and chronic hepatitis, cholecystitis, and gallstones.

You can eat more spinach.

Spinach is cool and sweet, has blood circulation, quenches thirst, helps digestion, clears the stomach, and relieves heat and toxins. It has an adjuvant treatment for complications such as irritability, heat and thirst, dry mouth and throat.

  Sweet taste Sweet taste is common in complications such as diabetes and digestive disorders.

In addition to actively treating basic diseases such as diabetes, you should also change your lifestyle, eat less spicy food, stop smoking and limit alcohol, and take active exercise.

  Sore mouth Sore mouth is a common symptom of gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers.

Those who have too much stomach acid should fast foods that are acidic or high in protein, so as not to increase the secretion of stomach acid, you can eat rice porridge, noodles, bread, etc. to regulate the spleen and stomach.

  Salty salty neurotoxicity, chronic nephritis, laryngitis, oral ulcers and other patients will appear salty.

You can take Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, Zuo Gui Wan, etc. as prescribed by your doctor.

  Light mouth means that it may cause digestive and digestive system, endocrine system diseases, as well as malnutrition, vitamin and trace element zinc deficiency and so on.

Properly increase the intake of high-protein, high-vitamin foods, such as chicken, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, and even eat two or three hawthorns after each meal to stimulate gastric acid secretion.

  Bad breath, oral disorders, indigestion and other complications can cause bad breath, such as pharyngitis, gingivitis, oral ulcers, dental caries, gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers.

Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables will help to clear the stomach and intestines, supplement B vitamins, vitamin C and zinc if necessary.

  Spicy lung heat or delayed stomach fire are more common in hypertension, neurosis, and menopausal syndrome.

Wash and remove the pits of Sydney, add steamed food such as scallops, rock sugar, honey, etc., to help alleviate the phenomenon of spicy taste.


Freckle removal recipes that are easily overlooked in daily life

Freckle removal recipes that are easily overlooked in daily life

Guide: Women with long spots will be troubled by the loss of their crystal clear skin, but in daily life, there are a lot of freckle remedies that are easily overlooked.

Let’s take the material on the spot and completely eliminate the speck of the shell!


hzh {display: none; }  容易被忽视的祛斑方法一:红糖祛斑法  红糖排毒滋润的这种特殊作用,主要得益于它的天然成分。Studies have found that sugarcane is rich in a variety of essential amino acids in the human body, such as lysine, as well as malic acid, citric acid, etc., which are essential basic substances to synthesize human proteins and support metabolism.

Brown sugar can be eaten directly, or it can be made into a mask to apply to the face and massage the skin. It also has a good effect.

Here is a facial detoxifying scrub that can be made with brown sugar and honey, which can make the stains on your shoulders disappear instantly and restore your white and tender skin.

  Pour about a teaspoon of brown sugar into a mixing bowl and pour three times as much honey as brown sugar. If your skin is delicate, add more honey.

Stir well and let stand for five minutes.

The upper layer of honey mixed with brown sugar is a good detoxifying active scrub!

Apply on a wet bladder and massage. Rinse.

Brown sugar contains a variety of nutrients, nourishing cocoa from the skin has a unique effect, the mask is sufficient to make the skin smooth and beautiful, and can promote skin metabolism.

  The freckle method that is easy to be ignored: The skin expert of salt freckle method says that eating more salt will cause high blood pressure and will directly affect people’s appearance.

Table salt exists in human blood and body fluids in the form of sodium ions and chloride ions, and they play a very important role in maintaining human osmotic pressure, acid-base balance and water balance.

If you eat too much salt, sodium in your body will increase, which will cause facial cells to lose water, which will cause skin aging, wrinkles, spots and other problems.

For better skin, a more scientific method is to drink plenty of water to help detoxify the skin. In addition, the daily salt intake should not exceed 6 grams.

If animal feces and too much protein are implanted at the same time, it will also affect the liver’s normal metabolism and grow freckles.

  As long as we all develop a good habit in our daily life, plus reasonable care, the pigmentation will be far away from us, and we will have “zero-year-old” white, smooth, and supple skin.

  Easy to ignore freckle method three: bean sprout soup freckle method: add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, boil, add washed bean sprouts, and cook until the bean sprouts are cooked.

  Features: light, with the fragrance of buds, but not salt, drink light soup, eat bean sprouts, 3 times a day, even for several days.

  Efficacy: Soybean sprouts, mung bean sprouts are soy beans, and the young sprouts of mung beans are released after blisters.

It is a cholesterol-free, low-feces, high-protein vegetable.

It is rich in nutrients and contains protein, trace amounts, sugars, phospholipids, carotene and vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and so on.

Bean sprouts clear heat and detoxify, and relieve heat.

  This soup has the effect of moisturizing the skin and removing stasis.

It is suitable for the treatment of arthritis and corns.

It is a complementary food to remove facial scars.

  The freckle-removing method that is easy to be ignored: The tea skin-beauty freckle-removing method uses tea as a cosmetic, so that the beauty ingredients in the tea are directly absorbed by the skin.

Tea beauty products include tea facial cleanser, tea lotion, tea mask, tea whitening cream, tea sun lotion, tea shampoo, etc. They all take advantage of the beauty effect of tea and have the advantages of safety and less irritation.

The method of use is simple, economical and applicable, and long-term adherence can achieve good results.

  1. Wash your face with tea soup After washing your face at night, make a cup of tea, apply the tea soup to your face, and pat your face gently, or attach a cotton cloth dipped in the tea soup to your body and wash with water.

The brown at both ends can be eliminated naturally overnight, which can remove stains and whiten the skin.

  2. For tea mask, add 1 teaspoon of flour and 1 egg yolk, mix well and add 1 teaspoon of green tea powder.

Apply it evenly on the washed shells and wash your face after 20 minutes.

Even mix 1 teaspoon of sugar tea soup with 1 teaspoon of flour, make a mask and wash your face after 15-20 minutes.

Can eliminate acne and remove grease.

  3, tea beauty eyes brewed tea, squeezed dry, and put it in gauze bags.

Close your eyes and place the tea bag over your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes.Can relieve eye fatigue, improve dark circles, and treat eye diseases.

  Easy freckle removal method 5: Lemon flake freckle preparation method: Put lemon slices in a closed container, put in honey, add cold water to engulf the lemon slices, cover the container, and put it in the refrigerator.

Take out two tablets the next day to soak the water, and a lemon can drink about a Wednesday.

  Cosmetic effect: Lemon is a nutritious fruit supplemented with vitamin C, and most people use it as a beauty food.

  Lemon is durable and easy to preserve. It is rich in vitamin C, which can prevent gum swelling and bleeding, and even reduce the occurrence of dark spots and freckles.

The whitening function of lemon can not be underestimated. Drinking lemonade often has an amazing effect.

  Lemon peel is also rich in calcium, so in order to achieve the desired effect, it is best to squeeze the juice from the skin to be the most nutritious.

  Tip: Of course, there are pros and cons to everything, no matter how good the overuse is, there will be impurities. The same goes for the five flavors.

Sour lemons hurt the stomach and easily affected digestive function.

There is acid into the liver, it is not appropriate to eat in spring, summer and autumn are more effective.

Spring minimalist skincare allows the skin to breathe freely_1

Spring minimal skin care allows the skin to breathe freely

When I saw Daren’s spectacular skin care steps, I could not help but sigh and distinguished them, I was just a rough man!

Although their good skin is enviable, I don’t think that skin care requires so many steps. On the contrary, it simplifies it, but makes the skin easier to breathe. Is it really good to apply a lot of it?

Using too much cosmetics itself will reduce some of the skin’s self-resistance, because it can always overcome the ingredients of these cosmetics to promote their metabolism. Over time, like a spoiled child, it loses a minimum of independence.This is not a good thing for the skin.

So, I recommend a minimalist skincare routine. Of course, this is just my personal opinion.

  We may all hear that people around us lament that someone has never used skin care products, but their skin is as good as a baby.

It is undeniable that genetics have a great influence on the quality of skin, but we also need to re-examine whether we have poured too much passion on the skin?

Let’s take a look at why the recently popular muscle fasting method in Japan is so popular, because many people have pointed out the dangers of over-maintenance, and this relatively extreme method of care must not be taken.

  The law of fasting muscles: to double the effect of skin care. When necessary, save the bottle of skin care procedures every day, and go to the maintenance of fasting muscles. This is also why the skin can breathe freely one day. After this day, you will findThe skin is much better for subsequent skin care products, and problems with poor skin conditions will have a better effect.

  Rule 1: Don’t blindly increase the burden on the skin. If the skin is not in good condition, don’t rush to increase the amount of skin care products. In addition, do subtraction appropriately, such as washing your face with warm water, and using soap-free face wash products.Use a mask.

It is enough to pay attention to two procedures during skin care. One is to hydrate, use products containing hyaluronic acid, collagen and other moisturizing and hydrating products, and the other is to lock water. After applying, it can moisturize and reduce water loss.A protective film is formed on the skin surface.

  Rule two: Fasting the skin one day a week is delicious every day, even the stomach will be very tired, and gradually you will not feel its deliciousness.

The same goes for the skin.

It is recommended to find one day a week as a “skin rest day”, so that tired skin can get a complete rest due to “work” overload.

Every day, after getting up and washing your face, do not apply skin care products, do not apply makeup, if you feel dry spray a moisturizing spray.

If you spend this day as a day of fasting your muscles, you will find that the skin does not become rough, but sebum overflows naturally. Really realize the natural restorative power of the skin!

  Rule 3: According to the severity of the skin pull alarm, determine the time for muscle fasting. When the skin mentioned above is suitable for muscle fasting, you should quickly perform muscle fasting maintenance. Once the skin improves, you can stop.

If you do not recover, you can do it for another day.

If the skin returns to normal, normal routine maintenance can continue.

  Minimal, not to say that it is completely absent.

It just reduces the impact of skin care products on the skin appropriately. In this environment, not using skin care products is really dangerous for the skin. For the girls who support minimalism, they just prefer a more natural and casual way, no matter what.They should always protect their skin from time to time. They do not want to make their skin look like a spoiled child. They have no ability to take care of themselves at all.

  Description of minimalist “night” skin care and maintenance steps: 1. Cleansing water (remove light makeup or sunscreen) 2. Cleansing milk 3. Moisturizing beauty liquid (for whole face) 4. Anti-aging serum (U-zone use, T-zone notUse) 5, Moisturizing Lotion (by the way, neck around) 6, Eye Cream 7, Hand Cream

Fasten your calf in three steps

Fasten your calf in three steps

Three steps quickly tighten your calf to face the fluffy excess meat on the calf. Too many people are very distressed. How can you simply train the excess meat on the calf into muscle?

1. Regular training plan First, you need to arrange a regular muscle training plan.

Do strength training at least twice a week for 20 minutes each time, so as to lay the foundation and not waste too much time.

You can change your training plan from time to time to prevent a plateau.

You can ask a fitness instructor to help you make a training plan, so that you can continue to train at home even if you are too busy to go to the gym.

2. Diet is serious for muscles. Diet is essential in the process of muscle growth. Protein is essential-the amino acids in protein can help repair your minor injuries during exercise.

Remember to add protein within 15-20 minutes after exercise, this is to “open a small stove” for long muscles.

Don’t forget to also absorb more plasma, it is the replenishment fuel for muscles.

Higher protein foods are: eggs, milk, meat, etc., but in order to ingest high protein and avoid too much and ingestion, so people who practice muscle generally choose to eat egg protein, skim milk,A small amount of chicken, fish, etc.

3. Combination of strength training and light training. When you are determined to start the whole training, hard exercise may make you feel very painful, and sometimes you will walk around to gradually ease the tension of strength training.

In fact, light training allows blood circulation to slow muscle aches.

So after prolonged strength training, doing some light aerobic exercises can help repair and strengthen the muscles. After a short period of pain, you can jog and contract short distances.


Six signs that your baby is likely sick but not sick

Six signs that your baby is “likely sick but not sick”

After the child is born, due to a mature process of the development of the nervous system of the brain and physical development, infants and young children will experience some drooling, growth pain and apnea in the process of growth and development. Young parents should pay attention toRecognize in order to better do home care and make your baby grow up healthily.
First, drooling drooling is actually saliva secreted by the salivary glands.
Saliva not only has the effects of moistening the mouth, dissolving food and facilitating swallowing, but also digests carbohydrates in food, and also has a bactericidal effect to prevent the growth and reproduction of bacteria in the mouth.
The salivary glands of 3-4 months infants mature gradually, and the amount of saliva secretion increases, but at this time the child’s function of swallowing saliva is not perfect, the mouth is shallow, the closing of lips and swallowing movements are still uncoordinated, and they are often drooling.
After the child grows to 6-7 months, due to the stimulation of the teeth in the oral cavity by the emerging teeth, a large amount of saliva is secreted, and at this time the saliva will flow more.
Therefore, the above two conditions belong to normal physiology and are not pathological. After the child gradually grows up and the swallowing function is fully developed, this physiological drooling phenomenon will naturally disappear.
Second, the legs are bent. In the summer and autumn, a few months of babies wear little clothes. Parents may sometimes be surprised to find that the two calves of the baby are bent a little inward, thinking that they have rickets.
In fact, this kind of calf inward bending is not a rickets, but a natural physiological phenomenon.
The reason for this is because the child’s body is in a flexed state in the mother’s womb, so that the calf looks slightly bent for a period of time after birth.
In addition, judging from the proportion of the baby’s body, the head is larger and the upper body is longer than the legs. It seems that the two legs are short and curved.
This kind of bending of the two lower legs is gradually corrected by the children as they grow older.
3. Embracing a baby under 3-4 months of reflex, when the mother or family member suddenly walks to the child or makes a noise, they will find that the child’s arms are abducted and straightened, and then they receive the chest within the flexion, and they are hugging.We will think that the child has a cramp.
In fact, this is not a cramp, but a physiological phenomenon, medically known as hug reflex.
The absence of this hug reflex indicates that the child is either the brain’s nervous system is not mature, and the child may be injured or diseased in the nervous system, intracranial hemorrhage or other intracranial diseases.
Fourth, apnea mothers sometimes find that newborns who have just been born are not only breathing irregularly, and sometimes even apnea, and they are panicked and upset.
In fact, irregular breathing and apnea are common in newborns, especially premature babies, which is related to the immature development of their brain and nervous system.
Apnea time generally does not exceed 10 seconds, and there are no other symptoms of discomfort. It can be considered as a normal physiological phenomenon, so don’t worry about it.
Fifth, growth pain Some young children play well during the day. At night, they will complain of leg pain. Parents carefully checked to see no redness, swelling, etc. This condition is medically called growth pain.
The reason is that young children grow and develop quickly, the legs are overburdened, and the lower extremity bones are congested, which causes leg pain, which is also a normal physiological phenomenon.
This type of growth pain is characterized by mild pain in the calf, which is heavier in the afternoon and evening, but gradually disappears as the child grows older.
6. White urine In the winter, some babies and children urinate into the potty like rice water. Many parents think they are chyluria and get nervous.
In fact, this kind of rice-washing urine is due to the strong metabolism of children, especially when eating foods containing more oxalates and carbonates, such as green leafy vegetables such as spinach and amaranth or fruits such as bananas, oranges or persimmons.Increased oxalate and carbonate.
When these substances are excreted from the body with urine, salt crystals such as urate or phosphate will precipitate out and become mixed when cold, like rice water.
This kind of situation mainly occurs in the cold climate season, which is more common in infants and young children. Generally, this urine is not harmful to the child’s health. As long as the child is usually fed with more boiling water or some vitamin C orally, the rice is washed a few days later.Such a pee will disappear.

Doing so will help you become smarter_1

Doing this helps you to be smarter

Is there a way to make you smarter, is there a way you will miss it?

In fact, if you want to make your head smarter, you must move your fingers!

Moving your fingers in all directions can not only clear the meridians, but also effectively develop brain cells.

  Among them, letting your fingers “walk” on the table quickly is a good choice.

  With so-called “hands-of-hands”, people with flexible fingers are usually smarter.

  According to TCM theory, fingers and meridians are connected.

From the thumb to the little finger, it corresponds to the human lung, large intestine, pericardium, triple focus, heart and small intestine, and other important points are also concentrated.

  Moving your fingers in all directions can not only clear the meridians, but also effectively develop brain cells.

Among them, letting your fingers “walk” on the table quickly is a good choice.

  The finger walking method is flexible and diverse. You can walk along the “One” character like crabs, or you can take the “M” character, the “8” character, and the five-pointed star, S-shaped route.

  Experts suggest that around 8 o’clock in the morning and evening every day is the time when we are most awake and have the best memory, and it is also the best time to practice finger exercises.

Each exercise for 15-20 minutes can increase blood flow to the brain, activate some sleeping brain cells, and train the brain’s coordination function. Therefore, walking with fingers is a good brain exercise.

In addition, due to the increase in cerebral blood flow, the body’s immunity will also increase.

Psychological personality test to help you choose the best journey

Psychological personality test to help you choose the best journey

Some people say that each kind of food has its own personality, and different people are suitable to eat different foods.

Similarly, every scenery has its own characteristics, we are always looking for a place suitable for our own travel.

Today, I will give you a simple psychological test of the nine types of personality to help you analyze the type you belong to, and the nine types correspond to the appropriate travel country, so that you can find your best partner in one minute.

  Test: Which of the following words most resonates with you?

  1. I am good 2. I have love 3. I am a winner 4. I am unique 5. I know everything 6. We all need to be loyal 7. I am full of joy 8. Let me dominate 9. I amThe peaceful No. 1 perfectionist has a strong moral outlook on things, always requires objective and impartiality, pays attention to details and efficiency, has strong organizational skills, and can systematically handle complicated matters. He is an ambitious idealist.

  Suitable for travel: I believe that those who pursue the perfection will fall in love with Switzerland. The magnificent glaciers, lakes reflecting the snow peaks, the slopes of the alpine plants and edelweiss growing in the Alps, and the beautiful mountain trailsHike and enjoy the peace and tranquility of Swiss nature.

In addition, you can buy world-renowned Swiss watches, Swiss army knives and crafts here.

Food lovers can also make famous Swiss cheeses, chocolates and wines.

Beautiful scenery, fine food and exquisite handicrafts are absolutely perfect for perfectionists.

  Assistance No. 2 is based on the feelings of others, and can easily observe people’s hearts and provide assistance. With a “you are happy so I am happy” mentality, they often help others with sincerity.

  Suitable for travel: Most of the impressions of Korean women visiting South Korea are gentle and considerate, and thoughtful, and these gentle and kind Korean women also make South Korea full of kindness and friendliness.

There is no doubt that Koreans often drink and sing together, eat barbecue in groups of threes or twos, and everyone gathers together. The troubles are also swept away, leaving you in a harmonious atmosphere at all times. It is very suitable for helpers to insist on “You are happy so I am happy “view.

For those who like Korean idol dramas, you can also go to the location of “Winter Love Song”-Gangwon-do, South Korea, and the location of “Dae Jang Geum”-Jeju.

  The “success” of the No. 3 achiever is your survival purpose. You will continue to arrange work for yourself, and the efficiency is amazing, so it is rarely affected by the surroundings before you complete one thing.

The pursuit of being different is to become the Uperstar in the eyes of others.

  Suitable for travel: Hong Kong tour Hong Kong is definitely a fast-paced and efficient city.

In Hong Kong, you can always see a lot of bright, well-dressed, hurrying office workers, their exquisite appearance and vigorous style of work, it is difficult to not want to be the Uperstar in the eyes of others.

For you who are eager for success as strong as breathing, of course, you must travel efficiently and want to play at a high level in a short time. Then, I suggest you choose Hong Kong, here, three steps one snack bar, five steps one shopping store, tenStep one fashion city, just fit your lightning style.

  Romantic No. 4 loves to constantly pursue uniqueness, and it is easy to show in dress or talent.

Possessing extraordinary creativity and a unique pursuit of beauty.

Emotionally sensitive, compassionate for the unfortunate, and put aside his troubles to support others.

Suitable for travel: Of course, you should not miss such a romantic alternative to the pursuit of romance in the Netherlands.

In addition to tulips and windmills, the Netherlands also has a long coastline and many interesting villages, cities and nature. You can enjoy various water sports by the beach, or sail by sailing boat or canoe.The scenic area is a pleasant swim.

Friends of Xijing do not prevent choosing to visit museums in the Netherlands. The density of Dutch museums ranks first in the world, and the collections are all-inclusive.

  Observer No. 5 is calm and restrained. He can often objectively analyze the environment, think carefully, love information and knowledge, and gain a sense of fulfillment by discussing abstract concepts. He does not like dealing with people and concentrates on things. There is not much emotional ups and downs.

  Suitable for travel: The scope of the British tour, the British people remember their weather, for the first time friends, talking about the weather must be the safest and most suitable topic.

Some people explain that this is because the weather in the UK is often difficult to predict, so it is a topic that everyone knows and loves, so the British do not trust any meteorologists, they only trust their observations.

For those who like to observe, you will definitely find many like-minded friends in the UK.

Of course, there are many popular tourist cities in the UK, including certain London, Scotland, Edinburgh and so on.

  Questioner 6 often feels that the world is dangerous, cautious, and easily fearful of new things.

I want a sense of security in the community and loyalty to a trusted authority.

  Suitable for travel: If you are always full of doubts and feelings of fear in Singapore, then don’t prevent you from dealing with flowers and plants and relax the tension in the comfort of nature.

May wish to go to Singapore, which is known as the “garden city”. Singapore is a tropical island country. Its temperature does not change much. It is transformed into lush vegetation, which reflects the characteristics of tropical islands, especially the lush greenness and originality inside and outside the city.Yequ is even more surprising.

  The No. 7 adventurer is enthusiastic and active, loves to joke with others, has a flexible mind, has a strong imagination, can think unexpectedly and come up with unexpected ideas.

Like colorful life, fresh things.

  Suitable for travel: Brazil to travel Brazil is a colorful country, it is famous for its many festivals.

There are a lot of fun things in this magical land.

In addition to football, samba, and various programs suitable for you, you can also go to see the three famous cities of Brazil-Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, to release your imagination.For you who are looking for sensory enjoyment, the Amazon Forest, Iguassu Falls, and the Amazon Tide are places you must enjoy.

  Authoritative No. 8 has a lot of leadership skills, likes to surpass, help and protect others, and has high decision-making efficiency. Everyone who takes one step in advance will be regarded as a challenge when facing difficulties.

  Suitable for the journey: The first impression of people who are new to the United States is that the Americans are all in a hurry. People in the city always seem to rush to where they are, but when you need help, they will stop immediately.Come down to give you pointers or answer your questions.

The United States has many important tourist cities, such as Washington, New York, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, etc., and because of its unique natural conditions, it has become the first country in the world to create national parks, such as Yellowstone Park, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, etc., andThe Hawaiian Islands on the western Pacific Ocean are world-renowned resorts where you can easily challenge various water sports.

  The 9th mediator hopes that everyone can live in peace, fear of conflict, and accept dissension peacefully.

Naturally friendly, bad competition, can stand in the middle and speak for opposing parties.

  Suitable for a trip: Greece travels by Greece by the sea. The sea has a very good name, called the Aegean Sea. People on the Aegean beach like to exercise during the day and sleep at night listening to the sound of the waves. People here are hospitable and they rarelyConflicts with people are naturalists.

“Visit the ancients” is an important part of traveling to Greece. You can go to Crete and Peloponnes to investigate the Aegean culture; you can also go to the Attica and Athens to remember the bustling past; and to understand the Byzantine culture,Best to go to the Macedonia region and Thessaloniki.

Botanical skin care to firm your skin and reduce age_1

Botanical skin care helps you firm and reduce age

Guide: In addition to giving people a fresh and healthy feeling, plant skin care also has extraordinary anti-aging effects, just like the chrysanthemum produced in Corsica, France, is a veritable star.

After purification, the high purity and concentration of Helichrysum refining oil has very high antioxidant power. Using skin care products containing Helichrysum refining oil can reduce free radicals in the skin and prevent unnecessary cell damage.

Even for the first time, you can see the skin regain its youthful glow.

  Optimizing the ratio For a bottle of plant skin care products to be effective, the key depends on whether the ratio of plant skin care ingredients is optimized.

In the Helichrysum series, in addition to the antioxidant star Helichrysum, the essential oil of fragrant peach wood that enhances the skin’s glossiness is added. This is a magic substance that can promote the production of skin fibroblasts. Any skin with poor elasticity and wrinkles appearsAre suitable for use.

When you touch your face after using it, you will find that the skin is delicate and smooth.

After using plant skin care products for about a month, the skin has absorbed sufficient nutrients, the skin is stretched and plumped, wrinkles and spots gradually fade away, and the feeling of tiredness disappears naturally.

  Appropriate and simple cleansing, pat dry moisture, apply the chrysanthemum plant skin care essence to the entire face, it has an instant tightening sensation, can increase the protein content around, and improve skin firmness.

Then rub the chrysanthemum plant skin care essence cream, you also do not need to massage, although it is rich, but it is easy to push dry, easily penetrate into the deep layer of Shichen, help cells resist irritation, and consolidate skin health.

It feels moisturizing and breathable after use, and the light fragrance is easy for everyone.

  Make skin care happy Plant skin care itself is delightful. As a Provencal, I am also eager to bring you the art of living here and the sensory enjoyment of skin care products based on plants.

When you walk into L’Occitane’s shop, you may know the power of nature from the moments that have touched your hands deeply, and you will find the peace and joy of the soul for you who live in the city for a long time.

What I want to share with you is that in addition to being natural and effective, botanical skin care ingredients also contain a value.

In this way, we acquired African shea butter to create a series of shea butter that was loved by the world. It also promoted the development of the local economy and improved the living standards of women and children.

And every buyer is also invisible to build a well-being for others.

Message from the editor: MMs can buy some botanical skin care essential oils with good results.