Please go out of your own failed mind

Please go out of your own failed mind

Please go out of your own failed mind

One night, on a dark, remote road, a young man’s car was anchored: car tires exploded!

The young man went down the toolbox and didn’t find the jack.

How to do?

This road will not have a car for a long time. He looks at a brightly lit house and decides to go to that house to borrow a jack.

On the way, the young man kept thinking: “What if there is no one to open the door?”

“What if I don’t have a jack?”

“If the guy has a jack, but refuses to lend me, what should I do?”

“. Following this line of thought, the more he wants to be angry, the more he wants to go to the house, knock on the door, the master just comes out, he is rushing to someone else’s head: “Fuck, your jack hasWhat is rare.

“The master’s second monk couldn’t figure it out, thinking that it was a neurological patient. The “砰” sound shut the door.

  On such a road, the young man walked into a common “self-failure” mode of thinking. After repeated denial, he actually lost confidence in borrowing the jack and thought that he could not borrow it.When he arrived at the door of the house, he couldn’t help but scream.

  In our usual life, there are also many people who speculate on their own expectations, and the result is really putting themselves in a disadvantageous position.

  Outside the book: Before you do one thing, do you often say to yourself in your heart: It may not work, if you are doing something, the result may not have been done yet, you will have no confidence, things will be fine in all likelihood.Going in the wrong direction of your predictions.

Barometer of hair, child’s health

Barometer of hair, child’s health

Why doesn’t my baby have long hair?

Why is my baby’s hair so yellow all the time?

Why does my baby always lose hair?

Is it a genetic disease for such a small baby with long white hair?

  Hair condition and performance is not long hair: baby’s hair has been growing slowly, almost no hair.

  Thin hair: The baby’s hair is thin, and his hair is small and soft.

  Occipital alopecia: Where the bones of the baby’s back of the head protrude, the hair is lost in a horizontal circle, and the other parts are not obvious.

  Little white head: Newborn baby has a few white hairs on the forehead.

  Split ends: Your baby’s hair has split ends.

  Yellow hair: The baby’s temporary yellowing.

Hair is thin and soft.

  There are several possible reasons for this: 1 The baby’s fetal hair is in the replacement period: This is a normal physiological phenomenon, which is common in newborn babies, without other abnormalities; 2 Hair loss caused by calcium deficiency: Generally accompanied by a decrease in blood calcium;Zinc, anemia, and malnutrition can also cause your baby’s hair to grow slowly.

  Newborn babies are in the developmental stage, they grow very fast and their metabolism is very strong. Therefore, a lot of oil is secreted from the scalp.Objects can irritate the scalp, which in turn can cause itching, blistering, and even secondary infections, leading to easy replacement of hair.

  The baby develops to 5 in the womb?
At 6 months, the hair will be replaced slowly.

If the fetal hair is reduced too much, your baby’s hair will have complications at birth.

It is also possible that long-term hair loss causes hair to appear thinner than other babies.

Moderate massage of the abdomen can support longevity

Moderate massage of the abdomen can support longevity

Rubbing the abdomen can pass up and down, divide the yin and yang, remove the old and the new, enrich the five internal organs, drive away the evils of external feelings, and clear the internal symptoms of internal health.

Modern medicine believes that rubbing the abdomen can increase the blood flow of the abdominal muscles and intestinal smooth muscles, increase the tension of the inner wall muscles and the function of the lymphatic system, and make the secretion function of the organs in the body active, thereby enhancing the digestion, absorption and excretion of food.To improve the peristalsis function of the small and large intestines, it can excrete and prevent and eliminate constipation, which is especially needed for the elderly.

  Frequent rubbing of the abdomen can also cause the gastrointestinal mucosa to produce a sufficient amount of prostaglandins, which can effectively prevent gastric acid secretion and prevent the occurrence of peptic ulcers.

Abdomen rubbing can also reduce the abnormal accumulation of abdomen.

This is because pressing the kneading can stimulate the peripheral nerves, and through the massage of different strengths, speeds, and pressures, the capillaries of the abdominal wall can be unblocked, slight consumption is prevented, and the body is prevented from having a bowel movement.

  Frequent pressing of the abdomen also helps the body maintain mental pleasure.

Rubbing your abdomen before going to bed will help you fall asleep and prevent insomnia.

For patients with hypertension arteriosclerosis, hypertension, and cerebrovascular disease, rubbing the abdomen can flatten out the liver fire, calm people’s heart, and circulate blood, which helps the good effect of auxiliary treatment.

  Specific operation method of pressing the abdomen: generally choose to do it before going to sleep at night and before getting up, emptying urine, washing hands, supine position, flexing both knees, relaxing the whole body, pressing the left hand on the abdomen, the palms facing the navel, and the right hand stackingPut it on your left hand.

First rub the belly around the umbilicus 50 times in a clockwise direction, and then rub 50 times in a counterclockwise direction.

When you press and knead, you should use moderate strength, concentrated energy, natural breathing, and perseverance, and you will definitely receive obvious fitness effects.

  Obviously, when there is a purulent infection of the abdominal skin or acute inflammation of the abdomen (such as enteritis, lung gas, appendicitis, etc.), it should not be rubbed to prevent spread and spread; diabetes has cancer, and it should not be rubbed to prevent cancer from spreading or bleeding.
When rubbing the abdomen, a warm feeling, long-term feeling in the abdomen, or bowel sounds, exhaust, etc., are normal reactions, so don’t worry.

TCM health care focuses on methods

TCM health care focuses on methods

Everyone longs for health, but sickness often meets us unexpectedly.

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at the end of 1995 and became more and more severe in September of the following year.

At that time, the doctor said that he had ketosis, hyperthyroidism, and diabetic bowel disease.

Later, there was an infection of the big toe of the foot.

This difficult diabetes adds a bitterness to my life.

  The ancients said that treating the disease by three points and raising seven points.

Three years ago, I began to pay attention to scientific health and self-regulation.

And with a good attitude, actively cooperate with doctors for treatment.

After the doctor’s treatment and my own efforts, the condition was finally brought under control.

According to my many years of practice and experience, it is summarized as three therapies. The methods are: (1) Diet therapy. In addition to insisting on taking medication on time, diabetic patients must pay attention to diet control.

Diet control is very important. Only by long-term and reasonable adherence to diet therapy can you effectively control blood sugar.

I adhere to the principle that there are less masters and more deputies.

The staple food is controlled within 250 grams per day, 500 grams of vegetables, 250 grams of milk, 100 grams of lean meat, and appropriate amount of soy products.

For diabetics, you can have no meat for a day, no beans for a day, and fruits with low sugar content, such as pears, peaches, and apples.

Fruits are eaten between meals, and the amount is within 200 grams (no fruits in severe cases).

When you have polyuria and thirst, you need to add enough water in time.

Under the guarantee of the nutrition required by the body, the diet should be moderately controlled to achieve a moderate diet, flexible meals, balanced nutrition, and not partiality.

  (2) Exercise therapy The life lies in exercise, and fitness cannot do without exercise.

A diabetic patient, often morning and evening exercise, is conducive to enhancing insulin island regulatory function, changing blood lipid status, improving organ function, reducing complications, lowering blood sugar, and enhancing physical fitness.

From a medical perspective, exercise is an adjunct to treatment.

Therefore, I exercise for 1 hour after breakfast for half an hour every day. The exercise method is selected according to my hobbies, such as walking, dancing, aerobics, and Tai Chi.

After supper, I do medical exercises while watching TV.

After a long period of exercise, the symptoms of diabetes mellitus were significantly reduced, and the symptoms of ketonuria and hyperthyroidism disappeared.

The fasting blood glucose value is 16.

2 mmol / elevate to 7.

2 mmol / L or less.

  (3) Psychotherapy A person suffering from diabetes who needs to take medication for life and has experienced the pain of seeing a doctor for medical treatment is very distressed mentally.

But whenever I saw the sun spurting out, a strong and beautiful idea sprang up.

With this strong conviction and optimistic attitude, she stubbornly fights against the disease.

It is especially important in my opinion to treat diseases with such a positive and optimistic attitude.

I have loved studying since I was young. After retiring and living at home, I fell in love with the book-based lifestyle. I also participated in senior college writing classes, computer training classes, and sometimes wrote articles such as small clutter.A beautiful article adds a dash of spirit to the soul.

Seeing the articles appear in the newspapers, I overflowed with joy from the bottom of my heart.

This not only enriches my life, diversifies it, but also promotes good health.

It is the book that has brought me into an unusually fresh and open environment. It is really fun to read and write, and I don’t know that the disease is in the body.

Eight items harmful to health

Eight items harmful to health

In order to improve the living environment and make life more convenient, most people will change to some goods, as everyone knows, this may cost money to buy pollution.

Recently, the American “Medical Network Doctor” website published a list of eight items that are harmful to health in life.


hzh{display:none;}  1.Special cleaners for sanitary wares such as sewers and toilets.

These things can easily burn the skin, eyes and body tissues. It is best to use baking soda and vinegar to clean these places.


Air freshener.

It can’t remove the odor from the source, and the chemical particles emitted can be easily sucked into the lungs.

The best way to improve indoor air is to ventilate or place some plants indoors.


Canned food.

Tin cans are coated with bisphenol A-containing epoxy resin.

This chemical is related to mutations in hormone secretion, obesity, heart disease and so on.

It’s best to eat fresh, frozen or glass bottles.



The toxic components in pesticide residues pollute the air and can also be brought to the carpet through people’s shoes, posing hidden dangers to family health.



Perfume contains more than 800 compounds.

Xylene phthalate in perfumes is suspected of causing cancer and can also cause reproductive disorders.


Rubber toys.

Polyvinyl chloride, which makes toys, leaks neighborhood salt and lead, the former of which is related to hormonal disturbances, collateral damage to the nervous system, and pollutes the air.


Sofa cushion.

The number of dust mites and mold on the top is similar to that of the toilet seat.

And filled foam pads contain toxic flame retardants, which are related to cancer, birth defects, thyroid disease, and reproductive and nervous system disorders.

It is best made of wool and cotton, and it must be cleaned and cleaned frequently.


bottled water.

Chemicals in plastic bottles can infiltrate into the water and affect your health. It is best to bring your own water cup when you go out.

How to eat slimming three meals a day?


How to eat slimming three meals a day?

Many girls have the same distress, that is, the lower body is obese, the thighs are thick, and the hips are surrounded, but often find a solution.

So today I am taking everyone to eat the obesity of the lower body in a month. Yes, you are not mistaken, we are eating obesity, not dieting, no need to cancel the exercise, maybe this is suitable for lazy you.
. first day: breakfast: a small bowl of melon shrimp porridge, boiled eggs, mixed with purple cabbage.

Meals: One orange and a few nuts.

Lunch: Half a bowl of rice, a portion of steamed fish, and a salad of broccoli.

Meal: A cup of yogurt.

Dinner: a small bowl of red bean rice, a small bowl of kelp tofu oyster soup, a few slices of lettuce.

銆€銆€The next day: breakfast: a small bowl of milk porridge, boiled eggs, a small plate of vegetables and fruit salad (purple cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, sacred fruit, papaya, apple, etc. are all good choices).

Meal: A quarter of papaya.

Lunch: Half a bowl of purple rice, minced tofu, and white kale.

Meals: a few nuts, one apple.

Dinner: a small bowl of white fungus lily porridge, a few boiled shrimps, and a mixture of cold fungus and spinach.

銆€銆€Day 3: Breakfast: a small bowl of red bean glutinous rice porridge, one boiled egg, and a cold radish.

Meals: half a papaya and a few nuts.

Lunch: A bowl of tomato noodles (mung beans or buckwheat noodles), a cold celery lily.

Meals: A cup of yogurt and a few strawberries.

Dinner: a portion of vegetable and fruit salad, 250 grams of soy milk.

銆€銆€Day 4: Breakfast: a cup of milk, a slice of tomato sauce, and an apple.

Meals: 2 small mangoes and a few nuts.

Lunch: Half a bowl of rice, a piece of yellow croaker with tofu, and a bitter mixture.

Meal: A piece of grapefruit.

Dinner: a small bowl of millet porridge, scrambled eggs with bitter gourd.

銆€銆€Day 5: Breakfast: A small bowl of red dates lotus seeds, a boiled egg, and an orange.

Meals: a few nuts, a few strawberries.

Lunch: half a small bowl of red bean rice, several steamed garlic scallops, a small bowl of small cabbage oxtail soup (no more than three small pieces of oxtail, mainly cabbage). Meal: a cup of yogurt.

Dinner: Steamed yam, mixed with a double flower (broccoli and cauliflower).

Strengthen the spleen and stomach to remove bags under the eyes

Strengthen the spleen and stomach to remove bags under the eyes

In addition to surgical medication to remove bags under the eyes, acupuncture combined with traditional Chinese medicine and modern electronic science also has different degrees of efficacy on various bags under the eyes.

  Chinese medicine divides bags under the eyes into congenital and acquired.

Congenital is inherited. Acquired is due to long-term adverse stimulation of the eyelid skin, such as incorrect massage, tears, and eyeliner drawing, which eventually cause the eyelid skin to relax and shrink.

The treatment method is: connect the power, acupuncture is accompanied by acupuncture points such as the sun, fish waist and Ashi points.

The electric current causes the eyelid muscles to contract and beat significantly, accelerates the local partial decomposition, and tightens the loose eyelids.

  Acupuncture to remove bags under the eyes is a safe and stable prevention and treatment measure.

It is especially suitable for “pseudo-eye bags” of pure orbicularis type.

  Chinese medicine also believes that the formation of bags under the eyes is directly related to the spleen and stomach function of the human body, especially the spleen function, which directly affects muscle function and slight metabolism in the body.

From the actual anatomy of the meridian meridian points, the location of the bags under the eyes is exactly the change initiated by the foot meridian of the stomach meridian, thereby starting the stomach meridian, and usually massage the points of the stomach meridian such as Zusanli and FenglongImproving the function of the spleen and stomach is very practical for eliminating bags under the eyes.

11 common foods are natural cancer drugs

11 common foods are “natural cancer drugs”

Improper diet can cause cancer, but eating food can also prevent cancer.
Below we recommend fruits and vegetables that have been proven to have anti-cancer effects for the diet.
銆€銆€11 common foods are 鈥渘atural anti-cancer drugs鈥? Pears can produce fluid, moisturize, clear away heat and remove phlegm.
Ancient medical doctors used it for esophageal cancer, cardiac cancer and stomach cancer.
Such as “Minnan Materia Medica” cloud: “treatment of stomach in the sputum block food.
“Materia Medica seeks the original” has also introduced: “The academic decline is less, gradually become awkward; pear juice with human milk, cane juice, reed juice, children’s stool, bamboo bite.
There is also a side in “Shengji General Record”: “There is no cure for the stomach, and the drug is not good; 1 Sydney, pricking 15 pieces of cloves into the pears, 4 to 5 pieces of wet paper, cooked food.
“Because the carotene, vitamin B2, vitamin C and so on have a certain anti-cancer and anti-cancer effect, so pear is also suitable for patients with nasopharyngeal cancer, laryngeal cancer, lung cancer.
銆€銆€The researchers tested smokers for 750 grams of pears per day for four days and determined the 1-hydroxyindole content of the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the urine before and after pear consumption.
It was found that after eating pears for 6 hours, the 1-hydroxyindole in the blood of the human body would be discharged in large amounts through the urine; if the pears were not eaten, the 1-hydroxyindole was rarely discharged.
The heated pear juice contains a large amount of anticancer substance polyphenol, which is used to drink the pear juice into the carcinogen-injected mice, and the white rat urine can discharge a large amount of 1-hydroxy scorpion toxin, thereby effectively preventing cancer.
Especially eating a pear after eating fried foods and fast foods is a healthy lifestyle.
銆€銆€That is to say, after eating a pear or drinking a cup of hot pear juice, the carcinogens accumulated in the human body can be discharged in large quantities.
The results of the survey showed that the strong carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that accumulate in the body, such as smoking or eating barbecue meat, were significantly reduced after eating pears, especially the heated pear juice.
銆€銆€In fact, although the pear is very sweet, its calorie and fat content is very low. The middle-aged and the elderly eat more pears, which can help the body purify organs and soften blood vessels.
Eating pears also has a certain auxiliary effect on anorexia, indigestion, enteritis, chronic pharyngitis and other diseases.
However, experts reminded that although pears are good fruit, it is not advisable to eat more. Cough and cold, cough and abdomen, spleen and phlegm, and maternal women should be careful.
Pear also has a diuretic effect, and frequent night urination should eat less pears before going to bed.
Pears contain more fruit and more people with more stomach acid, and they should not eat more.
銆€銆€Kiwifruit is rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C. It is 4-12 times higher than oranges, 30 times that of apples and 60 times more than grapes.
Through recent studies, it has been confirmed that kiwifruit contains an active substance that blocks the formation of “nitrosamines” in human cancer, and thus has a good anticancer effect.
銆€銆€Animal experiments have also shown that it inhibits the mutagenesis of various tumors such as melanoma and skin cancer.
Recently, researchers have extracted substances from kiwifruit that can reduce the activity of human leukemia cells and induce apoptosis of leukemia cells, and once again show the unique anti-tumor activity of kiwifruit.
銆€銆€Hawthorn can promote blood circulation, stagnation and elimination, appetite and digestion, and is also rich in vitamin C.
Chinese medicine believes that cancer is a solid mass, often with signs of qi stagnation and blood stasis, because the hawthorn can promote blood circulation, good meat elimination, and can inhibit the growth of cancer cells, it is suitable for the treatment of a variety of cancer patients.
Especially for patients with digestive tract and women’s reproductive system malignant tumors, it is more appropriate to have loss of appetite.
銆€銆€Apricot is suitable for a variety of cancer patients.
According to research, apricot is the most abundant fruit of vitamin B17, and vitamin B17 is an extremely effective anti-cancer substance, which has a killing effect on cancer cells.
It has been reported that the United States treated with vitamin B17 for cancer. Of the 250 patients treated, 248 were rescued. Vitamin B17 has been used to save the lives of 4,000 patients with advanced cancer.
銆€銆€Bananas are cold and sweet, can clear heat and laxative, and are especially suitable for patients with colorectal cancer.
According to modern medical research, bananas are rich in trace element magnesium, and magnesium has a role in preventing cancer.
In 1986, the Institute of Oncology of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences found that the extract of banana was obvious to the three carcinogens – aflatoxin B 1,4-nitroquinoline-N-oxide, phenylpropanoid (a) oxime.The role of cancer suppression.
銆€銆€Oranges A variety of fruits of the genus Citrus, such as citrus, orange, grapefruit, orange, lemon, kumquat, etc., are rich in vitamin C.
Vitamin C is a kind of anti-cancer barrier that can prevent the formation of strong carcinogen nitrosamines, especially for patients with esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, lung cancer and laryngeal cancer.
銆€銆€Jujube can replenish the spleen and stomach, benefit qi and blood, and is also rich in vitamins B, C, P and carotene, especially the content of vitamin C and P, especially in the crown of the fruit.
Foreign scholars have analyzed that jujube contains a group of triterpenoids, which is an effective component of anticancer; some studies also believe that jujube is rich in cyclic adenosine monophosphate, which has anticancer effect.
Therefore, jujube is an anti-cancer fruit.
In the private sector, many patients with cancer after surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy, often eat jujube porridge, or with scutellaria jujube, daily use of jujube 10, raw scutellaria 30 grams, a total of boiled.This is to improve immune function, enhance physical fitness, prevent tumor recurrence, and transfer segmental replacement benefits.

銆€銆€Strawberry is suitable for nose and throat cancer, tonsil cancer, laryngeal cancer, diabetic patients and these cancer patients can be eaten during radiotherapy, can receive thirst, lungs and cough, digestive throat, relieve radiotherapy response, relieve, help rehabilitationThere are also flaws.

According to Business Weekly, pathologist Gary, of the Ohio Medical School in the United States.

Stoner and the plant geneticist John of the Agricultural Research Institute.

In his research, Mas found that the implanted citric acid contained in strawberries can protect human tissues from carcinogens and thus benefit cancer.

銆€銆€Fig can reduce swelling and detoxification, suitable for colorectal cancer, esophageal cancer, bladder cancer, stomach cancer, cancer, liver cancer, cancer, leukemia, lymphosarcoma and other cancer patients, is a broad-spectrum anti-cancer fruit.

According to modern pharmacophysical studies, figs do have good anticancer effects.

According to reports: the water extract of dried fruit has the effect of resisting Ehrlich’s sarcoma.

The milk obtained from the immature fruit can inhibit the transplanted sarcoma in rats, the spontaneous breast cancer in mice, and cause tumor necrosis; and can delay the development of transplanted adenocarcinoma, myeloid leukemia, lymphosarcoma, and transformation and degradation.

銆€銆€According to the 1967 Japanese Central Medical Journal, it was found that the effect of water chestnut on the degeneration and tissue proliferation of nanofibers was found in the screening test of anti-cancer in vivo with ascites liver cancer AH-13 and Ehrlich ascites carcinoma.Anticancer effect.

You can use the water chestnut with the previous rice porridge to eat, you can also use the water chestnut plus barley to cook porridge, suitable for esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, rectal cancer, pyloric cancer, cervical cancer, hospitalized patients often eat.

銆€銆€Lily has a good nutritional nourishing function, and also contains a special active ingredient – colchicine, which has better anti-tumor effect and is effective for a variety of cancers.

Suitable for liver, nose and throat cancer, skin cancer, malignant lymphoma and other patients.

At the same time, it is also suitable for these cancer patients after physical therapy, physical weakness, dry cough, sputum or hemoptysis, upset, dry mouth, low fever, palpitations, insomnia, can receive cough, stop bleeding, soothe the nerves, enhance physical fitness, inhibit tumor cellsThe growth of the radiotherapy response is relieved.

You can also complete lily porridge, or lily glutinous rice, or fried lily soup can be used.

銆€銆€Tips Although the anti-cancer effect of fruits is obvious, when eating, it is still necessary to choose and match according to individual characteristics.

People often cause dysfunction in the body because of too much raw strawberries.

In addition, patients with urinary calculi and poor renal function should not eat more strawberries because it contains calcium oxalate crystals. Overeating will aggravate the condition.

銆€銆€Moreover, the best time to eat fruit is 1 hour before meals.

Fruit is a raw food. Eating fruit before meals is equal to eating raw food and then entering the cooked food. The white blood cells in the body will not increase, which is beneficial to protect the human immune system.

Brushing your baby’s teeth should avoid five misunderstandings

Brushing your baby’s teeth should avoid five misunderstandings

[Guide]Young children’s dental caries is currently the most common disease in oral diseases, and the incidence is increasing year by year.

In addition to telling your baby about hygiene, love cleaning, brushing teeth sooner or later, rinsing mouth after meals, eating less sweets and other oral health knowledge, you must also pay attention not to let yourself and your baby get into the misunderstanding of dental caries prevention.

  Misunderstanding one, baby brushing teeth does not need adults to help Xiaobian analysis: Because brushing teeth is a fine action, and the baby’s ability is limited.

Therefore, parents should help their children clean their teeth throughout the preschool period.

If the parents are busy with work in the morning and the time is short, they must make time to brush their teeth at night.

  Misunderstanding 2: Analysis of eating xylitol instead of brushing teeth: Some parents, in order to save trouble, usually eat their meals and turn their children into chewing xylitol like adults. I think this can protect the teeth.

In fact, although xylitol can achieve a certain health effect on teeth, eating xylitol cannot replace brushing teeth.

  Misunderstanding 3: Fluoride toothpaste can better clean your baby’s mouth. Analysis: Babies under 3 years of age should not use fluoride toothpaste. Because the gargle function of the child is not perfect, it is easy to swallow toothpaste. In the long run, it will cause fluoride.Excessive intake affects the normal development of teeth and even bones.

  Misunderstanding 4, Xiaobian using tap water to brush teeth analysis: It is best for children to use warm water when brushing their teeth, because this can reduce the hot and cold stimulation, protect the teeth, reduce the incidence of dental diseases, especially for those suffering from toothache, dental caries, periodontalInflammation, oral ulcers, glossitis, and pharyngitis can better control certain protective effects.

  Misunderstanding five, the more times you brush your teeth, the better the editor’s analysis: while brushing the teeth, it also removes the natural protective barrier of the teeth, that is, the enamel layer.

In particular, the enamel layer on children’s deciduous teeth has only a thin layer and is more sensitive.

As long as the child is old enough to use a toothbrush, it should be sufficient for him to brush his teeth twice in the morning and evening.

Notice the laxative selected by the constipation elderly


Notice the laxative selected by the constipation elderly

Older people are prone to chronic constipation. Most of them are functional constipation. The main manifestations are the reduction in the number of bowel movements, the scarcity of stools, the hard stools, and the difficulty of defecation. It is also manifested as difficulty in defecation, less stool, and often lack of bowel movements.

銆€銆€In either case, it is not conducive to the health of the elderly, and it will be very upset and painful.

銆€銆€For the treatment of constipation in the elderly, the first is to adjust the diet structure, adjust the lifestyle, strengthen physical exercise and develop regular bowel habits, followed by appropriate application of laxatives.

The following are some types of laxatives available for the elderly.

銆€銆€Loose laxatives: mainly including McMuff, European car and so on.

The role of these drugs is to increase the volume of feces, retain moisture, mildly promote the intestinal wall, and promote bowel movements.

It is suitable for patients with mild to moderate senile constipation. It takes effect around 24 hours after taking the drug.

銆€銆€Hyperosmotic laxatives: mainly include lactulose, salt laxatives, etc.

The function of lactulose is that the original form enters the colon and decomposes into small molecular weight organic acids, which increases the moisture content of the feces and prevents excessive fecal dryness, which is beneficial to alleviate the agglomeration of feces.

Salt laxatives are mainly magnesium sulfate, which has the effect of increasing the moisture of the feces and stimulating the contraction of the intestinal wall.

Hypertonic laxatives are beneficial in relieving symptoms in patients with moderate to severe constipation.

However, it can only be used for a short time and cannot be used for a long time to prevent water and electrolyte disturbance and hypermagnesemia.

銆€銆€Lubricative laxatives: such as paraffin oil, used to soften feces.

These drugs should not be used for a long time, and must be prevented from aspiration when taking the medicine.

銆€銆€Suppository laxatives: mainly include Kaisailu and glycerin suppositories.

The role of these drugs is to stimulate reflexes, stimulate the peristalsis of the colon and promote defecation, and is suitable for patients with poor bowel movements.

銆€銆€Promoting chronic kinetic drugs: mainly including mosapride, tegaserod and so on.

The role of these drugs is to promote intestinal peristalsis, resulting in constipation, for elderly patients with chronic constipation with poor rehabilitation, such as diabetic hospitalization with constipation and functional constipation patients.

銆€銆€Chinese patent medicines: such as Ma Ren Wan, Liu Wei An Xiao Capsule, etc., have lubricated intestinal wall, increase the moisture in the feces and mildly promote intestinal peristalsis, suitable for patients with mild to moderate constipation.

銆€銆€Others: According to the specific circumstances, under the guidance of a doctor, choose to interconnect micro-ecological preparations, anti-anxiety and depression drugs, as an adjuvant treatment to improve the treatment effect.