Botanical skin care to firm your skin and reduce age_1

Botanical skin care to firm your skin and reduce age_1

Botanical skin care helps you firm and reduce age

Guide: In addition to giving people a fresh and healthy feeling, plant skin care also has extraordinary anti-aging effects, just like the chrysanthemum produced in Corsica, France, is a veritable star.

After purification, the high purity and concentration of Helichrysum refining oil has very high antioxidant power. Using skin care products containing Helichrysum refining oil can reduce free radicals in the skin and prevent unnecessary cell damage.

Even for the first time, you can see the skin regain its youthful glow.

  Optimizing the ratio For a bottle of plant skin care products to be effective, the key depends on whether the ratio of plant skin care ingredients is optimized.

In the Helichrysum series, in addition to the antioxidant star Helichrysum, the essential oil of fragrant peach wood that enhances the skin’s glossiness is added. This is a magic substance that can promote the production of skin fibroblasts. Any skin with poor elasticity and wrinkles appearsAre suitable for use.

When you touch your face after using it, you will find that the skin is delicate and smooth.

After using plant skin care products for about a month, the skin has absorbed sufficient nutrients, the skin is stretched and plumped, wrinkles and spots gradually fade away, and the feeling of tiredness disappears naturally.

  Appropriate and simple cleansing, pat dry moisture, apply the chrysanthemum plant skin care essence to the entire face, it has an instant tightening sensation, can increase the protein content around, and improve skin firmness.

Then rub the chrysanthemum plant skin care essence cream, you also do not need to massage, although it is rich, but it is easy to push dry, easily penetrate into the deep layer of Shichen, help cells resist irritation, and consolidate skin health.

It feels moisturizing and breathable after use, and the light fragrance is easy for everyone.

  Make skin care happy Plant skin care itself is delightful. As a Provencal, I am also eager to bring you the art of living here and the sensory enjoyment of skin care products based on plants.

When you walk into L’Occitane’s shop, you may know the power of nature from the moments that have touched your hands deeply, and you will find the peace and joy of the soul for you who live in the city for a long time.

What I want to share with you is that in addition to being natural and effective, botanical skin care ingredients also contain a value.

In this way, we acquired African shea butter to create a series of shea butter that was loved by the world. It also promoted the development of the local economy and improved the living standards of women and children.

And every buyer is also invisible to build a well-being for others.

Message from the editor: MMs can buy some botanical skin care essential oils with good results.