Spring minimalist skincare allows the skin to breathe freely_1

Spring minimalist skincare allows the skin to breathe freely_1

Spring minimal skin care allows the skin to breathe freely

When I saw Daren’s spectacular skin care steps, I could not help but sigh and distinguished them, I was just a rough man!

Although their good skin is enviable, I don’t think that skin care requires so many steps. On the contrary, it simplifies it, but makes the skin easier to breathe. Is it really good to apply a lot of it?

Using too much cosmetics itself will reduce some of the skin’s self-resistance, because it can always overcome the ingredients of these cosmetics to promote their metabolism. Over time, like a spoiled child, it loses a minimum of independence.This is not a good thing for the skin.

So, I recommend a minimalist skincare routine. Of course, this is just my personal opinion.

  We may all hear that people around us lament that someone has never used skin care products, but their skin is as good as a baby.

It is undeniable that genetics have a great influence on the quality of skin, but we also need to re-examine whether we have poured too much passion on the skin?

Let’s take a look at why the recently popular muscle fasting method in Japan is so popular, because many people have pointed out the dangers of over-maintenance, and this relatively extreme method of care must not be taken.

  The law of fasting muscles: to double the effect of skin care. When necessary, save the bottle of skin care procedures every day, and go to the maintenance of fasting muscles. This is also why the skin can breathe freely one day. After this day, you will findThe skin is much better for subsequent skin care products, and problems with poor skin conditions will have a better effect.

  Rule 1: Don’t blindly increase the burden on the skin. If the skin is not in good condition, don’t rush to increase the amount of skin care products. In addition, do subtraction appropriately, such as washing your face with warm water, and using soap-free face wash products.Use a mask.

It is enough to pay attention to two procedures during skin care. One is to hydrate, use products containing hyaluronic acid, collagen and other moisturizing and hydrating products, and the other is to lock water. After applying, it can moisturize and reduce water loss.A protective film is formed on the skin surface.

  Rule two: Fasting the skin one day a week is delicious every day, even the stomach will be very tired, and gradually you will not feel its deliciousness.

The same goes for the skin.

It is recommended to find one day a week as a “skin rest day”, so that tired skin can get a complete rest due to “work” overload.

Every day, after getting up and washing your face, do not apply skin care products, do not apply makeup, if you feel dry spray a moisturizing spray.

If you spend this day as a day of fasting your muscles, you will find that the skin does not become rough, but sebum overflows naturally. Really realize the natural restorative power of the skin!

  Rule 3: According to the severity of the skin pull alarm, determine the time for muscle fasting. When the skin mentioned above is suitable for muscle fasting, you should quickly perform muscle fasting maintenance. Once the skin improves, you can stop.

If you do not recover, you can do it for another day.

If the skin returns to normal, normal routine maintenance can continue.

  Minimal, not to say that it is completely absent.

It just reduces the impact of skin care products on the skin appropriately. In this environment, not using skin care products is really dangerous for the skin. For the girls who support minimalism, they just prefer a more natural and casual way, no matter what.They should always protect their skin from time to time. They do not want to make their skin look like a spoiled child. They have no ability to take care of themselves at all.

  Description of minimalist “night” skin care and maintenance steps: 1. Cleansing water (remove light makeup or sunscreen) 2. Cleansing milk 3. Moisturizing beauty liquid (for whole face) 4. Anti-aging serum (U-zone use, T-zone notUse) 5, Moisturizing Lotion (by the way, neck around) 6, Eye Cream 7, Hand Cream