Six diet therapies help men tonic

Six diet therapies help men tonic

Six diet therapies help men tonic

Lotus seed Cishui Huaishan porridge 10g lotus seeds, 10g Cishui, 50g fresh Huaishan, 100g of rice, boiled with water and turned into porridge, 2 bowls a day.

  Dr. Chen believes that this porridge is suitable for people with deficiency of both spleen and kidney, as well as those with nocturnal emission, backache and appetite.

Dr. Chen often uses it for breakfast (for the whole family), or as a snack after a nap, eating one bowl at a time.

Do it two or three times a week, sometimes to take care of grandchildren and family, cook more and put lean pork in porridge.

  One soft-shelled turtle with red cordyceps and jujube soup (about 500 grams), 10 grams of cordyceps (replaceable with cordyceps militaris), 6 red dates, with the right amount of seasoning, simmer for 2 hours under water, and season the meat and soup.

  Dr. Chen believes that this soup has the effect of nourishing kidney and replenishing essence. It is suitable for premature ejaculation, nocturnal deafness, irritability and dry mouth. He will cook it once a month, sometimes twice, and eat it with his wife.

Better if stewed once a week.

He also believes that this soup has good cosmetic effects, such as making the skin delicate.

  Lamb, ginger, shrimp and rice cake, sliced mutton, add green onions, cook with ginger and shrimp, take after the meat is cooked.

  Dr. Chen believes that the addition of shrimp to the mutton, ginger is not only delicious, but also has a good warm-up and aphrodisiac effect. This dish is especially suitable for impotence people with kidney yang deficiency.

It is the range of diet that Dr. Chen often eats in winter and early spring.

  Shrimp fried leek 50 grams dried shrimp, soak in water, put oil in the pan, 250 grams of chopped chives are cooked first, add salt for seasoning, suitable for impotence of kidney yang deficiency.

  Dr. Chen often eats this dish, he said that this dish is delicious and fragrant, loved by young and old, and has a good aphrodisiac effect.

Dr. Chen must eat once or twice a week, often with it.

  60g fresh shrimp cooked with rice wine, rinsed in clear water, boiled a half cup of rice wine, put the fresh shrimp in the rice wine and cooked it, eat shrimp and drink.

  Dr. Chen praised this dish very much, saying that it was a fast “Viagra dish”, and some men would immediately take effect after eating it, and their passions would rise and they would move.

Dr. Chen mostly eats it on cold days or when he needs supplementary energy. He usually dares not eat it rashly.

  500 grams of fried oyster cakes with egg and garlic seedlings, 80 grams of soy flour, 1 egg, 15 grams of green garlic seedlings, 100 grams of cooked lard, refined salt, soy sauce, and pepper.

Bean flour is mixed with water to form a slurry. Add salt, minced garlic, pour onto oysters and mix well; heat lard on a pan, spread the oyster slurry on the bottom of the pan, and spread 1 egg evenly.On the oyster meat, wait until the lower layer of oyster sauce is crispy and turn it over. Add an appropriate amount of lard. After frying on both sides, add soy sauce, pepper, etc. and serve.

  Dr. Chen thinks that this tide dish has a good effect of nourishing the kidneys and kidneys. Families with conditions can often eat oysters.