Winter health education to do Chinese medicine exercises

Winter health education to do Chinese medicine exercises


Winter health education to do Chinese medicine exercises

“Winter is here, everyone is more prone to cold, suffering from a cold, today I will teach you a set of Chinese medicine cold health exercises, to prevent colds and relieve symptoms.

Guo Dafu explained to the members of the TCM Health Club.

銆€銆€On November 10, 2010, the TCM Health Club of the West Chang’an Street Community Health Service Center conducted the seventh activity in the central health classroom.

This time, Dr. Guo Jiahong from the center explained and taught the members of the family about cold prevention exercises, shoulder exercises, diabetes prevention exercises, menopause prevention exercises and other health exercises.

First of all, Dr. Guo Jiahong vividly and detailedly explained the name and direction of the meridian, and used a large number of pictures to accurately demonstrate to the members that after everyone had a preliminary understanding of the meridians, Guo Dafu explained various preventive exercises for everyone.

The first is the cold prevention exercise consisting of 鈥渨iping fragrant incense, pinching the nose beam, pinching the throat, hurricane pool, taking the shoulder well, pointing the big vertebrae, pushing the lungs, and taking the back鈥? Guo Dafu explained that it can be used to rub the Yingxiang point.Relieve nasal congestion, point Dazhui points and hurricane pool points can evacuate the cold, push the lungs can make the muscle surface enhance the resistance to external evils.

In the process of Guo Dafu’s explanation, Bian Xu, a staff member of the Central Chinese Medicine Club, also demonstrated the massage techniques and steps in detail for everyone.

Later, Dr. Guo Jiahong demonstrated to the members the prevention and recovery of shoulder scapulohumeritis consisting of slap-shoulders, cascading, cloud hands, chest expansion, wall climbing, head-holding, combing, and back-hand movements.Precautions, actions, and frequency of movements in different periods of the body and different symptoms of the disease.

Finally, Dr. Guo explained the diabetes prevention exercises and menopausal preventive exercises for members.

Everyone is very interested in the health exercises of diabetes, enthusiastically follow Guo Dafu’s eyes, push the guiding area, knead, lick the waist, pass the spleen and kidney, fist buckle Sanli, wipe the spring, step by step to learn health exercisesAction method.

銆€銆€After the event, the center’s general nurses freely measure blood pressure for members and teach everyone how to measure blood pressure correctly.

Members have expressed that the event is rich in content, and the exercise is simple and practical. Guo Dafu’s explanation and Bian Xu’s demonstration are clear and clear, which is convenient for their study.

The TCM Health Club has been established for more than half a year. The medical staff of the West Chang’an Street Community Health Service Center pointed out that the members have studied various TCM health care, from Chinese medicine to prevent diseases, health diet, self-massage, self-healing exercises to Ba Duan Jin, hopeThrough our efforts, we can find a healthy health care system and a healthier lifestyle that suits you.