The five standards of healthy men, if they do not meet the standard, then it is troublesome, after watching the self-test

The five standards of healthy men, if they do not meet the standard, then it is troublesome, after watching the self-test


The five standards of healthy men, if they do not meet the standard, then it is troublesome, after watching the self-test

I have to say that the pressure on men in modern society is too great. Although the women in the family can gradually become independent, the main responsibility is still in the man’s side. Now, no more than before, in the age of the previous illness.Since the beginning of the year, many men are now suffering from several chronic diseases.

Basically, since the body has been going downhill since entering the society, it is recommended that you pay more attention to your body in addition to paying attention to your work. The concern here is not to pay attention to the disease or even to accurately grasp the state of the body.

For example, whether it is still full, whether the physique is strong, and how tired the body is after a day’s work.

These don’t have to go to the hospital for examination. You can make judgments based on several indicators and then carefully observing the body.

Grip force, don’t underestimate this grip. Usually I hear a comment on a man. One thing is that this person doesn’t seem to have any strength at all. The body is definitely not good. The strength here is the strength of the arm.

Some studies have also found that people with longevity generally have strong grip.

If you find that your grip is a lot worse than the same year, you need to exercise a lot in this area.

Now there are instruments that specialize in grip strength, and you can buy it and go home to practice.

Endurance is a very important indicator. Endurance is not only about the intensity of exercise, but also the efficiency of work in daily work and life. Men with good endurance generally perform well at work, and the whole person looks.Look very spirited.

But like a lot of young men, just climbing a few stairs and panting like a cow, endurance will definitely be bad, the corresponding body will be very poor.

The older the person with the firmer teeth, the easier it is to loosen the displacement. It is often seen that the teeth of some older people are lost, so the firmness of the teeth is also a criterion for judging whether a person is healthy.

If the body has a disease, the roots will loosen, and the gums will not hold the teeth firmly, and displacement will occur.

Moreover, the teeth are not good, it is difficult to swallow when eating, and one cannot eat well, and all aspects of the body will be affected.

Memory memory can judge a person’s brain flexibility and nerve state. Everything that people deal with must be directed by the brain, and memory will be affected by kidney gas. The kidney is too savvy.

When you find that your memory is going downhill, you have to admit that your body is already bad.

Fatigue degree For a strong male, the normal workload does not make him feel very tired. Even if he is tired after working overtime, he will recover immediately after a night of rest. This is a healthy performance.
Usually, the workload is not large, and overtime work only happens by chance, but the body is in a state of fatigue all day long, it should be a problem with the kidneys, such as lack of kidney gas and weak energy.

Male friends have to develop a good habit of drinking plenty of water in their daily lives. Many men do not like to drink water, so the blood circulation function in the body is very poor, waste can not be discarded, and constipation occurs.

Usually, men find that their bodies have some small conditions, which are actually related to drinking less water.

Male friends, if you test your body according to the above indicators, can you give yourself a few points?