Please go out of your own failed mind

Please go out of your own failed mind

Please go out of your own failed mind

One night, on a dark, remote road, a young man’s car was anchored: car tires exploded!

The young man went down the toolbox and didn’t find the jack.

How to do?

This road will not have a car for a long time. He looks at a brightly lit house and decides to go to that house to borrow a jack.

On the way, the young man kept thinking: “What if there is no one to open the door?”

“What if I don’t have a jack?”

“If the guy has a jack, but refuses to lend me, what should I do?”

“. Following this line of thought, the more he wants to be angry, the more he wants to go to the house, knock on the door, the master just comes out, he is rushing to someone else’s head: “Fuck, your jack hasWhat is rare.

“The master’s second monk couldn’t figure it out, thinking that it was a neurological patient. The “砰” sound shut the door.

  On such a road, the young man walked into a common “self-failure” mode of thinking. After repeated denial, he actually lost confidence in borrowing the jack and thought that he could not borrow it.When he arrived at the door of the house, he couldn’t help but scream.

  In our usual life, there are also many people who speculate on their own expectations, and the result is really putting themselves in a disadvantageous position.

  Outside the book: Before you do one thing, do you often say to yourself in your heart: It may not work, if you are doing something, the result may not have been done yet, you will have no confidence, things will be fine in all likelihood.Going in the wrong direction of your predictions.