Five principles of fitness diet

Five principles of fitness diet

Five principles of fitness diet

The control of diet during fitness is very important. It is about whether you can actually achieve the effect of your own fitness. Some people are not outstanding. Therefore, the more you exercise, the more you control your diet, and as a result, no effect appears.

So how do you choose your diet during fitness and what are the principles to follow?

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  What to pay attention to in the fitness diet1. More cooking and not frying is a very important point in the fitness diet. Fried foods are made with a lot of fats, and the fat content is high. Take soybean oil as an example. Soy oil is the most common cooking oil.One is that the trace fat content is close to 100% and contains a small amount of vitamin E, but at least it is high, and it should be avoided during fat loss as much as possible.

However, the cooking method of cooking is too light and degeneration, and only a small amount needs to be removed during weight loss, and the fat can be eaten.

  2, less oil, less salt, less seasoning, whether you are eating out or cooking at home, you should try to keep three less.

Overcooking and oily salt, seasoning foods are not conducive to weight loss, and will increase the risk of chronic cardiovascular disease.

Eating too much salt accumulates a lot of sodium ions in the body, which will lock up the water and cause water and sodium retention obesity. Eating too much oily things will lead to excessive calorie accumulation and inevitably lead to weight gain.

  3. Increase protein intake Every cell in our body must be transformed by protein, which is muscle.

Increasing protein intake is especially important during the fitness period. High protein supplements have many benefits. It can speed up muscle recovery after exercise, reduce muscle loss and promote muscle growth. It can also make us more hungry.

This is why dieters need adequate protein.

How many servings of egg quality do we consume in a day?

It is about twice the weight. For example, a man weighing 70 kg needs 140 grams of protein.

Good sources of white protein are: chicken breast, beef tendon, fish, shellfish, egg milk beans.

  4. The right amount of free radicals is the main source of body energy. Our brain, central nervous system, and heart all rely on it as energy.

Therefore, in order to keep the body functioning properly, at least 1/4 of each meal should come from the carbohydrate staple food staple.

The staple food for fitness dieters can replace white rice with sweet potatoes, various beans, and coarse oatmeal.

Because these foods are rich in dietary fiber, they have a good effect on eliminating intestines and are a good choice for people who lose weight in winter.

  5, the reasonable distribution of three meals must enjoy breakfast, and a rich breakfast can reduce the desire to eat later, in disguise can help us reduce snacks, so breakfast can be richer.

In the evening, when the human stomach adjusts and rests, the discrete things we eat are not easily digested and easily become hoards.

So dinner should be taken in moderation.

  Eating a certain fruit for fitness1. Bananas allow complications that can quickly take effect, and at the same time potassium supply can maintain muscle and nerve function, which is why bananas are always supplied to athletes in the background of many sports games.

And if you want to quickly add protein at the same time, you can add a bit of peanut butter.

  2. Pineapple Pineapple contains relatively rich fruit acids, which can help the body recover and relieve muscle fatigue caused by fitness.

Coupled with pineapple enzymes in pineapple, it can eliminate burning or edema caused by exercise.

  3, apples Apples are rich in vitamins, which can supplement the water and vitamins lost during fitness exercises.

And apples can provide polyphenols, which can take advantage of muscle strengthening.

  4. After strawberry exercise, the muscles may be slightly torn due to high-intensity exercise, which may cause aching sensation. Strawberry has rich vitamin C and potassium, which can help the body repair.

  5. Oranges Oranges are rich in a variety of organic acids and vitamins, which can regulate human metabolism.

Oranges are 80% water and are also rich in vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and beta-carrots.