Fasten your calf in three steps

Fasten your calf in three steps

Fasten your calf in three steps

Three steps quickly tighten your calf to face the fluffy excess meat on the calf. Too many people are very distressed. How can you simply train the excess meat on the calf into muscle?

1. Regular training plan First, you need to arrange a regular muscle training plan.

Do strength training at least twice a week for 20 minutes each time, so as to lay the foundation and not waste too much time.

You can change your training plan from time to time to prevent a plateau.

You can ask a fitness instructor to help you make a training plan, so that you can continue to train at home even if you are too busy to go to the gym.

2. Diet is serious for muscles. Diet is essential in the process of muscle growth. Protein is essential-the amino acids in protein can help repair your minor injuries during exercise.

Remember to add protein within 15-20 minutes after exercise, this is to “open a small stove” for long muscles.

Don’t forget to also absorb more plasma, it is the replenishment fuel for muscles.

Higher protein foods are: eggs, milk, meat, etc., but in order to ingest high protein and avoid too much and ingestion, so people who practice muscle generally choose to eat egg protein, skim milk,A small amount of chicken, fish, etc.

3. Combination of strength training and light training. When you are determined to start the whole training, hard exercise may make you feel very painful, and sometimes you will walk around to gradually ease the tension of strength training.

In fact, light training allows blood circulation to slow muscle aches.

So after prolonged strength training, doing some light aerobic exercises can help repair and strengthen the muscles. After a short period of pain, you can jog and contract short distances.