Anhui local snacks, dried chicken, healthy and delicious

Anhui local snacks, dried chicken, healthy and delicious


Anhui local snacks, dried chicken, healthy and delicious

Chinese people’s hobby for chickens and enthusiasm for chickens are very high.

Many cities have delicious or special snacks made with chicken, and the methods are different: there are chickens with pheasants, chickens with braised chicken, chicken with smoked chicken.

There are many varieties of chickens in China: Xiaoshan chicken, Luhua chicken, silky chicken, wolf pheasant. Every city person, every chicken and boiled chicken company’s person in charge will say that his native Tujia chickenit’s the best.

There is a delicious chicken in Anhui called dry pheasant, which is a small cock that is free-range in the mountains.

In the process of making, add Chinese herbal medicine, do not need to use frying, but also use steam temperature to steam.

The steamed dried pheasant is rich in nutrients, and the surface is shiny and shiny, and the chicken is also very crisp.

Gently tear off a piece and put it in the mouth to chew. It feels that the chicken is very delicate and smooth, and there is a feeling of entrance.

Even the chicken bones are steamed and smashed, placed in the mouth, and there is a feeling of two on the top.

The dried pheasant was originally practiced in the mountainous areas of Anhui. The free-range chickens used by the people there are a good ingredient. The added Chinese medicinal materials also have a nourishing effect, especially the use of firewood as a fuel for steaming the cauldron.It is really no exaggeration to say that from the long-distance, you can smell the scent of dried chicken, which makes you feel a big finger.

The same is true now. The shop that does the dry chicken still continues this tradition. The steamed cauldron is placed on the side of the road, placed at the door, and dried chicken is used to attract the chicken.consumer.

“It’s delicious and I’m afraid that the alley is deep, and the aroma is very attractive.”

Therefore, every store door can be said to be a diners, and every business is booming.