This is a very insidious plot,If the motion passes,Peng Weihua will become the largest shareholder,And with the power of Aihua chairman, control the entire Yuxing in one fell swoop,In fact, to put it bluntly, Xie Dabao and An Yongxiang jointly control the entire Yuxing。

This is a very insidious plot,If the motion passes,Peng Weihua will become the largest shareholder,And with the power of Aihua chairman, control the entire Yuxing in one fell swoop,In fact, to put it bluntly, Xie Dabao and An Yongxiang jointly control the entire Yuxing。

Zhu Lei suddenly wakes up like a dream,Where can I sit still,Didn’t even think about it,Immediately rejected the motion as chairman,Excited,He also said something that made An Yongxiang shine,“If you want that person to collect conscience debt,Try again。”
I didn’t expect this sentence to become*,Just a week,Xie Dabao proposed to convene an interim board of directors,There are two proposals,One is that three board members voluntarily transferred 2% of their shares to Peng Weihua.;The second is to propose to hold a shareholders meeting in advance,Re-elect the chairman。
This is revenge intensified,Peng Weihua got it all at once6%Shares of,He had5%,He even blackmailed Qi Baozhu for giving up the car earlier2%Shares of,This transfer is complete,He will become the tangible largest shareholder,Of course it is eligible to hold a general meeting of shareholders,Elect a new chairman。
Zhu Lei never expected this result,Immediately opposed,Last vote,2Vote pair4Vote fiasco,You Shilong’s long absence from the meeting,So it makes no sense to be present or not。
The key vote is Fu Erde,The grandson vowed to support Zhu Lei the day before.,Do everything possible to restrain the behavior of the two recent shareholders and Peng Weihua’s ambitions,But the next day he turned his gun and became a traitor。
Zhu Lei, too surprised, naturally pointed at Fu De’s nose and cursed,But the other party seems determined,I ignored the furious old Zhu at all。
Xie Dabao pretended to persuade,But the words are extremely ugly,And full of self-satisfaction,“okay,Chairman,Think about it,If it’s not for the past few years,、Saddle,If it weren’t for Kaiyuan’s subsequent huge assets and Panshi’s massive funds,Yuxing can have today?Your chairman can enjoy the luxurious life like this?
“In today’s society,The capable,Your thinking is too old,I should quit and enjoy the blessing,Right?You have a lot of salary and shares,Why bother?”
“Let you fart!”Zhu Lei was furious,The jumper will pounce on Xie Dabao,But was stopped by An Yongxiang and Peng Weihua,The frustrated Xiao Song left the table angrily,She regretted not listening to Li Tianchou,Leave early this is right or wrong,Over two years,Experienced too many disappointing disputes and quarrels,She has become more and more tired of Yuxing now。
Watching Xiao Song leave,After calming down, Zhu Lei realized that he was helpless on the board of directors.,Peng Weihua and Fu De are already wearing a pair of crotch with Xie An,Then there is no need to think about the outcome of the next shareholder meeting。
Liangzi is Peng Weihua’s iron,Although Zhang Wen and Broad Bean are vacillating,But when it matters, we will still stand by Peng Weihua,Even the little brothers that Li Tianchou brought over are more than half out of their control,I’m afraid this Yuxing will really change。
Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty Three Reflection
Is Zhu Lei a simple character?Although first thought of the result to the most unbearable point,But will never stand still。
He broke into society alone when he was a boy,Later I went to Yuxing to practice with Uncle Geng,Show off,Until Uncle Geng retires,He came out again,Soon he established a big name in the northwestern Jinxi province。
Unfortunately, because the brothers turned,Stall,Zhu Lei’s hard-working family has little left,So that my wife and children are not implicated and harmed,His family moved to the country,Besides family,Only a little poor cash and three dead brothers left。
At the most downturn,But accidentally received a letter from Uncle Geng,Zhu Lei was very hesitant and contradictory,But in the end, I turned my heart backSZcity。He knows,Uncle Geng is not a last resort,Won’t write this letter,Then Yuxing must have encountered an unprecedented crisis。
Zhu Lei returnsSZCity time,It is Uncle Geng and Ahao、Biao Qi hit the most difficult time,At that time, everyone huddled in the outskirts of Fushan and was thrown into hiding by the other side.,Really unspeakable panic。

Look for a while,He is a faint:“Lin Ye has already taken people.。”

Lu Haocheng Road:“Let Lin Ye do not have to come out,Let Qian Yi Society,People go up,Give me,Throw it to the sea,Today’s weather,Sea should be very comfortable。”
Jiefin:“”The weather is really comfortable,I am afraid that I will not come back in the sea.。
Ou Jingfa news told Lin Ye。
Lin Ye received the message,Judge,I don’t need him.,What did he come here?,Be hay。
Looking at the scene of chaos,He even there is no place to stand.。
Car,Ou Jingli slowly said the reason,“Li Xingyu took the flying wolf to the emperor casino,Said farmer,He lost a lot of money,With a person, a family。”
“His new girlfriend also went together,Said that we are harassed by our staff。”
“His another friend said that there is something on the boat.,A few pieces,He is now in the emperor。”
Lu Haozheng,Before the cold light:“He is going to make things a lot,Pushing the people behind,Jumping a beam clown。”
Ou Jing is silently looked at him.:“Then what do you come with me??”
Lu Haocheng looked at his evil smile:“Of course, I want to see Li Xingyu’s lower court.。”
European:“”Sure enough, it is a man who can’t be guilty.,I don’t know who is done in hell.。
If he doesn’t make a mistake,Li Xingyu paired with blue,How can Lu Haocheng let go of Li Xingyu??
Warm male in the blue eyes,In fact, it is a green tea in the eyes of a man.。
Hao Peng went back,No return,Go directly to Li Tingyuan。
just,Li Tingyuan also wants him。
Li Tingyuan is gone to look at Hao Peng,Laugh, a face:“Hao,Thanks to you remind you,I only knew that the emots were originally Lu Haozheng.。”
“Play a hand。”
Hao Peng glanced at the old fox in front of him.,Some is this title,Deal with the general people,He is indeed an old fox,But dealing with Lu Haozheng,He obviously can’t afford such title。
Point resort in Li Xingyu,I want to force Lu Haozheng,That is a whimsical。
Li Tingbyne and his father know something,He is also known last night.。
This also explains the pass,kayWhy do I know Li Shuya?。
And he came here,Depend onkayRefer to Li Tingyuan。
Not because of nothing,His father’s meaning is to let him look high.kay。
A woman has such a person and relationship,Man,I will feel that this woman is very can’t afford.,Look at reasoning。
Lijia isAThe country’s richest is to raise her identity.。
And he,No woman around you,Even my girlfriend has not paid,His father wants to hold her grandson,kayWill pay attention to him。
butkayThis woman,From the beginning, he can’t afford it.,Promise your father’s request,Just want to see what your father wants to do?
Now,All things have been clear。
Father also wants to compete for a piece of Jiang Mountain in Jiangyou.。

“It’s an angel!”

Summer steps,Transient,The man is a flower in front of him.,Follow……There is a hand in front of you。
This hand is hierarchy his neck。
Next moment,He was thrown out,Like a dead dog, it is generally in a single front.。
Single double-eyed,Hurry,A pedal on the face of the man。
Men’s blood spurting,Half face is swollen。
“Treat enemies,When you are strike,When killing, kill,What are you hesitating?!”
Summer face suddenly cold,Shaping,When the field suddenly sounded 噼噼啪 响,And accompanied by a skeek。
More than a dozen hands,All are all bombarded。
Not yet landed,It has been violent and dead。
“If you follow me,This is what you often face.,Did you decide?!” Summer lifts the head,Darkly black scorpion flicker,Future singles could not be trembled。
Men who have been attacked by a feet,It’s even a frightened death.。
His screaming shouted。
I haven’t ignored him in the summer.,Double stars。
Single face is suddenly ugly。
After all, it is a semi-born child.,I can play people,He can also get to the hand。
Can be killing……
He does not go to hand。
“I want to think about it.。”
Summer came,The sound recovers gentle,“I hope you can be like an ordinary person.,Ping and peaceful life。”
This is the intention of summer.。
Although he is very optimistic,But I don’t want to pull a boy to the fire pit.……
Be right。
In his opinion,This road is a fire pit,I will not go in.。
Improving the face of the face,Summer turning,Slowly,Taken the man who shakes on the ground。
“What is your name??”
“Big brother,Rare,Forgive……Me,My name is Nice,Me,I me, I also have Chinese names.,My mother is Chinese people,I called Li Si……”
“You are Li Si.……”
Summer eyes mean long。
On the way to Baucheng,Single East has passed http://www.lir9.cnthe cause of things,Extremely detailed and told in the summer。
And this Lis,Is the source of this matter。

Lan Qi came out of Han Yu,Look at two people,It is a confusing,There are a lot of girls walking on the road.,These two people are specifically looking for their own troubles,This kind of thing is worth thinking about it.。

Blue Qiqi won his own straw hat,Dew exquisite facial features,Laughing, watching two people。
“Brother,Really beautiful!This figure,This face,It is still colorful,Those mediocolitasis than the red light area are more beautiful.。”Skinny man laughs, looks at Blue Qiqi。
Look blue and sick。
“Yes,Such a beautiful girl,I am also the first time.。”High school men’s color looked at Blue Qiqi。
Han Yu Xuan is dark and dark,Retrafal Blue Qiqi once again,“Go away!”
High men smile http://www.szdjbbqnwjvqfe.cncoldly :“Boy,The roll is you,We pick up a girl,What is you??”
Han Yuxuan’s cold eyes suddenly fall on his face,Cold as a knife,Men have a moment of fear,The neck is hard to have a low head.。
“Give you a chance,Don’t roll, dig your eyes!”Han Yu Xuanyi,Saying extremely cold。
He holds the hands of Blue Qiqi,Blue Qiqi looked at his side,Amortize,But more handsome,He first felt a very peace of mind。
“嘿嘿……Boy,You can really。”Another man is arrogant,Torge in nearby,Also have never encountered this people who don’t know。
“Brother,揍。”He said that he kicked the Han Yuxuan.。
Han Yuxuan smiled coldly,Accurate and error-freely put the feet of the man,Very fast,Enough enough。
“Be awkward!”Scary voice from the man’s calf。
Follow,Man“Ah”A miserable call,Let the people passing down to watch。
His girl will also draw him today.,If it is bothered by these two people,He will be very angry。
Will be very angry!
“Ah……”Another man is shocked,I didn’t expect Han Yuxuan’s movements so fast.,So much!
Course,Next moment,The male pocket kneeling on the ground fell a photo。
Blue Qiqi walked over and looked up,The person in the photo is her,Her face changed。
Han Yuxuan also saw it,Face is even more gloomy。
One foot force stepped on a man injured。
Sound line cold:“Say,Who sent you??”
They actually dare……
Han Yuxuan does not dare to imagine,If he didn’t come,What is Kiki??
The two saw photos.,It’s also stunned.。
“Say,Who let you come??”Han Yuxuan took out the mobile phone,To call alarm。High man,Han Yuxuan immediately,Seek,“Sir,Do not,Don’t alarm,We came out from the police station.,No money to activate,This is a woman gives us photos.,She gives us money,Let us insult this
Lady,Just take a few photos to give her.,As for the other party, who we have not seen,We are also the customer introduced by the middle.,Think about no one in the country,Take a living。”
Han Yuxuan listened to a woman,The first person thinks is Mu Wei。
“Who is the introducer??”Han Yuxuan asked。
“Old five,Jiang City specializes in this kind of customer mediation。”High man is very frank。
Han Yuxuan is cold as ice,“Give me the phone number of the person。”
Tall man immediately reported on the phone number。
Han Yuxuan wrote,Immediately send a message to the white ink,Let white ink to check。
“Roll!If you let me see you,I will let you take the fierce.,I have already recorded what you said.。
Two men listen,Face!
What dare to make more mouth,The high child is unwilling to leave the short-sized man.。

“League,Wang Wei came up with the great trend,If Lu Jin……What should I do if I kill him??”

Be right。
They are not worried about Lu Jinshuo。
Truly worried,It is afraid that Lu Jin is not a serious heavy,Kill the summer。
after all,More than 30 military people in the summer are not only a core disciple.,And it also takes out the life and death……Not exaggerated,Today’s high-rise,Nine old ancestors,Still staying in these thirties people。
If Wang Wei(summer)Was injured or killed,In fact, there is no benefit to the hanging river exchange.。
They differ from outside people,Will not be stupid to think that Wang Hao is really lucky。
Important,The other party is still a name disciple of the old ancestor。 “League,Need to tell Lu Jin,When you are……”“Not necessarily。”
Gu Guangyuan interrupted,“Let them die,Nothing is worrying,do not forget,We have also had a teenage genius this year to become a core disciple.。”
Everyone stunned。
Naturally, I know that he is talking about Yunyang.。
But they know,The account is not so calculated.。
Several high-rise are opposite each other,Everything is deeply interested in seeing each other’s eyes。
New Director,This is the first fire.。
Although Li Tong has left,There are people with him in the town.,And the warrior still tend to tune。
After all, Li Dynasty left,Once a part of the private guarantee,As long as he stabilized there,I will find a way to pick up my people.。
This is a big round cake,Even I know that I hope I hope,Still people are moving and lucky。
For the new Director, the main point of view,This is a chance。
Not only shocked,Also clear the influence of Li Tao。
Lu Jin,Just a primer,Also a start。
It seems to make him with Wang Wei(summer)Kickly kill,Really far-reaching。
Because……Lu Jin still has an identity。
He is the pro-disciple of Li Tong Li Tong, the Lord of the United States。
He is not taken away,Not Li Tao ruthless,Instead, it becomes a representative of Li.。
If anyone wants to go out in the future,No matter the mutter,They will not,I don’t dare to sin Lu Jin。
Among them, it involves the embarrassment and confrontation of the two extensions.。
At this time,A young man rushed in。
“大 主 主,Lu Jin came。”

Top of the host,The father of Qin family heard the gift from Lincheng.,Laughing directly,Laughing at the owner of the forest:“Your Lin family is really not true.,Can you understand people’s hearts,Do you know what people like?,Although fat,But this thoughtful old man, I still write down.。”

Lin Jia’s master Lin Zeming is directly laughed.。
“This kid is like this,Other books,If you let him eat and drink,That 100% no one can pass him,Fortunately, there is a child who is in our family.,Otherwise, Lincheng, this kid,I have to smash him a layer of leather to give him a smell.。”
“Haha Harlem,Laugh。”
Speech,Qin Xue has already taken the wind to the front.。
“grandfather,I wish you a blessing,Shoubi Nanshan。”
“Um,Good,good,good,Your gimmick actually knows dressed,It seems that I really have to look at this kid.?
Not introduced to Grandpa?”
Qin Xue heard this,Rarely exposed a posture of a small girl。
“grandfather,You know that I will joke.,I will dress up before I don’t work.,This is my little boyfriend,Lee。”
Li Hui also hurriedly laughed:“I wish my grandfather,Shoubi Nanshan,Hong Fu Qi Tian。”
“Haha is talking about this,Not bad。”
Just finished this, just finished this,Lin Tian, on the side, but can’t help but。
“Qin Grandpa,Where is he??
I think it is a tongue.,Know you today is a birthday banquet,He actually has a gift without a gift.,And also empty-handed。”
“Oh,Right,I remember that your kid likes my little granddaughter.?
You stand now, but will be happy by my little granddaughter.。”
The old man is completely a parajector’s attitude,Don’t biased anyone,This scene is that Li Hui has a breath.。
“Qin Grandpa,I just can’t see the little people like this.。”
Lin Tian said that when this is said,Looking at Lin Jia’s home, he is frequently nodded in the eyes of Qin family.。
They are disappointed when they look at Li with the wind.,Especially if Lin Jia’s master’s eyes are extremely calm,But my heart is, I can’t wait to die directly.,After all, Li Hui, who appeared in Qin Xue, is already playing their Lin’s face.。
Lin Tian and Qin Xue have a lot of people know,And both are more optimistic,In combination,Also belonging to the situation of win-win。
“Um,I don’t want to see you??”
Lin Tian did not think that the father will ask such a question.,He thought that his father was supporting him.,I immediately laughed:“Such a small person,Of course, I am going out,He does not participate in your birthday banquet。”
Chapter 248 clever
Lin Tian said this time,The despise color of the god looks like Li Hui’s brow not a wrinkle.。
“hehe,Xiao Tian said like this.,You are my boyfriend of my baby granddaughter,You have nothing to say?
If you have nothing to say, I can rush.。”
I heard the words of my father.,Lin Tian is even more exciting。
But Li Hui is directly laughing.。
“Hey-hey,Qin Grandpa,I naturally have something to say.,He said that my little man is really a little person.?

He is very hot,Very wrong,So I bubbled into the hotel.。

“Snapped!”Lin father heard the face of the face,A slap in the table top。
“Their home,Deceive……Too much!”The old lady heard the words。
No matter how,Stars must be the people of Linjia。
Can you change my surname?,What is this?。
I don’t have to put the people here in the eyes.。
“It’s too much.,At least with this negotiation。”Xiao Yizhen frowned,He also feels too much this matter.。
This is no way, no matter which man and family can’t tolerate.。
“Their family really thought it flew to the sky.,Unable。”Lin Feng is the road,He is very cold。
“Maple,This is handed over.。”Lin Fu helpless sighs a sigh of relief:“Xiaoqing,Both dad, no matter,Let you be wronged。”
Lin Jiaxin is bleak,In fact, he all knows that Lin Bao is angry there.,But he can’t help。
“dad,fine,This matter is given to me.。”Lin Feng brugally:“Since he wants to change the surname of the small star,I want them all the family.。”
“Big brother,clever,This trick is high。”Xiao Yun smiled。
“Maple!”Lin Father is worried:“This will not affect your big brother’s marriage.?”
“Humph,Their family, I have never seen it.,That is a few small citizens.,You more,More powerful,They are getting up.。”Lin Haolong cold road:“dad,You will let Xiaofu let go to do it.,Give them some colors。”
“dad,It’s a knocking.,Don’t you really want to have a grandchildren??Enjoy the fun of Tianlun?”Lin Ao also smiled:“I support Maple to do this.。”
“dad,I have no opinion,To be honest, if you don’t look at the shackles,I really want to leave this home.。”Lin Laozhi:“The wedding room I am married is the first payment of your second and I pay.,Ming is also my still,She is competing for the money to honor her parents.,This is almost no subsidy。”
Lin Father,Lin Feng and others heard the words cleared fists。
Old lady eye moist,She is distressed her grandson。
“For small stars,I all endured,But their family is getting more and more.。”Lin Lao’s resentment:“I can’t stand it.,在这样下去,我恐怕控制不住自己去杀人。”
“Second uncle召见,我能说没时间吗?”林枫Ha ha大笑道。
“有空就it is good,晚上早点来岭南市吧。”黄风雨笑道:“还有一件事情,我和你说下,你是不是有个小侄子叫做林星?”
“Yes?怎么了?Second uncle?”林枫佯装不知道的道,他没有想到黄风雨这么关注他家的事情。
“臭小子,我不知道你是真不知道还是假不知道,有人想把他的名字改成陈星,我调查了下,想改他姓名的是一位叫做陈监护的市区警局副局长,所以我关注了下此人,发现此人身上有很多贪污受贿的行为,I have already stopped it.,Prepare this person。”Huang Fengyu is serious:“Organize and people can not tolerate this insects。”
“是啊,Resolutely can’t tolerate,Second uncle,Thank you。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Second uncle,Your reasoning is true thunder。”
That Chen Monitor is the big brother of Lin Fengda.。
That is, the deputy director of the so-called urban policeman。
“Ha ha,Still polite,I will deal with this thing.,I don’t just investigate this person.,I have to investigate his family.,Some people have reported that his parents are also suspected of corruption and bribery.,I won’t let the interests of the people’s interests.。”Huang Fengyu voice frankly。
“好,二叔,Lin Feng is really thank you this time.。”Lin Feng is so happy:“Who will ask you to go to Zha Jinhua?。”
“wipe,Laozi and who is tied to Jinhua, not playing with you.,You gamble,Visual thinking and gambling。”Huang Fengyu smiled,He doesn’t want to find abuse。
“哈哈,All right,二叔,Night Lingnan City。”Lin Feng haha laughed。

Wang Hai is a bit helpless,But not more annoying。

FPXKeep a full victory,The coach of the other party will not be simple。
Actually,Liu Qingong is just in the training competition,andrankOccasionally, I used a few Kirio assistance.。
Obviously,BundleIGBe the biggest opponentFPX,There is no missing this news。
Imaginary,Wang Hai also accepted the current situation。
Gueled these minds,In fact, there is no hurt.,BPWhat should I do or how to do?。
Just Wang HaiFPXPay attention to the extent,Also a grade。
I am afraid,FPXWill be this yearIGexistLPLThe biggest opponent。
Do not……It may come to the World World.。
then,BPkeep going,IGFifthban,Get your dream directly intobanPool。
FPXLast oneban,Then I sent the knife.banPool。
See this,Most audiences have also realized that it is inconsistent。
but,Some people who really know,I have to admireFPXCoach’s strength,And himIGThis team’s research is thorough。
IGThis team,This is depends on threeCTo win the game。
The losing loss of the game,It is equal to it all pressed threeCAbove the shoulders。
so,threeCCan you get the ideal hero to win the line?,It has become an incomparable thing.。
FPXThe coach is clear after it is clear.,FacingIGSwing lineup。
Regardless ofIGWhat did you think in my heart?,Directly is decisive restrictionIGMedium hero pool,Not giveIGToo comfortable opportunity to swing on the middle。
then,IGFourth hand selection,Directly lock Sindra。
At this time,There is no need to hit the trick.,Everything is already almost water,IGThe shot selection is natural and very decisive。
FPXFourth hand selection,BeBPAfter the upper wind,Directly locked in Saiens directly。
Maintaining the status quo,Teshen this hero,It is really such an attribute.。
FPXLast choice,Directly locked the emperor。
andIGLast choice,Also in the fieldBPLast hand。
Kai Yin,quiltIGDirectlyng。
this time,IGThere is no choice to let the sword magic come to the wild。
certainly,Not to sayIGThis hand is swinging.。 after all……FPXLast oneban,nobanA knife??
WasbleFPXone ofbanBits are not?
Hereed,BPend,The lineup on both sides is also determined.。
Blue squareFPXline-up:Monozerne、Wilden emperor、Single Li Sangso、ADCCasa、Auxiliary cattle。
Red squareIGline-up:Single sword、Wild Kay、China Singdra、ADCez,Assisted Gario。
Different from the sword outside the two sides,After the two teams have entered the stage of the game,Scene is very peaceful。
It is all of the regulations.、Quilt,Don’t say it is fighting,Even the harassment of several waves is the most intense scene.。
but……No someone therefore,I feel that the two teams on the field really love peace.,I don’t want to step on the opponent’s head.。
on the contrary,All the spectators are very clear.,The two teams are very expensive to be stepped on by themselves.。
This time this time,However, it is only a dark stream.,Floating the surface。
The two teams are precisely because they pay too much attention to this game.,Only did not make a common habitual operation。
They want to seize the opportunity,Make the other person。But also at the same time,I don’t want to catch any opportunities by the other party.。

“Today, this hoe is a bit dry.,And porridge is not good!Big Brother, don’t you feel 噎噎??”

Tirah suddenly stopped and looked at Su Yuqing asked from the heart.。
“A little bit!May be awake!All right,You can eat it.,Let’s take a hurry.!”
The tiger’s mouth is covered with a big mouthful response
“father,Grandfather!How have you come out so early?,What is this?!”
The brothers and grandfather who have got up early and cut the bamboo. They played a face.,
“bamboo,Niu Niu wants to。I will think about it.,Don’t delay.。You two this is going to school.!go quickly!Listen to Mr.!”
“knew!You are also going back.!”
Su Yuqing and the Grandpa them pulled the tiger and rushed together.,It is possible to reach the school before.。
There are two people in the whole classroom.,They just sat in front of them.,Mr. Hu, holding a count,Put it in the book,
“Today is very good.!Everyone is here.!commendable!Be insisted every day!Do you understand?”
Tiger’s voice is in which,Establish extra loud
“father!You come back.!I am going to call Niu Niu now.!”
Niu Niu was too excited last night.,Think about how to improve your own,In the middle of the night, I also opened my eyes.,God of mind。It’s hard to fall asleep in the morning.,This will sleep.,I don’t get up at all.。
“Call it up.!Otherwise, I will have to blame you.!”
Grande thought about,This, the girl is very important,If it is really delayed,Not happy。And yesterday, I have already promised my brother.,I will send it to him today.。
“Niu Niu~Niu Niu~”
Niu Niu is holding big Yuan Baoji in the dream.,Be called,Big ingot“Tear——”I won’t see it.,I am anxious in an instant.
“Ingots!My ingot!”
Niu Niu opened his eyes at once,I was shocked by Zhou.,Zhou has steady,
“Niu Niu,Woke up。Grandpa gives you something ready.,Just waiting for you to see it.!”
“real!I am clothes.?”
Niu Niu retired, just dreaming,Let’s smash it, do you have a pity?。Hearing this,I am excited in an instant。Take the quilt,Hitting,Grouped。
“alright, alright,Don’t move,Mother gave you!”
Word picks up clothes from the stool from the side,Helpless,Pull the girl to give her clothes。
What can I do??This is a heart of a family.,Be playing,也,And you are still reluctant。
“All right,go quickly!”
Zhou Hao took the girl to the side of it.,Looking at her jumping, I ran out.,Candidate started。
“Thank you!”
Niu Niu suddenly stopped at the door,Hold the door frame to your own mother,Two eyes smiles。
“okay,Knew。go quickly,You are still waiting for you?!”
“father!where are you!I am coming to you.!”
Niu Niu pulled his throat.,Leave Zhou Cener’s resentment,The heart is still sweet。
“Niu Niu got up!Be in this!Let’s take a look,Such a big wooden box is not enough.!”
Su Qiang took a bunch of oversized wooden boards in that,Niu Niu secretly, fortunately, he got it.,Otherwise, this box can be made to perform a big change.。

Hard to hard。

This time is not fast.,Can let everyone see clearly。
They looked at the two fists and tied together.。
Only listening to a sudden sound,The floor tiles on the ground are cracking,The sputtering dust is like a hush wave.。
“Ah……”With a loud noise and a painful scream,I saw this youth’s thick arm,As if it becomes a decayed lotus root——Whole arm inch。
Soft 耷 pull down,Baisen’s bone is even pierced into the air in the air。
Everyone,I only feel that I am in my mind.。
A blank。
But the summer doesn’t pay attention to how this person is screaming.,Instant side,Sweeping the second person。
But this person is obviously over the leg.,After sweeping the leg,啪,Continuous three legs……And he always stands on the ground.。
Summer is clear,The situation is also a whip leg。
The legs of the two are constantly transforming the direction in the air.,Leave a debris,But there is always no collision,Only heavy legs is flashing。
This dazzling scene,Let everyone see the gods。
Just this scene is too short.,More than three seconds before and after,Summer is a foot bone in the opponent。
Cock,Directly let his ribs have been broken a few,Then there is a few risks。
Summer legs,Awkwavy like a broken,Have followed,The fourth person has flora in the air。
After the ground,His big mouth vomiting blood,Foundation can’t stand up,Two arms and legs,It has been ascended。
Summer standing on the ground,Want to sweep over middle age,I have a beautiful summer.,Follow-up,“Who else?!”
“Go together!”
Middle-aged man,That is, the third uncle,I have no previous peace and calm.。 His mouth can’t convinced,Eyelids are also jumping,Naturally cold drink,“Go together,I went wrong with him.!”
Roar,The dozens of dozens of people have all lightned in summer.。
Among these people,Summer,There is also a bodyguard that came together.,All have a good strength。
When they collectively rushed to a person,Explosive momentum and oppression,Let the customers who watched the lively all over color。
In a burst of excitement,They all stand up,Have to avoid,Erafei and fish pool。
But next second,All stay。
Perhaps these people are masters in the eyes of ordinary people.,But in front of summer,But even one photo is unable to stop。
In the eyes of everyone,This unknown young man who comes out,It’s just a humanoid weapon.。
He is like a fried thunder,Instantly slammed into the crowd,Guide to play North,Vertical。
Found,No one will stop him。
No one can hide him。
Elbow,Knee,Shoulder,Whip……He kicked his foot in the crowd,Hit,Anyone who is approaching,No hand-to-hand。
One time,Mourning,Screaming。
Cock Cock Bone Break Sound,Nothing stop in one second。
Time is not long,Nearly crafted,It also only lasts less than a minute。
In addition to the middle-aged and summer of staying on the ground,The remaining more than 30 people are lying on the ground.。
First2237Chapter Three punches
Bar three floors。