“You don’t have any guilt for me,From beginning to end,None of us missed anything,This is how fate arranged for us,It’s not that we can do whatever we want。”

“You don’t have any guilt for me,From beginning to end,None of us missed anything,This is how fate arranged for us,It’s not that we can do whatever we want。”

Yanzi turned around and started to comfort Qin Liang。
“Do you really blame me?”
Silent for a while,Qin Liang asked cautiously again。
“No,I never blamed you。”
Swallow’s decisive answer,Then the two were silent again。Actually, that’s it,All the past about this,There is no need to say more。
Walked forward for a while,Qin Liang broke the silence first,He whispered the swallow。
Swallow answered。
“Promise me one thing。”
Qin Liang hesitated。
“what’s up?You speak。”
Yanzi turned his face to look at Qin Liang,Then asked with a faint smile。
“If one day,I mean if……You want to leave here,You must tell me frankly?”
Qin Liang said these few words reluctantly!He wanted to tell Yanzi;He doesn’t want to delay Yanzi’s life,He hopes Yanzi will also have a happy home,After all, he is married and married……“Don’t worry about this,I don’t want to leave here,Because this is already my home,Not only you in this house,And Sister Ruoxi,And Xiaoxue,Xiaoyun and the girls of the Rose Legion,You are my dearest family!But i can promise you,in case……I said
Also if,If there is such a day,I will tell you the truth。”
Yanzi said very readily。
“it is good,This is an agreement between the two of us!”
Qin Liang nodded and agreed。

“Yes,Xiaoyun is also from our city bureau。”

Yang Shiyun answered this question for Liu Xiaoyun。
“Oh,How come I have never seen her before?And I didn’t know she was your cousin the last time。”
Song Junming said embarrassingly。
“She is secret。”
Yang Shiyun hesitated for a moment,Still answered this question。According to the regulations;The identities of the special police are kept secret,Sometimes I don’t even tell my colleagues。
“Oh oh oh,No wonder!understood,I don’t know that her existence is normal,Secret Service jobs are usually the most dangerous jobs,Xiaoyun,You have to take care to protect your safety,Be careful at all times。”
Song Junming said sincerely。Just like Song Junjie,His sincerity can be clearly felt from the tone of his speech,Definitely not pretending。
“Yep,I know。”
Liu Xiaoyun nodded。“strange,You should be the busiest time now,Haven’t I already given you the list of people who have purchased weapons??Didn’t you guys go get it?If you get the notebook,Shouldn’t you be busy catching people now??How come there is still time
Look at me?”
Song Junming deserves to be a policeman,I thought of this question as soon as I turned my mind。

Qin Liang, the big-tailed wolf pretended to be unable to pretend anymore,The wolf’s tail is up to the sky!Of course he has to pretend this time,You have to do it,To coax Shen Ruoxue thoroughly,I have to pretend anyway。

“Pooh,I don’t want to learn shameless kung fu!”
Shen Ruoxue said contemptuously。
Qin Liang immediately smiled happily,Yanzi and Liu Xiaoyun also laughed,When Shen Ruoxue is happy,That really is“Angel descends”a feeling of,She speaks very nicely,Plus beauty,Curvaceous,Plus she smiles when she talks when she is happy,So looking at her peerless beauty,Listening to her clear and sweet voice,Always give people a spring breeze,Feel comfortable all over。
Of course it can give everyone this feeling,There are at least more than ten in the Shen family,But Shen Ruoxue is undoubtedly one of the best,Because she is the liveliest and most mischievous one。
“and,My face is already thick enough,So no need to learn。”
Shen Ruoxue said this deliberately purely to cater to everyone’s happiness,So this proves her cleverness from another aspect。
“Oh,OK then,Then you continue to practice facial magic by yourself。”
Qin Liang wanted to tease Shen Ruoxue,But then think about it,Gave up this idea again,I just dealt with it casually。
“Face magic?Thanks you can come up with such a name。”
Yanzi said with a wry smile。
“I have never seen martial arts less before seeing my brother-in-law。”
Liu Xiaoyun asked jokingly。
“I have a hasty,You know this as well?indeed,When I was in the barracks,Every day when I have nothing to do, I run out to rent various martial arts to watch。”
Chapter three thousand four hundred and thirty three Not a joke
Qin Liang admits frankly。
“Ugh,Culture is good,I didn’t read any books when I was young,Because i don’t know the words,Haha。”

“not yet,Let’s wait until Shanshan finishes eating,How about you?have you eaten?”

Shen Ruoxi on the phone asked gently。
“We are ordering,Xiaoyun,Koyuki,Qiaoer,Xiner,Mandarin ducks and keys are here,Brother-in-law and Yang Zhi are also there。”
Yang Shiyun told the people present to Shen Ruoxi first。
“Wow,You are going to have a big meal again!So envious of you,Ha ha。”
Shen Ruoxi immediately said exaggeratedly。
“There is little snow,It’s not alright if you don’t come out for a big meal!Hahahaha。”
Yang Shiyun deliberately smiled and teased。
“Why is it my business again!Sister Shiyun!Do not take you like this!”
Shen Ruoxue immediately protested loudly!
“Did you hear that?Xiaoxue is crying and howling to protest with me!”
Yang Shiyun ignored Shen Ruoxue’s words,Continue to speak to the phone。
“heard it,This stinky girl,She will be lawless without me, right?,I’ll clean up her when I go back!”
Shen Ruoxi answered with a smile。
“Koyuki,Did you hear?Your sister said she would pack you when she goes home。”

“You are not stupid,I’m stupid,Ha ha。”

Qin Liang didn’t stand up to Liu Xiaoyun,Because in front of so many people,He wants to protect Liu Xiaoyun’s face,Can’t keep her from coming to stage,Not to let her expose her uneducated shortcomings to everyone!This is where Qin Liang is careful。
Naturally, Yang Shiyun and Mei Zi would not be against Liu Xiaoyun,Even Qin Liang can think of protecting Liu Xiaoyun’s face,Yang Shiyun and Meizi can naturally think of it better。
It doesn’t matter whether the fish will be called,Liu Xiaoyun’s face and self-esteem are the most important。
“Boss,You continue to play here,Some of us have to continue our guard mission,I won’t disturb you for now。”
Those few people began to say goodbye to Qin Liang and the others。
“Yep,You guys go busy,I’m sorry,I have delayed your mission。”
Qin Liang also said something polite to those people,then;“Wolves”gone。
“This is a big joke!Almost killed,Wait for me to go home and tell Xiaoxue,Guarantee she can die of laughter。”
Liu Xiaoyun said with a wry smile。
“Tell her,You will regret it after you finish talking,Because Xiaoxue will entangle you,I bet with you。”
Qin Liang said with a smile。
“Why she entangled me?Why she bothered me?”
Liu Xiaoyun asked strangely。
“She entangled you because;You clearly told her that she was out on the escort mission,In the end, you came to this beautiful place for a long time and didn’t ask her to come with you.。”

“No,But Gao Qiang is very cooperative this time,Attitude is also more positive,He did a lot of things for the village after all,If there is no big problem this time,Let him continue without corruption and bribery。”

Zhu Guoqing said:“That car is obviously the problem。”
“I thought about it,If only this problem is solved,Let him buy it personally。”
Zhu Guoqing was lost in thought,Said for a while:“Let’s clarify the problems reported by the masses first.。”
Peng Changyi nodded。
Zhu Guoqing said:“You strike while the iron is hot tomorrow,Take someone down,Discuss at different levels first,By the way, people’s opinions on Gao Qiang,See if there is a better candidate,Then touch the meaning of Chen Youtun。If he really doesn’t want to do it,Just change it together。”
“I’ll touch it first。”
Zhu Guoqing said:“Did you miss dinner?”
Peng Changyi nodded and said:“Not hungry,Is thirsty。”
“How about we find a place to have a couple of drinks?”
“next time,Tell you,a bit tired,I don’t want to eat dinner anymore,I just want to level myself up early,You should go home and drink with your sister-in-law。”Peng Changyi said。
Zhu Guoqing’s wife is more alcoholic,Two glasses for every meal,Zhu Guoqing is drinking outside,I didn’t drink any alcohol when I got home,Sometimes it’s rare to eat a ton of food at home,I also watched the lady pouring her own drink。He also wondered,Why did this wine arrive at home?,Can’t attract him any interest?
Today is Peng Changyi on duty,After Zhu Guoqing is gone,Peng Changyi came to the bath next to the boiler room behind,After taking a shower,I feel a little flustered,He came to the reception room,Master Hu is still up,Watching tv。
Master Hu saw him here,I turned down my voice,Said:“Didn’t you eat dinner??”
“how do you know?”As the relationship deepens,Peng Changyi changed you to you long ago。
Master Hu said with a smile:“After you come back,Neither went to the room,Never eat out,Nest in Secretary Zhu’s room,Come out now,If you eat, you will be weird。”
Peng Changyi laughed,Said:“Hu Li,Hu Li,No wonder your name is Hu Li,It turned out to be really an old fox。”
Originally, Hu Li just opened the drawer,Take out a pack of spiced peanuts,I heard Peng Changyi say that,Just re-wrap。

Considering Ding Yi’s injury,Jiang Fan didn’t go to the study to sleep,But slept with her in the big bedroom,Maybe he is too tired,I opened my snore after lying down。

Ding Yi wanted to ask She Wenxiu what happened,But Jiang Fan didn’t say,She is not easy to inquire,She rarely inquires about his work,Unless he talks about。afterwards,Jiang Fan just told Ding Yi,What happened to She Wenxiu?。
original,Jiang Fan originally came back after attending the last event in Hong Kong,Don’t know,At the morning promotion meeting,He was introducing Lang Zhu’s existing projects to the guests,Suddenly received an emergency call from the provincial party committee,The call is from the General Office of the Provincial Party Committee,Said it was an instruction from the provincial party committee,Let him put everything down,Come back now,Has an urgent task。
Jiang Fan said nothing,Left the meeting immediately,After handing over the remaining work to other comrades,With Di Fengchun,Just come back,After getting off the plane,Went straight to the provincial party committee。
Fan Wenliang, Deputy Secretary of the Division in charge of Organizational Work and Minister of Organization of the Provincial Party Committee,And the secretary of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection talked to him,Let him temporarily preside over the overall work of Langzhu City,Only then did he know that She Wenxiu had an accident。
original,The night before,Public Security Bureau of a district in Beijing received a report from the masses,Said in her garage,Two people were poisoned and passed out。After the police arrive,120The ambulance arrived。The police checked the scene,In the garage of this villa,An Audi parked in the garage,In the back seat of the car,There is a man lying crookedly on the back of the car,The other woman lay down under the seat,Which is under the feet of men。The police smashed open the car window,The car is still moving,It was preliminarily determined that two people were shocked by carbon monoxide poisoning。From the scene,The two are disheveled,The woman of these two people is her good friend named Ji Xiaolin,Man she doesn’t know。She went on a trip to Sanya the other day,Her good friend Ji Xiaolin used to live in her house,During the period after she left,She gave Ji Xiaolin her key,Yesterday she called Ji Xiaolin,Let her wait for her at home today,She is coming back。But what she never expected was,Just came home,Want to drive the car into the garage,When opening the garage door with the remote control,Actually saw a light on in the garage,There is an Audi in it。
She knows that Ji Xiaolin brought friends to the house,This friend may be a man。Because among her friends,Few women drive Audis。She was a little angry,Just bring your boyfriend,Why did you occupy her garageJi Xiaolin must have seen the key to another garage hanging above the shoe cabinet,Just opened the garage for this man,Let him hide the car in。
then,She rushed upstairs and shouted a few times“Xiaolin、Xiaolin。”No one agreed,But then she found,This Audi in the garage has been running,And there is mist coming out of the jet pipe at the back。She came to the car window,Knocked on the car door,Keep calling Ji Xiaolin’s name,No one answered after shouting for a long time,She feels something is wrong,By the lights in the garage,She found out there was a man in the car,And this man’s clothes are disheveled,Something abnormal,Foaming at the mouth,Head drooping,Her friend Ji Xiaolin lay down on the soles of the man’s feet,It’s also disheveled。She was shocked,I hurriedly called the police and emergency center。
The police and the ambulance arrived one after another,They smashed the window,Closed the key,In the case where the on-site rescue of two people is not effective,Immediately carried the two to the ambulance,Sent to a nearby hospital。The police asked the two men in detail。The caller only knew that the woman was his friend,She has never seen that man,But from the clothes left by the men at the scene,The police found his ID and work permit,Only then informed the Jingzhou Provincial Party Committee of the situation。
After rescue,Ji Xiaolin is out of danger,After she understood what happened,So ashamed that I didn’t say a word for a while,Even wanted to commit suicide by jumping off the building,Of course there is a policeman who handles the case,She did not succeed in suicide。
According to Ji Xiaolin,The day before the incident,She went back to her friend’s house,In fact,She has been living in a friend’s house these days,She cleaned up the inside and outside of her friend’s house,Bought a lot of fresh vegetables,I’m ready to catch the wind to my friends。
The afternoon of the incident,She Wenxiu came to Beijing to find her,This community is a well-known wealthy district in Beijing,She Wenxiu saw that this house has a garage,Just let Ji Xiaolin find the garage key,Drove the car into the garage,such,So as not to find your own car in this rich area,You know that the rich have hands and eyes open to the sky,Don’t let anyone know his car。He stayed here late before deciding to leave,such,Ji Xiaolin sent She Wenxiu directly from the house to the garage,She also knows that her friend is coming back soon。Came to the car,She Wenxiu talked to her again,Hug her again,kiss……They slowly lose consciousness。When she wakes up,Already in the emergency room of the hospital,After waking up, Ji Xiaolin learned that She Wenxiu’s condition was more serious than her and was deeply poisoned,When I haven’t woken up till now,She was ashamed,Just want to die……
Because the windows are closed when the air conditioner is turned on,No air circulation in the car,Turbid air,The carbon monoxide gas emitted when the engine is running will accumulate in the car,May cause poisoning of drivers and passengers,even death,There are countless examples of carbon monoxide poisoning in cars,So people call it“Silent killer。”Because carbon monoxide has a lower density than air,Floating in the sky,Ji Xiaolin was lying on the soles of She Wenxiu’s feet,So the degree of her poisoning is much less than that of She Wenxiu sitting in her seat。
Ding Yi knows,When carbon monoxide in the car has to accumulate to a certain concentration,Will cause people to lose consciousness,In other words,These two people should stay in the car for a long time,She Wenxiu and Ji Xiaolin should have such common sense,Why are you still in the car for so long??also,What’s the matter with Wei Lihong??Just now she heard her brother tell him about tax fraud by female representatives,It must be Wei Lihong,Did she cheat and run away?,So I was wanted all over the country?Jiang Fan didn’t say,Ding Yi didn’t ask,Maybe,He thinks it’s useless for her to know so much。
after come back,Jiang Fan doesn’t have time to take care of Ding Yi,It’s not that he evades his responsibility,Is really too busy,Abruptly presides over the overall work,Catch up with the end of the year,I have to deal with various investigations by people coming down from above,I don’t know what else this incident can lead to,Lang Zhu’s officialdom,Clouded again……
at this time,Peng Changyi, who is studying in the party school, is on holiday。
Peng Changyi after the holiday,Didn’t stay in Beijing for a day,Kangzhou has a lot of things waiting for him,After the function of the power expansion city is further strengthened,Jinan wants to transfer part of the power to Kangzhou,These tasks must be completed before the Spring Festival when he is at home。So after his holiday,Just sit in the office on the third floor of the municipal party committee and start working。
Few days before the Spring Festival,But in these few days,Peng Changyi completed the work to be completed in one year,He set out to plan and adjust the personnel plan of the cadres,While organizing and preparing to convene a city-wide work conference。On the standing committee on the third day of return,At the proposal of the mayor of the government Zhu Guoqing,The high-profile cadre adjustment plan introduced,the next day,Announced at the citywide work meeting。
This meeting has two main agendas,One is to plan the work plan for the whole year,The second is to announce the cadre post adjustment plan。
The entire venue was packed。Because of these two things,Are the most concerned content of the majority of cadres,The former is the main goal of their work,Although in the government work report,Have an overall framework and overall goals for the work throughout the year,But a separate working meeting is held every year,This working meeting,It is the refinement and supplement of various economic indicators and various tasks specified in the government work report,more detail、More comprehensive,More clear,It is often the more instructive and referential meeting in the work throughout the year。

“OK,Then you take me out to play。”

Murong Shan stood up,Quickly packed the things to bring,Then followed Qin Liang out……
People come and go on the street,Qin Liang and Murong Shan strolled around at random,Yang Zhi and others scattered and followed them not far behind them。
“Never been to this city,I don’t know where to go。”
Qin Liang started to have nothing to say。
“It doesn’t matter,You can take me wherever you want,I have never been,We can walk around,Better than staying in a hotel。”
Murong Shan answered,I approached Qin Liang and walked together。
A few minutes later,She took the initiative to reach out,Took Qin Liang’s arm……
Qin Liang turned his face to look at Murong Shan,I saw her bright smiling face。
“What do you want to eat?”
Maybe it’s because Murongshan bird held herself like a human,Qin Liang’s mood improved again somehow,So I owe the child to please ask。
“I don’t know if there are any special snacks here?”
Murong Shan cleverly caters to Qin Liang,Say without a trace。

“do not……Didn’t I suffocate these two days?……Just kidding everyone to liven up the atmosphere,As for accusing me in front of Xiaoxue?!”

Yang Zhi immediately persuaded。
Now everyone knows:To rule Yang Zhi,very simple,Just move Xiaoxue out,He was finished immediately……Seconds!
Qin Liang looked at Yang Zhi,It’s also good……In the future, I can use Xiaoxue to intimidate Yang Zhi to listen to his own words.!Although he likes Xiaoxue so much,I’m still very jealous,Very jealous……But it does not matter,Anyway, Xiaoxue won’t be really like him。
The big deal is to use his own imagination,It’s just Xiaoxue……He can’t take the real advantage。
Think of these,Qin Liang suppressed the jealousy in his heart!
“Forget it,Swallow,Let’s ignore them,go,Let’s go into the hotel and open the room,Tonight we two will be in the bridal chamber,Let the three of them look greedy,But helpless!Hey Hey……”
Qin Liang said triumphantly with a smirk。
“master!What are you talking about?!”
Yanzi is about to cry……Did Qin Liang take the wrong medicine today??Actually in front of others,So boldly teasing yourself publicly!
“I want to expel you from the teacher,So i can wanna do to you,Haha……”
Qin Liang, these friends who saw his life and death together suddenly,Excited too much,Talk nonsense regardless of,Anyway, as long as you are happy,Don’t worry about anything!
The swallow completely collapsed!

“why?What’s wrong with you?”

Shen Ruoxue asked Liu Xiaoyun thoughtlessly。
“what why?I’m nothing wrong?”
Liu Xiaoyun was also dumbfounded,Inexplicable answer。
“This is not your style!Shouldn’t you have a fight with me?”
Shen Ruoxue“foolish and naive”Direct question……
“That was before,We were friends before,Is a girlfriend,Of course I’m going to have a fight with you,But now I am Shen Ruoyun,Is your second sister,Of course the second sister will let the third sister,This is normal, OK??Sister must let her。”
Liu Xiaoyun answered with a serious smile。
“Like this……Then I’m embarrassed,It’s as if I’m making trouble with my sister,Then I won’t bother with you,I’ll be your sister honestly。”
Shen Ruoxue said embarrassingly。
“as long as you are happy,Anything,Anyway, I will let you。”
Liu Xiaoyun replied like a little sister。
“You are like this suddenly,I am a little uncomfortable……”
Shen Ruoxue said awkwardly。
“It’s okay,You’ll get used to it slowly,Get used to it,Get used to it and you won’t feel strange anymore,Hehe。”
Liu Xiaoyun said something simple“Tongue twister”。